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Allison managed to convince the staff at St. Anne's that she was no longer insane. Antonio was upset that he hadn't been told that he was the father of Liz's baby. Max decided not to divorce Roxy after she defended Natalie and Jessica against Mitch.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, January 13, 2003

Emily walks in on Nora and Troy kissing at Troy's office. Nora informs Emily the wedding date has been set for February 14th. Emily is happy for Troy and Nora. Troy leaves and Emily follows him out. Emily asks Troy if he really is going to do this. Emily doesn't believe Lindsay will just stand by and let Troy and Nora get married. Troy believes he has found a way to silence Lindsay for good, maybe even send her back to Statesville.

A distraught Antonio describes to Cristian the DNA tests he had done on the baby Keri is carrying and on himself. Antonio starts to cry as he admits the baby Keri is carrying is his. If he doesn't say anything he loses his daughter, and if he does he will lose Keri. Cris thinks maybe he can keep the baby and Keri. If he just explains to Keri what happened, maybe she will understand. Antonio cannot get over Liz knowing all along that this was his child and still letting Keri carry the baby. Cris defends Liz thinking maybe she didn't know until it was too late. Antonio tears up as he reflects on the plans he had with Keri. Cris wonders what Antonio plans on doing. Antonio will raise his child.

Lindsay is happily getting ready for her afternoon with Troy when Jen comes to the gallery. Jen wonders who Lindsay is getting ready for. Jen guesses Troy. Jen thinks they should celebrate as she had Cristian thrown in jail. After explaining how she set Cris up, Lindsay is concerned that this will backfire on Jen.

Natalie tries to convince Jessica to stay. Natalie doesn't think Jessica running away is the answer. Jessica denies she is running away. Natalie doesn't think she is being fair to Viki. Jess doesn't want to hear it. Natalie doesn't care, she is going to hear it. Viki is at home trying to be strong, but crying and worrying about Jessica, as she desperately wants Jessica home. Natalie realizes Jess is hurt right now but thinks it is no excuse for how she is acting. Does Jessica realize what this has done to their mother? Jessica cannot believe her ears. Does Natalie realize what this has done to her? Viki gave her away. Jessica is the unwanted one, the one her mother had to block out of her mind, the one she gave away. Natalie thinks that is crazy, their mother was out of her mind and didn't realize what was going on at the time. Viki loves Jessica. Jessica exclaims that Natalie just doesn't get it. Viki thought the baby returned to her was Natalie, not her dirty little secret. Viki raised her, took care of her, and loved her because she thought she was Natalie. Natalie thinks it doesn't matter, Viki loves them both. Viki loves Jess and Clint is still her dad. Jessica accuses Natalie of getting everything she wanted when she first came to Llanview, her mother, her father, her money and even her old boyfriend. Natalie now has everything she's ever wanted, Jessica's life. Jessica congratulates Natalie.

Mitch demands to know what Roxy has told Commissioner Buchanan. Roxy denies telling Bo anything about Mitch. Mitch then asks her to tell him about Jessica. He would like to know everything about her. He wants to be a good father to her, but she is reluctant to have a relationship with him. Roxy starts to show some backbone and lets Mitch know it is not going to happen. Jess is hightailing it out of town. He will never see her again. Mitch asks if Roxy knows where Jess is. Roxy yells even if she did know where she was, she wouldn't tell Mitch. Mitch thinks this is noble of Roxy, but as he is leaving he sees Jessica's bags at the front door.

Troy goes on a fact finding mission to see Allison at the asylum. Allison recognizes Troy. Troy asks Allison for her help. Allison asks for Troy's help first, she would like Troy to ask the staff to re-evaluate her. He agrees. She is worried about going back to Statesville. Troy asks her about her relationship with Lindsay. Allison opens up and tells Troy all. Allison tells him R.J. was the help on the outside and set them up at Rae's house, and Lindsay was the mastermind behind the prison breakout.

Shawna arrives at Nora's office to get an exclusive quote on Cris's case. Shawna tells Nora about Jen's part in Cristian receiving jail time. Nora rushes out. Shawna then goes to see Cris at the jail and tells him.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Antonio stops Keri just as she's about to go to her very unsurprising surprise party at her father's nightclub. They briefly discuss Cristian's "travesty" of justice and then her birthday celebration. Keri senses a finality in Antonio's conversational tone. But he keeps his discovery about the baby's true paternity to himself and escorts his fiancé to the party.

