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Joshua "Josh" Lewis
Who's Who in Springfield: Joshua Lewis | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Robert Newman (October 1, 1981 to December 1984, October 1986 to January 25, 1991; August 30, 1993 to September 18, 2009)


President of Lewis Construction

Former Pastor of St. Mark's

Former Owner of WSPR-TV

Former President, of Lewis Oil & Construction

Former manager for Floyd Parker

Former founder of "LTA" (Los Tres Amigos)


The Beacon

Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Cassie Winslow)

Past Marriages

Sonni Carrera (Divorced) (m. 1987; div. late 1988)

Reva Shayne (Divorced) (m. 14 Jul 89; div. Fall 95)

Annie Dutton (Divorced) (m. Mar 96; div. 1997)

Reva Shayne (Divorced) (m. 21 May 99; Nov 00)

Olivia Spencer (Divorced) (2 Jan 01; div. late 01)

Reva Shayne (Divorced) (m. 10 Jun 02; div. 14 Sep 07)

Cassie Winslow (Divorced) (m. 25 Sep 07; div. 11 Aug 08)


Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis I (Father; Deceased)

Martha Lewis (Mother; Deceased)

Patricia "Trish" Lewis (Sister)

Billy Lewis II (Half-Brother)

William Lewis (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis (Niece)

Dylan Lewis (Nephew)

Bill Lewis III (Nephew)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (Great-niece)

Henry Cooper Lewis (grandson)

Roger Joshua Winslow (former stepson)

William Richard Winslow (former stepson)

Colin O'Neill (stepson)


Marah Lewis (with Reva)

Shayne Lewis (with Reva)

Flings & Affairs

Marie Laval (kissed; deceased)

Reva Shayne (Lovers)

Lesley Ann Monroe (Lovers)

Nola Reardon (flirted with & one date)

Gracie Middleton (dated)

Morgan Richards (affair)

Lesley Ann Monroe (Lovers; deceased)

Carrie Todd Marler (affair)

Hillary Bauer (dated; deceased)

Reva Shayne Lewis (affair)

Harley Cooper (Engaged)

Tangie Hill (Lovers)

Dolly Lewis [Reva's Clone] (Engaged; deceased)

Olivia Spencer (Lovers)

Olivia Spencer (Dated)

Stephanie (dated)

Tess (dated)

Cassie Layne Winslow (engaged)

Reva Shayne (made love)

Crimes Committed

Assaulted a NAZI guard in Paris, France (via the time traveling incident of 2001) [August 1944]

In Paris, France, falsely arrested and imprisoned for espionage by NAZI General Krieger (During the time travel incident of 2001) [August 23, 1944]

Flirted with and kissed Marie Laval and then knocked her out to steal her keys and to escape from jail.(during the time travel incident of 2001) [August 1944]

Covered up an accident involving Maryanne Caruthers [October 17, 1977 to March 2004]

Stole tip money [1981]

Blackmailed Lesley Ann Monroe [early 1982]

Assaulted his father, H.B. [September 16, 1983]

Falsely accused of the murder of Will Jeffries [January 1989]

Threatened a man in Tulsa whom he and Josh thought believed had raped Reva years ago [August 31, 1989]

Assaulted Alan Spaulding (charges not pressed) [September 29, 1997]

consented to the illegal cloning of Reva Shayne Lewis [March 6, 1998]

Has never revealed to his children that Dolly Shayne was in fact an illegal clone of their mother, Reva [1998 to Present]

Accidentally caused the death of Dolly Shayne when he fumbled and was unable to retrieve the anti-aging serum that would save her life [August 1998]

broke into Teri DeMarco's apartment to get her fingerprints to prove that Teri was actually Annie Dutton [January 13, 1999]

Along with Jim Lemay, set off a bomb to provide a distraction in order to rescue Reva in San Cristobel. [August 27, 1999]

Falsely accused of bribing government official for the San Cristobel Harbor Project [2001]

Held in contempt of court and was jailed overnight [August 26, 2002]

Impersonated Frank Cooper to get into to see Reva at the police station [October 22, 2002]

Mailed Shayne's baseball contract with the pros without Shayne's consent [July 2003]

Partially responsible for Shayne's temporary paralysis, when his and Shayne's speeding cars collided. [September 12, 2003]

Obstruction of a police investigation by lying about the night of Carrie Caruther's murder [February 24, 2004 to March 2004]

Falsely confessed to murdering Carrie Caruthers [February 24, 2004 to March 2004]

Planted evidence to get his stepson, Jonathan Randall, arrested [November 3, 2004]

Bribed Jonathan to leave town [November 3, 2004]

Killed Alfred Randall in self-defense [August 15, 2005]

Snuck into Jeffrey O'Neill's room at the Beacon [December 9, 2005]

Hired hackers to break into CIA records to obtain classified information on Jeffrey [January 30, 2006]

Obstruction of evidence; pocketed evidence that showed that Billy's car crash may have been caused by him being DUI [February 23, 2006]

Obstruction of evidence; Tampered with the lock of his gun box to make it appear as if it'd been broken into [February 23, 2007]

Falsely confessed to shooting Alan [March 2007]

Convicted of Alan's attempted murder [March 30, 2007]

Kept quiet about the fact that Cassie tampered with Beth Raines's paternity test [June 2007 to Present]

Plotted for Edmund Winslow to be removed from his family's life [December 2007)

Helped Jeffrey fabricate evidence which would show that Jeffrey, not Reva, killed Edmund [June 16, 2009]

Brief Character History

Josh Lewis, the "black sheep" of the Lewis family, grew up in Tulsa where he had a tumultuous relationship with wild Reva Shayne, however the pair split when Josh went away to college in Berkeley. So, to get revenge on him, Reva married Josh's older brother, Billy. Upset because Billy married Reva, instead of him, Josh ended up dropping out of school and moving to Tenerife. When he returned to Tulsa, OK, he became involved with Lesley Ann Monroe, his father's nurse. Lesley though ended up being a set up by Andy Norris, his then brother-in-law, to steal money from Josh's bank account.

In October 1981, Josh arrived in Springfield to become Floyd Parker's manager for his budding rock music career. At the same time, he began managing the newly married Morgan Richards Nelson's modeling career. Josh not only dated Nola Reardon, and Gracie Middleton, but also flirted with Hillary Bauer (engaged to Derek Colby), Katie Parker (supposedly seriously seeing Tony Reardon), Jennifer Richards (not involved, but still reeling from the events earlier in 1981), Vanessa Chamberlain (who was involved with Ed; Vanessa just laughed him off). It soon became apparent to all that Josh was a "playboy" and "skirt chaser". Hillary became the most suspicious of Josh's motives. In the meantime, it was becoming apparent that Josh shared a secret with Floyd's girlfriend, Lesley Ann. Meanwhile, as the months went by, Josh became more of a pest. Josh's flirting with Hillary continued, making his older sister, Trish, angry at her brother that he was going after another man's fiancée. Josh's wandering eye also fell on his client, the married Morgan Richards Nelson. While working in New York as a model, Morgan was mugged one day and told Josh. JOsh was obviously very attracted to Morgan and took advantage of every opportunity to track her down and spend time with her in the city. He became her confidant, and agreed that she shouldn't tell her husband, Kelly, about the mugging. Afterwards, Morgan went to St. Crouix for a photo shot and Kelly followed. The two had a huge fighht and when Josh noticed that Kelly returned without Morgan, he put two and two together, and took the first flight to St. Croix.

Morgan welcomed a friendly face, and Josh tried to boost her spirits. Meanwhile, Kelly's friends convinced him that he had made a mistake by walking out without trying to work out their problems, so he flew back to St. Croix. When he arrived, he found out that Morgan and Josh had gone sailing.When Kelly found the pair together, he immediately assuemd that they'd slept together and beat Josh to a pulp. Horrified, Morgan separated from Kelly. With her marriage in shambles, Morgan began an affair with Josh. However, Morgan didn't want to give up on her marriage just yet and decided to end the affair. Afterwards, the Nelsons decided to work on their marriage by going on a second honeymoon to Tenerife. Unfortunately, while they were there, Josh made an anonymous phone call to the paparazzi, with an anonymous" tip" about where Morgan was staying. The paparazzi followed Morgan to Tenerife, which greatly upset Kelly and he cut their honeymoon short and went back to Springfield. Hurt and angry, Morgan again fell prey to Josh's charms and the pair resumed their affair.Not long after, Kelly asked Morgan for a divorce which she reluctantly granted. Though she and Josh moved in together, the relationship ended in 1983, when Morgan was too busy with her modeling career.

In the meantime, Josh was giving a lot of money to Floyd so he could pursue his rock star dreams and, in January 1982 he helped Floyd by getting him to sit in sessions (when not with his own group Sour Grapes) with some of the visiting rock and pop stars at "Wired for Sound." Meanwhile, Josh finally met Floyd's girlfriend, Lesley Ann who worked in Tulsa as a stripper and then as a hooker for her pimp, Andy, because she needed the money to get her through nursing school. Josh warned Lesley Ann that unless she came to his hotel suite, he was going to give Floyd an earful about her past. Although she was terrified, Lesley Ann agreed to meet with Josh. When he noticed how jumpy she was, Josh commented that she wasn't like that when he used to know her as Candy. Though Lesley Ann wanted to leave Springfield since she was afraid of hurting Floyd, Josh ordered her to stay because Floyd was hung up on her, and what made Floyd happy, made Josh happy. Josh warned Lesley Ann that since she had something to hide, he'd be calling the shots, unless she wanted him to tell Floyd the whole sordid story about her past as Candy.

Meanwhile, Josh decided to make a name for himself and to spite his family, he formed an oil company with Amanda and Ross called Los Tres Amigos (LTA). Meanwhile, Josh was still holding out hope that Morgan's marriage would crumble and started spurning Carrie's advances, wanting to put the affair in the past. However, weeks later, he finally caved in to Carrie's advances and fell into bed again only to be caught by Ross! The reason for Carrie's erratic behavior would become known when it was learned that she was suffering from multiple personality disorder. After Carrie left town for psychiatric treatment, Later, when an oil-rig accident that caused the death of 50 men, a shameful Josh resolved to change and apologized for ruining Morgan's marriage. Finally, in the fall, hating the pressure she was under from Josh, Lesley Ann told Floyd about her past and Floyd angrily turned on Josh and decked him! Josh promptly ended their business arrangement and Floyd's career took a sudden nosedive and he became poor yet again.

Later that year, Reva Shayne came to Springfield to inform Billy that their divorce was never finalized. In 1984, Reva and Josh rekindled their passion and a return to Cross Creek where they had made love for the first time. They planned to wed but before they could make it official, Josh learned from Anita, Reva's maid that Alan bribed her to come to town to break up Billy and Vanessa Chamberlain. H.B. was relieved when Josh bitterly called off the wedding. His father, H.B. was relieved at first, and decided to further drive Reva away from Josh by bribing Reva into marrying him. When Josh (who had gone to see Reva to patch things up) learned about the marriage, he was so disgusted that he went for a wild drive and crashed his car into a telephone pole that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He had surgery and was disheartened by the long road of physical therapy that lay ahead. While at a party at the Country Club, a drunken Phillip Spaulding was coming on to Reva. Josh thought the worst of Reva and accused her of making a play for another man. It was then, while he was wheelchair-bound, that he and Reva had the showdown to end all showdowns ... culminating in her stripping off her clothes, diving into a fountain, and baptizing herself "The slut of Springfield."

Later, after months of sexual tension, Reva climbed into Josh's bed when H.B. was not around and they made love. Later that night Billy found them and pulled her out of bed and forced Reva to leave town. Meanwhile, inspired by Bert Bauer, who was wheelchair-bound after losing her leg due to cancer, Josh was able to walk again after therapy and he tracked Reva down in Tulsa and begged her to run away with him. Just then they heard from Trish that a heartsick H.B. was in failing health. The lovers returned to Springfield and gave H.B. the will to live. Shortly after, Reva discovered she was pregnant with H.B.'s baby, so a heartbroken Josh sadly told her to take good care of his "daddy" and left to work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. While Josh was gone, Reva miscarried her baby and H.B. ultimately granted her a divorce.

