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Lucille "Lucy" Cooper
Who's Who in Springfield: Lucille Cooper  | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Sonia Satra (September 14, 1993 to February 7, 1997)


Former waitress in Texas

Former assistant to Jenna Bradshaw at WSPR

Executive assistant at Spaulding Enterprises in France



Marital Status

Single/Divorced (Alan-Michael Spaulding)

Past Marriages

Alan-Michael Spaulding (Divorced) (5 May 96; div. 2005)


Buzz Cooper (Father)

Sylvia (last name unknown) (Mother)

Frank Cooper (half-brother)

Harley Cooper (half-sister)

Henry "Coop" Bradshaw (half-brother; deceased)

Ian Stavros "Rocky" Cooper (adopted half-brother)

Dante "Pops" Cooper (Kouperakis) (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Susan "Daisy" Lemay (niece)

Marina Cooper (niece)

Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding (nephew)

Jude Cooper Bauer (nephew)

Francesca Cooper (niece)

Henry Cooper Lewis (great-nephew)

Stavros Kouperakis (great-uncle; Deceased)

Jenna Bradshaw Cooper (stepmother; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

Brent Lawrence (dated)

David Grant (dated)

Crimes Committed

In Oklahoma City, OK, hitched a ride from a truck driver and stole his wallet [September 21, 1993]

In Oklahoma City, OK stiffed the truck driver for a dinner check [September 21, 1993]

Driving recklessly and nearly running over Alan-Michael Spaulding [September 28, 1993]

Hitchhiking (September 28, 1993]

stole Alan-Michael's wallet to buy clothes [October 7, 1993] Along with Julie Camaletti, arrested and briefly jailed for being a "peeping Tom" at the Spaulding mansion. (bail paid by Alan-Michael Spaulding [January 1, 1994]

Arrested for skinny dipping in the Country Club pool [March 31, 1995] Memorable Quotes

Said on September 24, 1993, to herself about Buzz, when she was coming into Springfield:

"It's my money Daddy....Mine!"

Brief Character History

Lucy Cooper grew up with her father, Buzz, after her mother, Sylvie, left the family when Lucy was just five years old. Growing up, Lucy traveled with Buzz who opened a trust fund for her. Primarily a party girl, with the occasional job, in 1993, an almost 21 year old Lucy was fired as a waitress in a cocktail bar in Texas and decided to withdraw her trust fund. At the bank, she was shocked to discover that the fund was gone! Determined to find out what happened, Lucy tracked Buzz down in Springfield. The first person Lucy met when she arrived in town was wealthy Alan-Michael Spaulding who almost, accidentally, ran her down with his car. Alan-Michael immediately liked Lucy's perkiness and gave her a place to stay when she needed one. The two became friends with Lucy even helping him to search for Bess Lowell, who was being kept hidden by Roger Thorpe. As Alan-Michael dealt with corporate intrigue regarding Spaulding Enterprises, Lucy secretly fell in love with Alan-Michael and though they dated for a time and often kissed, Alan-Michael only wanted to remain friends since he thought she was too young for him. By the time he changed his mind and wanted to sleep with her, a virginal Lucy wanted to wait, although she told him they would marry one day. At the same time, Lucy learned a startling fact: her father had another family! Apparently Buzz deserted his family when his other children, Frank and Harley, were young. Though Buzz initially wanted to hide Lucy's connection to him to spare his other family, the truth quickly came out and Lucy was welcomed into the Cooper clan. Meanwhile, by 1994, after Alan-Michael had rescued her from Roger's henchwoman, George, Lucy's feelings for Alan-Michael had blossomed into love. Though they dated for a time, Alan-Michael was still in love with his ex-wife (and Lucy's sister-in-law), Eleni. On the job front, Lucy got a job at Spaulding Enterprises working for Alan-Michael's Aunt Alex.

