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Marina Nadine Cooper
Who's Who in Springfield: Marina Nadine Cooper | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Casey Rosenhaus (1993 to November 1995)
Alysa Zucker (late 1995 to 1996)

Sasha Martin (1996 to 1999)

Aubrey Dollar (January 15, 2002 to March 1, 2004)

Kit Paquin (March 5, 2004 to April 28, 2004)

Mandy Bruno (May 12, 2004 to September 18, 2009)


Born (on screen) May 8, 1993 (Revised to 1985 when she turned 18 in 2003)


Owner of Company

Former Detective for the Springfield PD

Private detective for her Aunt Harley's agency

Former Detective with the Springfield PD

Former Police officer with the Springfield PD

Former Nanny for Robbie Santos


Her home

Marital Status

Possibly married to Shayne Lewis

Past Marriages



Frank Cooper (Father)

Eleni Andros Cooper (Mother)

Francesca Cooper (Half-sister)

Buzz Cooper (Paternal Grandfather)

Nadine Cooper (Paternal Grandmother/deceased)

Marina Andros (Maternal great-grandmother)

Harley Cooper (Aunt)

Lucille Cooper Spaulding (Aunt)

Henry "Coop" Bradshaw (Uncle; deceased)

Ian Stavros "Rocky" Cooper (Uncle)

Stavros Kouperakis (Great-Great Uncle; Deceased)

Ari Andros (Uncle)

Jori Andros (Uncle)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (cousin)

Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (cousin)

Jude Cooper Bauer (cousin)

A.C. Mallet (Godfather)


Henry Cooper Lewis (adopted w/Mallet)

Flings & Affairs

Ben Reade (Dated; deceased)

Christopher (Dated)

Shayne Lewis (lovers)

Danny Santos (dated)

Alan-Michael Spaulding (lovers)

Cyrus Foley (engaged)

A.C. Mallet (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Kicked out of school for disruptive behavior [late 2001]

Ran away from home [December 2001]

Stole Buzz Cooper's Baklava at Company [early January 2002]

Shoplifted at the mall [January 15, 2002]

Vandalism [January 2002]

Arrested for shoplifting. [January 24, 2002]

Kissed another criminal to distract the arresting officers so she can escape jail time [January 24, 2002]

Broke into the Bauer home [January 29, 2002]

Attempted to steal money from the cash register at Company (got caught by Ben Reade who stopped her) [January 30, 2002]

Used a fake ID to sneak into Infierno [February 5, 2002]

Attempted to order alcohol while underage [February 5, 2002]

Inpersonated an Infierno waitress to warn Carmen Santos, Tony Santos and Romeo Jones that the police were coming to arrest them for being involved in an illegal card game [March 4, 2002]

Stole a lock box to hide the money used in the illegal card game from her father, Detective Frank Cooper [March 4, 2002]

Begged for money at Infierno [May 7, 2002]

Rummaged through Romeo Jones's desk at Infierno [May 10, 2002]

Stole money out of the Infierno cash register [May 13, 2002]

Broke into Gus Aitoro's room at the Reardon Boarding House and put herself in bed next to him [May 21, 2002]

Falsely accused Gus Aitoro of seducing her [May 2002]

Stole Ben Reade's clothes and left him on the beach with nothing but his underwear [August 29, 2002]

Got into Millennium with a fake I.D [October 11, 2002]

Got alcohol with a fake I.D [October 11, 2002]

Stole birth control pills from Cedars's pharmacy [January 8, 2003]

Arrested for Grand theft auto (charges dropped) [May 15, 2003]

Unintentionally contributed to Shayne Lewis's car crash by keeping him up late the night before his baseball game [September 10, 2003]

Secretly looked at police records [December 2003]

Snooped around Carrie Caruther's secret room to look for clues as to why exactly Carrie wanted to dredge the Maryanne Caruthers story up [January 2004]

Obstruction of a police investigation by lying about the night of Carrie Caruther's murder [February 24, 2004 to March 2004]

Conspired with Sandy Foster to hack into Alan Spaulding's computer account [July 5, 2004]

Accomplice in the kidnapping of Zach Spaulding (by Zach's mom, Harley) [October 6, 2004]

Neglected to warn Alexandra about Cyrus's plan to steal from her [September 2007]

Kept silent about the fact that the mayoral election may have been rigged [December 12, 2007 to January 2, 2008]

Faked correspondence from immigration in an effort to scare Cyrus Foley [January 2008]

Persuaded a woman to blackmail Cyrus for $ 100,000 [March 12, 2008]

Lifted a pack of marijuana from an evidence locker at the Springfield PD [April 2009]

Blackmailed a Child Services worker by threatening to plant drugs in her desk [April 23, 2009] Memorable Quotes

Marina Cooper to Shayne Lewis at his surprise of her knowledge of motorcycles:

"Hello! I'm the niece of Harley Davidson Cooper!"

Brief Character History

Marina Cooper, the daughter of Frank and Eleni Cooper, was born in 1993 into a family that loved her and supported her. Though Marina was diagnosed with a hearing problem, that problem was fixed after she had a successful and expensive operation. Marina grew up as a sweet uncomplicated girl and was very close to her mother. Caught in a fire at her house on 5th St. in early 1995, luckily she was rescued by Josh Lewis. The following year, in 1996, Marina became friends with Lizzie Spaulding when she gave Lizzie a Greek necklace as a Christmas present, which Lizzie proclaimed was the best present she'd received. In 1999, Selena Davis showed up to help Marina's grandfather, Buzz, with the kids. While she was there, she received a mysterious phone call telling her that there was an emergency at the diner. She rushed off and left Marina in charge of the younger kids. Selena arrived to a calm diner, but the story tipped off Frank and Buzz and they rushed back to the house -- and found the children gone. It turned out that Marina and the other Cooper children were kidnapped by the unstable Holly Reade. Luckily Marina and the others were later saved. Later that year, Marina left with her mother when Eleni decided to open a catering business in California.

Unfortunately, a teenaged Marina had difficulties adjusting to life without her father and the rest of her family. Eventually coming to hate her mother for destroying the family, Marina rebelled against Eleni and, after being expelled from school, she ran away to Springfield in late 2001. Believing that she'd be sent back to California, Marina laid low, but was eventually discovered stealing food from the Bauer kitchen by her aunt Harley and Rick Bauer. Taken to Company, Marina was elated to see her father again, but when she learned that Eleni was in town, she started to rebel.