In the fall 1986, an organization named Diamondhead tried to take over Lewis Oil by sabotaging its oil rigs in Venezuela and attempting to kill Josh. When Kurt Corday died in one of the attempts, Josh hid out at Cross Creek. Meanwhile, in Springfield, Reva ran away from her wedding to Kyle Sampson, and was hit by a car, that was actually trying to run down Josh, who had recently returned. Josh brought her to the hospital and later snuck into Reva's hospital room to check on her before he went to Cross Creek to hide. After Reva was released from the hospital she went to Cross Creek to think about her life, she met Josh and they reunited. n January 1987, Kyle tried to win Reva back but after a confrontation with Josh, he realized that Josh was the man Reva loved and after a tearful good-bye, Kyle left town and Reva became pregnant. Josh and Reva became engaged and months later, Reva gave birth to a baby girl named Marah, At the same time, Josh, having visited Venezuela, returned home, along with his old friend Will Jeffries. Sally suspected that Marah's father was really her son, Kyle, so she returned to fight for custody. Picking up on the tension surrounding Marah's birth, Will, altered the birth records to indicate that Josh was NOT Marah's daddy.

Josh eventually saw the records and told Reva they were finished. He also hastened to add that he had been married in Venezuela to a psychiatrist named Sonni Carrera. Sonni had since died in a hiking accident, having plunged to her death off a suspension bridge. Reva was angry that Josh had withheld this from her, but the attraction between them was so strong that in time they decided to make a go of their romance once again. But then Will discovered that Marah was actually Kyle's child. Reva suspected this but it was Will who finally told Josh the truth. Josh confronted Reva and told her they were finished. However, later during an argument, Josh told Reva all about Sonni. It was then that Sonni turned up alive to Josh's shock and after a bitter argument in the Country Club, Josh definitely left Reva and remarried Sonni out of duty.

Unfortunately, Will was not the friend Josh thought he was. Will hated Josh out of jealousy. It was actually Will who altered the birth records to indicate that Josh was not Marah's father. And it was also Will who brought Sonni to town although she was actually her evil twin sister Solita. Will and Solita were a couple and had plans to kill Josh and to get one million dollars from his life insurance. Meanwhile, Reva told Josh that she suspected Will and Sonni were carrying on an affair. in February 1988, Will unilaterally stepped up the plan and set Josh up to plummet to his death in icy waters in a malfunctioning Jeep. As Josh was under the hood of his Jeep, he asked Will to start the car. Will stepped on the gas forcing Josh right off the bridge. Reva and Alan had been ice-skating nearby. Reva saw Josh fall into the water and jumped into the freezing water and saved her love, then fought for her own life at Cedars, where she suffered cardiac arrest. When Reva recovered, she confronted Sonni, saying she intended to tell Josh about the affair that she'd photographed, but changed her mind when Sonni lost the baby during their heated argument. Since Will had thought that the baby was his, he confronted Solita while she pleaded with Will to call off his plot against Josh. They got into a struggle, and Sonni hit Will over the head in self-defense. Just as Sonni feared that prison was imminent, however, Will turned up alive and with amnesia! Late that year, Reva finally found the picture of Will and Sonni and showed it to Josh.

Together they went to Venezuela to investigate Sonni where they soon met up with Sonni and Will and figured out the criminal lovers' master plan. Thinking fast, Sonni tricked Will into telling the Venezuela police that Josh, not Sonni, had tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Josh and Reva made passionate love on the beach as Alan's photographer snapped pictures of them unnoticed. Josh was arrested for trying to kill Will, but as Will's memory slowly returned, Reva extracted an anguished confession from him and got it all on tape. Then Alan showed up to throw his usual monkey wrench into the proceedings by becoming Sonni's lover and co-conspirator. Then Alan showed up to throw his usual monkey wrench into the proceedings by becoming Sonni's lover and co-conspirator. Frantic that things were unspooling, Sonni fired a gun and Alan caught the bullet, which left him paralyzed. Meanwhile, in the last week of November 1988, the fully recovered Will kidnapped Reva and brought her to the same abandoned Carrera house that Sonni was holding Alan. Will then injected Alan with a needle, while Sonni knocked out Reva and prepared to inject her as well! Luckily for Alan and Reva, Josh discovered a hastily written note from Reva, about her suspicions about Will and Sonni and Josh called Rusty down to Venezuela and Rusty and Josh rescued Alan and Reva in the knick of time -- with Will disappearing and Sonni being arrested and sent back to Springfield to face a trial for her illegal schemes.

In 1989, Sonni stood trial for the still missing Will's attempted murder. When Sonni's inconsistent testimony left everyone baffled, Reva and Rusty investigated her in Venezuela and found her twin sister Solita's remains in a grave, at a monastery, Finally, Sonni remembered that, 15 years ago, when she was 17, she had an affair with Will, who was a priest named Giermo and the lover of her twin sister, Solita. Unfortunately, they were caught by Sonni's father who assumed that she was his scandalous daughter, Solita. Although Sonni ran off, Solita came home and was severely beaten for what her father thought she had done. Mortified, Solita committed suicide by hanging herself. Filled with overwhelming guilt, Sonni took Solita's persona and flew to Argentina and became a porn star. While Reva now comforted Sonni, Will secretly cut the bridge with a knife but Josh and Rusty saved them before they fell to their deaths. Back at home, Sonni finally unraveled and lost her "Solita" persona. She spent some time in an institution but made such a fine recovery and Josh definitely left her. He reunited with Reva and after doing a second paternity test, Josh definitely turned out as Marah father. Later, Will kidnapped Marah at Sonni's apartment by drugging Sonni with a coffee and framing her for the deed. He left Marah in the care of his mentally unbalanced mother, Anita Ybarra since he claimed her that Marah was his daughter. Will planned to play hero and "save" the child so that a grateful Josh would tell him Mindy's whereabouts! After Sonni convinced Josh of her innocence, Will was forced to release Marah. With Marah back home, Josh and Reva finally married in a beautiful wedding at Cross Creek.

By this time, Reva was pregnant again and she distanced herself from Josh. Josh sensed Reva's torment and became fearful for both her and their baby's health, so Reva finally confessed to Josh that she had given birth to a little boy when she was a teenager, lying that the child was the result of a rape. n the meantime, Reva was being blackmailed by the adoptive father, Mark Cody, of her first born son. So, Josh and Reva went to Tulsa, where Josh confronted Cody and a sniveling Cody told Josh that Dylan was Reva's son. Vanessa began to notice a resemblance between Billy and Dylan and she and Josh finally guessed that Billy was Dylan's father, and Josh bitterly confronted Reva who confirmed his suspicious. Josh forgave both Reva and Billy anyway. A car accident in February 1990 almost stopped Josh from attending the birth of his and Reva's baby at Cross Creek, but he arrived just in time to help deliver his son, Shayne. Soon afterwards, Reva started acting strangely, going on shopping sprees, flying halfway around the world without telling anyone and leaving Shayne unattended.

Finally, Ed diagnosed Reva with a gargantuan case of post-partum depression and gave her medication, but a paranoid Reva refused to take it. Her condition became worse, and she started getting promiscuous. Roger took provocative photos of her and tried to use them to blackmail her, but Billy stopped him. Josh decided a family vacation might be just what Reva needed, so the family headed to the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, Reva became paranoid that someone was following her and demanded that Dylan and Sam jump in her car. She stopped and forced Dylan out, then tore off with Sam. Sam realized that her life was in danger and jumped from the speeding car only moments before Reva drove through a barricade and off an unfinished bridge into the water below. Josh, who was searching for her, watched in horror as she drove off the bridge and into the water. While Sam temporarily became paralyzed, neither Josh nor the Coast Guard was able to find Reva and, despite her body being missing, she was presumed dead and buried. Later, after seeing a TV show about Italy, Sarah and Billy thought they had seen Reva in it, so Josh, along with Sarah and the kids, temporarily moved to Italy to search for Reva but she remained missing and was later declared dead.

Josh was devastated by the tragedy and retreated into his room and into himself. Unable to face the reality of losing Reva, Josh fired the children's nanny, Harley Cooper, for talking about Reva's death. However, he asked her to return for the sake of the kids. Soon Harley, with Sarah's approval decided to take matters into her own hands by throwing Reva's clothes out the window and setting them on fire. Josh was furious, and their confrontation led to a heated kiss, followed by lovemaking. Harley thought Josh had only made love to her because he thought she was Reva, so she moved out. Though Josh tried to convince Harley he loved her and wanted her to come back, Harley refused to believe him and ran off to NYC to help Mindy sell her fashion line. Josh tracked her down in January 1991 and they made love again. Harley was stunned when Josh surprised her in New York and proposed, and she agreed to be his wife. Josh and Harley planned to marry until Billy told Josh that he'd spotted Reva on a travel show about Italy. Sarah saw the same show and agreed it was Reva, but Josh refused to believe it. Billy had the shot of the woman on the video made into a photo and showed it to Harley at her bridal shower. She was even more hurt when she later saw Josh watching the supposed video of Reva over and over again. Josh left town to search for his presumed-dead wife. Josh decided he was moving to Italy to continue his search for Reva. He wrote a letter to break off his engagement with Harley, and Sarah and the kids joined him abroad.

In August 1993, Josh returned to Springfield to attend Dylan's wedding to Julie Camaletti. Over the years, he had been unsuccessful in finding Reva and realized that she was really dead. Though he wanted to reunite with Harley, at this punt, she Harley was engaged to A.C. Mallet and made it clear that it was too late for them. Though Josh avoided speaking about his life in Italy, Vanessa suspected that he had found a new love there and after everyone asked him to stay in Springfield, It turned out that Vanessa was right—Josh did have a secret romance in Italy. Around Halloween, Tangie showed up at the home Billy's, shocking Josh. Uncomfortable because he hadn't told any of his family about their relationship, Josh asked her to leave but Tangie was hesitant. Then Roger Thorpe showed up to confront Billy about a business venture, gone sour for Roger, Tangie recognized him and hid (confounding Josh) and then quickly exited. Josh was suspicious about Tangie's strange behavior and Mindy told him that a criminal named Ray was stalking her. After Fletcher recognized her from the TV-news, Tangie apologized to the Lewis family and confessed to Josh that she had once witnessed Ray murdering a man in a casino and had stolen his $500,000 in a cash bag. And after arriving in Springfield, she had buried the money on the beach but Bill had found and taken it. In addition, Tangie felt she was no longer safe here but Josh convinced her to stay and vowed to protect her.

In January 1994, Tangie suddenly disappeared after a party at the towers but Ray found her and Bill at the Lighthouse and kidnapped them. He then set the place on fire with Tangie and Bill inside but Josh was able to rescue them just in time, while the Lighthouse and the most of the money burned down. As for Ray, Det. Patrick Cutter was able to arrest him and Josh confessed his love to Tangie. Now Tangie revealed her painful past to Josh: Her parents had sold her at age fifteen to a Mr. Knight. Mr. Knight had protected her but she was afraid of him anyway because he became obsessed of her in time and Tangie had no choice but to escape from him at the age of seventeen. Meanwhile, Roger (who had been shot weeks earlier) was arrested and Tangie confessed to Josh that Roger was Mr. Knight. In 1994, Roger was involved in the custody battle for his grandson between Bridget Reardon and Vanessa Lewis, Josh's sister-in-law. Seeing Roger as an opportunist, she wasn't surprised when he said he'd locate her parents if told him where is son, Hart, was. Not wanting to betray Josh , Tangie told Josh what Roger wanted. When Josh agreed to the deal, Tangie learned from her mother that Roger saved her life by taking her away. Touched, Tangie found that she couldn't say anything bad about her benefactor during the custody hearing. Her relationship with Josh ended due to her support of Roger.

