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Henry Cooper "Coop" Bradshaw

Actor History

Michael Cugno (December 26, 1996 to early 1997)

Christopher & Nicholas Consolo (early 1997 to December 11, 1998)

Zachary Noll (February 11, 1999 to July 17, 2000)

John Driscoll (September 2, 2004 to February 17, 2009)


Born Christmas 1994 (Revised to about 1986 when he was aged to 18 in 2004; possibly revised to 1984 in 2006 since he was a teacher then)

Died of injuries from a car crash on February 17, 2009




Copy writer for Spaulding Enterprises

Former Student Teacher at the Juvenile Detention Center

Works at Company & CO2

Former Chauffeur for Lizzie Spaulding

Resides At

The Boarding house above Company, at time of death

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married, at time of death

Past Marriages



Buzz Cooper (Father)

Jenna Bradshaw (Mother; Deceased)

Frank Cooper (half-brother)

Harley Cooper (half-sister)

Lucille "Lucy" Cooper (half-sister)

Ian Stavros "Rocky" Cooper (half-brother)

Dante "Pops" Cooper (Kouperakis) (Paternal grandfather; Deceased)

Clyde Wynant (Maternal grandfather; deceased)

(First name unknown) Bradshaw (Maternal grandmother; deceased)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (Niece)

Marina Cooper (Niece)

Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (Nephew)

Jude Cooper Bauer (nephew)

Henry Cooper Camalleti (great-nephew)

Stavros Kouperakis (Great-uncle)

Abigail Bradshaw (Great-great-Aunt)

Charlotte Bradshaw (Great-great-Aunt)



Flings & Affairs

Lizzie Spaulding (engaged)

Ava Peralta (lovers)

Ashlee Wolfe (lovers)

Beth Raines (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Assaulted Gus Aitoro [September 2, 2004]

Breaking and entering; broke a window to gain access to a chained off Company [September 27, 2004]

Bulldozed through private property (the gate to the Spaulding mansion) [October 13, 2004]

Broke into the Spaulding mansion to look for evidence to implicate Lizzie Spaulding in her father's murder [February 7 & 8, 2005]

Locked Lizzie in the Spaulding potting shed for several hours [February 11, 2005]

Assaulted Lizzie's friend, Quinn [February 13, 2006]

Got into a fight with Jonathan Randall and went through a glass window [May 1, 2006]

Assaulted Jonathan at his almost wedding to Lizzie [June 19, 2006]

Snuck into Olivia Spencer's room [October 10, 2006]

Arson: set fire to Construction plans and threw them into Bill Lewis's office, not knowing that Bill was inside [January 4,2008]

Fraud; used leftover money from Buzz's election campaign to post Ashlee's bail [January 10, 2008] Memorable Quote

An angry Coop to his almost-mother-in-law, Beth Raines Spaulding, on June 21, 2006. Beth is trying to get Coop to reconsider cancelling the wedding and explains that Lizzie has so much love inside she doesn't know what to do with it:

"I can tell her exactly what she can do with that love."

Brief Character History

Henry Cooper Bradshaw was born in Christmas 1994 in Rio De Janiero to former jewel thief, Jenna Bradshaw. At the time of her pregnancy, Jenna mistakenly believed that the child's father, Buzz Cooper, was in love with his ex-wife, Nadine. A series of events, as well as Nadine herself, complicated matters and kept the couple apart. Heartbroken, Jenna hid her pregnancy from Buzz and late in her pregnancy left town. A few short weeks after she left, Jenna gave birth to Henry Cooper Bradshaw, whom she named after her dear friend, and father-figure, Henry Chamberlain. Believing "Henry" to be a rather grown up name for such a little boy, she started calling him by the nickname, "Coop." A full two years later, 1996, Jenna and Coop would return to Springfield. In early 1997, Jenna finally admitted to Buzz that Coop was his son and after the couple was able to send Jenna's treacherous ex-lover, Jeffrey Morgan, to prison, and after they dealt with Buzz's secret admirer and subsequent amnesia, the star-crossed couple was finally able to marry in mid 1998. Tragically, mere months after the Cooper family was complete, Jenna lost her life in a car crash, leaving Buzz to care for Coop and his little brother, Ian Stavros (Rocky) Cooper. In 1999, Coop and Rocky were two of the children kidnapped by the mentally unstable Holly Reade, though luckily they were rescued by Josh and Reva Lewis. As the year wore on, it was obvious that Coop still had not come to terms over his mother's death since he'd still wake up at night asking for her. To help ease his son's pain, Buzz put a picture of Jenna in the boy's pocket to keep her near Coop's heart. Later, he decided to take the kids to England to show them where Jenna grew up. Some time the following year, Buzz decided that the boys would be better off with Jenna's family in England and sent them there to live.