In 2002, Marina became friendly with mobster Romeo Jones when she snuck into Infierno by using a fake ID and warned him that her father planned to raid the nightclub. She got caught in the middle of the nightclub and fled with laundered money, which would have caused Romeo to go to prison. He recovered the money from her soon after, but Marina was busted after Frank saw her face in security photos. A few weeks later, Eleni decided to return to California and, after many pleas from the Coopers and Marina, agreed to let Marina stay in Springfield. Marina then began spending time with Phillip and Beth's daughter, Lizzie Spaulding. Lizzie's parents worried that Marina was a bad influence, and would soon be proven right. When Marina noticed how much her father and grandfather hated Harley's boyfriend, Gus Aitoro and overheard him calling her horrible names (these were actually code words, but she had no way of knowing), Marina decided that since Harley had been so nice to her, she would do Harley a favor and save her from such a horrible man. Marina manipulated Lizzie into calling Harley and the police and telling them to go to Aitoro's hotel room. She then snuck in with a spare key placed above the door, and while Gus was asleep, crawled into bed beside him, dressed only in her bra and panties. Harley arrived, horrified, and the police were right behind her. Gus faced the loss of his freedom and career. Over the next few weeks, Marina's plan backfired. Harley became closer to Gus than ever, asking him to move in with her. Phillip was disgusted at his son Zach living with a sex criminal, and began a custody suit against Harley. Finally, Marina confessed to her family that she had lied about the whole thing. They were outraged and stunned, but, along with Gus, forgave her.

That summer, Marina found herself attracted to lifeguard Ben Reade who was more than a few years older than her. Not letting that dissuade her, Marina brashly pursued him, first for a job as a lifeguard, then for his personal attentions. Though he repeatedly rejected her, due to her age, he found himself taken in by her charms and took her to the beach. They flirted and kissed, Marina got him to strip down to his tight white briefs, and suddenly her friends Tammy and Lizzie jumped into view, giggling. Marina had known of his true intentions for her and made a bet with her friends on the type of underwear he wore. Humiliated and degraded, Ben tore Marina apart, calling her a brat and telling her he had actually begun caring for her until this mean-spirited stunt of hers. Later, Ben forgave Marina for her stunt, but kept the relationship on a game-playing level, each trying to outdo the other. He even took her to Towers while wearing only boxers below the waist! Soon the fun matured into an admission of genuine feelings between the two, and he began courting Marina, trying to persuade her protective and hostile family members that he meant her no harm. Then Ben got news that bad investments had drained his trust fund dry. To Marina's dismay, Ben approached his impending impoverished lifestyle with denial, running up credit cards and buying expensive gifts for Marina and friends.

Tired of Ben's attitude, Marina told him in 2003 he had to find himself a job or they were through. Wanting to make good money very quickly, Ben went to Alexandra Spaulding who offered him a job. Ecstatic, Ben thought he hit pay dirt until he learned that being Alexandra's assistant was merely being a gopher. Disappointed, Ben accepted Eden August's offer to work for her escort service. Working for Eden provided Ben with a huge paycheck that he used to buy Marina a car for her 18th birthday. Unfortunately, Frank didn't like the idea of Ben buying his daughter such an elaborate gift and had the car impounded. Upset, Marina let Lizzie talk her into stealing the car back, which backfired when the girls got caught. Though the new District Attorney, Jeffrey O'Neill was ready to bring charges up against the girls, later, when he learned that the car was not officially impounded, he dropped charges and let the girls go. At the same time, Marina would be horrified to learn that Ben had been working for Eden, and sleeping with his client, Ramona Hendon, for money. Disgusted, Marina broke it off with Ben, who became a suspect in Ramona's murder, as well as other murders connected to the Garden of Eden Escort Service. Reeling from her break-up with Ben, Marina turned to her friend, Shayne Lewis, for support. Meanwhile Ben was becoming continually depressed and finally confronted Marina at her senior prom.

Marina became genuinely afraid when Ben started to act desperate and irrational. Saved by the unpleasant encounter by her father and Shayne's mother, Marina tried to block the incident from her mind and reveled in the news that Shayne was picked up by the Chicago Cubs. But marring her happiness was Ben, who was growing more and more obsessed with Marina and confronted her again at the Bauer Barbecue before being thrown out by Frank. Though Marina softened toward Ben after he was attacked at the barbecue by Ramona's husband, her anger returned when she realized Ben was using his vulnerable position to manipulate her. Finally things came to a head in late July, when at the Bauer cabin with Shayne, Marina came face to face with an unbalanced Ben who kidnapped her! Clearly delusional, Ben took Marina to a secluded cabin where he promised everything would go back to the way it was before. Unbalanced, Ben told her that her first time should be special, and suspecting something, Marina asked if his wasn't. Now coming unglued, Ben told her his story about being molested by a teacher at his boarding school and feeling ashamed because of it. Promising to make it different for her, Ben tried seducing Marina, who tried to tell him she didn't want to make love. Finally Shayne burst in to save Marina, only to be attacked by Ben. Seeing an advantage, Marina tried to stop Ben by wielding a hatchet, only to have Ben threaten to kill Shayne by lethal injection. Though she tried to talk a maniacal Ben down by appealing to the intelligent, sensitive Ben she knew, Ben merely stated that the man she knew was gone and he didn't know how to be that again; he was empty inside. At that point, Frank burst in, and Ben grabbed Marina, threatening to kill her! Though Frank succeeded in convincing Ben to let her go, Ben stabbed himself with the injector in order to save her from himself. Seeing him near death, Marina went to him and told him to fight for his life.

After telling Marina to never forget him, Ben slipped into unconsciousness and died at Cedars that night. With Shayne's help, Marina was able to get through her anger and grief regarding Ben. Weeks later, Marina learned that she inherited Ben's million dollar estate! Though uncertain of what to do at first, Marina ultimately decided to accept the money and donated it to Harley's Angels, so that it could be used to help people in need. Thus, something good could come out of Ben's tragic life. A few months later, not long before Shayne was to leave for an exciting career in professional baseball, Shayne invited Marina to go to a concert. Though he had to meet with the Cub's general manager that same night, he was convinced he could do both. Unconvinced was Josh who demanded that he not attend the concert. Angry at his father's demands, Shayne went to the concert anyway with Marina but left early in order, on that rainy night, to make his appointment. Then suddenly they collided with an incoming car. Shielding Marina so that she wouldn't go through the windshield, Shayne suffered swelling to the brain and spine that left him temporarily unable to walk and talk. In the hospital room, Shayne was shocked when he learned who the other driving was: it was Josh who was racing to bring Shayne home from the concert. Though Shayne tried to push Marina away, for fear of her putting her life on hold to take care of him, Marina refused to leave Shayne's side. Soon, she and he would make love for the first time.

Late that year, Marina found herself visited by a mysterious woman who later named herself as Carrie. Carrie had already visited Michelle Bauer and Marah Lewis, Finally after appearing to all three girls, she asked them to ask their fathers (or grandfather) about Maryanne Caruthers. Although all three girls didn't like the idea of setting up the man because of stranger, they were intrigued and so asked. All the men denied knowing who Maryanne was but it was obvious that they were lying since they were visibly shaken. Eventually, Carrie revealed that Maryanne's car went off a bridge and told the girls to find the vehicle. The girls figured out that the bridge must have been Cutter's Bridge. When Marina secretly went to the police station to find police records to find out about the accident but there were no records, which led the girls to conclude that Maryanne's death was covered up. In the midst of this, the girls kept bringing up the name Maryanne to the older men in their lives who keep acting increasingly nervous. Afterwards, Carrie appeared to the girls again and told them to find Maryanne's grave. Now knowing that Maryanne died in 1977, the girls proceeded to get their fathers/grandfather to open up about what they were doing in the 1970's. However, when they brought up the name Maryanne Caruthers, again the men clammed up and told the girls never to mention that name again. Though the girls were wary of hurting their fathers/grandfather by continuing on in the investigation, Carrie convinced them that it would be better if the truth were revealed. Realizing that something big was going on, the girls decided that it would help the men in the long run if they dealt with the specter of Maryanne Caruthers and so they continued in their investigation. Finally in January 2004, the girls confronted Carrie and demanded to know the truth about Maryanne Caruthers.

