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Reva Shayne O'Neill
Who's Who in Springfield: Reva Shayne | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Kim Zimmer (November 28, 1983 to July 23, 1990; April 25, 1995 to September 18, 2009)


Presumed dead after driving her car off a bridge (July 23, 1990 - Summer 1995)

Presumed dead after a plane crash [March - June 1998]


Volunteer for the Cancer institute

Former Executive at Lewis Oil & Construction

Former Bartender

Former Telejournalist at WSPR

Former Host of Television Talk Show on WSPR-TV

Worked at Lewis Oil

Shareholder at Lewis Oil

Former Nurse's Aide

Former Photographer


Cross Creek cabin

Marital Status

Married/Separated (Jeffrey O'Neill) (m. 3 Sep 08)

Past Marriages

Harlan Billy Lewis II (Divorced)

Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I (Divorced; deceased) (m. & div. 1985)

Alan Spaulding (Annulled; deceased) (m. & ann. early 1988)

Joshua Lewis (Divorced) (m. 14 Jul 89; div. Fall 95)

Prince Richard Winslow (invalid; deceased) (1990)

Frank Achilles "Buzz" Cooper (Divorced) (m. & div. 1996)

Joshua Lewis (Divorced) (m. 21 May 99; Nov 00)

Joshua Lewis (Divorced) (m. 10 June 02; div. 14 Sep 07)


Hawk Shayne (father)

Sarah O'Neal Shayne (mother; deceased)

Russell "Rusty" Shayne (brother)

Roxanne "Roxie" Shayne (sister)

Cassie Layne (half-sister)

Tammy Winslow Randall (niece & daughter-in-law; deceased)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (granddaughter)

Sarah Randall (granddaughter)

Henry Cooper Camaletti (grandson)

Roger Joshua Winslow (nephew)

William Richard Winslow(nephew)

June O'Neal (Aunt; deceased)

Rose McLaren Shayne (sister-in-law; deceased)

Richard Winslow (brother-in-law; deceased)


Dylan Shayne Lewis (with Billy Lewis II)

Unnamed miscarried child (with H.B.)

Marah Lewis (with Joshua)

Shayne Lewis (with Joshua)

Jonathan Randall (with Prince Richard)

Colin O'Neill (with Jeffrey)

Flings & Affairs

John MacGregor (dated; deceased)

Floyd Parker (dated, while she was impersonating Anita)

Josh Lewis (affair)

David Preston (dated; deceased)

Kyle Sampson (lovers)

Fletcher Reade (dated)

Alan Spaulding (lovers)

Noah Chase (engaged)

Christopher Langham (kissed)

Nate Hoffer/Alfred Randall (kissed)

Josh Lewis (lovers)

Jeffrey O'Neill (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Falsely accused, arrested, and jailed, in New Orleans, for being a spy, by Confederate General Hudson (via the time traveling incident of 2001) [July 1863]

In Paris, France, falsely arrested and imprisoned for espionage by NAZI General Krieger (during the time travel incident of 2001) [August 23, 1944]

Fraud; pretended around Vanessa Chamberlain's family and friends to be Vanessa's assistant, Anita [late November - December 1983]

Blackmailed Billy Lewis [late 1983]

Along with Vanessa Chamberlain, gagged Lucille "Lucy" Rogers with Lucy's own feather boa and locked her in a storage closet in the powder room at the Lakeland Country Club [February 14, 1984]

Stole penicillin from the Cedars medicine cabinet [March 6, 1986]

Practiced medicine without a license (done on an injured Cain Harris) [March 1986]

Accidentally hit Dylan with her car [November 6, 1989]

Verbally attacked Ross Marler for not letting Samantha Marler and Dylan Lewis marry [March 28, 1990]

Assisted Dylan to transport a minor (Samantha) across state lines to St. Mary's Island [April 20, 1990]

Verbally abusive to Vanessa Chamberlain and falsely accused her of having an affair with Josh [May 16, 1990]

Disorderly conduct and causing a scene at the Springfield Country Club [May 23, 1990] (She danced on the tables and started stripping during a charity event)

Attempted to smother Shayne with a pillow [June 29, 1990]

Stole a red dress from a shop in the Florida Keys [July 20, 1990]

Stole a red car from a used car dealership in the Florida Keys [July 20, 1990]

Driving over the speed limit on Big Pine Key [July 23, 1990]

Drove through barricades on Big Pine Key Bridge, which was posted as not to be driven on [July 23, 1990]

Late at night, along with Jenna Bradshaw and Buzz Cooper, broke into Chicago's courthouse Department of Records [January 29, 1997]

Falsely accused of the murder of Annie Dutton's stillborn baby [May 2 - June 19, 1997]

Set up Annie Dutton to push her at the Cedars mental ward [August 25, 1997]

With Blake Thorpe Marler, chloroformed Annie at the Spaulding mansion and then kidnapped her to Cross Creek [September 26, 1997]

Fraud; impersonated a telephone repairman so she could rummage through Annie's Spaulding mansion bedroom [October 30, 1997]

Has never revealed to her children that Dolly Shayne was, in fact, an illegal clone of herself [1998 to Present]

Broke into Teri DeMarco's apartment to get Teri's fingerprints to prove that Teri was actually Annie Dutton [January 13, 1999]

Falsely accused of the murder of Teri DeMarco [1999]

In self-defense, stabbed and injured Edmund Winslow with a dagger [August 27, 1999]

Broke into Olivia Spencer's room at the Waterview Towers to get her son, Jonathan's, phone number [January 12, 2000]

Threatened Edmund Winslow with a gun [March 21, 2001]

Turned off Richard Winslow's life support [July 11, 2002]

Arrested for the murder of Richard Winslow [August 21, 2002]

At her arraignment hearing, lunged at Edmund Winslow and was held in contempt of court [August 22, 2002]

Violated her parole, by colluding with Danny Santos and Cassie Layne Winslow to help Danny fake his own death (was coerced) [November 20, 2002]

Falsely accuses Edmund Winslow of being her stalker [January 8, 2003]

Unknowingly broke into a record store and attempted to steal a CD [January 28, 2005]

Tied up Alfred Randall and threatened to kill him [early August 2005]

Arranged for Gus Aitoro to get the keys to his jail cell [December 29, 2005]

Assaulted a police officer (stomped on his foot) in order to get arrested [March 9, 2007]

Kidnapped a comatose Alan from Cedars [March 22, 2007]

Kidnapped Lizzie [June 7, 2007]

Kidnapped Emma Lewis to prove a point to her mother [August 15, 2007]

Intentionally stepped in front of Olivia's car in order to potentially frame her for a hit and run [August 15, 2007]

Covered up Alan's involvement in the death of the sheriff of Tourmaline, CA, who was about to kill her [mid September 2007 to Present]

Kept quiet about the fact that Edmund Winslow was to be framed for murder (then summarily executed) [November 30, 2007 to Present]

Set up Grady Foley to be found with illegal drugs [July 2008]

Kicked a police officer in order to get arrested [January 14, 2009]

Briefly held Dinah captive [January 30, 2009]

Stabbed Edmund Winslow with a syringe to prevent him from kidnapping her son [April 14, 2009]

Kept quiet about the fact that Edmund had returned to Springfield [early May 2009]

Obstruction of justice; Lied to a detective [early to mid May 2009]

Arrested for the murder of Edmund Winslow [May 28, 2009 to mid June 2009]

Brief Character History

Reva Shayne, the oldest daughter of Hawk and Sarah Shayne, grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the daughter of the Lewis' housekeeper, Reva always felt like trash compared to the wealthy Lewis family. Though she and Josh Lewis were childhood sweethearts, they broke up when Josh went off to college, and she later married his brother, Billy, to get back at Josh. She and Billy stayed married for eight years.

Reva arrived in Springfield in 1983 when Alan offered her $25,000 to break up Billy's engagement to Vanessa Chamberlain. So Reva showed up with the news that she and Billy weren't officially divorced, and demanded $5 million. However, when Billy found the divorce papers, Reva realized she was cornered and gave Alan his money back.

In 1984, when Alan attacked the Lewis family, Billy talked Reva into convincing Josh to merge LTA and Lewis Oil so that they could combine power to destroy Spaulding Enterprises. It didn't take long for Reva and Josh to rekindle their passion when they returned to Cross Creek, where they had made love for the first time. Though they planned to wed, before they could make it official, Josh learned from Anita about Reva's cooperation with Alan, and bitterly left her. His father, H.B. was relieved at first, and decided to further drive Reva away from Josh by bribing Reva into marrying him.

When Josh learned about the marriage, he was so disgusted, he went for a wild drive and crashed his car, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He had surgery and was disheartened by the long road of physical therapy that lay ahead. While at a party at the Country Club, a drunken Phillip Spaulding was coming on to Reva. Josh thought the worst of Reva and accused her of making a play for another man. It was then, while he was wheelchair-bound, that he and Reva had the showdown to end all showdowns ... culminating in her stripping off her clothes, diving into a fountain, and baptizing herself "The slut of Springfield."

After months of sexual tension...one rainy night, Reva climbed into Josh's bed when H.B. was not around and they made love. Later that night Billy found them and pulled her out of bed. Feeling like a loser, the scarlet woman hightailed it back home to Tulsa. While Reva was gone, Josh regained the use of his legs and tracked Reva down and begged her to run away with him. Just then, they heard from Josh's sister, Trish, that a heartsick H.B. was in failing health. The lovers returned home and gave H.B. the will to live. Shortly after, Reva discovered she was pregnant with H.B.'s baby. A heartbroken, Josh sadly told her to take good care of his "daddy" and left to work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Then one night in February 1985, Reva was run over by a car and as a result, she tragically lost her baby. Kyle, who was the enemy of the Lewises, saved Reva and, during a party with Billy in attendance, he exposed Vanessa as the driver. When Rick Bauer informed Reva that he had found Roxie in Alaska, Reva asked Kyle for help, and they flew to Alaska to save the amnesiac Roxie. But flying back, Roxie's new husband, Kurt Corday, threatened Kyle and Reva with a gun and forced them to jump out of the plane with parachutes. They ended up crashing through the roof of a barn owned by a farm couple named Yoder and spent the next several days at the farm, where they convinced the Yoders to let them work there to make up the damage on the roof. It didn't take long for them to fall in love.

When they returned to town, H.B. confronted Reva about her feelings for Kyle. Though Reva told H.B. that she loved Kyle, H.B. was determined to fight for Reva and made up a lie that Kyle was his son. Meanwhile, Kyle's mother, Sally, convinced Kyle's wealthy and refined former lover, Maeve Stoddard, to come to Springfield to reunite with Kyle so that he would leave Reva. Though Reva was willing to leave Kyle when H.B. became ill, H.B. graciously gave Reva the divorce she wanted, and she and Kyle reunited.

Meanwhile, since Reva still doubted that H.B. was Kyle's father, she investigated and and found Billy's baby picture in Sally's room, along with Billy's birth certificate that indicated that Sally was Billy's mother. Reva kept the truth from Kyle, but broke down and told him the truth at the altar. After revealing that Kyle was not a Lewis, Reva ran off.

On New Year's Day 1986, Kyle married Maeve, who became pregnant with his child. Reva witnessed the wedding outside the church window. She then walked in a daze onto a suspension bridge, disrobed, and threw herself into the icy waters below. Luckily, a mysterious stranger saved her. After recovering at Cedars, Reva talked Maureen into hiring her as a nurse's aide, since she was determined to make it on her own without Kyle or the Lewises bailing her out. She rented a bungalow in the Reardon's run-down neighborhood and named it Reva Bend as an expression of her newfound independence.

However, in hopes of staying connected to her, Kyle secretly bought the bungalow, telling no one, including Reva. In the meanwhile, Reva searched for the mystery man who had rescued her, and she finally found him. His name was Cain Harris, and he was tattered and feverish when she located him. She let him stay at Reva Bend and pawned her engagement ring from Kyle to pay his medical bills at Cedars. Reva thought Cain was a decent fellow, but neither Kyle not Fletcher Reade was convinced.

Fletcher investigated and learned that Cain was a former Hollywood stunt director named Harry Kane who was implicated in the murder of his starlet wife. After Cain/Harry had discovered his wife carrying on with a fellow actor, he orchestrated a stunt that ultimately killed her. Aware that several people in Springfield had his number, Cain/Harry went completely insane and threw Claire Ramsey, who detested Reva, off of the Springfield River Bridge, but fortunately, Kyle came along and rescued Claire.

