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Remy Boudreau
Who's Who in Springfield: Remy Boudreau | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Corey Parker Robinson (August 28, 2001 to April 4, 2002 [recurring])

Gavin Alexander Houston (May 14, 2002 to Summer 2005 [recurring])

Lawrence Saint-Victor (April 7, 2006 to September 18, 2009 [recurring])


Birthday is April 8


Police officer at the Springfield PD

Former Emergency Medical Technician

Former security guard at the Spaulding mansion

Former Police officer with the Springfield PD


A cheap apartment

Marital Status

Married to Christina Moore [Married: Sept 18, 2009]

Past Marriages

Christina Moore (Divorced) [Married: Nov 17, 2008; Divorced: Feb 9, 2009]


Clayon Boudreau (Father)

Felicia Boudreau (Mother)

Melissande "Mel" Boudreau (Sister)

Leah Bauer (niece)


Max Harlan Lewis (with Ava; deceased)

Clayton Boudreau (with Christina)

Flings & Affairs

Tammy Winslow Randall (dated; Deceased)

Natalia Rivera (dated)

Lola (dated)

Ava Peralta (one-night stand)

Crimes Committed

Assaulted Jonathan Randall [Oct 9, 2006]

Sent Cyrus Foley letters allegedly from the INS [Jan 2008]

Arranged for Jonathan to get an unregistered gun [Feb 8, 2008]

Falsified a letter from Phillip Spaulding and gave it to Police Chief Mallet [Apr 8, 2008]

Tampered with Ava Peralta's car engine so that he could "fix" it [Apr 21, 2008]

Tricked his wife, Christina, into believing that she was signing divorce papers [Jan 9, 2009]

Tricked Christina into signing scholarship forms [Jan 9, 2009]

Tampered with evidence; Kept a pouch of diamonds that were found on the body of the deceased Edmund Winslow [May 18, 2009]

Fenced one of the stolen diamonds [Jun 4, 2009]

Failed to report a break in by Cyrus Foley and Buzz Cooper after learning they were doing it for research and not with the intention of stealing anything [Aug 7, 2009]

Kept quiet about the fact that A.C. Mallet helped Dinah flee the country [Aug 7, 2009]

Brief Character History

College student and dorm advisor Remy Boudreau had been living in Springfield for a few years already when he became Marah Lewis's and Catalina Quesada's resident advisor in 2001. He tried to make peace between the rivaling roommates and help them adjust to college life. Remy was a bright kid with a strong sense of himself and a strong sense of decency. An outgoing guy, he made friends easily and was also willing to help the underclassmen that needed it. Perhaps the only person Remy couldn't get along with was his own father, Dean of Students Clayton Boudreau, who demanded excellence from everyone especially his children. Remy was a talented singer/ songwriter, but Clayton wanted him to pursue a football career. Unfortunately, Clayton's hopes were destroyed when Remy got injured during a workout and had to walk on crutches. Clayton even went so far as to accuse Remy of getting injured intentionally so that he could spend more time on music. Resentful of his father's expectations, Remy distanced himself emotionally from him. Later, Remy gave Clayton his birthday present prematurely—a CD of Clayton's favorite Jazz songs. Unfortunately, Clayton misinterpreted everything and believed that Remy gave him the CD to get him to change his mind about Remy's music career. One day, Remy took a look at old Jazz CD's and was surprised to find Clayton's name on one of Dizzy Gillespie's albums. Remy confronted his father and Clayton had to confess that he had played music with Dizzy in the 70s. Clayton asked Remy to keep his secret and Remy agreed.

