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Edmund Sebastian Winslow
Who's Who in Springfield: Edmund Winslow | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

David Andrew MacDonald (July 8, 1999 to November 10, 2005; January 19 & 20, 2006; October 26, 2007 to December 28, 2007; January 22, 2009 to September 17, 2009)


Birthday: February 10th

Presumed dead late May to July 2009


Former Ambassador for San Cristobel

Worked for Alexandra Spaulding

Briefly worked as lounge singer in Chicago

Former ruler of San Cristobel

Former Spaulding Enterprise liaison to San Cristobel


Current wherabouts unknown

Marital Status

Divorced (Cassie Layne Winslow)

Past Marriages

Beth Raines (Divorced) (m. 11 May 01; div. Aug 01)

Cassie Layne Winslow (Div0rced) (m. Jan 05; div. late 05)


Prince George Winslow (Father; Deceased)

Princess Charlotte Winslow (Mother; Deceased)

Alonzo Baptiste (Brother; deceased)

Richard Winslow (Half-brother; Deceased)

Jonathan Randall (nephew)

William Richard Winslow (nephew)

Henry Cooper Lewis (grandson)

Sarah Randall (great-niece)

Cassie Layne Winslow (sister-in-law)


Lara Pizano (w/Rachel; deceased)

Unnamed miscarried child (with Cassie; Deceased)

Flings & Affairs

Rachel (Pizano?) (lovers)

Carmen Santos (lovers)

Jenny Hampton (lovers)

Alexandra Spaulding (lovers)

Cassie Layne Winslow (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Attempted to kill Princess Catherine Winslow (really Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Lewis) and Jonathan Randall (later Sandy Foster) [1993]

Attempted to kill Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Lewis Winslow by setting up an accidental stabbing of her [July 30, 1999]

>Bribed a palace guard to keep silent about what he knew about the accidental stabbing of Reva. [August 2, 1999]

Attempted to shoot and kill Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Lewis Winslow and ended up shooting and injuring Richard Winslow instead and also tried to frame Olivia Spencer for this crime [August 19, 1999]

Threatened to kill Olivia Spencer [August 21, 1999]

Attempted to shoot and kill Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Lewis Winslow, again [August 26, 1999]

Kidnapped Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Lewis Winslow [August 26, 1999]

Attempted to kill Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis Winslow, again, by shackling her to a collapsing cave and leaving her to drown. [August 31, 1999 - September 2, 1999]

Used Cassie Layne as a human shield, by holding knife to her throat and threatened to kill his brother, Richard Winslow [September 2, 1999]

Faked his own death [September 2, 1999 - September 16, 1999]

Attempted to kidnap Jonathan Randall/Sandy Foster [September 16, 1999]

Held a gun on his brother, Richard [October 28, 1999]

Sabotaged Richard's plane and it crashed with Jim Lemay, Beth Raines and Phillip Spaulding on it [November 24, 1999]

Lied to Jim Lemay that Beth Raines and Phillip Spaulding were dead [December 6, 1999]

Adminstered stolen drugs into Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon IV drip [January 10, 2000]

Blackmailed Phillip Spaulding over the videotape of he and Beth making love, so Phillip would cut him a deal in the Spaulding San Cristobel construction project [February 14, 2000]

Attempted coup of San Cristobel [2000]

Doctored a documentary of Cassie Layne with pictures of her stripping days [April 2000]

Helped Carmen Santos kidnap Ruth Lockhart's son, Charlie, from Social Services [April 27, 2000]

Impersonated Phillip Spaulding in a phone call to social services [April 27, 2000]

Fixed a gambling game so Rob Layne would win [May 15, 2000]

Posed as Rob Layne in talking to the press [May 24, 2000]

Threatened the entire Cooper family [May 31, 2000]

Plotted Rob Layne's execution to discredit his brother [June 2000]

Paid a man to pose as a knife wielding "intruder" to threaten Tammy and Cassie [August 28, 2000]

Hired ex-Navy seal and Cassie's new bodyguard O'Rourke to romance Cassie in an attempt to break up Cassie and Richard [September 5, 2000 - November 30, 2000]

Assaulted Phillip Spaulding (charges not pressed.) [October 2, 2000]

Blackmailed Cassie's fertility doctor, Dr. Weymouth, with pictures of an affair, into telling Richard that he was sterile. This blackmail drove the doctor to suicide in December. [October 16, 2000]

Used O'Rourke to discredit Cassie's fidelity [late 2000]

Paid off a man to pretend that he was a fertility specialist to confirm that Richard was sterile [October 25, 2000]

Ordered Rourke to illegally sell the diamonds from Cassie's garter [November 2, 2000]

Held Cassie Layne Winslow prisoner in the San Cristobel castle [February 27 - March 2nd, 2001]

Hired a gunman to scare Cassie [March 2, 2001]

Indirectly caused Reva's temporary blindness [March 2nd, 2001]

Indirectly responsible for the death of Cassie's unborn baby boy [March 8, 2001]

Staged a coup of San Cristobel [March - April 2001]

Planned to stuff the ballot box so that he'd win in San Cristobel's first presidential election [April 2001]

Held Richard prisoner in the San Cristobel castle [April 4th - 12, 2001]

Had Holly Norris Reade jailed in San Cristobel for not writing a favorable news report on the Harbor Project and writing a news report favorable to Richard Winslow [May 1 - 4, 2001]

Imprisoned and nearly starved and dehydrated to death Cassie Layne Winslow [May 11, 2001 - June 20, 2001]

Forced sedatives down Cassie Layne Winslow's throat [June 19, 2001]

Imprisoned his wife, Beth Raines Winslow [June 20, 2001 - June 28, 2001]

Threatened to kill Richard with a gun. [June 29, 2001]

Snuck into Beth Raines's room at Cedars hospital [July 4, 2001]

Stalked Richard and Cassie [July 9, 2001 - July 11, 2001]

Kidnapped Beth [August 20, 2001]

Unintentionally put Beth Raines's life in jeopardy [August 2001]

Scammed Phillip Spaulding to make him believe that Lorelei Hills was Beth Raines. [October 2001 - February 1, 2002]

Ripped out the wires of Phillip Spaulding car, to strand Phillip and Lorelie Hills at Buzz Cooper's cabin at Moon Lake [November 19, 2001]

Paid by Olivia Spencer to rig the lights at the Beacon to go out during Reva and Josh's wedding [June 10, 2002]

Falsely accused the Bauers of misconduct in Richard's death [July 18, 2002]

Falsely accused the Bauers of turning off Richard's life support [July 25, 2002]

Lied to Carmen Santos that he poisoned her tea [August 9, 2002]

Hid Richard Winslow's living will [October 1st - 3, 2002]

Set fire and burned up Richard Winslow's living will [October 3, 2002]

Coerced Alan Spaulding for more money in Alan's attempt to make Alex fall in love with Edmund [November 13, 2002 - December 27, 2002]

Contributed to Roy Baker's stroke by harassing him for the safety deposit box [January 23, 2003]

Stalked Harley Cooper [January 30, 2003]

Kidnapped Roy Baker from cedars Hospital [February 5, 2003]

rrested for withholding information on Roy Baker's whereabouts [February 18, 2003]

Blackmailed Alexandra Spaulding over her drugging of Alan Spaulding [March 28, 2003 - May 7, 2003]

Gave blackmail money from Alexandra Spaulding, to Richard's memorial library [March 31, 2003]

Hit Jeffrey O'Neill on the head with a shovel. [September 2, 2004]

Assaulted Jonathan Randall [October 26, 2004]