It was then that Carrie related the tale about what happened on Oct. 17th, 1977. According to Carrie, new acquaintances Alan Spaulding, Josh and Billy Lewis, Ed Bauer and Buzz Cooper slipped a mysterious drug into Maryann'es system to loosen her up. That same night, their car went into the river. All the men survived but Maryanne perished. After recounting the tale, Carrie told the disbelieving girls to confront their fathers/grandfather and deliver a letter to them in a pick envelope. Ed was rattled when Michelle suddenly recounted the entire story of Maryanne and handed him a pick envelope. Unnerved and agitated, Ed refused to take the letter and tore it up! Finally he became so rattled and Michelle's insistent questions that he slapped Michelle! Finally realizing that their little investigation was doing more harm than good, Michelle went to Marah and Marina and convinced them to snoop around Carrie's secret room below the museum and started looking for clues as to why exactly Carrie wanted to dredge this up. They were caught in the act and Carrie revealed the truth--Maryanne had one surviving relative an aunt, Caroline Caruthers! Upon hearing the name they realized that Carrie was Caroline Caruthers and she was the witness at the bridge who was too afraid to speak up.

Not long after, each of the girls found themselves in danger. First, Michelle almost died from gas inhalation at her home. As she slipped into unconsciousness, Michelle suddenly saw Carrie who looked as if she was about to smother Michelle. Fortunately, Michelle was rescued by Danny and Bill, and Carrie claimed that she'd had been trying to save Michelle by turning off the gas valve. At almost the same time, Marah was unsettled when an old teddy bear kept cropping up despite her attempts to put it away and she found it with a razor blade, and finally Marina was caught in a cave in when she was asked by Carrie to go into the tunnels under the museum. After the incident with Marina, who was saved by Michelle and Marina, the girls finally figured out that Carrie was out for vengeance and instead of helping the men they cared about, they were only making things worse. With this realization, the girls finally stood up to Carrie and told her to leave them alone, or else. Not long after, Carrie summoned the girls to her one last time, asking them to come to the Fairgrounds for a memorial service for Maryanne. Unfortunately, Carrie's motives were far more diabolical. Unbeknownst to anyone, the rings Carrie gave the girls rings to wear that were tainted with a drug called Antimonius. Arriving at the Fairgrounds under the influence of the drug, the girls, in a fog, entered the hall of mirrors. Then came a startling turn of events: Dazed and confused the girls, wandered the hall and became aware that the men were there also. Scared and ill, the girls cried out for the men to help them. Meanwhile, Carrie finally announced her plan to the men--one of the girls would be killed in place of Maryanne; they would have to choose. Horrified by her insanity, the men realized that the girls, who seemed in a dazed state, were in the Hall of Mirrors, but had trouble locating because the mirrors kept them from seeing what was real and what wasn't.

Although Ed was able to locate Marina and Michelle and lead them outside to safety, Marah remained missing for a while longer. Then came a startling chain of events. Carrie suddenly appeared brandishing a gun, poised to shoot. However, because of the mirrors no one could tell what was the real Carrie. Although Buzz got out his gun (that he brought at Alan's insistence, so that they could take care of the threat), he was caught unaware by Carrie who shot him! Then Carrie pointed her gun at Josh and was set to fire when a shot rang out, apparently killing Carrie! Shot in the back, Carrie fell through the trap door at the bottom of the Hall and her body was rushed away by the river below. Seeing a dazed Marah holding the smoking gun, Josh decided to take the blame and there and then, he and the others created an elaborate story about how he shot Carrie in self-defense. Shocked at her father's confession, a very confused Marah knew there was something she was forgetting but couldn't remember. Mere days later, she remembered that SHE shot and killed Carrie. Determined that her father wouldn't take the punishment for a crime she committed, Marah went to the police station and confessed. Not long after, Reva helped close the door on the entire Maryanne Caruthers situation when, using her psychic visions, she learned that not only had Carrie faked her death, but had been the one who caused Maryanne's death that fateful night in 1977 when she strangled Maryanne, who had washed ashore at the other side of the riverbank.

With this adventure over, Marina slowly began to settle back into a normal life. Though Marina was rattled at first, Shayne was on hand to comfort her and encouraged her friendship with his brother Sandy. With encouragement from Shayne, and her Aunt Harley who told her not to live in fear, Marina slowly began to trust people again. In the meantime she was spending lots of time with Shayne and Sandy, sensing that Sandy was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Believing it was because he felt like a third wheel, Marina made plans to play matchmaker, although Sandy was obviously not pleased with that idea. By the beginning of summer, Shayne had fully recovered and Lizzie and Sandy convinced Marina, Shayne and a few other teens to compete for an internship at Spaulding Enterprises. However, the contest was not as interesting as the teens had hoped, the only one excited about it being Lizzie. Then one day, Marina became intrigued to learn that Sandy was hacking into Alan Spaulding's own personal computer. Intrigued, since she found Alan as condescending and manipulative as Sandy did, Marina agreed, despite his protests, to help. When Marina overheard Alan give his password, she relayed that information for Sandy, who then was able to hack into the system. Very soon after, Sandy was arrested, and when Marina jumped to his defense saying she was involved as well, she also was arrested. Although Alan planned to press charges, he relented and dropped the charges on the condition that they come up with a program to keep out future hackers. Noting the tension between Shayne and Sandy (since Shayne blamed Sandy for involving Marina in his prank), she tried to ease the tension between the brothers.

In the meantime, Marina was surprised that Shayne was pitching again and looking into going to the Majors. As the weeks went by, it was becoming clear to Marina that Shayne wanted a change in his life. At the end of summer, Shayne shocked Marina with his decision to create a mini Peace Corps in Bosnia. Although he wanted her to go with him, Marina opted to stay at home with her family, which was going through a trying time.

