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Cyrus Foley
Who's Who in Springfield: Cyrus Foley | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Murray Bartlett (March 9, 2007 to Present)


Birthday: August 13


Criminal consultant for the Springfield PD

Busboy at Company

Former Employee of Lizzie Spaulding

Former Head of security at the Beacon Hotel

Worked for Harley Cooper's detective agency

Former chauffeur for Alexandra Spaulding

Former international jewel thief and con artist


His home

Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Alexandra Spaulding)

Past Marriages

Alexandra Spaulding (m. 26 Jul 07; div. 7 Dec 07)


Jenna Bradshaw (Mother; deceased)

Unknown man (Father)

Henry Coooper Bradshaw (Half-brother; deceased)

Ian Stavros Cooper (Half-brother)

Grady Foley (Foster Brother)



Flings & Affairs

Marina Cooper (engaged)

Harley Cooper (affair)

Cassie Layne Lewis (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Spent two years in prison in Spain for theft [mid 2000's]

Jewel thief and con artist in Europe [Prior to 2007]

Suspect in over a hundred robberies in Europe [Prior to 2007]

Blackmailed Dinah Marler into helping him steal money from her mother [April 2007]

Stole money from Vanessa and Matt Reardon's bank account (charges dropped due to lack of evidence) [April 2007]

Held Marina Cooper hostage [late April to early May 2007]

Destroyed the Reardons' money when he discovered it was marked [May 8, 2007]

Swiped Ava Peralta's PDA [June 5, 2007]

Bound and gagged a criminal named Griggs so that A.C. Mallet could confront [June 25, 2007]

Entered into a marriage of convenience with Alexandra Spaulding in order to stay in the country [July 26, 2007 to Present]

Colluded with Marshall Griggs to empty the bank accounts of Alexandra and numerous guests on the guise of taking donations for charity [September 2007]

Kept quiet about the fact that an underage Daisy Lemay was selling fake ID's and later went into business with her [April 2008]

Stalked Vanessa Reardon in order to drum up business for Harley's detective agency [early April 2008]

Multiple attempted breaking and enterings--to test how fast he could get in [April 2008]

Breaking and entering; Stole a painting [June 2008]

With Cassie Winslow, stole a stereo from her neighbor [September 2008]

Falsified a polygraph test [early October 2008]

Kept quiet about the fact that Grady Foley kidnapped Lizzie Spaulding [October 2008 to Present)

Broke into the Spaulding mansion, stole jewels and put them in a gift he bought for RJ Winslow [October 31, 2008]

Planned a con on Lizzie Spaulding (never carried out) [early 2009]

Kidnapped Bill Lewis [February 27, 2009]

Pocketed evidence (diamonds) from a police investigation (charges dropped) [early July 2009]

For research, helped Buzz Cooper break into the manager's office at Towers [August 7, 2009]

Hacked into a computer in order to get Blake Marler's book published in time to keep Company from being forclosed [September 2009]

Brief Character History

Cyrus Foley arrived in Springfield in 2007. Having had to resort to theft to help feed himself and his brother after the death of their mother when they were children, he was now a master of the con. Upon arriving, he immediately robbed a jewelry store. However, when a beautiful woman started chasing down the wrong suspect, Cyrus acted like the Good Samaritan and took down the suspect with a punch. After flirting with the beautiful police detective, Marina Cooper, Cyrus went on his way. He went to the home of his old partner in crime. Dinah Marler. In Europe, Cyrus and Dinah, under the alias "Didi Moore" participated in many cons until a bad con in Spain landed him in jail. Cyrus accused Dinah of leaving him in jail and warned her that she owed him. Though Dinah informed him that "Didi Moore" was never coming back, Dinah pleaded with Cyrus to leave town since she was starting a new life with her fiancé, Mallet. Meanwhile, despite Cyrus's claims that he as a changed man, Marina was certain that Cyrus was in town for a nefarious reason and kept a close eye on him—even placing a tracking device on him. Meanwhile, Cyrus was showing no signs of leaving Springfield and finally told Dinah why he came to town---he wanted her mother's money. Cyrus warned Dinah if she didn't get it to him, he would reveal a damaging secret he knew about Mallet who had just been appointed to the state's crime commission. The same day that Dinah married Mallet,