In 2002, Remy's sister, Mel, fell in love with Rick Bauer but Remy disapproved of the relationship, especially after hearing two doctors gossiping that Mel only received a promotion at work by sleeping with her boss. Clayton disapproved of Rick as well. Later, Rick succeeded to get into Clayton's good graces which upset Remy even further because Rick had gotten Clayton's trust in short time, while Remy himself could never do it. In spring 2003, Remy and his roommates moved into an old museum on 5th Street, which was being renovated so Remy carried on the role of giving the roommates facts and myths about the supposedly haunted house. Later, Remy helped a temporarily paralyzed Shayne Lewis during his therapy. In 2004, Remy, with the rest of the family, welcomed Mel and Rick's baby, Leah into the world. In addition, with other Springfield teens, he competed to win an internship at Spaulding Enterprises. Meanwhile, Remy became interested in Tammy Winslow and was on hand to help her in her attempt to reconcile her mother, Cassie, and her boyfriend, Edmund, by loosening the battery cables on Edmund's car, thus forcing him to stay with Cassie for the night. Later, he offered to take Tammy to the summer dance when Joey broke up with her and left town. Despite the fact that he was becoming closer to Tammy, he suddenly disassociated from her and Tammy ended up in a relationship with her own cousin, Jonathan Randall.

By late 2005, Remy decided to become a police officer, along with his friend Marina Cooper. In April 2006, Remy came across Tammy and Marina downtown and asked Tammy out. However, since she'd just gotten out of her relationship with Jonathan, she declined. A few weeks later, Tammy told Marina and Remy that she was going to rescind the restraining order against Jonathan who she swore would never hurt her. Remy dared her to prove it. She tried but Remy wasn't sold, and reminded her he was always there if she needed him. A few weeks later, Remy came to Tammy's rescue when, upon learning she lost her financial support, Tammy was accused harassing the admissions woman she was talking to. Luckily, Remy was able to smooth things over. Meanwhile, Tammy's troubles with Jonathan were increasing. In order keep a pregnant Lizzie Spaulding from being declared an unfit mother, Jonathan offered to marry her. Though Jonathan insisted Tammy was his true love, he and Lizzie had to make it look like their marriage was real so the law wouldn't side with Lizzie's grandfather and declare her unfit. This left Tammy as the odd woman out and Remy suggested they hang out together to pass the time and throw suspicion off her and Jonathan. Unfortunately, the situation made Jonathan a little jealous since Tammy seemed to be at ease with Remy's "normal" family.

After spending some time together, Remy impulsively kissed Tammy but she reminded him that she loved Jonathan. Finally when it looked at as he could lose Tammy to Remy, Jonathan confronted Remy to back off. Later, a disgusted Jonathan had enough and in front of everyone at Towers showed Tammy how "perfect" the Bauer family was—he showed a picture of Rick kissing Beth Spaulding! Chaos erupted with Mel running out and Remy viscously attacking Jonathan. Later, Remy offered Tammy the chance to start a new, independent life to help her forget her troubles with Jonathan—share an apartment with him and Marina. Over the next few weeks, Remy tried to show his devotion to Tammy by doing what she wanted. However, Marina pointed out that Tammy didn't want a hero---she wanted Jonathan, the bad boy. On Thanksgiving Lizzie and Jonathan's baby was born and the couple disappeared to escape from Alan. On Tammy's request, Remy found them and arranged a restraining order against Alan.

In 2007, Remy was shocked when Tammy informed him that she and Jonathan finally married. Though she wanted him to be happy for her, he couldn't. Shortly after, a frantic Tammy called Remy telling him she overheard some guy planning to meet Jonathan on Old Mill road and was worried that he was in trouble. However, Remy was tired of dealing with all of Tammy's drama and refused to help. That decision would have tragic consequences. Tammy went herself and, while pushing Jonathan out of the path of a moving car, was hit herself. Remy and Gus arrived at the scene of the accident before the ambulance arrived and Remy was so disturbed to see that it was Tammy that he froze for a second before he got the first aid kit. Afterwards, he told Jonathan about Tammy's warning. When an angry Remy told Gus the same thing, Gus took him off the case since it was too personal. However, Remy persisted and used Mallet's name to get the name of the owner of the vehicle—Mark Gillespie. When Mallet found out, he confronted Remy who confessed that he believed Alan Spaulding was to blame. So, Mallet, Dinah and Remy went to Alan's to question him. When Alan gave them sympathy for their loss and offered to post a reward for information. Remy jumped at Alan, accusing him of murder while Mallet had to hold him back.

