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Tangie Hill
Who's Who in Springfield: Tangie Hill | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Marcy Walker (October 27, 1993 to August 21,1995)


Former reporter for the Springfield Journal Aliases

Lois Lane (her self-imposed alias while at the Journal)


Washington, DC

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Roger Thorpe (Legal guardian since she was 15) (deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Andrew Albert Christian Edward Mountbatten (a.k.a Prince Andrew) (lovers)

Josh Lewis (lovers)

Patrick Cutter (dated; deceased)

Alan-Michael Spaulding (lovers)

Alan Spaulding (lovers; deceased)

Nick Spaulding (one date)

Crimes Committed

Stole $ 25,000 from a mobster, Ray [late October 1993]

Accidentally shot Alan Spaulding [October 10, 1994]

Along with Alan-Michael Spaulding, coerced Dr. Eve Guthrie to work on a gun shot wounded Alan Spaulding without Eve knowing who he was and without proper medical equipment [October 7, 1994]

Looked at a police file (Buzz Cooper's) on Detective Patrick Cutter's desk, without permission (April 20, 1995)

Concealed evidence in a crime: The button to Alan's coat sleeve that fell off when Alan was assisting the fugitive and injured Brent Lawrence [July 12 - July 14, 1995]

Brief Character History

Tangie Hill followed Josh Lewis to Springfield, in October 1993, after the pair had a whirlwind romance in Italy. A quiet, reserved woman, Tangie had a mysterious past that she was reluctant to talk about. Around Halloween, Tangie showed up at the home of Josh's brother, Billy. Josh felt uncomfortable that she was there, because he hadn't told any of his family about their relationship in Italy, and asked her to leave but Tangie was hesitant. When Roger Thorpe showed up to confront Billy about a business venture gone sour for Roger, Tangie recognized him and hid (confounding Josh) and then quickly exited. She ended up running into Detective Patrick Cutter who had just found a bag containing $ 25,000 at the bus terminal left by a mobster named Ray. Spotting the money, Tangie lifted it when Patrick wasn't looking. Tangie noticed that Patrick was bound and determined to get the money back, but Tangie wanted it for herself. She then ran into Blake Marler and the two struck up a quick friendship with Blake inviting Tangie to her home. It was there that Tangie hid the money. Things got a little hairy when Ray showed up and threatened the confused Blake and her husband Ross. Blake and Ross were able to get Ray to leave when Patrick showed up and started questioning the couple. Immediately after, Roger showed up and almost saw Tangie. When Blake left with Roger, Ross saw the bag and thought it was Blake's and called her, but Tangie, who was still hiding in the carriage house, came out while Roger was in the other room and was able to retrieve it. Tangie then buried the money at the beach.

On New Year's Eve, Billy's son, Little Billy, found the bag with the money and Tangie knew she needed to get her and Bill out of there and so they both hid out in the Lighthouse. Unfortunately, Ray figured it out (so did Patrick who would soon be right behind) and nearly burned down the Lighthouse with Tangie and Bill in it! Luckily, Josh and Patrick saved the pair and Ray was arrested. Grateful, Tangie confessed her love for Josh and told him about when she fifteen years old, her parents sold her to a man named Mr. Knight. What she didn't tell Josh was that Mr. Knight was actually Springfield's own Roger Thorpe. In 1994, Roger was involved in the custody battle for his grandson between Bridget Reardon and Vanessa Lewis, Josh's sister-in-law. Tangie wasn't surprised when Roger offered to locate her parents if she told him where his son, Hart, was. Not wanting to betray Josh (who learned of this information first and wanted to use it to keep Roger out of his grandson's life), Tangie told Josh what Roger wanted. When Josh agreed to the deal, Tangie learned from her mother that Roger saved her life by taking her away. Touched, Tangie found that she couldn't say anything bad about her benefactor during the custody hearing. Her relationship with Josh ended due to her support of Roger.

After her romance with Josh fizzled out, Tangie found herself attracted to a mysterious man who only gave his name as Mr. Tashiwa. Knowing the man was using an alias, but not wanting to pry, Tangie forbade Blake Thorpe from investigating the man's identity. To her chagrin, Blake didn't listen and when Tashiwa learned someone was investigating him, he thought it was Tangie and broke off contact with her. Not long after, Alan-Michael Spaulding was attacked by a man he thought was his father, Alan. Since he believed that his father, who'd been in jail for five years, wanted to kill him, Alan-Michael went into hiding. However, when he saw Tangie being attacked, he emerged and rescued her. Afterwards, the two shared a kiss and Tangie promised not to reveal his whereabouts. Later the man returned and kidnapped Tangie. Fortunately, she escaped and informed Alan-Michael that it wasn't his father who tried to kill him. With Tangie's help, the imposter was arrested and Tashiwa revealed himself to be Alan Spaulding, himself. Though Tangie, in her confusion, ended up accidentally shooting Alan, he covered for her and told the police that the imposter shot him. Though dating Alan-Michael, Tangie couldn't deny her attraction to Alan. When Alan-Michael saw the two kissing, he gently let Tangie out of their relationship.

In 1995, Tangie found herself forced, at gunpoint, to write a newspaper article painting accused rapist Brent Lawrence as the innocent victim. Scared for her safety, Alan convinced Tangie to stay with him. Later Tangie learned some unsettling information: Alan had met with Brent. When confronted, Alan was forced to confess that he paid Brent to help him wrest control of his company from Alan-Michael and then bribed Brent to leave town. Disturbed by this revelation, Tangie turned Alan in to the police. Though Alan said that he forgave her, when she refused to run away with him, he showed his vindictiveness and told his lawyer to show no mercy toward Tangie at the trial. When the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to convict Alan, Tangie packed her bags and left Springfield for good.

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