In January 1995, Josh was seriously injured while rescuing Marina Cooper from a fire on Fifth Street. Despite the initial animosity between them, he and Nurse Annie Dutton grew closer. Vanessa was shocked when Josh temporarily quit Lewis Oil and decided to work with Lewis Construction to rebuild Fifth Street. Josh and Annie's relationship was just starting to take off when Josh became haunted by Reva's presence. First the smell of her perfume in the house, then he found a picture of her in his wallet that he thought he had taken out years ago. A romantic rendezvous with Annie was spoiled when Josh saw a vision of Reva just as he was about to make love to Annie for the first time. Later, Josh learned he would have to have Reva declared legally dead in order to remarry, so Hawk returned to fight Josh's plan and learned about Annie and Rick's secret marriage. Josh was livid! Annie insisted on telling Josh all the sordid details of her past, including her alcoholism and her affair with Jake, and she gave Josh back his ring. After having a visit from H.B., Josh realized how hard he had been on Annie and decided to go after her when Annie and Rick went to Mexico to finalize their divorce. Josh showed up and declared his love for Annie.

Annie accepted his proposal and Rick returned to Springfield alone. Unlike Annie, Alex believed Hawk's story that Reva was alive after seeing Reva on a tape from the surveillance camera at the diner. Alex got to Josh's right after he'd married Annie. She proved to him that Reva was alive with the videotape. Needing to see for himself, Josh rushed to the airport alone, where Reva was about to leave for Europe with Alan. He and Reva had an emotional confrontation. Josh realized that Reva had been in Springfield for some time and was Rebecca the woman who had been stalking him and the kids. Ross told Josh he would have to have his marriage to Annie annulled or risk facing bigamy charges. Josh then went so far as to get a restraining order to prevent Reva from seeing Marah and Shayne. Then Reva attended the New Year's Eve party at the Country Club. She was extremely angry with Josh and Josh followed Reva into a room where they were alone together. Reva poured her heart out to Josh, telling him about what had happened to her the past 5 years. After they kissed passionately, Reva thought Josh wanted her back but instead Josh ran out of the room.

Upset by all the parental confusion, Marah ran away to Reva's, in 1996, saying she wanted to live with her, but Reva realized Marah really wanted Annie to be her mother. Reva promised Marah that she would make it possible for Marah, Shayne, Annie and Josh to be a family. She married Buzz to make Josh think she'd lied about loving him, and she gave Josh custody of Marah and Shayne. Josh had finally come to the conclusion that he loved Reva and wanted her back. After Reva convinced Josh she lied and loved Buzz.Josh ran out of there furiously. A hurt and distant Josh decided to move on with his life and re-married Annie. The kids were thrilled to become a family again. Reva watched as Josh and Annie married. Meanwhile, as revenge for losing Reva to Buzz, Alan bought the diner and threatened to tear it down unless Buzz paid the mortgage on it. Buzz and Reva were unable to get a loan and feared they would lose the diner. The battles with Alan brought Buzz and Reva closer and they finally consummated their marriage. Later, Annie, who was in the process of recovering from her drug addiction, Annie told Josh that Reva really loved him and had only married Buzz for the sake of the children. Josh then confronted Reva and although she admitted this was true, she and Josh realized it would be better for everyone if they stayed apart. Later, Josh got a call on his cell phone that Sarah was ill in Italy. Josh provided his Lewis jet and went with Buzz and Reva to bring Sarah back to the States. In Italy, Sarah made her deathbed confession to Reva: she'd gotten pregnant from an affair and had given the child up for adoption. Her dying wish was that Reva track down her lost sibling.

In early 1997, Annie gleefully told Josh she was pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Josh was startled when Reva confided in him that she and Buzz were getting a divorce because she was still in love with Josh. Although Josh felt the same about Reva, he was determined to stay with Annie until the birth of their baby. However, it he still felt drawn to Reva who distanced herself from him. Josh soon learned the reason from Reva: she was looking for her long-lost sister whose existence she had just learned about months earlier from Sarah. Although Reva refused his offer of help since he was still married to Annie, Josh insisted on it. Although Josh and Reva turned up some leads, Reva came to a stunning revelation while Josh was away visiting his father who'd had a heart attack-=her long lost sister was Annie! When Josh returned from visiting HB, he planned on leaving Annie when Reva suddenly distanced herself and encouraged him to stay with his wife. However, Josh finally decided that he couldn't keep living a lie and told Annie that he was leaving her. Although Annie begged him to stay, he was adamant. Soon after, Reva discovered she'd been lied to--Annie was not her sister after all. Now officially reunited, Josh and Reva went to a party at the Spaulding mansion. At the party, Annie, who had miscarried Josh's child in secret several days before, finally went off the deep end and threw herself down a flight of stairs. She set it up so that it looked like Reva pushed her, and Reva was arrested for the murder of Annie's baby. Luckily, her attorney found the doctor who took care of Annie after her miscarriage. The doctor's testimony freed Reva, and Annie admitted the whole truth on the stand. All charges against Reva were dropped, and Josh and Reva were finally free to be together. Josh and Reva now headed up to Cross Creek, and after 7 long years, they made love.

Back home, they began their new life together with their children, and held a private family wedding at Cross Creek although it wasn't a legal marriage. With things settling, Reva hired Harley and Jenna to find her long lost sister. But Annie and Alan were at it again. They found Reva's real sister, Cassie Layne in a strip joint in Chicago, and paid her to cause trouble for Josh and Reva. Cassie was hired at Lewis Oil to be Billy's assistant. During this time, HB died and he left all of his stock in Lewis Oil to Reva. Reva became even more involved with the company, and discovered that Cassie was working for Alan. She decided to go to the Lewis Oil convention to confront Cassie, and walked in on a drugged Josh and Cassie in bed together. Another set-up by Annie and Alan! The good guys came out on top again, though as Cassie and Reva discovered that they were sisters and that Alan and Annie had been using Cassie's daughter, Tammy, (who was in foster care) as a pawn to pit Cassie against the Lewises. Luckily, Josh won custody of Tammy and Cassie stayed in town and bonded with Reva. Later, Abby shot Roy Meechum in the courtroom, and as revenge, some of Roy's friends set Reva's house on fire with Abby, Reva and Michelle inside. Josh came in and saved the day, pulling Reva out of the house and saving her life, but the house was a total loss. At Christmas time, Matt and Vanessa gave Josh and Reva a wonderful gift, their home.

In 1998, Annie drugged Reva at Lewis Oil and took her up in a plane. Annie videotaped Reva and then parachuted out of the plane with the pilot, leaving Reva in a plane all tied up with no pilot and no way to free herself. Meanwhile, Josh flew down to the Florida Keys after receiving a call from Annie saying what she planned to do. When he arrived, he searched desperately for Reva until the coast guard stopped him. The Coast Guard thought he was crazy until the pilot who jumped with Annie showed up and verified his story. Josh realized that it was over. Josh returned home, devastated that once again, he had lost the love of his life. Consumed by grief, Josh got drunk and played Reva's goodbye message on his voice mail over and over. When Dr. Michael Burke showed up, Josh blasted him and told him that his wife was dead gone forever. Michael found out that Reva had her eggs harvested, and told Josh that he had a way for him to have his wife back and he would never have to break the children's hearts by telling them that their mother was dead. A drunken and desperate Josh agreed to allow Michael to clone his beloved wife! Once he was sober, Josh realized the horror of human cloning, and called Michael to say that he had changed his mind but it was too late. The clone was given a rapid aging serum so that she could grow up to Reva's age quickly and return to being Josh's wife. As little clone Reva began to grow up, Josh spent a lot of time with her. He filled her with "memories" of him and Reva so that she would be able to complete the picture of Marah and Shayne's mother. Meanwhile, Josh told both Matt and Cassie the truth about Reva's death and the clone. Just as Josh and Cassie decided to help the clone to have a life of her own, Josh showed up at Michael's apartment shocked to see a very grown up "Reva." Later, Josh had a dream that Reva was very much alive. The dream was so real that he called the Coast Guard in Florida to see if they had any news on Reva. He was sadly told that the plane had been found and that there was no chance for survivors.

At the same time, a very much alive Reva was stranded on an island. Once she finally returned to Springfield, a shocked Reva met her double. During her absence on the island, Josh had accidentally allowed Dr. Michael Burke to produce a clone of Reva with Reva's frozen eggs and the clone had grown up to Reva with help of a aging serum. Reva was now taken captive by the clone and locked up in the lighthouse. She eventually talked the clone into allowing her to "teach" her how to love Josh. In reality, this was Reva's plan to find her way back to Josh. As the summer went on, the clone eventually locked Reva up in the pool house at the Lewis home, and Josh resigned himself to marrying the clone. Reva, realizing that the clone was preparing to leave her to die, talked the clone into bringing her a camcorder so that she could watch tapes of the kids. Reva made a videotape telling Josh that she was locked up in the pool house. She conned the clone into watching the tape with Josh and the kids, telling her that it was films of the family that would help them to bond together. The clone returned to the house and popped in the tape, stopping it just in time to realize what Reva had done. Josh overheard a part of the tape, but it didn't really hit him what he was hearing. Reva was left to starve to death in the pool house. In the car on the way to Cross Creek, the clone began to ask Josh how it felt to starve to death. Her guilt was getting the better of her and as she asked more questions, Josh began to put the pieces together and remembered hearing Reva's voice on the videotape. He turned his car around and sped home to save his dying wife. Running into the pool house, Josh was shocked to see 2 Reva's!!!

Their eyes met, and as Reva saw her soul mate once again, she passed out in his arms in relief. Josh took her back into the house, called Michael and they were able to get Reva on the road to recovery. Josh took care of Reva that night as the clone spent the night with Harley and Cassie. Together again, there was a huge sigh of relief. But they now had to figure out what to do with the clone. After the excitement of their reunion began to settle, Reva had a lot of unresolved anger with Josh for cloning her, for giving up on their love. But Reva bonded with the clone out of pity and made her over into her long-lost cousin, Dolly. With her new identity, the clone finally had a name of her own. She began to settle into her new identity and Josh and Reva decided to give her a new life in Italy. Dolly, still very much in love with Josh, decided to take a different route. She overdosed on the aging serum so that she would die and Josh and Reva would be able to move on with their life together. She asked Josh to take her to Cross Creek one more time on their way to Italy so that she could say goodbye to the memories. After Dolly's death, Reva forgave Josh.

After taking a family vacation, Josh and Reva returned home just in time for the reign of terror of the Nursery Rhyme stalker. At the same time, a new detective came to Springfield to help Frank investigate the stalker case. Her name was Teri DeMarco, and it soon became clear that she was up to no good. Teri began to drug Josh with a truth serum and started programming him to believe that he was no longer in love with Reva, but with her. Josh eventually began to do whatever it was that Teri suggested to him when he was under the influence of the drug. She admitted to Josh that she was Annie, and began to tell Josh to put the moves on Cassie. Her plan was to put separation between Reva and Cassie first and then take Josh away from her, so that she could destroy everything that was important to Reva. Annie put the solution into his aftershave bottle and Reva was left wondering what had happened to her loving husband. Eventually, Reva read a newspaper article about a missing body in the morgue and it made her more suspicious about the explosion and wondering whether Annie was really dead. So, with this info and Josh's strange behavior -- Reva went to Detroit to visit Teri's slightly older brother, George DeMarco. George told Reva that "Teri" had changed when she came back from a skiing vacation where she had a slight head injury during an accident.