When a stunned Reva confronted Cain with the truth, he kidnapped Reva to the River Bridge to kill her, as well. Luckily, Kyle, who had learned the truth from Fletcher, arrived and rescued Reva when he shot and killed Cain during their struggle. Maeve then realized that Kyle was in love with Reva and, after she left him, Kyle and Reva reunited. Reva then helped Kyle to find his real father, Cardinal Malone, and the lovers became engaged again. Maeve, on the other hand, told Kyle that she had lost their baby.

Later, at Kyle and Reva's second wedding in a church, Maeve crashed the ceremony and revealed that she had lied. The baby that Kyle planned to adopt, Ben, was her and Kyle's baby. Shocked, Reva ran out of the church and was hit by the car belonging to two members of the Diamondhead organization, who were actually trying to run Josh down as he was walking down the street. Josh brought Reva to Cedars and then disappeared, leading her to wonder if it was just a dream.

After Reva was released from the hospital, she went to Cross Creek to think about her life. She was stunned to see Josh there, and they reunited. In January 1987, Kyle tried to win Reva back but, after a confrontation with Josh, he realized that Josh was the man Reva loved and, after a tearful good-bye, Kyle left town and Reva became pregnant. Josh and Reva became engaged and, months later, Reva gave birth to a baby girl named Marah, At the same time, Josh, having visited Venezuela, returned home, along with his old friend, Will Jeffries.

Sally suspected that Marah's father was really her son, Kyle, so she returned to fight for custody. Picking up on the tension surrounding Marah's birth, Will altered the birth records to indicate that Josh was not Marah's daddy. Josh eventually saw the records and told Reva they were finished. He also hastened to add that he had been married in Venezuela to a psychiatrist named Sonni Carrera. Sonni had since died in a hiking accident, having plunged to her death off a suspension bridge.

Reva was angry that Josh had withheld that from her, but the attraction between them was so strong that in time they decided to make a go of their romance once again. It was then that Sonni turned up alive, and, after a big argument in the Country Club about Marah's parentage, Josh and Reva separated.

Then Alan got into the act. Alan was still pursuing Vanessa in hopes that they could build a corporate dynasty together, but Reva had a raw energy and an unpretentious quality that Alan found irresistible. He hired Reva and prevailed upon her to break up Alex and H.B. In return, he offered to have paternity tests performed on Marah to get to the bottom of the mystery. Alan was shocked to discover that Marah was, indeed, Josh's child! He considered telling Reva the truth but couldn't bring himself to do it, for he wanted Reva to himself.

Alan lied and told Reva that Marah was Kyle's. A shocked Reva then took up with Alan, but Alan's first love was still business, and he ultimately proposed to Vanessa. Reva pretended to understand, but she was so livid that she planned to take Alan for all he was worth. Reva had no idea that others in Springfield had determined the truth behind Marah's parentage. Sally felt guilty for having inadvertently perpetuated the lie, and she rushed to Josh and Sonni's wedding to reveal the truth. However, Alan made Alex intercept her, so Alex talked Sally into holding off until after the ceremony. Sally was about to drop the bombshell to H.B. when she dropped dead of a massive coronary!

Meanwhile, Reva was working as a freelance photographer and she accidentally witnessed and photographed, from a neighboring apartment, Will and Sonni in an embrace. Although she didn't have the heart to show Josh the pictures, she nonetheless told him she suspected Will and Sonni were carrying on an affair. In February 1988, Reva saw Josh accidentally fall into the water from the bridge and jumped into the freezing water and saved her love. Alan, who arrived with Sonni, then saved Reva, who fought for her own life at Cedars, where she suffered cardiac arrest.

Jealous of Reva, Sonni snuck into her hospital room one night and found her choking on a tube. Sonni considered killing her, but instead she inexplicably saved Reva's life! Reva's ordeal jolted Alan into realizing how much he loved her, and he brought in a minister to marry them while Reva lay half-conscious in her hospital bed. He was stunned the next day, though, when Reva came to and thought she'd married Josh. The marriage was annulled, but eventually Alan and Reva planned to have a proper wedding.

Not long after, Reva confronted a pregnant Sonni, saying she intended to tell Josh about Sonni and Will's affair, but changed her mind when Sonni lost the baby during their heated argument. But when Will went missing, Reva blurted out the truth. Will later turned up alive with amnesia. Late that year, Reva finally found the picture of Will and Sonni and showed it to Josh. Together they went to Venezuela to investigate Sonni, where they soon met up with Sonni and Will and figured out the criminal lovers' master plan.

Thinking fast, Sonni tricked Will into telling the Venezuela police that Josh, not Sonni, had tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Josh and Reva made passionate love on the beach as Alan's photographer snapped pictures of them unnoticed. Josh was arrested for trying to kill Will, but as Will's memory slowly returned, Reva extracted an anguished confession from him and got it all on tape. Then Alan showed up to throw his usual monkey wrench into the proceedings by becoming Sonni's lover and co-conspirator. Frantic that things were unspooling, Sonni fired a gun and Alan caught the bullet, which left him paralyzed.

In 1989, Sonni stood trial for the still-missing Will's attempted murder. When Sonni's inconsistent testimony left everyone baffled, Reva and Rusty investigated her in Venezuela and found her twin sister, Solita's, remains in a grave at a monastery. Finally, Sonni remembered that, 15 years before, when she was 17, she had an affair with Will, who was a priest named Giermo and the lover of her twin sister, Solita. Unfortunately, by Sonni's father caught them and assumed that Sonni was his scandalous daughter, Solita. Although Sonni ran off, Solita came home and was severely beaten for what her father thought she had done. Mortified, Solita committed suicide by hanging herself.

Filled with overwhelming guilt, Sonni took Solita's persona and flew to Argentina and became a porn star. While Reva comforted Sonni, Will secretly cut the bridge with a knife, but Josh and Rusty saved the women before they fell to their deaths. Back at home, Sonni finally unraveled and lost her "Solita" persona. She spent some time in an institution, but made a fine recovery, and Josh definitely left her. He reunited with Reva and, after doing a second paternity test, Josh definitively learned that he was Marah father.

Later, Will kidnapped Marah at Sonni's apartment by drugging Sonni's coffee and framing her for the deed. He left Marah in the care of his mentally unbalanced mother, Anita Ybarra, and he claimed to her that Marah was his daughter. Will planned to play hero and "save" the child so that a grateful Josh would tell him Mindy's whereabouts! After Sonni convinced Josh of her innocence, Will was forced to release Marah. With Marah back home, Josh and Reva finally married in a beautiful wedding at Cross Creek.

Meanwhile, Reva was plagued by memories of her first child. When she was 16, Reva had given birth to baby boy whom she had put up for adoption. Sarah had been by her side during the painful period of her life. When Sarah first met rebel Dylan, she sensed that he was Reva's son. Sensing that Reva's guilt was causing a rift between her and Josh, Sarah urged Reva to tell Josh the truth. However, Reva couldn't bear to do that and lied that she'd been raped as a teenager.

At the same time, Reva learned tht she was pregnant again. Meanwhile, the adoptive father of her first-born son, Mark Cody, blackmailed Reva with money, threatening to tell Josh the whole truth if she didn't pay up. By that time, Sarah had plans to tell Reva about Dylan, but she changed her mind when Reva's recurring heart condition flared up under the pressure. Finally, Reva told a shocked Billy the truth: she lied about the rape--in reality, she had given birth to his child after a one-night-stand. Billy then admitted to Reva that he had fallen for her all over again but refused to pursue her out of respect for Josh.

Meanwhile, Josh noticed Reva's uneasiness and, after Cody arranged a meeting between Reva and Dylan, Josh interrupted and Reva confessed to him the truth. Meanwhile, Dylan was falsely accused of kidnapping his daughter, Susan Lemay, from her adoptive parents, so he and his girlfriend, Samantha, ran away to a house in Cross Creek. Reva tracked Dylan down after a storm and accidentally hit Dylan with her car. Along with Sam and Billy, who arrived as well, a panicked Reva helped Dylan into the house and saw the birthmark above his knee, just like the one her child had. She told him that she was his mother and she and Billy agree not to tell Dylan or Josh that Billy was Dylan's father.

Back home, Reva refused to tell Josh the father's name and, in February 1990, Josh learned the truth and ran out of the house and had a car accident. A woman named Darla saved him and he rushed in just in time to see Reva giving birth to their son, Joshua Shayne. Soon afterwards, Reva started acting strangely, going on shopping sprees, flying halfway around the world without telling anyone, and leaving Shayne unattended. Finally, Ed diagnosed Reva with a gargantuan case of postpartum depression and gave her medication, but a paranoid Reva refused to take it. Her condition became worse, and she started getting promiscuous.

Roger took provocative photos of Reva and tried to use them to blackmail her, but Billy stopped him. Josh decided a family vacation might be just what Reva needed, so the family headed to the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, Reva became paranoid that someone was following her, and demanded that Dylan and Sam jump in her car. She stopped and forced Dylan out, then tore off with Sam.

Sam realized that her life was in danger and jumped from the speeding car only moments before Reva drove through a barricade and off an unfinished bridge into the water below. Josh, who was searching for her, watched in horror as she drove off the bridge and into the water. While Sam temporarily became paralyzed, neither Josh nor the Coast Guard was able to find Reva and, despite her body being missing, she was presumed dead and buried. Later, after seeing a TV show about Italy, Sarah and Billy thought they had seen Reva in it, so Josh, along with Sarah and the kids, temporarily moved to Italy to search for Reva, but she remained missing.

In 1995, despite Hawk's protests, Josh had Reva declared legally dead so that he could marry Annie Dutton. Meanwhile, in Indiana, in a small Amish-like community called Goshen, Reva awoke very much alive. She remembered nothing of her past and went by the name of Rebecca. Buzz Cooper's car happened to run out of gas near Goshen and, when he met Reva/Rebecca, he was unable to get her out of his mind and visited her again. At the mention of Springfield, Rebecca/Reva had a memory flash. Later she had nightmares about drowning and ran into Alan after she accidentally hit him with her carriage when his car stalled in Goshen.

Alan was seriously injured, and Reva took him in. When Reva called Alan's family, Hawk answered the phone. Reva only got to say hello before Alex interrupted, but Hawk recognized her voice. Reva was stunned when Alan awoke and called her by her true name. The local doctor warned Alan about Reva's fragile emotional state, but that didn't stop Alan from telling Reva that they had once been married. Reva sketched a picture of Josh and asked if his name was Bud. Alan said it wasn't, but told her that Bud was someone who had hurt her very badly. Reva doubted his story when she had a brief, happy memory of her wedding to Josh.

Alan's love for Reva grew as he watched her care for Abigail Blume, the deaf daughter of the people who had taken Reva in. Buzz showed up in Goshen again and told Reva about Alan's villainous ways, but Alan was able to explain away Buzz's claims, and he and Reva grew closer. However, she slapped him when he kissed her, declaring that she was Rebecca, not Reva. When Rick and Annie came to Goshen with the trauma team, Alan made sure they didn't see Reva.

Later, while swimming, Reva got a cramp and started to drown. Alan came back and rescued her, but not before the experience triggered Reva's memory. She felt ashamed when she remembered her title as "the slut of Springfield" and could no longer face her saintly neighbors. Alan suggested they start a new life in Europe. Reva was about to agree until she remembered Marah and Shayne. A reluctant Alan agreed to take her back to Springfield.

In town, Reva saw how happy her kids were with Annie, their "Mommy," and accepted Alan's invitation to go to Europe. As they were about to leave, Josh rushed in after hearing Alexandra that Reva was alive from. He and Reva had an emotional confrontation, but he was upset when he realized that Reva had been in Springfield for some time. Josh went so far as to get a restraining order to prevent Reva from seeing Marah and Shayne. ?

In 1996, Reva attended the New Year's Eve party at the Country Club and, although they kissed, Josh left Reva frozen and humiliated in front of everyone in Springfield. The fighting continued and, in court, Annie's past cost her Josh and the kids. The judge ruled Annie had to move out after hearing testimony from a widow whose husband was killed when Annie and her friend Jake were driving drunk. Later, after a vicious argument, Josh and Reva tenderly admitted their love, then shared a passionate kiss.

Scared and confused, Josh ran out of there and headed home. A shocked and stunned Reva went back home alone. Upset by all the parental confusion, Marah ran away to Reva's, saying she wanted to live with her, but Reva realized Marah really wanted Annie to be her mother. Reva promised Marah that she would make it possible for Marah, Shayne, Annie, and Josh to be a family. She married Buzz to make Josh think she'd lied about loving him, and she gave Josh custody of Marah and Shayne. Josh had finally come to the conclusion that he loved Reva and wanted her back.