Meanwhile, Dinah saw Alan hide a phone number and gave it to Remy. Using that number, Remy was able to locate Gillespie and proceeded to beat him to a pulp. Fortunately, Mallet and Marina rushed in before things went too far. Mallet had no choice but to put Remy on report and Remy was forced to turn in his badge and gun. Remy seemed to be fine until he learned that Alan had been cleared of all charges. At the police station packing away his things, Remy suddenly flew into a rage and began throwing things. Almost immediately after, Alan announced he was marrying the District Attorney, Doris Wolfe. Using an assumed name, Remy got hired to work security for the wedding. However, at the reception, someone shot Alan. Soon Marina discovered that Remy had been there and was forced to bring him in for questioning. Weeks later when Remy apprehended a thief who escaped from the police, Frank offered him his job back. However, a bitter Remy refused to come back to the force despite Frank's urging.

A bitter Remy seemed content to just coast by aimlessly doing nothing but get drunk occasionally. Though Marina tried to convince him that he needed to find direction, Remy turned a cold shoulder to her advice. When Josh tried to help by offering him a job, an angry Remy refused to take charity. When Josh informed him that it was a real job (he needed help fixing up the lighthouse) Remy agreed to help. While working, Josh tried to convince Remy that he had to put what happened to Tammy behind him and go on with his life. Offering the same bit of advice was Remy's new friend, Natalia Rivera who had just begun working at Company and had been seeing Remy floundering away in booze firsthand. At this point, Remy decided to pull himself together and started with offering to help Natalia who needed money—though she wouldn't say what for. Remy offered Natalia a loan and asked for a date but she declined both. Meanwhile, Gus (an old flame of Natalia's) overheard Remy offer Mel's help with Natalia's legal trouble and got annoyed when Nat wouldn't tell him what was wrong. Later, Remy overheard am anxious Natalia on a call, planning to meet someone at Otto's and asked if Gus was going to fix this. Gus did and later Remy impulsively kissed Natalia. Remy discovered what Natalia had been hiding—she had a teenaged son, Rafe, who was stuck in juvenile detention. It didn't take long for Remy to realize that Gus must be Rafe's father.

When confronted, Natalia confirmed it and stated that neither knew about the other and asked Remy to keep it secret. However, when Harley (in a pique of jealousy) had Natalia fired, Remy let the truth slip to Harley who blurted it out to Gus. Weeks later, Natalia finally agreed to go on a date with Remy and the date ended in a kiss. Weeks later, while searching for a missing Rafe and Daisy, Rafe called Gus out on being jealous of him and Natalia. In the meantime, Lizzie hired Remy to work security at the Spaulding mansion. Meanwhile, thanks to comments made by Daisy, Buzz decided to fire Natalia from Company. However, before he was able to get the words out, Natalia quit. Remy witnessed the whole thing and later told Rafe what Daisy had done. In the meantime, the police force was understaffed and Mallet asked Remy to return to the force so Mallet could spend more time with his wife. Remy declined. Meanwhile, it was obvious that Natalia was still hung up on Gus and Remy warned her that Gus would never leave Harley. However, she insisted that if there was a chance, she had to give it a try. In the meantime, Remy continued drinking and being surly which wound up in his being kicked out of Lizzie's bar.

Weeks later, Remy met Mel's beautiful new assistant, Lola. After being told by Mel to stay away from her, Remy asked Lola out. After their date, Lola and Remy began making out, when Natalia spotted them. Remy immediately pulled away from Lola, and went after Natalia. Remy reminded Natalia that he was there for her, and they agreed to try dating again. However, by this point, Gus's marriage was falling apart and he moved into the mansion. It didn't take long for him to bond with Natalia and he warned Remy to stay away from her. Then one day, an upset Lola corned Remy at Company. Luckily, Natalia arrived and saved him by angrily telling Lola that Remy is hers. Remy then refused to let Natalia go until she danced with him. Unfortunately, Rafe was not happy to see his mother with Remy who was furious to hear that Alan kissed Natalia. Later, Natalia went with Remy to a poker game where things got a bit rowdy. Luckily, Gus saved Natalia and Remy then blasted Remy. However, Nat declared that Gus had his chance with her already – she was staying with Remy. Then shockingly, Remy told Natalia that Gus was right about him and suggested that she walk away. .