Although Reva and Josh were being torn apart, they figured out Annie's plan, and put a stop to it. osh went into the hospital, and was tested for the drug. The tests came back positive, and they realized that Teri was connected to Annie, and that Annie had done it again. Not to be stopped in their love for each other, Josh, Reva, and their children were reunited just in time for Christmas and vowed to get to the bottom of the latest mystery. In 1999, Josh and Reva went to the Florida Keys to investigate. A clerk recognized a picture of Ms. Dutton and they found out that Teri and Annie had become friends. Eventually, they discovered that the real Teri DeMarco was languishing in a coma after an accident.In the end, Annie tried to kill Teri but was interrupted when Reva came in. Though she tried to impersonate Teri again, she was discovered. Finally free, Josh and Reva got engaged.

As Josh and Reva started making plans for their wedding, Reva began to have dreams of rocking a baby and having it snatched away from her.In May, Josh and Reva were married at the Country Club. Reva underwent hypnosis to remember what happened while she was presumed dead to get behind the meaning of her dreams. That led her to the island of San Cristobel. Immediately after arriving in San Cristobel , Josh and Reva became puzzled as Reva was treated like royalty. It seemed no one could do enough for her. Reva met Olivia Spencer, and told Josh that she thought she knew her when she lived in San Cristobel during her missing years. After inquiring about a strange ring that Reva had, they were arrested by the San Cristobel authorities and charged with grand theft for stealing the ring. They were taken not to jail but to a palace where Josh was locked in the dungeon, and Reva was kept upstairs in a beautiful, gold-adorned room. Prince Richard arrived home and he told Reva the story of her past. She had been his wife and they had a son together, named Jonathan. It was Richard's belief that Reva had kidnapped their son and left him, because Reva and the boy had disappeared at the same time. He did not believe her story about amnesia, and threatened her life if his child was not returned. After Reva pushed him, he showed her a portrait of his wife, "Catherine." Reva was so shocked to see that it was her face in the painting that she fainted. Once she came to, Richard believed her and told her that some San Cristobel fisherman had discovered her in the waters offshore and had brought her back to the hospital there. Richard had eventually brought her back to the palace to recover, and it was there that they fell in love. They were married, and had a son together. Reva told Richard that she wanted to stay with him and help find out what happened to their son. During the rest of the summer, Reva began to remember all of the love that she had felt for Richard and all of the happy memories they shared together.

Later, Olivia, Richard's fiancée, told Reva that Jonathan had died, and that he was buried in the back of her house. Reva and Richard went to find the grave marker so that they could say their goodbyes, and while there, they discovered a child's swing. Olivia didn't have any children, so their suspicions arose. Reva, who had been planning to return home, vowed to stay in San Cristobel and help Richard get to the bottom of what happened to their son. Finally, Reva remembered Edmund threatening her son's life, and that she had given the baby to Olivia to keep safe. Olivia admitted to Reva that Jonathan was very much alive and being raised by her sister, Marissa, and her husband. It soon became clear to Reva that her life was in danger, and she joined forces with Olivia to prove to Richard that Edmund was responsible for the disappearance of their son. Richard planned a masquerade ball to celebrate the day the he and "Catherine" had been married. Reva had since developed closeness to Richard, and agreed to be "Catherine" for him one more time the night of the ball.

At the ball, Reva asked Edmund to meet her in private to talk about Richard and Edmund took her captive at gunpoint. So Josh, who had arrived along with Jim Lemay, Matt, Danny, Michelle and Cassie to rescue Reva from the island, and Richard joined forces and eventually found Reva trapped in a cave filling with water where Edmund had left her to die. Josh was able to save her just in time. Richard and Reva were finally reunited with their son, but when it became clear that Jonathan's life was still in danger, Reva asked Olivia to take Jonathan away again so that he would be safe. She left the island with Josh, leaving nothing behind for Richard but a goodbye note. Richard followed Reva to Springfield and eventually caught up with her while she was alone at Cross Creek trying to digest everything that had happened to her in the previous months. They fought over what she had done with Jonathan, but it soon became clear that they still had feelings for each other and they began to make love. Josh and Cassie arrived just in time to stop them from going any further than a passionate kiss. They returned to Springfield, but Josh began to sense that Reva was slipping away from him. He realized that Reva had unresolved feelings for Richard and he tried to give her the time that she needed to work through them.

Eventually Josh realized that Reva needed to explore her feelings for Richard. She had become almost obsessive over Richard's growing interest in Cassie, and Josh finally let go. In a very emotional moment, Josh and Reva said their goodbyes. They had too many things that had happened to them over the years, and this thing with Richard was the last straw. Their eyes met, and through tears, they admitted their love for one another and kissed goodbye. While Josh now grew closer to Olivia, Reva began to realize that her feelings for Richard were not as strong as she had thought. She was determined to make things right with all that she hurt and set out first to square things with Richard.

Meanwhile, Phillip Spaulding wanted the men to work on the San Cristobel project for Spaulding but instead Josh, Matt, Billy and Jim quit their jobs. While Josh and Billy then created Lewis Construction, Josh began to confide in Olivia, after he rescued her from committing suicide. He grew closer to her, as Reva began to realize that her feelings for Richard were not as strong as she had thought. After the New Year of 2000, Josh and Olivia made love and, to Josh's dismay, Olivia told Reva about the night. While Reva tried to win Josh back, Josh fought about his feelings for Reva and Olivia, while Marah and Shayne tried to separate him and Olivia during Reva's absence in Tulsa. Josh then got drunk one night and Selena Davis told him that it was time for him to make a decision between Reva and Olivia. Josh chose Olivia. At the same time, Reva had begun dating Dr. Noah Chase, a situation that caused Josh to be jealous. Josh's reaction wasn't lost on Olivia who suggested that they stop seeing each other since he obviously still had feelings for Reva. Then when Olivia started dating a man named Wes, Josh decided to stop pining for Reva once and for all and convinced Olivia to move in with him. Soon after, Josh and Reva initiated divorce proceedings. After Josh's divorce finally became final, he asked Olivia to marry him. Josh and Olivia became a couple in the process.

In January 2001, as Josh and Olivia planned to walk down the aisle as man and wife, the day of the wedding though, Blake handed Josh her cell phone and in the other line was Reva who explained to Josh that Marah was in danger. Olivia insisted that it was just a ploy by Marah to ruin their nuptials, but Josh called the police and rushed off to save Marah. However, it did turn out to be a ruse by Marah to disrupt Josh's wedding. The plan didn't work though and Josh and Olivia married. Unfortunately Olivia was insecure about Josh and Reva's relationship and, to impress him, she helped to found the San Cristobel Harbor project. As the months went by, Alan and Olivia grew closer as a result, especially when the project hit some financial roadblocks. Meanwhile, Holly told Reva how Olivia managed a deal for Lewis Construction and Edmund to work on the Harbor Project together. Unfortunately, the project did not go as expected and Olivia made a deal with Alan to keep it afloat. in January 2002, Alan decided to destroy the Harbor Project, thus ruining Lewis Construction. At the same time, Reva was going through a fantastical journey through time via an old portrait. Though he thought her stories of tine traveling were crazy at first, Josh ultimately believed her and followed her to WW II Germany. The pair ultimately reunited when Josh learned that Olivia had been sleeping with Alan. A few months after their reunion, Josh surprised Reva, at Cross Creek by asking Hawk for his daughter's hand in marriage and the couple married in June in a beautiful ceremony at Cassie's new hotel, with many old friends and relatives in attendance.

Now finally free to go on with their lives, in 2003, Josh and Reva found themselves at odds over Josh's obsessive need to help Shayne build a baseball career. Believing that Josh had regrets about the career choices he made in his youth, Reva advised him to back off and let Shayne get an education. Suddenly Shayne found himself faced with an impossible choice: should he attend Stanford on a baseball scholarship, or try out for the professional draft. Convinced by Reva to sign both contracts and make the decision after his prom, Shayne still found the choice unbearable. Overhearing Shayne say he wished someone else could make the choice for him, Josh took Shayne at his word and secretly mailed in the draft contract. Meanwhile, Reva, having been experiencing psychic visions for several weeks, let herself be talked into attending a psychic reading conducted by Christopher Langham, since she knew of his research in psychic phenomena. Later, the night of Shayne's prom, Josh was elated to learn that Shayne had been picked up by the Chicago Cubs and the following day, after hearing Shayne say he wanted to go out for the draft, he told Shayne what he'd done. Though Shayne was angry at first at being denied the chance to make his own choice, he soon became elated at the chance to play major league baseball. Less forgiving was Reva, who saw Josh's act as a betrayal.

Later that summer, Josh's obsession with Shayne would lead to tragedy. Concerned all summer that Shayne wasn't taking his new career seriously, Josh was infuriated to learn that Shayne was at a concert with Marina on the night he was supposed to meet with the Cub's general manager. Angry that Shayne was putting his personal life above his professional life, Josh raced to the concert to drag Shayne back home. Unfortunately, as Josh was driving on that rainy night, he hit an incoming car. Bruised, Josh went to help the other driver who was horribly injured only to discover that it was Shayne! Later in the hospital, a distraught and regretful Josh was horrified to learn that as a result of his injuries, Shayne would be temporarily mute and unable to walk. Blaming Josh for Shayne's predicament, Reva was unable to give him comfort and support, prompting him to move out of their house. Though both Marah and Billy lambasted Reva for being unreasonable and not supporting Josh when he needed her, she couldn't find it in her to forgive him.

Meanwhile, on October 17th, Josh and Billy paid their annual visit to the grave of Maryanne Caruthers, a woman who died 26 years earlier. Unfortunately the secret of Maryanne Caruthers was about to be discovered when out of the blue Marah asked Josh about the woman. Though he denied any knowledge of her, it was clear to Marah that Josh was lying. After weeks of stonewalling questions from Marah, Michelle Bauer, and Marina Cooper, Josh and Billy met with Buzz, Ed, and Alan to discussed what happened on that fateful night. In the 1970's, Billy had made several trips to Springfield, in order to scope the area out as a potential site for Lewis Oil. Billy talked Josh, a college student at the time, into accompanying him on one visit that would lead to disaster. For on the fateful night of October 17th, 1977, Billy and Josh would visit the Springfield Fair with their new acquaintances, Ed, Buzz and Alan. At the Fair, drinking beer and carousing, Alan would point out the lovely, very conceited Maryanne Caruthers and form a plan. Wanting to see the cold Maryanne make a fool of herself, Alan showed the other young men a vial of powder that contained a drug that he wanted to use on Maryanne to loosen her up. Although the other men weren't fond of the idea, they knew that Alan would do what he wanted. Though Billy warned Alan to not drug his brother's drink, Alan decided to drug the entire pitcher of beer, thus affecting all of them. Not long after, the group, plus Maryanne went joy riding, but an ill Maryanne asked to be driven home.

It was then that Alan, who was driving the car, sped across Cutter's Bridge and suddenly unexpectedly went off the road! Though Alan told the men any attempt to go into the water to look for Maryanne was pointless since the water was too rough, Billy and Buzz dove in anyway, but failed to find any trace of Maryanne, Knowing they helped cause Maryanne's death, Alan, Wanting to preserve their lives, Alan persuaded the others to move on with their lives and forget that they ever knew a woman named Maryanne Caruthers. Now, almost 30 years later, it appeared as if their secret was in danger of being discovered. Knowing they all had too much to lose, Alan convinced them to maintain their silence and they sealed their agreement by placing their hands on top of one another's as if to say "all for one, and one for all." The same day, Billy and Josh were shocked when Marah suddenly confronted them with the entire story of their connection to Maryanne and handed them a pick envelope! Reading the letter that Marah had delivered, the brothers learned that Alan was right--an anonymous witness knew the truth about what had happened and told them they'd pay the price. Under extreme stress, Josh secluded himself and Billy almost turned back to drink. Finally, in 2004, Josh decided that the secret had stayed buried long enough and told Billy that he was going to confess everything to the police, only he'd tell them that he acted alone. Josh was set to confess all to the police, that is until he learned that someone may have tried to kill Michelle Bauer! Realizing that Marah could be in danger, Josh put off confessing and decided to instead investigate who was trying to destroy him and the others.

