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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Hope notices a pair of earrings that look just like the one she found at Shawn's apartment. The dealer at "Helping Hands Thrift Store" informs her that the earring Hope has is a nice sterling silver earring. On her way out, Hope notices a familiar stuffed bear. She buys it on a gut instinct.

Shawn rips up the pictures of Belle that Jan pinned up around his cage. Unfazed, Jan roots around her jewelry box. She notices her earring is missing before finally finding an engagement ring. With a wicked glint in her eye, Jan pretends to be Shawn proposing and then accepts her own proposal. Shawn laughs this display off by announcing he is still unavailable. Jan promises to show him Belle in Salem with his own eyes. Unfortunately, she returns with a computer and a live broadcast of the dancing at "Alice's." Shawn nervously watches Philip and Belle dance suggestively.

Sami enters the restaurant with Lucas. A livid Kate shoos Sami away and begs Lucas to say he isn't back together with Sami. Lucas says he has learned his lesson and that Sami is a "two timing, manipulative slut." Sensing an opportunity, Lucas approaches Manda from Salem Hospital. Meanwhile, Belle repeatedly warns Sami to fight for Lucas. Finally Sami relents and chats up Manda at the bar when Lucas steps away. After torpedoing Lucas's chances, Sami and Lucas's eyes meet across the dance floor. But before they can meet on the dance floor, two women who line dance Lucas away interrupt them. Sami sits alone and watches Lucas have a good time.

Patrick pleads with Jennifer to forget about Jack being alive. When Jennifer says that she believes Jack is coming home tonight, Patrick gets overprotective. Jennifer covers by saying she only has a feeling about Jack coming home that evening before rushing over to greet Lexie and Tek. Lexie asks Jennifer to let Jack go. This prompts Jennifer to remember the birth of Abby. Jennifer gets weepy and says, "She can't have the baby without Jack."

Tek approaches Patrick and asks about the gaps in his background. He claims he has nothing to hide. Patrick swears to watch over Jennifer but when "Lonestar" takes the stage, Bonnie pairs Patrick with Julie for a dance.

While Patrick scoots around the floor, Jennifer talks briefly to Hope before slipping away to meet Jack at the airfield. As she drives to meet her husband, an approaching car causes her to jerk the wheel of her car and scream.

On Captive Island, Abe and Roman go over to the Deveraux house to investigate. Abe and Roman wonder if Stefano is to blame, how could he let a tiger attack his son. At first they don't notice the black clad intruder that is eavesdropping but once they discover the intruder, a fight breaks out. The intruder knocks Roman unconscious and turns to face Abe.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

On the island, Abe and Roman are disturbed to find a figure wearing night goggles in Jack and Jennifer's house. They surprise the person and he puts up an intense fight, getting the best of Roman and bringing Abe to his knees. Roman recovers and punches him out. Roman and Abe remove the goggles and realize they've found Tony DiMera.

Tony regains consciousness and recoils at the sight of Abe and Roman. He thought they were dead. Roman and Abe call Tony on this, assuming he's the one behind their being on the island. Tony denies it, saying he arrived and found a replica of the DiMera mansion. He found a compass-watch in the jungle and used it to find "new Salem" and Jack and Jennifer's house.

At that moment, Maggie enters, spots Tony and slaps him, demanding to know what he did with Jack. Tony learns the compass he's holding is Jack's. Maggie describes how she and Jack went out exploring, hoping to find a way off the island. They saw a plane with a distinctive logo. Maggie was separated from Jack and now Tony has the watch-compass that Jennifer gave him. Again, Tony feigns innocence. He found the watch-compass near Salem Place, where Abe found Jack's shredded knapsack. Roman, Abe and Maggie are still very suspicious. Maggie wants Tony to identify the logo to help get them off the island. Tony says there's only one person who can help them out and it's not a DiMera.

Jennifer waits to meet the plane, but then realizes Jack must be dead. The plane arrives and she meets its creepy captain, Davies. Jennifer is surprised Jack isn't on the plane and Davies explains it was impossible for him to be there. Suspicious, Jennifer hedges, telling Davies she wants answers to her questions before she gets on the plane. Davies isn't happy to hear this. He gives Jennifer a photo of Jack wearing the locket he bought for her the day he died, and that Abby placed in his casket. She is more than convinced.