Assaulted Jonathan again [February 15, 2005]

Stopped a plane that was carrying Dinah Marler out of town [March 30, 2005]

Lied about Dinah still being pregnant [Summer 2005]

Cut power to the Jessup farm [August 1, 2005]

Drugged Dinah to keep her quiet [mid August 2005]

Secretely drugged Michelle Santos so she'd induce labor [August 23, 2005]

Kidnapped Michelle's newborn baby so he could raise her as his own. [August 30, 2005]

Drugged Dinah [August 30, 2005]

Kept Dinah captive in a replica of the Jessup farmshouse [September 1, 2005 to October 10, 2005]

Arson; set fire to the farm replica in order to destroy the evidence [October 7, 2005]

Escaped from Prison [mid October 2005]

Assaulted Danny Santos [October 21, 2005]

Kidnapped Cassie Winslow [November 7, 2005]

Blackamiled Josh with the knowledge that Cassie altered Beth's paternity test [December 2007]

Assaulted Roc Hoover [April 10, 2009]

Assaulted Shayne Lewis [April 13, 2009]

Attempted to kidnap Colin O'Neill [April 14, 2009]

Held a gun to Roc and chained him to a wall [April 23, 2009]

Possibly attempted to kill Roc [late April 2009]

Hired a lookalike to impersonate him in Springfield [May 2009]

Stole the crown jewels of San Cristobel [sometime in May 2009]

Sabotaged the airplane that Jeffrey was on [July 7, 2009]

Threatened to kidnap all of the Lewis children unless a presumed dead Jeffrey stayed "dead" [August 18, 2009]

Brief Character History

Prince Edmund Winslow grew up in San Cristobel as the second son of a royal family. In July 1999, he was shocked to see his former sister-in-law Catherine, now known as Reva Shayne, a woman trying to remember her past during her bout with amnesia years ago. Offering to help her, Edmund told Reva that his brother, Prince Richard, hated her and wanted her executed. Although it initially appeared as if Edmund was trying to help Reva, it soon became apparent that he was hiding something and was intent on making sure Reva never left the island. To ensure that Reva would never regain her memory, Edmund, knowing that Richard had planned a fencing match with Reva, switched Richard's dull blade with a lethal one. As expected, Richard plunged the sword into Reva's chest, critically injuring her! He then bribed the guard who spotted the switch and afterwards arranged for the guard to appear to have committed suicide. Meanwhile, as Reva recovered from the stab wound, Edmund plotted to dispose of her and goaded Olivia Spencer, Richard's former fiancée, into helping him by convincing her that Richard was better off without the specter of Catherine. However, Olivia had a change of heart and stopped Edmund from shooting Reva by knocking him unconscious, right before he accidentally shot Richard (when trying to shoot Reva) Rattled, Olivia picked up the gun, and then was spotted by the police, who assumed she'd done the shooting. To his relief, when he regained consciousness, Edmund learned that the authorities were after Olivia. On the run, Olivia went to Reva and convinced her that Edmund was behind the plot against her life.

Though she didn't believe it at first, Reva suddenly had a memory flash and finally remembered the truth: Eight years ago, she, as Catherine, married Richard and gave birth to a son, Jonathan. However Edmund tried to kill both her and her son to gain the throne from Richard, so they escape the island with help of Olivia Spencer. Although they put a plan in motion to expose Edmund during a masked ball, the plan backfired with Edmund kidnapping Reva. Taking her to a secret cave, he decided to use Reva as bait to blackmail Richard into giving up his reign. Later, after shackling Reva in the cave and leaving her to drown, Edmund went to Richard with his demand. Although Richard agreed to abdicate the thrown, Edmund immediately knew he was lying and escaped the castle using Reva's sister, Cassie Layne, as a shield. Luckily for Reva, her husband, Josh, and Richard found her. During the rescue mission, Edmund and Richard fought to the death, with Edmund falling over the edge of a cliff, yet somehow he survived and hid up in the mountains in a camp.

Later, Richard located Edmund at Olivia's old house and confronted him. Alone, they discussed how they best friends as children and their father's favoritism of Richard. They also discussed a childhood horse-riding accident that may have been Richard's fault that left Edmund with splitting headaches and mental instability. His medical condition, plus his overwhelming jealousy of Richard as their father's favorite son caused him to act out and seek power any way possible. Realizing that their father's coldness toward Edmund was part of Edmund's problem, Richard put out a hand to Edmund telling him that they'd rule San Cristobel together. It was at that moment that Edmund pulled out the gun. Though he did fire a shot, he missed, leading Richard to point out that Edmund must care about him since he was too good a shot to have missed. Edmund agreed but was still too prideful to share rule with Richard. It was at this moment that Edmund was spirited away by his supporters in order to avoid imprisonment. Edmund then decided that the only way to grab power was to kill his brother, so he sabotaged Richard's plane. The plan partly worked: the plane went down but Richard wasn't on it. When Edmund accidentally came across the plane he was ready to leave the occupants, Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines, for dead, but stumbled upon a stranded Jim Lemay searching for help. Although he told Jim that the occupants of the plane were dead, Jim wouldn't believe it and convinced Edmund to help him save them by convincing Edmund that he'd be considered a hero.

During the rescue, Edmund came across a videotape and, curious about its contents, he pocketed it. Soon after he was exposed as the saboteur and imprisoned, Now Edmund would have been executed for his crimes if it weren't for Cassie, who was now Richard's fiancée. Cassie recognized Richard's reluctance to put Edmund to death and came up with a solution: Edmund would be banished from San Cristobel and settled to Springfield to support himself by working at Spaulding Enterprises. In early 2000, Edmund cooperated with mafia boss Carmen Santos and they helped each other out with their schemes. In exchange for him helping her keep Vanessa Chamberlain unconscious (in order to ensure that Carmen's daughter-in-law, Michelle was convicted of murder), Carmen helped Edmund sabotaged the project that Richard was working on with Spaulding in Galvenston, Texas. By this point, Edmund had watched the pilfered videotape and was pleased with what was on it: Phillip and Beth making love. Edmund used the videotape to blackmail Phillip into giving him more power at Spaulding. His position was fairly secure when he learned that young Lizzie Spaulding was ill. Edmund took pity on Lizzie and found himself becoming attracted to her mother, Beth. As he helped Lizzie by convincing Dr. Noah Chase to stay in town to work on her case, he helped Carmen to kidnap Ruth Lockhart's son, Charlie, so that Carmen could finally frame Michelle Bauer for the murder of Ben Warren with Ruth's testimony. However, Edmund eventually betrayed Carmen by refusing to come to her aid and they broke up. Meanwhile, that spring, disapproving of Cassie, Edmund found pictures of Cassie's stripper days, and decided to reveal them to the people of San Cristobel. Disgusted by his actions, Richard wanted to execute Edmund but then he found a letter from their father that Edmund had carried with him for years, describing what a disgrace and disappointment Edmund had been. Richard realized the psychological trauma Edmund faced and granted him a reprieve if the people of San Cristobel accepted Cassie as their princess. Luckily for Edmund, the people accepted Cassie.

