One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on OLTL

Troy proved that he was not Colin. Gabrielle tried to seduce Max. Viki gave Natalie a job. Viki heard Niki talking to her. Rae's new patient was Allison Perkins. Kelly moved to Texas with Kevin and Duke. Everyone learned about Cristian's website.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, August 13, 2001

Sam reminds Troy that identical twins may share DNA but they don't have the same fingerprints. Max hovers over Blair as she recuperates at Dorian's. Meanwhile, Gabrielle slips into the house and dons a flimsy negligee. Struggling to keep Jen from discovering the naked girl in his bed, Cris seeks to distract her by revealing how he's planned a romantic getaway just for two. Blair tells Max how Todd walked out on her when she was doubled over with pain. At the Break Bar, Seth and Jessica learn about the "Hottie Bares All" website. Nora convinces Troy to let himself be fingerprinted to clear up any confusion about his identity. Across the room, R.J. quietly points out to Lindsay how much trouble she'll be in if "Troy" proves to be Colin after all. Max awakens from an erotic dream to find a scantily clad Gabrielle smothering him with kisses. Upstairs, Blair regretfully wishes she had come clean with Todd long ago. Finally pulling away from Gabrielle's embrace, Max orders her to leave. Shauna plants a kiss on Cristian, who reminds his "fan" of his commitment to Jen. After comparing the two sets of fingerprints, Antonio confirms that Troy is not Colin.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Nora has a nightmare that she waking up next to Colin in a red-satin sheet bed. "Hello, Scarlet!" says Colin as Nora wakes up screaming. Sam comes in her bedroom to comfort her. Sam convinces Nora to take some time to herself to relax. Meanwhile at the diner, Will and Jen are discussing her relationship with Cris when Troy walks in. He approaches them and Jen shrieks. Will practically assaults Troy until he has a chance to explain that he is Colin's twin. Will demands he leaves town, but Troy informs them that he has family business to attend to. Troy leaves and soon after Sam arrives. Jen and Sam have a heart to heart about Jen becoming an adult. Jen pries into Sam's personal life by asking if he and Nora are getting back together. At Llantano Mountain, Nora is taking a nap in the sun, but is awakened by a soaking wet and shirtless Troy standing over her!

Kelly goes to Llanfair to say goodbye to Jessica. She tells Jess that she wants to be with Kevin and Duke in Texas. They reminisce about when a wild and crazy Kelly flew into Llanview. After Kelly leaves, Natalie shows up to return the dress she borrowed from Jess. Natalie reveals that she can't afford to stay at Llanview U. Upset, Jess offers to loan her the money for tuition. Natalie declines, but Jess thinks she can help her get a job.

Gabrielle hires a hot looking man-nurse to look after Blair. Max fires him on the spot. Max demands to know what Gab's interest in Blair is. Gab feeds him some garbage about being a changed woman, but Max isn't buying it. Gab informs Max she knows he doesn't love Blair. He can't however, bring himself to kick Gab out of the house. Kelly arrives to see Blair and warns her to be on guard. Kelly is afraid someone could find out the truth about the baby. Blair and Kelly say a tearful goodbye. Blair is sad that she doesn't have anyone to confide in. After Kelly leaves, Gabrielle wanders in. Blair is snippy with her, but Gab responds sweetly and moves in to fluff Blair's pillows and tuck her into bed. Unfortunately for Blair, Gab finds her pregnancy pad!

Wednesday, August 15

Cris and Seth help Carlotta out at the diner and reminisce about old times. Leah stops by with a confirmation for Cris' special weekend with Jen and admires Seth, asking Cris to give him her number. Seth later admits to Cris that he's interested in Jess while Cris tells him he's ok with it. They touch on the subject of computers but Cris is still unaware of what's happening at the bar.