Weeks later, Remy attempted to drop off a mysterious package to Harley's son, Zach, from his father, Phillip. Since Remy was wearing a hood, Harley and Cyrus Foley thought he was Phillip and Cyrus tackled him. The pair then took and indignant Remy to Harley's house where they badgered him about Phillip's whereabouts. Defensive at first, Remy finally admitted that after he lost some money gambling, he ran into Phillip who offered to pay him for delivering the package. He then drew a map of where he met Phillip but stated that he had no idea where Phillip was now but got the sense that he was not returning to Springfield. After angrily leaving, Remy lingered and peeked into Harley's window to see her and Cyrus in close proximity. The seemed about to kiss until Remy tripped and they backed away after hearing the noise. Later that day, Remy warned Marina to watch her back or Harley would steal her boyfriend. In 2008, Remy got involved in Marina's scheme to make certain that Cyrus stayed with her. Marina admitted to Remy that she strongly suggested to Harley that Phillip may have been involved in the fire that injured Bill Lewis. Desperate to hang on to Cyrus, Marina asked Remy's help in keeping the two apart. Marina's plan was for Remy to tell Harley that Phillip was in New York City.

Though the plan did work, it backfired tremendously when Cyrus followed Harley. When Cyrus returned, Marina lied and told him that immigration was after him and told him that they needed to marry right away. Again, Remy helped Marina by sending Cyrus letters that he believed were from immigration. Unfortunately, Harley caught him red handed when he was slipping the last letter under the door. When Harley confronted him, Remy accused her of stealing her niece's man. Meanwhile, weeks later, a previously assumed dead Jonathan approached Remy with a request. He needed an unregistered weapon to use against Alan. Though Remy didn't think it was a good idea, he put Jonathan in touch with someone but made it clear that he was doing it for Tammy's sake—not to help Jon. In the meantime, weeks later, Remy let a rushed Gus borrow his motorcycle since his car wouldn't start. Tragically, while speeding, Gus was involved in an accident and died in surgery. In the meantime, Alan lost everything, including his home, due to a sudden business audit. Soon after, Dinah Marler bought the Spaulding mansion and approached Remy with a job—make everyone believe that Phillip left town for good. Remy agreed in exchange for cash and a room at mansion. Dinah agreed to the deal and Remy gave Mallet a letter that he claimed was from Phillip. Soon after, Remy got caught up in Lizzie's drama with her boyfriend, Bill, and his supposedly pregnant girlfriend, Ava. Realizing that Ava was using her pregnancy to manipulate Bill, Lizzie asked Remy to keep Ava away from Bill.

To get into Ava's good graces, Remy rigged her car engine to stall and then showed up to "fix it." Ava took an instant liking to Remy and, despite Lizzie's words about how manipulative she was, Remy liked Ava as well. It didn't take long for Remy and Ava to become close. Soon after, after being berated by Bill, a distraught Ava was comforted by Remy and the two made later made love. The next day, Lizzie told Remy that she no longer needed him to work on Ava. However, by now Remy found that he sincerely liked her. Unfortunately, by this point, Lizzie and Bill's relationship was finished because of his takeover of Spaulding Enterprises and Bill decided to devote all of his attention to Ava and their baby. Meanwhile, as the weeks went by, Remy and Ava's friendship flourished. Finally, Bill and Ava moved in with his sister, Dinah, at the Spaulding mansion. There, Ava was pleased to see that Remy was living there as well, as Dinah's guest. Though Remy tried to tell Ava that she and her baby deserved better than Bill, Ava was adamant about staying with Bill. Afterwards, Remy, as well as Ava, was shocked when Bill impulsively announced to the press that he and Ava were engaged.

Unable to watch Bill and Ava together, Remy decided to move out but relented when Ava begged him to stay. Though Remy suggested that Bill's proposal was a press stunt, Ava was determined to stay with him. Later, Bill threw Remy out of the mansion. However, Ava sought Remy out and spent time with him. In the midst of all of this, Remy decided to become an Emergency Medical Technician. When he shared the news with Mel, she immediately realized that it was because of a woman and Remy confessed that he was falling in love with Ava. Finally, the day of Ava's wedding, Remy declared his love for her and asked her to run away with him. Sadly, Ava refused. A few days later, Ava visited him, hoping that they could renew their friendship. Though Remy was hurt by her rejection, he softened when Ava spoke about how much she valued spending time with him.