Dinah tried to appease Cyrus by suggesting three targets he could go after, but Cyrus was adamant that the money come from Vanessa. To save Mallet, Dinah was forced to embezzle some money from Vanessa's account by pretending to be her. Over the next few weeks, Cyrus pressured Dinah to keep the police (mainly Marina) off his back and to get him the rest of the money. In the meantime, Cyrus was becoming more and more intrigued with Marina, and she him. Finally, she was caught off-guard when Cyrus suddenly kissed her. Later, Marina caught Cyrus red-handed with Vanessa's money at an abandoned warehouse. At the same time, her father, Chief of Police Frank Cooper and other officers arrived at the scene. Their arrival distracted Marina and Cyrus was able to push her out of the way. Suddenly, her gun went off and the other officers opened fire. Cyrus ran to escape but reached a dead end. Turning back, he realized that Marina had been shot. To keep Marina conscious, Cyrus told her about his troubled childhood. When it seemed apparent that an ambulance was coming, Marina cuffed herself to the bag of money and tossed the key down the drain while Cyrus left to elude capture. At the scene, Frank checked the bag and realized they'd been had—the bag was empty. Later, Cyrus forced Marina to show him where she had the money. While trying to head to the warehouse, Cyrus attended to a weak Marina. As they make their way out the door, Cyrus and a feverish Marina kissed. Outside the warehouse, Cyrus cuffed Marina to the steering wheel, before he left to get the money. Meanwhile, two cops moved in on the car that Marina was in and were about to shoot because they thought Cyrus was in the car, too. Seeing what was about to happen, Cyrus gave himself up but quickly escaped. In the warehouse, Cyrus found the money he stashed but destroyed it when he discovered it had been marked.

Meanwhile, Cyrus made plans to flee the States, however, he could not get the red-haired detective out of his head and, instead of leaving, he visited her at her apartment when she was released from the hospital. There, they shared a passionate kiss. Later, Cyrus quite unexpectedly landed a job as the wealthy Alexandra Spaulding's chauffeur. Having taken a liking to Cyrus, Alexandra arranged him top notch counsel and the charges against him were dropped for lack of evidence. She continued to keep the dashing Cyrus in her employ and arranged for him to have lodgings in the Spaulding gate house. In the meantime, Cyrus informed Dinah that they were even—Mallet's secret was safe with him. Meanwhile, impressed by his panache, Alexandra introduced her to several of her business associates and social contacts. Weeks later, Dinah blamed Cyrus when a criminal (and old associate of Mallet's; that was the dark secret) named Griggs arrived in town and began strong-arming Mallet. Cyrus assured Dinah that he had nothing to do with Griggs's arrival. When Griggs began threatening Mallet and Dinah, Cyrus bound and gagged him so Mallet could confront him. Afterwards, Cyrus cut Griggs loose and gave him a one-way ticket to Amsterdam but informed Marina that he arranged for the authorities to be waiting for him. Unfortunately, the situation ended horribly with Griggs shooting Dinah. With Dinah in critical condition, a shaken Marina asked Cyrus to take her home. Later, after finding Marina alone with Cyrus at the Beacon, Frank threatened to suspend her for cavorting with a known felon but Marina boldly called his bluff. Weeks later, Cyrus was in danger of being of being deported when Alexandra came up with a solution to his problem—they should get married. She made it clear that all she expected was companionship. While Marina was skeptical of Alexandra's motive, Cyrus accepted the deal.

Alexandra had her lawyer draw up an agreement giving Cyrus a sizable allowance that would get larger the longer they stayed married. She then gave Cyrus one condition—he could see any other woman he wanted, except Marina. Alexandra recognized that Cyrus had real feelings for Marina and didn't want that to complicate things. Later, Cyrus told Marina about the ultimatum. When Marina suggested that he divorce Alex and marry her, Cyrus refused because he thought Marina was too good to be part of a lie, so they resolved that Marina had to be the "other woman." Later, Alex made it clear to Cyrus that she knew he'd been sneaking around with Marina. For everyone's best interests, Cyrus ended things with Marina. In the meantime, Marina was convinced that Cyrus had plans to rob Alex and met him at the Beacon where she handcuffed him and dragged him to her Aunt Harley's to get him to confess his plans. Cyrus finally told Marina that he did plan on robbing Alexandra's bank account. He stated that he wanted to run away with her but Marina reminded him that she was a cop and walked away from him. At the same time, a financially strapped Dinah discovered his plans and demanded a cut of the money for her silence. In the meantime, Alex planned a charity ball for diabetes and arranged for Cyrus to solicit donations. It became apparent that Cyrus (with help from Griggs) was going to steal Alex's money the night of the ball. Though Cyrus begged Marina to run off with him, Marina wasn't sure about leaving her entire family behind forever. Wanting a lasting memory, Cyrus kissed her passionately and the two made love.