Finally the mystery was solved on Valentine's Day when a mysterious older woman approached all 5 men separately and made veiled references to an event that happened almost thirty years ago. Instinctively knowing that she was the mystery person, their suspicions were confirmed when the woman, who was Maryanne's Aunt Carrie, met with them and demanded that they meet her at the old Fairgrounds, where it would all end. Days later, the men met at the Fairgrounds and were confronted by a horrific scenario. Led into a hall of mirrors, Carrie announced her plan--one of the girls would be killed in place of Maryanne; the men would have to choose. Then came a startling chain of events. Carrie suddenly appeared brandishing a gun, poised to shoot. However, because of the mirrors no one could tell what was the real Carrie. Although Buzz got out his gun (that he brought at Alan's insistence, so that they could take care of the threat), he was caught unaware by Carrie who shot him in the arm! Then Carrie pointed her gun at Josh and was set to fire when a shot rang out, apparently killing Carrie!, Josh went to the police and confessed to murdering Carrie, who he painted as a deranged woman angry about not getting a job, in self-defense. Josh also decided that for the story to make sense, Alan could not have been there since he and Alan were never friends. Unfortunately, things would end up getting very complicated very quickly. Although the men thought they concocted an airtight story, in reality, it was flawed. Not only were the police suspicious of the statements of Buzz, Billy, and Ed (since there stories were too similar; almost rehearsed), but Alan found himself caught in a lie when he claimed not to be at the Fairgrounds and then was reported to have been spotted there.

While the police had doubts about Josh's story, so did Reva who told Josh that she knew he was lying and asked him to tell her the truth. Tired of keeping the truth from her, Josh finally told Reva the secret of Maryanne. Meanwhile, not long after, Marah suddenly remembered the events of that night and confessed to the police! While Marah took responsibility for Carrie's death, Alan stepped up and took responsibility for Maryanne's by accepting a deal with the D.A.-immunity for her death in exchange for Spaulding's files.. Desperate to help Marah, Reva had herself hypnotized so she could finally speak with Maryanne. The plan worked and Maryanne showed Reva what happened that night in October 1977. Although the events happened as Carrie told the girls they had there was more to the story. It was then that Maryanne showed that she felt trapped by her controlling Aunt Carrie. Not only that, but Maryanne had survived that crash! Washed ashore on the other side of the river, she had been f0und and murdered by Carrie herself! Although the hypnosis almost cost Reva her life, she recovered and Carrie herself was apprehended when she attempted to murder Reva.

Meanwhile, Reva was struggling with the revelation that Sandy Foster was her son, Jonathan. At the same time that Reva was connecting with Sandy, a new young man arrived in town named JB who rubbed Reva the wrong way. When Sandy was left in critical condition after being struck by a car, Reva was shocked to learn that she was not his mother after all. Curious about what did happen to Jonathan but found no information expect for a vague implication he may have died after falling from a cliff. Finally JB himself confronted Reva and admitted that hewas Jonathan. Unfortunately, Jonathan proved to be a scoundrel by knowingly bedding his virginal cousin, Tammy. Disgusted by Jonathan's actions and Sandy's deception, Josh confronted a hospitalized Sandy and blamed him for the pain Jonathan caused, since Sandy had been the one to steal Jonathan's life. Days later, Josh arrived home to find Jonathan's hands around Reva's throat and went after him. Although Reva protested, Josh angrily threw Jonathan out. Despite resistance from Josh, Reva was determined to not only reach out to Jonathan but Sandy as well. However, to Josh, what Jonathan did was unforgivable and he was convinced that he was dangerous. Wanting to protect Reva, Josh tried getting Jonathan arrested (by planting his wallet on Jonathan) and later bribing him.

However, to his dismay, a defiant Jonathan refused to leave and later told Reva what Josh had done. At the end of the year, Josh surprised Reva by allowing Jonathan to move into their home. However, his motives were not ultraistic, as he told Edmund, he was certain Jonathan would show his true colors to Reva. In early 2005, Cassie and Edmund's wedding day finally arrived. Convinced that Jonathan had something to do with the near-cancellation, Josh angrily threw Jonathan out of the Towers club when he crashed the wedding reception. Throwing him out, Josh angrily confronted Jonathan on the stairwell. During the argument, Jonathan spotted Tammy and seeing an opportunity to drive Reva and Josh apart, he fell from the stairs, making it appear as if Josh shoved him. Unfortunately that planned failed since no one actually believed that Josh pushed Jonathan. Meanwhile Reva was depressed to learn that she was entering menopause, Josh tried to lift her spirits but wasn't entirely successful. Depressed, Reva set out for Aspen for a few weeks to clear her head. Upon her return, she was shocked to learn that Josh had actually hired Jonathan to work at Lewis Construction.

Depressed, Reva went to a bar and struck up a friendship with a man named Nate. Though Josh tried to get her a job at WSPR, Reva refused since she was having fun working at the bar where she struck up a flirtation with a man named Nate. Nate immediately put Jonathan on edge but he refused to explain why. Meanwhile, a large sum of money was stolen from Lewis Construction while Josh was out of town. Reva realized that Jonathan was responsible and he informed her that Nate forced him into. He then admitted that Nate was actually his adoptive father Alfred Randall---a dangerous man who made Jonathan's life hell growing up and who may have been responsible for his wife's death. When Josh returned home and Reva was forced to tell him the whole story. Meanwhile Josh learned from Frank that witnesses stated that Reva and Nate were becoming extremely close. Realizing Reva wasn't honest with him, Josh confronted her about her feelings and asked if she'd ever slept with Nate. Although she confessed to flirting and being incredibly attracted to Nate, Reva assured him that nothing sexual actually happened, though something might have if she hadn't learned who he was. Hurt that she'd been attracted to another man, Josh moved out for the night.

Meanwhile, Reva accidentally got her hands on the police report and learned that Nate rented a speed boat. Realizing that he meant to kill Jonathan, Reva lured him to her house. When he arrived, Reva tried to convince him that Jonathan would give him the stolen money if he left town for good. Unfortunately, Reva got caught in her own lie and Nate turned violent. Just as things were about to get very bad for Reva, Nate collapsed, thanks to the drugged cocktail Reva had served him earlier. Reva tied him up only to have Tammy untie him and get kidnapped herself. Luckily, in the end Tammy was freed when Jonathan agreed to go with his father. On the speedboat, Jonathan was resigned to his fate, certain that he didn't deserve anything better than Nate, unaware the Reva lurked nearby, determined to change his mind.

Reva then disabled Nate's boat to keep him from leaving with Jonathan. Unfortunately, Nate blamed Jonathan and angrily berated him. Just then Jonathan saw Reva's foot sticking out, and he stood up to his father. Concerned that Jonathan might actually kill Nate, Reva made her presence known and begged Jonathan to come home with her. Despite her pleas, Jonathan sided with his father and rushed at Reva, knocking her unconscious. Nate then turned on Jonathan for choosing to save Reva and the two began to struggle. In a final showdown, Reva awakened and smacked Nate across the back with an oar just as he was about to kill Jonathan with the spear gun. Nate came after Jonathan one last time, but Jonathan managed to hit him in the head with the oar and Nate fell into the water. A little later, while Reva was alone on the docks, Nate miraculously came out of the water and tried to kill Reva. Thankfully, Josh arrived just in time and threw him into the water, unaware that he'd thrown him into the boat propeller.

In the aftermath, Reva was injured. Josh promised her that he'd stick by her until she recovered, making it seem as if he was doing it out of obligation rather than love. In an effort to push Josh away, Reva allowed him to see her kissing another man. When Josh confronted her, Reva told Josh he was boring and she needed a break. Hurt, Josh left her alone. Weeks later, Reva and Josh got into a heated conversation where Josh admitted that though he wanted to get back together, he might not always be available in her frequent moments of crises. Later, when Reva misconstrued his intentions toward a flirtatious woman, the pair got into another argument. Then one night an emotional Reva opened up to them about their marriage. The emotional outpouring led to them making love. Although Josh thought this would lead to reconciliation, his hopes were dashed when he overheard Reva tell Olivia that although she may not want to reconcile with Josh, she'd do anything to keep Olivia from having him. Stung, Josh confronted Reva and they both came to the conclusion that their marriage was over. As this was going on, Cassie was facing another ordeal regarding Edmund and ended up getting kidnapped by him to San Cristobel. Luckily, Josh and Jeffrey rescued her and Edmund was put in jail for good--but not before he could warn Josh that there was a connection between Jeffrey and Richard after all.

Never having trusted Jeffrey completely, with some help from Olivia, Josh got some information connecting Jeffrey to San Cristobel. Though he planned to give it to Cassie, when he saw how thrilled she was about moving in with Jeffrey, he got cold feet. In the meantime, Josh was becoming increasingly concerned about Jeffrey and finally broke into his room to snoop around. Finally he found something---a file which contained a photo of him and Richard together. At first conflicted about what to do, the decision became easier when Robards, the PI who originally dug up the information, called Josh to demand more money, or else he was going to Cassie with the info. Figuring Cassie was better off hearing the truth from him, Josh headed to Cassie's, where he presented her with Jeffrey's dossier. However, Cassie refused to even look at the file and tossed it in the fire.

In 2006, Josh and Cassie traveled to San Cristobel to the one man who might have the answers--Edmund. Edmund informed them that Jeffrey didn't just look like Richard, he impersonated Richard - and he set up Dinah to impersonate Cassie! In the meantime, Reva was making no secret of her objection to Josh seeing Olivia. Her objection led to more than one argument with Olivia. Although Reva made her position perfectly clear to Josh, he was unwilling to listen to her since she was the one who left him. At the same time, the investigation into Jeffrey led to a dead end when Josh's friend at the CIA informed him that Jeffrey's file was sealed. Believing there was some kind of cover-up going on, Josh hired a pair of hackers to break into the government's database and get the sealed files on Jeffrey's work in San Cristobel. In the meantime, Josh had made it clear to Olivia that they were just friends, and so was surprised when she invited him to an inn for Valentine's Day. However, she quickly pointed out that she was looking into purchasing the inn and wanted to try out her investment. She also explained that he wasn't the only one invited--the Cooper family was coming as well.

However, at the inn, Olivia couldn't resist making an overture at Josh. Josh knew that he was being played again and cruelly told her that he would not let her ruin his life again. At home the next morning, Josh was surprised when Reva arrived with a bouquet of flowers for him. He admitted to her what happened the other night and confessed to feeling guilty for his harsh words toward Olivia. At that point, Olivia arrived and immediately exaggerated what happened at the inn for Reva's benefit. Soon the women began bickering again and Josh, fed up with how they both were trying to manipulate him, threw them out. Meanwhile, Josh overheard Jeffrey and Mel talking and discovered Jeffrey's secret--he'd impersonated Richard while with Cassie. Josh urged Jeffrey to tell Cassie the truth but stated that he wouldn't tell her, he was staying out of it. Later, they were prepared to go ahead with the divorce when a series of events: such as Reva ending up in a fountain with Josh, their song playing, and the word "Always" chalked on the sidewalk gave them pause; until they saw a wedding bouquet identical to their own. Realizing that one coincidence was fate, but a half-dozen was a sister meddling, they called Cassie who admitted to setting it all up. Josh and Reva agree to go through with the divorce but at the signing, couldn't help remembering their marriage(s) - the ups as well as the downs. But they sign the papers, nonetheless. Later that night, they met on the Lighthouse Observation Deck where they finally talked everything out and spontaneously "remarried". Realizing they've always belonged together, and always would they tore up the divorce papers.