Years later, in 2004, a teenaged Coop returned to Springfield after Buzz suffered a heart attack. Having heard all about the takeover of Buzz's restaurant, Company, by Phillip Spaulding (the stress of which led to Buzz's heart attack), Coop arrived at Cedars Hospital and unceremoniously punched Spaulding family member (and Coop's sister's ex-fiancé) Gus Aitoro! While Buzz convalesced at the hospital, Coop became reacquainted with his family and ended up meeting Phillip's spoiled teenage daughter, Lizzie. Lizzie immediately grated on Coop's nerves and upon meeting her he decided to stay and help his family fight the Spaulding takeover. Although Buzz had doubts that Coop, who was out of school and had traveled extensively, would want to remain in Springfield, Coop assured him that he was where he wanted to be. Meanwhile the battle between Phillip and the Coopers was getting ugly. When the demolition of Company was halted, a vengeful Phillip destroyed Harley's house! Wanting to even the score a little, Coop tried to get on Spaulding property and toss a brick through a window. However, when he failed to talk his way through the gate, he decided to bulldoze through the gate! Although Phillip wanted him thrown in jail, his assistant Ruth Karloff (actually Harley in disguise) was able to convince him that he couldn't afford the bad publicity. Seeing that she had a point, Phillip suggested an alternative--Coop would work off the damages by working as Lizzie's driver! Although Coop refused, he was forced to comply when Phillip stated that he'd not only send Coop to jail, but get the money for the damages from Buzz. Although Buzz tried to urge Coop not to stay in Springfield out of obligation, Coop insisted that he wanted to repay his debt and be with his family.

Although Coop often clashed with the spoiled, combative Lizzie, there were times when he saw another side to her. Later, an upset Lizzie confided in Coop that her father was forcing her to leave town. Coop was able to convince Lizzie that if she didn't want to leave town, she shouldn't. He then went with her when she confronted Phillip with the news that she was staying. Not long after, Phillip ended up dead from a gunshot wound. Weeks later, after he quit his job as Lizzie's chauffeur, Coop was shocked to learn that not only had Buzz unexpectedly sold Company to Phillip prior to his death, but Lizzie was the new owner. Basking in her new role as restaurant owner, Lizzie re-named the place "Lizzie & Company" and lorded her position over the Coopers whom she retained on the payroll. However, neither Coop nor Marina were about to make things easy for Lizzie and they resisted her at every turn. Then Coop thought up a plan make Lizzie want to leave forever--he'd make her fall in love with him and then reject her But despite him trying to "play" Lizzie, their relationship would continue to be antagonistic, though with periods of genuine closeness.

By 2005, however, the pair had grown tired of their little game and both confessed that they'd been playing the other. Soon after, knowing that Gus was trying to clear Harley of Phillip's murder, Coop volunteered to get information from Lizzie. But after Coop started to grill Lizzie, Lizzie startled him by showing him marks on her arms that she claimed came from Gus when he questioned her. However, Gus pointed out to Coop that Lizzie might not be as innocent as she looked. To help clear his sister, Coop broke into Lizzie's room to look for her diary. When she caught him, he pretended to be there because he cared for her and they kissed. Remembering the reason why he was there, Coop pulled himself away and later, alone in the room, found a bloody shard of glass amongst Lizzie's private things. Shaken he took the glass to Buzz and Gus who arranged for the blood on it to be analyzed to see if it was Phillip's. Later, Lizzie called Coop, determined to make him believe that Gus attacked her again but Coop remained suspicious. Soon after, Lizzie stuck Coop in the middle of the family feud when she demanded that he step up as a witness to Gus's first attack on her. The night before Harley's trial, as the Coopers tried to rally around Harley, Coop had to contend with Lizzie who was intent on staying in Company. In an effort to get her out, Coop locked her in the potting shed. When he returned to get her out, he found Lizzie in hysterics and became suspicious as to why she was so freaked out. Finally at the murder trial, Gus called Lizzie on the stand and badgered her, accusing her of Phillip's murder. When Lizzie fainted, Coop came to her aid but when he told her he knew about the shard of glass and it was time to confess to what she'd done, she slapped him across the face. Recalled back to the stand Lizzie made her deep confession--the shard of glass was from when she killed a man when she was a little girl. Sympathetic and deeply ashamed for what he was accusing her of, Coop tried to apologize but Lizzie felt betrayed by him.

As Harley was looking more and more guilty, Coop and Lizzie found themselves in a serious kiss after he kept her from accidentally falling off Company's roof. Days later, to slight Coop, Lizzie showed up at Company with a preppy guy. When Coop witnessed the guy two-timing Lizzie the minute she turned her back, he sent him packing. Lizzie accused Coop of undermining her and her new boyfriend and Coop proved to Lizzie that he was more her type by kissing her. Although the pair were becoming closer, when they had an argument, a hurt Lizzie decided she wanted to expand the restaurant and vindictively threw the Coopers out of the apartments above Company! In the meantime, Harley's trial ended and she was found guilty. Meanwhile a fed up Coop announced that he was quitting Company, prompting Lizzie to give him a reality check. Weeks later, the two shared a genuine emotional moment and Lizzie asked Coop not to leave Company after all. As time went on, the pair decided that they were a bad idea and attempted to part ways. But when Lizzie left him a letter saying goodbye before flying off to Switzerland, Coop stopped her from leaving.

