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Elizabeth "Beth" Ann Raines Spaulding

Alternate Identity was Lorelei Hills

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Actor History

Judi Evans (May 1983 to July 1986)

Lisa Loughridge (Temporary replacement 1986]

Beth Chamberlin (October 2, 1989 to February 18, 1991; November 1, 1997 to October 17, 2003; Recurring October 20, 2003 to September 18, 2009)


Birthday: February 14th, 1961 (Birth date was originally March 16, 1965 when she graduated high school in 1983 but revised in 1989)

Presumably drowned after being held hostage by Professor Blackburn (July 1986 - December 4, 1989)

Presumed dead in a flash flood (Aug 20, 2001 - February 2002)


Law Student

Managed the medical clinic in Clayton, ILL

Former Executive at spaulding Enterprises, in Public Relations

Spaulding Enterprise Board Member

Former Spaulding Enterprises Director of Marketing

Formerly worked at Sampson-Lewis Oil

Former artist


THe Spaulding mansion

Marital Status

Probably Married to (Phillip Spaulding

Past Marriages

Rick Bauer (Divorced) (m. Aug 90; div. late 1990)

Phillip Spaulding (Divorced) (m. 14 Feb 91; div. 1996)

Jim Lemay (deceased) (m. Feb 00)

Edmund Winslow (Divorced) (m. 11 May 01; div. Aug 01)

(as Lorelei Hills) Bill Lewis (Invalid) (early Sep 01)

Alan Spaulding (Divorced; deceased) (m. 22 Aug 05; div. Jan 07)

Rick Bauer (m. 4 Jul 07; div. 4 Jul 08)


Lillian Raines (Mother)

Bradley Raines (Stepfather; deceased)

Sarah Randall (granddaughter)

Calla Matthews (Aunt)

Jesse Matthews Hall (Cousin)

Brandon Hall (First cousin once removed)

Susan Lemay (former stepdaughter)


Lizzie Spaulding (with Phillip)

James Spaulding (with Phillip)

Miscarried child (with Alan)

Peyton Alexandra Raines (with Alan)

Flings & Affairs

Rick Bauer (Dated)

Phillip Spaulding (Engaged)

Brandon "Lujack" Spaulding Luvonaczek (Engaged; deceased)

Jackson Freemont (Dated)

Neil Everest (Engaged; deceased)

Carl Stevens (Lovers; deceased)

Ben Warren (Lovers; deceased)

Bill Lewis (Lovers)

Jeffrey O'Neill (Lovers)

Alan Spaulding (one-night stand)

Rick Bauer (Affair)

Henry Cooper Bradshaw (Lovers; deceased)

Crimes Committed

Jailed overnight for being at the melee started by the Galahads at the masquerade ball [February 15, 1984]

Assaulted a "pregnant" India von Halkein [Spring 1985]

Helped Lujack Luvonaczek escape from prison [Summer 1985]

Killed Professor Blackburn in self-defense [July 1986]

Knocked Bradley Raines unconscious with a shovel [October 10, 1989]

Conspiracy to commit fraud by helping Phillip fake his death [August to December 1990]

Falsely confessed to the murder of Carl Stevens [April 24, 1998]

Falsely accused of being the Nursery Rhyme Stalker [September and November 1998]

Plotted to bilk Phillip Spaulding out of money (as Lorelei) [2001 - 2002]

Spied on Harley Cooper [January 11, 2005]

Gave Harley Cooper a false financial report for a Spaulding Board meeting [October 21, 2005]

Held Alan Spaulding and Gus Aitoro captive. [December 29, 2005 to March 10, 2006]

Assaulted Alan [February 23, 2006]

Kept quiet that Jonathan Randall, not Coop Bradshaw, was the father of Lizzie's baby [May 26, 2006 to June 19, 2006]

Attempted to bribe Jonathan Randall to leave town [June 8, 2006]

Had Ava Peralta locked in a meat locker to prevent her from disrupting Lizzie's wedding to Coop [June 16, 2006]

Fraud; Falsely claimed to be pregnant in order to keep from being thrown out of the Spaulding mansion [February 22, 2007 to April 13, 2007]

Obstruction of evidence; Kept hidden the gun that Alan was shot with [March 2007]

Brief Character History

Beth Raines arrived in Springfield in 1983, a victim of an abusive stepfather, Bradley. Beth used art (painting & drawing) as a means of self-expression and when Bradley caught her drawing a portrait of her natural father, he became so enraged that he threw her down a flight of stairs. During her stay in the hospital, she roomed with Mindy Lewis and drew quite a bit of attention from orderlies, Rick Bauer and Phillip Spaulding. Though she initially chose Rick, she and Phillip found themselves drawn to one another. Though both tried to deny their feelings out of respect for Rick, fate kept throwing them together--such as when they were named King of Queen at the Senior Prom. Finally the night of Mindy's eighteenth birthday party the two shared their feelings for one another. During their confession, they were interrupted by Bradley, who had shocking news for Phillip—he wasn't a Spaulding. Afterwards Bradley became even more abusive towards Beth finally raping her one night after Beth came home from a date with Phillip. Ashamed, Beth told no one and turned Phillip away. Afraid, she then moved into a boarding house but was ordered by the court to return home. When Beth returned home Phillip was waiting for her and they ran away to New York.

After they had been running for a while they found themselves near Central Park and nearly out of money, After they had been running for a while they found themselves near Central Park and nearly out of money, Beth was working on some artistic sketches when both of them came upon a sidewalk Santa Claus (who preferred to be called Nick) who asked them if they needed help. Though Phillip rudely tried to decline, Beth told the man that they were nearly broke and had no where to stay and perhaps could not afford a hotel. Nick being the Good Samaritan he was and was, took pity on the young teenage couple and urged them to follow him through Central Park. Nick had led them to a place where he had led many people who were lost and homeless or poor or down on their luck.. Nick turned them over to the others that were staying there and asked them to watch over Beth and Phillip. Eventually with Nick (Santa's) help Beth told Phillip about the rape. Phillip promised to protect her and they pledged to never let anything come in between them again. Meanwhile, Mindy and Rick had raced to New York to find the pair and the four friends took odd jobs in order to survive and they enjoyed the sights and sounds of New York. Eventually, in January 1984, Bradley tracked them down and in order to evade him they dressed up as clowns and engaged in a mime act in the park. Bradley saw through their disguise and got in a violent struggle with Phillip in Central Park that ended when Bradley almost fell off a cliff. Beth and Phillip saved him though and warned him to back off. W

ith Bradley apparently no longer a threat, Phillip and Beth returned to Springfield. Not long after, Phillip's father, Alan, hired Bradley at Spaulding in the hopes of transferring the lower class Raines out of town and getting Beth away from his son. However, Alan's sister, Alex was a great supporter of the couple and when she learned what Bradley had done, she helped Beth charge him with rape. Bradley maintained his innocence, but at the trial he finally confessed by saying that he had to mark her so no one else would want her, since no one else could love her like he did. Bradley was sent to a psychiatric hospital and Lillian divorced him. Beth and Phillip then became engaged. At the same time, Mindy was pregnant and told everyone that Rick was the father. The day of Beth's wedding, Mindy's father, Billy, went to the church where Beth and Phillip were about to be married and confronted Mindy. He wanted to know if it was true that the father of her baby was really Phillip! Unfortunately, Beth overheard everything and at the altar she slapped Phillip and called off the wedding. Phillip wanted to be part of the baby's life. Mindy agreed but only if Phillip married her. Phillip married Mindy and they spent their honeymoon at Cross Creek.

About this time, Beth was hired to tutor Lujack, a member of the gang, the Galahads, who trying to turn his life around. Beth was teaching him how to read, in exchange for him teaching her how to drive. Soon she fell in love with him and eventually convinced him to accept the fact that Alex as his mother. Beth also tried to get him to leave the Galahads, to the dismay of his ex-girlfriend Darcy. When Darcy terrorized Springfield, Lujack went undercover to spy on her while he let Beth believe that he returned to the gang. Finally, Darcy discovered Lujack's motives and in a rage, she entered Cedars, shot Lujack, kidnapped Alex and Beth, pushed a burning crash cart into Cedars Head Admin Warren Andrews Warren and turned Cedars into a general war zone. Luckily, Lujack was able to talk her down. Meanwhile, Mindy had since miscarried and Phillip was free to return to Beth. Unfortunately Beth was happy with Lujack and refused to go back to him. Feeling very rejected and angry, Phillip discovered that Lujack and Floyd Parker were turning the Galahads' old garage into a Night Club and hired a crooked tradesman named Andy Ferris to sabotage the construction of the club. Unfortunately, Andy went too far, and when the building blew up Beth was injured and blinded. Phillip felt very guilty but could not bring himself to admit his wrongdoing so he enrolled Beth in a school for the blind where she befriended Andy's blind sister, Nancy Ferris and rejected Lujack. Suspicious of Andy, Lujack went undercover as a blind man named Lenny to find out the truth and to be near Beth. Beth eventually regained her sight and was thrilled to discover her friend Lenny was actually Lujack.