At Lindsay's gallery, Nora discovers a love nest lavishly decorated for a romantic evening. Lindsay cagily describes morning events with her secret man who "wrapped [her] in a blanket and warmed [her] hands." Dismissively, Nora bursts her bubble with the news of Jen's alleged involvement with Mitch Laurence to put Cristian in jail. They hurl insults and Lindsay throws Nora out, slamming the door in her face. Nora changes her mind at the elevator and returns for another round, which includes Lindsay's criticism of Nora's many, many marriages. Nora implies that Lindsay is merely waiting for a paid escort who won't show and she may as well take her champagne and "stick it where it's nice and frigid cold." After Nora leaves, Lindsay calls Troy's voice mail about their "date."

At Capricorn, Hank warns Liz that Antonio knows he's the father of the baby. They discuss the possible ramifications if he reveals what he has learned. Liz rationalizes that Antonio wouldn't possibly tell Keri about the baby on her birthday. Hank recommends that Liz tell Keri herself. Carlotta angrily interrupts them about Hank's criminal prosecution of Cristian.

Troy arrives at the club to confront R.J. about Lindsay's prison escape and R.J.'s suspected participation in it. R.J. disputes the credibility of Allison's version of events. But Troy is persistent. R.J. is rescued from the interrogation by Liz a moment before they dim the lights for Keri's entrance.

Keri acts surprised and is genuinely delighted to have her loved ones around her. She has a warm discussion with Carlotta about family. Antonio seizes the moment to confront Liz about the baby as Troy takes advantage of Liz's absence from R.J.'s side to press him more about Lindsay. Troy tries to appeal to R.J.'s caring relationship with Nora as a reason to come clean. But R.J. stonewalls. Troy threatens to take his story to Hank. R.J. is reprieved again with the introduction of an elaborate birthday cake. Nora finally arrives at the party and delicately rubs Keri's tummy. Antonio catches up with Liz again and gets her to confess that she never would have looked for him to tell him she was pregnant. Liz begs him not to tell Keri. Meanwhile, R.J. has come up with a line of defense against Troy's allegations. He tells Troy that he may have to tell Nora about his ongoing affair with Lindsay.

Al tries to comfort Viki at Llanfair. Sadly, Jessica still doesn't want to see her. They share their mutual frustration over not being able to help her. But Al assures Viki that her daughter will ultimately be OK. He's convinced that Mitch can't find her where she's hiding. They recount all her wonderful attributes. Viki continues to implore Al to reveal Jessica's whereabouts. But he remains loyal to his friend. Viki begs him to at least plead her case to Jess. Finally, Al breaks down and gives Viki an envelope that he was going to deliver to Jessica at the airport. Viki leaves immediately to see her daughter one last time.

Roxy valiantly throws herself in front of the Mill House staircase to prevent Mitch from going up there. Holding her ground, Roxy intensely asks him why he allowed her to survive while everyone else involved in the baby switch is dead. Mitch replies, "You served my purposes." He insults her and tries to push past her. But like a lioness, Roxy curls her claws around his head and attacks him, forcefully pushing him back. As she begins to lose the struggle against him, Max comes to her rescue. Upstairs, Jessica is telling Natalie that she's welcome to her life and all its accoutrements. A moment later they hear the scuffle downstairs and realize Mitch is in the house. Natalie promises to find a way to get Jessica out-—she'll use herself as a decoy. The two sisters share an awkward but caring goodbye. Just as Max is ordering Mitch to leave, Natalie comes down the stairs. Max maintains a firm grip around Mitch's neck as Natalie distracts her legal husband. Jessica gingerly tiptoes down the stairs to the bottom landing. In her peripheral line of sight, Natalie sees her. Jess slips behind them as Natalie sustains her verbal assault on Mitch. Max throws Mitch out the door. Natalie leaves the house a moment later. Outside the door, Natalie calls out for Mitch. He is lurking in the bushes. Natalie tells him that all his efforts to hurt and control her family have failed. But Mitch threatens Cristian's safety in jail. Inside the house, Max puts his hand on top of Roxy's and tells her, "You did real good."