The trouble in the Cooper family would escalate when Phillip Spaulding made arrangements for Company to be demolished. As time went on, it was becoming clear that the Coopers were losing the fight to save the family restaurant. Desperate to stop the Spauldings, Marina went to former mobster Danny Santos (whose son she babysat for) and asked advice on intimidating the Spauldings. However, Danny's advice was merely that violence was not the answer and he encouraged Marina to give up the fight since it was hopeless. Luckily, the demolition was stopped when it was learned that a rare bird lived in the trees surrounding Company. At the same time, Danny was dealing with his wife's memory loss and subsequent unpredictable behavior. As a result, Danny relied more and more on Marina watching Robbie. In the process, Danny and Marina started to grow closer and their friendship turned into a mutual attraction. At the end of the year, Marina went with Danny to rescue Michelle in Santo Domingo but the pair was separated and Marina returned to Springfield when she believed that Danny's plane had gone done. However, in early 2005, Marina was ecstatic when Danny showed up alive and well in Springfield. Although Buzz berated Danny for putting Marina in danger, Danny insisted that he cared for her and would never let anything bad happen to her. Unfortunately, Frank was not happy to see Danny dating his daughter and made his feelings perfectly clear. Although Danny tried to tell Marina that perhaps Frank was right, Marina made it clear to Danny that she didn't care what her father thought; she wanted to be with him. Meanwhile, Marina was becoming increasingly insecure as to whether Danny and Michelle's marriage was truly over and informed Danny she didn't want to be the rebound girl. When he reassured her that she was not, they grew closer.

Growing closer and closer to Danny, Marina was still insecure about Michelle, especially when she learned she was beginning to get some of her memories back. By spring, Danny and Michelle's divorce was almost final. Later, when Marina she saw Danny and Michelle talking, she realized that Michelle's entire memory had returned and she let Danny know that she didn't intend to give him up without a fight. Later, she told Michelle the same thing, but Michelle assured her that she didn't want Danny; she was going to marry his cousin, Tony. Days later, Tony dropped the bomb that he'd seen Danny and Michelle kissing but Marina was adamant about trusting Danny. Tragically, Tony wasn't able to let it go and after angrily confronting Michelle and Danny, Tony accidentally fell to his death. Believing that there was nothing standing between Danny and Michelle, Marina informed Danny that she'd walk away if he wanted to be with Michelle. By this time though, Danny's divorce was finalized and he surprised Marina by telling her he was already with the woman he wanted to be with. A few weeks later, Danny would finally confess to Marina that he and Michelle had made love the night she regained her memory. Angry, Marina walked out on Danny. Though she quickly forgave him, she never was able to fully shake her insecurities about Michelle, who had briefly left town. Marina continued to worry about Michelle's eventual return to Springfield. By the end of summer, Marina and Danny decided to move in together.

Soon after, the moment of truth finally arrived when Marina learned that Michelle was back in town. Deciding to talk to her, Marina made it clear to Michelle that she and Danny were happy together. A few weeks later, Danny and Marina were shocked to learn that Michelle had been involved in a car accident. When Danny and Marina rushed in to see her, Michelle asked about her baby, stating that he'd helped deliver it, but Danny had no idea what she was talking about. Later, with the help of a pint of blood donated by Marina, Michelle was eventually stabilized but when she woke up, she finally confessed that she had been pregnant and was now in a panic over her child. Reluctantly, Danny informed her that her baby died in the car crash. The consensus seemed to be that the baby's body burned up in the fire. However, Marina had a lot of unanswered questions, such as where was the pregnant Michelle staying for the past few weeks? Later, when Michelle spoke of her inability to understand how the accident could have happened, Marina started to wonder if it was really an accident. During the investigation, Marina learned that Michelle was staying at the Beacon--in Edmund Winslow's suite. There, Marina found a discarded syringe. Later, Marina found out that the drug on the needle cap was the labor-inducing Laprosin. Though she felt she was already losing Danny, she couldn't ignore her cop instincts and began running scenarios through her head of what could have happened to the baby. Knowing that Edmund presented Cassie with their baby the night of the accident, and knowing the surrogate mother was now missing, it suddenly dawned on Marina that Cassie's daughter, Hope, could be Michelle and Danny! Marina took her suspicions to the DA, and Jeffrey had a DNA test done on Hope. To Marina's relief, it came back negative.

A few Weeks later, Marina and Danny were stunned when Dinah showed up at his door and introduced him to his daughter--Hope. In the end, Danny told Michelle the truth about their baby, as Edmund was quickly arrested. Meanwhile, though Marina tried to go ahead with her relationship with Danny, Michelle wasn't making it easy by telling Marina that she, not Marina, was Danny's true love. After a while, Marina finally realized that she could never compete with Michelle for Danny's affections and broke it off with him; at about this time, she decided to follow in her father's footsteps and became a cop—with her father's best friend, AC Mallet, becoming her mentor.

Meanwhile, Marina would find herself a new suitor. Distracted one night, Marina was almost run down by a man driving a sports car. Recognizing him immediately, Marina toyed with him by threatening to have him arrested for reckless driving. That man turned out to be her Aunt Harley's and Eleni's first husband--Alan-Michael Spaulding. Amused by this attractive young woman, a flirtatious Alan-Michael gently kissed her and then went on his way. A few weeks later, while clubbing, Alan-Michael met up with Marina again and she surprised him by asking him to buy her a drink and the two continued their flirtation. Several weeks later, Danny informed Marina that he and Michelle were leaving town and said goodbye. Angry and hurt, Marina tried to commandeer Alan-Michael's sports car for a quick, kamikaze drive to clear her head. Unfortunately, the car was a stick - and Marina couldn't drive a stick. Alan-Michael ended up stepping in and showing her a good time, whether Marina liked it or not. A few weeks later, Marina spontaneously agreed to Alan-Michael's offer of a Paris jaunt - as long as he realized it wasn't a date. On the plane ride home, Alan-Michael and Marina played a hand of poker which she lost. For losing the bet, Alan-Michael stated she had to be his "back-up" date for New Year's Eve. Later, a depressed Marina tried to avoid her heartache by working. Later, Marina and Alan-Michael ended their day buying practically every Christmas tree on the lot, then dragging them home to the Beacon for an impromptu decorating party. On Christmas, Marina celebrated with her family, but couldn't keep her mind off Alan-Michael. To her delight, he showed up at the Cooper Christmas party and gave her a beautiful necklace as a present. On New Year's Eve, a seductive Marina was hurt when a preoccupied. Alan-Michael sent her away snapping that she wasn't ready to play in the big leagues with him.

Days later, in 2006, he attempted to make amends with a bouquet of flowers and a vow to make her see that he was truly sorry for hurting her. Though she tried to play it off casually, Marina was obviously charmed. Later, Marina thanked Alan-Michael for supporting her family and told him she was ready to take a chance on the two of them. It didn't take long for Frank to voice his objection. When Frank pointed out that Alan-Michael had already been married to two Coopers already, marina held her own and pointed out that the woman he was interested in (Olivia Spencer) had been married to two Spauldings so he shouldn't throw stones. Conceding she had a point, Frank agreed to accept the relationship. Later, Marina found documents in Alan-Michael's apartment naming him as Spaulding's as CEO. Suspicious, Marina sneaked into his room later but was caught. Confronted, Alan-Michael informed her that one of Alan's cronies was trying to engineer a power play--which he did not support.