Finally, came the night of the ball. Though she was willing to let him steal from Alexandra, when Marina discovered that he was siphoning money from the accounts of all the of the guests she found that she had to put a stop to it and confronted Cyrus with a gun. Marina told Cyrus she would run off with him but only if he returned the money. Though Cyrus promised he would, he had every intention of keeping the money for himself. As Cyrus was set to make his runaway with Marina, he was shocked to discover that the getaway boat was gone. So was Marina—who had been kidnapped by Griggs. As a frantic Cyrus searched for Marina, he was apprehended by Harley. Though Frank wanted to send him to jail, Harley convinced her brother that he could help them locate Marina. Thanks to Cyrus's old contacts, the pair discovered that Griggs was spotted in New York City and raced to locate him. However, thanks to an unexpected call from Griggs, Harley realized that he and Marina were still in Springfield. Soon after, Harley told Cyrus her theory that Alex had paid Griggs to kidnap Marina based on the fact that she heard Alex talking to Griggs on the hospital pay phone. To expose Alex, Cyrus fed her some drinks. When she sloppily exposed Marina's bracelet, he knew she was involved and demanded to know Marina's whereabouts. The problem was Alex did not really know where Griggs had Marina. Harley forced Alex to call Griggs and tell him she wouldn't supply him with money until they had proof that Marina was alive. Harley arranged to meet Griggs and pay him to release Marina. Cyrus followed and though Marina was rescued, Cyrus was captured. Soon, Harley realized where Griggs had taken Cyrus and arrived to rescue him. Unfortunately before they were able to escape, Griggs returned and held them both at gunpoint. The pair tried to escape but where caught again by Griggs.

However, Harley was able to snake Griggs's inhaler and when he had an asthma attack, he crashed through a hole in the floor. In the meantime, Cyrus and Harley were trapped in the building which they were horrified to learn from a flier was being demolished that very day! Though they struggled with a way out, it soon became apparent that it was hopeless and they braced themselves for death. With a terrified Harley freaking out, Cyrus tried to distract her while they waited for the end. Soon the building came down around them and miraculously they survived buried under the rubble. Cyrus's calls for help became weaker and Harley realized that he was badly hurt. As the roof caved in on top of them, Harley and Cyrus tried to keep their conversation alive, so neither would asleep. Desperate to keep Harley alive and hopeful, Cyrus kissed her gently. In the meantime, Marina was determined to find the missing pair and was convinced that Alex knew where they were. Her determination paid off and she tricked Alex into revealing their whereabouts. Thankfully, the pair was rescued. In the end, Alexandra avoided prosecution for the kidnapping in exchange for keeping quiet about Cyrus's theft.

Feeling completely lost, Harley stayed at Cyrus's bedside at the hospital. The next day, Harley confided in Cyrus about how lost she felt especially since her husband, Gus, asked for an annulment. Meanwhile, upon being released, Cyrus learned that Marina was thrown off the force because of her involvement with him and went to the station to see Frank. Cyrus confessed to Frank how much he loved marina and felt badly that he cost her so much. Cyrus offered to leave town forever if the charges against him were dropped. After punching Cyrus, Frank agreed. Unfortunately for Frank, it wasn't very hard for Marina to dissuade Cyrus and she visited her father to announce that she was staying with Cyrus whether he liked it or not. In the meantime, it was obvious their shared experience created a strong bond between Cyrus and Harley and he checked in on Harley often to see if she was okay. Soon after, Harley barged in to warn them that Frank called immigration. After vouching for Cyrus to immigration, Alex called Cyrus and demanded that he come home tonight or else. At the mansion, Cyrus informed Alex that he could never forgive her for what she did to Marina. Meanwhile, Marina arrived and she and Cyrus made it perfectly clear that they had the upper hand as they headed to Cyrus's room in the Spaulding house, leaving Alex behind. The next day, Marina and Cyrus began to make plans for their future. Buzz overheard their conservation about needing money and offered them both jobs.