Soon after, Josh was thrilled when Cassie returned Cross Creek to him (by selling Olivia her half of the Beacon) While Reva went to Paris to visit Marah, Josh, Cassie, and RJ went to the Cross Creek cabin to fix it up. There he suggested that Cassie come to work for him at Lewis. Soon after, Josh found blueprints of HB's detailing the building of a state of the art veteran's hospital in Tulsa, near Cross Creek. When Cassie helped Josh fulfill his father's dream, Josh hired her to work on the project. Upon returning to Springfield, Josh told Billy about HB's dream and asked him to help him. Getting more excited, Josh spirited Reva to the newly-decorated Cross Creek and told her the news. Later, Billy told Josh the architect said that in order to build his veteran's hospital the way he wanted to, they'd have to pave over Cross Creek, so Josh suggested they simply pick up the cabin and move it to Springfield. Josh wanted this to be a family affair with Reva helping. Unfortunately, Reva continuously kept making excuses as to why she couldn't help.

At the same time, Josh was working closer and closer with Cassie. As for Reva, she kept making excuse after excuse (her favorite one being Jonathan) about why should couldn't attend meetings with him. Though Josh suspected she was pulling away, she denied it but she wouldn't tell him what was wrong. Then one day, when pleading with her to attend a luncheon meeting with him, Josh was upset to learn that Reva had plans with Billy. That same day, Reva shocked Josh with the news that she was leaving town. Reva explained that she had to go to Minnesota for a story in the hopes of getting back into WSPR. Put off by weeks of brush offs, Josh finally exploded and branded Reva as selfish. It only got worse when he learned that Reva was going on her whirlwind adventure with none other than Billy. That night, Josh spoke with Marah and learned that Reva had never mentioned a visit to Paris. The next day, a visibly upset Josh tried working from the cabin but found that he couldn't. Billy tried to tell him that Reva was just being Reva and he needed to be Josh. But Josh yelled that he was tired of waiting and tired of not knowing what was going on. During their conversation, Billy slipped and Told Josh that Reva was just visiting a friend in Minnesota. That slip got Josh thinking--the stories didn't match. Reva told everyone she was covering a news story. That meant she or Billy (or possibly both) were lying Josh. Later, after a talk with Billy, about Reva, Josh peeked at Billy's cell phone and found Reva's contact number. Although he briefly considered calling her, he decided he didn't have the energy to go chasing after Reva again.

As time went on, Josh became more and more upset that Reva was gone; the only thing that abated his anger was being with Cassie. Cassie, though, was adamant that Josh find Reva and repair his marriage. Later, Reva finally called Josh who tersely asked if she was coming home. When she started to give an excuse as to why she couldn't, Josh bitterly ended the call. Afterwards, he shared a dance with Cassie at the summer festival, where all his anger at Reva went away. Then one day, Cassie announced to Josh that they had to go to New York right away in order to talk to a sponsor for the veteran's hospital. In her desperation to get Josh to the airport, Cassie haphazardly threw his luggage in her trunk, with the strap hanging out. She was pulled over by a policeman and when she opened the trunk; to put the strap back in, Josh noticed that Cassie had no luggage. Cornered, Cassie was forced to confess her deception—they weren't going to New York; she was putting him on a plane to Minnesota to see Reva. Again Josh refused to chase after Reva and when he badgered Cassie about why he should go, she blurted out that she had feelings for him. Cassie immediately apologized but a speechless Josh told her not to; he had them too.

Josh admitted that it would be easier to love her than to love Reva but they both agreed that nothing could happen between them. Not long after, Cassie canceled her plans with Jeffrey but kept trying to avoiding Josh. However, Josh kept seeking her out. Later, , while Josh was at the farmhouse with Cassie, the power suddenly went out. Though Josh offered to help and suggested she spend the night at his place, Cassie stubbornly refused. Finally, she allowed him to check the fuse box but while he was fumbling around the wires in the dark, he ended up burning himself. As Cassie helped treat his wounds, the closeness between them became unbearable and she went out for a swim to cool down. While swimming she had a cramp and suddenly went under. Luckily, Josh arrived looking for her and saved her from drowning. In the water together, Josh and Cassie gave in to their desires and shared a raw, passionate kiss. The kiss rattled them both but when Cassie suggested she and RJ leave Springfield, Josh begged her to stay since he couldn't lose her as well.

At that moment, Josh decided that Cassie was the woman for him and they had no qualms making their relationship public. Though both Jonathan and Hawk angrily blasted him for cheating on Reva, Josh made it clear that Reva left him. Not long after, Josh was shocked to come face to face with Reva at the airport. Speechless, Josh started in shock while Reva just walked away. When she returned to town and she and Josh argued about her secret and his affair. Josh wasn't ready to let Reva go and became angry Weeks later, Billy told Josh that Reva was in the hospital and finally told him the secret she'd been keeping: she had cancer. Josh rushed to Cedars, where he found Reva on her deathbed. Josh insisted that Reva had to fight to stay alive but ultimately was forced to face the inevitable and after she said all her goodbyes, Reva flat lined. Then as Billy and Cassie were leading an emotional Josh out of the room, Josh heard a breath. By a miracle, Reva came back! Soon after, the family was elated to learn from Rick that Reva was cancer free. Apparently the bone marrow transplant had worked; it just took a while for her immune system to kick in because she was so week. Although it was too soon to call it "remission" (one needs to be cancer-free for five years to call it that), Reva seemed fine. After being told she would need to be continually monitored, Reva was released from the hospital.

Days after her release, Reva asked Josh about his relationship with Cassie. He admitted that while it was not the same as their love, Cassie was his future. Cassie, though, wasn't so certain of that. In the meantime, things were still tense between Josh and Billy since Billy knew about Reva's condition and never told him. Josh refusing to let Billy come to work at Lewis. When Billy pointed out that HB's will promised Billy a place at the company, an angry Josh promised to fight him all the way, even if they had to go see HB's lawyer in Tulsa to sort it out. Unfortunately, getting to Tulsa was a nightmare and the pair ended up in jail after getting carjacked and robbed. Throughout the day the brothers constantly argued about Reva. Finally, after a sleepless night, Josh thanked Billy for watching over her and Billy confessed it was hard and he wished he had someone to help him through it--someone like his brother. The next morning, neither saw the point in going to Tulsa, as Billy didn't want to force Josh to let him back in the company and, to Billy's surprise, Josh was ready to let him back in and they shared a car ride back to Springfield happily as brothers.

In 2007, tragedy struck when Tammy was killed by a hit and run arranged by Alan to kill Jonathan. As time went by, Cassie began having visions of Tammy. Cassie started becoming more and more unglued. Concerned about Cassie's detached demeanor, Josh suggested that she speak to Felicia. Meanwhile, Alan had been cleared of any wrong doing in Tammy's death. After Cassie caused a scene at Alan's wedding, Alan was shot and Josh found Cassie outside dazed and unable to remember anything. Cassie knew that Josh suspected that she shot Alan, and couldn't bear to lose his faith in her. Later, Josh realized that HB's gun, which he kept locked up, was missing. When Josh told her about the missing gun, Cassie still couldn't remember what happened the night of the wedding. Josh jammed the lock, where the gun was kept, so that if the gun was traced back to them, they could say it was stolen. Not wanting Josh to lie for her, Cassie tried to turn herself in but Josh stopped her. With the future uncertain, Josh impulsively asked Cassie to marry him and she accepted.

Soon after, Cassie was summoned to the police station where she was shown a surveillance tape which showed her with a gun at Towers the night Alan was shot. Suddenly Josh burst in and tried to defend Cassie but the evidence was hard to ignore and Cassie was arrested. Later, as a horrified Cassie watched, Josh confessed to shooting Alan himself. Though Cassie pleaded with Josh not to lie for her and tried to convince Frank that's what he was doing, Josh stood by his statement and was arrested. Weeks later, Josh took a deal---plead guilty to self-defense and receive a two year sentence in a minimum security prison. Unfortunately, Josh's story about shooting Alan in self-defense was soon disputed when it was determined that Alan was shot from seven feet away. Suddenly, Josh was facing up at least ten years in jail. Later at his trial, the ADA warned Josh that Doris Wolfe was desperate for a conviction and if Josh was exonerated, suspicion would immediately fall on Cassie. Josh ultimately was sentenced to at least fifteen years in prison. Several days later, Alan finally emerged from his coma but claimed to not know who his shooter was. Prison was taking a toll on Josh, especially since Vinnie Salerno was having him attacked at every opportunity out of retaliation for Reva having put him away.

Though Josh tried to be brave for Cassie, he admitted to Reva that it was too hard and he desperately needed some time alone with someone without the guards watching so he could feel like a human being. Since he already asked Cassie to stop visiting him since he couldn't stand seeing the distressed look on her face, he wanted conjugal visits from Reva. In the tenderness of the moment, they found themselves in a kiss. In the meantime, an anguished Josh continued to be beaten by Salerno's thugs. Finally, the only solution that anyone could come up with was for Josh to be placed in solitary confinement. Afterwards, Reva visited Josh one last time before he was to be sent to solitary confinement. To ease his pain, Reva smuggled in a bottle of whiskey and the two proceeded to get drunk. There, Reva proceeded to seduce Josh and, although he tried to fight it, he ultimately gave in to passion. Josh immediately regretted it and told Reva that it could never happen again since he was committed to Cassie. Days later, a guilt-ridden Ashlee Wolfe confessed to the shooting and Josh was finally exonerated.

Meanwhile, Cassie was obsessed with Beth's unborn baby—specifically that Alan was trying to take the child away from its real father. Fearing that Alan was going to rig a DNA test to make certain he was named the baby's father, Cassie enlisted Jeffrey's help. Jeffrey quickly found the technician (whom Alan had bribed) and an impartial test was conducted that named Rick as the father. Meanwhile, Josh found a new calling in life; he decided to become a minister. Afterwards, he told Reva his intention to tell Cassie about the two of them. Unfortunately, Reva (thinking Cassie already knew) accidentally let it slip before Josh had the chance. An upset Cassie furiously confronted Josh about his and Reva's love making and stormed out. Distraught, she attempted to throw her engagement ring into the river and fell in by accident. Luckily, she was rescued by Mallet. Her brush with death helped Cassie decide to be with Josh after all. Soon after, Josh asked Cassie to marry him the next day and she agreed on one condition: he spend the night with Reva for closure. While with Reva, Josh decided that he missed Cassie and called her up to tell her so. Reva overheard and when he ended the call, she argued about not needing his pity and gave him a passionate kiss.

The next morning, Josh confessed to Cassie about the kiss but pointed out that it was a goodbye kiss. Though the marriage plans were back on, Cassie had second thoughts about being a minister's wife after meeting with Reverend Rutledge's wife. Though Maggie Rutledge informed her that her past made no difference, Cassie was concerned about her lack of faith and postponed the wedding. Days later, Meanwhile, Josh visited Reva and saw a small fire in her apartment. As Josh tried to put out the fire, Reva tried to stop him. What she was burning was a DVD. Wondering what was up, Josh salvaged the DVD and stormed out with Reva following. He went to his place and was shocked to see it was a surveillance tape from Cedars showing Cassie in the DNA lab! Later confronted by an incredulous Josh, an unapologetic Cassie admitted that she altered the test—Beth's baby was Alan's. Though Josh had intended to tell Alan, when Alan began ranting about Beth leaving him for the "mediocre" Rick, Josh had second thoughts and kept silent. He did tell Rick the truth however but kept Cassie's name out of it. Later, Cassie surprised Josh by stating that she wanted to get married ASAP. An impromptu wedding was quickly put together and Josh was disappointed to learn that both Marah and Shayne refused to attend. Though their wedding was interrupted when Reva rushed out and got hit by a car, the next day, Josh and Cassie went to the courthouse and made their marriage official. Or so they thought. Apparently, Josh and Reva's divorce papers were not filed properly and they were still married. Later, Josh and Reva signed their divorce papers again and weeks later Josh was finally able to officially marry Cassie.