In the meantime, Marina and Alan-Michael continued to bond and she comforted him when Alan was declared dead. Seeing that Alan-Michael was upset, Marina guessed it was because he was having trouble dealing with Alan's death. Alan-Michael denied it, though eventually, Marina got him to admit how much he hated always being Number Two son to Phillip. Meanwhile, after Valentine's Day Alan-Michael informed Marina that Harley, perhaps due to her grief, made a costly error at Spaulding but he was doing damage control. Marina informed Harley, suggesting that Alan-Michael be put in charge in her place until Harley could regroup. Because of Alan-Michael's comments about not wanting the responsibility and Harley named Dinah as her successor. Weeks later, Marina shocked Alan-Michael by impulsively telling him "I love you," left Alan-Michael feeling guilty. His reaction was to suggest they just call the whole relationship off. He claimed it was because of the Spaulding/Cooper dating curse. Later, he returned to the office, only to find Marina waiting. She started to list for him all the things he'd be missing not being with her. Finally, he couldn't stand it and pulled her into a hot kiss. Pretty soon, clothes were flying off and Alan-Michael and Marina made love. Afterwards, there pair was shocked to discover that Alan was alive after all! Meanwhile, Gus had also returned to town and after Marina spoke with him she learned that he never wrote a note to Harley telling her to find love again. Since Alan-Michael was the one who told Harley he found the note, a suspicious Marina sneaked into Alan-Michael's room and found evidence that showed that he was planning on ousting Dinah and declare himself CEO of Spaulding. Incensed, Marina interrupted the Spaulding board meeting to accuse Alan-Michael of not just forging Gus's note, but sabotaging Harley, as well.

Alan-Michael admitted all and stated he did it to protect Spaulding. Marina slapped him for betraying her family and then stalked off. After Alan-Michael tried to explain that he never intended to fall for her, but Marina wasn't consoled and walked away from him. Later, Alan-Michael tried to convince her that his feelings for her were real and begged her to save him from himself but Marina told him it was too late. Several weeks later, Marina was put in charge of the SpringfieldBurns.com case. It began with a picture of Gus and Dinah kissing showing up on the website and didn't end with those two. Someone was stalking the citizens of Springfield and putting their secrets on display on the internet; it was up to Marina to find out whom. During the course of the investigation, the website featured a live feed of Dinah and Alan-Michael meeting in his room. The police rushed to the scene and found a camera was found in the room. Though Marina suspected that Alan-Michael could be the blogger, he denied it. Afterwards, Marina and Mallet snuck into Alan-Michael's room and found a working camera. When Marina hacked into the website, the pair found photos of Dinah drunk and dancing. The next day, when Mallet's impromptu wedding to Dinah Marler fell through, Marina invited a depressed Mallet to watch a White Sox game with her. Later, Dinah planted gossip about Mallet and Marina going to Chicago together on "business," on www.SpringfieldBurns.com.

Suddenly, the rumors started flying around the police station, which did not make Frank very happy. Trying to convince a hostile Frank that nothing was going on between him and Marina, Mallet tried to suggest that Marina be paired with another detective. However, Marina overheard the discussion and refused—instead suggested that they play the relationship angle up to bring the blogger out. In the meantime, Marina was up for promotion—becoming the youngest detective in Springfield PD history. However, Marina wasn't so sure if she wanted to make a career out of police work. Alan-Michael sensed her concerns and offered her a job working security for Spaulding Enterprises but she declined. That same day, she received a surprise visit from her mother who also voiced her concerns. Eleni suggested that Marina might only be in police work to make Frank happy and reminded Marina of her dreams of going to college and becoming an actress. When Marina voiced concerns to Mallet, he advised her to follow her heart. Marina took his advice and decided she wanted to become a detective. In the meantime, the blogger case was finally, and unexpectedly, solved on Election Day when Blake collapsed after being poisoned. While looking through Blake's things for clues on who would have poisoned her, Marina was shocked to open Blake's computer and discover that she was the blogger. While Mallet thought Jeffrey poisoned Blake, Marina suspected it was Dinah. Later, it was turned out that both were wrong since the poison was meant for Jeffrey, not Blake.

One day in 2007, Marina chased down someone she suspected had just robbed a jewelry store. Suddenly, a good looking man helped her by stopping the suspect with a punch. After flirting with her Good Samaritan, Marina returned to the station where she saw a report from Interpol. Her Good Samaritan was Cyrus Foley--a criminal wanted all over Europe. Days later, when she went to see Mallet, Marina was shocked to see Cyrus looking through Dinah's jewelry. Cyrus claimed to be an old friend of Dinah. Though she denied knowing him at first, Dinah quickly feigned recognition and embraced him as an old friend. Though Cyrus claimed that he was reformed, Marina highly doubted it. When the suave Australian stated that he was looking for legitimate employment, Marina decided to help him by giving him a job at the station—as a janitor. Marina was certain that Cyrus was in town for a nefarious reason and kept a close eye on him—even placing a tracking device on him. In the meantime, Dinah asked Marina to get Cyrus to leave town but Cyrus wouldn't. Throughout the next few weeks, Marina became more and more intrigued with Cyrus. Though she denied it, this fact was not lost on Frank who warned her that she was becoming too close. Later, Marina was caught off-guard when Cyrus suddenly kissed her. Throughout all this, Mallet was investigation the disappearance of large sums of money from Vanessa Reardon's bank account and was certain that Cyrus was behind it. Finally, Marina caught Cyrus red-handed with the money. At the same time, Frank and other officers arrived at the scene.

Their arrival distracted Marina and Cyrus was able to push her out of the way. Suddenly, her gun went off and the other officers opened fire. Cyrus ran to escape but reached a dead end. Turning back, he realized that Marina had been shot. To keep her from losing consciousness, Cyrus told her about how he became a thief in order to take care of his brother after their mother died. When it seemed apparent that an ambulance was coming, Marina cuffed herself to the bag of money and tossed the key down the drain. Cyrus left to elude capture. It didn't take long for Marina to realize that Cyrus must have called the ambulance earlier. Later, when Frank finally arrived on the scene, he thought Cyrus shot Marina but she stated it wasn't him—leading Frank to realize that he accidentally shot his daughter. At the scene, Frank checked the bag and realized they'd been had—the bag was empty.

Later, upon being released from the hospital, Marina wanted to resume the search for Cyrus but Frank refused. That same day, Cyrus himself showed up and held Marina at gunpoint. He planned on forcing her to go to the warehouse with him so he could retrieve the money. However, before they went there, he had to keep his hostage tied up at a hotel. As Marina was yelling for help, despite the fact that Cyrus was holding a gun on her, the manager came to check on things. To prove that everything was fine, Cyrus pulled Marina into a kiss until the man walked away. Despite herself, Marina couldn't help but be affected. Later, as per Cyrus's plan, Marina distracted cop on his watch so that Cyrus couldn't get the money. Meanwhile, cops surrounded the area, and Cyrus made a run for it. However, Marina's fever came back and she collapsed in Cyrus's arms. While trying to head to the warehouse, Cyrus attended to a weak Marina. As they make their way out the door, Cyrus and a feverish Marina kissed. Outside the warehouse, Cyrus cuffed Marina to the steering wheel, before he left to get the money. Meanwhile, two cops moved in on the car that Marina was in and were about to shoot because they thought Cyrus was in the car, too. Seeing what was about to happen, Cyrus gave himself up but quickly escaped. In the warehouse, Cyrus found the money he stashed. Soon after, Cyrus snuck into the hospital to visit Marina and informed her that he was forced to destroy the money since it was marked.