After Reva convinced Josh she had lied and loved Buzz, Josh ran out of there furiously. A hurt and distant Josh decided to move on with his life and re-married Annie. The kids were thrilled to become a family again. Reva watched as Josh and Annie married. Meanwhile, as revenge for losing Reva to Buzz, Alan bought the diner and threatened to tear it down unless Buzz paid the mortgage on it. Buzz and Reva were unable to get a loan and feared they would lose the diner. The battles with Alan brought Buzz and Reva closer, and they finally consummated their marriage.

Later, Annie, who was in the process of recovering from her drug addiction, told Josh that Reva really loved him and had only married Buzz for the sake of the children. Josh then confronted Reva and, although she admitted that it was true, she and Josh realized it would be better for everyone if they stayed apart. Later, Josh got a call on his cell phone that Sarah was ill in Italy. Josh provided his Lewis jet and went with Buzz and Reva to bring Sarah back to the States. In Italy, Sarah made her deathbed confession to Reva: she'd gotten pregnant from an affair and had given the child up for adoption. Her dying wish was that Reva track down her lost sibling. Meanwhile, Josh was stunned when Annie joyfully announced that she was pregnant, unaware that it was a lie.

Determined to make the pregnancy a reality, in 1997, Annie blackmailed a former classmate named Fran to artificially inseminate her. Reva tried to stay away from Josh after hearing about the baby. She told Buzz about Sarah's deathbed confession and asked him to help her find her lost sibling. Things were looking up as Reva realized that she needed to end her marriage to Buzz because she still loved Josh. Soon afterwards, Reva began to spend a lot of time searching frantically for her sister, and the trail led her to none other than Annie.

Though Reva was skeptical, she was convinced when Annie showed her a 25-year-old picture of Sarah. Reva then began to push Josh away, despite the fact that he persuaded her, so that her "sister" could find some happiness. However, Reva soon discovered that this was a lie and told Josh. Josh and Reva officially reunited and decided to go to a party together at the Spaulding mansion. At the party, Annie, who had miscarried Josh's child in secret several days before, finally went off the deep end and, after she attacked Reva, she threw herself down a flight of stairs to make it look like Reva pushed her.

Reva was arrested for the murder of Annie's baby. Luckily, her attorney found the doctor who took care of Annie after her miscarriage. The doctor's testimony freed Reva, and Annie admitted the whole truth on the stand. All charges against Reva were dropped, and Josh and Reva were finally free to be together. Josh and Reva headed up to Cross Creek, and, after seven long years, they made love. Back home, they began their new life together with their children, and held a private family wedding at Cross Creek, although it wasn't a legal marriage.

With things settling, Reva hired Harley and Jenna to find her sister. During that time, sadly, H.B. died and, in his will, he left all of his stock in Lewis Oil to Reva, so Reva became even more involved with the company. Reva helped Cassie Layne get a job as Billy's secretary, but soon realized that something was very wrong with Cassie. She investigated and not only learned that stocks of Lewis Oil would be bought by a dummy firm, which was owned by Annie, but also that Cassie was hired by Alan and Annie to spy at Lewis Oil so that Alan could take over the company.

Later, Reva noticed that Marah was wearing Sarah's hairpin that she had gotten from her friend, "Madonna," who was actually Cassie's daughter, Tammy. Finally, when Hart told Billy and Reva that Cassie was about to drug and seduce Josh so that Billy would catch them, Reva rushed to stop Cassie. When they argued and mentioned Tammy's hairpin, Reva realized that Cassie was actually her sister! Reva welcomed Cassie into the family.

Just when bliss was finally starting to become a reality for Josh and Reva, Annie drugged Reva and took her up in a plane. Josh flew down to the Florida Keys after receiving a call from Annie saying what she planned to do. Annie videotaped Reva, and then parachuted out of the plane with the pilot, leaving Reva all tied up in a plane with no pilot and no way to free herself. When Josh arrived in Florida, he searched desperately for Reva until the Coast Guard stopped him.

Reva washed up on a deserted island andd discovered that she was not alone. A man named Sean McCullough was sharing the island with her. He was on the run after being accused of murdering his wife. Reva grew closer to the mysterious Sean and made a homemade raft, trying desperately to get back home to her soul mate. Her raft sunk, however, and a man-of-war bit her. Sean rescued her, and nursed her back to health. Eventually, Sean revealed a boat that he had hidden, and agreed to take Reva back to the mainland.

Reva called home, but the voice on the other end was a strange female voice and Reva realized that something very unsettling was going on. Once in Springfield, a shocked Reva met her double. During her absence on the island, Josh had accidentally allowed Dr. Michael Burke to produce a clone of Reva with Reva's frozen eggs, and the clone had grown up to Reva's age with help of an aging serum. The clone took Reva captive and locked her up in the lighthouse. She eventually talked the clone into allowing Reva to "teach" the clone how to love Josh.

In reality, it was Reva's plan to find her way back to Josh. As the summer went on, the clone eventually locked Reva up in the pool house at the Lewis home, and Josh resigned himself to marrying the clone. Reva, realizing that the clone was preparing to leave her to die, talked the clone into bringing her a camcorder so that she could watch tapes of the kids. Reva made a videotape telling Josh that she was locked up in the pool house. She conned the clone into watching the tape with Josh and the kids, saying that it was films of the family that would help them to bond together.

The clone returned to the house and popped in the tape, stopping it just in time to realize what Reva had done. Josh overheard a part of the tape, but it didn't really hit him what he was hearing. Reva was left to starve to death in the pool house. In the car on the way to Cross Creek, the clone began to ask Josh how it felt to starve to death. Her guilt was getting the better of her and as she asked more questions.

Josh began to put the pieces together and remembered hearing Reva's voice on the videotape. He turned his car around and sped home to save his dying wife. Running into the pool house, Josh was shocked to see two Revas! They had to figure out what to do with the clone. After the excitement of their reunion began to settle, Reva had a lot of unresolved anger with Josh for cloning her, and for giving up on their love.

Reva bonded with the clone out of pity and made her over into her long-lost cousin, Dolly. With her new identity, the clone finally had a name of her own. She began to settle into her new identity, and Josh and Reva decided to give her a new life in Italy. Dolly, still very much in love with Josh, decided to take a different route. She overdosed on the aging serum so that she would die, and Josh and Reva would be able to move on with their life together. On their way to Italy, she asked Josh to take her to Cross Creek one more time, so that she could say goodbye to the memories. After Dolly's death, Reva forgave Josh.

After taking a family vacation, Josh and Reva returned home just in time for the reign of terror of the Nursery Rhyme Stalker. At the same time, a new detective came to Springfield to help Frank investigate the stalker case. Her name was Teri DeMarco, and it soon became clear that she was up to no good. Teri began to drug Josh with a truth serum and started programming him to believe that he was no longer in love with Reva, but was in love with her.

Josh eventually began to do whatever it was that Teri suggested to him when he was under the influence of the drug. She admitted to Josh that she was Annie, and began to tell Josh to put the moves on Cassie. Her plan was to put separation between Reva and Cassie first, and then take Josh away from Reva, so that Annie could destroy everything that was important to Reva.

Annie put the solution into Josh's aftershave bottle and Reva was left wondering what had happened to her loving husband. Eventually, Reva read a newspaper article about a missing body in the morgue, and it made her more suspicious about the explosion-and left her wondering whether Annie was really dead. With the new information and Josh's strange behavior, Reva went to Detroit to visit Teri's slightly older brother, George DeMarco.

George told Reva that "Teri" had changed when she came back from a skiing vacation where she had a slight head injury during an accident. When Reva inquired further of George what he meant, George said "Teri" had become more aloof and more distant to many of her friends and family. Although Reva and Josh were being torn apart, they figured out Annie's plan, and put a stop to it.

Josh went into the hospital, and was tested for the drug. The tests came back positive, and they realized that Teri was connected to Annie, and that Annie had done it again. Not to be stopped in their love for each other, Josh, Reva, and their children were reunited just in time for Christmas and vowed to get to the bottom of the latest mystery.

In 1999, Josh and Reva went to the Florida Keys to investigate. A clerk recognized a picture of Ms. Dutton and Josh and Reva found out that Teri and Annie had become friends. Eventually, they discovered that the real Teri DeMarco was languishing in a coma after an accident. In the end, Annie tried to kill Teri but was interrupted when Reva came in. Though she tried to impersonate Teri again, Annie was discovered. Finally free, Josh and Reva got engaged.

As Josh and Reva started making plans for their wedding, Reva began to have dreams of rocking a baby and having it snatched away from her. In May, Josh and Reva were married at the Country Club. Reva underwent hypnosis to remember what happened while she was presumed dead, to get behind the meaning of her dreams. That led her to the island of San Cristobel. Immediately after arriving in San Cristobel , Josh and Reva became puzzled as Reva was treated like royalty. It seemed no one could do enough for her.

Reva met Olivia Spencer, and told Josh that she thought she knew Olivia when she lived in San Cristobel during her missing years. After inquiring about a strange ring that Reva had, they were arrested by the San Cristobel authorities and charged with grand theft for stealing the ring. They were not taken to jail, but to a palace where Josh was locked in the dungeon, and Reva was kept upstairs in a beautiful, gold-adorned room.

Prince Richard arrived home and he told Reva the story of her past. She had been his wife and they had a son together, named Jonathan. It was Richard's belief that Reva had kidnapped their son and left him, because Reva and the boy had disappeared at the same time. He did not believe her story about amnesia, and threatened her life if his child was not returned. After Reva pushed him, he showed her a portrait of his wife, "Catherine."

Reva was so shocked to see that it was her face in the painting that she fainted. Once she came to, Richard believed her and told her that some San Cristobel fisherman had discovered her in the waters offshore and had brought her back to the hospital there. Richard had eventually brought her back to the palace to recover, and it was there that they fell in love. They were married, and had a son together. Reva told Richard that she wanted to stay with him and help find out what happened to their son.

During the rest of the summer, Reva began to remember all of the love that she had felt for Richard and all of the happy memories they shared together. Later, Olivia, Richard's fiancée, told Reva that Jonathan had died, and that he was buried in the back of her house. Reva and Richard went to find the grave marker so that they could say their goodbyes, and while there, they discovered a child's swing. Olivia didn't have any children, so their suspicions arose.

Reva, who had been planning to return home, vowed to stay in San Cristobel and help Richard get to the bottom of what happened to their son. Finally, Reva remembered Edmund threatening her son's life, and that she had given the baby to Olivia to keep safe. Olivia admitted to Reva that Jonathan was very much alive and being raised by her sister, Marissa, and her husband.

It soon became clear to Reva that her life was in danger, and she joined forces with Olivia to prove to Richard that Edmund was responsible for the disappearance of their son. Reva asked Edmund to meet Reva in private to talk about Richard, and Edmund took her captive at gunpoint. Josh, who had arrived along with Jim Lemay, Matt, Danny, Michelle, and Cassie to rescue Reva from the island, joined forces with Richard, and eventually found Reva trapped in a cave that was filling with water, where Edmund had left her to die.

Josh was able to save her just in time. Richard and Reva were finally reunited with their son, but when it became clear that Jonathan's life was still in danger, Reva asked Olivia to take Jonathan away again so that he would be safe. She left the island with Josh, leaving nothing behind for Richard but a goodbye note. Richard followed Reva to Springfield and eventually caught up with her while she was alone at Cross Creek trying to digest everything that had happened to her in the previous months. They fought over what she had done with Jonathan, but it soon became clear that they still had feelings for each other and they began to make love.

Josh and Cassie arrived just in time to stop them from going any further than a passionate kiss. They returned to Springfield, but Josh began to sense that Reva was slipping away from him. He realized that Reva had unresolved feelings for Richard, and he tried to give her the time that she needed to work through them. Eventually Josh realized that Reva needed to explore her feelings for Richard. She had become almost obsessive over Richard's growing interest in Cassie, and Josh finally let go.

In a very emotional moment, Josh and Reva said their goodbyes. They had too many things that had happened to them over the years, and the thing with Richard was the final straw. Their eyes met, and through tears, they admitted their love for one another, and they kissed goodbye. While Josh grew closer to Olivia, Reva began to realize that her feelings for Richard were not as strong as she had thought. She was determined to make things right with all those she hurt, and set out first to square things with Richard.