Meanwhile, Alan become more incensed that another Cooper was infiltrating his family. When Lizzie stood up to her grandfather, his response was a threat against Coop. However, the couple wouldn't be deterred and saw each other in secret. Meanwhile, by midsummer all of Springfield was shocked to learn who really killed Phillip--Alan! Shocked and angry, Lizzie left the family mansion and asked to stay at with the Coopers. Meanwhile, Harley was finally exonerated for Phillip's murder and Lizzie, in an act of gratitude for their friendship, returned Company to Buzz. A few weeks later, Lizzie's family, namely her mother and Alan, decided to strong-arm Lizzie into moving back into the mansion by cutting her off financially. However, Lizzie refused to back down and got a job at Company and moved in as well. Although welcoming of Lizzie, Buzz warned Coop that her arrival would hinder Coop from following his dreams of becoming a writer. Weeks later, it turned out Buzz had a point. Apparently, Coop had been accepted to a writing seminar at Oxford University. Despite Buzz's suggestion that he take it and follow his dream, Coop wasn't sure about leaving Lizzie for that long of a time. In the meantime, Lizzie was dealing with the sickening revelation that her mother married her grandfather. In retaliation, Lizzie decided to tell her family that she was marrying Coop. While the plan worked in angering Beth, Lizzie was almost cornered when Beth went to Company and confronted Coop and Lizzie about their surprise engagement. Seeing she was on the spot with her mother, Coop backed her up by stating that he and Lizzie were indeed engaged. Soon after, Coop was pleasantly surprised when Lizzie arranged a trip for the two of them to go to Cancun. However, the same day he was to leave, Coop found himself in mortal danger. While working on his car in the garage, a stack of tires suddenly fell on him and in an attempt to get his bearings, he accidentally knocked over a gas pipe. Unconscious, Coop would have died if Harley and Gus (returning from their honeymoon) hadn't had discovered him. Though Harley insisted Coop go to the hospital to get checked out, he rushed off to find Lizzie to explain why he didn't show up. Later, Coop found out Lizzie hadn't just planned on taking him to Cancun--she was planning a wedding! Shocked, he confronted her. Lizzie apologized but reminded Coop he kept a secret from her too about his offer at Oxford. Coop apologized and they both resolve to trust each other more. Coop then decided to remain in Springfield rather than go to Oxford. Meanwhile, unable to answer to a boss, Lizzie quit her new job at the television station, but Coop stood up for her when Beth tried to stir up trouble between them.

Several weeks later, Coop took Lizzie to the charity dance event but had to use something of a backdoor entrance because he couldn't afford the tickets. Lizzie's put off at first was touched when he took her out to the terrace to show her the private table he set up for them. Moved, she told Coop she wanted to make love. Unfortunately, Coop ended up turning her down for the night. Hurt (although she tried to cover it), Lizzie walked out but a little later returned only to find Coop bussing tables. Apparently in exchange for being let in to the dance, Coop agreed to wash dishes afterwards. In the meantime, Coop began befriending a young woman named Ava Peralta. Upon learning she was homeless and jobless, Coop offered her a job at Buzz's new restaurant, CO2. Meanwhile, around Christmas, Lizzie took Coop to the condo (telling him it belonged to her family) and attempted to seduce him. Although Coop wasn't sure if she was ready, she convinced him she was and they made love for the first time. A little later, Lizzie was forced to cancel her New Year's Eve plans with Coop and he ended up sharing a gentle New Year's Eve kiss with Ava. In 2006, Coop's friendship with Ava continued to grow while his relationship with Lizzie seemed secure; or so he thought. Near Valentine's Day, Coop was shocked when he arrived at Lizzie's penthouse to find Quinn alone. Angrily confronting Quinn, Coop was shocked when Quinn informed him that Lizzie didn't own the penthouse--he did! When Coop asked if Lizzie slept with Quinn, too, she denied it, insisting she only kissed him a couple of times, Lizzie tried to explain that she couldn't handle being poor but Coop was unsympathetic. He railed at her for all her lies and told her they were through.

Meanwhile, Coop was becoming even closer to Ava and made no secret of his interest but she was concerned he was still in love with Lizzie. While declining dates with Coop, Ava was making plans to go on a date with a mysterious suitor named Brian. However, Coop accidentally learned that Lizzie had hired Brian to date Ava. When Coop confronted Lizzie about hiring the guy, she accused him of jumping into bed with Ava. Weeks later, Lizzie attempted to get Coop to "rescue her" by calling him and telling him that she needed protection because her old boyfriend, Joey Lupo, was stalking her and then made it sound like she was being attacked. Coop ran right over. But when Lizzie asked him to stay, he refused. However, when she unclothed, he quickly gave in. Soon after, Joey arrived and exposed her lie. Disgusted, Coop walked out. Later, Coop got a call telling him his fellowship to Oxford was still open. Ecstatic at this opportunity, he asked Ava to go with him to England. She accepted. Later, at a party for Coop (thrown secretly by Lizzie), Lizzie informed Ava that she and Coop slept together quite recently. Ava maintained that she didn't care since she and Coop weren't together then. Later, Coop confirmed Lizzie's story and admitted that it "just happened." Later, Lizzie shocked Coop by announcing that she was having his baby. After spilling the news to a shocked Ava, Coop went on his fellowship interview but found he was unable to answer questions about his future. Meanwhile, Lizzie wasted no time announcing her pregnancy to her family, as well as Buzz. However, Coop rushed off to the airport. Thinking Coop was leaving for England, Buzz rushed off to get him but Coop wasn't going anywhere—he got a refund on his ticket. Coop then offered to let Ava go, but she refused to go anywhere. Later, Coop got a lecture in owning up to his responsibility to Lizzie and the baby from none other than bad-boy Jonathan Randall. It didn't take long for the two to come to blows and ended up going through a glass window. Afterwards, Alan urged Coop to step away from his unborn child...for Lizzie's sake, but Coop stated that he intended to take care of his child...and its mother. Soon after, Coop was there when Lizzie got her medical file which included her conception date but she distracted him before he got a chance to see it. In the meantime, Alan presented Coop with papers stating when he'd be allowed to see the child. Coop was all set to take on Alan legally, when Beth suggested that Coop needed to make a proposal.