In 1995, Lucy became Alan-Michael's secretary and, tired of waiting for Alan-Michael, began flirting with Spaulding's new employee Brent Lawrence. Brent seemed like a great guy and they went on some fun dates. Unfortunately, when a virginal Lucy was reluctant to sleep with Brent, he drugged her drink and raped her. Ashamed, Lucy told no one about the rape and when Alan-Michael finally confessed his love for her, she ran away, making Alan-Michael realize the something was wrong. When Brent went to Lucy's apartment and talked about their night together, Lucy yelled that he'd raped her! At this moment, Alan-Michael arrived and beat Brent up! Alan-Michael comforted Lucy and convinced her to tell all of the Coopers and to press charges against Brent when he threatened to rape her again. When Alan-Michael was forced to step down as president of Spaulding thanks to Brent's manipulations, he and Lucy exposed him by getting Brent to confess to his crime on tape. Brent then left for Seattle when Frank and Buzz threatened to take him to the police (an empty threat since the tape was inadmissible in court). Unfortunately, Brent would later reappear and one day, he threatened Lucy and Alan-Michael with a gun at the docks and tried to take Lucy with him, Alan-Michael struggled with him and shot Brent, but when the police arrived, Brent was nowhere to be found. Later, Brent called Alan-Michael and demanded that he come to see him at the docks. When Alan-Michael arrived, he saw a mortally injured Brent who apologized for what he'd done to Lucy and when his sister, Cassie Lawrence, arrived, Brent apparently died. However, unknown to everyone, he and Cassie faked his death!

More unstable than anyone suspected, Brent soon reappeared as a woman named Marion Crane and began working at Spaulding. Though he tried to get a room at the boardinghouse, his plan was foiled because the room next to Lucy was occupied (first by Marcus Williams and then by Susan Bates), and he was forced to take an apartment across from Spaulding Enterprises. As Marion, he stalked Lucy and gained her trust by claiming to be a rape victim. Marion soon bugged Alan-Michael's yacht the day that he and Lucy got engaged. At this time, Lucy had an HIV test done since she thought Brent could have infected her; Brent manipulated the test and a Lucy was horrified to learn that she was HIV positive. Luckily, a second test came back negative. While Lucy had no idea that Marion was in fact Brent, Buzz's ex-wife, Nadine, accidentally learned the truth when Brent caught her snooping around his apartment. Brent killed Nadine with a candlestick, threw her body into the lake and also killed Det. Patrick Cutter who almost caught Brent in the act. Soon after, he attacked a woman in the shower he believed to be Lucy, but who was really her friend Susan Bates. Finally, in 1996, Brent kidnapped Lucy at a party and brought her to the lighthouse to kill her. There he confessed to her all his crimes, including his masquerading as Marion, and told Lucy about his abusive childhood at the hands of his mother. When Alan-Michael arrived to rescue her, Lucy became afraid for his safety and lied to him that she was in love with Brent.

Meanwhile, Alan-Michael's father, Alan, got in touch with Brent and offered him the Spaulding jet and $ 10 million in exchange for Lucy and Alan-Michael's safety. Though Alan-Michael attempted to kill Brent with a knife, Brent shot him in the arm and locked him away. The next day, when Brent went to Alan for the money, Alan-Michael and Lucy found a bomb. When the police and the families arrived, Lucy began acting like Brent's mother in order to confuse him. Though it almost worked, with Brent setting Alan-Michael free, suddenly he realized their game and knocked Alan-Michael out. When Cassie tried to convince Brent to give himself up, Brent threatened to throw Lucy over the balcony, so Alan-Michael took the bomb and threatened to detonate it but Brent wouldn't listen. Finally, Brent dragged Lucy to the top of the lighthouse, and Lucy threw the money over the edge. Luckily, Alan-Michael came to the rescue and after struggling with Brent, rescued Lucy when she was about to fall over the edge. Brent was also in danger of falling to his death but was saved by Frank who promptly arrested him. In the end, Brent, who slipped into his Marion persona, went to a mental institution.

Now free, Lucy and Alan-Michael married at Universal Studios with their families present. Though they were caught in a storm on the yacht, luckily the pair was rescued by an "angel" named Zachary Smith and returned to Springfield. However soon after getting married, Lucy grew tired of all the power plays in the Spaulding family, so in February 1997, Lucy and Alan-Michael moved to France. Unfortunately, the pair did not live happily ever after and ended up divorcing amicably in 2005.

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