In January 2000, with Selena's help, Reva broke into Olivia's room at the boarding house and found Jonathan's phone number. She immediately flew to San Cristobel to give the address to Richard. Richard and Reva set out to find their son together, and also to figure out what to do about their unresolved feelings for one another.

Once they saw how happy Jonathan was, they realized that it was best not to tell him who they were, and to let Marissa and Alfred continue to raise him. They also realized that it was time to put their relationship with each other behind them and move on with their lives. With those things settled, Reva hurried home to tell Josh that she was dedicated to him, and that she wanted their marriage back. Unfortunately Josh told her that what he wanted was to move on without her.

Meanwhile, Josh and Olivia made love and, to Josh's dismay, Olivia told Reva about the night. Reva then began to mature and realize that she could only get Josh back by improving herself. She began devoting more time to her children. Reva decided to go back to college and make something of her life. She began studying for her SATs, and Reva started dating Dr. Noah Chase.

Later, Reva received a mysterious note suggesting that she ask Noah about the other women in his life, but Noah feigned ignorance and avoided answering questions about his personal life. When Noah backed out of dinner, Reva confronted him and he admitted that Richard urged him to stay out of her life. Reva chastised him for following Richard's advice but they made up and made love.

Billy then briefed Reva about Noah's shady history and Reva decided to confront Noah. When he remained evasive about his past, Reva left and locked him out of her house. Noah broke down the door, refusing to be shut out, and they made up. Later, Noah and Marah conspired to get Reva out of town with Noah for New Year's Eve, since it would be Olivia and Josh's wedding day.

In 2001, as Josh and Olivia walked down the aisle as man and wife, Blake handed Josh her cell phone. On the other line was Reva, who explained to Josh that Marah was in danger. Olivia insisted that it was just a ploy by Marah to ruin Josh and Olivia's nuptials, but Josh called the police and rushed off to save Marah. However, it did turned out to be a ruse by Marah to disrupt Josh's wedding.

Meanwhile, Reva and Noah were stunned to find Perdita, Noah's ex-wife, naked in his bed! After sparring with Perdita, a jealous Reva announced that she and Noah were engaged. Later, Noah discovered a listening device left by Perdita. Noah explained that he and Perdita had "an arranged marriage" as part of their cover as agents.

Afterwards, Reva found Perdita's gun under the sheets. Later, Noah informed Reva of the danger Perdita presented and said he must move in with Reva to protect her. After Marah's kidnapping, Marah was livid when she learned of Reva's mob exposé on the Santoses, and she told Reva to stay out of her life. Meanwhile, Reva plotted with Noah to get Perdita out of their lives and she enlisted Alan's help. Noah arranged for Reva to run into Perdita at his apartment, where Reva informed Perdita that she might have a customer for her.

Alan made Perdita an offer she couldn't refuse. As expected, Perdita walked right into Reva and Alan's trap and they exposed her as an art smuggler. After Reva informed Perdita that she had no options, Perdita reluctantly agreed to sell Alan the artwork at a discount and left town. With Perdita gone, Noah joyfully accepted Reva's marriage proposal. In the meantime, Reva was left blinded after a car accident caused by Edmund. They then learned that Edmund confiscated the videotape that was supposed to be sent to the public in San Cristobel. Reva informed Holly that they were not going to give up and that Edmund would be exposed.

Unbeknownst to Richard and Noah, Reva and Cassie snuck out of the hospital and headed towards the Royal Council meeting, in hopes of exposing Edmund's role in their accident. Noah found Reva holding Edmund at gunpoint and talked her down. A rattled Edmund, still concerned about his chances for the crown, trashed the palace sitting room and decided to make a pre-emptive move and abdicated the throne, asking the people of San Cristobel to decide the future of the country in an official election.

Upon returning to Springfield, Reva reacquainted herself in her house, and Noah assured her that he would never leave her. Luckily, her vision returned. Reva proposed marriage to Noah, but he turned her down because he felt that she was still in love with Josh. Having lost Josh again, Reva reluctantly agreed to accompany Holly on a business trip to Chicago. There, she found herself drawn to a painting, which seemed to talk to her. Reva found the painting and took it home.

At the same time, Reva was experiencing psychic visions and ultimately found that she could travel through the painting. Her first destination was Edwardian England and later the Civil War. Both times, Reva found herself face-to-face with people and situations that mirrored her own. Though Josh doubted her at first, he ultimately believed her and followed her to WW II Germany.

The pair ultimately reunited when Josh learned that Olivia had been sleeping with Alan. A few months after their reunion, Josh surprised Reva, at Cross Creek by asking Hawk for his daughter's hand in marriage and the couple married, in June 2002, in a beautiful ceremony at Cassie's new hotel, with many relatives and old friends in attendance. ?

Sadly, the happy times would soon come to a crashing halt. Shortly after going on their honeymoon, Josh and Reva learned that Richard had been in a serious car accident. He quickly fell into a comatose state, and when Cassie learned he was working as a used car salesman, Reva had to confess that she had known of the money problems and Richard had sworn her to secrecy. Cassie was furious, but they made up. Cassie temporarily took a break from her vigil at Richard's bedside to take her kids to the beach.

Only Reva was around when Richard woke up. In intense pain, he pleaded with Reva, "let me die", before having a terrible stroke. Reva tried to reach Cassie, prayed for answers in the chapel, and returned to his room with a word board for mute Richard. He managed to blink his wish to die before he went into tremors. Reva, unable to stand her former love and current friend in such agony, granted his wish and took him off life support.

Reva spent a few weeks keeping her dark secret, comforting a devastated Cassie, and dealing with Marah's usual crises. However, when she learned that the plug pulling was uncovered and Ed Bauer had confessed, Reva could no longer hide what she had done. Cassie was outraged and unable to forgive, Marah distanced herself, and Reva, while facing public scorn and the hiatus of her talk show, was put on trial for murder. The stress of the trial continued to pit Reva and Cassie against each other, and when Cassie was forcibly put on the witness stand to testify against Reva, Reva realized how much pain she was putting her sister through.

Reva pled guilty, to the shock of Josh and the kids. Even more shocking to them, she was sentenced to two years in prison. Reva was guilt-ridden, but had no other options until Cassie, unbeknownst to Reva, forged a living will that she knew used to be in existence, but had vanished because Edmund had burned it. Soon after Reva's release for a new trial, the governor pardoned her. She got her family back, and mended fences with Cassie.

Finally free to go on with their lives, in 2003, Josh and Reva found themselves at odds over Josh's obsessive need to help Shayne build a baseball career. Believing that Josh had regrets about the career choices he made in his youth, Reva advised him to back off and let Shayne get an education. Suddenly Shayne found himself faced with an impossible choice: should he attend Stanford on a baseball scholarship, or try out for the professional draft. Convinced by Reva to sign both contracts and make the decision after his prom, Shayne still found the choice unbearable. Overhearing Shayne say he wished someone else could make the choice for him, Josh took Shayne at his word and secretly mailed in the draft contract.

Meanwhile, Reva, having been experiencing psychic visions for several weeks, let herself be talked into attending a psychic reading conducted by Christopher Langham, since she knew of his research in psychic phenomena. Later, the night of Shayne's prom, Josh was elated to learn that Shayne had been picked up by the Chicago Cubs and the following day, after hearing Shayne say he wanted to go out for the draft, he told Shayne what he'd done. Though Shayne was angry at first at being denied the chance to make his own choice, he soon became elated at the chance to play major league baseball. Less forgiving was Reva, who saw Josh's act as a betrayal.

Later that summer, Josh's obsession with Shayne would lead to tragedy. Concerned all summer that Shayne wasn't taking his new career seriously, Josh was infuriated to learn that Shayne was at a concert with Marina on the night he was supposed to meet with the Cub's general manager. Angry that Shayne was putting his personal life above his professional life, Josh raced to the concert to drag Shayne back home. Unfortunately, as Josh was driving on that rainy night, he hit an incoming car. Bruised, Josh went to help the other driver, who was horribly injured, only to discover that it was Shayne!

Later, in the hospital, a distraught and regretful Josh was horrified to learn that, as a result of his injuries, Shayne would be temporarily mute and unable to walk. Blaming Josh for Shayne's predicament, Reva was unable to give him comfort and support, prompting him to move out of their house. Though both Marah and Billy lambasted Reva for being unreasonable and not supporting Josh when he needed her, she couldn't find it in herself to forgive him. That was, until her feelings started growing toward Christopher, culminating in a kiss.

Recognizing that she was falling into her old self-destructive patterns, Reva tried to reestablish her relationship with Josh. About the same time, Reva was shocked to see Marah's friend, and Josh's new employee, Sandy Foster in Josh's office with a fistful of cash. Ready to call the police, she noticed that he accessed the account of her son, Jonathan Randall. Curious, she called Jonathan's adoptive mother and made a startling discovery--Sandy was Jonathan! Though she tried to connect with Sandy, he continually resisted her efforts to bond with him.

Almost immediately after the Carrie Caruthers adventure, in 2004, Reva suddenly found that her psychic abilities were gone. From that point, Reva tried to settle into a normal life with Josh, however, circumstances would make that a little difficult. At the same time that Reva was connecting with Sandy, a new young man arrived in town named JB, who rubbed Reva the wrong way. When Sandy was left in critical condition after a car struck him, Reva was shocked to learn that she was not his mother, after all. Curious about what did happen to Jonathan, she found no information except for a vague implication he might have died after falling from a cliff.

Finally JB himself confronted Reva and admitted that he was Jonathan. Jonathan proudly admitted that he slept with Tammy. Reva was furious and disgusted. However, when he revealed that he slept with Tammy to hurt Reva more than she hurt him, Reva began to see that she had a hand in making her son a bitter, angry, and damaged person. It soon became apparent that the Randall family was not a safe and happy one, after all.

Reva spent weeks trying to break through to Jonathan. They pair bonded in 2005, while inside an empty music store. Though Jonathan claimed the owner gave him the key, it was a lie and the two were arrested for breaking and entering. Luckily, Reva managed to talk their way out of trouble. Jonathan was impressed with how cool his mother actually was. Unfortunately, they had a long road ahead due to Jonathan's fear of getting close to Reva, and Cassie's anger about what Jon did to Tammy.

Meanwhile, Reva was shocked when she believed that she was pregnant. Concerned about Josh and Jonathan's reactions, Reva was surprised when Jonathan seemed genuinely happy about her pregnancy. However, days later, they would discover that Reva was mistaken--she wasn't pregnant; she was entering menopause. Seeing how depressed Reva was about the prospect of entering menopause, Josh tried to lift her spirits but wasn't entirely successful.

Depressed, Reva set out for Aspen for a few weeks to clear her head. Upon her return, she was shocked to learn that Josh had actually hired Jonathan to work at Lewis Construction. Depressed, Reva went to a bar and struck up a friendship with a man named Nate. Though Josh tried to get her a job at WSPR, Reva refused since she was having fun working at the bar.

When the chemistry between her and Nate was beginning to increase, Reva tried to take Josh up on the job offer, but this time Josh urged her to stick with her bartending gig. Again at the bar, Reva was becoming increasingly attracted to Nate, a situation that led to a kiss. Although Reva tried to point out that she was a happily married woman, Nate wasn't convinced. Afterwards, Jonathan and Nate finally came face-to-face and Reva got the distinct impression that they'd met before. Nate claimed that he once had to kick Jonathan out of his bar for bad behavior. After, Jonathan tried to warn Reva to stay away from Nate, but when he refused to tell her why, Reva got defensive.

Days later, Reva was shocked when Nate informed her that Jonathan was selling date rape drugs. Later, Reva went back to work at the bar, where she found a drunken Nate ranting about how much he wanted her. Though flattered, she pulled away. When Nate seemed to pass out, Reva revealed her feelings for him, unaware that he was actually wide awake. Later, Nate confessed to Reva that he heard her confession the night he was drunk. He then pulled her into a passionate kiss. Conflicted, Reva left the room. When she returned a few minutes later, she was shocked to see Jonathan punching out Nate.

Not long after, Reva received more bad news--Marissa Randall was dead from a boating accident. If that wasn't bad enough, Jonathan was certain that his father had her, since she was terrified of the water. Finally, Jonathan's behavior toward Nate put a suspicion in Reva's head. Having already known that Nate lied about staying at the Beacon, she became even more suspicious when Nate seemed to know something about Jonathan getting beaten up on the Fourth of July. Reva then got Olivia to confirm what she already suspected - that Nate was Alfred!