Suddenly out of nowhere, the INS agent returned to take Cyrus into custody. During this pandemonium, Harley arrived and Marina told her what Frank did. Horrified, Harley told the INS agent that Cyrus was not involved in the kidnapping and he was let go. In the meantime, Harley told Marina her intention to restart her detective agency and asked her to come on board as well as Cyrus. Finally after a disastrous Thanksgiving dinner, Cyrus and Harley shared a drink at Towers, toasting to the first moment of the day that felt just right. As they were enjoying themselves, Alex's great-niece Lizzie walked in and floored Harley by mentioning that Gus was engaged. Cyrus quickly hustled Lizzie out and as he tried to console Harley, she surprised him with a kiss. Later, Harley's detective agency opened for business but Harley wasn't quite so sure about working with Marina and Cyrus now. After Harley left to talk to Frank, Cyrus left to see Alan. Cyrus offered to divorce Alexandra quietly if Alan paid him off. Alan refused but offered Cyrus something else: a case. He wanted them to locate his missing son, Harley's ex-husband, Phillip. Cyrus brought the idea to Harley and Marina who were both visibly distressed. Though the team debated on whether to take the case, Harley finally decided to take it, thinking it would be best to know exactly where he was. Marina left, Cyrus asked Harley about Phillip.

After talking with Beth Raines, Cyrus and Harley tracked down the delivery man who delivered a present to Beth from Phillip. While chasing him down the stairwell of the Beacon, Harley suddenly began having a panic attack and held on to the banister for dear life. When Cyrus saw what was happening, he was able to talk Harley down. Later, Cyrus tried to get Harley to open up about what she was feeling but she kept insisting that nothing was wrong. Though she insisted that she simply became dizzy, Cyrus saw through her lies. When he admitted that he had dreams, Harley finally broke down about her panic attack. Cyrus took Harley in his arms and convinced her that she would be okay. Weeks later, Harley had another panic attack when she was putting the star on the Christmas tree but luckily Cyrus rescued her again. After the boys were sent to bed, Harley lamented to Cyrus about how lost she felt and how she just wanted to feel safe. Cyrus offered to stay the night. That night, when Harley had a nightmare about being buried in the rubble, Cyrus comforted her. The next morning, Harley finally admitted to Cyrus that she had feelings for him and he confessed that it was mutual. Days later, Harley found Zach with a pair of new sneakers and he confessed that they were from his father. As Harley started freaking out about Phillip, Cyrus comforted her and the pair almost kissed. A noise outside prompted them to stop and the pair decided to admit their feelings for each other and move on for Marina's sake. The next day, Harley got a text message apparently from Cyrus asking if Marina suspected anything. Harley replied what is there to suspect. Days later, Harley and Marina learned that Cyrus dropped the Phillip case for Harley's sake. In the meantime, Harley was still not emotionally over her ordeal in the church. Around Christmas, Harley and Cyrus shared drinks together and almost kissed again. Later, Harley and Cyrus were both served with finalized divorce papers. Cyrus was elated and began calling Marina until he saw how sad Harley was. The two got drunk and a drunk Cyrus tucked Harley into bed before passing out himself. The next morning, the pair woke up naked but with no memory of how they ended up that way.

Cyrus's feelings for Harley weren't lost on Dinah and, in 2008, she suggested that maybe Harley was the Cooper he should be with. Dinah argued that Cyrus always loved a challenge and Harley was more of one than Marina. Meanwhile, Bill Lewis was caught in a suspicious fire and Marina suggested that perhaps Phillip was involved. Cyrus came up with a plan to lure Phillip out of hiding. While Marina objected vehemently, Harley thought it was a brilliant idea. Later, Harley confessed to Cyrus how lost and scared she felt and while comforting her he kissed her. Though he couldn't deny his feelings for Harley, Cyrus still played the devoted lover to Marina. Meanwhile, Remy informed Harley that Phillip was in New York City and Harley went off to find him. When Cyrus learned where Harley went, he followed and urged her to stop denying the pull they had toward each other. Cyrus urged Harley to make the leap so they would be together. Harley refused for Marina's sake. When Cyrus returned to town, Marina informed him that immigration was going after him. Showing him a letter from immigration, Marina suggested that they get married right away so he could stay in the country. Meanwhile, Buzz knew that Cyrus was caught between both women and warned him to make a choice either way. Meanwhile, Marina confessed to Cyrus that his immigration problem wasn't at dire as she made out. Soon after, Harley went to Cyrus and admitted that she wanted to be with him. However, this time Cyrus was determined to do the right thing and stand by Marina. As Cyrus tried to fight his feelings for Harley, the pair's closeness was not lost on Marina. Finally, Cyrus and Marina decided to move to France. However, the night they were supposed to leave, Cyrus had a change of heart and confessed to Harley that she was the one he loved. As Harley and Cyrus made love,