When Andy saw Lujack with Nancy, he tried to shoot him but was arrested. However, Alex got him released since she wanted him to keep quiet about the club plot. After India, now Phillip's wife, noticed that Phillip and Beth were renewing their friendship, she told Beth how Phillip had caused her blindness. Beth angrily rejected Phillip, but she did not tell him that she knew the truth because she did not want to cause any more bad blood between him and Lujack. Lujack was suspicious though and, in February 1985, got Andy to attend Alex's Valentines Day party with the intent on exposing Phillip. However, once Andy got to the party with a copy of the tape he began to have second thoughts. Suddenly the lights went out and a shot was heard. When the lights returned Lujack was standing there over Andy's dead body with a gun in his hand. Lujack stood trial and was found guilty of murder. In prison he found an unlikely ally in Bradley, who befriended Lujack at Lillian's request. When Lujack escaped prison during a benefit party, Beth helped him but both were stopped by Bradley who begged for forgiveness for what he had done to Beth. Beth forgave him and hid with Lujack on Kyle Samson's yacht. She eventually convinced Phillip to come clean about his deal with Andy and they became friends once again. Ironically the police did not believe Phillip's story but by now plenty of people shared the suspicion the India had murdered Andy. But the real culprit was holding India in a cabin where he forced her to sign a false confession. It was Floyd Parker, who had killed Andy out of his secret love for Beth. Lujack and Beth eventually tracked them down and convinced Floyd to give himself up.

Now cleared of all charges with Floyd in jail, Lujack decided to become a rock star with the help of promoter Suzette Saxon. Suzette wanted Beth out of Lujack's life, so she brought the rock promoter Jackson Freemont to town for help, and Jackson immediately fell in love with Beth. Although Beth only had eyes for Lujack, they often argued over Suzette and Jackson. Unfortunately Lujack's music career also unknowingly brought Beth and Lujack into the schemes of the nefarious Largo Organization, which was trying to take over Sampson Industries. Their logo was ironically the same as the logo Beth and Jackson had just created for Lujack's music video, a double ring that merge into one another. Then Beth accidentally identified Bea Reardon's Company guest, Darryl, as Largo and was kidnapped by the organization and brought onto their tanker. Lujack made plans to rescue her and Jackson wanted to help him but then he was also kidnapped. He and Beth wanted to escape from the tanker but Largo stopped them and shot Jackson who fell over the tanker leaving Beth to believe he was dead. Kurt, Kyle, and Lujack rescued Beth moments before the tanker exploded. Unfortunately the explosion not only killed Largo, but also mortally injured Lujack, who died in Beth and Alex's arms in Cedars. After Lujack's death, Jackson turned up alive and comforted Beth and they kept Billy Lewis from going to jail for murder by testifying to Largo's plot.

rokenhearted, Beth sought comfort with Phillip in 1986 and the pair became engaged again. Tragically their happiness wouldn't last long when Beth began to work at a museum for Professor Blackburn. Blackburn had gotten his hands on the cornerstone of the von Halkein estate in Andorra. India knew that it contained gold and she tried to steal it from him but the Professor was desperate to hold on to the cornerstone. He knocked India unconscious, shot Phillip, and held Beth hostage on a boat in Stony Lake. Sometime later Blackburn's dead body turned up, Beth's shoe and some fabric from her dress was found but she was nowhere to be found. Phillip was devastated and vowed to find her, but Alan, who had always looked down on Beth, fabricated some evidence to make it look like Beth was really dead.

A mute and amnesiac Beth reappeared in Springfield, in 1989, along with Neil Everest who became Spaulding Enterprises' new employee. As Beth looked around Springfield, places and people began to appear familiar to her. Trying to piece together her memories, Beth went to the Springfield Country Club stables, where she encountered Bradley, who was just released from prison. Overcome with emotion upon seeing his former stepdaughter alive, Bradley apologized for the horrible things he'd done to her Phillip. Beth had a memory flash of Bradley beating her, and she clubbed him with a shovel and ran out. Not long after, Phillip's wife, Blake, stumbled upon Beth and Neil but kept this revelation secret for fear of losing Phillip. Afterwards, Neil decided to tell Beth about her past and accompanied her to Lillian's house. Beth seeing her childhood home and remembering Bradley refused to go in and then ran away when she saw Bradley, yet again. Beth ran away to Clayton to the Willow Hills Sanitarium and due to her aphasia checked herself her into the sanitarium. Eventually, Phillip ended up seeing Beth, as did Lillian and Rick. Later, Blake tried to keep Phillip in Willow Hills, but Rick and Lillian told the court that Phillip was as sane as they were and he was released. But Blake still had his power of attorney. That is until Blake did one more really stupid thing in her plan to retain control. Phillip had the Spaulding mansion phones wired to monitor every call Blake took. Blake took a call from Neil about the upcoming marriage of him and Beth at the courthouse and Blake lied to Phillip that the phone call was not from Neil! On Christmas Eve, Neil and Beth were about to marry, at the courthouse, with Blake in attendance, when Phillip and Rick on to Blake's plan crashed the ceremony and whisked Beth away!

Although Beth tried to explain otherwise, Phillip was convinced that Neil had been involved in Beth's kidnapping and fired him from Spaulding Enterprises. Phillip also found out that Neil was suspected of causing the death of his wife and stepchildren in Pittsburgh, when the building they were in that Neil had helped build collapsed. He also accused Neil of raping Beth! Neil's cause was not helped when WSPR-TV talk show host, Johnny Bauer accused Neil, over the holiday season, of being the mysterious person buying up property along Fifth Street for dubious ends. Determined to prove his innocence, on January 11, 1990, Neil helped Beth relive her kidnapping at the hands of Professor Blackburn. Beth recalled killing Blackburn when he tried to attack her, and she realized her aphasia stemmed from her lack of guilt over his death. At this point, Phillip found Neil and Beth and and when the men began fighting, Beth finally spoke, yelling at them to stop.

As the year continued, Neil's true past came to light when he was able to prove that the collapse was due not to his design, but to the faulty materials Spaulding had purchased. Grateful to Neil for helping Beth, Phillip voted for him to be rehired. Anxious to have a future with Beth, Phillip ended his calamitous marriage to Blake. She convinced Gary to spy on Phillip and Beth for her, hoping to get evidence of Phillip's unfaithfulness. A devious Gary agreed, and then tried to score points with Phillip by telling him Blake was having an affair. Despite her extracurricular activities with both Gary and Alan-Michael, Blake vehemently refused when Beth asked her to give Phillip an amicable divorce. Phillip asked Beth to marry him anyway. Not wanting to rush into anything, Beth said no, but their feelings ran deep and on Valentine's Day they made love.

Meanwhile, one day in March, when Blake and Gary were rummaging through Neil's trailer to find away to force Beth to stay with Neil, Beth caught them and after having a major verbal fight with Blake over Blake destroying some of her art sketches, Beth collapsed. When Gary and Blake took Beth to Cedars, they were all shocked to learn from Rick that Beth was pregnant! Beth assumed the baby was Neil's and told Phillip, who suggested they pass the child off as his. Unaware the baby really was Phillip's, Beth decided to be honest with Neil, but Blake, who stole Beth's file from the doctor's office, told Neil before Beth could.! A furious Neil refused to allow Phillip to raise his child. In April, Beth was ecstatic when Dr. Sedgwick showed her a sonogram revealing her child had been conceived in February 1990, and not in December 1989, which meant the child was Phillip's! In the meantime, trying to get back on Alan-Michael's good side, Blake agreed to give Phillip a divorce, no strings attached. However, things were about to get very bad for Phillip. The day he was to meet Neil, Neil knocked him out and left him to die. As Neil was leaving up the stairs, a double-crossing Gary confronted Neil and pushed down a flight of stairs into the garage. Blake showed up to see Gary and Neil fighting, and Gary convinced her that Neil had to be subdued when he showed her the bomb that Neil had set. After tying up Neil, Blake saw Phillip also unconscious and was sure Gary had knocked him out. Blake then tricked Gary and was able to tie him up next to Neil. Blake called Roger who set Gary free.

Meanwhile, Neil mumbled "Phillip", leading Roger to suspect that's who hit him. Roger tried and failed to defuse the bomb and Neil died in the explosion! With the audiotape of Neil murmuring "Phillip" as the one who knocked him out, Phillip's wallet being found in the wreckage of the garage, and threats Phillip had made against Neil's life, this was all enough to get Phillip arrested for Neil's murder. Trying to avoid prosecution and find out who the real murderer was, Phillip faked his own death, stealing a corpse (with Rick's help) in order to do so. Phillip fled to the island of Capria, near Mexico, and was shocked to meet India there. He promised India his Spaulding stock if she would keep quiet about his being alive and went to Springfield to discover what happened to Beth since she didn't follow him out of town. After trying to get Phillip's assets from Alan and Alex, India finally gave up and helped Phillip. When Phillip returned to town, he was shocked to discover that Beth and Rick had married to throw the police off track. After Phillip threatened Gary whom he suspected was Neil's murderer, Gary paid a killer to kill Phillip. The plan failed and finally Det. A.C. Mallet and Roger discovered that Gary was Neil's accomplice and murderer. At the same time, Phillip revealed himself alive after the birth of his daughter, Lizzie. Though innocent, Phillip, Beth and Rick were sentenced to perform community service out of town for fraud. After marrying in February 1991, Phillip and Beth moved to Arizona with Lizzie to carry out their community service.