Although he had resolved to redeem himself, his reformation ended very quickly when he met Cassie's ex-husband Rob Layne. Seeing an opportunity, Edmund brought Rob to San Cristobel and attempted to have him executed in order to publicly humiliate Richard; luckily for Richard (whose fake signature was on the execution order), he learned about the plan and saved Rob. At the same time, Edmund discovered that someone had destroyed the videotape of Phillip and Beth (that someone being Rick Bauer). Although, a furious Edmund planned to reveal Phillip and Beth's secret in retaliation, he reconsidered when he remembered what Lizzie was going through. Soon after, Edmund schemed to get back into Richard's good graces and was able to convince Cassie and Richard that he'd changed. Now in their good graces, he arranged it to look as if Cassie's life was in danger so he could convince Richard to hire a bodyguard for her. Hiring a bodyguard named Rourke, Edmund arranged an intimate situation between them to let it look like Cassie was unfaithful. Meanwhile, he used Cassie's friend and former stripper, Jenny Hampton, to get information on Cassie. Learning Cassie was pregnant, he bribed a doctor to say that blackmailed a doctor, Dr. Weymouth, to say that Cassie was not pregnant and Richard sterile, by threatening to show pictures of the married doctor's affair with another woman. Though the doctor agreed, the guilt of what he had done later drove him to suicide.

Meanwhile back in San Cristobel , Richard learned that Cassie was indeed pregnant, and having been told he was sterile, he assumed she'd been unfaithful. In the midst of this, Edmund and Beth were growing closer, and although she denied it, he accused her of wanting him to "rescue her" from her middle class life with Jim. Falling in love with Beth, Edmund saw his chance when he spotted Jim at a casino, betting and losing big. Knowing the Lemays were having financial difficulties, Edmund initially advised Jim to walk away from the table. Luckily for Jim, Edmund bailed him out, but at a price--Jim had to work on a surveying project in San Cristobel. Although Jim tried to back out, Edmund reminded him that he owned him. Later, alarmed by their growing closeness, Beth demanded that Edmund distance himself from her. Edmund reluctantly agreed to her terms, but left Beth breathless after he kissed her goodbye. Very soon after, Jim died in a fire and Edmund so Edmund offered Beth and her children a chance to get away to San Cristobel. Despite Phillip's objections, Beth took him up on his offer and Edmund slowly wooed Beth.

By 2001, Richard finally realized that he was the father of Cassie's baby and that Edmund had set him up to think otherwise. Angry, he confronted Edmund with a sword and stabbed him! To his surprise, Edmund told everyone it was just an accident. Then Edmund learned a startling fact: he was the legitimate ruler of San Cristobel after all! Apparently Richard was the product of an affair between their father and an unnamed woman. Armed with this knowledge, Edmund went to the Council of San Cristobel and convinced them that he was fit to rule. He took the throne and married Beth. Convinced that Richard would take the throne from him, Edmund went after him and Cassie and tried to get them off the island. Tragically, Cassie lost her baby as a result when she ran away from one of Edmund's gunman and caused a car accident. Meanwhile, Reva and Cassie snuck out of the hospital and headed towards the Royal Council meeting, in hopes of exposing Edmund's role in their accident. Cassie pushed Beth aside and made her case before the Council. Edmund interrupted and carelessly displayed his disdain for Cassie and Richard, and later feared he may have damaged his chance to rule the country. Beth comforted Edmund and promised to stand by him as they prepare to receive the Royal Council's decision. Edmund decided to make a preemptive move, though, and abdicated the throne asking the people of San Cristobel to decide the future of the country in an official election. However, soon Phillip overheard that Edmund was planning to fix the election and informed the Lord Chancellor and Dax of Edmund's plans. They agreed to keep a close eye on Edmund. Phillip then informed Richard and Cassie of Edmund's meeting with the Royal Council. Richard went to a news desk and encourages the people to unite against Edmund. Meanwhile, Beth was beginning to become concerned about Edmund's actions, but he appeased her.

When Edmund saw Richard's appeal to the people on television, he sent Dax to arrest Cassie and Richard. Edmund then decided to lock Richard in the Tower and deport Cassie. Edmund, aware that the people were protesting his actions, declared a state of martial law. However, Cassie was able to escape with Phillip and Dax's help. Not long, after Phillip was able to sneak into the palace and free Richard. Seeing that he was tricked, Edmund ordered a complete search of the island to find the escaped Richard and Cassie. When Phillip and Edmund faced off, Edmund ordered Phillip to be shackled and locked in the prison. Beth consulted Edmund and they decided to allow Phillip to attend the coronation, hoping that he would lead them to where Richard and Cassie are hiding. When Edmund and his forces finally located Richard and his supporters, there was a fury of gunfire. Finally, Edmund demanded that the guards go after Cassie. To protect his wife, Richard pulled a gun and shot Edmund. However, unbeknownst to Richard, Edmund was prepared and was wearing a bulletproof vest. While Richard moved off, Cassie became worried and went in search for him only to be caught by Edmund! He then kidnapped her and kept her in the palace's tower, telling no one. Unfortunately, Cassie's disappearance dominated the news. Disgusted that the newspapers are devoting more space to Cassie's disappearance than Edmund's coronation, his rant against Richard caused him to have a stroke. As he recovered in the hospital, he began to grow more and more concerned about Cassie, since he was the only one who knew where she was. Finally, he was released and that night, snuck out to see her only to find her unconscious!

Edmund revived Cassie, gave her food and water and promised to return the next day with medicine. Over the next few days, Beth, suspicious of why Edmund kept disappearing, followed him and confronted him at the tower door, demanding to know what he is hiding. Edmund lied to Beth and explained that the room in the tower is his war room and it held confidential plans. Finally, Richard made it to the palace and demanded that Edmund release Cassie. Richard took a knife to Edmund in a desperate plea to get his wife back, but Dax, protecting the crown, stepped between the brothers. Dax produced a knife of his own and, in an effort to protect Edmund, stabbed Richard in the heart and apparently killed him. Shocked, Edmund informed a distraught Cassie of Richard's death and tried to make a deal with her-- he would send her home if she promised not to speak of her time in the tower. When Cassie became hysterical, Edmund was forced to leave and get her a sedative. Unfortunately, Beth was secretly following him and after he administered the sedative to Cassie, Beth was able to look into the room and saw Cassie slumped over! Edmund, at a loss as to how to handle the situation, locked Beth in the tower and carried Cassie's lifeless body back to the palace. When Cassie agreed to Edmund's request that she leave the island, he gave her permission to attend Richard's funeral.

Edmund returned from the funeral and was perplexed that Cassie was not back at the palace. He then went to the tower to talk to Beth and spotted her trying to escape. Edmund ran up the tower and grabbed hold of the fraying rope. Edmund tried to calm Beth down and coaxed her back up the rope to safety but the rope slipped and Beth plummeted to the ground. As Edmund raced out of the tower, the mercenaries grabbed Edmund and he came face to face with Richard! Richard told Edmund that he was freeing San Cristobel and that Edmund would be tried in the U.S. for kidnapping Cassie. Edmund then pulled out a gun and threatened to kill Richard if he didn't allow him to see Beth. Very soon after, Edmund escaped from the palace. Later, Edmund snuck into Beth's hospital room where he tried to explain his actions and insisted that Cassie is alive and well. He begged her to save their relationship and if the only way for him to prove his love for her was to allow her to turn him in, he'd do it. However, Beth can't bring herself to turn Edmund in. He left, but he promised that he'd return for her. When Cassie exposed Edmund's deeds, Edmund was forced to step down as ruler of San Cristobel and Richard became the first president of the former monarchy. His power gone, the only thing Edmund had left was Beth. Unfortunately, Beth escaped the island and refused to go back to him. Desperate, he followed Beth and kidnapped her to prevent her from getting a divorce. When Beth fled to Mexico to get the divorce, Edmund kidnapped her again only to have her presumably perish in a flash flood when she tried to escape.