Patrick searches for Jennifer at Alice's. He finds Hope and it dawns on him that Jennifer might have gone back home to see if Jack left her another message. Hope and Patrick race to Jennifer's house. Using low-tech skills to trace Jennifer's notes about meeting Jack at 9PM, they realize she's gone to meet an airplane.

In the jungle, we see Jack on the ground, motionless.

Julie tries to make nice with Bonnie, much to Mickey's joy, but has a change of heart. As Mickey steps aside, Bonnie slips up and throttles Julie. In the end, Mimi and Rex have to tear the two apart.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

On the island, Marlena arrives at Jack and Jennifer's house and is distraught to see Tony. Tony tells Maggie, Roman, and Abe that he believes Marlena holds the answers to their being on the island. Marlena hotly denies but Tony truly believes whoever programmed her to "kill" might still be giving her orders. Roman comes to Marlena's rescue and tells Tony he's crazy. Tony believes Marlena might very well be a "sleeper" agent. Marlena asks for some time alone with the Count. Marlena and Tony talk about what has happened to them and Tony shocks Marlena by telling her the phoenix has risen.

Patrick and Hope drive to the old airfield in an attempt to find Jennifer. Hope is suspicious that Patrick knows more than he is saying. Patrick calls and reaches Jennifer who is with Davies. Unfortunately, the connection is lost.

Jennifer is still considering boarding the plane to go meet Jack. Still slightly suspicious of Davies, Jennifer says that she wants more proof that Jack is alive. When she reaches for her ringing phone, Davies takes out its battery, saying that Jack's life could be endangered by someone tracing the call. Davies surprises Jennifer with a video message from Jack.

Julie and Bonnie once again find themselves at odds over Mickey. Kate offers Bonnie some advice - never get between the Hortons and their family. Seeming to take her advice, Bonnie apologizes to Julie for her behavior. Bonnie still seems intent on getting back at Julie.

Rex tries to help Sami win back Lucas. He suggests that she just be herself. Sami is ready to give it a go but she overhears Lucas saying they have no future together and she witnesses him kissing Manda. Kate is pleased, Rex is not.

Jack, alone in the jungle, seems to revive but only to be threatened by a wild animal.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

by Joan

At Alice's Bar, Sami saw Lucas kiss his date after assuring her that Sami was nothing more than a mother to Will. Kate was pleased watching her son move on, but Rex was disappointed, knowing Lucas' true feelings. In the Ladies' Room, Bonnie found Sami in tears. Taking her aside Bonnie told her that Caroline had wanted Lucas and Sami to be a couple. While Sami felt she had ruined things, Bonnie encouraged her. "He may be two-stepping with another woman, but he is saving the last dance for you. Question is, what are you going to do about it?" Determined to ask for another chance, Sami found Lucas and his date leaving for his apartment. Brushing a tear from her eye, Sami couldn't escape Kate who observed that Lucas would never be hers.

At Salem's abandoned airstrip, Jennifer watched a videocam tape of Jack urging her to go with the pilot, Davies. Meanwhile, in a furious attempt to reach Jen, Hope's car had a flat. As Patrick changed the tire, Jennifer agreed to leave with Davies. Still suspicious, Jen replaced the battery he removed from her cell phone with a spare. For safety's sake, Jen emailed the plane's registration number to Hope. Her pilot was phoning a contact confident Jen didn't suspect a thing. A call to Patrick told him Jen was gone, whole Hope refused to believe Patrick's lie about the call.

In the jungle of Salem Island, Jack was unconscious dreaming of Jennifer while clutching her locket. Startled by a tiger's growl, Jack gained momentum imagining Jen was there encouraging him. Dreaming of himself as Robinson Crusoe, Jack saw himself being rescued by a plane, but losing Jen's locket. Desperately returning to his family in Salem, Jack found himself outside Jen's window. Jack watched as Jen celebrated Christmas with Abby, their son and a new man in Jennifer's life.