In 1996, Phillip returned to Springfield, against Beth's wishes, to find the family member who had cooperated with Neil and tried to set him up for the Towers bombing five years earlier. Beth kept in touch with Phillip by phone and although she asked him many times to return, Phillip refused and became obsessed with his search. Finally, Beth had enough and after Phillip visited her in Arizona, she left him. At the end of the year, when Alan turned out to be the culprit, Beth sent Phillip divorce papers and they divorced. In late 1997, Lillian told Beth about Phillip's new relationship with Harley Cooper and Beth hurried back to Springfield hoping that she could win him back. Although she confided in Phillip that her life wasn't the same without him, Phillip maintained that his life was with Harley now. Anxious to get Phillip back, Beth used Lizzie by getting her hopes up and having her lie that she wanted to stay at home rather than go with Phillip for the night. That same evening, Lizzie held up the mistletoe for the pair to kiss; as Phillip leaned in to kiss Beth's cheek, Beth turned and kissed him passionately on the lips. Later, Beth warned Harley that she wanted Phillip back to which Harley responded that would never happen. While pining for Phillip, Beth became friends with attorney Ben Warren, who was far from reputable. When Phillip warned Beth about how unscrupulous Ben was,

Beth later lied to Phillip by saying that she had to stay in Springfield because she accepted a job. Although, in 1998, Phillip and Beth seemed to bond after looking at old photos, Phillip hurt Beth by telling her that their relationship was in the past. Heartbroken, Beth broke down front of Ben, who reacted by pulling her into a kiss. Beth then appealed to Ben for help in getting her a job to cover up the lie she told Phillip. Later, after a failed seduction attempt, Phillip made it perfectly clear that he didn't love Beth. Shattered, Beth rushed out and attempted suicide by throwing herself in front of a moving vehicle. Guilt-ridden, Phillip offered to stay at the mansion to take care of a rattled Lizzie. In the meantime, after overhearing Lizzie ask Phillip not to make her take care of her mommy alone, Harley got suspicious and starting investigating Beth's past in Arizona. In the process she learned that Beth had accidents before. She also discovered that Beth had a boyfriend in Arizona named Carl and decided to find him in order to ask him about Beth. Learning that she was being investigated, Beth blasted Harley, who remained undeterred. Finally, Beth admitted to Harley about her abusive relationship with Carl but left insulted when Harley continued to interrogate her. Not long after, Carl, upon learning that Harley was asking about him, arrived in town threatening Harley to stay out of his business. Although Carl denied hurting Beth, Harley tried to trick him into admitting it. Later, she convinced Beth to help her arrest Carl. Using Beth as bait, the plan was for Harley to tape record Carl admitting his abusiveness.

Unfortunately, Harley, realizing that she forgot her gun, left the scene before Carl got there. When she returned, Carl was dead and Beth was the prime suspect. During the investigation, Beth learned that Lillian hired a hit man to scare Carl away and was frightened that he killed Carl. At the moment, Beth made the shocking announcement that she killed Carl. Meanwhile, Phillip and Harley were suspicious of Beth's confession and Phillip tried to get Beth to tell him the truth, while she coyly tried to get him to admit his feelings for her. Realizing there was a very real possibility of her going to jail, Beth made plans to flee with Lizzie. However, Rick found out and notified Phillip to stop them. Later, Phillip and Harley got Lizzie to tell them about that night and she admitted that she was the one who killed Carl. The truth out, Lizzie was sent for psychiatric treatment, while Phillip decided to stay with Beth in an effort to help Lizzie. While Beth had hopes that Phillip would return to her so they could rebuild their family, he made it clear that he was returning to Harley. Soon after, Beth was devastated when Phillip asked Harley to marry him.

As Phillip reveled in their engagement, Beth sought comfort in Ben's arms but he refused to make love to her because his heart was with Blake. Devastated, Beth ended up on the Towers balcony, wondering if life was worth living without Phillip; luckily thoughts of Lizzie kept her from taking her life. Lonely and miserable, Beth became attracted to Matt Reardon, who unfortunately was married. Beth's attraction didn't go unnoticed by Matt's wife, Vanessa, though and she continually warned Beth to stay away from Matt. However, Matt himself liked Beth and they continued their relationship. Beth's closeness with Matt continued to upset Vanessa, who felt old in comparison. Finally, in 1999, Beth had enough of Vanessa's jealousy and decided that If Vanessa wanted to worry about Beth coming onto her husband, then she'd give her something to really worry about. and with that she kissed Matt. Later, when Beth saw Vanessa's pain over her unstable daughter, Dinah, a sympathetic Beth decided to back off on Matt. Things got complicated when Dinah was accused of murder and Vanessa hid her! When Beth and Matt saw Vanessa drive off with Dinah, Matt tried to cover for his wife while Beth maintained that she wouldn't lie for Vanessa. However, when Lizzie was kidnapped (and later found) a sympathetic Beth agreed to lie for Vanessa. Beth's willingness to protect Vanessa touched Matt and after confiding in Beth that his marriage was probably over, he kissed her. Later, Matt became distraught when he believed that Vanessa stood him up at Towers, and started drinking and flirting with a woman at the Towers bar. Finally, he was rescued by Beth just as Vanessa walked in. An argument ensued and Beth took Matt home. Although, Beth and Matt almost got passionate, she couldn't go through with it and told him that there must have been a time mix-up; Vanessa didn't mean to stand him up. With that revelation, Matt went off to fix his marriage.

Alone again, Beth moved on to a relationship with Jim Lemay, the adopted father of Harley's daughter, Susan. Despite the problem of Phillip and Jim not liking each other, Beth and Jim got closer. Although her relationship with Jim was going smoothly, Beth couldn't help but be jealous of Jim's friendship with Cassie Layne. Meanwhile, despite the fact that Susan initially bonded with Beth, that all changed when she learned Beth was dating Jim. Alone with Beth, Susan vowed that Jim wouldn't stay with Beth. Soon after, Susan learned that Beth and Jim were going away together and decided to derail their plans by spiking Beth's drink. Unfortunately for Susan, there was a mix-up and Susan accidentally drank the spiked beverage. Although Beth tried to get Jim to send Susan away to the therapy camp that Lizzie was sent to, Jim was hesitant and decided to handle Susan on his own. Beth's preoccupation with Jim and Susan put a wedge in her own relationship with Lizzie, who believing that Beth didn't care about her, ran away with criminal Annie Dutton! Luckily Lizzie was found and Beth promised her that she'd never let her feel neglected again.

Later, Susan picked up on Beth's jealousy of Cassie and made a point of pointing out that Cassie and Jim were both out of town at the same time. Her fears seemed confirmed when Jim, after saying that he was in a meeting at San Cristobel , called her and Beth heard Cassie in the background. Certain he and Cassie were on a romantic vacation, Beth booked a flight to San Cristobel , vowing that Cassie wouldn't steal Jim from her. After finding out that Cassie and Jim were registered as Mr. and Mrs. Lemay, Beth got drunk and confronted the couple at a party being attended by San Cristobel's prince, Richard Winslow. After accusing Cassie of trying to bed the prince, Beth was ushered out by Jim who silenced a raving Beth (who blasted him for running off with Cassie) with a kiss. The next day, an angry Jim admitted that he was in San Cristobel with Cassie to rescue Cassie's sister, Reva. When he told Beth to go home, she decided to go on the offensive and broke up with Jim before he had a chance to break up with her. However, to her surprise, instead he confessed his love for her. Later, the pair got engaged. However, Beth's life still wouldn't be perfect. While on the way to visit the Spaulding construction site in San Cristobel , the helicopter that Beth, Phillip, and Jim were on would crash, stranding them on a snowy mountain. Believing they were going to die, Beth and Phillip prepared a videotape to be made for their daughter while Jim went away to search for help. Emotions high, they started reminiscing about the past and sought comfort in each other's arms with the video still recording. After Phillip and Beth were rescued, both decided to keep their lovemaking a secret and go on with their separate lives.

In January 2000, the unexpected happened: Beth erself pregnant with Phillip's child. Convinced that Phillip would leave Harley to marry her again, Beth told him about the child. When Phillip refused to marry her, she became afraid that Jim would leave her and threatened to have an abortion if Phillip told anyone the child was his. So worried about Beth's state of mind (as well as his own marriage), Phillip reluctantly agreed to keep the child's true paternity a secret while Beth married Jim. . Unfortunately, their tryst wasn't a complete secret: the missing video was found by Prince Edmund Winslow who used it to blackmail Phillip. Not knowing that Edmund was blackmailing Phillip, Beth was surprised when Edmund told her that he found out her secret accidentally and promised to keep mum and support her and Lizzie. At the same time this was going on, Beth learned that her daughter was suffering from leukemia. Very scared over Lizzie's fate, Beth was touched by the sensitivity and compassion that Edmund showed her. In the months of Beth's pregnancy, Lizzie's condition continued to worsen, until finally her only chance of survival was a bone marrow transfusion from the child Beth was carrying. With Lizzie deteriorating fast and the baby still not due for weeks, Beth had to make a choice: wait until the baby was born and hope that Lizzie survived, or induce labor and hope the baby survived. With doctors telling her the baby's chance of survival were good, Beth agreed to the procedure only for Jim to refuse! Though she and Phillip tried valiantly to change his mind, he was adamant and Phillip was forced to reveal the truth: he was the child's father; With Lizzie's life at stake, Beth was forced to admit the truth to Jim and soon after, with Jim by her side, Beth gave birth to a son, James Lemay.

