One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on OLTL

Nora regained her memories. Todd obtained a restraining order against Blair. Nora recalled pushing Colin down the stairs. She recounted the events of the evening. Antonio was disgusted with Roseanne for not saying anything. Nora stopped at Colin's grave.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 16, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, July 16, 2001

At Llanfair, Starr learns that it is the baby keeping her parents apart, but Blair reassures her that both she and Todd love their unborn child. Blair and Ben go up to the attic to retrieve Starr's things, and Blair admits that she keeps secrets from Todd. Ben asks Blair what she really wants in life. Meanwhile, Viki encourages Todd to accept the baby and choose happiness with Blair; however, when Todd goes upstairs to talk with Blair, he overhears her tell Ben that she wants a life with the father of her child.

Roseanne prepares herself to leave town, but is stopped by Antonio, who questions her reasons for leaving. She initially lies, but then admits to having information about Colin's murder. When Antonio asks if she killed Colin, she asks him to take her to the courthouse.

On the witness stand, Lindsay once again confesses to Colin's murder, while Nora struggles with new memories of the night he died. When Lindsay recounts events, Nora realizes that she is lying. Jen is stunned when Cristian arrives and pulls her out of court to tell her that he believes Roseanne is the real killer. Inside, as memories of another person at Colin's house resurface, Nora stuns the court by declaring Lindsay innocent of the murder; Roseanne arrives as Nora finally remembers the truth.

At R.J.'s club, Jessica panics when she believes her wallet has been stolen; she suspects Seth, then feels guilty when the wallet, which she had dropped outside, is returned. Seth overhears as Jessica discusses her feelings with Al, but Al covers for her.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Todd doesn't hear Blair tell Ben that who she really wants to be with is Todd. Todd storms downstairs and Viki can tell he is about to do something drastic. She tells him that he has the same look in his eye on the day of his wedding to Blair. She reminds him how much he regretted that mistake. Viki urges Todd not to do anything rash, but Todd doesn't listen. Todd takes Starr home and he promises her he loves her no matter what happens. Blair shows up to finally tell Todd the truth, but instead of letting her in he hands Blair a restraining order and informs her that he has full custody of Starr! Todd slams the door in Blair's face, but Blair refused to leave. Eventually, a police officer arrived and escorted her off of the property.

Max walks in on Gabrielle as she is looking through all the expensive gifts Asa has bought her. Max can't believe that Gab has forgiven Asa for that night of terror. He is angry and tells her not to come to his room anymore looking for protection. Gab makes excuses for her marriage to Asa claiming he gives her everything she needs, even if it's not exactly what she wants. She lashes out at Max for deserting her. Sparks fly between the two and Gab admits her feelings were stirred when she slept in his room. The two embrace for a passionate kiss.

Nora's memories come rushing back to her as she looks over and sees Roseanne in the courtroom. She yells at Roseanne demanding to know why she has kept quiet all this time. "You know why I haven't said anything!" Roseanne responds. Nora desperately tries to recall the events of the evening. The court is in an uproar, but the judge still allows Nora to take the witness stand. Nora remembers hearing both Lanie and Jen argue with Colin, but then realizes it was after that he began climbing the stairs. She realizes that she had stumbled out of his bed and was at the top of the stairs. She gets angry as she remembers his cruel laughter and smugness. Suddenly it all becomes clear to Nora as she proclaims, "I killed Colin!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2001


Dazed and crying, Nora remembers what happened at Colin's house the night of his murder as everyone in the courtroom looks on in shock. She's at once apologetic that she didn't remember sooner while the judge is annoyed that she has wasted everyone's time and money not to mention the fact that people have been hurt. As Hank cross-examines her, she swears it's not a dream, it's real. She recaps what happened the night of Colin's dinner as everyone looks on, entranced. Sam brought her home and wanted to stay with her but she wouldn't hear of it. As it turned out Colin was already in the house and had a syringe in her back before she could stop him. They fought but she was too weak so he picked her up, put her in the car and took her to his house. Upstairs as he put her in bed, she noticed the bedroom and how tacky it looked-he had decorated it for the occasion. He undressed her and told her they would be together forever, gave her more drugs via the water and became angry when she threw water in his face. As he was about to give her more drugs the doorbell rang and it was Lanie, who unknowingly saved her life. She remembers him then arguing with Jen and then especially his laughter. As she struggled to get up and walk out into the hallway he came upstairs, telling her that he was unstoppable. She pushed him and he went tumbling down the stairs. At that time she saw Roseanne who looked on and ran out. She thought Ms. Vega was going for help so she struggled back up the stairs and passed out. She awoke later in the hospital. Nora then tells the judge to set Sam free though the judge thinks she could be putting on this whole act to free him so she refuses to suspend the case. The Rappaport family all stand up to disagree and finally Roseanne stands up to announce that she can corroborate Nora's story. She briefly states that the door was open at Colin's house and he was falling down the stairs as she walked in. She saw Nora on the landing and ran out. She "thought Nora would handle it" so she didn't do anything, afraid that others would learn that she was there. That's why she never said anything later, while working at the police station. Bo warns her that they will need a statement from her and Antonio escorts upstairs to the police station. The judge is perturbed and wants Nora sequestered . Hank withdraws the charges and the case against Sam is dropped. Nora tells Sam that if she had known the truth none of this would have ever happened.