Although Olivia tried to convince Reva that Alfred was dangerous and they should go to the police, Reva was intent on getting revenge on the man who tormented her son. She then came up with a plan to trap Nate by getting him to steal from Lewis Construction. Jonathan knew Reva was playing with fire, and warned Nate that Reva was on to him. Later, as Nate was asking all sorts of questions, Reva realized that he was on to her.

Soon after, Nate disappeared, as did a ton of money from the Lewis account. Later, upon seeing Nate sneaking back into the house, Reva accused him of stealing the missing money from the Lewis account, but soon concluded that it was Jonathan who took it. Later, Josh returned home and Reva was forced to tell him all about Alfred and the money trap gone wrong. Later after a big confrontation, Jonathan finally admitted that Nate confessed to killing Marissa. Although she thought she'd convinced Jonathan to turn in Alfred and return the Lewis money, Reva was later disheartened to learn that the money was still missing and Nate was still at large.

Meanwhile, Josh learned from Frank that witnesses stated that Reva and Nate were becoming extremely close. Realizing Reva wasn't honest with him, Josh confronted her about her feelings and asked if she'd ever slept with Nate. Although she confessed to flirting and being incredibly attracted to Nate, Reva assured him that nothing sexual actually happened, though something might have if she hadn't learned who he was. Hurt that she'd been attracted to another man, Josh moved out for the night.

Meanwhile, Reva accidentally got her hands on the police report and learned that Nate had rented a speedboat. Realizing that he meant to kill Jonathan, Reva lured him to her house. When he arrived, Reva tried to convince him that Jonathan would give him the stolen money if he left town for good. Unfortunately, Reva got caught in her own lie and Nate turned violent. Just as things were about to get very bad for Reva, Nate collapsed, thanks to the drugged cocktail Reva had served him earlier. After threatening to kill Nate and claim it was self-defense, Reva left the room to call the police. When she came back, Nate was gone!

A little later, when Reva learned that Tammy had been on her way to see Reva, Reva realized that Tammy must have untied Nate! With Tammy missing, Reva figured out Tammy could be Nate's prisoner. Luckily, in the end Tammy was freed when Jonathan agreed to go with his father. On the speedboat, Jonathan was resigned to his fate, certain that he didn't deserve anything better than Nate, unaware the Reva lurked nearby, determined to change his mind. Reva then disabled Nate's boat to keep him from leaving with Jonathan. Unfortunately, Nate blamed Jonathan and angrily berated him.

Just then, Jonathan saw Reva's foot sticking out, and he stood up to his father. Concerned that Jonathan might actually kill Nate, Reva made her presence known and begged Jonathan to return home with her. Despite her pleas, Jonathan sided with his father and rushed at Reva, knocking her unconscious. Nate then turned on Jonathan for choosing to save Reva, and the two began to struggle. In a final showdown, Reva awakened and smacked Nate across the back with an oar just as he was about to kill Jonathan with the spear gun. Nate came after Jonathan one last time, but Jonathan managed to hit him in the head with the oar and Nate fell into the water.

A little later, while Reva was alone on the docks, Nate miraculously came out of the water and tried to kill her. Thankfully, Josh arrived just in time and threw him into the water, unaware that he'd thrown him into the boat propeller.

After the ordeal, Reva suspected that Josh was staying with her out of obligation rather than love, and pushed him away by telling him that he was boring and she needed a break. Distanced from Josh as well as Cassie, Reva found someone she could help when Billy unexpectedly fell off the wagon. Taking Billy home, Reva seemingly talked him into going to an AA meeting. Unfortunately, Billy never went to a meeting and continued drinking.

Finding it strange that Bill left Olivia the same night Billy fell off the wagon, Reva suspected that Olivia had something to do with it. After a tense conversation with Olivia, Reva seemed to connect again with Josh, until she got a panicked call from Billy, who was ready to get drunk. Reva made an excuse to leave, and stayed with Billy to help him get through the night. Meanwhile, with Olivia working at Lewis, Josh renewed his close friendship with her.

Noticing the closeness between Josh and Olivia, in 2006, Reva went to Josh and opened up to him about their marriage. The emotional outpouring led to them making love. Later, Reva confessed to Buzz that she regretted it because she wasn't sure if she wanted to reconcile with Josh, since she was afraid he'd want her to settle and become something she wasn't.

Weeks later, Billy pointed out to Reva that if she wanted to get Josh away from Olivia, all she had to do was tell him that Olivia was the one who pushed Billy off the wagon. However, Reva refused to stoop to Olivia's level. Afterwards, Reva reconsidered and went with Billy to tell Josh the truth. Unfortunately, by that time Olivia had already told her version of events. Fed up with the anti-Olivia brigade, Josh told the two of them to mind their own business since it just sounded like they were attacking Olivia.

Meanwhile, Billy was still struggling to regain his sobriety and one day slipped off the wagon and called Reva. The pair ended up sharing a kiss, but when Reva asked Billy if he was trying to resurrect their past, he laughed it off. However, he also told her that it would be a mistake to reunite with Josh. Afterwards, Reva, with some convincing from Jonathan and Billy, decided to accept her high school's invitation to speak in front of the teenage girls. So she went with Billy and worked on her speech in the car.

On the ride home, Reva admitted to Billy that she'd done some thinking and realized that she belonged with Josh. It was destiny. Just as Reva caught a glance at a half-empty bourbon bottle and realized that Billy had been drinking, their car hit another one head on! At the same time Josh, who'd gone to see Reva to provide support, came along. Josh managed to get Reva out and administered mouth-to-mouth. Later, at the hospital, Reva regained consciousness, and Josh urged Billy to confess that he was drinking when they got into their accident.

Billy, however, made a confession of another kind, and told Reva he'd like her to give them another chance. Touched, Reva gently let Billy down, insisting that Josh was her destiny, but Billy refused to give up. Later, as Reva was getting ready to leave the hospital, Josh suggested they get her a room next to his at the Beacon. Reva bristled that Josh always thought he had to take care of her, but eventually agreed. That same day, Reva learned that Billy had confessed to the police that he was driving under the influence and was placed under arrest.

After Reva begged a reluctant Josh to save his brother, Josh pointed out to Frank that there was no physical evidence pointing to Billy being drunk that night and he'd swear that Billy was sober. Weeks later, Reva told Josh she wanted to move back home. When reminded that she shouldn't be alone, she informed him that Billy would be moving in with her. Balking at that, Josh decided they were going to need someone to watch over both of them, and volunteered to move back also.

Later, they were prepared to go ahead with the divorce when a series of events, such as Reva ending up in a fountain with Josh, their song playing, and the word "Always" chalked on the sidewalk gave them pause-until they saw a wedding bouquet identical to their own. Realizing that one coincidence was fate, but a half-dozen was a sister meddling, they called Cassie, who admitted to setting it all up. Josh and Reva agreed to go through with the divorce but at the signing, couldn't help remembering their marriage(s) -- the ups as well as the downs. But they signed the papers, nonetheless. Later that night, they met on the Lighthouse Observation Deck where they finally talked everything out and spontaneously "remarried." Realizing that they'd always belonged together, and always would, they tore up the divorce papers.

Afterwards, Josh went to Cross Creek while Reva went to Paris to visit Marah. Upon returning, Reva suddenly passed out at the airport. Reva chalked it up to jet lag and her not eating all day, but the doctor at Cedars wanted to be sure and prescribed some tests--including a mammogram. The results of the mammogram led to a biopsy. At the same time, Josh was very excited about a new project--building a state-of-the-art veterans' hospital that H.B. had wanted built in Tulsa, but H.B. had died before being able to build it..

Not wanting to worry Josh, Reva kept quiet about her biopsy. Unable to wait to get results by phone, Reva returned to the clinic, where she ran into Dr. Colin McCabe, an oncologist who was just about to call. He explained to Reva that she needed to have surgery so he could take a closer look at the mass in her breast and determine if it was cancerous. Rattled, Reva dismissed the doctor. However, McCabe pointed out that her health was her own responsibility and she'd shirked it by skipping out on mammograms. He abruptly announced that surgery was scheduled for the following morning.

Later, Reva lied to Josh and claimed that everything was fine. Afterwards, Reva learned the tumor was malignant. Numb, she returned home to an ecstatic Josh, who had a surprise for her--Cross Creek was theirs again! Later, Cross Creek would have to be transplanted to Springfield to make way for the veterans' hospital. Overwhelmed by his happiness, Reva decided to keep her news to herself.

The next day, Dr. McCabe kept calling Reva to discuss treatment, but Reva continually dismissed him. Finally, he announced if she wasn't going to follow his advice, he didn't want her as a patient. Put off by his bluntness, Reva went to see him. The doctor tried to talk to her about radiation therapy, but Reva, in denial about her condition, refused to listen. Soon after, on Mother's Day, Reva had a vision of her mother telling her to stop running away and face what was happening to her. From that point, on, Reva decided to fight her cancer. However, she still refused to destroy Josh's dream by telling him about it.

Reva continually, came up with excuses as to why she couldn't help Josh. Meanwhile, Reva got a shock when at Cedars she overheard a pregnant Lizzie tell her mother that Jonathan was the father of her baby! Reva wasted no time going to Jonathan and telling him he had to claim his child. However, Jonathan had serious doubts about the kind of father he'd be and was more than willing to let everyone think Coop Bradshaw was the father. Despite Reva's insistence that he needed to claim the child, Jonathan was set to walk away, since he was convinced he'd only ruin the child's life.

Reva set it up so Jonathan would be stuck in Lizzie's room at Cedars while she had her sonogram. That day, Jonathan ran into Reva and blasted her for trapping him with Lizzie. He then admitted that Lizzie was having a girl. Reva tried again to get him to claim his child, but Jonathan insisted that, because of his rotten childhood, he'd be a rotten father. Besides, it would ruin his relationship with Tammy. During the argument, Reva collapsed and Jonathan took her to Cedars after pocketing the stuff that had fallen out of her purse.

At the hospital, Jonathan dug through his pockets and found medication to counteract the symptoms of chemotherapy. Realizing his mother had cancer, he confronted her. Although Reva denied it at first, she admitted it was true. Later, Reva collapsed and was rushed to Cedars and refused to let them call Josh. She had them contact Jonathan. As she weakly lay there, Reva begged Jonathan to acknowledge Lizzie's baby before Lizzie married Coop. Thinking that Reva might never get the chance to meet her grandchild; he took off - but not before finding Billy in the hospital to fill him in on Reva's condition.

Billy immediately went to Reva and sincerely offered his help. He tried to convince her that Josh needed to know the truth, but Reva refused. Throughout the entire time, Reva kept making excuse after excuse-her favorite being Jonathan-about why she couldn't help Josh with the project. Though Josh suspected she was pulling away, she denied it, but she wouldn't tell him what was wrong. Then one day, while pleading with her to attend a luncheon meeting with him, Josh was upset to learn that Reva had plans with Billy.

In reality Reva needed to go to Minnesota for experimental treatment and lied that she was going to Minnesota for a story in the hopes of getting back into WSPR. She also planned on visiting Dylan, her father, and Marah. Put off by weeks of brush-offs, Josh finally exploded and branded Reva as selfish. He got even more upset when he learned she was going on her "whirlwind adventure" with Billy. Although his tirade clearly got to Reva, she wouldn't tell him the truth.

In Minnesota, after one exciting day in which she lived out her dreams and almost forgot she had cancer, Reva went under the knife. Soon after, Reva finally called Josh. However, it was clear he was still upset with her when he tersely asked if she was coming home. When she started to give an excuse as to why she couldn't, Josh bitterly ended the call. Soon after, Colin informed Billy and Reva that her test results weren't good-she had to return to the clinic to have a bone marrow transplant. Since Billy wasn't a match, he went against her wishes and called the one other person who knew about her condition-Jonathan.

Upon learning that Jonathan was a match, Reva refused to let him donate since he was allergic to anesthesia and she was unwilling to risk his life for hers. However, Jonathan was willing to take that risk and his marrow was harvested. Afterwards, Jonathan admitted that he finally felt like Reva's son - and his baby's father. Finally, Reva returned to Springfield. Although she was initially prepared to see Josh, at the last moment she couldn't go through with it because she didn't want him to see her sick.

