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Olivia Spencer
Who's Who in Springfield: Olivia Spencer | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Crystal Chappell (July 2, 1999 to September 18, 2009)


Birthday: February 28th


Full owner of the Beacon Hotel

Former spokesperson for Galaxy Hotels

Former Executive at Lewis Oil & Construction

Former Head of Acquisitions at Spaulding Enterprises

Former Partner in Slingshot Enterprises

Owns the building that houses Lewis Construction

Former owner of the Lewis cabin in Cross Creek, Oklahoma

Stockholder at Spaulding Enterprises

Former Co-Owner of the Beacon Hotel

Former Executive at Spaulding Enterprises

Former executive at Lewis Construction

Former assistant to Prince Richard Winslow


the farmhouse with Natalia, her daughter, Francesca, and Emma

Marital Status

In a committed relationship with Natalia Rivera

Past Marriages

Josh Lewis (Divorced) (2 Jan 01; div. late 01)

Alan Spaulding (Divorced) (m. Oct 02; div. early 03)

Phillip Spaulding (Divorced) (m. Jan 04; Summer 04)

Bill Lewis (Divorced) (m. Summer 05?; div. late 05)

Jeffrey O'Neill (m. late Mar 08; div. 24 Apr 08)


Gregory Spencer (Father; deceased)

Rebecca Spencer (Mother; deceased)

Marissa Spencer Randall (Sister; deceased)

Sam Spencer (Brother)

Max Harlan Lewis (grandson; deceased)

Jonathan Randall (Adopted nephew)

Sarah Randall (adopted great-niece)

Alfred Randall (brother-in-law; deceased)


Ava Peralta (w/Jeffrey O'Neill)

Emma Spencer Spaulding (w/Phillip)

Francesca Cooper (stepdaughter)

Flings & Affairs

Jeffrey O'Neill (one-night stand)

Richard Winslow (Engaged; deceased)

Wes (dated)

Josh Lewis (Lovers)

Alan Spaulding (affair)

Michael Masterson (dated, platonically)

Phillip Spaulding (lovers)

Buzz Cooper (one-night stand)

Josh Lewis (dated)

Frank Cooper (lovers)

Buzz Cooper (engaged)

Natalia Rivera (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Kept quiet about Edmund Winslow's plot to kill Reva Shayne [Augst 9, 1999]

Lied to an injured Josh Lewis that his ex-wife, Reva, hadn't visited him [September 14, 2000]

Hid a note from Marah Lewis to Josh Lewis, telling Josh that she'd gone away with Tony Santos [January 2, 2001]

Blackmailed Marah Lewis over her relationship with Tony Santos [February - March 8, 2001]

Used mob money to keep the San Cristobel project on schedule [April 6, 2001 - August 7, 2001]

Bribed government officials in San Cristobel [April 6, 2001 - August 7, 2001]

Kept quiet about Alan Spaulding framing Josh for bribery [Summer 2001]

Listened into a private phone conversation between Reva and Cassie [June 27, 2001]

Arrested for illegal stock transactions. (Charges dropped) [December 6, 2001]

Almost destroyed portrait of Regina Robechaux, which would have stranded Reva and Josh in 1940's Paris, France. [January 2, 2002]

Fought with Cassie Layne Winslow, in the mud, and later pulled an amused Alan Spaulding and Richard Winslow in with them [May 9, 2002]

Paid Edmund Winslow to sabotage Reva and Josh's wedding reception by sabotaging the lights at the Beacon [June 10, 2002]

Stole Lorelei Hills's diary [June 13, 2002]

Lied to Beth Raines that she had destroyed Lorelei Hills' diary [June 25, 2002]

Had Lorelie's diary published without Beth Raines's consent [July 2002]

Along wi, Phillip Spaulding, broke into Company and stayed there overnight [December 24, 2002]

Falsely accused Alex of killing Alan when she didn't respond to his second real heart attack. [January 7, 2003]

Lied to Alan that she had had a miscarriage [February 20, 2003]

Spiked Alan's champagne with a sleeping pill [February 20, 2003]

Stranded Alan on Mystic Island with no cellphone and by cutting the phone lines [February 20 - 25, 2003]

Suspect in Reva Shayne Lewis's stalking [February 24 - March 19, 2003]

Falsely jailed for Reva's stalking [March 4th - 6, 2003]

Falsely accused Alan of being Reva's stalker [March 14, 2003]

Threatened Holly Norris Reade with retribution from Spaulding Enterprises if Holly did print favorable story about Alan's illness [April 21st, 2003]

Lied about her baby being dead [Dec 2003 -- Jan 2004]

Injured herself and then lied that Phillip Spaulding had attacked her [May 6, 2004]

Committed fraud by using Phillip's proxy to sell his stock and then buy it for herself [Spring to June 2004]

Falsely accused Beth Raines of abducting Emma [August 3, 2004]

Committed fraud by marrying Bill Lewis in order to keep from being deported [October 14, 2004]

Attempted to blackmail Billy Lewis [April 2005]

Held Gus Aitoro captive in the Spaulding mansion basement [April 22, 2005 - May 5, 2005 (Alan released Gus)]

Secretly slipped alcohol into Billy's drink [October 6, 2005]

Suspected of being the Springfield blogger [August 18, 2006]

Nearly pushed Ava Peralta over a balcony during an argument [September 18, 2006]

While drunk, nearly ran down Ava with her car [September 20, 2006]

Hired a hit man to kill Ava [September 20, 2006]

Fled Springfield when a warrant was out for her arrest (for the near hit-and-run) [September 21st, 2006]

Lured Ava to the Spaulding garage in an effort to get her killed [September 29, 2006]

With Jeffrey O'Neill, kidnapped Alan-Michael Spaulding to warn him away from Ava [April 16, 2007]

Paid a man to mug Ava in order to help Ava secure Coop's attention [July 17, 2007]

Arrested for the attempted murder of Reva Shayne following a hit and run (not guilty; Reva quickly absolved her) [August 20, 2007]

chained herself to the bar in Chicago in an attempt to get the manager to divulge Natalia's whereabouts [July 22, 2009] Memorable Quote

Olivia to Gus Aitoro on March 31, 2008 at Cedar's Hospital. Gus suffered a severe head injury after a motorcycle crash. He has just told Olivia that he was out looking for her. He wanted to save her (by getting her to the hospital so she could get a new heart) A tearful Olivia responds:

"You did save me. Gus, you did save me...This time together has changed everything." (Hours later, Gus would die from his injuries and Olivia would be the recipient of his heart)

Brief Character History

Olivia Spencer had a nice quiet life on the island of San Cristobel until July 1999 when she came face to face with Reva Shayne. Years earlier, an amnesiac Reva lived in San Cristobel under the name Catherine and stole Richard Winslow away from Olivia. The pair married and had a son, Jonathan. Though jealous of Richard's love for Catherine and hating Catherine for it, she held no real malice and when Catherine's and Jonathan's life was in danger, Olivia agreed to get her out of the country and arranged for Jonathan to be raised by her sister, Marissa, and her husband Alfred. Richard, who had no idea of Olivia's actions, was devastated by the loss of his wife and child and turned to Olivia in friendship.

Years later, Olivia, now engaged to Richard, was shocked when Reva herself appeared in San Cristobel! Unfortunately, Richard learned of Reva's presence too and had her arrested! Furious at the woman who took away his son, and not wholly believing her amnesia story, Richard refused Olivia's pleas to release Reva and further distressed her by putting their engagement on hold. Soon however, Richard became convinced that Reva was telling the truth and released her. However, things still didn't bode well for Olivia since Richard and Reva started bonding again in an effort to revive her memory, in the hopes of locating their son. Later, Reva confronted Olivia with the knowledge that she remembered giving her baby to her! Cornered, Olivia told Reva that she did take the baby for safekeeping but he was dead now. When Richard learned of this, he rushed to confront Olivia for not telling him. Olivia then described where Jonathan was buried and pled with Richard to understand that she loved him.

Richard refused to forgive her deception, and told her that he hated her. Immediately after, Olivia and her sister, Marissa, made plans to leave the island. However, their plans were discovered by Richard and, knowing Richard had his guards looking for them, Olivia saw no choice but to tell Reva the truth--Jonathan was in fact alive. In the midst of all of this, Edmund had been encouraging Olivia to go along with his plans to kill Reva. Although Olivia balked at the idea, Edmund goaded her into silence by convincing her that with Reva out of the way, she'd have Richard to herself. However, Olivia had a change of heart and stopped Edmund from shooting Reva by knocking him unconscious, right before he accidentally shot Richard. Rattled, Olivia picked up the gun, and then was spotted by the police, who assumed she'd done the shooting.

On the run, Olivia went to Reva and convinced her that Edmund was behind the plot against her life. At first disbelieving, Reva suddenly had a memory flash and remembered that it was Edmund who'd tried to kill her and Jonathan years earlier. Although they put a plan in motion to expose Edmund during a masked ball, the plan backfired with Edmund kidnapping Reva. Although Richard initially refused to believe that Edmund was dangerous, soon he learned the truth and Reva was rescued. Afterwards, Olivia hid Jonathan away since she was convinced that he was better of with his adoptive parents since they were the only ones he'd ever known. Although she faced charges of treason for withholding Jonathan's whereabouts, she remained firm and refused to tell Richard where his son was.