Soon after, Coop found Ava out on a date and in a pique of jealousy, punched the guy out. Ava was furious until Coop started declaring his love for her. Although Ava tried to insist that they shouldn't be together, she gave in to the passion and the two began to make love. That is until Jonathan stormed in and lashed out at Coop for neglecting his responsibilities to Lizzie. Before calling him selfish, Jonathan warned Coop to do right by Lizzie. Immediately after, Coop decided he had to marry Lizzie. He assured Lizzie it wasn't just for the baby--he wanted them to be a family. While Buzz strenuously objected and told Coop (from experience) that'd he'd end up ruining everyone's life, Ava supported Coop since it was the noble thing to do. That same day, Buzz gave Coop a present: the cufflinks Jenna gave to him when they married. Buzz tried again to reason with Coop, pointing out that he didn't love Lizzie. but Coop was determined and told Buzz that he and Lizzie have time to fall in love. The day of the wedding, though, Coop couldn't stay away and he and Ava shared a kiss. At the ceremony, Coop was floored with Jonathan entered and announced that he was the father of Lizzie's baby. Lizzie accidentally confirmed it then tried to claim that Jonathan raped her. However, that lie didn't hold up when Lizzie fainted and Jonathan gently took care of her. Afterwards, Lizzie begged Coop to marry her but he refused. The next day, Coop went to find Ava and was horrified to find a note stating she was leaving town forever. Coop begged Frank to put out an APB on Ava and Frank agreed. When Marina informed him that Ava told her she was going to England, Coop raced to the airport and told Ava that the wedding never happened. The pair reunited and Ava returned to Company. Later, Coop almost got caught in Lizzie's trap again when a distressed Beth informed him that Lizzie had to be rescued from the rooftop at Cedars during a suicide attempt. Concerned, Coop rushed to see her, only to be informed by Alan that the "suicide attempt" had been a ruse for his benefit. Disgusted, Coop washed his hands of Lizzie.

Weeks later, something horrible happened: the Beacon Hotel caught on fire. Buzz and Coop rushed over to find Ava and Olivia who were working at the Hotel. While Buzz rescued Olivia, Coop frantically looked for Ava who was rescued by Alan-Michael Spaulding. Afterwards, Ava heatedly told the Coopers that Olivia left her trapped under a collapsed door to die in the fire. Although Olivia tried to defend herself by stating that she was looking for her daughter, Emma, neither Ava nor Coop were satisfied with the explanation. When Buzz defended Olivia, it drove a wedge between him and Coop. The rift between them upset Ava who warned Coop that Olivia was creating a rift in his family. The tension between Coop and Buzz went on for weeks until he and the rest of his family got caught in a food fight during the taping of a television cooking show and ended up jailed overnight. In jail, Coop and his father resolved their differences and afterwards Coop and Ava made love. In the meantime,Alan Michael showed up, again asking Ava to be his assistant. When it became clear that Alan-Michael really wanted her for the job, Coop suggested that she take it and they negotiated her wage. In the meantime, in an attempt to bury the hatchet, Buzz suggested that Olivia ask Coop and Ava to babysit her daughter, Emma. The pair agreed. While babysitting, Emma snuck a bottle of Ava's perfume out of her bag and drank it. Olivia arrived home to find her daughter unconscious and blamed Ava. Buzz, Olivia, Coop, and Ava rushed the child to the hospital. Ava blamed herself while Olivia accused Ava of deliberately hurting Emma as payback for Olivia. Though Olivia tried to have Ava arrested, Frank refused. The situation between Olivia and Ava only got worse with Olivia finally losing control and nearly pushing Ava off a balcony.

Curious as to why Olivia was so angry at the world, Coop suggested Ava getting a restraining order against her. That same night, a drunken Olivia nearly ran Ava down with her car. Though she stopped in time, an angry Ava threatened to tell Frank about it when Emma got better. Soon after, Emma finally woke up. Though Ava had second thoughts against taking Emma's mother away, Coop convinced her that she might be doing Emma a favor by having Olivia put away. When Ava still seemed unsure, Coop took it upon himself to call Frank. Meanwhile, Ava was attacked at the Spaulding parking garage after being lured there by Olivia. Later, she admitted the truth to Coop, stating that she knew Olivia had hired this man. Though Coop wanted her to press charges, Ava went straight to Olivia and gave her an ultimatum: either she turned herself in to the police for trying to have Ava killed, or Ava would do it herself. Later, Coop asked Marina to help him break into Olivia's room to search for evidence that she hired Gillespie to try to kill Ava. In Olivia's room, they were shocked to see a picture of Ava and her mother. Suddenly, they were caught by Olivia who threw them out without explaining why she had a photo of Ava's mother. However, Marina knew thing—she had found adoption papers—Ava was adopted.