Devastated, Edmund went to Chicago and earned a living as "Eddie Ivories," a piano player in a hotel lounge. While there, Edmund was shocked to come face to face with a woman who looked exactly like Beth but called herself Lorelei Hills. Since her personality and bearing were totally different from Beth's, Edmund realized that Lorelei was not Beth. However. Lorelei was obviously intrigued by Edmund and the following day, she asked him to tell her the story of Beth. While telling her not only about Beth, but also about his former position as ruler of San Cristobel , Edmund was struck by an idea: he could regain the prosperity he'd lost by Lorelei impersonating Beth! The plan was for Lorelei to impersonate Beth long enough to get money from the wealthy Spauldings. She and Edmund would then split the money and then go their separate ways. While the plan seemed easy enough, teaching Lorelei how to act like Beth was a greater challenge than Edmund anticipated but Lorelei was a quick study and, after some false starts, the con began ahead of schedule and Lorelei succeeded in fooling Beth's family. At this time, Edmund found himself equally intrigued and exasperated by Lorelei, who was unlike any woman he ever met.

Unfortunately, Lorelei was not only in love with Edmund but also with Beth's ex-husband Phillip. When Lorelei, as Beth, initiated plans to choose Phillip and to divorce Edmund, Edmund felt he was losing Beth all over again and tried to stop the divorce. So a guilty Lorelei finally confessed the whole truth to Phillip and thanks to Alan, she and Edmund were both arrested in January 2002. At this time, Lorelei turned out to really be Beth, yet no one believed her. Hoping that Edmund would leave town with Lorelei, Alan had Edmund released. While Beth collapsed and her family realized she wasn't an imposter, Lorelei's personality won control of her and she fled to Edmund who had fallen completely in love with Lorelei. When they tried to earn money to fly to Beth's silver mine in New Mexico, they were almost arrested after losing money at games at Infierno. Luckily, evidence was missing and Edmund earned the money by singing and piano playing. Now in New Mexico and learning that Phillip was searching for her, Beth's personality regained control and she rushed to the mine to save him when he was trapped inside and she wound up trapped with him. When Edmund stumbled upon the mine after the cave-in, Beth told him off. Crushed, Edmund accidentally locked them inside again. Luckily the pair managed to get out on their own and returned home. Though Edmund tried to stall the divorce proceedings for cash, which Lorelei had promised him, he had no legal leg to stand on and soon became a single man again.

Edmund then reestablished his fling with Carmen and tried to meddle in mob business, which got him kidnapped for several weeks. Meanwhile, Richard, who had also relocated to Springfield with Cassie, had attempted to make peace with his estranged brother, but a bitter Edmund threw his kind words back in his face. Edmund would regret his actions when Richard was rendered paralyzed and comatose by a car crash a few weeks later. Edmund visited him once, but then stayed away because he knew he wasn't welcome by Cassie. The next time Edmund tried to visit, he learned Richard was dead and his heart had gone to Rick Bauer. Enraged with grief, Edmund began making threats against the Bauer family. Danny gave him many warnings and finally planned to kill him and stage his death in a drunken car crash. Carmen stopped this in time but filmed Danny's action on videotape. When she sent this tape to Danny's wife, Michelle to break her and Danny up, Danny mistakenly blamed Edmund for it. To get his revenge on Carmen, Edmund made her believe that she'd been poisoned. After overhearing that it was Reva who had pulled the plug on Richard. Since, Cassie refused to press charges or report the crime to the hospital board, Edmund reported the incident himself, as well as filing a lawsuit against Reva that never got off the ground.

Edmund tried to get Reva convicted for what he saw as selfish, calculated murder, and so was very upset when he stumbled onto a living will in Richard's possessions. He pocketed the document, and after some thought, burned it. When Cassie found out about the will, she created a fake, and although Edmund knew the truth, he couldn't admit this or he would risk going to jail. Moving on from this headache as well as his dysfunctional romance with Carmen, Edmund began working for Alan to woo his recently returned-to-town sister, Alexandra. Soon, Edmund confessed his double agent status to Alex and defected to her side. Edmund was also accused of harassing Reva with phone calls, but was proven innocent of these claims. In January 2003, by order from Alexandra, Edmund kidnapped Roy Baker, who was lying at Cedars after a stroke, to Switzerland and, not long after, a less arrogant, less selfish Edmund started to emerge. This change wasn't lost on Alex who rewarded Edmund's loyalty with a recommendation to become San Cristobel's ambassador. Although he did receive the post, he and Alex went their separate ways.

Seeing now a chance to right the wrongs he committed toward Richard, Edmund implored Cassie to help him dedicate a library in Richard's honor. Though Cassie was suspicious of his motives at first, she agreed to work with him on the dedication. Being close to Cassie awakened something in Edmund and soon he found himself being very attracted to this woman he once he looked down upon. Soon Cassie started to see this more repentant, less arrogant Edmund and quickly started softening toward him. Then came the arrival of District Attorney Jeffrey O'Neill who was the spitting image of Richard! Though Cassie and Jeffrey detested each other, Edmund still saw Jeffrey as a threat to his fledgling relationship with Cassie. Confused about Jeffrey, who was the polar opposite of Richard and constantly annoyed everyone with his blunt manner, Cassie gave in to her new feelings for Edmund after hearing from a medium that Richard told her, "Things are not how they seem to be." Taking this as a sign that Edmund had changed completely, she opened herself up to him, despite Tammy and Reva's disapproval. Throughout that summer, Edmund's sensitivity not only surprised Cassie.

That summer, Edmund unselfishly purchased the Jessup farm for Cassie with no strings attached and was very regretful of the accident in San Cristobel which caused the loss of Cassie's unborn child. In addition to proving himself to Cassie, he also ended up earning Tammy's trust. Later that year, Edmund was unsettled by the arrival of Richard's son, Jonathan, who had to be removed from San Cristobel and sent to live with the Randalls because Edmund was plotting his murder. Immensely guilty at the pain he caused the young man, who was now known as Sandy, Edmund decided to tell him exactly why he had to be separated from his parents.. Wanting to redeem himself, yet knowing there was no way to forgive what he had done, Edmund confessed to Sandy the role he played in his life. Sensing a lot of bitterness in Sandy, who refused to forgive not only Edmund but also his entire family, Edmund warned him to let go of his anger and bitterness or else it would consume him. In 2004, Edmund finally got the information about O'Neill from Dax. The picture showed O'Neill with Reva's friend, Christopher Langham, both obviously agents for the government. Edmund went straight to Cassie was this information. Upset, but not altogether surprised that Jeffrey wasn't who he claimed to be,Cassie was equally upset that Edmund had been so insecure that he had Jeffrey investigated in the first place.

Meanwhile, Edmund was busy helping Tammy and her friends with their high school production of Romeo and Juliet. After months of rehearsals overseen by Edmund, the school play went on and was a smashing success. The night of the show, an exhilarated Tammy, who had won the role of Juliet with Edmund's coaching, went to the rooftop of Towers (where the opening night party was) and found herself alone with Edmund. After he congratulated her on her performance, Tammy leaned in for what he assumed would be an innocent kiss. However, to his utter shock the kiss was hardly innocent. After telling a shocked Edmund not to tell Cassie what just happened, Tammy quickly went home. Utterly shocked by what just happened, Edmund confided the situation with Beth, confused about whether he should tell Cassie and confused as to whether he unintentionally led Tammy on. Finally he decided to wait until morning so he could talk to Tammy first and find out just how deep her feelings for him ran. So, the following day, Edmund confronted Tammy and gently told her that the kiss was a mistake.