In the midst of this, it was becoming obvious that Richard was still in love with Reva. Later, when Richard flew to Springfield to pursue Reva, Olivia followed and was befriended by Reva's estranged husband, Josh Lewis. When it became apparent that Reva would not remarry Richard, Olivia offered to marry him for the purpose of producing an heir. But Richard was too noble to let her marry a man whom she loved, but who didn't love her back, and he declined her offer but proposed to Reva's sister, Cassie. Dejected, Olivia attempted suicide with pills but luckily Josh saved her. Olivia then decided she needed a change and accepted Josh's offer to work at Lewis Construction. She also enjoyed Josh's company, to the consternation of Josh's daughter, Marah. However, Olivia's relationship with Marah did seem to improve in 2000, after Olivia rescued Marah from an attack from a boy named Chad and kept the secret from Josh.. Unfortunately for Olivia, Marah's friendship didn't last long once Josh and Olivia started dating. Marah simply couldn't take Olivia's presence in Josh's life since she wanted her parents to reconcile and even tried to trick Olivia on tape into "admitting" that she was using Josh. However, a savvy Olivia caught on to Marah's plan and told Josh about it and later berated Marah for her immaturity. As the months went by, Olivia and Josh's relationship intensified, however she still had to deal with resistance from Marah and Shayne, as well as Josh's lingering feelings toward Reva, who he was in the midst of divorcing.

Meanwhile, Olivia visited Alan Spaulding, the head of Spaulding Enterprises, to get him to accept Lewis Construction's bid for the Macedonia project. When Alan explained that they'd already accepted a lower bid. Olivia seductively convinced him to hire Lewis construction for the project. By the end of the year, Olivia and Josh were engaged and planned to marry on New Year's Eve. Although Marah tried to stop the wedding, by leaving a note for Josh, telling him that she'd gone off with mobster Tony Santos, Olivia hid the note from Josh and the wedding went as planned

As 2001 went on, Marah continued to voice her displeasure of her father's marriage to Olivia, so finally, to stop her interference, Olivia blackmailed Marah with her budding relationship with Tony , whom Olivia knew Josh disapproved of. Disgusted with Olivia, Marah broke down and told Josh the whole truth, including the blackmail. Although Josh was livid and chastised Olivia for her dishonesty, he forgave her. Meanwhile, continually insecure about his relationship with Reva, she tried to impress Josh and make his business a success. To do that, she helped to initiate the Harbor Project in San Cristobel by using old connections, including Edmund, who had just taken over the thrown. Olivia pitched her idea for the Harbor Project to Edmund and convinced a wary Edmund that the project was a win-win situation for both of them. Edmund hinted that he might consider giving the green light, but only if he received a substantial kickback. She promised to make a move to line up the money and he agreed to think about it.

Olivia then called Alan to ask for help in financing the project. Unfortunately, Edmund's authority wasn't as secure as he'd hoped. Knowing that Richard was planning a coup, he forced Olivia to give him secret information to help him to keep his power. When there was lack of money for the project, she bribed a government official in San Cristobel named Vreeland. By summer, Richard was back in power, as President, but to Olivia's dismay, Cassie was investigating corruption in the government, and Reva was becoming suspicious about Olivia's dealings in the Harbor Project. Desperate, Olivia contacted Alan and begged him to help her doctor the books. Luckily for Olivia, Alan agreed to help and told her that she owed him one. Soon after, Vreeland informed her that the Harbor Project is being used to launder money for the mob!.

When Cassie got closer to nailing Vreeland, he informed Olivia that since their project was now under such close scrutiny, he wanted more money. Olivia turned to Alan for more cash, but her message was intercepted by Claire Ramsey. Things got worse when Vreeland told Olivia that the Harbor Project was being abandoned. Worried that the Mafia would retaliate when their money-laundering front was cancelled, Olivia threatened to expose Vreeland's dirty dealings. Although she succeeded in scaring Vreeland, at this point, Josh was becoming suspicious and decided to close down the project himself. However, he relented when Olivia pleaded with him to keep it going and then she sought out more financial support from Alan. Alan agreed--on the condition that she sleep with him. Though she initially balked at the idea a financially strapped Olivia complied with his demand.

Unfortunately, Olivia was photographed giving money to Vreeland! Desperate, she called Alan, who agreed to help. Which he did--by finding the photographs and doctoring them to look like Josh had been bribing Vreeland! Although angry at Alan, Olivia refused to implicate herself and, though supporting Josh, she kept quiet. Soon after, Olivia was shocked when Josh was cleared and the picture was doctored again to include a member of the mafia. In the meanwhile, Alan and Olivia continued their affair in order to finance the Harbor Project. Unfortunately thanks to Reva, Josh started to become suspicious of her relationship with Alan, as well as her professional ethics. Suspecting that Olivia was giving Alan information, Josh tricked her by giving her sensitive information about Lewis Construction. As he suspected, Olivia went to Alan, who used the information to purchase a large chunk of the company. Arrested for insider trading, Olivia threw herself into Josh's arms and pleaded with him to forgive her, but he refused and threw her out of the house.

In 2002, Olivia officially got involved with Alan and began taking an active role in the Spaulding business empire. With Alan's help, she also purchased half of a run-down hotel, The Beacon. To her horror, Cassie Winslow, Richard's wife, was the owner of the other half, but after a few failed schemes to get Cassie's half, Olivia gave up and declared an uneasy truce with her rival. Though Olivia was attracted to Alan because he was so similar to her and accepting of her dark side, she soon became drawn to his son, Phillip, because he was her dream man, a white knight, flawless in her eyes. She realized the danger in playing games with father and son, but didn't care, shamelessly flirting with him. One day in the hot tub, Phillip saw a jealous Alan spying on them, and grabbed Olivia for a passionate clinch. Both parties were shaken to the core, no matter how much they told themselves it was just a game. Olivia began working to sabotage Beth and Phillip's relationship, finding the diary Beth's alternate personality Lorelei had kept, and sending it to a book publisher friend. After the damage was done, she had the friend claim Lorelei had given him the copy, further damaging Beth in her family's eyes. As she and Phillip got closer and closer, Olivia's visiting brother Sam discovered that her earrings were being bugged.

Olivia deduced Alan as the culprit and planned another game with Phillip to get Alan back. They placed themselves on the bed, waiting for him to arrive. Once again they got carried away and began making out. Alan walked in, took one look at them, and apparently had heart attack. Not realizing that Alan was faking, Olivia and Phillip stayed away from each other as best they could. Olivia agreed to marry Alan as well as sign an extreme prenuptial agreement that said she would lose her half of the hotel if she cheated before the wedding. But she and Phillip kissed in the elevator moments before the ceremony, and Alex pocketed the security tape. The next few months Olivia was faithful in spite of her growing love for Phillip, but Alex's Thanksgiving Day revelation that Olivia had published Lorelei's Diary erased all her progress in the family's eyes. Although furious, Alan forgave Olivia and wanted to have a baby with her. But Olivia wasn't ready for a baby, so Alan switched her birth control pills with placebos.

When Alex eventually gave her the security tape, Olivia cut it up and made the mistake of leaving the remains in her desk drawer. Alan found the tape, saw the wedding date on the front, and, assuming this was some sort of present for him, had his people put the tape back together. To his horror, Olivia and Phillip's smooch was right in front of his eyes. Alan threw her out of the house and into the cold, days before Christmas. Not only that, he was invoking the prenup to take the hotel and everything else she owned. Olivia begged and pleaded for another chance, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. When he told her he was going after Phillip as well, she defended Phillip in spite of the wrath she was bringing on herself. Alan was so thrown by her obvious love for his son that he had a heart attack...for real this time! While he was in the midst of the attack, Alex said it was "real this time". Phillip and Olivia heard this remark and, after Phillip threatened to cancel the ambulance, Alan admitted he had faked his last attack. Olivia was outraged! She felt like a complete fool and refused to see or speak to Alan in the hospital. Phillip came to visit her at the Beacon, and, with no reason to deny their feelings now, they wildly made love.

still confused about whether to end her marriage, in January 2003, Olivia went out of town to visit her sister and clear her head. While away, she made her choice and sent Phillip a priority letter saying she wanted to be with him and for him to meet her at the Beacon. Unfortunately, Alan intercepted the letter and kept it from Phillip. When Olivia arrived at the Beacon, Alan, and not Phillip, was there to greet her. Hurt and vulnerable, Olivia let herself be seduced by Alan only to have Phillip arrive at the Beacon the next morning and find the two together. Disgusted that she'd fall into Alan's arms so soon, Phillip walked away. When Olivia tried to explain the situation, Phillip revealed that he never got the letter. Though the pair figured out that Alan intercepted the letter, that didn't matter to Phillip who decided he'd be better off not chasing after his father's wife. Not long after, Olivia received another shock--she was pregnant! Her confusion as to which man was the father intensified when she discovered that Alan had her birth control pills replaced with placebos. Angry that Alan had been manipulating her for weeks, Olivia went with him on a romantic getaway to Mystic Island only to confront him about his manipulations. Bitter, she wove an elaborate lie about how the pills made her barren and it was all Alan's fault. She then drugged Alan and successfully stranded him on the island so that he'd be unable to stall her divorce.