Reva hid in the next room while Josh confronted Billy about where Reva was. When Billy refused to say, Josh told him to tell Reva that things had changed, and not just related to business. Reva snuck out the back door, and began to feel faint. Though Billy insisted she come inside and see Josh, she refused. Afterwards, Reva spied on Josh and, seeing him happy and flirtatious on the phone, she deduced that he was seeing someone. Reva quickly called Jonathan for some answers and speculated that the woman Josh was seeing was Olivia; Jonathan didn't confirm or deny it.

Later, that day, Colin arrived to deliver devastating news--her white cell count was lower than he thought it would be; she was losing her battle with cancer. Reva then decided she needed to find Josh and tell him everything. But when Reva went downtown, she found Josh in a flirtatious moment with none other than Cassie! Reva slipped away unnoticed and Billy bluntly told her that she was to blame for the situation, since she decided to keep her condition a secret for so long.

Later, Reva decided to visit her children in New York and at the airport came face-to-face with Josh. Speechless, all Josh could say was "It's you." At that point, Reva just waved and boarded a plane, without a word. Billy again tried to convince Reva to call or see Josh, but she refused. However, later she relented and blasted Josh for seeing Cassie. Josh defending himself by stating that he begged her to return to town and she continually refused. While Josh and Reva discussed getting a divorce, Reva suddenly collapsed, Josh had her rushed to Cedars, but she insisted nothing was wrong with her.

Meanwhile, Reva finally gave Josh his divorce. Wanting someone to take care of him while she was gone, Reva pushed Josh and Cassie to be together. Afterwards, Reva decided to end her life in a blaze of glory rather than in a hospital bed.

Reva asked Billy's help in helping her to plan her death. She wanted to go off a bridge like she did years earlier. At the same time, Reva was adamant that her cancer needed to be a secret forever, otherwise it could end Cassie and Josh's relationship. While Reva was going to plunge to her death, a heartbroken Billy found solace in the bottle again. When Josh and Cassie discovered Billy drinking, Josh called Reva to help Billy. Although she was all set to take the plunge, Reva scrapped her plans for Billy's sake.

Suddenly, just as she was ready to drive Billy home, Reva collapsed on the floor. Billy got her to Cedars, where Rick demanded to know what was wrong with Reva. While Billy struggled with his secret, Lillian found the cancer medication on Reva. Billy then finally revealed that Reva had cancer. Billy then called Josh and told him to go to the hospital. Billy finally told him the entire truth about Reva's condition.

As she lay dying, Billy told her that he had visited AA, and assured her that everyone was going to be all right when she was gone. Josh overheard and railed at Billy for talking about Reva's death, since he felt she should fight to stay alive. Josh wasn't ready to let Reva go and became angry when Reva told him she had intended to drive off the bridge to her death. Josh insisted that Reva had to fight to stay alive, but ultimately was forced to face the inevitable and after she said all her goodbyes, Reva flatlined. Then as Billy and Cassie were leading an emotional Josh out of the room, Josh heard a breath. By a miracle, Reva came back!

Soon after, the family was elated to learn from Rick that Reva was cancer-free. Apparently the bone marrow transplant had worked; it just took a while for her immune system to kick in because she was so weak. Although it was too soon to call it "remission"-one would need to be cancer-free for five years to call it that-Reva seemed fine. After being told she would need to be continually monitored, Reva was released from the hospital. In the meantime, Josh seemed content to stay with Cassie. Though Marah arrived around Thanksgiving to try to convince her parents to get back together, both Reva and Josh didn't think their relationship could be salvaged this time.

2007 would be a year filled with tragedy and joy. When Reva confessed to Josh that she found another lump in her breast, Josh took Reva to her doctor's appointment and they were elated to learn that the lump was benign. Their happiness led to an impulsive kiss. Unfortunately, their happiness was marred by the news that Tammy was in critical condition after being struck by a car headed for Jonathan, thanks to a hit put out by Alan. Sadly, Tammy died mere days later. That night, Jonathan sneaked into the Spaulding mansion with Alan inside and set it on fire. He was in the act by Reva quickly caught him in the act, and, instead of stopping him, threw more things into the fire.

Soon, Jonathan crumbled, feeling like he was nothing without Tammy, but Reva pleaded with him to believe in his daughter. Jonathan then put out the fire for Sarah-not to save Alan. With Sarah, Jonathan got into his car and started following Alan's limo menacingly, the limo driver struggled to lose him, but Jonathan stayed on his tail. They drove through the countryside until the limo managed to swerve away from him.

At that point, Jonathan went off the road and over a cliff, where his car plummeted and exploded on impact with Alan and Reva as witnesses. That same night, who else but Jonathan and Sarah would show up at Reva's door? Jonathan revealed that it was the only way to get Alan off his back forever. After bidding adieu to Reva and thanking her for all the love she gave him, Jonathan left Springfield with his daughter.

Meanwhile, a disturbed Cassie kept harassing Alan, blaming him for her daughter's death. When Alan was shot at his wedding to Doris Wolfe, Cassie became a suspect, since she publicly confronted him. As if all this weren't enough, Reva clashed with Harley over Susan-who was going by the name Daisy. Unbeknownst to Harley, Daisy had been visiting Reva in Springfield for weeks, and she and Reva seemed to have a stronger understanding of each other than Harley and Daisy. In the meantime, Josh shocked Billy and Reva by announcing that he and Cassie were engaged. Though she gave Josh her blessing, Reva was upset.

Meanwhile, Daisy asked Reva to move with her. Before a surprised Reva could say anything, an upset Harley showed up and forced Daisy back home after telling Reva to let her handle Daisy. She later accused Reva of using Daisy to fill a void in her life. When the police investigation in Alan's shooting started pointing in Cassie's direction, Josh confessed to the crime. Though Reva tried to convince him that he could be locked up for a very long time, Josh was adamant about keeping Cassie out of prison. Weeks later, Josh took a deal and pleaded guilty to self-defense and received a two-year sentence in a minimum-security prison.

Unfortunately, Josh's story about shooting Alan in self-defense was soon disputed when it was determined that Alan was shot from seven feet away. Suddenly, Josh was facing up to at least ten years in jail. .While Reva was at the Spauldings' looking for the gun that Lizzie claimed she found, Josh was preparing for his trial. At the courthouse, the ADA warned Josh that Doris Wolfe was desperate for a conviction, and if Josh were exonerated, suspicion would immediately fall on Cassie.

Josh ultimately was sentenced to at least fifteen years in prison. Several days later, Alan finally emerged from his coma but claimed to not know who his shooter was. Prison was taking a toll on Josh, especially since Vinnie Salerno was having him attacked at every opportunity out of retaliation for Reva having put Vinnie away. An anguished Josh continued to be beaten by Salerno's thugs. Finally, the only solution that anyone could come up with was for Josh to be placed in solitary confinement.

Afterwards, Reva visited Josh one last time before he was to be sent to solitary confinement. To ease his pain, Reva smuggled in a bottle of whiskey and the two proceeded to get drunk. There, Reva proceeded to seduce Josh. Though he tried to fight her, Reva insisted that he needed contact and she kissed him, and they ultimately made love. Josh immediately regretted it and told Reva that it could never happen again, since he was committed to Cassie. Days later, a guilt-ridden Ashlee Wolfe confessed to the shooting, and Josh was finally exonerated. Josh met with Reva to tell her that Cassie must never know what happened between them at the prison. Reva agreed, but then confessed her love for Josh. Though he admitted that he would always love her, Josh stated that she had hurt him too many times and he was committed to Cassie.

Meanwhile, Cassie all but accused Reva of going after Josh, Reva admitted that she confessed her love to Josh at their last visit and told him she wanted him back. Meanwhile, Cassie was obsessed with Beth's unborn baby-specifically that Alan was trying to take the child away from its real father. Fearing that Alan was going to rig a DNA test to make certain he was named the baby's father, Cassie enlisted Jeffrey's help.

Jeffrey quickly found the technician, whom Alan had bribed, and an impartial test was conducted that named Rick as the father. Later, Reva happen to find a Cedars lab access card that fell out of Cassie's purse. After some investigation, it didn't take long to figure out that Cassie had rigged the DNA test. Alan was the baby's father. Reva confronted an unapologetic Cassie who convinced Reva to keep quiet by pointing out that the baby would be much better off with Rick as a father. Meanwhile, Reva was rocked when Josh asked Cassie to marry him.

From that point, Reva was set to cause trouble and fight for Josh, but a call from Jonathan stopped her. Apparently Sarah was ill. After secretly getting some information at Cedars, Reva came across a drunken Lizzie. Hearing Lizzie talk about how much she missed Sarah touched Reva ,and she was about to reveal the truth until she stopped herself for fear of Alan. Suddenly, Reva chloroformed Lizzie and brought her to a mysterious boat.

A few days later Lizzie returned from her little excursion with no memory of what happened. Upon learning that the last thing Lizzie remembered was talking to Reva, Alan went to Jeffrey with the accusation that Reva had drugged and kidnapped Lizzie. When Alan mentioned a tattoo that Lizzie had mysteriously gotten, Jeffrey suddenly remembered that he saw Reva with a tattoo recently. Jeffrey took Alan and Lizzie and confronted Reva who lied that she and Lizzie went on a wild bender in order to get over the pain of Jonathan and Sarah's deaths. Having no memory of the weekend, Lizzie believed Reva. Though he told Alan that he had no case, Jeffrey later confronted Reva and asked why she lied. However, Reva stuck to her story.

Meanwhile, Alan was suspicious of Reva's story and had her arrested as she was ready to fly out of town. At the police station, Jeffrey demanded that Reva tell him the truth, but she stuck to her story about it simply being a wild weekend. After Lizzie mentioned that her tattoo hurt at the bone, Jeffrey had a revelation and confronted Reva with his suspicion: Jonathan and Sarah were actually alive. Reva tearfully admitted that Jonathan was forced to fake their deaths in order to keep Sarah away from Alan. However, Sarah had gotten sick; she needed a bone marrow transplant to treat her anemia.

Reva admitted that she kidnapped Lizzie-the tattoos were to hide the surgical incision-and Sarah made a full recovery. Reva pleaded with Jeffrey to keep the secret. Meanwhile, Reva promised Cassie that she would destroy the incriminating tape. Unfortunately, Josh walked in on Reva burning the DVD, and despite her efforts put out the fire, Josh, wondering what was up, salvaged the DVD and stormed out with Reva following. Unfortunately, Olivia interrupted and Josh wound up watching the tape.

Olivia was becoming increasingly jealous of the time Jeffrey was spending with Reva. To make Olivia jealous, Reva planted a kiss on Jeffrey at dinner. Soon things heated up and the pair wound up making love that night. At that point, their relationship went to a whole new level. Her rivalry with Olivia was also amped up when Reva realized that Olivia helped to set up her daughter, Ava's, mugging as a way to secure Jeffrey's attention. Jeffrey overheard their conversation and told Olivia he wanted nothing more to do with her.

In the meantime, Olivia knew that Reva was under suspicion for having kidnapped Lizzie and broke into Cross Creek to look for incriminating evidence. She stumbled upon a DVD marked "J" and assumed it was about Jeffrey. When she slipped it in, she was surprised to see baby Sarah instead, alive and well. Olivia informed Reva that she knew that Jonathan had faked his and Sarah's deaths and threatened to expose the truth unless Reva backed off Jeffrey. Finally, Reva called Olivia's bluff, since she was certain Olivia would not put an innocent child at risk.

Just as Reva dared Olivia to reveal the truth, Lizzie happened by. Olivia immediately called her over and began making veiled references to mothers putting their children in danger for the sake of their love lives. Suddenly, Reva surrendered and Olivia won the war. Or so she thought. Reva quickly arranged to pick up Emma from her babysitter and called Olivia to tell her that she had Olivia's daughter. Meanwhile, that same day was Josh's wedding to Cassie-a day that Reva was dreading. Though she promised she would come to the ceremony, the sight of Josh and Cassie exchanging vows became too much for her and she rushed out of the church and walked right into the path of Olivia's car.

Later, Reva opened her eyes while a regretful Olivia was standing over her, and revealed that she walked in front of the car on purpose. Reva had leverage over Olivia since her testimony could send Olivia to jail or exonerate her. She also made it clear that her "hazy memory" could come back at any time. Later, Olivia was arrested for attempted murder and Reva stepped up and confirmed that it was indeed an accident.