At the airport, Jessica is about to board her plane when she turns a corner and comes face to face with her mother.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Things heat up at Keri's surprise birthday party as Liz begs Antonio not to disclose the paternity test to her daughter. It's his little girl too, Antonio advises her, and he won't keep it a secret. He will not give her permission to take the baby away as she wants to, even though it'll hurt Keri deeply after she finds out. As the pair becomes louder, Hank has to separate them, warning them that it's not the proper place to hold the discussion. They throw accusations at each other with Antonio accusing Liz of sleeping with a stranger just to have a baby. Nearby, Troy denies to R.J. that he slept with Lindsay until R.J. suggests that he might reveal the news to Nora. And how did Lindsay get your tie, he wonders. He saw Troy with the exact tie only the other day. Troy doesn't think that anyone would believe Lindsay but a healthier Allison will put R.J. away. R.J. denies that he helped Lindsay when she escaped from prison and doesn't think anyone would believe Allison either. He reminds Troy that he has an alibi. Nora arrives and makes fun of Lindsay, "waiting for her man." R.J. knows who it is, he announces, and taunts Troy endlessly with hidden meanings in everything he says. He promised not to tell but then again maybe he will, he tells a glaring Troy. Just then, Keri gathers everyone together and thanks all for coming. She declares her love for her family members and mentions the child of her stepfather that she is carrying.

An unhappy Sam storms into the penthouse to see Todd about the Sun front page which has the headline, "Partners in Crime" with pictures of Mitch and Jen. He wants a retraction immediately and all remaining newspapers destroyed or he'll sue. Todd insists it's all true while Sam continues to yell that it's all a bunch of lies. He shows Blair the paper when she comes downstairs to check out the commotion and Todd is accused of printing what he did just to get back at them. Todd insists again that it's true especially since Blair insisted the Sun be respectable and Shawna heard Jen talk to the judge. Hey, maybe Jen will give him an interview, he suggests. They should probably be angry at Mitch not him, he says, and Sam should be more concerned with his daughter as well. Blair suddenly realizes that Todd may be telling the truth when she looks at him closely and she thinks Sam should check it out. He'll take care of his daughter, Sam says, and then take care of Todd.

Jen stops by to see Mitch, happy about her set-up involving the judge. Mitch explodes, calling her a "bubble-headed idiot" and explaining that he's always had his own method and plan for such deceit. He shows her the newspaper, furious that she opened her mouth in a public bathroom without checking to see if anyone else might be in there. He figures she can just drop off the face of the earth now because no one would notice. Jen threatens to tell on Mitch since he got her into it. She'll tell what he did and everyone will hate her for being in cahoots with him so he'll have to protect her. Mitch reminds her that she did it by deceiving a judge and doesn't much care about her, she's become a liability. Suddenly, he screams at her to get out.

Nat visits Cris to tell him she's worried about Mitch getting to him even while he's in jail. He tries to convince her that he's safe where he is but Nat thinks Mitch is still in control. As Cris reminds her that Mitch has lost everything, the guard hands over the newspaper, figuring they'd be interested to see the latest. Cris can't believe that Jen would do this but Nat thinks that something has happened and that the two have made a deal. Cris remembers finding Mitch and Jen together; he thought that Jen was scared of him but now he recalls the glasses of champagne. Nat feels that it's all to keep the two of them apart.

Jess meets up with Viki at the airport and is irritated that Al divulged her whereabouts and gave Viki her ticket. Handing her the ticket, Viki advises her that she's not there to stop her from going. Jess figures that she must want to see her leave then but her mother tells her she only wanted to express her love. Jess is cynical though Viki continues that she thinks it's a good idea for Jess to be the one to share the news with Clint and to see for herself that it won't change his feelings towards her. She also wants her far away from Mitch. The women cry and insist that they love each other and understand each other's feelings and actions. Jess blames Mitch, Viki blames herself for all that's transpired. Viki compares Mitch to Victor Lord so she can understand perfectly. She explains that Mitch brought her back to be in a good family while he wanted Clint's daughter to have nothing. It's good that he brought her though she would have known eventually about the twins thanks to Niki. She hopes that Jess returns one day but wishes her a happy and long life. She tells her daughter that she'll always be in her thoughts and prayers. Jess leaves to board her plane.