That summer, Alan's sister, Alexandra, doctored the paternity test Phillip secretly ordered. Keeping quiet about the results (that named Alan as the father), he accused Olivia of lying when she announced that she had her own test done and Phillip was the father. Olivia couldn't forgive Phillip's mistrust and asked him to stay away from her. Meanwhile Olivia was becoming increasingly worried about Phillip's teenaged daughter, Lizzie..After failing to convince Phillip and Lizzie's doctor that Lizzie was emotionally troubled, Olivia had a fall at the Beacon. Knowing that Lizzie was full of jealousy and resentment toward her and her unborn child, Olivia was convinced that Lizzie caused her fall since it was Lizzie who initially pointed out that the carpet she tripped over was torn in the first place.

Believing that Lizzie sabotaged the carpet after it had been fixed, Olivia told Cassie she had to stay away from Phillip because of Lizzie. However her conversation was overheard by Lizzie's grandmother, Lillian, who believed Olivia's sincerity and confronted Lizzie with the accusation. In the end, Phillip finally realized that his daughter needed help and Olivia confessed that she was afraid to have her child around her. Though an anxious Phillip, who'd been suffering from panic attacks, tried to convince Olivia to marry him, she saw that he was only asking because he wanted to provide a home for the child she was carrying, not because he loved her. Not long after she gave Phillip a non-answer to his marriage proposal, Olivia received a shock. The night of her baby shower, she found the head of a doll in the baby's crib! Horrified, Olivia decided she had to get as far away from Lizzie as possible and left Springfield. A few months later, Olivia returned to town with the news that she'd lost her baby. Expecting to just tell Phillip the news and leave, Olivia was shocked to learn that Phillip had had a nervous breakdown and was at Ravenwood Mental Hospital. Persuaded by the family that it might do Phillip good to see her, Olivia was horrified when an irrational Phillip attacked her thinking she was a vision.

Very concerned about Phillip, Olivia started working at Spaulding again at the beginning of 2004. Though the rest of the family thought it would be best for Olivia to lie to Phillip about the baby, Phillip's doctor, Christopher Langham, disagreed and told her that the truth just might snap Phillip back into reality. Unfortunately, he was wrong since the news of his baby's death only sent Phillip deeper into himself, mumbling that it was his fault. However, unbeknownst to everyone, Olivia was lying. It turned out that her brother Sam was taking care of her newborn baby whom she named Emma. Wanting Emma to have a financially secure life, Olivia, after learning from Christopher that Phillip was improving and was more aware of his surroundings yet chose to remain in his fugue state, visited Phillip and told him she'd marry him. Though Phillip's family suspected that Olivia was up to something by the time they got to Ravenwood; it was too late. Her position as Phillip's wife secure, Olivia set out to solidify her power base at Spaulding and made sure Emma was provided for by having Phillip change his will. Meanwhile, she kept a firm hold on Phillip, limiting his visitors, and often answering questions posed to Phillip herself. Although Olivia had planned to keep Emma's existence a secret, her plans were upset when Cassie followed Olivia one day and heard Emma crying. Cassie insisted that Phillip had to know the truth and so against her better judgment, Olivia showed Phillip their daughter and urged him not to tell anyone of her existence.

Unfortunately for Olivia, Phillip proved to be loose cannon and revealed to others that Emma was alive. Although Beth and Phillip's best friend, Rick, dismissed Phillip's claims as denial, Lizzie was very suspicious. As Olivia was gaining more and more power at Spaulding, she was losing control of her situation with Phillip, who appeared to be getting worse and who'd stopped taking his medication. Not long after, Olivia was horrified when Emma suddenly disappeared from the house.

As time went by, Phillip and Olivia started playing a dangerous game with each other, with Olivia playing the concerned, dutiful wife and with Phillip physically intimidating her. Meanwhile, Olivia continued her plan to buy more shares of Spaulding. Then one day, Olivia was shocked and unsettled to find Phillip at home! Although she assumed that he'd escaped Ravenwood, he assured her that he'd been released after receiving ECT treatments. Aware that Phillip was purposely trying to scare her, Olivia remained uneasy and unsettled. Finally, Phillip got his revenge on Olivia by blackmailing her with the knowledge that she had illegally purchased Spaulding stock. With the choice between prison and staying married, Olivia was forced to bow down to Phillip's wishes. Cold and calculating, Phillip set out to embarrass Olivia and keep her under his thumb. In addition, he had Olivia trailed and cut off access to her bank accounts, in the event she'd try to leave.

Throughout all this, Olivia started having random, unexpected meetings with Josh's nephew, Bill, and tried help him over his anger and despair over losing his fiancée. However, Bill was in no mood for her sympathy and one night, in an effort to shut her up, he pulled her into a kiss! Although they both maintained that the kiss meant nothing, it was obvious that there were sparks. At the same time Bill was trying, not very successfully, to handle losing Eden, Olivia was continuing to buy up more stock at Spaulding Enterprises only to learn that someone else was buying as well. It didn't take her long to realize that that someone was Bill! Although he initially tried to deny it, it was obvious to her that he was bulking up on Spaulding stock and she suggested they combine their assets to bring down the Spauldings. In the meantime, for his final act of revenge, Phillip demanded that Olivia resign from Spaulding and tried to get her to spy on Bill. Eventually, on the day of Harley Cooper's wedding to Gus Aitoro, Phillip finally gave Olivia what she wanted--a divorce.

Mere days later, Olivia was shocked when Phillip ran off with Emma! Although he had only spirited her away on a vacation, Olivia knew he was trying to intimidate her and went to Bill again with a plan to destroy him. This time, he accepted her offer. Together they formed "Slingshot Enterprises". In the course of trying to bring down Spaulding Enterprises, Olivia and Bill grew closer and after Bill succeeded in hacking into Alan's computer to obtain a list of investors, the pair celebrated by making love. Later, Olivia discovered that Phillip was trying to obtain the building that housed Lewis Construction and bought the building herself in order to keep it out of Phillip's hands. Meanwhile, the day after Bill refused to tell Phillip where Phillip's ex-wife, Harley was, Olivia was detained by INS agents, who she believed were sent by Phillip. While Olivia was sent to jail, awaiting deportation back to San Cristobel , Bill surprised her with a proposal--a marriage proposal that would keep her in the country. A few weeks later, Olivia was summoned to meet Phillip at the Spaulding mansion. However, when she got there she only found Beth and Harley, whom Phillip also asked to see. Finally, Phillip showed up and apologized to the women for all the pain he'd caused and stated that he was calling a truce. He then left, leaving the woman skeptical as to Phillip's sincerity.

That same day, the women were shocked when they discovered that Phillip had made off with all of his children! A few days later, thanks to a wedding gift from Phillip, Bill and Olivia discovered who was actually responsible for the order to deport Olivia--Billy. Enraged that he could have cost her her daughter, Olivia lashed out at Billy and ran off.. Days later, Olivia was summoned by Phillip to meet him at Company at 9pm that night--if she did, and told no one of the meeting, she'd get Emma back. That night, Olivia arrived to find that not only had Phillip summoned others, but also he was lying on the ground from a gunshot wound. Although others were shocked by this latest development, Olivia reveled in the fact that the man who'd made her life hell had been shot. Soon after, Phillip was declared dead and Alan was convinced that Olivia pulled the trigger. Soon after, the missing children were found. After making a spectacle of herself at Phillip's funeral, Olivia was accused by both Alan and Lizzie of killing Phillip, and weeks later, Frank interrogated Olivia, revealing that he knew about the stock fraud. After, Beth attacked Olivia for all her crimes against the Spauldings. Later, a desperate Olivia made plans to flee Springfield with Emma, but before she could get to the airport, she was kidnapped by Bill who tried to persuade her to stay. Although a frightened Olivia planned on escaping, she changed her mind and stayed with Bill.

Several weeks later, Olivia was lured to Ravenwood for a meeting with Alan and found herself trapped! After a time, Alan visited her and threatened to have her committed to Ravenwood unless Bill dropped his plans to adopt Emma. Having no clue that Bill was planning that, a pleasantly surprised Olivia defended Bill as a father figure to Emma. Unfortunately, Alan was not going to allow Phillip's enemy to raise his daughter and reiterated his threat. Seeing no choice, Olivia was forced to comply. Knowing Bill would force the issue if he knew of the threat, Alan instructed Olivia to inform Bill that she was the one who was against him adopting Emma. Unfortunately for Olivia, Alan didn't quite trust her to keep her word and let her stay at Ravenwood for several days so she'd know he was serious about his threat.

Luckily for the pair, in 2005, Bill was able to get an emergency call out to Billy to ask him to break him and Olivia out of Ravenwood. Now out, Olivia went to Alan and claimed her daughter. Very soon after, Bill and Olivia were both questioned by an inquisitive stranger and started to get the feeling that something was up. A few weeks later they realized what happened when Alan called the pair to the mansion to let them see a show he had produced. The show was called Unsolvable Mysteries which speculated that Olivia and Bill were in on Phillip's murder. Although Olivia threatened to sue Alan for slander, he pointed out that it was only a possible theory, not an outright accusation. Knowing the unwanted publicity had the potential to sink her young company. Alan hinted to Olivia that all troubles could disappear if only she would dump Bill. Defeated, Olivia asked Bill to take back his offer to officially adopt Emma. Bill agreed but then realized that by keeping this information from Alan, they might be able to use it against him. Later, Bill attacked Alan, seemingly furious over the tabloid show Alan produced and its effects on his business venture with Olivia. Before Bill could do real damage though, Olivia suddenly arrived and broke up the fight, sending Bill away and offering Alan a deal--she would talk Bill out of adopting Emma if Alan promised not to attack her business any longer. Luckily for them, Alan agreed to the deal.