Keeping the information from Ava, Coop confronted Olivia and accused her of intending to use the knowledge of Ava's adoption as a means to hurt her. Finally, Ava had Frank arrest Olivia for attempted murder. As she was being led away Olivia blurted out a shocking revelation—she was Ava's mother! Olivia informed a disbelieving Ava that she became pregnant as a teenager and gave her baby girl up for adoption. Olivia claimed she'd done some investigating and Ava was her daughter. Days later, Coop overheard Olivia admit to Buzz that Ava was a product of a date rape. Later, Alan-Michael suggested to Ava that Olivia could have been lying about Ava's father. Though Coop believed Ava should leave it alone, Coop learned from Olivia that Ava sought Alan-Michael's help in finding her father. That same day, Coop went to Ava and told her that while he felt Ava should forget about the search, he would help her. Later, Ava, Coop and Buzz walked in on an argument between Olivia and Jeffrey and were shocked to learn that Jeffrey was Ava's father. Later, Ava learned that Coop kept pocketed a note that Alan-Michael sent to her and earrings that Jeffrey bought. Though Coop argued that he wanted to protect her, Ava was fed up with Coop making decisions for her, Ava suggested that they needed a break from each other and then accepted Alan-Michael's job offer.

In early 2007, Ava accompanied Alan-Michael to Paris on a business trip. Though Coop tried not to get involved, he became unsettled when Alan-Michael taunted him about taking Ava to a romantic city and got Jeffrey to help him find out where Alan-Michael was staying in Paris and followed the pair. Upon arrival, Coop was immediately detained by the police and held for question. After being released, he high tailed it to Alan-Michael's and heatedly began accusing Alan-Michael of taking advantage of Ava. Ava walked in on the argument just as Coop struck Alan-Michael. An upset, and seemingly paranoid, Coop tried to convince Ava that Alan Michael was using her. Fed up with Coop's implications that she couldn't think for herself, Ava ordered Coop to leave. Weeks later, Coop approached Ava to tell her about Tammy Winslow's death. Their mutual shock led them to make love, though Ava insisted that this changed nothing between them. Days later, Coop coerced Ava into a date with him at the same time Alan-Michael was arranging for a dinner. On her way to meet Coop, Ava innocently accepted a ride to Towers from Alan-Michael but when he was out parking the car, Ava met Coop and the two shared a kiss, just as Alan-Michael entered. Coop and Alan-Michael again began arguing about Ava who promptly walked out. Alan-Michael went back to his office where Ava was working. When he arrived, Ava made plans to leave when Coop arrived and threw the fact that he slept with Ava in Alan-Michael's face. Of course, Alan-Michael already knew this and the two began a heated argument that went out into the balcony.

There, the argument became physical with Coop shoving Alan-Michael, accidentally shoving him over the edge. Alan-Michael was immediately rushed to Cedars where he underwent surgery. Meanwhile, Ava was disturbed to learn that Coop wasn't even remotely sorry about what he'd done—in fact he blamed Alan-Michael. When Alan-Michael woke up, Ava was holding vigil while Frank immediately wanted a statement about what happened. Alan-Michael confessed that it was just an accident and later informed Ava that he couldn't feel his legs. Days later, Coop finally apologized to Alan-Michael for what had happened and then surprised Ava with a passionate kiss. Though Coop tried again to convince Ava that Alan-Michael was manipulative, Ava would not believe it and stated that she trusted him. Meanwhile, Buzz suggested that Coop try to make Ava jealous so he arranged a date with Alan-Michael's nurse, Jessica. On his date, Coop ran into Ava with Alan-Michael and saw Alan-Michael scratching his leg. Suspicious that Alan-Michael was faking his paralysis, Coop pushed Alan-Michael to the edge of the balcony, forcing him into a position where he'd have to stand. At that moment, Ava arrived and stopped Coop. After a talk with Frank, Coop realized that he didn't like the kind of person he had become and told Ava he needed to walk away from her for good.

Later, the Coopers almost lost one of their waitresses, Ashlee, because her mother, DA Doris Wolfe, felt the job was beneath her. Though a saddened Ashlee complied, when Coop and Buzz offered to make her an "honorary Cooper", she decided to see if she could change her mother's mind. Weeks later,. In the meantime, Lizzie volunteered to invite several of her society friends to Ashlee's 18th birthday then spitefully neglected to do so. When Lizzie told Coop about what she'd done, he lit into her. Immediately after, Ava went to Coop and told him he was right about Alan-Michael faking his paralysis. When Ava asked for another chance, Coop simply told her it was too late and after wishing her luck, he headed to Ashlee's party to keep her company. Later, Coop defended Ashlee to her mother, telling Doris that Ashlee deserved better. Weeks later, after being left in charge for an hour at CO2, Ashlee made a friend after she rescued Harley's teenage daughter Daisy from two bullies that were harassing her. When Coop heard of her actions, he told her he was impressed. In the meantime, after all the drama with Alan-Michael, Ava realized she missed the Coopers. After being welcomed back to "Cooperland" by Buzz, Ava apologized to Coop and begged to be his friend again. During their discussion, Ava casually mentioned that the gun used to shoot Alan was hidden in the mansion. Remembering that Ashlee mentioned a secret hiding place at the mansion as well, Coop saw a connection but his conversation with Ashlee was cut short by Doris.