However, despite her pleas for them to be a family, Jim left Beth. However, later, he began to reconsider and told her that to reconcile, she must be willing to live on his terms...and move to Chicago with him and the kids. Although Beth was more than willing to leave, Susan's attempt to run off with her boyfriend, Max Nickerson, Phillip's objections, and Lizzie's faking a reoccurrence of her illness in order to get them to stay, put a stop to their plans and they decided to stay in town. Later, Beth was touched when Jim told her he wanted to adopt her baby. Unfortunately, Phillip objected and, despite Beth's pleas, he refused to allow it and even tried to get custody of his son as well as Lizzie. Wanting to distract Phillip, Beth enlisted Edmund's help in getting Phillip and Harley reunited, not knowing that Edmund was having feelings for her. Meanwhile, Phillip and Jim finally reached a compromise when Phillip agreed to back off his custody suit and Jim agreed to drop his plans to adopt the baby for a trial period of six months. Later, Beth found herself grateful to Edmund again when he managed to locate and befriend Susan who had run away again. Tragically, Jim died on Christmas after rescuing Beth and James when their Christmas tree caught on fire.

Immediately following Jim's death, Beth found herself leaning on Edmund for emotional support and became enchanted by not only his compassion for her and her children, but also his lifestyle. In 2001, despite the disapproval of both Phillip and Lillian, Beth continued to support and befriend Edmund. With everyone against Edmund, Beth became his sole champion and encouraged him to secure the crown for himself when he discovered he was the true heir to the throne. Remaining fiercely loyal to Edmund, Beth stayed with him in San Cristobel while Phillip took their children home. With the knowledge of Richard's true parentage, an election was called to see who would lead the country. However, when Phillip told Beth that Edmund was fixing the election, she went to Edmund who immediately used the information to his advantage and went to the press himself, calling the election invalid and declaring himself ruler of San Cristobel! Not long after Edmund was coronated, he married Beth who became his princess. Unfortunately, mere weeks later, Beth would learn that everything people had been saying about Edmund was true when she learned that he was holding his sister-in-law, Cassie captive! Confronted by Beth, a desperate Edmund locked her away but Beth was able to escape to Springfield. Although Edmund arrived in town asking her for another chance, Beth refused to give him one unless he turned himself in to the police. Seeing that Edmund wouldn't do that, Beth told him she was getting a divorce, but assured him that she wouldn't testify against him. Not long after, Beth received word that Bradley had died and had left her a silver mine in Colorado. Immediately, she went to Mexico to get a quickie divorce. Unfortunately, Edmund caught up with her and again begged her to go back to him. But Beth refused and ran off. While trying to get away from Edmund, Beth was caught in a flash flood and presumed dead.

Miraculously, Beth survived and five months after being washed away, she found herself in Springfield in 2002. However, to her confusion, she was in prison! Having no memory of the past several months, she demanded to see the Spauldings and was horrified to learn that they didn't believe she was Beth Raines! Uncertain of how she ended up in jail with Edmund and why her family thought she was an imposter named Lorlei Hills, Beth suddenly started to fluctuate between her own personality and Lorelei Hill's! Beth languished in prison for a few days until Alan let her out for Lizzie's sake. Soon after being released, Beth got sick and when being cared for by Lillian, asked her mother to sing their special song. When Beth started singing the song herself, Lillian realized that Beth and Lorelei were one and the same! Beth quickly recovered physically, but mentally was as damaged as ever. Apparently she created the Lorelei persona because she couldn't deal with the world so soon after the flashflood; Lorelei was strong, funny, and brassy - everything Beth had never been. Though Beth fought Lorelei for control, she lost and Lorelei escaped the Spaulding mansion to be with her beloved "Eddie."

Sincelack of evidence led to no charges being filed, Edmund managed to raise enough money by singing and playing piano. Edmund and Lorelei arrived in New Mexico, but had to fill in for a psychic team to raise more money to pay the man who would take them through the mine. Phillip was hot on their heels, but got trapped in the mine. When Lorelei found out from the hotel owner that Phillip had gone to the mine hours earlier to search for her, Beth again battled her for dominance, and won. Beth raced to the mine to free Phillip, but the mine entrance shut while she was inside, trapping them. Edmund arrived, causing another split between Beth/Lorelei. Beth maintained control, and ordered Edmund out, saying he had destroyed her life and never would again. Edmund accidentally trapped them in the mine a second time, but Beth managed to free Phillip and they found another exit. Having declared their continued love for each other while in the mine, they reunited once returning to Springfield. Beth also had a tearful reunion with her mother and children. After some minimal therapy to deal with her trauma, Beth seemed to be in good mental health.

Soon after, Ross verified that Beth was legally divorced from Edmund. . A single woman again, Beth continued her relationship with Phillip but continued to be troubled by thoughts of Lorelei. Soon after, Bill Lewis returned to town and told Beth that Bill confided in Beth that she reminded him of his friend Lorelei. Beth questioned Bill about his relationship with Lorelei, although he merely said that they were friends, Beth was uncomfortable by the thought. Later, alone with Bill, Olivia Spencer discovered that Bill knew Lorelei in Texas and asked him to share all the details of their relationship. Later Olivia invited Bill over and "innocently" revealed that Beth was Lorelei. Bill was stunned by the news and Beth covered that Olivia hadn't succeeded in embarrassing her. Beth explained her condition to Bill and apologized for having kept it a secret. At this point, Bill revealed that he'd lied--he and Lorelie were more than just friends. They had a whirlwind romance that ended in marriage. In the meantime, while Beth and Phillip reunited was a good idea in concept, the reality was more difficult. Phillip was cold and distant, confused by Beth's changes in personality. Beth was skittish and irritated by Phillip's pompous and patriarchal attitude in taking his son Zach away from Harley. Meanwhile, Bill was always around, flirting with Beth and making her feel free, while Olivia Spencer was kissing Phillip and scheming to break him and Beth up. Then Beth had found a diary she'd written while in Lorelei mode. Olivia found the diary a few days later, and published it. Beth immediately suspected her, but Olivia had her publisher friend say Lorelei had done the deed. Lizzie, Phillip, everyone, including Beth herself, blamed Beth. Beth went to Alan's lake cottage to clear her head, and ran into Bill.

In an attempt to remember the past, she kissed him, and their liplock grew passionate. Phillip walked in at just that moment, outraged, telling her off and then stranding her on the island. The final straw broke when Beth learned that Olivia and Phillip had been making out when Alan walked in on them and had a heart attack. Beth and Phillip finally realized they had both changed far too much to be together, and gracefully parted ways. Beth moved into Towers, but Lizzie, who blamed Beth for everything that went wrong, refused to move out of the mansion. Taking this opportunity to relish her independence, Beth invited Bill up to her room for a night of sweaty passion. They began dating in spite of the harsh criticism both received due to their age difference. On the positive front, Alex exposed Olivia's lie about the diary at Thanksgiving, and Lizzie and Beth began to grow closer again. On the negative front, Beth's clinginess and constant insecurity resurfaced, as Bill's unwillingness to make a firm commitment and his strong bond with Michelle occupied her thoughts more and more. Finally both decided that the relationship wasn't working out and the two amicably parted ways.

In 2003, Beth felt the need to focus on life without leaning on a man for support. Instead she focused on being a good friend and confidant to those around her and being a good mother to her children. However, in early spring, Beth started to worry about Lizzie, who'd returned from boarding school following a fire. Though Beth refused to believe suspicions that Lizzie started the fire herself, soon she became worried. Concerned about Lizzie's reluctance to discuss her feelings and seeing her perkiness as forced, Beth became convinced that Lizzie was repressing her feelings and had her see her therapist, Felicia. Beth tried to tell the rest of the family about her concerns for Lizzie's emotional well being, others, namely Phillip and Alan, felt Beth was overreacting and claimed that nothing was wrong with Lizzie. Beth's fears would be confirmed later when Lillian told Beth of her fears that Lizzie caused a pregnant Olivia's fall. Though Beth was doubtful at first, Lillian convinced her that Lizzie was out of control and they needed to intervene on her behalf. Knowing the Spauldings would object, Beth and Lillian whisked Lizzie away to a cabin where Lillian confronted Lizzie with the same accusation.

Meanwhile, Beth finally came face to face with District Attorney, Jeffrey O'Neil, who became instantly attracted to her. Not long after, he went to the Spaulding mansion claiming to want to speak with Alan, however his true purpose was to see Beth. Though Beth tried to feign disinterest, it was obvious that she was attracted to him as well, especially when Jeffrey pulled her into a smoldering kiss. Agreeing to go on a date with Jeffrey, he treated to a dinner at a Japanese restaurant where they impulsively made love in a private room! Though this impulsiveness tended to scare Beth, Jeffrey encouraged her to let her hair down and let some spontaneity into her life. Meanwhile, things finally came to a head with Lizzie on the night of Olivia's baby shower when Olivia found something in her baby crib--a doll's head! Terrified, Olivia skipped town. Though Lizzie tried to deny it and pleaded with her family to believe her, she was unable to convince her family of her innocence. Distraught over her family's mistrust, Later, Lizzie finally admitted to Christopher that she needed help and she wanted to get back to being that happy girl she used to be. Shortly after Lizzie finally admitted she needed help, Beth's relationship with Jeffrey came to an end. Though she understood that she and Jeffrey weren't serious, Beth was hurt when she saw him leave his room with another woman. Though Jeffrey tried to laugh if off by saying that they weren't exclusive, Beth was hurt and angry and ended their affair.