In the meantime, Harley had been arrested for Phillip's murder. Although Olivia wasn't too concerned, feeling that Phillip had gotten what he deserved and it was better for Harley to suffer than her, Bill continued to show Harley his support. Bill's support of Harley rankled Olivia, especially when Bill offered to help Harley on the stand when he testified. Later, in court, Bill went against Olivia's wishes when he testified that he was the mastermind behind the plot to get Phillip and named Olivia as a witness to that. Soon after, Olivia got a visit from Alan informing her that if Harley was found innocent, he'd make sure the investigation turned to her. He then produced proof of Olivia's intention to flee the country hours after the murder. Shaken, Olivia was forced to make sure that Harley's prosecution would not be derailed by this surprise witness.

In order to get some dirt to destroy the witness's credibility, Olivia followed him and was shocked to see him meeting with Gus! Taking a photograph with her cell phone and gives it to Alan, to assure that she stayed out of prison. The plan worked. The photograph proved that Gus had indeed paid the witness to lie. Wondering who provided this evidence, Bill was shocked to see the photo (thanks to Alan) in Olivia's cell phone--she betrayed Harley! Bill confronted Olivia who admitted that she was the one who exposed Gus's connection to the witness. Olivia insisted that she was fighting for her life and for Emma's (since Alan was exuding pressure on her to make sure Harley was found guilty) but Bill declared that he couldn't accept what she did.

However, Bill surprised Olivia later by defending her to Billy when he tried to warn Bill that Olivia couldn't be trusted. Gus was determined to clear Harley and began asking Olivia a lot of questions. Although he pretended to be her friend, it was obvious that he suspected Olivia of murdering Phillip. Later, afraid of what Gus's investigation might to do her, Olivia took desperate measures by having Gus kidnapped! Holding him captive for weeks, Gus eventually escaped. Then in an effort to get her to confess he kidnapped Emma and sent a message stating she'd only get her daughter if she returned to Springfield. Olivia returned and held Gus at gunpoint. Olivia nearly cracked, apparently on the verge of confessing to something when Bill stepped in and convinced her to drop the gun. Suddenly, Emma ran in to see her mother, and Gus had no choice but to give up. Later, Olivia convinced everyone that she did not kill Phillip while Bill's adoption of Emma was finalized.

In mid summer, Olivia was rocked by news that her sister, Marissa, died. Although it was called a boating accident, the authorities weren't ruling out foul play. Very soon after, Reva approached Olivia looking for information on Marissa's husband, Alfred. Reva then pointed out a man she knew as Nate and asked her who that was. That man wasn't Nate, it was Alfred! Suspecting that Alfred, whom she never liked, murdered her sister, Olivia wanted to call the police but Reva convinced her to let her deal with it personally in order to get revenge for how Alfred treated Jonathan. In the end, Jonathan sacrificed his freedom to save Tammy Winslow from Alfred, who ultimately ended up dead by Josh's hand.

A few weeks later, Bill met a woman named Ava Paralta who was working at his father's bar. Impressed with this intelligent young woman, Bill impulsively got her a job as Olivia's assistant. Ambitious, not only for herself, but for Bill as well, Olivia lobbied for Bill to land a huge Venezuelan account. Bill, however, was reluctant since he thought it was too much of a project; he though Josh or his father would be better suited to handle it. Though Olivia tried to use her knowledge about the Venezuelans' working style to set Billy up for disaster, to her dismay, it was Billy, not Bill, who successfully charmed the Venezuelan clients. Although Bill admitted that he was happy not to be consumed by big business, Olivia became upset that her husband's ambitions were waning and took drastic action--she set an unsuspecting Billy up to drink an alcoholic drink. She then alerted Josh that Billy had fallen off the wagon. With Billy drinking again, Josh had no choice but to put Bill on the Venezuelan project.

That same evening, Bill received a call from Ava and realized that his father fell off the wagon. Bill raced to the bar and tried to get Billy to go home, but he was unable to get through to Billy. When Reva arrived, she convinced him to let her take Billy home. When Bill returned to Olivia, he became unsettled by her lack of compassion for Billy. Suspecting something, Bill went back to the bar and started asking Ava questions, and learned that Olivia was the one who led Billy to drink. A furious Bill confronted Olivia who made up one excuse after another before finally admitting that she was responsible. Bill responded by walking out on her. The next day, Bill informed Olivia that was going to Venezuela--alone---for an extended period of time. Although a tearful Olivia begged him to work on their marriage, Bill told her that he was tired of dealing with her insecurities and needed to get away from her. After biding a tearful goodbye to Olivia, as well as Emma, Bill left town for Venezuela.

That night, a crushed Olivia was visited by Josh who was looking for Bill. Sad and alone, Olivia asked him to stay for a while and he complied. She and Josh soon began to bond over their broken marriages. It wasn't long before Olivia began seeking out Josh's company, though trying to make it seem like their meetings were innocent. She also made a friend of Buzz Cooper who provided tea and sympathy. Meanwhile, Olivia's attention on Josh didn't get lost on Reva, who suspected that Olivia was to blame for Billy's drinking. Finally, Reva confronted Olivia and gloated about her and Josh's recent lovemaking. The pair exchanged words and Reva stated that although she may not want to reconcile with Josh, she'd do anything to keep Olivia from having him. Unfortunately for Reva, Josh overheard the comment and blasted her. From that point on, Josh and Olivia became closer. Not long after, Olivia was excited to get a message from Bill. Thinking he wanted to reconcile, she was devastated when she was served with divorce papers. She then laid a seduction trap for Josh. Knowing what she was doing, and having learned about the divorce papers, Josh offered her a friendly shoulder to cry on – but nothing more. Afterwards, Olivia ended the day sharing wine and baklava with Buzz while describing her idea of the perfect man. Buoyed by the discussion, Olivia attempted again to seduce Josh and two ended up sharing a kiss. Josh then pulled away from his kiss with Olivia and stammered out a series of reasons why this was not a good idea. A sentiment that Reva echoed when she unexpectedly dropped by.

After an awkward Christmas at the Lewises, Olivia accepted a date from Frank Cooper. Unfortunately, due a misunderstanding, she didn't know it was supposed to be a date. However, she was a good sport and let him accompany her to a concert. However, when Frank was called away on police business, Olivia tried to phone Josh. Buzz stopped her and tried to encourage her to give Frank a try, explaining why he was a good guy. In 2006, Olivia continued to see Frank while at the same time going after Josh. Josh, though realizing he was being played, didn't seem to mind initially. Meanwhile, weeks later, Billy confronted Olivia with the knowledge that he knew she was the one who pushed him off the wagon. Seeing Josh, Olivia suddenly burst into tears and fell into his arms, but Josh knew she was faking and called her on it.. Soon after, Buzz warned Olivia that he overheard Billy and Reva talking about telling Josh her secret. After kissing Buzz on the cheek, Olivia went off to tell Josh the truth herself. However, Olivia sugar-coated what happened--by making it sound like she suspected Billy was drinking that night but didn't stop it. Slightly taken aback, Josh assured her that it wasn't her fault--no one made Billy continue to drink; that was his doing. Soon after, Reva and Billy came in and tried to tell Josh what happened. However, he told them to mind their own business since it just sounded like they were attacking Olivia.

Weeks later, Josh finally made it clear to Olivia that they were just friends. But Olivia couldn't accept that and suddenly invited Josh to an inn on Valentine's Day. She claimed she was considering buying it and wanted to try out her investment so she invited him as well as the Cooper family. Olivia was all set to seduce Josh when suddenly Frank informed Olivia that the lamp didn't work in his room. However, that was just a set up to get Olivia in the room which was filled with candle light and contained a bucket of champagne for them. Frank confessed how much he cared for Olivia and how he believed they could be good together. Olivia was genuinely charmed and responded to his kiss. Unfortunately, their moment was ruined when a smoke detector went off. Afterwards, Olivia went to see Josh and hopefully seduce him. However, Josh knew that he was being played and cruelly told her that he would not let her ruin his life again. Crushed by his words, Olivia broke down. In the other room, Buzz heard her and went to comfort her. As Buzz was telling Olivia what a wonderful woman she was, things took a passionate turn and the two made love. As the weeks went by, Olivia continued to enjoy Buzz's company and volunteered to stay away from Frank if Buzz asked her to, he didn't. Despite having a strong attraction to Buzz, Olivia tried to convince herself that Frank was the man she should be with.

Finally, Buzz visited Olivia to ask if she was happy with Frank. Olivia insisted she was and then suggested they forget their encounter ever happened, but was offended when Buzz quickly agreed. Unfortunately, Frank overheard their discussion--thus finding out about their tryst. Angry, Frank railed at Olivia and his father, asking Buzz why he wasn't honest enough to go after Olivia himself. He then angrily denounced them both. Afterwards, Olivia asked Buzz if he still had feelings for her, but he wouldn't admit it. About a week later, Olivia cornered Frank and dared him to give her another try. He agreed but refused to forgive Buzz.