Marina was injured while pursuing a drug dealer. When Cyrus learned that Marina had been injured, he decided that it might be best to wait before telling her about him and Harley. Though they resolved to stay apart until after Marina recovered from her knee injury, neither Cyrus nor Harley could resist the pull they had and made love. Afterwards, they decided to keep their affair a secret. Later, Cyrus finally broke down and told Marina that he loved Harley. Marina angrily lashed out just as Frank approached with Harley. While Harley tried to tell Marina that she never meant to hurt her, Marina refused to be pacified and called Harley a whore before warning her that Cyrus would hurt her as well. That day, Harley invited Cyrus to stay at her place. Harley's relationship with Cyrus didn't sit too well with her daughter, Daisy, either who lashed out at her mother for hurting Marina and letting Cyrus stay at their house. Daisy then announced that she was going to move out. Though Harley wanted her family to accept her and Cyrus, it was becoming clear that that wouldn't happen any time soon.

In the meantime, a woman named Phoebe blackmailed Cyrus with knowledge that he scammed her. To keep Cyrus out of trouble, Harley took out a second mortgage on her house in order to pay her off. Due to lack of funds, Harley's family was now on a very tight budget.At the sme time, Cyrus formed a frienship with Cassie Lewis who ulimately offered him a job as head of security of the Beacon. Soon after, Harley was rocked when her ex-husband, Gus, died from injuries in a motorcycle accident. Gus's death hit Harley very hard and she openly admitted that he was the great love of her life.To help Harley financially, Cyrus stalked Vanessa in the hopes that Vanessa would be forced to hire Harley to discover who the culprit was. Unfortunately, Vanessa caught him red handed in the act of vandalizing her apartment but decided not to press charges out of respect for the Coopers. However, Vanessa did inform Marina who told Cyrus that she'd keep quiet in exchange for dinner. Meanwhile, although she was not Gus's widow, Harley threw all of her energies into planning Gus's funeral and didn't care about the cost, insisting that Gus deserved the best. Harley's mourning for Gus wasn't lost on Cyrus who tried to be supportive. Unfortunately for him, Harley was focused on her grief and memories of Gus, even going as far as to fulfill Gus's dreams despite the financial cost. To help Harley, Cyrus insisted that Daisy cut him in on her fake ID business. As the days went by, Cyrus found himself competing with a dead man and, one day, he and Harley argued over the fact that he would never be Gus. The two got drunk and had a one-night stand in Cassie's car. That same day, Marina told Harley about Cyrus's attempt to drum up business by harassing Vanessa. Instead of being angry or surprised, Harley instantly forgave Cyrus. The next day, Cassie told Cyrus that her husband, Josh, knew what happened, but not that it was with Cyrus. She also assured him that Harley never had to know. Meanwhile, Cyrus called Marina to set up a lunch date and warned her not to come between him and Harley. Several days later, Harley found out about Daisy's fake ID business and Cyrus admitted that he Knew about it and helped her in order to raise some extra cash.

Afterwards, Harley asked Cyrus to move out, not because of what happened with Daisy, but because it felt as if she was cheating on Gus. Though the pair made love the next day, when Cyrus came to pick up his stuff, Harley maintained that he had to stay away so that she could get her life together. Days later, after another round of love-making, Harley told Cyrus that Josh Lewis hired her find out who Cassie slept with. To protect his secret, Cyrus offered to spy on Cassie for her and later gave Josh a false name—Chris Boyle, a man from Chicago who stayed at the Beacon. Unfortunately, Josh confronted Boyle and later would have punched him if Cyrus hadn't have stepped in and got punched instead. Meanwhile, Harley seemed to be gradually allowing Cyrus into her life that was until Daisy's high school graduation. On that day, Jeffrey was shot by Gus's son, Rafe, and he and Harley both fled town. After several days, Cyrus demanded to know where the missing Harley was. Though an emotional Cyrus tried to intimidate Buzz, Buzz gave it right back and told Cyrus that he couldn't tell him where Harley was since his attitude could end up putting Harley in danger. Buzz did admit that Harley was on the run with Rafe but wouldn't tell him where.