In 2004, Beth, supported Phillip when he was at Ravenwood Mental Hospital following a nervous breakdown. She also tried to help Lizzie restore her emotional health, a task made more complicated with the return of Olivia, who claimed to have lost her child. Although Lizzie's mistrust of Olivia was evident when she suspected her of wanting to kidnap Phillip, Beth and Alan tried to make her see that Olivia wasn't a threat. Unfortunately, Lizzie's mistrust of Olivia would be vindicated when Olivia hastily married a recovering Phillip at Ravenwood! Although she didn't trust Olivia's motives for marrying Phillip, Beth tried to convince Lizzie that they had to accept the situation. Weeks, later, Beth would be shocked when Olivia bursted into the Spaulding mansion demanding to know where Lizzie was. It was then that Olivia finally confessed that her baby was alive after all and she believed Lizzie kidnapped her! Though she defended her daughter, Beth was worried that if Lizzie had discovered Olivia's lie she might have taken that action. The next day, the Spauldings learned that Lizzie had gone to Ravenwood with a baby. At the same time that Olivia was at the hospital demanding her daughter and threatening to lock Lizzie away, the rest of the Spauldings arrived. As Olivia continued to rant about Lizzie, Phillip tried to get her to calm down to no avail. Finally, Phillip saved Lizzie by stating that he'd asked her to bring the baby to him. When Lizzie confirmed the story, Gus ruled it a domestic dispute since Phillip was the baby's father. However, it was clear to Olivia, and even to Beth, that Phillip was covering for Lizzie. Angry at Lizzie, Beth, alone with her daughter, warned her to control her impulses since her actions do have consequences.

Although Phillip's troubles appeared to be over when he finally granted Olivia her divorce, the Spauldings' troubles were just starting. For on the same day, Gus was set to marry Harley, the Coopers found evidence that Alexandra was involved in the Antimonious drug case, and Gus knew about it. In short order, Harley called off the wedding and Alex was arrested. From that point on, a vindictive Phillip waged a war against the Coopers and decided to have the Cooper family restaurant, Company, destroyed. Shocked that Phillip would destroy the Cooper's lives, plus tear down a place that held memories for them both, Beth confronted Phillip who remained cold and unrepentant, simply telling Beth that it was only business. Put off by Phillip's new controlling, take-no-prisoners attitude, Beth tried to get through to him, even comparing him to Alan. Unfortunately, Beth's comments fell on deaf ears. Although she disagreed with Phillip's actions, though, she still refused to work against him when Bill suggested the idea. Later, while talking to Gus about a way to save Company, Beth remembered that a rare bird lived in the woods behind the restaurant; hence the area was preserved due to environmental issues. Meanwhile, realizing that something was bothering Lizzie, Beth tried to get Lizzie to open up but to no avail. Though she tried to get the information from Phillip, whom she knew Lizzie had confided in, Phillip refused to tell her anything, insisting it'd be better if she didn't know. Finally, Lizzie herself confessed to an incredulous Beth that she'd used a date drug on her boyfriend, Joey. Later, Beth would learn something even more startling from Gus--Lizzie was responsible for a hit and run. Angry that Phillip had known about this, Beth was surprised when Phillip summoned her to the mansion.

When she got there, it was just her, Harley, and Olivia. Finally, Phillip showed up and apologized to the women for all the pain he'd caused and stated that he was calling a truce. He then left, leaving the woman skeptical as to Phillip's sincerity. That same day, the women were shocked when they discovered that Phillip had made off with all of his children! Although she though Lizzie was with her father, Lizzie arrived at the mansion stating that she was supposed to leave town with Phillip but changed her man. Realizing how far gone Phillip was, Beth objected to Lizzie's plan to find out from Phillip where the children were, but was forced to relent when she saw there was no other choice. Unfortunately, Phillip saw through Lizzie's attempt and revealed nothing. After a few days, Phillip summoned Beth (and unbeknownst to her, others) to Company informing her that if she complied she'd get her son back. However, when she arrived, she was shocked to find Phillip bleeding to death from a gunshot wound! That night, Phillip died and a day later, Gus succeeded in locating the children. In the wake of Phillip's death, Beth and Rick bonded over their shared loss.

In 2005, Beth noticed the bond between Lizzie and Harley's brother, Coop. Knowing how much Alan hated the Coopers, Beth warned Coop that getting involved with Lizzie could ruin his life. Although both Coop and Lizzie initially balked at this, they soon realized that they were a bad idea and attempted to part ways. Despite their intentions, the couple couldn't deny their feelings and elected to stay together. That summer, the Spaulding family was shocked to learn that Alan was the one who killed Phillip. Disgusted by the kind of man Alan was, Lizzie reacted by moving out of the mansion and in with the Coopers. Not convinced that Lizzie was emotionally stable to be in mature relationship, Beth tried to persuade her to come back home. But Lizzie was adamant about being on her own, even refusing to live in another house with Beth. Deeply worried about Lizzie, Beth went to a jailed Alan for advice and he suggested that they cut off Lizzie financially--forcing her to return home. That same day, Alan made an amazing confession to Harley and Gus--he faked Phillip's death!

However, no one, save Harley, believed Alan's story. Since everyone believed Alan was delusional, he was transferred to a mental institution. Before he left, he asked to see Beth and recanted his earlier statement. He told her that he simply made up the story about Phillip being alive in order to keep himself out of jail. Playing on Beth's insecurities, he told her that he needed her help in protecting her children's legacy from Gus and the Coopers. Beth was then thrown for a loop when Alan suggested that they marry in order to secure her children's fate. Realizing that the Spaulding power and Spaulding name have meaning for her, Beth decided to accept the proposal. Soon after, on the same day Gus and Harley married, Rick exhumed Phillip's grace and told everyone that Phillip was indeed dead. Beth then married Alan in a quick ceremony at the mental hospital. In retaliation, Lizzie decided to tell her family she was marrying Coop. Very concerned about Lizzie, Beth called Alan. Alan told Beth to get out of town and leave everything to him, leaving Beth to worry about how far Alan would go to stop Lizzie's wedding to Coop. Her fears were justified when she learned that Alan arranged for Coop to have an accident in his garage when he was fixing his car--a stack of tires came down onto his head. When Coop tried to get his bearings, he accidentally knocked into a gas pipe and deadly gas began seeping into the enclosed garage. Luckily, Coop was rescued by Gus and Harley and no one suspected that Alan was involved—except for Beth and Lizzie. Horrified that Alan would go as far as to hurt Coop, Beth made it very clear that if anyone got hurt their deal was off.

Soon after, Alan summoned Beth and revealed his plan to have her elected the new Spaulding CEO at the upcoming elections, over Gus. Unfortunately, the plan backfired thanks to Lizzie, who on the day of the election, arranged for Beth (who was out of town meeting with stockholders) to be delayed flying back to Springfield. Beth ended up missing the stockholders' meeting and a surprising person was elected CEO—Harley! Although Beth was irate, Alan remained perfectly calm and assured her that everything would work out in their best interest. Beth wasn't so sure though and although she threatened him with divorce, it was clear it was an empty threat. To her chagrin, Harley was named CEO. Alan tried to get rid of Harley by setting her up for corporate fraud by having Beth give her fake files. However, that plan failed as well when Harley caught on that Beth was giving her faulty information. When Beth realized what happened she called Alan who put Plan B into action. At Alan's request, Beth brought him a video he'd hidden at the house for just such an occasion--a security camera view of Harley and Mallet kissing passionately in his office at the prison. He then encouraged Beth to go to the Spaulding shareholders' meeting and switch the promotional video with his video.. However, Beth couldn't go through with it when she learned Harley's kids would be in attendance.

Later, believing they could lure Gus to their side, Alan told Beth to convince Gus that in order to save his marriage he had to give Harley and ultimatum-the company or him. Arranging for Gus to do it in front of all the stock holders at the company Christmas party, the plan backfired in a big way when Gus tape recorded their conversation and the entire room heard Beth conspire to oust Harley. Immediately after, Beth was fired. However it seemed like Alan was keeping a secret from her--they did have an ally: Alan-Michael! At the end of the year, Alan informed his family that he'd be released from the mental hospital very soon. Later, Beth - fresh off a very disturbing chat with Alan, told Gus that she was afraid Alan was going to hurt Harley. Gus confronted his father who confirmed Gus's fears, without actually saying anything incriminating. Later, at Alan's release hearing, Beth, Alex and Lizzie each make sane, reasonable argument for why Alan needed to remain in custody. However, at that moment, Gus (panicked beyond belief that Alan would hurt Harley) came barreling in, wild-eyed and spewing accusations. He made Alan look like a paragon of sanity in comparison, so Alan was set free. That same day he, and Gus mysteriously disappeared. In 2006, the limo they left in was found crashed by the river and after searching for several weeks, the police declared both men dead when Gus's bloody coat was found in the river.