Meanwhile, Cassie sold her half of the Beacon Hotel to Olivia in exchange for Olivia selling back the Cross Creek cabin to the Lewis family. Later, Frank asked Olivia to move in with him. Though she turned him down, the pair ended up making love. Weeks later, Olivia seemed to change her mind. Although Olivia still planned to move in with Frank, it was clear the person she clicked with was Buzz. Throughout all of this, Olivia periodically clashed with Ava, who was working at Company. Ava felt that Olivia was a manipulative user and Olivia felt that Ava wasn't as sweet and innocent as she claimed to be. Finally, at the Bauer Barbecue, Frank shocked Olivia by telling her that they shouldn't move in together since Buzz was he person she wanted to be with. Olivia tearfully informed Buzz that Frank had broken up with her. As Buzz comforted her, they fell into a passionate kiss. The next day, Olivia admitted to Buzz that she may have overstated Frank's position--he didn't technically break up with her. Buzz was furious but Olivia admitted that she was confused because Frank did reject her. Olivia then went to ask Frank to give their relationship another chance but he bitterly told her he knew everything about the previous night. Olivia quickly figured out that Ava must have spotted the kiss and confronted her.

A few weeks later, Olivia found herself in a harrowing situation when she and Ava were at the Beacon Hotel when a fire broke out. While trying to get out, a door fell on Ava. Though she did try to move the door, Olivia couldn't budge it and, terrified about where Emma was, Olivia left Ava alone in the burning building. Luckily Buzz rescued Olivia who was thrilled to discover that Emma was nowhere near the fire. Afterwards, Ava, who had been rescued by Alan-Michael, angrily accused Olivia of leaving her in the fire to die. Buzz defended Olivia and Olivia, touched by his support, kissed him. A few days later, Olivia apologized to Buzz for coming between him and his sons. After Frank implied that he believed Ava's story, Olivia asked Buzz if he believed she purposely left Ava in the fire. Instead of answering, Buzz kissed her. At the same time, someone was posting damaging photographs of Springfield citizens on a blog at SpringfieldBurns.com. One day, Frank confronted Olivia with pictures he'd found in her handbag from that site. When questioned, Olivia insisted that she was being framed and accused Ava of not only framing her but being behind the website. To prove her innocence, Olivia went to her laptop to access the site. There on the front page is a picture of her with this message: FAMILY FIRST. NOT FOR THIS SPRINGFIELD MOM. REMEMBER LABOR DAY." Shocked, Olivia promptly fainted. She later revealed to Buzz her darkest secret--she killed her mother.

Actually, her mother had a stroke during a vicious argument with a teenaged Olivia. Still guilt-ridden, Olivia expected that Buzz to leave her, but he insisted that he was there for the long haul. When Buzz asked what the argument was about, Olivia became evasive. To distract a depressed Olivia, Buzz suggested they see a movie; however Emma's babysitter had to leave suddenly. in an attempt to bury the hatchet, Buzz suggested that Olivia ask Coop and Ava to babysit Emma. In the meantime, in an attempt to bury the hatchet, Buzz suggested that Olivia ask Coop and Ava to babysit her daughter, Emma. the pair agreed. While babysitting, Emma snuck a bottle of Ava's perfume out of her bag and drank it. Olivia arrived home to find her daughter unconscious and blamed Ava. Buzz, Olivia, Coop, and Ava rushed the child to the hospital. Ava blamed herself while Olivia accused Ava of deliberately hurting Emma as payback for Olivia.

Though Olivia tried to have Ava arrested, Frank refused and Buzz warned her not to play the Coopers against one another. Soon a world-class pediatrician was assigned to look at an ill Emma. However, when Olivia learned that Ava was involved in getting the specialist (Alan-Michael flew him in) she was anything but grateful. As the women argued, things got violent and Olivia nearly pushed Ava over a balcony. Later, Olivia recalled the argument that caused her mother to have a stroke and die. They were fighting about a teenage Olivia's pregnancy. Olivia suddenly remarked to Buzz that she couldn't lose another child, but then covered. Afterwards, Ava reported Olivia's assault to Frank. Distraught at the possibility of losing Emma, Olivia got drunk and in a fit of rage nearly ran Ava down with her car. Though she got a hold of herself and stopped in time, an angry Ava threatened to tell Frank about it when Emma got better. To protect herself, a shaken Olivia called a hit man to take care of Ava. That same day, Emma finally woke up and told Olivia that she had a dream about her sister--and it wasn't Lizzie. Emma's words reminded Olivia of the baby girl she gave up for adoption as a teen, so she went to Jeffrey and asked him to hook her up with his government contacts in San Cristobel. Soon she got a file on her daughter's adoptive parents.

In the meantime, Olivia fled to Chicago to avoid getting arrested and to track down her daughter's adoptive father. The man stated that he and his wife divorced many years earlier and their daughter took the name of her stepfather, but he couldn't remember what it was. Finally, Frank tracked down Olivia and arrested her for the assault on Ava. Back at home,, Olivia realized the hit was still out on and initially called the hit man to stop it. However, when Buzz suggested they needed to take a break from each other, Olivia blamed Ava and became enraged when she saw her with Emma. Telling Gillespie the hit was back on, Olivia lured Ava to the Spaulding parking garage for a meeting. Soon after Buzz apologized to Olivia, she received a call from the man she talked to in Chicago. He informed her that the name of her daughter's stepfather was Peralta!

Needing more proof, Olivia snuck into Ava's room where she found a picture of Ava's mother—the woman who adopted Olivia's baby. She also saw an old baby photo of Ava and was astonished at how much she looked like Emma. Realizing it was true, Olivia told Coop it was imperative to get in touch with Ava right away. She then tried to track down Gillespie to stop the hit but he informed her that it was too late. Fortunately, he was mistaken—Ava had escaped and was still alive. However, she now knew that it was Olivia who set up the attack on her and threatened to tell the police unless Olivia confessed. As she was being led away Olivia blurted out the truth—she was Ava's mother! Olivia informed a disbelieving Ava, that she became pregnant as a teenager and gave her baby girl up for adoption. Ava refused to believe it but Olivia showed her the proof. Shocked and angry, Ava had Olivia arrested anyway. Luckily, Alan got Olivia out on bail, which didn't make Buzz happy since that put her in debt to Alan.

Meanwhile, Olivia confessed to Buzz that when she was 16, she went to a party at the Embassy, had too much champagne and was taken upstairs by one of the guests. He began touching her and she blacked out; when she woke up, she realized he'd had sex with her. She was thrown out of the Embassy and returned home. Several days later, she learned that she was pregnant. When she returned to the Embassy and told them what had happened, they told her that no one would believe her story, paid her off and sent her home. Then, she told her mother, who blamed her for the whole thing and wouldn't let her have an abortion. Finally, the day of the trial, Ava stated that no crime was committed. When Olivia confronted her, Ava angrily stated she did it to prove she was nothing like Olivia. Through it all, Buzz kept trying to convince Olivia that she needed to forgive Ava, as well as her father in order to find peace. However, forgiveness didn't come easily for Olivia. After a disastrous dinner with Buzz, Coop, and Olivia, Ava demanded that Olivia tell her the truth about her father but Olivia refused to tell her who it was.

Olivia and Ava's relationship slowly started to improve. Later, Olivia was shocked to see a familiar face in Springfield--the man the ambassador sent to get rid of her when a pregnant Olivia reported the assault. Olivia. Olivia confronted the man (Ditkins) who reluctantly admitted that he remembered. When Olivia demanded to know the name of the man who attacked her all those years ago, Ditkins replied. ‘He's right behind you,' Olivia turned around and was shocked to see a poster of Jeffrey smiling down on her. Ditkins went on to explain that Jeffrey did not have the same face then as he does now. He went on to explain that they recruited Jeffrey since they knew what he was guilty of. When Olivia spotted Jeffrey wearing a St. Jude's medal she recognized it as being similar to the one her assailant wore and realized Jeffrey was the one who raped her. Just as Olivia was about to publicly announce what Jeffrey did to her while he was holding a press conference, Mallet interrupted her by taking Jeffrey in for questioning. Olivia followed Jeffrey and angrily confronted him. She told him about her pregnancy and told him not to worry about the baby; she got rid of her.

Later, Jeffrey flashed back to Olivia's words and suddenly realized that if Olivia had gotten rid of the child while she was pregnant, she couldn't have known it was a girl. Jeffrey confronted Olivia who admitted that she put the girl up for adoption. Jeffrey agreed to not look for the girl as long as Olivia never made his past public. Meanwhile, since she learned from Coop that Alan-Michael was helping Ava find her birth father, Olivia gave Alan-Michael a false lead. Unfortunately, Ava (as well as Buzz and Coop) learned the truth when they walked in on an argument between Olivia and Jeffrey. The truth out, Olivia went to the paper and leaked about Jeffrey's past. However, Jeffrey denied having taken advantage of Olivia--he claimed it was consensual. Soon after, Olivia went to San Cristobel to gather her thoughts. Reading her childhood diary, Olivia suddenly realized that she had been drinking the night of the Embassy party. Not only that, she made herself look older and flirted with Jeffrey. At the same time, Jeffrey was on the island as well and when they cane face to face they both admitted that they were party to blame for what happened. Back in Springfield, Olivia accepted Buzz's marriage proposal.