Suspicious, Coop went to Lizzie and turned the conversation to Ashlee. After learning from Lizzie that Ashlee was in tears the night Alan was shot, Coop put it all together and asked Ashlee point blank if she shot Alan. Rattled, Ashlee accused Coop of pretending to be her friend just to get information out of her and ran off. As Coop ran after her, he ran into Ava who wanted to talk about their relationship. However, Coop confessed that he wasn't sure they could have any kind of relationship again. That same day, Ashlee went to Coop and finally confessed that in the heat of anger and hurt, she did shoot Alan. Coop's supportive response gave Ashlee the nerve to go to Frank and confess. But when Ashlee tried to tell Frank the truth, he suddenly had to rush off to the hospital. When Ashlee asked Coop to have a day to just be, Coop prepared a feast for her at Company. Later, with Coop with her as support, confessed all to the police. Though Doris rushed to stop her by claiming that Coop was just using her to get Josh out of jail, Ashlee was adamant that she was doing the right thing and stood up to her mother. As a highly upset Doris tried to diffuse the situation by telling a reporter that Ashlee was bipolar, Coop defended Ashlee's motive. With the help of her attorney, Jeffrey, Ashlee was tried as a minor and sentenced to three years in juvenile detention.

Soon after, Coop agreed to be best man at Buzz's wedding to Olivia, while Ava was maid of honor and the two started to reconnect while helping with the wedding plans. Coop got a job teaching at the juvenile detention center. Though Ashlee was pleased to see him, his niece, Daisy, thought he was there to spy on her. Meanwhile, the night before Buzz's wedding, Ava suggested to Coop that they get back together. However, Coop refused since he had been hurt too badly. Meanwhile, Buzz's wedding turned into a disaster when Alan-Michael sent him photos of Olivia kissing Jeffrey. Buzz angrily called the wedding off and Ava blamed herself since she suggested that Jeffrey see Olivia in order for the pair to hash things out. Coop assured Ava that this was not her fault and later, although Buzz was willing to forgive Olivia, she called off the wedding. Weeks later, Ava talked Coop into accepting a job writing copy for Spaulding. Though reluctant, Coop agreed that it would look good on his resume and accepted the job. Though it was only supposed to be a one-time thing, Coop found that he enjoyed the work and accepted Ava's suggestion that he work there full time. In the meantime, Ava couldn't help but notice that Ashlee seemed to be in love with Coop but he laughed off that suggestion and stated that they were just good friends. Later, Coop noticed a bruise on Ashlee's arm and asked about it. Ashlee admitted to being bullied by a girl named Megan but refused to let Coop intervene on her behalf. Not long after, Coop overheard Doris calling in Alan's favor by asking him to fund her mayoral campaign instead of having Doris released. Coop forced Alan to get Ashlee released from juvie or he would go public with what he heard. Later, when Coop announced that he may have gotten Alan to help free her, an ecstatic Ashlee hugged Coop who uncomfortably pulled away. Not long after, Ashlee was officially released.

Not long after Daisy surprised Coop with the news that Ashlee was in love with him. Upon Ashlee's release, Coop surprised Ashlee with a welcome home party. Soon after, after seeing a movie with Ashlee, Coop was startled when he physically responded to her touch. In the meantime, Ava continued to interject herself into Coop's life. Weeks later, Ava was injured after being mugged and Coop made it his mission to find who did it. When the police came up with no leads, Coop theorized that perhaps this wasn't about a robbery (since no money was taken); maybe someone hurt Ava to send a message. In the meantime, Ashlee told Coop that her mother set her up on a date with a young lawyer named Stuart and wanted his advice about whether she should go. Though a little jealous, Coop told Ashlee to go for it. But when Coop met Stuart he instantly disliked him and scared him away. After a grateful Ashlee expressed her thanks, Coop pulled her into a passionate kiss. However Coop was still unwilling to call his and Ashlee's relationship "dating." which infuriated Ashlee. Fed up, she told Coop to choose between him and Ava. Angry at being cornered, Coop walked away and went straight to Ava. Coop wound up in a kiss with Ava while Ashlee had a friendly meeting with Stuart. In the meantime, Doris told Ashlee her plan to get rid of CO2 when she became mayor. Ashlee immediately told Coop and the pair worked to block the project. While collecting signatures for a petition, Ashlee blurted out to Coop that she loved him. Coop had no response at all and, later, Doris warned Ashlee that Coop would never love her. However, at the same time, Coop was confessing to Marina that he had feelings for Ashlee.