Unbeknownst to everyone in Springfield, the pair had been found and was being cared for, and drugged, in an old abandoned cottage. Their captor was none other than Beth! Seeing Gus behind the wheel of Alan's limo, on New Year's Eve, Beth was worried Gus would do something rash and followed. She witnessed their limo crashing and the two struggling for a gun. Worried what they might do to each other, Beth (unseen) clubbed Alan over the head and dragged him and an unconscious Gus to an old cottage. After securing pain killers from Rick (by claiming that she injured her back), Beth kept both men sedated for a month and told no one in Springfield of their whereabouts. Finally, in February, Gus and Alan both woke up to find themselves locked in a room with no clue how they got there. Eventually, Beth revealed herself and lied that a huge snowstorm came and made the roads impassable. At that point, Alan tried to talk her into escaping with him and leaving Gus behind, leading Gus to think this had been a set up all along. But Beth stated that they were all trapped. Although she tried to get the men to set aside their differences and apologize for the harm they'd done to others, Alan refused to apology for anything, leaving Beth extremely upset. Several days later, Alan discovered a recently dated store receipt and realized that Beth has been out shopping - which meant her story was a lie. Alan confronted Beth about her lies and she admitted that she had been to town. Suddenly Beth asked if she and Alan were still partners and he enthusiastically agreed. When Gus came to, Beth tied him up to keep from escaping. But, when Alan started making plans for his triumphant return to Springfield, Beth suddenly clobbered him and informed the stunned duo that she was the one in charge. Suddenly, the two were face to face with a very angry Beth Raines.

Although Alan suspected that Beth had reverted to her other personality, Lorelei, she immediately squashed that theory and proclaimed that this was the new Beth who was in control of her life. Later, although Beth drugged Alan into near-catatonia, he managed to untie Gus, who, limping on one leg, escaped. Unfortunately, he didn't get very far and Beth dragged him back in the cabin. Although Alan tried to manipulate Beth into letting them go, she didn't take the bait and informed him that he and Gus had been declared dead and Dinah Marler was now heading his company. Finally having enough of both men, Beth decided to leave them to perish. Filled with guilt, Beth spent a restless night at a motel before heading back to Springfield. There a visibly upset Beth aroused Harley's suspicions when she badmouthed Alan--insinuating that he deserved to die. Then suddenly Beth collapsed! She was rushed to Cedars. Realizing what she'd done and desperate to correct it, Beth was determined to go back to the cabin but was unable to leave the hospital until she convinced Lizzie to help her get out. Later, Beth was poised to confess all to Mallet but chickened out. Soon after, Beth was taken back to the hospital where Rick shocked her by telling her she was pregnant! Apparently, before New Year's Eve, Beth found out that Alan planned on divorcing her. To change his mind and prove her loyalty, she let herself be seduced by him. Now pregnant with Alan's child, Beth realized she could use this to her advantage. She raced back to the cabin and told Alan the news. She then gave him a deal--she'd save his life and get him out of there if he covered for her. Alan agreed. Meanwhile, after some detective work, Harley finally found Gus. Back in Springfield, Gus made a deal with Alan--if Alan left Harley alone; Gus wouldn't press charges against Beth for kidnapping. Although Alan could have pressed charges against Gus for kidnapping also, he realized they were at a stalemate and agreed.

Meanwhile, Lizzie was devastated at the end of her and Coop's relationship. Knowing that Coop had already begun seeing Ava Peralta, Beth warned the girl to stay away from Coop. However, Ava refused to be threatened. Afterwards, Beth was shocked when Lizzie announced to everyone that she was pregnant with Coop's child. While Alan felt that Coop shouldn't be involved in the child's future, Beth knew Lizzie loved Coop and felt they should marry. Although Alan urged Coop to step away from his unborn child for Lizzie's sake, Coop refused and listened to Beth's suggestion that he marry Lizzie so the child would have a family. Later, Beth blackmailed Alan: either he stayed out of Coop and Lizzie's way, or she'd take their new baby away from him. Impressed with Beth's ability to stand up to him, Alan suddenly kissed her passionately and asked her to marry him again on a private island resort at San Gabriel. Deeply touched by Alan's words of love and remorse, Beth kissed him passionately. Just then Harley and Gus burst in demanding to know if Phillip was alive! Armed with a photo of Phillip, Harley told a shocked Beth that Ross knew Phillip was alive and wanted to bring him home. Attempting to get to Phillip, his plane went down. The truth finally out, Alan repeated the confession he'd given over a year ago--yes, Phillip was alive. But he hadn't heard from him since the doctors refused treatment. Also there was Jeffrey who explained that Phillip hired someone to make sure Ross didn't find him by tampering with Ross's plane and that person could be charged with accessory to murder.

The revelation that Alan lied to her to get her to marry him became too much and Beth collapsed. Beth was then shocked when Rick confessed that he'd known Phillip was alive for almost a year and kept it quiet at Phillip's request. Rick tried to explain that Phillip was still unstable and he did what Phillip asked in order to protect his son. That same day, Beth miscarried her baby. Meanwhile, Rick visited her and, calling upon their friendship, pleaded with her to forgive him. Beth refused to grant forgiveness and went one step further: she called Dr. Grant, telling him what Rick had done. Rick was then dismissed from the hospital. Soon after, Alan was hospitalized after having a panic attack. Beth visited Alan and stated that although she was glad he wasn't dead, she intended for their marriage to go back to what it was – before any feelings developed. Meanwhile one day, a pregnant Lizzie started ranting about Jonathan Randall trying to ruin her life and blurted out that Coop wasn't the father of her baby—Jonathan was! Although Beth tried to convince Lizzie to tell the truth (since it would come up sooner or later), she agreed to keep the secret for Lizzie's sake. Lizzie and Coop made plans to marry ASAP. On the day of the wedding, Beth wanted to make sure that everything went without a hitch and arranged for Ava to be locked in a meat locker during the ceremony. Unfortunately things unraveled when Jonathan, himself, crashed the wedding by declaring that he was the baby's father. During the fracas, Beth accidentally let it slip that she knew about this all along, leading Alan to warn her never to keep secrets from him again. Despite Beth's efforts, Coop walked out of the ceremony and out of Lizzie's life.

Meanwhile, Alan was obsessed with Lizzie's pregnancy and with twisted logic, informed Beth that Lizzie was not fit to be a mother; he wanted Beth and himself to raise the baby as their own. Again Beth was horrified and tried to convince Alan that he could not replace the child they lost but he refused to listen. He was determined to have what he wanted-- Beth, Lizzie and the baby. Disturbed by what she heard, Beth returned to the bed of the man she'd been having an affair with for weeks--Rick! Apparently, after the Bauer Barbecue the two former friends ended up hooking up and commiserated over their bad marriages. After talking and drinking for hours, the two fell in to bed and began seeking each other out for comfort. Eventually, Beth had Rick's suspension overturned. Though at this point, Rick wanted to end the affair and work on his marriage. Later, when Rick announced that Mel finally felt the same way, Beth asked where she stood. Rick stated that they had to get together and talk. When Beth went to kiss Rick goodbye, he turned his cheek to her. However, when Rick found himself again on the outs with Mel, he sought comfort from Beth. Unfortunately for Beth, their kiss was caught by Jonathan who took pictures. As for Alan he eventually took Lizzie to court for being an unfit parent. The day of the trial, Jonathan showed Beth the photos he'd taken of her and Rick and blackmailed her with them. Although she refused to testify against Alan, but she did give Jonathan proof of how Alan's been setting Lizzie up. When Alan confronted her about why she was speaking with Jonathan, Beth lied that she was just bribing him. However, Alan did buy it and locked Beth in a bathroom so she couldn't hurt his case. Later, Beth learned from Rick that Jonathan offered to marry Lizzie to ensure she kept the baby.

When Beth finally spoke to Jonathan, she threatened to have the marriage annulled but Jonathan stated that wouldn't be possible, implying that he and Lizzie had already consummated the marriage. He then threatened to expose Beth and Rick's affair if she made trouble for him and Lizzie. In the meantime, someone did threaten to squeal about Rick and Beth's affair—Rick. Beth accidentally let it slip that Jonathan was blackmailing her and had pictures. Tired of lying to his wife, and afraid that she would find out the truth from someone else, Rick told Beth he intended to tell her everything. Realizing that once Mel knew, Alan would find out, Beth begged him to keep their secret but Rick was adamant. Luckily for Beth, she spotted Leah and brought her over to Rick and Mel before he had a chance to say anything. Several weeks later, an irate Jonathan decided to show everyone how "respectable" people behaved and produced a photo of Beth making love to Rick! The dinner at Towers erupted into chaos and Alan left with Beth quickly running after him. At home, a cold Alan reminded her that their relationship started for the sake of business, but he believed that it had grown into a real marriage over time. Though Beth tried to explain herself, saying that she was angry at him because he hadn't told her that Philip was alive, he wasn't interested and gave her a choice. She could either leave or stay in a loveless marriage.