In 2007, Olivia happily planned her wedding to Buzz. Meanwhile, Jeffrey approached Olivia about his concerns about Ava moving into the mansion to take care of a supposedly paralyzed Alan-Michael. Later, a conflicted Ava turned to Olivia for advice when she became concerned that perhaps she was attracted to Alan-Michael's money. Olivia assured her that she was not a gold-digger but advised her to stay away form Alan-Michael. Ava ignored the advice. In the meantime, Beth testified in open court that Alan-Michael was faking his paralysis. Jeffrey asked Olivia to help him prove it. As Alan-Michael was on the stand denying it, Olivia suddenly walked in with the evidence proving that Alan-Michael could walk the day he father was shot: a surveillance tape. Soon after, Ava blasted Olivia for humiliating Alan-Michael in public. Though Olivia tried to tell her that she and Jeffrey did it for her, Ava was still furious. Days later, Ava asked her parents to help her keep Doris Wolfe from taking control of Spaulding.

Though Jeffrey refused to help since he believed that Alan-Michael was a bigger threat, Olivia agreed to help. Several days later, Jeffrey punched Alan-Michael out when he insulted Olivia. When she helped Jeffrey with his bruised hand, she admitted that while nothing would excuse what he did to her when they were young, she recognized that he is not that same person now. Their faces came close, but they resisted a kiss. Afterwards, a guilty Olivia was anxious to set a wedding date with Buzz. Meanwhile, the Olivia and Jeffrey were still concerned about Ava's relationship with Alan-Michael and kidnapped Alan-Michael to warn him away from her. Though Jeffrey tried to bribe him, Alan-Michael refused to concede to their demands. When Alan-Michael suggested that he and Olivia work together to reclaim Spaulding, she abruptly rejected his offer and finally let him loose. Later, Olivia was swept away when Buzz insisted that they marry ASAP.

Meanwhile, Ava was concerned about Olivia's anger toward Jeffrey and encouraged him to accept his invitation to her wedding. Jeffrey declined though Ava was able to convince him to visit Olivia the night before her wedding and ask for her forgiveness. Unfortunately, Jeffrey showed up at Olivia's slightly inebriated and ended up pulling her into a passionate kiss. Even more unfortunate, Alan Michael had not only seen the whole thing but had taken pictures. As revenge for the kidnapping, Alan-Michael sent the photos to Buzz who quickly confronted Olivia. It didn't take long for Olivia to figure out that Alan-Michael had taken the photos and she tried to tell Buzz that she pushed Jeffrey away after he kissed her. Since there were too many photos Buzz knew she couldn't have pushed him away immediately. Though Olivia insisted that she loved Buzz, he was unforgiving and walked out. Devastated Olivia went to Jeffrey who held Olivia's wrists as she tried to hit him and the two kissed – just as Buzz arrived to see. This time, Olivia owned up to the kisses and stated that although she did love Buzz she had feelings for Jeffrey that she didn't understand. Though Buzz was willing to forgive Olivia, she was unwilling to marry him, thinking that she didn't really deserve him. Several days later, Olivia gave Buzz back his engagement ring.

Later, Olivia unexpectedly arrived at Jeffrey's and tried to seduce him. Though he tried to turn down her advances, he was about to give in when Reva called him. From that point on, Jeffrey began spending more and more time with Reva; a fact that annoyed Olivia. Finally, Jeffrey agreed to have dinner with Olivia to see if their relationship could progress further. Unfortunately, he got wrapped up in helping Reva and forgot about his date. Furious at seeing Jeffrey with Reva, Olivia was even more upset to learn that he and Reva slept together. Later, Olivia tried to bait Josh into helping to break up Jeffrey and Reva but to no avail. In the meantime, Olivia tried to help Ava secure Coop's attentions by arranging for Ava to be mugged. Unfortunately, the man she hired was overzealous and ended up injuring Ava. At Cedars, Ava quickly realized that Olivia set up the mugging but kept quiet in front of Jeffrey, whose attention Olivia was enjoying. However, things got complicated when Coop pointed out the mugging seemed strange since no money was taken and Ava wasn't physically assaulted. He theorized that the mugger may have been sending a message.

Worried, Olivia booked a one way ticket to Mexico for the man she hired. Unfortunately, a suspicious Reva overheard confronted Olivia about setting up the mugging. Their conversation was overheard by Jeffrey who told Olivia he wanted nothing more to do with her. In the meantime, Olivia knew that Reva was under suspicion for having kidnapped Lizzie for a few days and broke into Cross Creek to look for incriminating evidence. She stumbled upon a DVD marked 'J' and assumed it was about Jeffrey. When she slipped it in, she was surprised to see baby Sarah instead, alive and well. Not long after, Reva's oldest son, Dylan, was injured in a car accident. After donating blood for a blood transfusion, Olivia informed Reva that she knew that Jonathan had faked his and Sarah's death and threatened to expose the truth unless Reva backed off Jeffrey. Soon after, Olivia was shocked to see Jonathan at the hospital with Reva. When she thought he had left the room, she confronted Reva only to come face to face with Jonathan who warned her to back off Reva.

Olivia told Jonathan that she did not want to hurt him, but they were the same kind of people and they were both trying to make something right. He believed her when she said that she never saw him. Later, Olivia asked Jeffrey's forgiveness but he refused to give it. In the meantime, Olivia continued to exert pressure on Reva by threatening to tell the truth about Jonathan. However, Reva was not easy to intimidate and their arguments were noticed by Jeffrey who warned Olivia not to fight over him. Finally, Reva called Olivia's bluff since she was certain Olivia would not put an innocent child at risk. Just as Reva dared Olivia to reveal the truth, Lizzie happened by. Olivia immediately called her over and began making veiled references to mothers putting their children in danger for the sake of their love lives (Reva). Suddenly, Reva surrendered and Olivia won the war. Or so she thought. Later, Olivia was unsettled to learn that Reva had kidnapped Emma to prove that she could play hardball as well. Soon after, Reva suddenly walked right in front of Olivia's car and was injured.

Though Jeffrey initially believed Olivia's claim that it was an accident, he became skeptical when no skid marks were found: Olivia hadn't even tried to stop. Since Olivia had a history of hit and runs, he began to suspect that it was intentional. Again Olivia declared that it was an accident and was frustrated that Jeffrey wouldn't take her word. Soon Reva opened her eyes while a regretful Olivia was standing over her and revealed that she walked in front of the car on purpose. Reva now had leverage over Olivia since her testimony could send Olivia to jail or exonerate her. She also made it clear that her "hazy memory" could come back at any time. Despite his doubts, Jeffrey defended Olivia when she was arrested for attempted murder. Soon after, Reva stepped up and confirmed that it was indeed an accident. Though relieved, Olivia was saddened when Jeffrey left with Reva. Afterwards, Olivia surprised Jeffrey by confessing the blackmail to him and stating that she had finally forgiven him and was letting him go. She also revealed to Reva that she never intended to tell Alan the truth about Sarah and Jonathan.

Later, Olivia was extremely unsettled when Emma received a present from Phillip for her 7th birthday. Though both Beth and Rick tried to assure her that Phillip would not return to town, Olivia was terrified that he'd come after Emma, especially since the girl kept asking about her father. She quickly went to Alan for protection against Phillip. Alan agreed—in exchange for keeping Gus away from Natalia Rivera. Olivia agreed and immediately went to Gus confiding in him all her fears about Phillip. The next day, on Alan's suggestion, Olivia played the frightened damsel in distress again for Gus. Olivia played on Gus's goodwill for days, getting him to spend time with her by asking him to install a security system. However, Olivia knew she wasn't going to woo Gus and it wasn't because of Natalia: it was because he was still in love with his soon to be ex-wife, Harley. Olivia told Natalia that very thing but Natalia refused to believe it. Meanwhile, Olivia was beginning to like Gus. Feeling guilty, she told Alan their deal was off. That same day, Olivia was horrified when her room was broken into and vandalized. Convinced Phillip had done it, Olivia called security and immediately ran into Lizzie. Lizzie tried to convince Olivia that her father returning might no be a bad thing but Olivia disagreed. Later, she called Alan again and agreed to break up Gus and Natalia in exchange for his help.

Soon after, Olivia was thrilled when Bill unexpectedly returned to town. Though she gave him a kiss as a greeting, Bill warned her that he couldn't go back to being his old self. His meaning became evident when he ousted his father from Lewis Construction by outing him as a drunk. Meanwhile, as time went by, Olivia was feeling guiltier about using Gus. Then one day, Olivia suddenly collapsed. Natalia found her and insisted that she go to Cedars. There, Olivia received horrible news: she had a bad heart. Specifically, she had Dilated Cardiomyopathy which could lead to heart failure and sudden death. Stunned, Olivia began to wonder who could take care of her daughter when she was gone. Ava was young and carefree, Buzz was enjoying having grown children, and Bill was just too selfish now. After informing Alan that she would break up Gus and Natalia in exchange for Phillip never seeing Emma again, Olivia went to her room and started weeping. At that point, Gus came down the hall and heard her since the door was ajar. Olivia told Gus her prognosis and made him promise not to tell anyone. She then asked Gus to sleep with her but a flattered Gus declined. Days later, Bill arrived with a present for Emma – skates. Since this was the first time Bill had attempted to see Emma in the weeks that he'd been back (not counting the first day), Olivia turned him away since she felt Emma needed something more than a part time father. That same day, Gus offered to take Olivia to the hospital for her doctor's appointment.