Liz and Antonio continue their conversation with Liz denying that she seduced him for a baby. She reminds him that they were both in grief and that they comforted each other. Antonio states that he cannot turn his back on his daughter as it would kill him if he does. Nora decides she doesn't really want to know who Lindsay is sleeping with as it probably won't last long anyway; Troy concurs. When she saw Lindsay earlier, she was either being stood up or her date was very late, she continues. When Antonio informs Keri that he and Liz were talking about the baby, she suddenly grabs her stomach and makes her way to Troy.

At the hospital, Troy has good news for everyone; there's a tear in the amniotic sac but if Keri lies still and has no stress for 48 hours, she'll be fine. Liz verifies that there can be no emotional stress. In the waiting area, R.J. mentions that he's not impressed with "Dr. Twin." He's worried about his daughter.

Todd insists that Sam should be out looking for Jen as Blair presses Todd to tell the truth. She wants him to be jealous and want her, he realizes.

As Mitch attempts to reach Jess by phone, Sam pays him a visit.

Jen visits Cris in jail as he reassures Nat that he'll be ok alone. Jen stumbles over her words as Cris asks her if the newspaper is true.

Viki cries during a musical montage of Jess through the years. She feels a hand and it's Jess, who's returned to hug and kiss her goodbye.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

by Beth

After the newspaper headline hits, Jen has to explain herself to Cristian and insists that she is not associated with Mitch in any way. Meanwhile, Sam demands answers from Mitch, who continues to insist that Jen sought out his help. Mitch claims to a seething Sam that Jen threw herself at him. Jen arrives at Mitch's house and is stunned to find her father. Jen nervously swears up and down that there is no connection with Mitch, but Sam urges her to tell the truth. Sam sees right through Jen's lies and presses her to come clean with her and Mitch's plans.

In the meantime, Natalie and Viki console one another about Jessica's departure for London.

Blair listens to Todd and Shawna from her hiding place. Todd is perfectly aware that Blair is listening and lays on the charm with Shawna, leaving her dazzled and Blair a little jealous. After Shawna leaves, Blair and Todd begin a heated exchange -- each accusing the other of jealousy -- which leads them directly into a steamy moment of passion.

Natalie visits Cristian in jail and Cristian admits that the newspaper story about Jen may be true. They are both stunned to see Allison led into the cell block.

Rae threatens to expose Nigel's secrets unless he reveals Asa and Max's plans to be rid of their wives. Nigel is forced to admit that Asa and Max are helping each other get divorces. Hoping her husband will stop her, Roxy tells Max how a certain billionaire has been wooing her with riches and words of love. Max confides his plan to his son, then admits to an astonished Al how his feelings towards Roxy have changed. Unaware that Max has asked Asa to call off their deal, Rae tells Roxy of his and Asa's scheme. Asa presses Roxy for an answer as his deadline arrives.


Blair breaks her kiss with Todd and slaps him across the face. Todd insists the kiss was mutual and Blair privately realizes this to be true. Blair vehemently claims that Sam is the only man she wants to be with. Todd assures Starr that he and Blair will get back together. Sam arrives to take Blair on their secret getaway. Todd tells Sam he will have Blair's death on his head if he takes her out of the penthouse. Natalie is certain that Mitch is behind Allison's transfer to the same jail where Cristian is being held. Natalie fears that Mitch and Allison are planning on hurting Cristian. Nora and Viki fail in their attempt to get Mitch to accept a monetary settlement in exchange for giving Natalie an annulment. Mitch sends a man named Thomas to the jail on a mission. Jen confesses to Sam that she teamed up with Mitch to get revenge on Cristian and Natalie. Jen goes on to explain how her lies led to Cristian being jailed. Sam insists that Jen tell Judge Fitzwater the truth and promises to be by her side. Sam is stunned when Jen reveals that she became pregnant by Al in an attempt to hang onto Cristian. Sam assures Jen that he will always love her. Roxy is devastated when Rae explains how Max and Asa were setting her up for a fall. Roxy agrees to Rae's plan to get even with Max and Asa. To that end, Rae and Roxy arrange for Roxy to catch Max and Rae in a compromising position. Rae "confesses" to Roxy that she and Max were having an affair. Max is stunned when Roxy announces that she is going to divorce him and take all of his money. Asa orders Nigel to break into Max's house and steal the divorce papers Rae signed.

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