As the days went by, Marina found it harder and harder to get Cyrus out of her head. Later, Marina was saddened to get a message from Cyrus stating that he had fled to Australia. Soon after confessing to Harley that she had fallen in love with Cyrus, Marina was shocked to see the man himself in her apartment. There they shared a passionate kiss before Marina collapsed in the bed. Later, Marina learned that Cyrus had gotten a job as Alexandra Spaulding's chauffeur. Meanwhile, thanks to top notch legal counsel paid for by Alex, the case against Cyrus was dismissed since there was no proof that he stole the money. In the meantime, Frank continued to distress over Marina's feelings for Cyrus despite her assurances that she never all for a guy like that. However, while providing security for a Spaulding benefit, Marina found herself drawn to the flirtatious Cyrus and couldn't help but be impressed when he returned a woman's lost wallet instead of stealing it. Days later, Marina came across Cyrus who was frantically trying to locate the person who stole Alexandra's necklace. Apparently, Alexandra gave it to Cyrus to get cleaned and it was taken. Before rushing off, Cyrus confessed to Marina that he just wanted, for once in his life, to live a normal life. Soon after, Marina found the thief and the necklace and presented it to Alexandra. Weeks later, when Dinah was shot and left in critical condition, a shaken Marina asked Cyrus (who was also at the hospital worried about his old friend) to take her home. Later, after finding Marina alone with Cyrus at the Beacon, Frank threatened to suspend her for cavorting with a known felon but Marina boldly called his bluff.

When Frank demanded that Cyrus leave town, Marina informed a security guard that Frank was harassing them. Weeks later, Cyrus was in danger of being of being deported and it didn't take long for Marina to realize that Frank had been the one who called INS. Upset, Marina warned Frank that if he didn't butt out of her life she'd call Internal Affairs regarding the recent shooting. Soon after, Alexandra came up with a solution to Cyrus's problem—they should get married. While Marina was skeptical of Alexandra's motive, Cyrus accepted the deal. After the wedding, Cyrus arrived and told Marina that Alexandra gave him an ultimatum—he is not to see her. When Marina suggested that he divorce Alex and marry her, Cyrus refused because he thought Marina was too good to be part of a lie. So they resolved that Marina had to be the "other woman". Soon after, Marina received a job offer working security in Washington. Realizing that it was probably Alexandra's doing, marina did not take the job. Later, Cyrus offered to end his marriage to Alex but since that would result in his being deported, Marina asked him not to. Later, when Alex made it clear to Cyrus that she knew he'd been sneaking around with Marina and offered him a job at Spaulding. For everyone's best interests, Cyrus then ended things with Marina.

In the meantime, Marina was convinced that Cyrus had plans to rob Alex and met him at the Beacon where she handcuffed him and dragged him to Harley's to get him to confess his plans. Cyrus finally told Marina that he did plan on robbing Alexandra's bank account. He stated that he wanted to run away with her but Marina reminded him that she was a cop and walked away from him. The next day she was tempted to warn Alexandra until Alex stated that all Cyrus wanted from Marina was sex. At the same time, Alex planned a charity ball for diabetes and arranged for Cyrus to solicit donations. It became apparent that Cyrus was going to steal Alex's money the night of the ball. Though Cyrus begged Marina to run off with him, Marina wasn't sure about leaving her entire family behind forever. Wanting a lasting memory, Cyrus kissed her passionately and the two made love. Finally, came the night of the ball. Though she was willing to let him steal from Alexandra, when Marina discovered that he was siphoning money from the accounts of all the of the guests she found that she had to put a stop to it and confronted Cyrus with a gun. Marina then told Cyrus she would run off with him but only if he returned the money. Cyrus promised he would and Marina made plans to leave town. However, the person she met at the docks to make their getaway wasn't Cyrus; it was his partner in the crime—the man who shot Dinah—Griggs. Griggs suddenly kidnapped Marina and whisked her away to a secret location. That location was the docks. Though Marina was able to get Griggs's cell phone and call the police, he quickly subdued her. Ashlee Wolfe came to the docks to locate Marina but unfortunately was knocked out by Griggs. Marina kept Griggs from murdering Ashlee by pointing out that the girl hadn't seen him and it could easily be made to look like a random mugging. Griggs then spirited Marina to the other side of the harbor.

At one point, Marina thought she heard her father and tried to yell for help but again was subdued. Finally, days later, Harley arrived to exchange payment for Marina. Marina was released but not before Cyrus (who followed Harley to provide protection) was apprehended and led away by a cop who was on Griggs's payroll. Though she was now safe, Cyrus was now in Griggs's custody. After being checked on at Cedars and reuniting with her father, Marina insisted on finding Cyrus. While Harley was off finding Cyrus, Marina visited Alexandra and informed her of her suspicion that she was the one behind her kidnapping. Alex didn't deny it and snidely called Marina naïve for not realizing that Cyrus never had any intention of returning the stolen money. Later, after being released from Cedars, Marina was called before Internal Affairs since there was a question about how she conducted herself. The DA accused Marina of being in on Cyrus's scam, or at the very least keeping quiet about it and she was stripped of her badge. Meanwhile, Marina was convinced that Alex knew where the pair was however when questioned Alexandra informed Marina that Cyrus had fled town. However, Marina was convinced Alex was lying and tricked her into confessing by claiming to have found Cyrus and Harley. Luckily, the pair was discovered alive. As for Alex, she was saved from kidnapping charges from Marina by keeping quiet about Cyrus stealing the money.

Afterwards, Cyrus returned with Marina to the Beacon. Unfortunately, the couple's happiness didn't last long when Harley barged in to warn them that Frank called immigration.. Marina, Cyrus and Harley spun a story to ward off the immigration agent who reminded Cyrus that he was only allowed to stay in the country because of Alex and he just robbed her so she might not want him around much longer. However, Cyrus mentioned that Alex was very forgiving. After saving Cyrus, Alex called Cyrus and demanded that he come home tonight or else. At the mansion, Cyrus informed Alex that he could never forgive her for what she did to Marina. Meanwhile, Marina arrived and she and Cyrus made it perfectly clear that they had the upper hand as they headed to Cyrus's room in the Spaulding house, leaving Alex behind. Marina went to confront her father who readily admitted that he placed the call to immigration. Frank threatened to get Cyrus deported and Marina countered by threatening to marry him. The next day, Marina and Cyrus began to make plans for their future. Buzz overheard their conservation about needing money and offered them both jobs.