As the days went by, Cyrus continued to leave messages for Harley and visited her house. He even stole a painting in order to pay some of Harley's bills. Unfortunately, the money he got for the job was stolen at Harley's. That same day, Cyrus was shocked beyond belief to see his younger brother, Grady, in Harley's house. When a bitter Grady blasted Cyrus for abandoning him when he was young, Cyrus tried to explain that he did it for Grady's own good—so that Grady wouldn't be a thief like he was. Unfortunately, Cyrus realized that that backfired when he learned that Grady spent time in prison. It soon became apparent that Grady was a hardened criminal and Cyrus suspected that he stole his money. That same day, Cyrus saw Grady kissing Daisy who was much younger than he was. Recognizing that his brother had a mean streak, Cyrus warned Daisy away from him to no avail. Soon after, Cassie spotted Grady and told Cyrus that that was the man who ran down her daughter, Tammy. Cyrus quickly told Cassie that she was mistaken and stated that the man was simply Harley's neighbor. Afterwards, Cassie talked to Cyrus the loss of her daughter in a savage hit and run. Apparently Alan Spaulding hired a man, Gillespie, to kill Jonathan Randall and Tammy got caught in the crossfire. Since Cyrus knew that Gillespie was Grady's alias, he knew that he was the man responsible for Tammy's death but kept quiet to protect his brother. Later, Cyrus confronted Grady, who was still wanted for Tammy's murder, about the type of man he had become. During the confrontation, the pair was arrested. Luckily for Cyrus, Buzz posted his bail since he realized that Cyrus was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Soon after, Cassie found out that Grady was Cyrus's brother and, upset that he'd lied to her, she promptly fired Cyrus and told him that she hated him. Later, to get back him, Cassie confessed to her best friend Harley that Cyrus was her one-night stand. Distraught, Harley asked Buzz to bring Zach to her and told her father that they'd be staying at least through summer.

Though Cyrus tried to track down Harley to explain things, he was unable to locate her. Meanwhile, Cyrus was conflicted about his brother. While appalled at what Grady had done, Cyrus still felt an innate need to help his younger brother. At the same time, he felt a need to protect Harley's daughter and warned Daisy to stay away from Grady. Ultimately, Grady was found innocent when Daisy perjured herself on the stand and stated that Tammy's death was an accident. The verdict deeply upset Cassie and Cyrus tried to defend his brother by pointing out that Grady had been placed in foster care after Cyrus left and was physically abused. This didn't garner any pity from Cassie and she made it clear that she would never forgive Grady. Days later, Cyrus saw an irate Cassie blast Daisy for the perjury. When Cassie broke out into tears, Cyrus took pity on her and took her home. Soon, a friendship began and Cassie confided in Cyrus that her marriage was over. As time went on, Cyrus visited the farm frequent to help Cassie by doing odd jobs. Finally, Cyrus admitted to Cassie that the reason he stayed in town was because he was waiting for Harley to return. Days later, Cassie told Cyrus that Buzz informed her that Harley may have found a new love in Greece and she definitely wasn't coming back. Hurt, Cyrus stormed out. However, when he learned that Cassie was the one who told Daisy that Grady was the one who called the cops on his romantic rival Rafe, Cyrus returned to the farmhouse to protect Cassie from Grady's wrath. When Grady finally arrived, Cyrus confronted him and told him that Daisy was better off without him. Feeling rejected by Cyrus, Grady walked off hurt. At that point, Cyrus planned on leaving the country with Grady but was stopped by the revelation that Grady was working for Dinah. Cyrus warned Grady not to trust Dinah, but Grady refused to listen to him. Later, Cyrus tried to warn Dinah that Grady was dangerous, but she ignored him also.

Meanwhile, Cyrus and Cassie's friendship deepened and when she complained about her neighbor's loud stereo, Cyrus promptly stole it. Unfortunately, he was seen fleeing from the scene and arrested. When Cassie learned what he did, she suggested that they donate the stereo to Cedars. Meanwhile, the mysterious witness recanted his testimony about seeing Cyrus and all charges were dropped. Later, the pair was almost caught red-handed with the stereo but Cassie was able to distract her neighbor while Cyrus got rid of the equipment. When it was over, Cyrus got Cassie to admit that getting away with it gave her a rush. Unfortunately, Marina overheard about the stereo donation and correctly guessed that Cyrus stole it. When Marina questioned Cassie, Cassie covered for Cyrus but Marina was still suspicious. Cyrus suggested that he and Cassie take a polygraph test and later taught Cassie how to beat it.