At the same time, Buzz announced that he was he was running against Doris. Doris asked Ashlee to talk Buzz out of it which Ashlee tried to do against her better judgment. Though Ashlee warned Buzz that her mother could be very mean and behave like a pit bull to get what she wants, Buzz was undeterred. Coop accused Ashlee of letting her mother manipulate her and Ashlee shot back that Ava was doing the same to Coop. Ashlee blasted Coop for being unable to admit how he felt about her and Coop again ran to Ava. However, when Ava professed her love for him, Coop realized that he couldn't promise to ever feel the same because his heart was already taken. Realizing his true feelings, Coop went to Ashlee's and found her with Stuart. Coop threw Stuart out and then told Ashlee that it was over between him and Ava; he wanted to be with Ashlee. However, Ashlee felt she deserved better than someone who hadn't been clear on his feelings from the beginning. From the outside window, Coop informed Ashlee that he was not giving up. Through the next few weeks, Ashlee softened toward Coop and the two finally became a couple.

In the meantime, the Coopers were worried when Marina was suddenly kidnapped. Several days later, Coop confided in Ashlee his fear that Marina was dead. Seeing how troubled he was, Ashlee promised to talk about it with him later. Unfortunately, when Coop was ready to talk, Ashlee never showed him. Confused as to why Ashlee continually blew him off, Coop got drunk. When Ava saw him stumbling around the Beacon, she helped him to his room where he poured his heart out about Ashlee. Ava listened and provided comfort that soon led to a steamy kiss. However, Coop stopped himself before it went too far telling Ava that it wouldn't be fair to her since his heart belonged to Ashlee. As for Ashlee, she avoided Coop for weeks until he finally confronted her. Ashlee told him that she saw him kissing Ava and the reason she was late to his place was because she went to the docks to follow a lead on Marina. An upset Ashlee rebuffed Coop's apology and Coop again confided in Ava. Again Ava tried to seduce Coop, telling him all she wanted was sex, but he rejected her. Meanwhile, things between Ashlee and Coop were still tense. One day while they were both at CO2, a health inspector came because of some complaints. Realizing her mother was behind this, Ashlee defended the Coopers. When Coop began ranting about how much he liked her, Ashlee kissed him. Weeks later, Ashlee told Coop that she believed her mother was going to rig the election. Meanwhile, Marina had since been rescued but Doris fuel controversy by bringing up her ties to former jewel thief, Cyrus Foley. For the sake of Buzz's campaign, Coop asked Marina to keep her distance. Election Day finally arrived weeks later, and although he was trailing in the polls, Buzz unexpectedly won. Though the Coopers were ecstatic, Ashlee seemed distracted. Later, when she and Coop were set to pitch their ideas for youth advisors, Ashlee suddenly backed out. Later, Coop surprised Ashlee with a dress for the Inauguration.

In 2008, Buzz shocked everyone at his inauguration by publicly revealing that the election had been rigged. Buzz was promptly arrested. At the station, Buzz admitted that he didn't know the election was rigged until after the fact and refused to reveal who was responsible. As Coop defended Buzz to an irate Frank, an argument ensued which ended when Ashlee waltzed in and confessed that she was responsible. Ashlee boldly told her mother that she did it to protect the Coopers from her. Though the Coopers urged Doris not to throw the book at her daughter, she insisted that she made a promise to punish whoever was responsible at the fullest extent of the law. Ashlee's arrest hit Coop especially hard and in a drunken rage he lit Bill Lewis's plans for Main Street ablaze and threw them in the Lewis Construction trailer. That night, Coop was startled when Ava told him that Bill had been injured in a fire in the trailer. Rattled, Coop confessed all to Ava and wanted to go to the police but she talked him out of it. Desperate to get Ashlee out of jail, Coop asked money to steal from Spaulding so he could have bail money. When Ava refused, Coop used the leftover money from Buzz's campaign to post bail. Coop then confessed what happened to Ashlee and urged her to flee town with him. Though Ashlee initially refused she later changed her mind and the two prepared to flee the country. Unfortunately, Ashlee was caught by Doris who decided to protect her daughter by locking her in her room. Luckily, Coop came to her rescue and pleaded with Doris to let Ashlee make her own choices. When that didn't work, he offered up the name of the person responsible for the Lewis fire—himself. In the end, a humbled Doris declared the fire a tragic accident and, despite her earlier statements, worked to get the charges against Ashlee dropped. Meanwhile, Doris finally realized that Coop did indeed love Ashlee and called a truce with the Cooper family. Angered at the fact that Coop was getting a slap on the wrist, Bill called Coop and asked to meet him at Company. When Coop arrived he was shocked to see Bill with a gas can, presumably about to get revenge by burning down Company. Luckily, as Bill railed at Coop for what he did, Lizzie burst in and stopped him from enacting revenge.