Suddenly out of nowhere, the INS agent returned to take Cyrus into custody. Apparently, Frank had informed the agent that Cyrus was involved in Marina's kidnapping and he was being deported. Marina insisted that was not true but the officer refused to listen and took Cyrus to the airport. Extremely distraught, Marina frantically called Harley for help. At the airport, Marina refused to say goodbye to Cyrus, who had accepted his fate, but he insisted that she forget about him and live her life. As Cyrus was being led away, Marina clung to him to stop. At that point, Frank arrived and pulled her off and she shoved him across the room. During this pandemonium, Harley arrived and Marina told her what Frank did. Horrified, Harley told the INS agent that Cyrus was not involved in the kidnapping and he was let go.

Later, Harley told Marina her intention to reopen her detective agency and asked Marina and Cyrus to join her. In the meantime, though they both missed each other, the rift between Frank and Marina was still there. Weeks later, Harley, Cyrus and Marina started up the detective agency out of Harley's house. After Harley left to resign from the force and Cyrus left to score a case, Marina got a visit from Frank who apologized for his behavior and gave Marina an envelope. Thinking it was cash, Marina blasted her father for turning into Alan. After a hurt Frank left, Marina opened the envelope and found that it was not money—it was a case.

Later, Cyrus arrived and stated that he got a case as well: Alan wanted them to find Phillip. Though the team debated on whether to take the case, Harley finally decided to take it, thinking it would be best to know exactly where he was. Throughout all of this, Marina started to notice a bond between Cyrus and Harley. The fact that the pair sometimes seemed uncomfortable around each other raised a flag also. Later, Marina had an unpleasant conversation with a surly Remy who told her she better watch her back or Harley would steal away her boyfriend. Though Marina verbally shrugged it off, it was clear she was concerned and sent Harley a message from Cyrus asking if Marina suspected. When Harley replied that there was nothing to suspect, Marina was relieved. Days later, Marina was surprised to learn that Cyrus dropped the Philip case for Harley's sake. Weeks later, Marina was surprised to learn that thanks to Cyrus and Harley, she'd gotten her badge back. Meanwhile, Harley called Marina for help after having a panic attack. Harley confessed that she'd been suffering from the attacks ever since the building collapse and Cyrus had been helping her through them. When Harley confessed how weak and helpless she felt. Marina comforted Harley and assured her that she was not alone—she had her family. At that point, Harley asked her if she sent the text pretending to be Cyrus and Marina admitted it. Harley promised Marina that she'd never hurt her by going after Cyrus.

In the meantime, Marina's first job back on the force was to investigate a fire that left Bill Lewis temporarily blinded. To keep Harley on edge, Marina hinted that Phillip may have been responsible. To Marina's chagrin, Cyrus came up with a plan to lure Phillip out of hiding. While Marina objected vehemently, Harley thought it was a brilliant idea. Regretting what she'd done, Marina admitted the truth to Remy and asked him to send Harley on a wild goose chase for Phillip in New York City. At the same time, Marina lied to Cyrus that immigration was asking about him and suggested that they marry right away. Unfortunately, Cyrus accidentally learned that Harley was in New York and raced to find her. He soon returned however and made it clear to Marina that he wanted to marry her.

To make sure he'd go through with it, Marina arranged for Remy to send a few more letters allegedly from immigration. Unfortunately, Harley figured out that Marina was behind the immigration lie and blasted Marina for lying. Harley demanded that Marina tell Cyrus the truth and Marina confessed to Cyrus that she may have been mistaken about how actively immigration was going after him. Soon after, Marina suggested to Cyrus that it might be best if they broke up. That same day, she spent the day with Mallet and impulsively kissed him. When Mallet correctly told Marina that she was simply on the rebound, she went to Cyrus and told him she wanted to marry him after all. They then decided to move to France as they originally planned. The night they were set to leave, Marina spoke with Mallet and took a police call regarding a drug deal. Unfortunately, Marina got knocked out by the perpetrator and ended up with an injured knee. Holed up in bed, Marina was convinced that something was going on between Cyrus and Harley, especially when she caught Cyrus in a lie regarding his whereabouts. She was also surprised when, after he tried to cancel the lease for Marina, Mallet told her that Cyrus backed out before she was even injured. Marina's worst fears were confirmed when she picked up the phone when Cyrus was on the other line and overheard Harley mention that they were sleeping together. Though upset, Marina kept quiet about the fact that she knew of their affair.

Several days later, Cyrus finally revealed all to Marina—telling her that he was in love with Harley. Marina angrily lashed out just as Frank approached with Harley. While Harley tried to tell Marina that she never meant to hurt her, Marina refused to be pacified and called Harley a whore before warning her that Cyrus would hurt her as well. Later, Marina got her revenge by arranging for an old mark of Cyrus's, Phoebe, to blackmail him for $ 100,000 in exchange for not revealing that he'd scammed her. Though Marina expected Cyrus not to have the money, she never expected Harley to mortgage her house to pay off Phoebe.

Soon after, Marina learned that Cyrus had been stalking Vanessa Chamberlain in the hopes that Vanessa would hire Harley—thus drumming up business for her. However, instead of turning him in, Marina let Cyrus go and asked for nothing in return except dinner. Soon after, Marina told Harley what Cyrus had done but Harley had no reaction. Later, Cyrus warned Marina not to come between him and Harley. In the meantime, Marina supported Frank when he was suspended on charges of impropriety. In Frank's absence, Mallet was promoted in his place. Meanwhile, Mallet and Marina's friendship went to a new level when, after a workout, he playfully suggested that they share a shower. However, Marina knew that they both weren't over their respective partners. At this pint, Harley went back to the police force with one goal---the close Gus's cases. To Marina's chagrin, Mallet partnered Harley with her. When Harley froze after being out in the field with Marina, Marina informed Mallet who relegated Harley to desk duty. Days later, Marina spotted Frank talking to Sheila, the woman who lodged the complaint against Frank and threatened to take Sheila to the police station for questioning since she and Frank both thought this was a set up. Frank told Marina to calm down and told Sheila she was free to go. Moved by Frank's heart, Sheila decided to help him but later changed her story and lied that Frank and Marina intimidated her into confessing. In the meantime, Mallet and Marina's flirtation finally led to a passionate kiss and the pair seemed about to make love before they were interrupted by Natalia. Weeks later, Marina and Mallet finally decided to start dating officially and went to Frank and Buzz with their intention. Though shocked, both men gave their blessing.

In the following weeks, their relationship flourished effortlessly though Marina did worry that she'd ultimately lose Mallet to Dinah. Though bothered when Mallet posted Dinah's bail when she was arrested for embezzlement, Marina put it behind her and she and Mallet made love for the first time. In the meantime, Buzz shocked Marina and Mallet by telling them that Harley wasn't returning to Springfield and was putting her house on the market. While preparing the house to be sold, Marina couldn't help but feel nostalgic. It seemed that Mallet felt that way too since he dissuaded the first couple to look at the house from buying it. Meanwhile, weeks later, Marina learned that Daisy was part of the youth task force that Marina was assigned to head. Though Marina initially refused to let Daisy join, both Mallet and Buzz talked her into it. Unfortunately, during Daisy's first sting, she was taken hostage. Luckily, Marina and Mallet learned that Daisy went off on her own and were able to save her. During the rescue attempt, Mallet blurted out to Marina that he loved her. Afterwards, Marina decided to train Daisy professionally. In the meantime, Clayton Boudreau decided to buy Harley's house for his children. Though Marina claimed to be happy, it was clear that she was going to miss the house. Later, Mallet surprised Marina by suggesting that they buy the house. Unfortunately, they couldn't afford it. After Marina confided in her father, Frank solved their problem by giving Marina money that he'd saved for her wedding.