Weeks later, Ava's baby, Max Harlan Lewis, arrived, several weeks premature. To everyone's shock—the baby was black. It immediately became obvious that Ava's original positive was false—Max was Remy's baby. With Mel's legal help, Remy hoped to secure custody of the baby, who he planned to rename Clayton--after his father. Even Dinah decided that giving custody to Remy was the best thing to do and she helped by providing Remy with money. Sadly, it became a moot point when Max died shortly after. Afterwards, Clayton tried to offer support but Remy was uninterested. Seeing how Remy was hurting, Clayton was able to get him to release some of his anger and Remy broke down in his father's arms. Soon after, Remy went to Chicago and told Ava that Max was dead. When he returned to Springfield, Remy earned Olivia's wrath since she felt that Remy overstepped his bounds by going to Ava. As the weeks went by, Remy continued to mourn his son as well as miss Ava. Though Remy tried to contact her, she never wrote back. It didn't take long for Remy to suspect that Olivia was keeping Ava from seeing his letters. The next day, Remy overheard Olivia say that Ava had decided not to return to Springfield after her release. As Remy tried to comprehend Ava's actions, Olivia accused him of pressuring Ava to be in a relationship when she wasn't ready.

Weeks later, Remy delivered a baby while on call. That experience led Remy to consider a career as a doctor and he decided to take the MCaT's in preparation of going to medical school. Though he wanted to keep it a secret, Mel found the MCAT book in his apartment as did Felicia. Though Remy asked his mother to keep it a secret, she couldn't resist telling his father. In the meantime, Harley had moved away and Clayton decided to buy her house for Mel and Remy to live in, despite the fact that neither was interested. However, when Felicia saw how much Marina and Mallet loved the house, she backed out of the sale. Finally, came the day of the MCAT's which Remy almost missed because he was administering to Olivia who collapsed. At the testing facility, Remy met an attractive woman named Christina Moore who told him that she wanted to be a doctor since she was five. In the following weeks, Remy formed a nice easy friendship with Christina. When the results of the test came in, Remy was shocked to learn that he passed. Sadly, Christina, who had the passion to be a great doctor, had not. Later, a guilt-ridden Remy tried to bolster Christina's spirits. Unfortunately, he failed and Christina ended up ranting about what an easy life he must have had. Christina's attitude grated on Remy and he fired back at her, claiming that she put too much pressure on herself. Meanwhile, Mallet and Marina decided to get married immediately and impulsively asked Remy and Christina to stand up for them at their elopement. The pair agreed and all four went to a resort casino for the casino. However, Christina and Remy got separated from Mallet and Marina and when they couldn't locate them at the chapel, they figured that they got married without them. Remy and Christina went back to the casino. The next morning, they woke up hung over and married. Unfortunately, getting an annulment was not as easy as they thought it'd be. Though they decided to initiate divorce proceedings, Remy and Christina still enjoyed each other's company.

Meanwhile, Mel was absolutely no help in getting Remy a speedy divorce and finally admitted that she thought he and Christina were made for each other. Soon after, Remy met Christina's grandmother who made it clear that she felt the same way. Though their friendship was blossoming, both Remy and Christina were uncertain and convinced that the divorce was the right thing to do. Later, around Christmas, Ava shocked Remy by paying him a visit. After speaking about their shared loss, Ava invited Remy to accompany her to San Francisco so that they could discover where their relationship stood. When Remy seemed noncommittal, Ava assumed that he had a girlfriend. Remy denied it and told her that he would think about going with her. After a chat with Christina who told him that she was going away for Christmas, Remy decided to take Ava up on her offer. However, he soon told her that she was right—he was involved with a girl. Though Remy made it clear that he didn't know where things stood with this woman, Ava realized that he had feelings for her and decided that she should go to San Francisco alone.