Although Tammy tried to laugh the whole kiss off, Edmund realized that she was taking it hard and, seeing no choice, he told Cassie. Unfortunately, things would get complicated when Cassie found Tammy's diary, the diary in which Tammy wrote of her infatuation with Edmund. Worried about Tammy, Cassie read it. Cassie confronted Tammy, who was furious that Edmund told Cassie about the kiss and accused him of retrieving her diary (that she threw in the trash) and giving it to Cassie. (which he didn't; Lizzie Spaulding did) Angry that her mother invaded her privacy by reading her diary, Tammy lashed out at both her and Edmund, whom she accused of being the same hateful man he always was. She then proceeded to lock herself in her room and refused all of Cassie's pleas to talk to her. She then, with some encouragement from Lizzie, decided to get back at her mother by "running away" with Joey. Her plan worked, when Cassie realized that Tammy had skipped school with Joey, she was frantic. After spending a few hours at the Bauer cabin, Tammy and Joey finally went back to her family--but not Cassie, rather Josh and Reva. After spending weeks with the Lewises, Tammy finally calmed down and moved back into the Beacon, and apologized to Cassie and Edmund for the things she'd said.

Unfortunately, just as the trouble with Tammy was ending, more trouble was starting. At this time, Cassie found herself being suspicious of Edmund when he started becoming more and more concerned about the mob problem and Cassie's friendship with Danny (who had returned to the mob). At the same time, Jeffrey confessed to Cassie that he had been conducting an investigation for years about drug trafficking in San Cristobel , with Edmund being a suspect in that investigation. Noticing that she was becoming concerned, Jeffrey tried to tell her that there was no definite proof that Edmund was involved. As days went by, Cassie noticed that Edmund was conducting more and more secretive business on his cell phone and she spotted him receiving a package from Brad Green, another suspect in the drug trafficking investigation. Though tempted to get a peek as to what was in the package, Cassie decided against it. However, she was deeply rattled when see Edmund in a clandestine meeting with Alan Spaulding and later saw Edmund give the package to mobster Vinnie Salerno! Armed with this circumstantial evidence, Cassie was certain that Edmund was guilty and seeing him with another package from Brad Green, she confronted him the night of the San Cristobel festival. Hurt and angry, Edmund showed her just what was in the package--cigars he intended to give to the Spanish ambassador. He then "confessed" that the other package contained cigars as a bribe for Salerno to stay away from the festival.

Deeply hurt by her accusation, Edmund rebuffed Cassie's attempts at an apology since he was hurt by her mistrust. However, he soon forgave her, forgave her and they tried to rebuild their relationship. Almost immediately after, Cassie was shocked to discover that she was the victim of identity theft. Apparently, someone in a woman in Europe was masquerading as Princess Cassandra Winslow, using Cassie's own credit card and then paying them off. Weeks later,, Cassie started receiving crank calls. Realizing that her imposter was more dangerous than she'd originally thought, Cassie went to Jeffrey for help.. At the same time, Edmund met a mysterious woman who called herself "Dee" who claimed to have dirt on Jeffrey. Dee offered Edmund a deal to work together and ensure that Jeffrey never got too close to Cassie. Dee admitted she had her sights set on Jeffrey and against his better judgment, Edmund created an alliance with her.

Meanwhile, things started getting scarier when Cassie and R.J. were almost killed when a planter almost fell on them (they were rescued by Jeffrey) and Cassie realized that the stalker was in contact with R.J. Afraid, Cassie continued to lean on Jeffrey for help and he convinced her to move back into the Beacon so he could protect her. As Cassie's reliance on Jeffrey grew, so did Edmund's jealousy. Dee continued to fuel Edmund's jealousy about Jeffrey and told him the truth about Jeffrey--that he'd been undercover impersonating Richard for years, in order to investigate drug running in San Cristobel , and he'd fallen in love with Cassie. Utterly shocked, Edmund wondered how Dee knew this and figured out that she must have been working with him--which meant she must have been Cassie's imposter. At this time, Cassie had gone out of town to attend a hotelier convention. When Edmund called her he was shocked when Jeffrey picked up the phone! Soon after, things finally came to a head one stormy night at the Jessup farm. Consumed with jealousy, Edmund suggested that Jeffrey come to the barn for dinner, so he could see for himself what was between him and Cassie. During the dinner, the power went out and Jeffrey went to the barn to get a generator, with Edmund following. Filled with rage, Edmund struck an unknowing Jeffrey with a shovel. The blow caused Jeffrey, who was holding a candle, to fall, and the barn went up in flames! Although conflicted as to whether to save Jeffrey or let him burn, Edmund ultimately decided to save his rival.

Meanwhile unbeknownst to them, Cassie entered the burning barn and spotted RJ trapped at the top level. Cassie became trapped under falling debris, but Dee, who was skulking about the barn, saved the day by rescuing RJ and alerting Edmund and Jeffrey to Cassie's fate. It was then that Edmund finally learned the truth about Dee--she was Dinah Marler--wanted for the murder of Cassie's former fiancť, Hart Jessup! Now exposed, Dinah was sent to jail where she made no secret of her intention to reveal Jeffrey's secret, and the fact that Edmund had initially tried to kill O'Neill, unless both men got her charges dropped. The key, of course, was Cassie. As the sole witness to the shooting, if Cassie stated that Dinah was not in sound mind during the shooting--then Dinah would go free. As Dinah was stewing in jail, Edmund asked Cassie to marry him, and after some thought, she accepted his proposal.

Meanwhile, Cassie finally heeded Jeffrey's warnings about how emotionally grueling a trial would be and made a statement that Hart's shooting was an accident. Thanks to that statement, Dinah was a free woman. However, on the day of Dinah's release, Edmund and Jeffrey were rattled to learn that Dinah did not get picked up by her father, she went in another car. Suspecting that something was seriously wrong, they tried to contact Cassie, but to no avail. So both men assumed that Dinah must have kidnapped Cassie. Although the two men tracked the car to Laurel Falls where they were shocked to discover that Cassie wasn't the one in danger--she was holding a gun on Dinah! Thanks to some words from Edmund and some reverse psychology from Jeffrey (who told Cassie to shoot Dinah), Cassie decided to spare Dinah's life. Later, Edmund, Cassie and the Lewis family were shocked to learn that Sandy was not Jonathan. Not only that-- but the real Jonathan had knowingly seduced Tammy in an effort to hurt her. After being lashed out at by Tammy, who accused him of setting the entire situation in motion (since Edmund was the reason Jonathan was sent away), Edmund came face to face with Jonathan and accosted him. Not long after, Tammy ran away, and to Edmund's disappointment, Cassie asked Jeffrey, not Edmund's, help in finding her in Chicago. A stressed out Cassie was unable to handle Edmund's jealousy, fainted. The cause of the fainting spell shocked both of them---Cassie, who thought she couldn't have children, had suffered a miscarriage! With the revelation that she could have a child, Cassie and Edmund decided to try for a baby.