Palace Hotel

Seth is working extra shifts to pay for college, he explains to Renee who wants to know why he's there again. Asa is sitting nearby and calls Seth over-he wants to know if the young man wants to make extra money. All he has to do is follow his wife around and report on whether he sees her with Max. He shows him pictures of the two and Seth recognizes Gabrielle as Al's mother. Renee walks over and laughs at Asa's sham of a marriage as he orders her to butt out of his business. He mentions that Gabby was a guest in the hotel the previous night but Renee tells him otherwise, even letting him check the guest register. She tells him that his wife isn't worth it and was probably with another man. He appears annoyed and leaves.

Buchanan Mansion

Just like old times, Gabrielle and Max give in to their passion for each other but Al walks in soon after, thinking that his mother is struggling with Max. She covers up, saying they were just having an old and meaningless dispute but she can handle it. Max tells Al he would never hit a woman when Al thinks that he'd better step in next time. They'll resolve it later, Gabby tells him, dismissing Max from the room. She and Asa will make sure Max never hurts anyone again, she informs her son. He thinks he'd better not stay in the dorms but she wants him to experience it and she'll be protected from Max when Asa is around. After Al leaves Max returns and wonders why she kept up the pretense that they were fighting, Al should know that Asa is the threat, not him. She wants Al to think she's a success and not weak, though Max says she's many things (beautiful, sexy, smart,etc) but not weak. She disagrees, especially when it comes to him but she'll be stronger from now on and he will too, he says. As they're about to kiss they hear Asa approach. They pull apart as the old man says he'd be crazy to think she'd be cheating on him. Max leaves and Gabby is happy to report that Asa interrupted them. He was out spreading dirt on her cheating with Max and Renee was joyful. Gabby is thrilled that they will shortly be going "in for the kill," but she doesn't want Al to learn any of this. They agree they must be careful and whatever they do, they will do it out of the house. She will convince Max that they must go away to discuss their situation and whatever-Asa says that the whatever must be documented on tape.

Palace Hotel

Renee stops to chat with Seth and tell him not to do as Asa asked. He says he doesn't want to tick the guy off especially since he's in class with Jess and Al. Just then Al arrives to ask Renee to post flyers regarding the appearance of Kortney Kayle at Break Bar. The young singer follows, telling Al she'll need a miracle to go on.

Police Station

Declining a lawyer, Roseanne confirms her statement to Antonio who reads it back to her. He is disturbed that Roseanne was again a coward.


Everyone congratulates Sam while the judge is incensed as she meets with Hank and Bo. She wants charges brought against Nora. Nora replays the entire incident in her mind while she sits alone. Once the guard outside her room is pulled away for an emergency Lindsay walks in on her.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

In the Palace, Asa made sure Renee overheard when he offered Seth a job to keep tabs on Gabrielle and Max. Asa fooled Renee into thinking that Gabrielle lied to him about spending the night at the Palace.

Meanwhile in Asa's library, Gabrielle and Max gave into their passion and kissed. Al interrupted but Gabrielle pretended to be arguing with Max. He warned Max to stay away from his mother or else. Alone, Gabrielle told Max that she covered because she didn't want Al to know about her problems with Asa. Later, Gabrielle and Asa compared notes about fooling Max and Renee. Gabrielle and Asa then revealed their plan to trick Max and get it on videotape.

Meanwhile, Al enthusiastically promoted Kortney Kayle's gig at Break Bar, only to learn from a crushed Kortney that the gig had been cancelled. Nora confessed to killing Colin as she announced that the nightmare was finally over. Judge Marin ruled that Nora's recollection was too questionable to be taken for fact, but Roseanne corroborated Nora's story on the stand. Roseanne admitted that she kept quiet about what she knew for fear that the things Colin did to her would be revealed. Nora was lead off to the witness room as Judge Marin dropped the charges against Sam. However, the judge hoped that Bo and Hank would bring charges against Nora.

Meanwhile, Antonio brought Roseanne to the police station so he could take her her formal statement regarding Colin. A disgusted Antonio asked Roseanne how she could have kept quiet.

Later, Lindsay snuck into the witness room to confront Nora. John was still angry that Rae withheld information about Colin's death. In attempt to make amends, Rae played her own confession tape for John but he didn't have time to discuss the situation with Rae.

Friday, July 20, 2001

Palace Hotel Restaurant

Blair overhears Todd tell Starr that Blair had left because of the baby. Starr doesn't believe and tells Todd she is going to the ladies room and that she wanted the truth when she returned. Blair follows Starr.

Llanview Country Club

Cris and Al are setting up for the Kortney Kayle concert when Jess walks up. While the three are talking, someone is watching Jess from the bushes.

Llanview Courthouse

Sam finds Lindsay with Nora and Lindsay continues to her snide unkind remarks about Nora. Sam asks Lindsay for a moment alone with Nora.