Weeks later, Lizzie finally had her baby--a girl. Alan went to court to get custody of the baby. In court, Beth awkwardly admitted that Jonathan fled town because Alan threatened to sue for custody. (which she really didn't know) Unfortunately for Alan, the case was dismissed. Not long after, Lizzie and Jonathan returned with the baby, whom they named Sarah. .As 2007 began, Alan was obsessed with getting Sarah while Lizzie was obsesseid with winning Jonathan away from the girl he loved, Tammy. Events collided when, Alan's effort to permanently get rid of Jonathan resulted in Tammy dying in a hit and run. Enraged, Jonathan demanded that Lizzie hand over Sarah so a dying Tammy could see her. Though Lizzie refused, Beth handed Jonathan his baby. Days later, Jonathan and Sarah were tragically killed in a car wreck. Soon after, the police began questioning Alan since they believed the driver of the car was hired by him to kill Jonathan.

Lizzie and Beth were prepared to move out of the mansion but Alan made a heartfelt plea for them to stay. Not long after, the district attorney cleared Alan of any wrongdoing in Tammy's death. Apparently, Alan made a deal with the DA, Doris Wolfe. The same day, Alan shocked everyone by proposing to Doris right there in front of the entire family. He then hurled hurtful words towards Beth stating that he made the whole sincere apology up and had been planning to divorce her since he learned of her affair with Rick. Though Beth wanted to fight the divorce, she was forced to concede when Doris threatened to prosecute both Alan and Lizzie for Tammy's death. Days later, after marrying Doris, Alan was shot. As Alan was wheeled into surgery, things were tense between Beth and Doris. To keep from getting thrown out of the mansion, Beth claimed to be pregnant. Suspicious, Doris demanded a pregnancy test, but Beth stormed out without complying. Weeks later, Beth confessed to Lizzie that she wasn't pregnant.

Meanwhile, Alan-Michael was seemingly left paralyzed after taking a tumble off a balcony. However, one day, Beth was able to wake him with a mere touch. Beth immediately struck Alan-Michael's legs causing his legs to jump. Realizing he was faking, Beth confessed that she was lying about her pregnancy and suggested that they work together to fight Doris. A few weeks later, Rick tried to convince Beth to get back together with him, but this time Beth was too focused on Alan-Michael. She tried on more than one occasion to seduce him but was continually rebuffed.. Later, as she was rifling through Alan's books, Beth came across a hidden compartment with a gun inside. At the same time, Alan-Michael found Beth holding the gun and accused her of shooting Alan, but Beth denied it and told him she had just found it. Realizing someone in the family must have done it; Alan-Michael and Beth decided to keep quiet and hid the gun. In the meantime, Josh had already confessed to the crime and although Cassie begged Beth to speak on Josh's behalf at his sentencing hearing, Beth refused. Meanwhile, Rick informed Beth that he and Mel were divorcing; he wanted a life with Beth and wanted to raise her child. In an effort to get pregnant for real, Beth seduced Rick and later confessed to a comatose Alan that she did it for him. Several days later, Beth made another play for Alan-Michael but was again refused. Soon after, at Josh's trial, Beth turned the tables on Alan-Michael by testifying that he could have been the one who shot Alan since he had been faking his paralysis all along. Later, in court, Alan-Michael accused Beth of lying. Just then, Olivia walked in the courtroom armed with photos that showed Alan-Michael walking out of Cedars the night Alan was shot. Just as Alan finally emerged from his coma Rick again tried to convince Beth to commit to a life with him, but Beth was adamant on remaining a Spaulding for the sake of her children.

In the meantime, Alan found out from Doris that Beth was pregnant. Later, when Alan admitted to Beth that he wanted to get rid of Doris, she confessed that she was faking her pregnancy to keep from being thrown out of the mansion. Alan was impressed by her deceitfulness and agreed to Beth's suggestion that they could try again immediately. Later, Beth was elated to learn that she really was pregnant. When she mentioned to Lillian about being at the OBGYN for a pregnancy test Lillian figured out that she faked her pregnancy and was now just trying to snag Alan back. Lillian blasted her daughter for being selfish and wondered who the father of Beth's baby is. Beth stated that in her mind, it was Alan's child. Beth quickly told Alan the good news and later accepted his marriage proposal. Just hen, Rick barged in and announced that the baby Beth was carrying was his. After telling Alan of their affair while he was comatose, a bitter Rick informed Beth that she wasn't even a shell of the woman she once was. After pointing out that he now realized she used him, Rick walked away. Alan walked away as well. Beth ran after Alan and confessed that while she did sleep with Rick numerous times it was not his baby. After stating that she only slept with Rick because she was devastated over losing Alan, Alan forgave her. Meanwhile, Rick informed Beth that their friendship was over and he intended to fight for custody of his child. Meanwhile, Cassie was having trouble adjusting to Josh being in prison while Alan was free walking the streets. At one point, an erratic Cassie started asking Beth about her baby. An emotional Cassie then pleaded with Beth not to allow Alan to raise her child. Beth refused and during the confrontation, Beth was accidentally knocked down. While helping her up, Cassie continued to insist that Rick must be the father of Beth's baby but Beth denied it. Finally a security guard happened by and escorted the women to Cedars so Beth could get checked out.

Because of the fall, an amnio test needed to be done. As Alan expected, Rick found out and demanded that a DNA test be done well. Beth tried to convince Rick that Alan was the father but Rick didn't believe it and questioned whether she wanted Alan raising her child. Beth again began giving her standard reply about the child having a better life with the Spaulding wealth but Rick refused to listen to that excuse. Soon after, Jeffrey arrived and told Alan and Beth that there was some suspicion that the technician was accepting bribes and the test would be administered by a trusted technician. The next day the test revealed that Beth was carrying a girl and the father was indeed Rick's. Later, Beth accepted Alan's marriage proposal but Lizzie couldn't help but notice that she seemed more relaxed, more like her old self, when she was with Rick. Weeks later, at the Bauer BBQ, Rick shocked Beth by publicly declaring his love for her. Touched by his declaration, Beth proclaimed her love for him and informed a shocked Alan that she would rather be married to her best friend than someone she didn't even trust. Beth and Rick then got married right on the spot. Days later, Alan pleaded with Beth to go back with him but she refused. In the ongoing weeks, Beth found herself missing Alan, though she never admitted it. Later, on Christmas Eve, Beth found herself locked in the mall when the power suddenly went out. Trapped behind a gate, Beth was trapped alone until who should appear but Alan. At that point, Beth started having contractions and was certain her baby was coming now. Alan called 911 but since the mall was locked down there was doubt of getting help in time. Alan did his best to comfort Beth and luckily, who else should arrive on the scene but Gus who had experience in delivering a baby. At that point, the power came on and Rick arrived. Just as Rick was about to deliver his child, the contractions suddenly stopped. When Rick rudely shunned Alan's concern, Beth appeared to want to object but kept quiet.

n 2008, Lizzie told Beth that she thought she saw Sarah at Tammy's memorial service. Not long after, Alan invited Beth to the memorial service he was having for Sarah and on the family vacation he was taking afterwards to San Gabriel. Suddenly, Rick appeared and accused Alan of using Sarah's death to get his hooks back into Beth so Alan extended the invitation to Rick to Beth's chagrin.. When Beth learned that work prevented Rick from going to San Gabriel, Beth informed Alan that she couldn't go. After Alan left town, Beth was shocked to learn from Lizzie that she was right—Sarah was alive! Apparently, Jonathan faked his and Sarah's deaths to protect the baby from Alan. While Beth was outraged at what Jonathan had done, Rick defended Jonathan's decision. Several days later, Beth overheard Ava on the phone with Alan. Learning that Alan was ready to return, Beth made up a story to Rick about going to Chicago for a trip with some friends and then took a boat to San Gabriel. Beth arrived on the island and told Alan that she left Rick and wanted to spend time with Alan there. Alan quickly realized that Beth knew about Sarah and was lying to distract him from returning to Springfield but agreed to stay with her for now. A few hours later, Beth's water broke as a vengeful Jonathan was threatening Alan. With Beth in labor, Jonathan had no choice but to toss the gun aside and help Alan deliver Beth's baby girl. Touched at the sight of this child, Alan seemed to call for a truce. Later, back and home, Beth and Rick rejoiced at the birth of their baby.

Though Rick wanted to name the girl, Bertha after his grandmother, Beth didn't care for that name and they settled on Bernadette. Unfortunately, Bernadette's baptism was disrupted when Jon went after Alan with a gun. Alan got the upper hand and threatened to kill Jonathan since he had nothing left to lose. Desperate to save her son, Reva blurted out that he did and stated that Beth's baby was his, not Rick's. Alan was certain that Reva was lying until Josh confirmed that the paternity test was altered---Alan was the father of Beth's baby. Cassie had changed the results of the test! Alan demanded that Cassie, the godmother, hand over the baby and Rick intervened. Suddenly, Beth realized that Rick knew about this the entire time. Rick tried to justify his actions but Beth only accused him of being just like Alan. Rick insisted to Beth that DNA didn't matter because where the baby was concerned; it was their baby. Soon after, Beth upset Rick by stating that she was thinking of changing the baby's name. Beth made it perfectly clear that what happened with the baby would be entirely her decision.Weeks later, Beth told Alan that she decided to stay with Rick however the child, whom she renamed Peyton Alexandra, would have the last name Raines.