In 2009, Christina told Remy about a scholarship opportunity which she had to pass up since it was for married couples. Though Remy suggested that they stay married so that she could keep her scholarship, Christina felt that that was wrong and insisted that they divorce. To ensure that Christina kept her scholarship, Remy tricked Christina into believing that the papers she signed were divorce papers. Instead, they were the scholarship papers. The day that a nervous Christina was set to retake the MCATS, Remy told her what he had done. Furious, Christina took her frustrations out on the test. Afterwards, Remy pointed out that he kept her from being nervous. Realizing that Remy actually helped her, Christina quickly forgave him. Afterwards, the pair was elated to learn that Christina had passed. In the meantime, Remy was accepted into John Hopkins Medical School. However, Remy felt that Christina was more worthy because she had the drive to become a doctor. At that point, Remy realized that he was perfectly happy working as an EMT. On Remy's recommendation, Christiana was accepted. Unfortunately, when the loan officer overheard them talk about their planned divorce, he decided that they were committing fraud and withdrew the scholarship money. Without the scholarship, Christina could not afford to go to medical school and concentrated on her career as a physical therapist. Later, Remy and Christina finally finalized their divorce. However, that was just a formality since the pair enjoyed spending time together.

Meanwhile, Dinah confided a startling secret to Remy---the child, Henry, that Marina adopted could be Shayne's. Since Dinah had no idea if what she's learned was true, Remy suggested that she get a DNA test. When an impatient Dinah stressed out about the implications, Remy suggested that she relax and wait for the results. In the meantime, due to budget cuts, Remy lost his job at Cedars. Though Remy admitted the truth to Buzz, he was too ashamed to tell Christina. At the same time, Christina was thinking about starting up a day care center with Marina. Unfortunately, she did not have the money. Wanting to help, Remy approached Clayton for a loan and was shocked to learn that Clayton lost his life saving's in an investment deal. Eager to help his father and Christina, Remy was tempted to play in a high stakes poker game but declined.

Later, Remy was shocked to see a body floating face-down in the lake. Even more shocking was the discovery that it was Edmund Winslow! Though Remy tried to revive Edmund with CPR, it was too late. Before the ambulance arrived, Remy found a patch of diamonds in Edmund's coat and pocketed them for himself. Soon after, Remy admitted to Christina that he lost his job at Cedars and decided to go back to the police force. Meanwhile, Christina found one of the diamonds and assumed that Remy was going to propose. Remy seized the opportunity but Christina rejected his proposal since she was happy with how things were. Soon after, to prevent his parents from losing their home, Remy fenced one of the diamonds. Meanwhile, the police were looking for the diamonds and Frank asked Cyrus to work on the case with Remy. Unbeknownst to Remy, Cyrus was looking for the diamonds on behalf of a woman named Natasha. Not long after, Cyrus overheard Christina say that Remy had proposed to her using a loose diamond and was further intrigued to learn that Remy was the one who found Edmund's body. After learning that Remy helped his father out financially, Cyrus implied to Remy that he suspected he had the diamonds. After a surveillance tape confirmed Cyrus's suspicion, Cyrus confronted Remy. However, by this point, Remy had confessed all to Christina and flushed the diamonds down the toilet. Unfortunately, Natasha was willing to kill for those diamonds. Luckily, the pair was able to find them in the sewer. By this point, Remy had a change of heart and decided to turn the diamonds in to the police. Ultimately, the pair set up a sting and succeeded in turning Natasha and the diamonds in to the police. When Frank asked how they located the diamonds, Cyrus covered for Remy.

Later, at Bill and Lizzie's wedding, Christina and Remy each pretended to get drunk so they could marry again. As soon as Mel found out, she drew up annulment papers. Just as Christina was about to sign, Remy stopped her and told her that he wanted to stay married to her. The feeling was mutual. Meanwhile, Remy tried to convince Mallet that his suspicion about Marina being Edmund's murderer was incorrect. Unfortunately, Mallet was convinced. Remy proved to be correct when Dinah confessed to the crime and, with Mallet's help, fled the country. When Remy discovered what Mallet had done, he kept quiet since he understood Dinah only killed someone to protect Shayne's baby. Meanwhile, Remy learned that there was no record of his marriage to Christina because he didn't file a license. As he broke the news to Christina, she revealed that she was pregnant. The pair got married in a speedy ceremony and later celebrated the birth of of a son, Clayton.

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