Soon after, Josh and Cassie were elated when Josh was offered a minister's position at St. Mark's Church. In the moment, Cassie blurted out that she wanted a baby. Taken aback, Josh told Cassie he wasn't sure he could handle a child at this stage in his life. Though Cassie understood, it was clear she was disappointed. However, Cassie had already made an appointment with a fertility clinic and didn't want to cancel. Later, after having surgery to fix her fertility problem, Cassie had a change of heart and decided that she wanted custody of her son, Will, back. Soon after, Cassie tried to convince Alonso to relinquish custody of Will, arguing that since the political climate in San Cristobel was changing, Will probably wouldn't be prince anyway. Alonzo was not convinced however, and Cassie and Josh knew they were in for a custody battle. While compiling a list of people who could testify to what a good mother Cassie was to Will, one person's name came up. Someone who was around when Cassie was raising Will: Edmund. Later, Jeffrey informed Josh and Cassie that Edmund, now locked up in a mental hospital, was on Alonzo's witness list as well. That meant they were going to have to go to San Cristobel and get his testimony in person. A few days later, Cassie went to San Cristobel with Josh and Jeffrey. The group got separated when suddenly the power went out. Over the sound system, it was announced that they'd be testing the back up power and there would be a risk of surges. When the power came on, Alonzo, close to an electrical gate is hit by a surge and collapsed as Jeffrey and Josh appear. The group was shocked to see that Alonzo was dead. That same day, a crazed innate confessed to murdering Alonzo. With Alonzo dead, Cassie brought Will back to Springfield. Unfortunately, life in Springfield took a lot of adjusting for Will who missed his home in San Cristobel and his best friend, his uncle Edmund.

Also having adjustment problems was RJ who was cold toward Will and definitely did not like having him around. In the meantime, Josh informed a pleased Cassie that he would like to adopt the boys. However, Will was still not connecting to his new family and kept asking for Edmund to visit. Though Josh thought it was a terrible idea, Cassie was desperate for a way to get through to her son and called Jeffrey to help arrange it. Later, the Lewises learned that Edmund was released by order of the Dept. of State. Soon after, Cassie and Josh threw a party for Will to help him better adjust. During the party, both RJ and Will disappeared for a time. Though RJ returned, Will did not. At the same time, Edmund arrived at the party. Though some accused Edmund of having something to do with Will's disappearance, Will was quickly found locked in the barn. Will hinted that RJ locked him in the barn and then asked if Edmund could stick around. Cassie reluctantly agreed, for Will's sake. Unfortunately, Edmund was a thorn in Josh's side. Immediately after trading barbs with Edmund, Josh got another visitor—Rick. Rick was there to discuss the lie they were keeping about Beth's baby. Josh assured Rick that he could tell Beth the truth but Rick still did not want to do that. Meanwhile, after changing the lock on the barn, Josh realized that it locked from the inside. That meant that RJ could not have locked Will in the barn.

However, when Josh told Cassie that he suspected that Will set RJ up, she refused to believe it. Meanwhile, Josh and Rick's exchange was overheard by Edmund who later made it clear to Josh what he knew. He made it clear that the only way for him to keep quiet about Cassie's crime would be for Josh to walk away from Cassie. That same day, Josh went to Jeffrey to ask him to get rid of Edmund permanently. Later, Jeffrey called Josh to inform him that Edmund was taken care of. Now worried, Josh insisted that Jeffrey tell him exactly what he did to Edmund. Jeffrey assured Josh that Edmund was alive. He was simply being "persuaded" to accept a deal---either be framed for Alonzo's death (thus being executed) or spend his life in a cushy prison compound called Peaceful Valley. Of course, Edmund chose prison.

Will was unable to let go and begged that Edmund stick around long enough to watch him in the pageant. To Josh's shock, Cassie agreed. The next day, James Spaulding, who was playing the lead angel in the pageant, got hurt from a fall and the part went to Will. In the meantime, Cassie continued to dote on Will who finally warmed up to her. Meanwhile, Reva learned of Josh's plan for Edmund and blasted him for it. After telling him she did not like what he was doing to Edmund, she warned him that the guilt would eat him up. Finally came the day of the pageant which coincided with Josh's ordination to become a minister. During Will's pageant, Jeffrey had Edmund removed and informed Josh that he would take full responsibility for what happened to Edmund, but refused to apologize for it or put a stop to it. Josh realized that there was no prison compound--Edmund was being executed. When Josh rushed out to find Edmund, he'd escaped. As Josh was officially ordained, Edmund crashed down from the balcony at Josh's feet. Edmund was rushed to Cedars alive, but comatose. . Later, Josh was twigged when Will said that Cassie was holding his hand when Edmund fell since Josh remembered that Will wasn't with Cassie when it happened. Meanwhile, James informed Josh that he didn't fall off the stage – one of the shepherds tripped him.

Several days later, Cassie and Josh informed Will that a still comatose Edmund was being transferred to San Cristobel but Will didn't appear to care. Remembering that Will was supposed to be a shepherd before James "fell" he openly asked Will if he pushed James. That wasn't all he asked Will—he also asked the boy if he pushed Edmund. As Josh tried to get the boy to confess, Cassie walked in and Will ran into her arms crying. Upon learning of Josh's suspicions, Cassie became outraged and vehemently defended her son. However, Josh was certain that Will was troubled. Later, on Christmas Eve, Josh and RJ did some last minute shopping at the mall and unexpectedly ran into Reva who was shopping for Marah and Shayne. It was suggested that they shop together. Soon, the group found themselves locked in the mall when the power went out. Trapped for hours, Josh and Reva bonded over old memories leaving Cassie alone with Will. Luckily, Josh and RJ got out in time for Josh to read the Christmas Story at St. Mark's which seemed to surprise Will. Bewildered by Will's reaction to them being back to soon, Josh wondered if he was not responsible for the power outage as well and confronted him. As Josh grabbed Will, forcing him to confront him, Cassie came home. When Josh told her his suspicion, Daisy quickly took the blame and explained that she did it so that Josh and Reva could have some time alone together. Josh remained doubtful while Cassie blasted him for his attitude toward her son. Meanwhile, Edmund woke up long enough to call Josh and give a message: "Will...pushed"

In early 2008, Reva tried to help Josh get Will into the Fairmont Academy impersonating Cassie, but her cover was blown when Mallet came to question her. Apparently, someone called in a tip about Reva being involved in Edmund's fall and Reva was brought in for questioning when a button from Edmund's shirt was found in Reva's purse. When Josh accused Will of setting her up, his accusations upset Cassie and Will played into her sympathy by packing his things and telling his mother that he wanted to leave before Josh sent him away. Later, Josh and Reva confronted Will at St. Mark's and finally got the boy to confess to shoving Edmund. With Cassie present, Will later informed Mallet that he shoved Edmund because he was threatening to harm Cassie, making the entire incident sound like a tragic accident. Later, though he confessed to Cassie that it was no accident. He wanted Edmund gone. In the meantime, Jeffrey wanted the boy remanded into custody and sent to a juvenile facility. As Jeffrey and Josh realized that Will intentionally shoved Alonzo into that electrical gate, Cassie spirited Will away to the Bauer cabin and informed him that they were going to stay there until he learned that violence was not the answer.

Later, Jeffrey and Josh located Cassie and told her about Alonzo, but she protested when Jeffrey tried to take Will into custody. Cassie convinced Jeffrey to let Will stay at the cabin with her and Josh for a night. However, since Tammy's memorial service was coming up, Jeffrey must have taken pity on Cassie and let Will stay with her longer. Jeffrey was able to get Will into Fairmont but Cassie resisted and proclaimed that she promised Tammy she would not send Will away again. Apparently out of respect for Cassie, Jeffrey did not fight her. In the meantime, Josh walked in on Reva holding a baby and correctly guessed that the baby was Sarah. Reva admitted to Josh that Jonathan faked his and Sarah's death the previous year in order to protect Sarah from Alan. Josh promised to keep her secret but tried, to no avail, to convince her to tell Lizzie the truth about her baby. Afterwards, determined to "fix" her son, Cassie decided to have Josh and RJ move out of the house so she could concentrate on Will. Days later, Josh was unsettled when Lillian told him about seeing RJ stuck on the railroad tracks while Will just stood there. Though Lillian assumed Will was paralyzed with fear, Josh knew better and again entreated Cassie that Will needed professional help. Josh and Cassie continued to be at odds about whether Will should be at home or not. Things got worse during the baptism of Beth's baby. Josh, feeling guilty at the paternity switch, wanted to back out of performing the ceremony. Upon pressure from Cassie, Josh agreed to act as godfather but have Rev. Rutledge officiate it. That day, the truth finally came out when Alan arrived at the church with a gun and threatened to kill Jonathan. With Alan spouting that he had nothing left to lose, Reva blurted out that the baby was his and not Rick's.

Josh stepped up and confirmed that Reva was telling the truth. Cassie was forced to admit what she had done but unapologetically stated that she would do it again. Cassie angrily accused Josh and Reva of working as a team to ambush her, even though Reva had only done it to save her son. Though upset with Josh for confirming Reva's story, Cassie allowed him and RJ to move back to the farm. At the same time, the church board reviewed Josh's competency as pastor. While Josh was ready to throw away his collar, Reva implored him not to just give up his dream; to fight for it. Josh took Reva's words to heart and argued for his reinstatement which was granted. Meanwhile, after a talk with Josh, Cassie seemed ready to admit that Will needed more help than she could provide and prepared to send him away. However, weeks later, Cassie convinced a judge that Will was merely a little boy who felt abandoned by his mother and needed love. The judge sympathized and the charges against Will were dropped. Though Will was supposed to be sent back home, due to Josh's work commitments, it was decided that he would stay at Reva's. Several days later, Josh and Cassie and the boys played a game of baseball. At one point, Will menacingly started to hit RJ over the head with his baseball bat but was stopped by Josh. At the same time, Reva, depressed over the fact that Jonathan fled town with Sarah again, arrived at the farm.

After some talk with Cassie, Josh took Reva home where they both commiserated over their lives over a bottle of scotch. Suddenly, the pair became woozy and passed out together on the couch. Soon after, Cassie burst in and angrily confronted the pair. When Cassie left, Josh and Reva tried to piece together what happened since they couldn't figure out how they passed out since they didn't drink that much. The next day, Reva told Josh she found the batteries to her carbon monoxide alarm in a plant and she and Josh realized that Will must have snuck at of the house and tried to kill them. Immediately after, Josh got a call from Cassie telling him that she loved him. Josh rushed to the farm and realized that Cassie ran off with Will. More afraid of Will than ever, Josh went to the police. He and Mallet caught up with Cassie who finally realized that she couldn't protect Will forever and turned him in to the police. Several weeks later, Josh received word that Will was put in isolation and kept his letters from Cassie in an effort to protect her. Unfortunately, Cassie found one of the letters and the two argued.

Soon after, Josh was floored when Cassie admitted that since Will left she'd been flirting with other men and had an affair with one of them. Upset, Josh demanded to know that man's name but Cassie refused to give it to him. Cassie pleaded with Josh to forgive her but he coldly left for a convention after telling her that she needed help. Although Josh returned, things were incredibly tense between them, with Josh sleeping in another bed. At the same time, Josh was shocked when Reva informed him that a movie producer wanted to make a movie of her life. Josh immediately balked at the idea, concerned at how he'd come off in the movie. Despite his protests, Reva decided to go ahead with the movie which would ultimately deal with her and Josh's love story. Meanwhile, thoughts of the affair consumed Josh and finally, Josh hired Harley to find out who Cassie slept with. It wasn't long before Cyrus Foley presented him with a name—Chris Boyle. However knowing his name wasn't enough and Josh traveled to Chicago and confronted Boyle, though he didn't make it clear what he was talking about. Soon after, Josh moved back into Cassie's bedroom. Days, later, Josh saw Boyle at the Beacon and angrily confronted him and would have punched him if Cyrus hadn't stepped in the middle. That same day, Josh went to apologize and when he saw Boyle in a rendezvous with another man, he realized that Boyle couldn't be the right man. At the same time, Jeffrey was shot and rushed to Cedars. When Cassie spent an inordinate amount of time caring and worrying for Jeffrey, Josh seriously suspected that Jeffrey was Cassie's lover.