In 2005 several things would conspire to throw Edmund's relationship with Cassie into disarray. It all began when Cassie tried to prove to Reva how twisted Jonathan was. The night of her bachorlette party, Cassie faked being drunk and lured Jonathan to her apartment after arranging for Reva to meet her in her room. The plan was for Reva to catch Jonathan taking advantage of an inebriated Cassie. Unfortunately, Dinah unexpectedly intercepted the message and Reva never arrived in the room. Jonathan caught on to what Cassie's plan was and drugged her. The next morning, the day of her wedding, Cassie was horrified to wake up and find herself naked in bed with Jonathan! Sickened by what may have happened, Cassie got no answers from Jonathan. In distress, Cassie almost stood Edmund up at the altar. When she finally arrived, Edmund insisted that all that mattered was that she did show up. However, when Dinah hinted to him that she knew the reason behind Cassie's reluctance, he couldn't help but be curious. Edmund's jealousy got worse when a mysterious person sent Cassie flowers. Convinced it was Jeffrey, Edmund confronted him but Jeffrey denied it was him and berated Edmund for suspecting Cassie of wrongdoing. Edmund's suspicions only got larger when he learned that Cassie scheduled a pregnancy test without his knowledge. Meanwhile, Blake inadvertently stirred Edmund's jealousies when she mentions how inappropriately Jonathan acted at the bachelorette party. In the meantime, Cassie informed Edmund that she wasn't pregnant and they went to a specialist to begin in-vitro fertilization. Soon after, someone set a small fire to the barn, as a message to Edmund that they knew what he'd done the previous fall. Believing it was Dinah, Edmund angrily confronted her but she denied it and then told Edmund what happened the night before his wedding. Outraged beyond belief, Edmund angrily confronted Jonathan and attacked him. Luckily, Dinah informed Cassie of what Edmund knew and Cassie stopped Edmund before he was able to do too much harm. However, by attacking Jonathan, Edmund made an enemy of Reva, who tried to convince Cassie that Edmund hadn't changed.

In the end, Edmund's world would fall apart when, through a fax sent by Jonathan, Cassie learned about the fire! Cassie then confronted Edmund, giving him every opportunity to confess to his role in the barn fire, but he didn't. Finally, Cassie told him what she knew. Despite Edmund's moving plea, Cassie left him. That same night, Edmund received word that the embryos that had been fertilized earlier were ready for implantation. He then received word that his wife was at the clinic awaiting the procedure. However, it wasn't his wife who was waiting for him--it was Dinah! Dinah then informed him that in order to help him and Cassie, she was offering to carry their baby. Convinced that this baby would bring Cassie back to him, Edmund agreed to the plan. To cover himself legally, Edmund had Dinah sign a contract stating that she would voluntarily give up the child at birth. He then invited Dinah to stay at the farm so he could take care of her. Although Dinah tried to get closer to Edmund by offering him tips on how to win back Cassie, he was obvious he was obsessed with Cassie. Later, Dinah finally informed Cassie that she was pregnant with her child. When a repulsed Cassie railed at Edmund for doing this without her say so, Edmund tried to explain that Dinah was doing it so they could be a family and signed a contract to give the child up, but Cassie was still in shock that he'd allow her hated rival to carry her baby. Although it was obvious that Edmund expected their impending parenthood to bring them closer together, Cassie wasn't ready to forgive Edmund.

Cassie's fears proved to be correct when Edmund tried to manipulate Cassie by sending Dinah to the hospital under the guise of something being wrong with the baby. Soon after, Cassie received a note from San Cristobel , notifying her that Alonzo wanted Will to return to San Cristobel and begin his royal training. Desperate, Cassie called Edmund for help. Edmund then offered his support and promised Cassie that he wouldn't let her lose her son. However, Edmund was still determined to win Cassie back and decided the best way was to be her hero. So, he continually instigated Alonzo into fighting for Will. However, thanks to him, and Dinah, the situation got worse. When the situation looked bleak, Edmund tried to convince Cassie for all of them to flee Springfield and disappear so Alonzo couldn't find Will. However, Cassie was unwilling to run from her problems and instead went to discuss the situation with Alonzo. Later, when Edmund kissed Dinah in an attempt to make Cassie jealous, a hurt Dinah admitted her love for him.

In the end, Cassie ended up speaking with Alonzo who convinced her that it was best for Will to remain on the island. Edmund comforted Cassie at the loss of her son, and back in Springfield it appeared as if Cassie was ready to forgive Edmund, granted that he never caused her to doubt him again. The only wildcard was Dinah, who tried to record Edmund confessing his plot to help Cassie losing Will. Unfortunately for Dinah, he discovered the tape recorder and angrily crushed it. He then warned Dinah not to break up his marriage. However, Dinah wouldn't be deterred and planned to reveal all at a party for Cassie. When Dinah took center stage at the party, Edmund created a diversion. Unfortunately, immediately after Dinah was nowhere to be found. Thanks to Dinah's necklace being found at the scene, Cassie suspected foul play, but Edmund tried to assure her that Dinah probably just went home. That same night, Edmund found Dinah alone at the barn and confronted her about her threats to tell Cassie the truth. In the course of a heated exchange, Dinah grabbed a shovel as if to hit Edmund with it. Shocked, Edmund grabbed the shovel, and as he was held it in midair above Dinah, Cassie walked in! Although Edmund tried to explain that it was all a set up by Dinah, a shaken Cassie didn't believe him and wrote Edmund off for good.

Dinah tried to convince a heartbroken Edmund that losing Cassie was the best thing that ever happened to him and declared her love for him. Dinah's words only angered Edmund who bitterly hated Dinah for what she'd made him lose. The following day, Dinah tried to cheer Edmund up by pointing out that Cassie forgot to sign the baby contract which meant that Dinah could legally claim the baby. Though Edmund attempted to get Cassie to sign it, when he discovered that she'd made love with Jeffrey, he kept quiet.. Later, Edmund headed for Cassie's where he gave her an ultimatum - either drop Jeffrey or give up the baby. Unfortunately, Cassie refused to take the bait. Meanwhile, Dinah threatened to bring false charges of kidnapping unless Edmund made love to her. Not trusting Dinah, Edmund did some snooping in her room and later realized her secret--she was no longer pregnant! Apparently, Dinah had lost the baby weeks earlier and was faking still being pregnant. Initially ready to tell Cassie the truth, when he realized that baby was his last connection to Cassie, Edmund came up with a new plan. As he suggested to Dinah that they continue faking her pregnancy to help him hurt Cassie, he went to Cassie and had her sign the parental rights contract. Later, in an effort to convince Dinah that he was willing to spend his life with her, Edmund made love to Dinah. Days later, Dinah had a change of heart about the plan and wanted to tell Cassie she'd lost the baby. However, Edmund convinced her to carry on with the plan.

Finally, Edmund soon had the perfect opportunity to get a baby when he saw a pregnant Michelle lurking outside Company one day. Knowing that Michelle was now divorced from Danny), Edmund came to her rescue, preventing Danny and Marina from discovering her pregnancy. Though grateful, Michelle was wary of his kindness until Edmund pointed out their common bond--that they were both alone and both waiting for a baby to arrive. He then gallantly offered his suite to her as a hideout and encouraged her to keep her baby a secret. Michelle, faced with limited options, took him up on his offer. In the hotel room, Edmund attended to Michelle, working hard to convince her that he just wanted to help her and that he had a soft spot for expectant mothers. He then used Michelle's insecurities about Danny to keep her hidden in the room and then, feigning interest as an expectant father, got Michelle to give details about inducing labor. Later, Edmund left the suite, locking Michelle in on his way out. He then went to the hospital to get a stash of the labor-inducing drug Michelle told him about. As she was sleeping, Edmund injected her with the labor inducing drug. Later, Edmund was shocked to find that Michelle had escaped from the bedroom out the fire escape! Edmund frantically went out to search for her and finally found her car crashed and Michelle going into labor. Edmund then delivered a delirious Michelle's baby and then set fire to her car. After anonymously calling 911, Edmund took off with her baby girl.

