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Passions Recaps: The week of June 21, 2004 on PS
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Liz comes back from her visit with Aunt Irma determined to use the old lady to accomplish her goal of breaking up TC and Eve. Liz is sure to put a picture of Eve as a young girl with Aunt Irma so that TC can't help but see it. She's sure TC will want some answers from Eve about her past.

Chad is missing Whitney like crazy and is upset that he had to leave her alone to finish up his work. Chad buckles down and hurries through his tasks at the recording studio so he can get back to her in a flash. Meanwhile, Whitney lashes out at Fox accusing him of being up to something no good.

Luis is dreaming of being with Sheridan forever as he waits for her to join him at the Sea Cliff Inn. Little does he know that Sheridan is not coming to meet him. Antonio has kidnapped her. Sheridan fights in vain to break away from Antonio as he drags her to the Crane private jet.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Fox struggles with his feelings for Whitney as they share a bed. At the recording studio, Julian and Chad bond.

After telling Liz off, Eve shares a romantic evening with TC. Liz schemes to have TC meet Aunt Irma.

Luis is frantic as the Crane jet takes off, and he fears Sheridan will disappear forever.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Eve worries about her past being exposed, while Liz works on securing a special trip for Aunt Irma.

At Whitney's urging, Fox decides to confess his feelings to the woman he loves. Whitney is unsettled when she realizes she might be his mystery woman. Theresa suspects Whit may have feelings for Fox. Julian confesses a few secrets to a stunned Chad.

Luis is horrified as he watches the Crane jet explode mid-flight and feverishly begins searching for Sheridan, unwilling to believe she's gone. Alistair gloats over his accomplishment.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Fox gets defensive and lashes out at Whitney for pushing him to talk about his feelings. Whitney realizes she has pushed him too far and backs off.

Later, however, she again encourages Fox to be honest about his feelings and not to deny the love he feels for the special woman in his life -- regardless of who that lady is.

When Pilar suffers another sudden nose bleed, she is brought to the hospital. Ethan comes by to see Pilar, and it raises questions about how Theresa feels about Ethan and how he feels about her. Ethan has a fuzzy flashback memory of being with Theresa in an intimate setting and wonders if he is recalling something that really happened.

Luis finds Sheridan unharmed. She was not on the plane, after all. However, Luis and Sheridan don't have much of a chance for a joyous reunion. Luis is horrified when he realizes that Antonio was still aboard the jet when it exploded.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Whitney and Fox play a game of cat and mouse now that they both suspect that they have love feelings for each other. The sexual tension builds as they try to get some sleep in the same bed.

Meanwhile, Pilar tries to talk Theresa into starting over with Fox. She takes her words to heart and rides with Chad to the inn.

Luis and Sheridan are stunned by Antonio's death in the plane explosion and are concerned about telling Pilar about it. They fear she's in too fragile a state to hear it. Sheridan is horrified when she realizes her own father, Alistair, tried to kill her once again. Meanwhile, Tabitha sends Charity on a guilt trip when she makes her think she's to blame for everything bad that has happened in Harmony.

Katherine and Martin consider returning to their loved ones in Harmony. Martin calls the hospital to check on Pilar and ends up on the line with his wife. Even though Martin doesn't say anything, Pilar instinctively realizes she's on the phone with her long-lost husband, Martin.

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