At the hospital, Gus tried to use the Spaulding name to get Olivia's name moved to the top of the heart transplant list. In the meantime, Gus lied to Natalia about where he was going, only to have her spot him leaving with Olivia. Later, Natalia informed Olivia that she'd heard all about her "home wrecker" reputation and warned her to stay away from Gus. Not intimidated in the least, Olivia told Natalia that if she really wanted Gus, he'd be hers; besides the person she needs to worry about was Harley. Meanwhile, as Gus was planning to marry Natalia at the Beacon, Olivia was falling for him. In addition to helping her through her medical issues, Gus also helped Olivia draw up papers to revoke Bill's adoption of Emma since Olivia felt he was no longer father material. Weeks later, when Gus informed her that he was going on a date with Natalia, Olivia tried to sabotage it by cancelling his reservation. In the meantime, Olivia finally told Ava about her heart condition yet revealed that she still had time to make Gus fall in love with her. Later, after Christmas, Olivia confided in Gus her regret that she might not have many left with Emma and Gus comforted an upset Olivia by embracing her.

In 2008, Gus continued to plan his wedding to Natalia while trying to get Olivia's name on the top of the heart transplant list. At the same time, Olivia's feelings for Gus had definitely grown. His kindness had touched her so much that she saw him as her lucky charm. When Olivia worked on Gus's sympathies by telling him that she was afraid that Alan would help Phillip get Emma, Gus touched her by offering to be a father to Emma. However, at the same time he suggested that Emma bond with Natalia. Later that day, Natalia and Gus found Olivia passed out at the Beacon and Natalia accused Olivia of faking in order to win Gus's attention. Later, Natalia called Olivia out on purposefully trying to mess with the wedding and when Gus defended Olivia, Nat called the wedding off. Gus quickly got in Nat's good graces and convinced her to elope with him. Though Olivia believed that she lost her last chance at love, Ava egged Olivia on and convinced her to use her condition to stop the elopement. It worked—when a frantic Ava called and asked if Gus could talk to Olivia's doctors, Gus left Natalia to be with a worried Olivia. When Nat saw the pair together, she angrily confronted Olivia who finally confessed to Nat that she was dying.

Shocked, Natalia told Gus that they could put off the wedding and resolved to help Olivia as well. Meanwhile, Natalia overheard Olivia and Alan discuss Olivia breaking up Nat and Gus and confronted Olivia. Olivia confessed to Gus and Natalia that she and Alan had made a deal---in exchange for protection against Phillip, Olivia agreed to drive a wedge between Gus and Natalia. Gus and Nat instantly forgave her since they figured Alan was more to blame. Later, Olivia made it clear to Nat that she wanted Gus for herself. As days went by, Olivia worked on Natalia's fears by reminding her of Gus's love for Harley and on Gus's sympathies by pretending to feel faint and calling him for help.

Unfortunately for Olivia, Natalia was on to her and intercepted the message and spent the afternoon with her herself. As the weeks went by, Olivia made it clear to Natalia that she was going after Gus. Finally, on Natalia's wedding day, Olivia left a message for Gus asking him to come and help her. Natalia went instead and when Olivia flat out said that she was going after Gus no matter what, a desperate Nat locked her in the bathroom! Olivia frantically tried to get out, especially when her pager went off telling her that there was heart available. All of Olivia's efforts were in vain and by the time Gus rescued her the heart that was on standby was gone. Olivia blamed Natalia for costing her her life. Upset with Nat, Gus decided to spend his wedding night comforting Olivia. Remorseful that she cost Olivia her chance at getting a heart, Natalia apologized to both Gus and Olivia.

Natalia pleaded for a way to make it up to her and Olivia told her to give up Gus. Afterwards, Natalia told Gus to devote all of his energies to Olivia. One day, talk turned to Harley and Olivia pointed out that although she could understand Gus missing his passion with Harley she couldn't understand him settling with Natalia. Olivia's talk of passion and wanting to feel alive must have affected Gus since he passionately kissed her before walking out. That day, Gus learned devastating news from Olivia doctor. Though Olivia didn't want to hear it, Gus was forced to tell her that she had mere weeks, maybe even days to live. Meanwhile, with Alan's help, Gus found out about a doctor in Europe who had experimental, and very risky, drug but Olivia didn't want to spend her last days out of town.

Soon after, Reva found a devastated Olivia crying and Olivia revealed her condition. Reva encouraged Olivia to talk to Jeffrey. At lunch, Olivia confessed that she was dying from a weak heart. Although her name was high on the transplant list, the prognosis was very grim. Olivia then asked Jeffrey for a favor: she wanted him to marry her and Gus. Olivia explained that she knew this wouldn't be a real marriage since Gus was already married. She just wanted to die married to the man she loved. Unfortunately, Gus refused to be a part of the ceremony which crushed Olivia. When an upset Olivia told Jeffrey that her friendship with Gus had given her hope and faith in love again, Jeffrey offered to marry her himself. Touched, Olivia accepted and Jeffrey got Doris to officiate a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Immediately after, Olivia collapsed and was rushed to Cedars in critical condition. While waiting for the end, Olivia got a visit from Reva and asked her to get her out of the hospital since she was tired of staring at the walls. Reva brought Olivia to the park that Gus had named in Olivia's honor. Olivia returned just in time to see Gus brought in on a gurney following a motorcycle accident. As Olivia waited for a new heart, Jeffrey assured her that Gus was fine. Soon a new heart became available and Olivia was rushed into surgery. When she awoke she was devastated to learn that not only had Gus died in surgery but she now had his heart.

A bitter Olivia wallowed in her grief and insisted to everyone that she did not want Gus's heart. Neither a visit from Sam nor the news of Ava's pregnancy was enough to lift Olivia's spirits. Though a depressed Olivia was ready to die, Natalia refused to let her waste the gift she was given and continually badgered an ungrateful Olivia not to give up. Unfortunately, Natalia's words had no affect at first and Olivia refused to take her medication. In the meantime, Jeffrey informed Olivia that Ava had lied about her pregnancy. Olivia's reaction was minimal but she seemed to understand Ava's reasons for the lie. Not long after, Olivia was released from the hospital. Though Ava urged her to live for her children, a depressed Olivia just wanted to die. Wanting to feel near Gus, Olivia bought the house that Gus bought for Natalia. Though Natalia raged at Olivia for her selfishness, she refused to let Gus's heart go to waste and decided to take care of Olivia, determined to keep her alive. Though a stubborn Olivia refused to eat, she quickly relented. Several days later, Jeffrey finally discussed a divorce and Olivia readily consented. Olivia's difficult recovery continued for several weeks and she almost OD'd on pills. Though Natalia suspected that she tried to kill herself, Olivia assured her that she was not suicidal. Meanwhile, Gus's son, Rafe, told Olivia about a large sum of money that he found in one of Gus's old jackets. Since she was not even living at the house, Olivia sold the house back to Natalia.

In the midst of all of this, Ava was trying to win Bill by claiming to be pregnant with his child. Though Olivia knew that Ava had been artificially inseminated, she kept Ava's secret. Eventually, Bill asked Ava to move into the Spaulding mansion with him and suggested that Olivia and Emma join them. Though Olivia was reluctant to move back into the mansion—which Dinah Marler bought after Alan lost it in a business audit---she soon relented for Ava's sake. Soon after, Olivia, as well as Ava, was shocked when Bill announced to the press that he and Ava were engaged. Happy that Ava was getting what she wanted, Olivia planned her wedding with help from Dinah. Unfortunately, Jeffrey was not happy about the engagement since he saw disaster considering that Ava was lying about the paternity of her baby. While Jeffrey ranted about the situation, Olivia urged him to be happy for Ava's sake. Despite his feelings, Jeffrey swallowed his misgivings. Weeks later, Olivia spotted some closeness between Ava and Remy Boudreau and asked Ava if she still wanted to marry Bill. When Ava stated that she did, Olivia warned Remy not to mess up the wedding. Later, the wedding went on as planned. Weeks later, when Olivia was out of town, Ava went into premature labor and gave birth to a boy who was obviously Remy's! At the same time, Ava was suffering from postpartum depression, and Jeffrey sent her to Chicago to get treatment. Faced with the prospect of losing custody of the baby, Max, an angry Bill spitefully threw Olivia and Ava's things out of the mansion.

Finally realizing that Bill never truly loved or respected Ava, Olivia decided that he would never get custody of Max. Sadly, it became a moot point when Max died. Though Olivia wanted her and Jeffrey to break the news to Ava, Remy beat them to it and did it himself. In the meantime, Olivia and Natalia were forming a reluctant friendship. Feeling sorry for Natalia since Rafe was on the run from the police, Olivia promised to keep Rafe's return to town a secret and then asked Jeffrey to find a way to help the Riveras. Meanwhile, Olivia was having periodic chest pains and Natalia insisted that she see a doctor. However, Olivia procrastinated. In the meantime, Olivia found out that Ava was released from the hospital but would not be returning to Springfield. Not long after, Olivia got an amazing job opportunity—to be the spokesperson for Galaxy Hotels. Olivia accepted the offer but neglected to tell her boss, Lawrence Decker, about her heart condition. At the same time, Natalia was dealing with the fact that Rafe was now in jail. Desperate help her son, Natalia got a lawyer to help in his case. Unfortunately, lack of money made finding a lawyer very difficult. Olivia recommended her lawyer, Vince Russo. Soon after, Olivia discovered that Natalia had mortgaged her house in order to pay her legal fees. Unfortunately, Russo proved not to be the most upright of men when he cryptically told Olivia that money wasn't an object with Natalia. Suspecting that Russo was going to use sex as payment, Olivia stormed into his office and got Natalia out of there before she agreed to Russo's request.