Tony smugly told Marlena, "The Phoenix has risen." Thinking he meant Stefano, Marlena cried out. Reminding Marlena of her words before poisoning him, Tony said he was referring to himself. Stopping Marlena from apologizing to Tony, Roman began escorting Marlena home. Sensing there was a plan to coerce a confession from Tony, Marlena insisted they not resort to violence. Abe warned that vengeance would be his, asking that Tony consider his sister and nephew alone in Salem. But the Count insinuated that as a rich widow, Lexie might not be alone for long. Delivering a punishing elbow jab to DiMera, Abe fought with Tony until Roman broke them up. To prove he was as much a victim as the rest, Tony opened his jersey. Revealing the scars from the tiger attack he said, "Mementos from the Circus", reminding them that Stefano, if alive, would never hurt his own son.

At Lexie's, Celeste was troubled when the Tarot cards showed an image of Tek and Lexie together. Outside Tek and Lexie were exchanging a kiss. Tek returned to assure her the kiss was sincere. But Celeste later told Lexie she had consulted Google and a well-connected friend, as well as the cards to learn more about Tek. Producing the Internet search results, Celeste warned that Tek was the subject of gossip and well-known on the web as a ladies' man.

And at the abandoned airstrip, Jen caught sight of Hope's car and begged Davies to stop the plane. As the plane taxied down the runway, Hope's car raced to keep up. As Davies refused to stop, Patrick made a desperate attempt to reach for the plane's wing.

Friday, June 25, 2004

by Joan

On Salem Island, Alice could not believe that Tony was there wondering if he knew more than he was saying. Maggie added that Jack's backpack was found shredded to pieces in Salem Place. Worried that Jack was killed while Jennifer might be the next arrival, Maggie's concern was for the baby. Alice was shocked at Maggie's suggestion that their captor might choose Jennifer so that the baby would live its life in captivity. Maggie's optimism of seeing a new baby was muted wondering if Stefano was behind it, recalling what had been done to Cassie and Rex.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady invited Crystal to the Foundation Benefit but Nicole declined for her. Leaving alone, Brady met John at Basic Black, learning that Crystal had been in the Holding Cell with a guard. Wanting more information from the guard, John planned to become his friend and benefactor. Moments later, Earl, the prison guard, arrived at the office at John's request. Offering him a job in security, John referred to his tryst with Crystal in the cell. Lying, Earl confirmed his statement saying Marlena had knocked him out and stolen his keys, exonerating Crystal of any guilt. With that, John suggested a drink with Earl.

Angry that she was stopped from partying, Crystal got a lecture from Nicole about traps she could fall into, including John's. Refusing to leave Salem, Crystal insisted John believed in her innocence. Crystal kept a phone call from John a secret from Nicole. But she accepted John's invitation to join him at Alice's Bar. Telling Nicole she was going to bed, Crystal was heard leaving the mansion by Nicole.

At Alice's Bar, Lucas danced with Amanda but defiantly watched Sami who was obviously upset. Lucas got into an argument with Sami comparing her flirtation with D.A. Diaz to his date with Amanda. Seeing that Sami wouldn't take her advice, Bonnie sent a friend over to help. Striking up a conversation with Sami, a club patron observed the situation calling Lucas the one that got away. Advising Sami not to put ambitious goals ahead love, she advised, "From the way you're looking at that guy over there you may be letting him out of your life, too, and you may find that it's the biggest mistake of your life." Returning to her apartment alone, Sami wept as she looked at a photo of herself with Lucas and Will. Glancing at Sami's door, Lucas stopped outside his apartment with Amanda. Assuring her his relationship with Sami was over, Lucas looked over his shoulder towards Sami's more than once before closing the door.

John's plan was in place after confiding to Brady. "Son, I think it's going to be fairly interesting when Crystal Galore meets up with her old friend, Earl." Waiting for her to arrive at Alice's Bar, John watched as a panicked Crystal caught sight of Earl and rushed away. "Looks like guilt to me."

And at the airstrip, Jennifer realized the pilot had no intention of stopping the plane. Hope continued driving in an effort to help Patrick grab the wing and to divert the plane. As the plane finally took off Jennifer fell to the floor, and Patrick lost hold of the wing. As a suspicious Hope helped Patrick, she realized he knew more than he was saying

And once the plane was airborne, the pilot checked on Jennifer. Finding her unconscious he said, "They're not going to be happy about this."

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