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Alexander "Sandy" Foster

Actual last name: Unknown


Actor History

Scott Bailey (Recurring, March 2003 to August 15, 2003, Voice Only; On contract, August 20, 2003 to March 14, 2006)


Died on March 14, 2006 after being accidentally pushed off a cliff by Tammy Winslow in her effort to save Jonathan Randall


Former Employee at Lewis Construction

Former College radio deejay


The Beacon, at time of death

Marital Status

at time of death, Single/Divorced (Ava Peralta)

Past Marriages

Ava Peralta (Divorced)





Flings & Affairs

Tammy Winslow (engaged; Deceased)

Crimes Committed

Left Jonathan Randall for dead after he slipped off a cliff [Prior to March 2003]

Impersonated Jonathon Randall [October 27, 2003 to September 6, 2004]

Gave a false identity as Sandy Foster [September 6, 2004 to 2006]

Intercepted a call for the Lewis family by pretending to be Josh Lewis [August 27, 2004]

Conspired with Marina Cooper to hack into Alan Spaulding's computer account [July 5, 2004]

Arrested for bigamy; unknowingly married Tammy Winslow will still married to Ava Peralta [November 28, 2005]

Committed perjury in order to keep Jonathan from going to jail [January 20, 2006]

Stalked Tammy Winslow [January to March 2006]

Taunted Jonathan in the hopes that he'd get violent [January to March 2006]

Held Tammy hostage [March 13, 2006]

Dangled Jonathan over a cliff [March 14, 2006]

Brief Character History

Springfield residents knew Sandy Foster before they ever saw his face. A radio deejay, at Springfield University, his show," Sandy and the Mole" was a hit with many of Springfield's teens. Throughout 2003, students would tune in to hear Sandy and his partner, the mole, discuss the newsworthy events of Springfield. Shock jocks, Sandy acted as straight man to the mole's blatant insults. And no event was sacred, from Reva Lewis's stalking to the serial killings connected to the Garden of Eden Escort Service. Though most adults found the pair's brand of irreverent humor to be crude, many of the teens found it amusing. Finally, in August, when Sandy and the mole discussed the circumstances surrounding Ben Reade's killing spree and suicide, longtime listener Marah Lewis (a friend of Ben's) decided to call in and berated the Mole for his malicious comments about her family and friends. That night, Marah was shocked when Sandy himself showed up at her door and thanked her for calling in. After learning that Dean Clayton Boudreau removed the disk jockeys from the air, Marah decided to stage a protest on the grounds that Sandy and the Mole had a right to speak their minds. Though Sandy was unsure about whether it would do any good, Marah insisted that they had to fight and held a protest on a billboard on campus. To Sandy's surprise, it worked and the show was allowed to go on. Though she had inquired about the Mole on several occasions, Sandy always gave excuses as to why he wasn't able to help in the protests. Then one night, Marah learned Sandy's secret--the mole was a puppet! His secret out, he confessed to her that as a child, he invented the alter ego of "the mole" as an outlet for him to talk back to his domineering father. According to Sandy, the mole was brave and could say anything about anybody. After using the mole as a young teen to entertain his friends, eventually the routine turned into an outlet to discuss other events and led to his career as a shock jock. Understanding, Marah tried to convince him to reveal his secret, but Sandy refused-- stating that if he did, his credibility would be over.

Willing to keep his secret, Marah maintained her friendship with Sandy, even securing him a job at Lewis Construction. However, unbeknownst to Marah, Sandy was harboring another secret, one connected to her mother, Reva Shayne Lewis. Sandy's secret would soon be exposed when Reva caught him taking money from Josh's office. Ready to call the police, she noticed that he accessed the account of her son, Jonathan Randall. Curious, she called Jonathan's adoptive mother and made a startling discovery--Sandy was Reva's son, Jonathan! Believing that this was the son she gave up in order to save him from her murderous brother-in-law, Edmund Winslow, Reva tried to convince Sandy to reveal the truth to Marah. Though Sandy agreed, he wanted to wait until after her fashion show was over. Unfortunately, that night, Marah again expressed her attraction to Sandy and he was forced to blurt out the truth. Hurt, and feeling as if he'd led her on, Marah distanced herself from Sandy. Though Reva attempted to help Sandy to connect with the family, he continued to resist her attempts to bond. At the same time, Sandy was approached by the uncle he never knew, Edmund Winslow, who confessed that Sandy had to be taken away from his parents in order to be protected from Edmund himself. Noticing that Sandy wasn't willing to grant forgiveness to any member of his family, Edmund warned Sandy that a lifetime of bitterness would only lead to a wasted life.