In the midst of all of this, Mallet had continued to help Dinah whenever she had a problem, a situation that irked at Marina. Finally, Marina set ground rules regarding Mallet's relationship with Dinah. Though she soon relented, at this point, Mallet decided that she had a point and agreed that he couldn't be Dinah's "go to" guy anymore. Weeks later, Mallet impulsively suggested that they get married. On a whim, they went to a casino resort but ultimately Marina decided that she wanted a real wedding. Weeks later, Marina told Mallet that she wanted to marry him in a private ceremony since she felt her family might try to control things. At the same time, Mallet arranged for Eleni to come for a visit. Uncertain about their relationship, Eleni talked to Marina to make sure that Mallet was the right man for her. Meanwhile, Mallet talked to Marina again about the fact that he could not have children. Marina insisted that it didn't matter to her and told him that she still wanted to marry him. Soon after, Marina got a call that someone had broken into Company and she and Mallet rushed to the scene. However, instead of a break-in, they discovered that Frank and Eleni had thrown the pair a surprise wedding. At that moment, Marina realized that she did want her family with her after all. Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony was interrupted by Shayne's surprise arrival. In a wheelchair and bitter about love, Shayne created a scene. Afterwards, Shayne told Marina that she and Mallet would not be happy since love always ended badly. Though disturbed by Shayne's bitter outlook, Marina married Mallet at City Hall with her family present.

In 2009, Mallet decided to give Marina what she always wanted—a family. Unfortunately, Mallet was told by a doctor that his injury was could be corrected. Since Mallet was unable to sire children, he and Marina decided to adopt. Realizing his past might be problematic if discovered , Mallet confessed to Marina that he worked for Griggs years earlier and had killed a man. Touched that he trusted her enough to reveal this, Marina forgave Mallet his past. Unfortunately, they hit a snag when the adoption agency deemed Marina unsuitable thanks to her prior affiliation with Danny Santos. At the same time, Company was in dire straits and Buzz was forced to sell the restaurant to Alan until the financial issues were solved. Meanwhile, the Cooper family was rocked by Coop's death in a car accident. By this point, Buzz and Frank were forced to move out of the boarding house and moved in with Marina and Mallet. Weeks later, Mallet went on an unexpected trip and returned with a baby. Mallet informed Marina that he went through an adoption agency in Bosnia. Though he admitted that the adoption was illegal, Mallet assured Marina that the baby was theirs. Marina immediately fell in love with the baby whom she named after her uncle--Henry Cooper.

Meanwhile, Phillip, who had recently returned to town, offered to return the deed to Company to the Cooper's. However, Buzz was too bitter about Coop's death to want anything from the Spauldings and refused. Realizing that Company was a part of their family, Marina quit the force and took ownership of the restaurant for herself. Weeks later, Child Protective Services called Marina in regards to Henry's adoption since it was accomplished by Dinah impersonating Marina in Bosnia. To ensure that Henry stayed with her, Marina lifted a pack of marijuana from the police station and threatened to place it in the social worker's possession if the woman did not testify that Henry belonged with Marina. Since it would be her word against Marina's, the woman testified on Marina's behalf. In the meantime, the Camalettis learned that Henry was anemic and needed a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, he had a blood type that they didn't have at Cedars. Luckily, Shayne was at the hospital and volunteered to donate blood. Fortunately, he was a match for Henry. Later, Shayne told Marina that his having the same blood type as Henry was no coincidence: he was Henry's father. Apparently, Henry was conceived by Shayne and his girlfriend Lara when they were both in Bosnia. Lara never told Shayne about the pregnancy. Though Lara died, her baby survived. Shayne made it clear that he did not intend to take Henry away. Deeply rattled, Marina asked Shayne to keep the revelation a secret from everyone—including Mallet.

Afterwards, evidence suddenly appeared which indicated that Jeffrey was responsible for Edmund's death and Jeffrey looked even guiltier when he left the country. At the same time, speculation spread that the man who was killed might not have been Edmund after all. Later, it was discovered that Jeffrey, along with Dinah, were spotted in Bosnia. Though Shayne wanted to go in search of Dinah, Marina begged him to stay and protect Henry from Edmund. Meanwhile, thanks to Frank innocently commenting on the coincidence of Jeffrey being in the same country where Henry was adopted, Mallet had a revelation and asked Marina if Shayne was Henry's father. Marina confirmed the truth but assured Mallet that Shayne did not want to be a part of Henry's life—that Mallet was Henry's father in every way. Afterwards, it was proven that Edmund, Lara's father, knew about Henry when he sent Marina some papers for Henry—including the fact that he'd included Henry in his will. Though Mallet wanted to look through the papers for evidence, Marina quickly burned them. Later, Springfield got word that Jeffrey's plane had gone down. Almost immediately after, Dinah returned alone and confirmed Jeffrey's suspicion—Edmund was alive. Obviously, the murdered man was an imposter, possibly sent to Springfield by Edmund.

Although everyone else was rocked by Jeffrey's death, all Marina cared about was keeping her son safe. At about the same time, Mallet noticed a crack in the handle of Henry's baby stroller, however, when he asked Marina about it, she had no explanation. After days of tension between the two, Mallet finally told Marina that he knew she had killed the man believed to be Edmund. Marina instantly denied it and again claimed that she had no idea who the stroller got damaged. Ultimately, Marina was able to account for the entire day of the murder except for a 45 minute gap. Unfortunately, Mallet couldn't shake his doubts. Soon after, Dinah confessed to the crime and then fled the country.

Afterwards, Mallet and Marina decided to fix their marriage. Unfortunately, Dinah's departure led Shayne to act out just like he did when he returned to Springfield. Realizing that Shayne needed a friend, Mallet called upon Marina for help. Marina convinced Shayne that Dinah should be applauded for what she'd done since she did it in defense of Henry. Not only that, Dinah was the one who united Shayne with his son to begin with. It didn't take long for Mallet to realize that Shayne was bonding with Henry. Suddenly, Mallet felt like the odd man out since Henry already had a mother and a father. With a heavy heart, Mallet went to Marina and admitted that the only way their marriage would work would be if Marina relinquished Henry to Shayne. As expected, Marina couldn't do that and Mallet bid her goodbye and accepted a job with the Agency in Germany.

Afterwards, Shayne informed Marina that he did, indeed, want to be a part of his son's life and Marina happily agreed to a joint custody agreement. Later, after celebrating Buzz's marriage to Lillian, Marina got Shayne a job as an assistant baseball coach for the local high school. By the following year, all indications were that Shayne and Marina's relationship went beyond friendship.

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