Natalie is dropping out of school because she needs a job, but Jess convinces her to take a loan. She'll help out with the job and suggests that she can be her mother's social secretary. Ben and Viki arrive home and run into Sam at the door who informs them of Troy's appearance in Llanview. He admits that Nora is on fragile ground due to this. Once they get in the house Jess pulls her mother aside to fill her in on Natalie though Viki appears to be acting strangely. She in turn fills Jess in on Colin's twin and tells her she would have preferred to discuss Natalie's situation alone. Jess plays up her friend by telling her mother that she's nice, smart, can do anything and most of all, needs the job to stay in school. In the study, Viki gives Natalie an interview on the spot and agrees to hire her. Out in the foyer, Ben and Sam have a chat; Ben informs his brother that he can see he still loves Nora. Sam, on the other hand, thinks that Nora just needs her space but Ben disagrees. She needs Sam, Ben says, and though Sam is hesitant due to their parting previously, he decides to go after her. Jess introduces her step-dad to Natalie who thinks he's really cute. Viki jokes that her daughter twisted her arm to get her friend the job.

Nora is sunning when she is approached by Troy who won't let her leave by grabbing her. She threatens bodily harm and he lets go, apologizing. He stopped at the lake on the spur of the moment and was not following her as she accuses. He tells her about the talisman that he is wearing that was carved from a tree in Kenya. He was sprung on them in an unlikely manner which is why they've all been unkind, she tells him. He only wants to know why she killed Colin. Though she informs him that it's public record she tells him the entire story from start to finish, along with the fact that she's lost many of her memories. Colin went over the edge though no one is able to explain why other than it appears that he became obsessed with her. Nora is very insistent that she won't apologize and in fact, would do it again if she had to. Troy apologizes for his brother but Nora tells him it isn't necessary. As he touches her in comfort, Sam approaches.

Gabrielle finds Blair's pregnancy padding though Blair at first claims it's been used as a pillow. Gabrielle knows what it really is and is beginning to think that maybe the baby isn't Max's but Todd's, she says. Blair denies it but Gabi presses until Blair finally admits to the con that she was originally planning to pull until she learned that she really was pregnant. When Gabi wants to know why it's laying so close at hand, Blair tells her that Kelly dropped it off as a good-bye present for a joke. When Gabi wants to call Max and fill him in on the joke, Blair threatens to tell him about how slowly Gabi dialed 9-1-1 when she needed them. It's a standoff but there's one condition, Gabi announces. Blair has to cut Max loose.

Rae visits to speak with a patient but doesn't have any information since the file hasn't arrived yet according to one of the nuns. The woman's name is Allison Perkins and she tells Ms. Cummings that she's done a terrible thing. She hurt someone and though Rae says otherwise, she can't be forgiven. She won't tell her anything about it. After the visit, Rae tells the nun that the patient is deeply troubled, carrying a large burden of guilt. The file has arrived and Rae peruses it. She mutters "Viki" and looks at the woman in shock.


Natalie thanks Jess again for getting her the job with her mother and now she'll be able to give a check to the registrar. Seth approaches to chat with Jess but just then Det. Sykes appears. He tells Jess that the stuck elevator that she was on was deliberately tampered with.

Thursday, August 16

St. Anne's

Rae discovers that her new patient, Allison Perkins once kidnapped baby Jessica. Allison keeps insisting to Rae that she is guilty and very evil, telling Rae she even dressed up as Viki's alter Niki while committing the crime to try to make Viki think she did it and was losing her mind. Rae tries to convince her that she was just brainwashed by Mitch Laurence, but Allison still feels ashamed. Rae tells her that Viki is very forgiving and that she will get Viki to come to St. Anne's to see Allison.

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Viki's house

Natalie arrives and is so flustered by the sight of Ben and Viki kissing, she stumbles over a fixture in the parlor and breaks it. She insists to Viki she will clean it up and pay for it, but Viki tells her to forget about it and start her work as assistant. Natalie gets so involved in her work that she is running late for class, so Ben volunteers to drop her off, and they leave. Meanwhile, Rae arrives and begins to tell Viki about her new patient. Viki is very reluctant and says Rae doesn't know what she is asking by asking her to come visit Allison.

Llanview U.

Jess and Seth are talking with John about the elevator mishap when Will shows up and insists on talking to Jess alone. Will tells her he still loves her, that the breakup was all his fault, and that he wants her back. Jess tells him she has moved on and she wants him to do the same. They say a teary goodbye and Will leaves. Meanwhile, a nervous Seth is asking John if they have any suspects in the elevator tampering, and he is relieved when John says no. John leaves and Seth waits for Jess to finish talking with Will. After Will has gone, Seth tells Jess a made-up story about seeing Will near the control panel of the elevator right before Jess got stuck in it.