In 2004, Sandy seemed to have taken Edmund's advice and made more of an effort to connect with his family. Although he was wary of Reva, and refused her offer of giving him a room in her home, he pocketed a pair of baby shoes he found in that room and confessed to his Aunt Cassie that the reason he held Reva at arm's length was because he didn't want her to know how hard he had it growing up. In addition to connecting with his family, Sandy earned college credits for directing the high school play Romeo & Juliet, thus bonding with cousin, Tammy, and forming a friendship with the troubled Lizzie Spaulding. In fact, when Lizzie tried to act out by drinking, Sandy stopped her and harshly instructed her to straighten up. By Valentine's Day, Sandy had finally reconnected with Marah, even playing matchmaker with her and Jeffrey. In the meantime, Sandy was spending lots of time with Shayne and Marina, with Sandy becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Believing it was because he felt like a third wheel, Marina made plans to play matchmaker, but unknown to Marina, that wasn't the problem--the problem is he was developing feelings for her.

By the beginning of summer, Shayne had fully recovered the use of his legs. Meanwhile, although Sandy was forging connections to family and creating friendships, he was still unwilling to reveal anything about his past. Later into the summer, Sandy started working on a new project--hacking into Alan Spaulding's personal account. Caught by Marina, Sandy tried to turn her away, but she refused to back down. After learning that Sandy wanted to teach the arrogant, condescending Alan a lesson, Marina decided to help, despite Sandy's protests. Later, when Marina overheard Alan give his password, she relayed that information for Sandy, who was then able to hack into the system. Very soon after, Sandy was arrested, and Marina was as well, when she jumped to his defense by revealing her part in it. When Sandy learned he was about to be fingerprinted, he suddenly freaked out and appealed to Reva for help. Although Alan planned to press charges, he relented and dropped the charges on the condition that they come up with a program to keep out future hackers. Soon, Shayne started realizing that Sandy had feelings for Marina. However, instead of saying anything, Shayne kept quiet and soon after ended up leaving Springfield.

In the meantime, Sandy's 18th birthday was quickly approaching, which meant that he'd be eligible to receive his trust fund. However, far from excited, Sandy was reluctant and tried to tell Reva that he didn't want it, to no avail. Days later, the reasons behind Sandy's reluctance became evident when he intercepted a call from the bank. Leading the caller to believe he was Josh Lewis, Sandy realized that the bank suspected the truth--he was an imposter! Sandy quickly told the bank that the family was aware of the situation and that the real Jonathan is deceased. Luckily, soon after, other matters took precedent in Reva's mind and the trust fund issue was put off. In the meantime, Sandy remained edgy and distracted a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Reva or her father, Hawk. The cause of his concern centered on an accident he was involved in--an incident in which he was unable to save a friend who was dangling from a cliff and who apparently fell to his death. Feeling extremely guilty, Sandy made plans to leave Springfield but was spotted by Reva who persuaded him to stay. Later, Sandy received a menacing email from someone who knew all about the real Jonathan Randall, who was the hostile young man Sandy saw fall from the cliff. After days of harassing e-mails, a photo suddenly appeared on the screen--Jonathan!