Edmund returned to the farmhouse, placed the baby outside on the porch and then went in to inform Dinah that once they told Cassie that there is no baby, they must leave town until the smoke blew over. He convinced Dinah to record a goodbye message to Ross. After recording the message, Dinah suddenly heard the sound of a baby crying. Edmund immediately covered her mouth with a chloroform rag and she fell to the floor, unconscious. That night, Edmund presented the baby to Cassie, telling her that Dinah had gone into sudden labor at the farm. When Cassie asked to see Dinah, Edmund informed her that Dinah had run off after giving birth. Edmund then took Dinah to a replica of the Jessup farm and held her captive, telling her that his plan was always to win Cassie back. Unfortunately for Edmund, the appearance of "their" daughter, Hope, didn't soften Cassie towards him. In fact, Cassie was still close to Jeffrey. In the meantime, Marina Cooper was becoming suspicious of the circumstances surround the "death" of Michelle's baby.. Meanwhile, when Jonathan became suspicous of Dinah's whereabouts, Edmund threatened to stop giving Dinah food if she didn't find a way to deterr Jonathan. So Dinah sent him off with a note to Jonathan that would throw him off her trail but Edmund wouldn't promise that he'd come back. Unfortunately, Marina's investigation led her to tell Jeffrey her suspicion--that Hope was Michelle's baby.

The night of Hope's christening, Edmund's world came crashing down when Cassie and Jeffrey informed him that they knew that Hope was not Cassie's baby. Although Edmund made a feeble attempt to deny it, there was no denying the fact that the DNA test proved it. Alone with a horrified Cassie, Edmund tried to convince her that he did it for her and then lied that the baby was not Michelle's, but simply a woman who didn't want her child. After hearing Cassie tell Jeffrey she needed more proof that Hope is not Michelle's child. Edmund went to Michelle's locker at Cedars' and managed to switch the name so that when Jeffrey arrived, he collected an anonymous strand of hair. Later, while Cassie and Jeffrey were relieved to learn Michelle was not a match to Hope. Meanwhile, Edmund met with Russo and asked him to create fake adoption papers. He then went to the farmhouse replica and was shocked to find that Dinah wasn't there! Thinking she'd escaped, Edmund torched the place to get rid of the evidence. Later, Edmund learned that Dinah had been hiding in the farmhouse all along but was rescued by Mallet. Desperate to keep Dinah quiet, Edmund went to Cedars but Dinah wasn't there. Mallet, who knew of Marina's suspicions regarding Edmund, went and arrested Edmund. Edmund tried to convince Jeffrey that Dinah was the mastermind behind the baby switch but Jeffrey didn't believe it. That same night, Dinah took Hope and gave the baby to her rightful father--Danny. Edmund was then sent to jail. Not knowing that a DNA test had just proved that Danny was Hope's father, Edmund was desperate to get out of jail since he was convinced he still had a chance with Cassie. His only problem was Michelle; she had to be gone forever or else there as a chance she'd remember that he took her baby. In order to win his freedom, he made an unlikely pact with Alan who helped Edmund get the information that Michelle was staying at the cabin.

Soon after, Edmund suddenly showed up at the cabin to visit Michelle, claiming to be there to commiserate with her over their mutual losses. After agreeing to go for a ride with Edmund, when he left the room, Michelle was shocked to see Edmund's release papers from jail and realized she's in danger. She tried to get rid of Edmund but he began to unspool, telling her she was the only thing standing in the way of his plan to win back Cassie. At that point, Danny came to Michelle's rescue and together they overpowered Edmund, forcing him to run away. He then caught a ride with a stranger and was shocked to see that it was Dinah! Dinah then forced him out of the car and was threatened by Dinah who held a gun on him and threatened to kill him. Luckily for Edmund, Mallet (who'd been searching for Dinah) came upon them and convinced Dinah not to pull the trigger. Weeks later, that night, Edmund finally found Cassie alone and threatened to hurt her family if she didn't agree to run away with him. Feeling trapped, she agreed but cleverly managed to alert Jeffrey right before she vanished with Edmund. Edmund then brought Cassie to San Cristobel with the intention of keeping her his prisoner until she decided to be his princess. Cassie tried to reach through Edmund's rage in an effort to get him to release her, but he stated that he would rather keep her his prisoner than see her with another man. At that point, Edmund's guards arrived at the tower and turned their weapons on Edmund instead of obeying his orders. He soon realized that he'd been tricked by Josh and Jeffrey and desperately called out to Cassie to save him, However, Cassie wrote him out of her life. A few months later, in January 2006, Cassie and Josh traveled to Edmund demanding he tell them what he knew about Jeffrey. He informed them that not only was Jeffrey the one who got Dinah released from prison, he impersonated Richard for years--perhaps even when he was alone with Cassie.

At some point, Alonzo had Edmund transferred from the palace tower to a maximum security mental hospital. Later, Edmund was surprisingly contacted by his nephew Will who was obviously lonely and needed a friend. Will visited Edmund and Edmund acted as a mentor to the young prince. Finally in late 2007, Edmund decided to use the boy to his advantage and told him to call his mother and tell her that how lonely he was and that he wanted to live with her. As expected, Cassie asked Alonzo to relinquish custody of Will but Alonzo refused. Poised for a custody battle, Cassie and Josh compiled a list of people who could testify to what a good mother Cassie was to Will and one person's name came up. Someone who was around when Cassie was raising Will: Edmund. Cassie was reluctant but complied when Josh convinced her that she wouldn't have to be in contact with Edmund at all. Edmund's deposition could be done in writing. However, when Josh called Edmund, he only agreed to help if he talked to Cassie. Cassie agreed since she felt it was the only way to get her child back. When Cassie called Edmund he told her that he harbored no ill will toward her; he owed her and would help her get her son back.

Unfortunately, for Cassie, Edmund was on Alonzo's witness list as well. That meant they were going to have to go to San Cristobel and get his testimony in person. Meanwhile, Will was being coached by Edmund on how to get the most sympathy from his mother. Soon, Cassie went to San Cristobel with Josh and Jeffrey. Soon the power went out and Edmund discovered that his door was now unlocked. Edmund left his room only to run into Cassie who had gotten separated from Josh and Jeffrey. Cassie accused Edmund of knocking out the power so that he could get her alone. Edmund told her that he wanted to prove himself to her and get her safely to the hearing with Alonzo and Will. Suddenly, Will ran out from nowhere and hugged them. It soon became clear that Edmund and Will had developed a close relationship. At the same time, Alonzo arrived. Over the sound system, it was announced that they'd be testing the back up power and there would be a risk of surges. When the power came on, Alonzo, close to an electrical gate was hit by a surge and collapsed as Jeffrey and Josh appeared. The group was shocked to see that Alonzo was dead.

Cassie walked Will away from the scene and while she was comforting him, they were accosted by an inmate. The inmate, Del, had a grudge against the monarchy, recognized Cassie as the former princess and raged against her and her family for ruining his life. He then pulled out a blade. Before he could attack, Edmund ran in and began wrestling with him until an orderly came and grabbed Del while he screamed that he would hurt them just like he killed Alonzo.. With Alonzo dead, Cassie brought Will back to Springfield. Back in Springfield, Will kept in contact with Edmund who coached him on how to get his mother to approve a visit. Will pulled at his mother's heart strings by talking about how much he missed his best friend, Edmund. As expected, Cassie allowed Edmund to come for a visit. Edmund was brought in handcuffs to the police station where he learned some interesting information. First, that Josh was a minister and second that he and Cassie were married. Soon, Cassie brought Will to the police station to see his uncle. There, Cassie noted how important Edmund was to Will and how much Edmund cared for the boy. Soon after, Edmund received a pardon from the Secretary of State.