Palace Restaurant

Todd catches Blair before she gets to see Starr. Of course, they argue and Blair tells Todd he will not get away with keeping Starr from her.

Llanview Courthouse

Will and Jen discuss the fact that they blackmailed Lindsay into confessing to Colin's murder. Will is convinced that Lindsay confessed in order to protect he and Jen from having to go to the police with the story about her being part of Nora's kidnapping. When Sam asks for a minute alone with Nora, Lindsay does not leave, but keeps interfering and making excuses for Sam to go back to Jen and Will. As Nora tries to apologize to Sam, Bo walks in and tells Nora that court is reconvening and the judge is ready to announce her decision.

Llanview Country Club

Cris, Al and Jessica are talking when Natalie comes in. Jess tells Cris and Al about how Natalie rescued her when she had a flat. Seth walks up and asks Jess about a film class. Al teases Seth about the fact that it is obvious that he likes Jess.

Palace Restaurant

Todd insists to Starr that he was not talking to Blair. Starr accuses Todd of lying again, but Todd says he will tell her the truth.

Llanview Courthouse

Blair who has not shown one time during Sam's trial now rushes to the Courthouse to try to see Sam. Being the compassionate, caring and kind person she is, she becomes upset when a bailiff tells her that she can't see Sam because he is in the courtroom with Nora. The judge enters the courtroom and announces that she has conferred with the District Attorney and has listened to his advice. The judge says that, due to the unique circumstances of Colin MacIver's death, corroborated by an eyewitness account, she has determined that justice would best be served by the application of understanding, compassion and leniency. She therefore accepted the District Attorney's recommendation that no charges be filed against Nora Buchanan in the slaying of Colin MacIver. Bo is smiling and very pleased with the decision. Sam is obviously relieved and thankful. Lindsay is furious. Nora is shocked and looks at Hank in gratitude. Nora starts to embrace Sam, but Lindsay interrupts before they get the opportunity. Bo also walks between them and says that the judge made the right decision and embraces Nora. Nora then walks over to Hank and they embrace as old friends and lovers will do. Lindsay still has not left the courtroom and when Hank leaves she walks up behind Nora and tells her she is a killer and that she will have to live with that for the rest of her life. (Can't ANYONE put a sock in this woman's mouth?)

Outside the courtroom, Sam is having a moment with his children when the kind, compassionate Blair interrupts and says she MUST speak with him right then. Will and Jen tell him to go speak with Blair. Lindsay FINALLY comes out of the courtroom and tells Will and Jen that she has made very special plans and needs their help.

Blair tells Sam that she not only needs him to get the restraining order for her not to see Starr overturned, but she also needs him to make sure that Todd is never able to take her unborn baby away from her.

Palace Hotel Restaurant

Todd tells Starr that Blair doesn't want to live with them, but that she wants to live with Max.

Llanview Cemetery

Nora has left the courtroom and already gotten to the cemetery where Colin is buried. It has already gotten dark outside and Nora approaches Colin's grave. The tombstone has Colin's name, the date he died and a line that says, "First Do No Harm".

Palace Hotel Restaurant

Starr wants to go find Blair and tell her how dumb she is, but Todd won't let her. Starr asks Todd how he and Blair can be having a baby if they don't love each other.

Country Club

Cris asks Al and Seth to save seats for he and Jen, then leaves. Jess, Al and Seth start to sit down. When Al sits next to Jess, Seth gives Al a look and Al quickly jumps up and says he has to go introduce Kortney. Seth sits next to Jess.

Llanview Courthouse

Bo tells Lindsay that he was impressed with the bravery Lindsay had shown in confessing to Colin's murder. (It doesn't take much to impress our Commissioner these days). Will and Jen apologize to Lindsay for forcing her to confess and swear that they will never tell anyone that she was part of Nora's kidnapping. Lindsay says she regrets what she did to Nora and swears that she will never do anything like that to Nora again (of course we all know what Lindsay's promises are worth and that doesn't rule anyone else out).

Llanview Cemetery

Crying, Nora kneels in front of Colin's headstone and tells Colin how very sorry she is for what she did. She says she saw the sweetness and good in him at one time, but then it went away. Nora tells herself that she has to let the vendetta go, then she hears a noise in the trees around the grave.

Country Club

Al introduces Kortney Kayle who then says her first song is a dedication to Jessica Buchanan from a secret admirer.

Llanview Courthouse

Lindsay is STILL at the courthouse talking to Jen and Will about the "family" needing to heal. Lindsay says that they all have to be a part of it, including Sam. The three hug and Lindsay asks them to promise they will stay the night with her. Cris walks up just in time to overhear Jen promise Lindsay to stay with her. Lindsay gives Cris a drop-dead look and he walks away.

Llanview Courthouse/Palace Restaurant

At the same time Blair is telling Sam that the baby belongs to Todd, Todd tells Starr that that the baby Blair is carrying belongs to Max.

Llanview Cemetery

Nora hears the noise in the surrounding trees and yells out "Is anyone there?" She looks into the trees, quickly catches her breath, then says "Colin."

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