Meanwhile, Cyrus was still concerned about what Dinah hired Grady for and went to her office to see her. When he didn't find Dinah at WSPR, Cyrus did some snooping around and found rope and chair in the basement. At this time, Lizzie Spaulding had been reported missing. Suspecting something, Cyrus took the rope and later broke into the Spaulding mansion to steal a hair from Lizzie's room. His suspicion was confirmed---Lizzie had been held captive at the station. Cyrus rushed to find his brother and came across Lizzie standing over a hole by the road. Grady was trapped in the hole and Lizzie refused to help him unless he removed his ski mask. Before Lizzie had a chance to see her kidnapper's face, Cyrus grabbed her from behind and tied her up again. After placing her in the getaway van, Cyrus got Grady out of the hole and blasted him for the idiotic scheme that he thought Dinah concocted. Grady told Cyrus that it was his idea and was hurt that Cyrus didn't think he could get away with it. Days later, Lizzie was rescued and Grady admitted to Cyrus that he couldn't be sure if Bill Lewis saw him or not. At this point, Cassie and Cyrus's relationship was moving beyond friendship. However, Cyrus was convinced that he'd ultimately hurt her and he stole jewels from the Spaulding mansion, left his safe cracking kit behind, and hid the jewels in a gift he bought for Cassie's son, RJ. As expected, Marina recognized the kit and Mallet discovered the jewels at the farm. Appalled, Cassie railed at Cyrus and ordered him out of her life. As for the charges against him, they were dropped when Cyrus offered to turn evidence against some other thieves. Soon after, Cassie told Cyrus that she knew he purposely pushed her away and told him that she was leaving town since she couldn't get past her daughter's death.

Later, Grady told Cyrus about his plan to get away with the kidnapping—Grady confessed to Alan and he and Alan were going to frame Bill for the crime. Since Bill was left in a coma due to an accident while rescuing Lizzie, Grady was certain that the plan would work. Though Cyrus initially helped by temporarily stealing a surveillance tape from the police so that Grady and Alan could see it, he wasn't sold on the idea of framing Bill for the crime. As the evidence against Bill mounted, Lizzie was convinced of his innocence. Believing that someone was framing Bill, Lizzie hired Cyrus to find out who it was. Weeks later, Cyrus blackmailed Alan with the knowledge that he was helping to frame Bill. Meanwhile, Cyrus wasn't the only one feeling guilty about their role in the kidnapping. Dinah was as well and she asked Cyrus to help her make things right. Cyrus promised her that he'd see to it that neither Grady nor Bill went to prison. Weeks later, Dinah and Shayne Lewis took care of the problem themselves by torching the warehouse that housed all physical evidence against Bill.

In 2009, Lizzie began having serious doubts about Bill's innocence when he admitted that he had no memory of the kidnapping. Shutting herself off from Bill, Lizzie put her trust in Cyrus and hired him against Alan's objections. Cyrus made himself indispensible to Lizzie and later revealed to Grady that Lizzie was his mark in a scam. As the weeks went on, Cyrus did everything to assure Lizzie that she could trust him. In the meantime, Bill's memory had returned and he became convinced that Cyrus was the one who kidnapped Lizzie. When Bill told Lizzie his suspicion, Cyrus smugly lifted his shirt—revealing that he had no scar where Lizzie had scratched her kidnapper. In the meantime, Grady suspected that Bill was on to him and issued Bill an anonymous threat. When Cyrus learned what Grady did, he confronted him. Unfortunately, their argument about the kidnapping was overheard by Bill. After an altercation, Bill slipped out and went to Lizzie's. Luckily, Cyrus and Grady got to him first and kidnapped him. After tying Bill up, Cyrus told Grady that he planned on sending Bill away on the Spaulding jet. Afterwards, Grady would need to immediately leave town. At the same time, Grady, at Daisy's request, was set to testify that Alan hired him to kill Jonathan. As she did before, Lizzie attempted to bribe Grady. This situation seemed perfect and Cyrus informed Grady that he had to accept Lizzie's money and leave town. Finally, the day that Lizzie dropped off the money for Grady, Bill escaped and told Lizzie that Cyrus and Grady jumped him. Lizzie immediately turned her back on Cyrus. As for Grady, he was nowhere to be found. Dinah suggested that Grady took off with Lizzie's money, a claim that seemed substantiated when Cyrus got a lead that Grady was on a flight to Sydney. Afterwards, Cyrus set out in search for Grady.