As the days went on, Edmund was becoming a thorn in Josh's side. Immediately after trading barbs with Edmund, Josh got another visitoróRick. Rick was there to discuss the lie they were keeping about Beth's baby. That apparently Beth's baby was Alan's but Cassie altered the paternity test. Josh and Rick's exchange was overheard by Edmund. Days later, Edmund, acting as her limo driver, approached Reva and suggested that they break up Josh and Cassie. To his disappointed, Reva refused to help him and told him to stay out of Cassie's life. Soon after, Edmund went to Josh and told him about what he knew. He made it clear that the only for him to keep quiet about Cassie's crime would be for Josh to walk away from Cassie. When Josh stated that there was no way Cassie would believe he wanted out of the marriage, Edmund responded that there was one thing she would believe---he loved Reva.

Confident that he had the upper hand, things suddenly went haywire when expecting a massage, Edmund was kidnapped by an old agency friend of Jeffrey's. He later, woke up bound and gagged but was able to text message Will for help. Unfortunately, for Edmund it didn't work. Edmund was hassled out before Will and Cassie got there. Later, Jeffrey offered Edmund a deal: either be framed for Alonzo's death (thus being executed) or spend his life in a cushy prison compound called Peaceful Valley. Of course, Edmund chose prison. Josh and Cassie then lied to Will that Edmund had to return to San Cristobel to fulfill some royal responsibilities. Will started crying and begged that Edmund stick around long enough to watch him in the Christmas pageant. To Josh's shock, Cassie agreed. Meanwhile, Edmund was taken to Cedars for treatment on a mild injury he received while in captivity. There, he revealed to Rick that he knew Beth's baby was really Alan's. He stated that he wouldn't make him lose his new daughter and used wife unless he was pushed too far. Edmund then asked the good doctor to help find a way for him to stay in Springfield. Otherwise he'd reveal all. Unfortunately for Edmund, instead of being intimidated, Rick sedated Edmund and called Jeffrey. Jeffrey had Edmund tied up and hid him away at his and Reva's place.

Finally, came the day of the pageant and Josh's ordination. Before it was even over, Jeffrey dragged Edmund out and informed him that there was no Peaceful Valley. Edmund would be executed for Alonzo's murder. He then placed Edmund in his accomplice's care. However, Edmund slipped away and headed back to the church--specifically the balcony. Soon, Will found his uncle alone and he tells the boy that they were all after him. Edmund proceeded to tell Will that Cassie would never love Will. As Edmund hinted at his plans to get the upper hand, Will stated that he'd stop Edmund from hurting Cassie the way he stopped Alonzo. Edmund realized that Will pushed his father into the gate. Immediately after, as Josh was ordained, Edmund fell out of the loft and at Josh's feet. He was rushed to Cedars, alive, but comatose. Days later, he was transferred to a hospital in San Cristobel. Weeks later, Edmund woke up long enough to call Josh and give a message: "Will...pushed". However, he passed out again and Jeffrey suddenly appeared in Edmund's room. He upped the dosage on his IV, trying to make sure Edmund stayed unconscious.

In 2009, a contrite Edmund returned to Springfield for the memorial service of Lara Pizano. Edmund shocked everyone by saying that Lara found him when he was in the hospital and announced that she was his daughter. Lara, the daughter of a royal servant in San Cristobel , bonded with Edmund--giving him the will to live. Lara spent weeks getting to know Edmund and confided in him about her love for Shayne Lewis, whom she met in Bosnia in the Peace Corps. Unfortunately, Edmund lost his daughter much too soon and returned to Springfield in an attempt to get to know her better, through Shayne. Edmund informed everyone that Lara's love had changed him and made him strive to be a better man. Though others were skeptical, Shayne was immediately drawn to Edmund and agreed to meet with him. In an attempt to honor Lara, Edmund suggested a hospital be built in Lara's honor. Shayne, who had begun working at Lewis Construction, agreed. Though Shayne had accepted Edmund's claims that he'd changed, Dinah had not and started snooping around Edmund's room. In the process, she found a sonogram. Edmund admitted to Dinah that Lara was pregnant when she died. Edmund stated that the baby was Shayne's but Lara had not informed him yet. Concerned for Shayne's emotional well being, Dinah forbade Edmund to tell Shayne about the pregnancy.

Weeks later, Edmund visited a pregnant Reva to apologize for all of the pain he'd caused over the years. Suddenly, Reva went into labor and Edmund was forced to rush her to the hospital. After the birth of Reva's son, Edmund decided that Shayne a right to know about Lara's pregnancy. Shocked, Shayne responded with a revelation of his ownóLara died in a minefield that Shayne failed to diffuse properly. Though he hid it from Shayne, the revelation enraged Edmund and he knocked out Roc Hoover who the Lewises had arranged to trail Edmund. After vehemently confronting Shayne, Edmund lashed out at Dinah. In retaliation for Shayne "killing" Lara, Edmund snuck into Reva's home and attempted to kidnap her baby, Colin. Luckily, Reva stopped him by stabbing him with her syringe. With Roc's help, and Edmund was shipped out of town. Edmund got the better of Roc again and forced him to call Josh and report that Edmund was taken care of. Weeks later, Josh got a report that a badly burnt Edmund was in a hospital in Italy. However, when Shayne and Josh arrived, they were shocked to see that the patient was not Edmund but Roc. Days later, Edmund's lifeless body was found lying in a river in Springfield. After witnesses reported that they had seen her arguing with Edmund, Reva was arrested for his murder. Determined to prove Reva's innocence, Jeffrey began an investigation. When he attempted to examine Edmund's body, he was shocked to learn that the body was cremated and the ashes scattered over the lake. Jeffrey quickly theorized that the body in the water might not have been Edmund after all. Suspecting that Edmund was alive and was setting up Reva for murder, Jeffrey doctored the evidence to make it appear as if he had committed the murder. He and Dinah then flew to Europe in an attempt to lure Edmund out of hiding by making it appear that Lara was alive.

One person celebrating Edmund's demise was Marina Cooper who had discovered that Edmund had learned that the boy that she adopted, Henry, was Lara's son with Shayne. Edmund's lawyer informed Marina that Edmund had put Henry in his will. He also delivered a letter addressed to Henry. Wanting nothing to do with Edmund, Marina burned everything that Edmund had sent. At about the same time, the Springfield Police learned that Edmund had stolen the crown jewels of San Cristobel to support his lifestyle.

At the same time, Dinah returned to town and confirmed that Edmund was alive. It was also suspected that he must have been responsible for Jeffrey's plane going down. Several weeks later, Edmund contacted Jonathan and threatened to take Sarah. Edmund warned Jonathan that he could eliminate him as well as he eliminated Jeffrey. However, unbeknownst to Edmund, Jeffrey was not dead after all and he and Jonathan set a trap to lure Edmund out of hiding. Edmund got away however, and promised Jeffrey that he would murder all of the Lewis children unless Jeffrey continued to let Reva believe that he was dead. Apparently, Edmund's main goal was to make Reva suffer. Through the next few weeks, Jeffrey came close, but not close enough, to nabbing Edmund. Edmund warned Jeffrey that he was keeping close tabs on what was happening in Springfield.

What became of Edmund is unknown. As of 2010, Jeffrey still had not returned to Springfield. While it is possible that Jeffrey apprehended or killed Edmund, it is entirely possible that they are still playing their game of cat and mouse.

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