After Reva's testimony, Jeffrey took her home and he told her that it would be okay if she wanted to find Josh. However, Reva realized that it was Jeffrey that she needed and the pair made passionate love. Soon after, Olivia spitefully evicted Jeffrey from the Beacon and Jeffrey reluctantly accepted Reva's offer to move in with her. The day he moved in, Olivia confessed to Jeffrey about her blackmail and revealed to Reva that she never intended to tell Alan the truth about Sarah and Jonathan. Meanwhile, Josh and Cassie went to the courthouse and made their marriage official. Or so they thought. Apparently, Josh and Reva's divorce papers were not filed properly and they were still married.

In the meantime, Alan was making a nuisance of himself. The day after he had Daisy arrested in order to keep Gus from renewing his vows with Harley, he went to Reva's and pointedly informed her that he was going to California. Reva followed him to warn Jonathan. Apparently the man who called Alan was the sheriff of Tourmaline, who was not happy that Jonathan was dating his daughter. When Jonathan discovered what an abusive father the sheriff was, Jonathan beat him with a shovel and thought he killed him. It turned out that he wasn't dead and, when Reva arrives to cover things up, the sheriff tried to kill her.

Luckily, Alan arrived just in time and shot the sheriff dead. Back at home, Cassie and Jeffrey both discovered that both Alan and Reva were out of town. They became concerned that Alan had done something to Reva and launched an investigation. When Alan returned home, Cassie pulled a gun on him and demanded to know what he did to her sister. At that point, Reva stepped out of the villa and the pair informed a skeptical Jeffrey and Cassie that they had ironed out their differences and called a truce. Unfortunately, Jeffrey was convinced that Alan was pressuring Reva and began investigating what they were hiding.

Later, as Reva was ready to confess all to Jeffrey, Daisy interrupted and made her own confession: she was pregnant. Reva urged Daisy to tell her mother, but Daisy insisted that no one else know. Meanwhile, Jeffrey found a clipping from Tourmaline after he learned that Alan's jet had landed in Northern California. Suspicious, Jeffrey went to California to investigate. Later, Reva discovered that Alan bugged her phone, and she decided to free herself from Alan by confessing to the police. However, before she was able to, Daisy interrupted her again.

Jeffrey returned home and pointedly mentioned Tourmaline. At that point, Reva confessed the entire truth to Jeffrey. In order to save Reva, Jeffrey fed the authorities in CA with the suggestion that people the sheriff owed money to had killed him. Reva found Dylan at Cedars badgering a nurse as to why Daisy's name was on an appointment sheet. Seeing no other choice, Reva was forced to tell him that Daisy was pregnant.

Soon after, Daisy broke down in Reva's arms, admitting that she'd had an abortion. Throughout all of this, Harley was out of town and when she returned, Reva had the tough job of informing her and Buzz about Daisy. An upset Harley railed at Reva for not telling her sooner, and accused Reva of taking advantage and treating Daisy like her own daughter. The argument escalated, with Harley demanding that Reva stay out of Daisy's life.

In the meantime, Reva was upset to learn that Josh and Cassie were trying to have a baby. Realizing that he was only doing it to make Cassie happy, Reva accused him of sacrificing his own happiness for Cassie. However, that quickly became a moot point when Cassie decided to forgo fertilization for getting custody of her son, Will, again. Though Alonzo refused at first, that battle ended when he was thrown into an electrical gate and electrocuted.

When it became apparent that Will was having trouble adjusting to life in Springfield, Cassie agreed to bring his best friend, Edmund, in for a visit. Upon his arrival, Secretary of State pardoned Edmund, and he was a free man. Later, trying to gauge Jeffry's reaction, Reva told him her belief that Edmund was not over Cassie. Jeffrey assured her that Cassie was not his problem and playfully called Reva on testing him.

Weeks later, Reva was not happy to find Edmund in her house. Jeffrey explained that Josh asked him to get rid of Edmund, since he discovered the secret about Cassie and the paternity test. Jeffrey told Reva that Edmund was being transferred to a maximum-security compound called Peaceful Valley. When Reva wondered why Edmund would agree to that, Jeffrey informed her that he had no choice. It was that or be falselyexecuted for Alonzo's murder. Learning that Josh signed off on the plan, Reva rushed over to warn him that what he was doing was wrong and he would not be able to live with it.

Later that day, Jeffrey shocked Reva by admitting that he lied. There was no Peaceful Valley: Edmund would be executed. Conflicted, Reva went to Billy, who assured her that Edmund really did have to be stopped by any means necessary. Days later, Reva and Jeffrey attended Josh's ordination as minister. During the ceremony, Jeffrey and Reva both separately slipped out. The moment that Josh was ordained, all were shocked to see Edmund fall from the balcony at his feet. Edmund was rushed to Cedars, alive but comatose. Later, Josh invited Reva to his place for Christmas and shocked her with his suspicion that Will pushed Edmund.

The next day, Will ran into Reva and told her that Josh needed her. Reva went to St. Mark's to see Josh After assuring him that he could talk to her about anything, the two reminisced about raising their children. When they walked in, Cassie and Will witnessed Reva and Josh's easy chemistry. Later, on Christmas Eve, Josh and R.J. did some last-minute shopping at the mall and unexpectedly ran into Reva, who was shopping for Marah and Shayne. It was suggested that they shop together. Soon, the group found themselves locked in the mall when the power went out. Trapped for hours, Josh and Reva bonded over old memories, leaving Cassie alone with Will. Luckily, Josh and R.J. got out in time for Josh to read the Christmas Story at St. Mark's, which seemed to surprise Will.

In early 2008, Jeffrey decided to return to the DA's office, and a jubilant Reva blurted out that she loved him. That same day, the police got an anonymous tip about Reva being involved in Edmund's fall. Looking through Reva's things, Mallet found Edmund's buttons in her purse. Reva was brought in for questioning and afterwards she and Josh suspected that Will had set her up. Jeffrey, however, unexpectedly hurt Reva by assuming that she was guilty. Later, Josh and Reva confronted Will at St. Mark's and got him to confess to pushing Edmund. Jeffrey took the boy to the police station where Cassie lashed out at Reva.

Meanwhile, the anniversary of Jonathan and Sarah's "death" was coming up and Lizzie suggested that Reva come to the memorial for Sarah. Reva declined and later called Jonathan telling him how hard Lizzie was taking the loss of her daughter. Jonathan suggested that he come home, but Reva strenuously warned him to stay away to protect Sarah from Alan. Of course, Jonathan didn't listen, and when someone began harassing Alan, Reva, correctly suspected that it was Jonathan.

Certain that Jonathan was in town, Reva went looking for him and found him and Sarah at the Bauer cabin. Reva suggested to Jonathan it might be time to tell Lizzie the truth, but Jonathan felt that he couldn't take the risk. While Jonathan was visiting Tammy's grave, Reva took Sarah inside St. Mark's. Josh walked in and instantly realized that the baby was Sarah. Reva was forced to admit the truth and Josh agreed to keep her secret. However, Jonathan's secret was revealed when he came out of hiding to save Lizzie from being struck by a car.

Meanwhile, though the truth about Will was out, Cassie was dragging her feet about getting the boy the help that he needed, despite Reva and Josh's attempts to convince her otherwise, Soon after, the town of Springfield congregated for the baptism of Beth's baby. Suddenly, an angry Alan arrived and ended up brandishing a gun. Alan held the gun to Jonathan's head and stated that he had nothing to lose. To save Jonathan, Reva told him that Beth's baby was his. When Alan accused Reva of lying, Josh stepped up and confirmed it. In short order, Beth presented the baby to Alan, and Cassie lashed out at Reva and Josh for telling the truth, and accused them of working as a team to ambush her. The same day, the parish council suspended Josh as they considered his competency as a pastor.

While Josh was set to throw his collar away, Reva urged him to fight to keep his dream. Josh took Reva's words to heart and argued for his reinstatement, which was granted. Later, after Will vandalized Reva's cabin, Jeffrey had charges brought up against Will and the boy was finally sent to juvenile detention. Unable to deal with that, Cassie arranged frequent unauthorized visits. One day, Reva saw Cassie with Will and blasted Cassie. While arguing, Reva grabbed her sister, and Will leapt to her defense. Will lost it and Reva learned that it was Cassie who helped to damage Cross Creek. But Cassie had no apologies, instead accusing Reva of trying to win Josh back all along. At the same time, Reva was distressed to read a goodbye letter from Jonathan, who had left town with Sarah.

Depressed, Reva went to the farm and, after some talk with Cassie, Josh took Reva home, where they both commiserated over their lives over a bottle of scotch. Suddenly, the pair became woozy and passed out together on the couch. Soon after, Cassie burst in and angrily confronted the pair. When Cassie left, Josh and Reva tried to piece together what had happened, because they couldn't figure out how they passed out since they didn't drink that much. The next day, Reva told Josh she found the batteries to her carbon monoxide alarm in a plant and she and Josh realized that Will must have snuck into the house and tried to kill them. At the same time, Will said as much to Cassie and, though she initially responded by fleeing town with Will, she ultimately turned the boy over to the police.

Days later, Reva came across Olivia in tears and was shocked to learn that Olivia was dying from a weak heart. Reva knew exactly what it was like to be at death's door, and asked Jeffrey to befriend Olivia. Soon after, a bittersweet miracle happened. Olivia got a new heart after Gus was died from a motorcycle accident. Days later, Reva was amused to learn that before she was rushed to the hospital, Jeffrey fulfilled Olivia's dying wish--to get married. Not long after, Gus Aitoro was killed in a tragic accident and his heart was given to Olivia. Olivia was devastated when she heard the news, which she learned from Reva.

Reva found Jeffrey's new marriage very amusing and supported his decision to have Olivia move into Cross Creek when she was released so they could take care of her. Afterwards, Reva went out of town and by the time she came back, weeks later, Olivia and Jeffrey had divorced and Olivia later moved out. Soon after, Hawk paid a surprise visit to Reva. Hawk explained that while taking tourists on fishing tours, he often told them stories about her..Apparently, one person was a movie producer ,who offered Hawk a chunk of money for the rights to Reva's life story. Although Reva was overwhelmed at the thought, Hawk introduced her to the producer, Carson, and they convinced Reva to sign off on it.

When Reva told Josh about the movie, he immediately balked at the idea, concerned at how he'd come off in the movie. Despite his protests, Reva decided to go ahead with the movie, which Carson decided should deal with her and Josh's love story. The script was quickly written and though Reva worried when Jeffrey read the script, he assured her that he liked it. Unfortunately, the filming of Always at the cabin was disruptive, so Reva and Jeffrey moved into a hotel temporarily. Not long after, Jeffrey was shot by Gus's teenage son, Rafe, but fortunately recovered. During his recovery, Reva told Jeffrey that she wanted to marry him.

At about the same time, Reva was shocked to learn that the movie people wanted to change the movie's ending. They wanted Always to end with a Josh and Reva reconciliation. Reva considered backing out on the movie, since she was with Jeffrey and didn't want to hurt Jeffrey. However, Hawk convinced her to go with the changed ending, arguing that if she didn't approve it, the movie people would air the movie, anyway, and change all the names. In the meantime, Harley suddenly left town, leaving Daisy in the care of the Coopers and Reva. Unfortunately, it was at that time that Daisy's old boyfriend, Grady, arrived. Grady was none other than the man who ran down Tammy while gunning for Jonathan the previous year.??

Unfortunately, Daisy felt a strange connection to Grady and let him hide out at Reva's storage garage and gave him money that she stole from Company. After Grady was apprehended, Daisy confessed to Reva that she'd been hiding Grady. Though Daisy defended Grady to her family, no one would listen and they all tried to warn Daisy that he was a dangerous man. When Grady was let out on bail, Daisy defied her family constantly by sneaking out to see him. When Reva tried to convince Daisy that Grady was trouble, Daisy compared her love for Grady to Reva's love for Josh. Reva was desperate to protect Daisy from Grady and went to Alan to get him to confess to hiring Grady to kill Jonathan. Though he appeared convinced, Alan soon reconsidered making a statement.

Meanwhile, Cassie informed Reva that she cheated on Josh and asked her for advice but Reva simply told Cassie that she was on her own. Not long after, an already stressed-out Josh was shaken when he saw that the movie ended with Josh reuniting with Reva after Reva's cancer scare. Incredibly upset, Josh railed at Reva for how that would upset Cassie, and he tried to get Jeffrey to put a stop to the movie. Unfortunately for Josh, Jeffrey didn't try hard enough, and the movie went ahead as planned. Soon after, Josh confided in Reva about his feelings of anger of the past several weeks and, during the course of his rant, kissed Reva passionately.