Dorian's house

Gabrielle tells Blair that in order for her to keep her mouth shut about Blair's deception, Blair must let Gabrielle have Max for twenty-four hours. Blair agrees and Larry comes in. Larry tells her that she needs to stay on bedrest, then leaves. Blair insists to Gabrielle that she is still going to marry Max, and Gabrielle leaves the room with clenched teeth.


Sam walks up as Troy is comforting Nora about Colin, and gets very angry. He shouts at Troy, telling him to leave town, and that he will handle Colin's estate for free if Troy will leave. Troy says he wants to handle some things himself, and says he will do his best to stay away from everyone Sam cares about. Troy then leaves and Sam and Nora talk about their feelings for each other.

Palace Bar

Lindsay and R.J. spot Colin's lawyer and go over to talk to him. The lawyer tells them that another safe deposit box was found in Philidelphia, and he has the contents in the case he is carrying. He then says he is having it sent to Troy's room at the Palace. The lawyer leaves, then R.J. leaves. Lindsay then begins to bribe a waiter to get her a key to Troy's room, but is stopped by a just-returned R.J. R.J. hands her the key to Troy's room so she can look at the papers while Troy is out, and leaves. We then see Lindsay go up to Troy's room and try to unlock it. She is unsuccessful and Troy walks up behind her.

Friday, August 17

Cris and Jen are at Sam's house waiting for everyone to get there for Lindsay's big get together for the Vega's and the Rapport's when Cris notices what he thinks is a TV screen, but Jen tells him it is a computer monitor and shows him the keyboard. Will walks in and, noticing that he is in a bad mood, Jen asks what is wrong. Will tells she and Cris that he told Jess he loved her and wanted her back, but that Jess turned him down then he goes to his room.

Seth tries to convince Jessica that Will was responsible for her being trapped in the elevator, but Jess just can't believe that Will would do something like that. Detective Sykes asks Jess again if she has any idea who might have wanted to trap her in the elevator.

Sam tells Nora he loves her and asks how she feels about him. When she can't answer, he tells her not to say anything, then kisses her.

After catching Lindsay trying to break into his suite, Troy unlocks the door and shows her in. He asks her why she was trying to break into his room. Lindsay says she didn't know it was his room, but Troy says he doesn't believe her reminding her that she tried to suffocate him the first time they met. Lindsay denies the accusation and says she was trying to make him more comfortable. He asks what Colin had on her saying it is obvious that she thinks he has something she wants. Lindsay says she got a room at the Palace because her bedroom was being painted. Troy says that just may be the worst lie he has ever heard. As Lindsay is leaving, Troy says he wonders if it could have anything to do with Scarlet. Lindsay immediately asks how he knew that Scarlet was the pet name Colin had for Nora. Then she accuses him of being the real Colin.

Jessie tells Detective Sykes that she doesn't have anything to tell him. After Sykes leaves, she tells Seth that Will would tamper with the elevator and Seth says he doesn't know why anyone would.

Carlotta and Antonio arrive at Sam's house for dinner and Antonio notices the computer screen. He picks up the keyboard and starts to play around. Carlotta notices that the hosts are not there. Cris says nothing Lindsay does would surprise him, but that Sam is a good guy. Jen is very embarrassed and goes to the kitchen to see if there is a note. She finds that there is no note, no dinner, and barely any food in the refrigerator. She tells Cris that she thinks her parents have forgotten about the dinner.

Troy assures Lindsay that he is not Colin but she asks how he knew about Colin's pet name for Nora. He says that he read it in some of Colin's notes, but that he did not know it was Nora until Lindsay told him. She asks what else Colin said about Nora and if he said anything about her. Troy says he has only read a few pages and does not know. Lindsay says it doesn't matter since everyone knows Colin was a liar (that's the pot calling the kettle black) Troy knows that Lindsay is afraid that the information in Colin's papers will hurt her, perhaps even destroy her.

Sam and Nora come up for air and Nora says she still is not sure how to answer his question. Sam says she did answer in her own way. They laugh and talk about their relationship, both past and present. Sam says he will withdraw the question and Nora says he doesn't have to. Sam looks very deeply into her eyes and starts to kiss Nora again.

Ben escorts Natalie into the Student Union Building and she offers to buy him a cup of coffee.