In the meantime, Beth seemingly began receiving text messages from Phillip. Phillip asked Beth to remind him about their past and Beth spent the entire night texting. Meanwhile, an IRS audit caused Alan to be arrested for numerous financial crimes. as a result, all of Alan's assets were seized and he was rendered penniless. Alan insisted that he was being framed by Phillip. Later, at Cedars, Beth was horrified when Peyton disappeared and frantically called Alan. Though Peyton was quickly found at the nurses' station, Alan was convinced that Phillip was responsible. In the meantime, Beth put a stop to Alan's hold over Lizzie by forcing Alan to drop the deal or she would take Peyton and go back to Rick. That same day, Beth learned from Rick had gotten in an accident and died in surgery and broke the news to a devastated Alan.A sympathetic Beth lent her support to Alan during his time of grief. She was later shocked when Alan informed her that Rick offered him money in exchange for Alan walking away from Peyton. Alan pointed out to an incredulous Beth that she seemed to be choosing between him and someone just trying to be like him. Afterwards, Beth lashed out at Rick for trying to buy Peyton, telling him o stop acting like Alan. Though Lillian urged Beth to return to Rick, Beth's heart laid with Alan. However, Alan didn't want Beth until he could give her the type of life that she deserved. Alan presented Beth with a single pearl and stated that he would give her more and when it made a necklace that meant that they could be together again. Meanwhile, weeks later, Peyton briefly disappeared when Beth left her alone with Rick. Not worried, Beth was surprised later when Rick returned and admitted that he almost planned on kidnapping Peyton. Recognizing that he was becoming like Alan, Rick relented and told Beth that he wouldn't chase after her. Rick told Beth that when July 4th rolled around, he hoped that she would want to share it with him. When Independence Day came around, Beth officially told Rick what she'd known all alone—she was going back to Alan.

However,Beth was worried about Alan, not only because of his claim to have visions of Gus, but also because he was soon to be on trial for Tammy's death. Unfortunately, Alan seemed convinced that Gus would take care of him. Right before Alan's trial date, Beth surprised him with the news that she decided to attend law school. Though Alan thought it was a terrible idea, Beth was determined to continue her education. Soon, Beth learned that Mel was one of her instructors and Mel made it clear to Beth that she would be fair. Meanwhile, thanks to false testimony by Daisy, Alan was exonerated at his trial. Later, after Alan collapsed in front of Bill, it was discovered that his visions were being caused by a blood clot. Not wanting to lose his visions of Gus, Alan refused treatment until, eventually, Lizzie convinced him. Meanwhile, Lizzie and Bill's relationship was reaching a stalemate due to their mutual stubbornness and Beth convinced Bill that if he loved Lizzie, he had to tell her. Though Beth supported the match, a recovering Alan did not. When Alan spouted his disapproval, Beth happily realized that he was getting back to normal. Weeks later, Lizzie was a no-show during an important business meeting with investor Lawrence Decker. Though Bill handled the meeting superbly, he was bitter that Lizzie left him high and dry. Though Beth suggested that Lizzie did it to give Bill a chance to handle it himself, Bill was still bitter. Soon, Bill shocked the family by showing them a ransom note which he had received. Alan and Bill clashed over how to handle the situation. After a few weeks, Bill rescued Lizzie but was left comatose by a car crash during the rescue. Alan told Beth warn Lizzie about Bill by saying that Bill wasn't committed until she disappeared and was feeling guilt, not love. However, Beth stuck up for Bill.

In the midst of all of this, Beth had begun an affair with a younger man—Coop! While Alan had been dismissive of her desire to go to law school, Coop had been incredibly supportive by agreeing to proof read her work. In no time, the two were engaged in a passionate affair. Finally, Beth called in an order to Company, expecting to have a tryst with Coop. Unfortunately, the person who delivered the meal wasn't Coop, it was Buzz. Without naming Coop, Beth confessed to Buzz that she was having an affair. Buzz warned Beth that if she cared about her lover, she better hope that Alan never found out. Realizing that she was playing with fire, Beth tried to end things with Coop. However, by this point, Coop was in love and refused to give her up. Not able to resist him, Beth continued the affair. Soon, Lillian found out about Beth's younger man from Buzz and warned her that she was playing a dangerous game. Conflicted, Beth was noncommittal when Alan asked her to go to China with him. By this point, Buzz discovered that Coop was Beth's younger man and warned her to end the affair before someone got hurt. The same day, Coop invited Beth to go on vacation with him. When Beth learned that Alan already bought a plane ticket for her to China, she lied that she couldn't go because she had to attend a workshop for class. A few days later, Alan asked Beth to marry him. The same day, Coop snuck into the Spaulding mansion and asked Beth to end things with Alan.

Beth continued her legal studies into 2009 but found them frustrating. Constantly talked down to by an instructor, Beth found the confidence to stand up for herself after overhearing Coop berate the instructor for the way he treated Beth. Days later, Beth learned that Buzz in danger of losing Company and convinced Alan to help the Coopers. Wanting to get into Beth's good graces, Alan agreed to buy the restaurant. Meanwhile, Coop continued to pressure Beth into leaving Alan. During one conversation, the pair was spotted kissing by none other than Lizzie. A disgusted Lizzie railed at her mother for her actions but promised not to say anything to Alan. Later, Coop tried to persuade Beth to take their relationship public while Alan was out of town. By this point, more and more people had learned of the affair and although everyone tried to warn Beth and Coop that they were playing with fire, the pair continued to meet. Finally, the inevitable happened---Alan learned of the affair and confronted Beth.

Alan threatened to hurt Coop if she did not marry him. Though Beth pleaded with Alan to let her go, he was determined that they marry as soon as possible. Later, Alan gave Beth a pre-nuptial agreement which stipulated that a divorce would result in her forfeiting custody of Peyton. Though upset, Beth feared for Coop's life and had no choice but to agree to marry Alan. To save Coop, Beth cruelly ended things with him. When Coop learned that Beth was under pressure from Alan, he begged her to defy him and run off with him. However, a scared Beth couldn't. As Alan prepared to marry Beth, a surprise visitor entered the church—Phillip! After Beth fainted, the congregation saw the blood on Phillip's clothes and he revealed that Coop had been in an accident. Suddenly, Beth rushed out to be with Coop. A heartbroken Beth stayed at Coop's bedside and informed him that she did not marry Alan. Meanwhile, far from sympathetic, Alan denied any responsibility for Coop's accident and demanded that Beth marry him. However, Beth was distraught about Coop's condition and angrily refused. Afterwards, a cold Beth packed her bags and told Alan that she only stayed at the mansion because she was afraid of him. Very soon after, Coop tragically died of his injuries.

In the meantime, Phillip befriended Beth over her loss. Though initially wary of him, Beth soon realized that Phillip was not the same man he was when he first left town. Beth filled Phillip in on some of the things that he'd missed—such as Lizzie's daughter, Sarah, who was sent away because of Alan. Meanwhile, Phillip was arrested for kidnapping the children years earlier. Impressed at how Beth was trying to turn her life around, Phillip asked her to defend him in court. Though Beth told Phillip that he needed a lawyer instead of a law student, he was adamant that she defend him. Though both Lizzie and Emma (without Olivia's knowledge) testified on Phillip's behalf, Phillip was still sentenced to prison. Though Beth and Bill tried to convince the governor to pardon Phillip, he refused. However, a teenaged James was able to give Phillip his freedom by asking his soon to be ex-girlfriend, to as her father—the governor. James, who had spent most of his childhood in boarding school, remained civil, yet distant, to his family.

Several weeks later, Phillip shocked Beth with the news that James had gotten involved in a Ponzi scheme. Not only that, but he'd used Bill's name to woo clients. In order to save James and Bill, Phillip, against Beth's advice, decided to confess to the crime. However, when Phillip learned that James was starting another Ponzi scheme, he decided to turn James in to the SEC instead. Beth refused to forgive Phillip who argued that he was trying to teach James a lesson so that he wouldn't turn into Alan. However, in the end, Phillip couldn't go through with it and bribed the judge to guarantee that James would not do jail time..

As the weeks went by, Phillip and Beth's relationship deepened and by the middle of summer, Phillip kissed her. However, later, he apologized for taking advantage of her vulnerability and assured her that nothing would ever happen between them. Several weeks later, Beth learned the reason why Phillip pushed her away---he was dying. Soon, the family learned of a dangerous procedure that could save Phillip's life. The problem was that it required large amounts of bone marrow from another donor so it carried a huge risk. Two people were matches for Phillip—James and Alan Though James volunteered, Phillip refused to allow it. Phillip initially refused Alan's help as well, but relented when Alan begged him to let him help. Before undergoing the procedure, Phillip told Beth that, if he survived, he did indeed want to spend his life with her. Fortunately, Phillip and Alan both survived the procedure. Sadly, mere days later, Alan died of a heart attack.

At about this time, Mindy surprised everyone by announcing that she was moving back to Springfield. A year later, Beth and Phillip toasted Mindy and Rick on their wedding day.

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