In the meantime, desperate to get Grady away from Daisy, Reva eventually tried to have him arrested for drug possession and slipped Jeffrey's pain pills into Grady's bag. It didn't take long for Grady to figure out what had happened, and his older brother, Cyrus, confronted Reva, who gloated about what she'd done. Unfortunately, Cyrus had her confession on tape and used it to strong-arm Jeffrey into dropping the drug charges so that Grady could get out on bail. At the same time, filming on the movie was almost complete, Hawk confessed to Reva that his real motivation for the movie was his hope that she and Josh would reunite. Hawk explained that as he was getting older, he felt the need to make sure everything was in order. Touched, Reva assured her father that she was happy with her life with Jeffrey.

Afterwards, upon seeing their first wedding day recreated, Josh confessed to Reva that he and Cassie were ending their marriage. In addition, Josh finally admitted that he made a huge mistake in leaving Reva and declared his love for her. Shocked, Reva made it clear that it was too late for them and later asked Jeffrey to marry her right away. Soon after, Josh told Reva his intention to win her back. Though Reva tried to argue that she was happy with Jeffrey, she was clearly rattled. Despite Josh's attempts to woo her, Reva went ahead with her plans to marry Jeffrey. Before the ceremony, Reva was disheartened to find a mass on her breast. Suspecting her cancer had returned, Reva had a biopsy.

That same day, Reva said goodbye to her father. When Hawk remained skeptical as to why Reva didn't want to go back to Josh, since she always had before, Reva eloquently spoke about how Josh made her feel safe but ever since she battled cancer she felt strong enough and didn't need anyone to make her feel safe. Reva was able to convince Hawk that she sincerely wanted to marry Jeffrey and he gave her his blessing. Soon after, Jeffrey decided that he wanted to marry Reva immediately and, with help from the Coopers, threw together an impromptu wedding.

The day of the wedding, Reva decided not to repeat past mistakes and told Jeffrey about the possibility of her cancer returning. Jeffrey was amazingly supportive and insisted that he still wanted to marry Reva that day. Later, Reva was horrified to see Jeffrey and Josh in a brawl. Reva broke up the fight and then told Josh about her possible cancer recurrence. Finally realizing that he'd truly lost Reva, Josh decided to leave town for a while to visit Shayne. After Josh left, Reva married Jeffrey with the Coopers in attendance.

The next day, Reva and Jeffrey went to Cedars to learn the results of the biopsy. Anxious, Reva left Cedars and went to Company to distract herself. Before she could have a drink at Company, Jeffrey arrived and led her outside where he delivered surprising news---she was pregnant. Shocked, Reva and Jeffrey returned to Cedars where they learned that Reva hadn't completed menopause and, more importantly, her cancer medicine also acted as a fertility drug. The main problem was that Reva had to go off the cancer medicine during her pregnancy, which could lead to a relapse.

Reva confided in Billy who believed that the risk to Reva was too great. Plus, he reminded her that if she died, Jeffrey would have to raise the baby alone. Ultimately, they both opted to have the baby despite the risk. As the weeks went by, a highly emotional Reva had to deal with her own concerns about how the pregnancy would change her life.

At the same time, Cassie suddenly announced that she was moving to Hawaii. Though Reva strenuously urged her to stay, both Jeffrey and Josh supported her decision. Meanwhile, although Jeffrey considered refusing a job offer from the President-elect, Reva insisted that he leave for Washington to discuss it. However, Jeffrey worried about Reva being alone and insisted that she stay at the Beacon. Unfortunately, Reva ended up across the hall from Josh, and his presence grated on her nerves. Deciding that Josh needed someone, Reva randomly set him up with Blake. Later, Reva moved back home and almost collapsed. Josh discovered her and called Jeffrey.

At Cedars, Jeffrey and Reva learned that Reva had leukemia. When the doctor told them to terminate the pregnancy, the two went to Colin for a second opinion and Colin informed them that Reva's chemotherapy would not harm the baby. Weeks later, Reva was in for another shock---Shayne was in Springfield. Even more shocking was the knowledge that he was injured while clearing a land mine and was in a wheelchair. Though both Josh and Reva tried to get Shayne to discuss what happened, he refused to talk about it. In fact, he seemed emotionally closed off.

Later, the doctors informed Jeffrey and Reva that the damage to Shayne's legs was made worse by a previous spinal injury. Realizing that was the car accident from years prior, Reva urged Josh not to blame himself. Later, Josh told Reva that Shayne's organization was shipping Shayne out again. However, both felt that Shayne was not ready. Knowing that concern for Shayne was causing Reva stress, Jeffrey blocked him from leaving the country. At year's end, Reva asked Shayne to be her baby's godfather.Shayne's condition improved physically but emotionally he was still tortured. The only person who Shayne connected with at all was Dinah.

In 2009, Reva began recording videotapes for her unborn child in the event that she did not survive. However, so as not to upset Jeffrey, Reva kept it a secret. Meanwhile, Shayne got arrested. Since he was not allowed visitors, Reva got herself arrested for disturbing the peace in order to see him. At the same time, in order to help Shayne, Jeffrey tried to locate Shayne's girlfriend, Lara. When Shayne found out, he freaked out and later admitted that Lara was killed in a land mine. Though Shayne wouldn't divulge details, Josh assumed that she was killed in the same explosion that injured Shayne. Desperate to give Shayne closure, Josh and Reva planned an impromptu memorial service. Despite Dinah's instance that it was a horrible idea, Reva went ahead with the service. The family was shocked when Edmund showed up at the service and announced that he was Lara's father. According to Edmund, Lara came to Edmund while he was in the hospital and confessed that she was his daughter from an affair with a servant girl.

Seemingly changed over the death of the daughter he barely knew, Edmund reached out to Shayne out of friendship and, despite everyone's warnings, Shayne reciprocated. When Dinah tried to prevent Shayne's first meeting with Edmund, Reva tricked her into going to the Bauer cabin and then convinced Dinah that they were trapped. When a furious Dinah objected, Reva fought back and told Dinah that worried about Shayne's friendship with Dinah since Reva feared she was dangerous. Meanwhile, Edmund came up with the idea that a hospital be built in Lara's honor. Shayne, who had begun working at Lewis Construction, agreed. As the weeks went by, Shayne seemed to find purpose, not only in his work with Edmund but also his friendship with Dinah.

Weeks later, Jeffrey discovered Reva's videos and accused her of giving up. Reva had just had her last chemo session and Jeffrey felt that she had to remain positive that she would survive. As the days went by, Reva prepared for the worst while Jeffrey did not even want to acknowledge the fact that Reva might die. Meanwhile, Colin informed Reva and Jeffrey that the chemo was unsuccessful and they needed to bombard Reva with a massive dose of radiation. However, her baby had to be delivered immediately by C-section before they could begin. Though Reva was almost to term, it would still be a premature birth and Colin could not guarantee that the baby would be developed enough. When Reva refused to deliver the baby early, despite the risks to her own health, Jeffrey used the power of attorney that he'd gotten from her and obtained a court order to force the delivery. Reva took it to court. During the trial, Jeffrey and Reva finally understood their positions and came to a compromise—they'd chart her progress and the baby's progress.

Weeks later, Edmund visited Reva to apologize for all of the pain he'd caused over the years. During their discussion, Reva started to go into labor and was rushed to Cedars. She gave birth to a son whom she named Colin. Immediately after giving birth, Reva underwent radiation treatments. Soon after, Shayne visited his mother and finally admitted that Lara died after he failed to deactivate a minefield. Not only that, but a distraught Shayne had tried to kill himself by going after her. He also admitted that he attempted suicide in Springfield but Dinah stopped him. Despite everyone's warnings, Shayne told Edmund about the circumstances of Lara's death. Luckily, Jeffrey had installed a webcam for Reva so that she could see Jeffrey and Colin at home. That webcam made it possible to see that Edmund was at her house. Despite being weak from the radiation, Reva went to the cabin just as Edmund was about to run off with her baby. During the confrontation, Reva was able to stab Edmund with her syringe. Moments later, Josh rushed in. To keep Jeffrey from taking his vengeance on Edmund, Josh and Reva agreed to keep what happened a secret. Instead of calling the police, Josh called Roc Hoover to take care of Edmund. However, days later, Reva would ultimately tell Jeffrey the truth.

A few weeks later, Reva was finally released from the hospital and later pronounced cancer free. Meanwhile, Josh was convinced that Edmund was still a danger. Despite Jeffrey's assurances that everything was fine, Josh still saw danger everywhere—even overreacting when Reva got a package without a return address. Josh's behavior began annoying Jeffrey and he told Josh in no uncertain terms to back off from Reva. Convinced that Edmund was on the loose, Josh, with Shayne, went to Italy to find him after learning that a badly burned Edmund was in a hospital. However, Josh was vindicated when they discovered that it was Roc, and not Edmund, in the hospital bed.

Several days later, Edmund turned up in Springfield—dead. Though Reva told Mallet that she had not seen Edmund in town, Olivia told Jeffrey that she'd seen Reva and Edmund arguing. Confronted by Jeffrey, Reva admitted that she'd argued with Edmund and made a deal that if he left immediately and never returned, she wouldn't tell anyone that he had come back to town. Meanwhile, Christina Moore identified Reva's voice as the one she'd heard with Edmund on the day he died. When a videotape was seen Reva in the vicinity of where Edmund was killed, she was booked for his murder.

Weeks later, Reva was finally cleared of Edmund's murder. At the same time, Jeffrey mysteriously left town and Josh informed Reva that he set himself up for Edmund's murder and then left the country to find Edmund, who Jeffrey thought was still alive. Though a distraught Reva refused to believe that Jeffrey left town without telling her, Josh convinced her that he was telling the truth. Later, Reva got a text from Jeffrey saying: "Leave a light on for me. I'll be home soon. Jeffrey." While she did leave a lantern burning for Jeffrey, Reva was still frustrated and demanded that Josh, who'd been parked outside her house in case Edmund return, tell her where Jeffrey was. Josh admitted that he had no idea and told Reva that she had to trust Jeffrey. Several days later, Jeffrey finally called Reva to say goodbye—his airplane was going down. Later, the FAA confirmed that Jeffrey's plane did go down in Florida. At the same time, Dinah, who had gone with Jeffrey in pursuit of Edmund, returned alone and verified that Edmund was indeed alive. As for Jeffrey, Reva refused to believe that he was dead. When Reva told Josh her intention of searching for Jeffrey, he accompanied her. In Florida, the pair found the wreckage and a body that could have been Jeffrey's. Unfortunately, authorities decided that it was too risky to retrieve the body in order for it to be identified. Though she refused to believe it at first, Reva quickly realized that she had lost her husband.

Jeffrey's death was terribly hard on Reva who hysterically railed at him at his memorial service. In addition, she built a shrine to Jeffrey in her home and constantly talked to Jeffrey's pictures. Meanwhile, the Lewis family celebrated Shayne's wedding to Dinah. Unfortunately, things for Shayne would end tragically when Dinah suddenly skipped town. Almost immediately after, it was learned that she, was the one who killed the man believed to be Edmund. Jeffrey was exonerated and Shayne was left devastated. Meanwhile, Reva had a hard time struggling with daily life and on a few occasions called Josh for help. When Josh saw Reva walking around in the dress she married Jeffrey in, he gently told her that she had to start dealing with things herself.

Later, Reva was treated to a surprise visit from Jonathan and Sarah. After a talk with Jonathan, Reva decided that she needed to finally take down her shrine to Jeffrey. Reva also continued to keep Jonathan's presence in town a secret from Lizzie. Meanwhile, Billy informed Reva that he and Vanessa were getting married again and they wanted Reva to be matron of honor. There was more happy news when Shayne told his parents that the baby Marina adopted, Henry, was his son with Lara. Speaking of grandchildren, Jonathan realized that Alan was no longer a threat and announced that he and Sarah were staying in Springfield. A happy Reva was on hand when Jonathan finally reunited Lizzie with her daughter.

Soon after, Josh decided to go to Oklahoma to build a new wing of the HB Lewis Veterans' Hospital. Before he left, Josh told Reva that he loved her and wanted to be with her. Though Reva admitted that she loved him too, she wasn't ready to be with him. Josh told Reva that he would return to Springfield in one year. If Reva was ready to start over with him, he would be at the lighthouse waiting for her. Though Billy asked what Reva was going to do, she admitted that she didn't know. However, by the following year, Reva made her choice and, with Colin, met Josh at the lighthouse to start an exciting new chapter in her life.

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