As time went by, Olivia and Natalia continued to help one another. Noticing that Olivia was ill right before a meeting with Decker, Natalia successfully intervened. Realizing that she needed help, Olivia offered Natalia a job as her assistant but Natalia refused, In the meantime, Rafe accepted a plea bargain and was sentenced to prison. During this time, Olivia continued to have chest pains and shortness of breath and she finally went to Cedars. There, Rick informed her and Natalia that her body was rejecting the heart. Weeks later, Olivia collapsed and her heart stopped. Luckily, Remy was able to save her. Overwhelmed with worry, Natalia accepted Olivia's job offer. Just then, Rick informed the pair that Olivia needed to be fitted with a pacemaker. As before, Natalia took care of Olivia as well as Emma during Olivia's recovery, but this time Olivia was open to the help. Later, Olivia helped a frustrated and worried Natalia by arranging for Rafe to be placed in a better prison facility. However, the governor only agreed to help on one condition—Natalia move out of her house so that an exit ramp could be built in that neighborhood. Though she refused at first, Natalia eventually agreed and sold the house that Gus bought her.

At this point, Cassie had moved away and her farmhouse was for sale. Olivia talked Natalia into buying it for herself. At the same time, Natalia overheard Decker talk to Olivia about a huge investment opportunity. Instead of buying the farmhouse, Natalia gave the money she got from the sale of her house to Decker for the investment. Unfortunately, the investment went bad and Natalia lost everything. At around this time, Decker had learned about Olivia's heart problem and was upset that she hid it from him. Olivia agreed to leave his employ in exchange for Natalia getting her money back. Though Natalia now had the money to buy the house, she still was unable to afford the monthly payments. However, she could if Olivia rented a room. Though uncertain, Olivia agreed. Unfortunately, the two bickered on decorating the house for Christmas and ultimately decided that they were too different to coexist in the same house. This didn't set well with Emma who never lived in a real home before. After Emma made her feelings known by briefly running off, Olivia decided to live at the farmhouse after all.

By 2009, Olivia and Natalia's bond had grown but they didn't realize it until Emma wrote a report for school tilted "My Two Mommies" which she read for Family Day. Both Olivia and Natalia were touched by Emma's kind words. That was until Olivia realized that Emma's teacher believed that Olivia and Natalia were a romantic couple. Looking around the room, Olivia realized that the teacher was not alone in her assumption. Though she wanted to deny it, Olivia was unable to get a word in edge-wise. It didn't help that the report was posted on-line, which meant that even more people would believe that Olivia and Natalia a couple. For her part, a naïve Natalia could not understand why Olivia was so upset about the report. When Olivia tried to explain that people thought they were in love, Natalia took it to mean platonic love and agreed. In frustration, Olivia kissed Natalia in order to get her point across. Horrified, Natalia insisted that they go to the school and set the record straight. Olivia seemed hurt when Natalia insisted to the teacher that it was a mistake. Meanwhile, Alan had read what Emma had written and voiced his disapproval at the household that his granddaughter was living in. Though Natalia suggested that Olivia move out to avoid trouble, Olivia was unwilling to give in to fear.

As the weeks went by, it was more and more obvious that Olivia and Natalia's friendship had grown—leading Olivia to wonder if she did have true feelings for Natalia. Afraid of her new feelings, Olivia tried to pick up a guy at a bar but turned him down when she got his number. Meanwhile, Olivia was shocked when Frank informed her that Phillip had returned to town. Panicked, Olivia ranted about how dangerous Phillip was and began to make preparations to leave town. Natalia calmed Olivia's fears and assured her that they would deal with Phillip together. Soon after, Olivia impulsively kissed Bill when he stopped in for a visit. She then confessed that she had feelings for Natalia which scared her. Though surprised, Bill was supportive and nonjudgmental. The next day, Olivia confided her feelings to Jeffrey who was equally supportive. Meanwhile, Olivia finally came face to face with Phillip and demanded to know why he was in town. Though Phillip told her that he wanted to make amends, Olivia did not believe it and forbade him to see Emma.

The day that Jeffrey advised Olivia to confess her feelings to Natalia, Natalia informed Olivia that she'd slept with Frank. After blurting out the news, an upset Natalia called herself a hypocrite and burst into tears. Before, Olivia was able to admit her true feelings, Emma interrupted to tell Olivia that she wanted to see Phillip. Olivia forbade it and later warned Phillip to stay away from their daughter. Soon after, Olivia spotted Frank proposing to Natalia. Upset, Olivia snuck out and way to a gay bar out of town where she saw a familiar face—Doris. Caught, Doris was forced to admit that she was gay but hid it to protect her career. In the meantime, Emma snuck out to see her father but was found by Remy before she had a chance. Afterwards, Olivia demanded that Doris put Phillip back in jail until his trial for the kidnapping commenced. When Doris refused, Olivia divulged to Natalia that they could get Phillip's trial date moved up by threatening to reveal Doris's secret that she was at the gay bar. Olivia went ahead with her threat and Doris moved up the trial date. Later, Olivia was appalled to learn that Emma went behind her back and testified on Phillip's behalf. Though Phillip was sentenced to prison, he was quickly pardoned by the governor.

Meanwhile, Olivia had to go to Cedars to have a new battery in her pace maker. Natalia sat by Olivia's bedside while she was apparently sleeping and confessed about how happy Olivia made her. She then leaned in for a kiss which Olivia purposely interrupted by "waking up." In the meantime, Natalia had still not given Frank an answer to his proposal. Olivia encouraged Natalia to marry Frank since she believed that was best for Natalia. Olivia even through the pair an engagement party and helped Natalia plan her wedding. Though Doris tried to convince Olivia to stop the wedding, Olivia was determined to do the unselfish thing for once. Assuming that Frank was moving into the farmhouse, Olivia and Emma moved back into the Beacon. The day of the wedding, Olivia finally confessed to Natalia that she was in love with her. However, she wouldn't let Natalia return the sentiment since she knew that Natalia's faith did not condone those feelings. Olivia encouraged Natalia to marry Frank, saying that Natalia would eventually hate herself if she stayed with Olivia. Though it seemed as if Natalia would go along with the wedding, she ran out and left Frank at the altar. When Olivia confronted Natalia, Natalia finally told Olivia that she loved her. When Frank pressed Natalia for an explanation, Olivia lied that Natalia felt guilty for betraying Gus. Realizing that Natalia was ashamed of her feelings, Olivia told her that they could never be together.

Despite her initial discomfort, Natalia did not want to stay away from Olivia. Though Olivia was afraid of the consequences of Natalia declaring her love, Natalia made it clear that she meant what she said and knew what it meant to say she loved Olivia. Though not quite certain how to define their relationship, the pair continued to spend time together. Later, Doris informed Frank that Olivia and Natalia had feelings for one other. Angry, Frank confronted Olivia and accused her of going after Natalia after Gus's death. Natalia overheard and defended both Olivia and herself. Over the next few weeks, Natalia and Olivia tested their relationship and became more open with one another. The first test of their relationship occurred when Rafe saw the pair in a close moment and confronted his mother. Despite disapproval from Rafe, as well as Father Ray, Natalia was firm in her love for Olivia. Meanwhile, Natalia quit her job as Olivia's assistant because she didn't want to be signaled out for dating the boss. Luckily, Olivia got her a job working for Blake. Later, Olivia and Natalia decided to go public with their relationship at the Bauer barbecue. Unfortunately, the day of the barbecue, Natalia suddenly left town without explanation.

Natalia's departure devastated Olivia who frantically tried to locate her to no avail. The summer got worse when Jeffrey was apparently killed in a plane crash. Already upset over Natalia, Olivia barely had the courage to break the news to Ava. in a final desperate attempt to reach Natalia, Olivia chained herself to the bar at Towers in an attempt to get Natalia's old boss to tell her where Natalia was. After Jeffrey's memorial service, Olivia admitted to Ava that she and Natalia had fallen in love. Ava was very happy to hear that her mother had found someone to love and told Olivia that she believed that Natalia loved her. Despite the risk to her heart, Olivia spent a lot of time drinking in order to ease her pain. Finally, a lonely Olivia invited Josh to her room. Though she intended to seduce him, at the last minute ,she had a change of heart and simply asked him to lay next to her.

Just as Olivia decided to move on, Natalia finally returned to Springfield. It didn't take long for Olivia to learn the reason why Natalia left—she was pregnant with Frank's baby. Though Natalia wanted to spend the rest of her life with Olivia, Olivia was still deeply hurt at the pain Natalia put her through and felt that she could no longer trust Natalia. Natalia vowed that she would earn that trust back. A hurt Olivia made another attempt to seduce Josh which ended when she admitted to him that she was in love with Natalia. In the meantime, Natalia told Frank about her pregnancy and assured him that she wanted him, as well as Olivia, to be a part of the baby's life. However, Olivia still wasn't ready and when Natalia came looking for a job, Olivia refused. She did, however, arrange for Alan to hire her.

Later, Olivia rejected Natalia's invitation to go to her sonogram. However, when Phillip urged her not to push Natalia away, she had a change of heart and met Natalia at her appointment—signifying that she wanted a life with Natalia. Olivia and Emma moved back into the farmhouse and by the end of the year, Natalia gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Francesca in honor of Frank.

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