Several weeks later, Cyrus, having failed to find Grady, returned to Springfield. Accompanying him was a woman named Natasha who was looking for a cache of diamonds that had disappeared. According to Natasha, Edmund Winslow had the diamonds. However, Edmund was dead and the diamonds were nowhere to be found. While trying to figure out how to find the stones, Cyrus got a job at Company. In addition to Natasha, the police were looking for the diamonds and Frank asked Cyrus to work on the case with the lead detective, Remy Boudreau. Not long after, Cyrus overheard Remy's girlfriend, Christina, say that Remy had proposed to her using a loose diamond. Cyrus was further intrigued to learn that Remy was the one who found Edmund's body. After learning that Remy helped his father out financially, Cyrus implied to Remy that he suspected he had the diamonds. A surveillance tape confirmed Cyrus's suspicion. Days later, Cyrus confronted Remy who admitted that he flushed the diamonds down the toilet. The problem was that Natasha was willing to kill for them. Luckily, the pair was able to find them in the sewer. Unfortunately, by this point, Remy had a change of heart and decided to turn the diamonds in to the police. The pair set up a sting and succeeded in turning Natasha and the diamonds in to the police. When Frank asked how they located the diamonds, Cyrus covered for Remy.

Meanwhile, the Coopers were having financial difficulties. Overhearing that Buzz needed a new stove, Cyrus used the few diamonds that he'd pocketed and anonymously bought Buzz a stove. Later, Cyrus attended Lizzie and Bill's wedding. There he asked Remy's sister, Mel, to dance. Mel wound up drinking too much and Cyrus took her home and put her to bed. In the meantime, the FBI realized that some diamonds were missing. Though Remy tried to warn him, Cyrus was captured and placed in jail. At about the same time, Buzz realized that Cyrus was the one who bought the stove and gave Daisy a check to go to Berkley. At roughly the same time, Buzz got a strange delivery---a box of notes intended for his now-deceased son, Coop. Cyrus explained that Coop was working on a book about his mother, renowned jewel thief Jenna Bradshaw, and had come to Cyrus for help before he died. Touched, Buzz mortgaged Company to bail Cyrus out of prison. Afterwards, Buzz asked Cyrus to help him go over Jenna's notes since he wanted to learn what Coop was trying to learn about his departed mother. As the weeks went by, Buzz and Cyrus scoured over Coop's research which included Jenna's journal entries and audio recordings. Reliving the experience as Coop would, Buzz asked Cyrus to help him break into a place to get a feel for how it felt. Cyrus complied and, although they were caught, Remy let them go when Cyrus told him what they were doing.

Suddenly, Cyrus was approached by Blake Marler, an author and friend of the Cooper family. Blake asked Cyrus to give her information so that she could finish Coop's book and they could use the money from the sales to save Company which was in dire financial straits. Cyrus agreed and secretly began feeding Blake information from Jenna's notes. In the meantime, Mel was instrumental in getting the charges against him dropped. Later, Cyrus had a dream about Jenna in which she advised him which tape to listen to. The tape led to a trip to New York City where Jenna's adventures began. Thanks to clues in her journal, Cyrus and Buzz located a safely deposit box which held mementos from Jenna when she was a young teenage girl. Later, Cyrus came across a mention of treasure that Jenna had hidden in Australia. Keeping the information hidden from Buzz, Cyrus booked a flight to Australia. Meanwhile, Buzz noticed the page that Cyrus had ripped out of the journal and, thanks to Frank, learned about the "hidden treasure." Cyrus and Buzz arrived at Jenna's old home at the same time and found a box with a letter. Apparently, when Jenna was fifteen, she had gotten pregnant and was sent from England to her family in Australia where she gave the baby up. Also inside the box was a dog tag with Jenna's birthday engraved. Jenna stated that she gave an exact replica to her baby boy and planned to use it to find him one day. Amazingly, Cyrus had the identical dog tag. Cyrus admitted to Buzz that he had spent his life in and out of orphanages. The only clue to his mother's identity was the dog tag which contained her birthday. Cyrus explained that he took pity on a very young Grady when they were at the orphanage and had an identical dog tag made for him so that authorities would assume they were brothers and they would not be separated. Realizing that Cyrus was Jenna's son, hence Coop's half-brother, Buzz warmly welcomed Cyrus as an honorary member of the Cooper family. Weeks later, Cyrus and Blake finished the book just in time to stop the bank from foreclosing on Company.

In addition to bonding with the Coopers, Cyrus had bonded with Mel. It was obvious that both Mel and Cyrus were attracted to one another. Finally, on Cyrus's birthday, Mel thoughtfully gave Cyrus cookies. She was also prepared to make love but quickly had a change of heart. Weeks later, Cyrus brought Mel cookies and she finally gave in and made love to him.

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