Figuring out that Jonathan had apparently not died of the fall, but was here in Springfield, Sandy became very nervous about the Lewis family, especially Tammy who was hanging around a mysterious boy called "JB" whom Sandy suspected was Jonathan. Realizing that Jonathan meant to hurt Tammy, Sandy tried to warn her. Going to the bar where he knew she was at, he saw a car come barreling toward her and knocked her out of the way. Unfortunately, Sandy was struck himself and ended up in critical condition. As he laid in the hospital dying of liver damage, Reva learned the truth--that he was not her son. Despite this, she made the decision to donate part of her liver to him as he remained comatose. After a successful operation, Sandy remained in recovery and received numerous visits from a very menacing Jonathan who accused Sandy of purposely leaving him to die. Wanting to make sure Sandy remained unconscious; a devious Jonathan fed him morphine drips. Finally, weeks later, Sandy received a visit from Tammy and Jonathan who strongly implied that they were about to have sex. Knowing that Jonathan was acting out of malice, Sandy became agitated and tried to warn Tammy but the breathing apparatus in his mouth made it impossible. Although Jonathan made Sandy's life difficult by disconnecting the phone and call button and tying Sandy up, Reva, learning that Sandy was asking for him, arrived and he told her all about Jonathan's plans to use Tammy. Although he and Reva rushed to find Tammy, in the end they were too late--she had slept with her cousin.

Afterwards, Josh angrily confronted Sandy for his deception and encouraged him to leave town. Although Sandy didn't want to, since by now he'd truly gotten close to the Lewis family, he was convinced it was the right thing to do. After apologizing to Reva and warning her about Jonathan, Sandy made plans to leave town but couldn't find it in himself to leave right away. Then one night, he found Tammy at the docks and feared she's going to do herself harm. He tried to talk her down, but she was in despair, convinced no one would want her now that she's tainted. When Sandy stated that he would, Tammy began to strip and offered herself to him. But when she saw the pity in his eyes, she jumped into the water. Sandy saved her and she finally crumbled, allowing Sandy to take her back to his place.

In 2005, Josh, truly wanting to give him a second chance, offered Sandy his job back at Lewis Construction. Months later, Sandy was amused to see that Jonathan was starting to actually lower his guard around Reva. Since he always believed it was only a matter of time before Jonathan messed up, Sandy relished in taunting Jonathan. In the meantime, Sandy and Tammy had grown closer. Realizing that he couldn't date his roommate, Sandy gently asked Tammy to move out. Understanding, she moved into the Springfield Inn. Meanwhile, although she was falling for Sandy, Tammy still had issues about sex. After having an uncomfortable discussion about it, Sandy sweetly informed Tammy that she was worth waiting for and she promised he wouldn't have to wait forever. That spring ,Sandy and Tammy were surprised by Jonathan's intention to leave town and both ganged up on him to talk him out of it, since he'd be hurting Reva if he left. In the meantime, though he was becoming closer to Tammy with each day, he refused to open up to Tammy about his past, other than tell her that he came from a rich family that sent him off to boarding school. Meanwhile, Sandy was shocked when Josh offered Jonathan a job at Lewis Construction.

Meanwhile, Tammy was becoming suspicious of Sandy when he started getting called away to work at night. Suspecting that she was losing him because of her inability to sleep with, Tammy later confronted him about an affair after she found a woman's earrings in his apartment. When an incredulous Sandy denied the affair, Tammy branded him a liar. Stung, Sandy accused her of being unfaithful because of her obvious feelings for Jonathan. Later, when she found out that the "affair" was all a set up by Jonathan, Tammy tried to apologize to Sandy but he refused to forgive her. Later, Tammy confronted Sandy after seeing her with another girl and again tried to apologize for hurting him. Although she asked for a chance to prove her love for him, he rejected her and went back to the other girl. Soon after, Tammy was finally able to get Sandy to forgive her. Days later, the Lewis family was shocked to learn that Jonathan stole a huge sum of money from the company. To Sandy's surprise, Josh decided to handle it internally rather than involve the police. Although Sandy seemed to accept the decision, he later called the police himself. Days later, Sandy was pleasantly surprised when Tammy was finally ready to make love. Later, Sandy admitted to Tammy that he was the one who turned Jonathan in to the cops. To his surprise, Tammy told him that he did the right thing.