Viki goes into a major anxiety attack when Rae talks to her about Allison Perkins. She tells Rae about how Allison dressed up like her alter, Niki Smith and took Jessica so that people would think Viki had kidnapped her own baby. She explained that she still remembered the horror of realizing that her daughter had been stolen. Rae tries to explain that Allison has never been able to forgive herself or get past the guilt for having taken Jessica, but Viki says she can't put herself through the agony of seeing Allison. Rae says she understands and begs Viki to forgive her. After Rae leaves, Viki has a flashback memory of when Clint told her it looked as if Jessica had been stolen and she ran into the nursery to find an empty crib. She calls Zack at the Banner and tells him to have someone pull every piece the Banner ever wrote about Allison Perkins and to get it to her as soon as possible.

Cristian, Jen, Carlotta and Antonio are still waiting for the Rapport's at Sam's house while he and Nora are still up on Llantano Mountain talking about Nora's taking Matthew to Chicago to see her parents and Rachel. She agrees to go on the trip and suggests that they have a family dinner at her house before she leaves. Suddenly Sam remembers the dinner for the Vegas and rushes off. As she is leaving, Nora finds the talisman necklace Troy was wearing.

Even though she denies interest, Troy offers Lindsay the opportunity to stay and read Colin's papers but tells her that if he reads anything that indicates any kind of criminal activity on anyone's part, he will turn the information over to the police. Once they have read all of Colin's papers, it is clear that there is nothing incriminating to be concerned about. Lindsay is concerned that there might me something else, but thanks Troy and leaves.

Natalie has a confrontation with a couple of girls over where she got the blouse Jessica gave her. They practically accuse her of stealing it and Natalie handily puts them in their place by telling them it is none of their business, but that she has a job and she can shop wherever she wants when Ben returns with their coffee.

Nora starts to knock on Troy's door but decides to write a note instead. Troy has removed his shirt (again) and is apparently changing clothes when he hears something outside his door.

Lindsay finally shows up and the first thing she sees is the computer monitor. Carlotta tries to postpone the dinner, but Lindsay refuses. She insists that the Vegas stay saying that she will order dinner in. She excuses herself and goes in the hall to call Chad and makes plan to expose Cristian's web site. Sam comes in as Lindsay is talking to Chad and asks her what she is up to. She quickly covers by telling Sam she was talking about everyone being interested in the computer screen. Sam goes into the living room and welcomes his guests as well as apologizing for being so late. Lindsay says the food is on it's way (she never ordered it!) and goes to get Will. Chad solicits Molly to help him with Lindsay's scheme, but he doesn't tell her it is a plan to hurt Cristian.

Natalie and Ben discuss her eagerness to succeed and willingness to work hard. Viki is looking at the articles about Allison Perkins and continues to have the memory of Clint telling her Jessie has been taken. Jessica and Seth start to get on the same elevator that Jess was trapped on. Jess is hesitant, but Seth takes her hand and tells her he will stay with her.

Everyone is sitting in Sam's living room obviously uncomfortable when the doorbell rings. Lindsay opens the door and Molly is delivering the food. When she goes into the living room, she starts to ask Cris about his web cam site. Of course Cris denies any knowledge of the site and tells Molly that she has him mixed up with someone else. Molly tells him to take of his shirt, or better yet his pants and she can tell him for sure. Jen, Carlotta and Antonio all come to Cris' defense. Molly tells them all about the web site and says Jen was on it too. Will goes to the keyboard and enters the name of the web site.

Viki hears Niki Smith talking to her about Allison kidnapping Jessica. Jessica and Seth get off the elevator and he asks her for a "real" date and she agrees. Natalie joins them and Jess introduces she and Seth. After Jess leaves to go pick up handouts for the film class, Seth pushes the elevator button and pushes Natalie inside. When she asks what he is doing, he kisses her passionately.

Colin slips his shirt back on (but he doesn't button it), yanks open the door and Nora nearly falls in. She explains that she was leaving him a note and hands him his necklace. He thanks her saying that he would have truly hated to lose the talisman.

Everyone is watching the computer screen as Will enters the web address and brings up the illegal web cam site with Cristian. Poor Cristian is completely shocked, as is everyone else. Lindsay turns and glares at Sam with that "I told you so" look then she look over at Jen.

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