Several weeks later, Coop was elated to learn that his first novel had been published. Suddenly, Blake Marler swooped in and took it upon herself to become his talent agent by declaring that she made his book deal possible. Blake quickly overwhelmed Coop by complimenting him on what a bright future he had. Soon after, Ashlee announced her plans to have gastric Lap band surgery to lose weight. Though Coop tried to dissuade her, Ashlee made it clear that she was doing this for health reasons and for her own self esteem. The day that Coop officially became a published author by signing his literary contract, was the same day that Ashlee had her surgery. Unfortunately, Ashlee had difficulty adjusting post-surgery and although Coop tried to be supportive, Ashlee pushed him away. Meanwhile, as the weeks went by, Blake groomed Coop for success by arranging book readings and even suggesting that Coop move out of Company to avoid distractions. Later, Blake kissed Coop but he turned her down by reminding her that he had a girlfriend. In the meantime, after Coop returned from a book tour, Ashlee confessed that she'd enjoyed the flirtations of another man while he was gone. Though Ashlee tried to explain that he made her feel beautiful, Coop argued that he never did anything to make her not feel that way. That same day, Blake and Coop went to his place to work on the last chapter of his book. When Coop told Blake to get comfortable while he stepped out, Blake took advantage and, undressing, made herself comfortable in his bed. Before a shocked Coop had a chance to throw Blake out, Ashlee walked in. When Ashlee rushed out, Coop made it clear to Blake that she had to leave.. Though Ashlee believed Coop's story that Blake took it upon herself to seduce Coop, Ashlee was unsure if her own feelings for Coop were real and broke things off.

In the following months, Coop seemed to lead a quiet life which consisted of him teaching and offering support to his family. In the fall, Ashlee suggested that Coop help aspiring law student with a paper that she was writing. What Ashlee and no one else knew was that Coop and Beth were engaged in a clandestine affair which began several weeks earlier when Coop offered to proof read her work. Realizing that she was playing with fire since she was in a committed relationship with Alan, Beth tried to end things with Coop. However, by this point, Coop was in love and refused to give her up. Not able to resist him, Beth continued the affair. Soon after, Coop finally told his father about the affair. Though Buzz tried to warn Coop about how dangerous Alan could be, Coop was determined to keep seeing Beth. As the weeks went by, a worried Buzz tried unsuccessfully to convince Coop to end the affair. In fact, Coop was so enamored of Beth that he was inspired to write a book based on their affair. Meanwhile, Coop invited Beth to go on vacation with him. When Beth learned that Alan already bought a plane ticket for her to China, she lied that she couldn't go because she had to attend a workshop for class. A few days later, Alan asked Beth to marry him. The same day, Coop snuck into the Spaulding mansion and asked Beth to end things with Alan.

As 2009 began, Coop's feelings for Beth only intensified as did her feelings for him. When mortgage problems threatened to close Company, a newly empowered Beth saved it by convincing Alan to bail out Buzz.. Not long after, Lizzie learned of the affair and though she railed at her mother, Lizzie promised not to tell Alan. Finally, Coop got tired of sneaking around and suggested to Beth that they take their relationship public while Alan was out of town. Though all of the Coopers tried to convince Coop that he was playing with fire, he was determined to be with the woman he loved. Beth was like a muse for Coop and couldn't help but write a powerful novel based on their love story. When Alan returned to town, Coop asked Beth to leave him but a fearful Beth announced that she was staying with Alan. Angry, Coop threw out his manuscript only to discover days later that Blake somehow found it and sent it to a publisher. Since the story was never meant to be published, Coop ordered Blake to retract his manuscript. Unfortunately, Blake was convinced that the woman in the novel was her and published the book anyway. At the same time, Coop got an offer to teach at Stanford as a writer in residence. Coop begged Beth to come with him but she cruelly ended things with him. However, Coop refused to give up on Beth and realized that the only reason she was staying with Alan was because Alan threatened her. Coop pleaded with Beth ignore Alan's threats and go away with him. When she tearfully refused, he branded her a coward and walked away. He soon reconsidered and went to the mansion and was shocked to learn that Alan and Beth were getting married soon.

Not long after, Coop got a message from Marina about Beth and was asked to meet her at her house. Unfortunately, it was a trap and instead of finding Marina, Coop found himself trapped in the basement. Believing that Alan locked him in, Coop scrounged around and found a gun which he used to blow the lock off. Free, he quickly discovered that Buzz was the one who locked him in the basement. Upset, Coop punched out his father. Buzz admitted that he deserved that and, for the first time, gave Coop his full support to go after Beth. While Coop sped in Buzz's car to stop the wedding, he got a call from Alan who snidely informed him that he and Beth were already married. Coop angrily accused Alan of lying and ended the call. At that moment, a frustrated Coop slid on a patch of ice and crashed. Badly injured, Coop was rescued by a mysterious hooded figure and taken to Cedars where he was left unattended. Eventually, he was discovered by Buzz himself who finally got someone to attend to Coop. Sadly, Coop's injuries were too severe. Realizing that he wasn't going to make it, Coop said his goodbyes to Beth and his family. Suddenly while talking to Buzz, Coop lost consciousness and was pronounced brain dead. With Coop kept alive only by machines, Buzz was forced to pull the plug on his son.

The love child of Jenna Bradshaw and Buzz Cooper, Henry Cooper Bradshaw spent the first year of his life with his mother alone. Though being sent away after he lost his mother at a young age, Coop was never bitter and promptly returned home when he learned of his father's heart attack. A kind hearted man with high moral standards, Coop was often frustrated by love. A true romantic, he fought for the love of the older Beth Raines. Sadly, Coop's determination would lead to his tragic death at a young age.

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