Later, Sandy gave Tammy a promise ring and the two talked positively about the future. However, when Tammy kept pressing Sandy about his past, he suddenly snapped at her and then took off for the bar and began drinking as he ignored Tammy's calls.. Eventually, Sandy opened up and described a solitary upbringing with a deadbeat dad and a mother who died a long time ago. Weeks later, Tammy confronted Sandy with some disturbing news--she'd been to his hometown and apparently "Sandy Foster" has been dead for decades! Seemingly cornered, Sandy came up with a plausible explanation which appeased Tammy. Days later, Sandy bought Lizzie's engagement ring from her, and planned to ask Tammy to be his wife. Afterwards, Sandy finally met up with an associate named Fallon, wanting assurances that he wouldn't face criminal prosecution. Meanwhile, on the day that he planned to ask Tammy to marry him, Sandy was shocked when he saw Tammy and Jonathan ready to make love. Extremely agitated, Sandy went to work and ended up getting electrocuted and was then rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Luckily, Sandy recovered but initially refused to talk to Tammy. It didn't take long for her to convince him that she loved him and he ended up forgiving her.

Meanwhile, Sandy got a very surprising visitor at the hospital--his wife, Ava! Apparently the couple had married years earlier and then Sandy just left without a word. Finally caught, Sandy apologized and asked Ava for a divorce, but she refused. Unable to reason with Ava, Sandy asked his lawyer, Fallon, to do it. He then proceeded to ask Tammy to marry him. Later, Ava finally signed the papers, with Sandy encouraging her to find a man who'd love her as much as Tammy loved him. Soon after, Sandy came across a brochure for a house and decided to seize the moment by buying it for Tammy. Finally, came the day of Sandy's wedding. Although the wedding went on, it ended immediately when Sandy was presented with an arrest warrant for bigamy. Distraught, Tammy ran out and Josh ended up firing Sandy. Believing he'd already signed the divorce papers, Sandy accused Ava of setting him up but she denied it. Later, Sandy, feeling sorry for his now homeless ex, invited her to stay at his place. At that point, Ava finally signed the divorce papers. Though Sandy begged Reva to help him win Tammy back, since she'd encouraged him to marry her weeks earlier, Reva refused, revealing that Tammy had feelings for Jonathan. Appalled, Sandy tried to convince her that Jonathan would only hurt her again. However considering that Tammy had just been hurt by him, Reva was unmoved. Although Sandy pleaded with Tammy to forgive him, she told him that it wasn't that simple, leading him to realize that she was in love with Jonathan. Sandy did have one ally in his quest to win back Tammy--her mother. Invited to Cassie's Christmas party, Sandy tried to get Tammy to see that her family will never accept her relationship with Jonathan; however, Tammy refused to listen. Soon after, Sandy saw the couple starting to make love in the Jessup farm. Wanting them to get caught, Sandy then suggested that the family go sledding--knowing too well the sleds were in the barn. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go as planned. Tammy ended up standing up to her mother and ran off with Jonathan. Devastated, a drunk Sandy came on to Ava but was turned down as well since she finally realized he had never loved her.

By early 2006, Jonathan and Tammy had both been arrested for setting fire to Tammy's new house (which was set accidentally). Sandy wasted no time taunting Jonathan about his plight. The same day he visited Jonathan, who was awaiting his bail hearing, he also saw Tammy and pleaded with her to go back to him. Getting pushy, Sandy told Tammy that if she would only let him hold her again, she'd remember how great they were together, and take him back. When Tammy resisted, Sandy got more pushy which was when Jonathan, finally out on bail, walked in and yelled for Sandy to let go of Tammy, or he'd kill him! Sandy provoked Jonathan into attacking him, but Tammy's pleas compelled him to pull back, and Jonathan let Sandy to pummel him. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Tammy's trial date had come. Although the DA's office was going after both of them for arson, Jeffrey convinced Assistant DA, Doris Wolfe to drop the charges against Tammy.