In the midst of all this, Josh had to deal with Always, the chronicling his and Reva's story. Already under a great deal of stress, Josh was shaken when he saw the end of Reva's movie, Always—it ended with Josh reuniting with Reva after Reva's cancer scare. Incredibly upset, Josh railed at Reva for how this would upset Cassie and tried to get Jeffrey to put a stop to the movie. Unfortunately for a stressed out Josh, Jeffrey didn't try hard enough and the movie went ahead as planned. In the meantime, Cassie confessed to Josh that Cyrus was the person she slept with. Shocked that he'd been lied to again, Josh walked out unsure if and when he'd return. Josh later beat Cyrus to a pulp and confided in Reva about his feelings of anger of the past several weeks. Thanks to seeing his past with Reva brought to life in the making of the movie, Josh finally realized what he gave up and he kissed Reva passionately. However, he was still conflicted about his marriage to Cassie and, desperately trying to save his marriage, Josh suggested that they have a baby. At the same time, the couple attended marriage counseling which didn't seem to be helping. Later, when Cassie spotted Josh kissing Reva again, she decided that perhaps it would be best to end things.

Finally free, Josh admitted that he made a huge mistake in leaving her and declared his love. Unfortunately, by now, she was totally committed to her relationship with Jeffrey and was planning to marry him. Reva argued that as a couple, they just did not work. Undeterred, Josh spoke of their inevitable connection and announced that he would win her back. Unfortunately, despite his efforts to woo her, Reva made plans to marry Jeffrey. Though he initially scoffed at Bill's idea that they kidnap Reva on her wedding day and whisk her off to Oklahoma, Josh got caught up in Billy's enthusiasm and went ahead with the plan. However, he had second thoughts and simply opted to speak to her. Before he had a chance to see Reva, Josh ran into Jeffrey and the two had a fight which was stopped by an angry Reva herself. Reva made it perfectly clear that Jeffrey was her future and told Josh some devastating news—her cancer may have returned. Afraid for Reva, convinced that she loved Jeffrey, and hurt that she told Jeffrey what she couldn't tell him, an upset Josh finally backed off on chasing Reva and decided to leave town for a while to visit Shayne.

Upon returning to town, Josh told Billy that he decided that being a minister was not his true calling and was stepping down. Meanwhile, Josh learned startling news from Reva—she was pregnant. Though Josh gave his full support, he admitted to Billy that he was worried because a pregnancy could increase the risk of her cancer returning. He also was uncertain about Jeffrey's ability to be there for Reva or the baby. Meanwhile, Reva was going on with her life and objected whenever Josh happened to give her advice. Finally, Reva decided that Josh needed a woman and randomly set him up with Blake. On a lark, the two spent the day with RJ but Blake ultimately told Josh that she couldn't compete with Reva for his affections. Soon after, Cassie surprised everyone by announcing that she and RJ were moving to Hawaii for a new start. Although Reva strenuously objected, both Josh and Jeffrey supported her decision. Meanwhile, Josh and Blake continued to spend time together. It didn't take much for her to realize that he was worried about Reva's pregnancy. Noticing that he was still wearing his wedding ring, Blake suggested that she be his "life coach" in exchange for him putting an extension on her house. Afterwards, Josh finally took off his wedding ring.Several weeks later, Josh was unable to contact Shayne or learn his whereabouts. Soon after, he talked to Marah and was disheartened to learn that she and Shayne were going to come home for Thanksgiving but Shayne called her and told her that he couldn't make it.

Weeks later, Marina and Mallet asked Josh if he would be able to marry thought. Though no longer a practicing minister, Josh was still ordained and agreed. Later, an unexpected person showed up at the ceremony—Shayne! He was doubly shocked to see his son in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, before he was able to get any answers, Shayne caused a ruckus (with help from Dinah Marler) and was placed in jail for the night. Afterwards, Shayne revealed that he'd been injured in a land mine. Later, Shayne's doctor told Josh that a previous spinal injury was impeding his ability to recovery from this one. Realizing he was talking about their car accident years prior, Josh felt immensely guilty and was resolved that Shayne would walk again. However, Shayne didn't want Josh's help or concern. In addition to being hurt physically, he was in emotional pain and refused any help from his parents. All he wanted was to be left alone. Eventually, Shayne told Josh that he wanted to leave Springfield since he no longer considered it his home. Though Shayne wanted to return to the Peace Corps, Josh believed that he had to heal first. Thanks for Jeffrey, Shayne was blocked from leaving the country and forced to stay home.

In 2009, Shayne's condition improved physically but emotionally he was still tortured. Josh continued to try to help Shayne who continually pushed him away. The only person who Shayne connected with at all was Dinah. In order to help Shayne, Jeffrey tried to locate his girlfriend. When Shayne found out, he freaked out and admitted that Lara was killed in a land mine. Though Shayne wouldn't divulge details, Josh assumed that she was killed in the same explosion that injured Shayne. Desperate to give Shayne closure, Josh arranged for the wing that he was building for Cedars to be named in Lara's honor. In addition, he and Reva planned an impromptu memorial service. The family was shocked when Edmund showed up at the service and announced that he was Lara's father. According to Edmund, Lara came to Edmund while he was in the hospital and confessed that she was his daughter from an affair with a servant girl.

Seemingly changed over the death of the daughter he barely knew, Edmund reached out to Shayne out of friendship and, despite everyone's warnings, Shayne reciprocated. Edmund then came up with the idea that a hospital be built in Lara's honor. Shayne, who had begun working at Lewis Construction, agreed. As the weeks went by, Shayne seemed to find purpose, not only in his work with Edmund but also his friendship with Dinah. Noticing that Shayne's feelings for Dinah were growing, Josh encouraged his son to sweep her off her feet. However, Shayne was reluctant and finally confessed to Josh the details of Lara's death: she'd died while running across a landmine that Shayne failed to clear properly. Immediately after, Shayne was so distraught that he walked across the mine himself in an attempt to kill himself. Josh comforted Shayne and warned him not to tell Edmund how Lara died.

About the same time that Reva had her baby whom she named Colin, Josh learned that Shayne told Edmund about the circumstances of Lara's death. Convinced that Edmund would react violently, Josh approached Jeffrey and asked for his help in getting rid of Edmund. Unfortunately, with Reva in the hospital getting cancer treatments, Jeffrey was left alone with their baby. Unable to handle things himself, Jeffrey gave Josh his contact list. Josh immediately contacted Roc Hoover who promised to keep an eye on Edmund. Unfortunately, Edmund quickly got the better of Roc and knocked him unconscious. After finding Roc, Josh rushed to notify Jeffrey at both men were shocked to learn that both Reva and Colin were missing. Josh rushed to Reva's moments after Reva stabbed Edmund, who was in the midst of kidnapping Colin, with her syringe. To keep Jeffrey from taking his vengeance on Edmund, Josh and Reva agreed to keep what happened a secret. Instead of calling the police, Josh called Roc to take care of Edmund.

Later, Josh became worried when Roc and Edmund suddenly vanished. Though Roc soon called and assured him that everything was alright, Josh still worried that his family was in danger. After days of without contact from Roc, Josh went to Jeffrey who assured him that everything was okay—the long periods of silence were normal in these situations. However, Josh was unconvinced and became paranoid that Edmund was still a danger. Despite Jeffrey's assurances that everything was fine, Josh still saw danger everywhere—even overreacting when Reva got a package without a return address. Josh's behavior began annoying Jeffrey and he told Josh in no uncertain terms to back off from Reva. Convinced that Edmund was on the loose, Josh, with Shayne, went to Italy to find him after learning that a badly burned Edmund was in a hospital. However, Josh was vindicated when they discovered that it was Roc, and not Edmund, in the hospital bed. Several days later, Edmund turned up in Springfield—dead and evidence quickly pointed to Reva being the killer. Determined to prove Reva's innocence, Jeffrey began an investigation and asked Josh if he wanted to come and help look at the body. The pair was shocked to learn that the body was cremated and the ashes scattered over the lake. Jeffrey quickly theorized that the body in the water might not have been Edmund after all. Suspecting that Edmund was alive and was setting up Reva for murder, Jeffrey, decided to doctor the evidence to make it appear as if he had committed the murder. Though Josh offered to set himself up so Jeffrey could remain with his family, Jeffrey was determined to do it himself and, with Josh's help, set himself up for murder. Jeffrey then left Springfield to find Edmund, after swearing Josh to secrecy and asking him to keep Reva safe. Consumed with concern for Reva, Josh parked his car outside her house.

It didn't take long for Reva to realize that Jeffrey was missing and to learn that he was wanted for murder. Suspecting that Josh knew something since he was parked outside her house, Josh told her Jeffrey's suspicions. When Reva demanded to know where Jeffrey was, Josh admitted that he did not know and told her that she had to trust Jeffrey. Tragically, several days later, Reva got a call from Jeffrey who reported that his airplane was going done. Soon, the FAA confirmed that Jeffrey's plane did go down in Florida. At the same time, Dinah, who had gone with Jeffrey in pursuit of Edmund, returned alone and verified that Edmund was indeed alive. As for Jeffrey, Reva refused to believe that he was dead. When Reva told Josh her intention of searching for Jeffrey, he accompanied her. In Florida, the pair found the wreckage and a body that could have been Jeffrey's. Unfortunately, authorities decided that it was too risky to retrieve the body in order for it to be identified.

The pair returned to Springfield and Josh helped a grieving Reva arrange a memorial service for Jeffrey. Soon after, the Lewis family celebrated Shayne's wedding to Dinah. Unfortunately, things for Shayne would end tragically when Dinah suddenly skipped town. Almost immediately after, it was learned that she, was the one who killed the man believed to be Edmund. Jeffrey was exonerated and Shayne was left devastated. Angry at what Dinah had done, Josh took it upon himself to arrange for an annulment. In the meantime, Josh tried to be a good friend to a very needy Olivia. Upset that Natalia had left, Olivia tried to seduce Josh on two separate occasions but couldn't go through with it. Meanwhile, Reva was having a difficult time going through the grieving process—evidenced when Josh found Reva walking around in the dress she married Jeffrey in. Though he was still in love with Reva, Josh made it clear that she had to save herself.

In the meantime, Billy told Josh his intention to marry Vanessa. Though Billy originally wanted to have a surprise wedding for Vanessa, she balked and made it clear that she wanted to be wooed. Later, Billy told Josh that he intended to date Vanessa for one year and then propose. That same day, Vanessa admitted to Josh that she wished she would have married Billy earlier. Playing cupid, Josh got Olivia to let him into Billy's room at the Beacon so he could retrieve the wedding ring and place it where Vanessa would find it on her date with Billy. The plan worked and the pair quickly made plans to marry. At the same time, Shayne confessed to Josh that Henry, the baby that Marina adopted, was his child with Lara. Seeing how content everyone was around him, a melancholy Josh announced on Billy and Vanessa's wedding day that he was leaving for Venezuela. However, after the wedding, Josh impulsively changed his plans and told Billy his intention to kidnap Reva to marry him. Wisely, he thought better of that and decided to move back to Oklahoma to oversee construction on a new wing of the HB Lewis Memorial Hospital. Before he left, Josh told Reva that he loved her and wanted to be with her. Josh told Reva that he would return to Springfield in one year. If Reva was ready to start over with him, he would be at the lighthouse waiting for her. As Josh expected, the following year, Reva, the woman Josh had loved his entire life, met him at the lighthouse and the couple, and Colin, rode off to start their new life together. .

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