Although things were looking bleak for Jonathan, he was unexpectedly saved from prosecution when Sandy testified to accidentally setting the fire himself. Unknowns to Jonathan and Tammy, Sandy only lied when Jeffrey convinced him that putting Jonathan away wouldn't win him Tammy, it would be better to play the hero. Later, Jonathan learned that Tammy had been expelled from college because of the arson charges and attempted to talk the dean into letting her back in. Unfortunately, Jonathan's persuasive arguments came out as intimidation and the dean wouldn't budge. That is for Jonathan; Sandy had no problem getting the dean to allow Tammy back in. Several days later, Jonathan spotted Sandy spying on him and Tammy through the window but Sandy claimed he was just waiting for them to leave because he didn't want things to be awkward. Jonathan didn't believe Sandy's lies for a second. In the meantime, Sandy surprised Tammy with the news that he was taking classes at the college also, they even shared a class.

In the meantime, when Jonathan learned that his bar had been raided three times for serving kids with fake ID's, he was positive that Sandy was behind it. Although he confronted Sandy, he had no proof. As for Sandy, his obsession with Tammy was growing--not only was he stalking her, but he also had a shrine to her in his room at the Beacon. Meanwhile, Jonathan found a Valentine's Day card addressed to Tammy from Sandy and stormed over to Sandy's, accusing him of still wanting Tammy. When Sandy didn't deny it, Jonathan threatened that if Sandy so much as came near Tammy, Jonathan would kill him. Unbeknownst to Jonathan, Sandy had his threat on tape. In the meantime, Sandy learned that Jonathan and Tammy were planning on moving in together and worked to block it. When Jonathan confronted Sandy and accused him of keeping him and Tammy from finding a decent place to live. Sandy gleefully confirmed it. Though sandy tried to shatter Tammy's faith in Jonathan by playing the recording of Jonathan threatening him, Tammy refused to be scared and got Sandy to give her the tape. Finally, one day, Sandy snuck into Jonathan's car. As Jonathan was driving, Sandy popped up and announced that he'd planted a bomb in Jonathan's car, set to go off when the car stopped. Terrified, but seeing no choice, Jonathan stopped the car as they were nearing a railroad crossing. Nothing happened and Sandy jumped out and laughed at his rattling of Jonathan.

Meanwhile, scared at what might happen, Tammy had a restraining order put out against Sandy. At the same time, Jonathan got his revenge by trashing Sandy's room. Later, Tammy received a mysterious note, telling her to go to a fishing shack at the docks. Hot off Lizzie's suggestion that Jonathan was going to throw her a wedding, Tammy's theory seemed correct when she found a wedding dress and diamond ring. As she was getting ready for her wedding, the bridegroom entered. But it wasn't Jonathan, it was Sandy! Tammy tried to run away from Sandy, but he grabbed her and ripped her dress Then Jonathan came in. Although Tammy was afraid Jonathan was about to bash Sandy's brains in, Jonathan wouldn't be baited. He and Tammy went home and after ordering Tammy to lock the door and not let anyone in, he went off on a mysterious mission. That mission was to threaten Sandy. Unfortunately, that was a tragic mistake. Sandy informed the police who went looking for Jonathan while Tammy left to find Sandy. On the edge of a cliff, she found a menacing Sandy who desperately pleaded with her to return to him and tried to convince her that Jonathan was a bad person. Afraid for Jonathan's safety, Tammy agreed to run away with Sandy.

At that moment, Jonathan arrived. As soon as Tammy looked at Jonathan, Sandy realized that he was the one she loved. He grabbed Tammy and warned Jonathan that if he took another step, they'd both going over the cliff. Jonathan begged Sandy to let Tammy go, and Sandy agreed - as long as Jonathan took her place. Jonathan agreed and the pair faced off, just like they did years earlier. A fistfight ensued which left Jonathan holding Sandy by the collar, but Reva's arrival distracted him long enough for Sandy to get free and gain the upper hand. As he was about to toss Jonathan off the cliff, Reva tried to get through by reminding Sandy that she loved him like a son once, and loved him still. However, Sandy was determined to finish Jonathan off so Tammy threw herself at Sandy to save Jonathan, but ended up pushing too hard and sent Sandy careening off the cliff to his death.

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