One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on OLTL

Marcie's dorm room was trashed. River and Adriana ended up in a ditch after losing control of their car. Troy demanded that Jen turn over a tape she'd made of him with various women. Troy locked Lindsay and Jen in an insane asylum.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, July 21, 2003

Nora and Gabrielle have a talk about Troy and Nora tells Gabrielle that she knows that they had kissed. Gabrielle tells Nora that it's not like it looked, that in fact Troy had grabbed her and forced that kiss upon her and Troy was acting very irrational. Gabrielle begs Nora to believe her and Nora says that she does and tells Gabrielle that she doesn't know what Troy is up to, but it is no good.

Troy takes Lindsay to the mental institution, still pretending to be Colin. He tells the doctor to keep her away from the serial killer and the doctor assures him no one will find her. Lindsay begs the doctor to let her make a phone call to her daughter Jen, but the doctor tells her that her records indicate she has no family.

Al and Marcie prepare to go to R.J.'s club Ultra Violet. Marcie tells Al she is going to the peace rally tomorrow and asks Al to help her hang her Peace banner outside her dorm room window.

Joey finds a drunk Jen (imagine that lol) at R.J.'s club and tries to convince Jen to be with him. Rex sees them and tells Joey to leave his wife alone and that she is damaged goods anyway. They nearly come to blows over Jen. A bit later, Joey approaches Jen again, but she downs her drink and then proceeds to go on stage and starts stripping.

Walker tells Dorian that he can't be involved with her and after Dorian walks away, Starr comes out and talks to Walker. Starr tells Walker that her mom (Blair) is out with Kevin. Starr gets Jack in the stroller to show him to Walker. Starr is very amazed at what all Walker knows about her dad (Todd). Dorian happens to return, so Starr puts on her mad act in order to keep Walker's secret safe.

Nora questions Troy about Lindsay's disappearance. Troy lies as usual and Nora does not believe him.

Nora finds out from an informant that a blue 1965 Mustang convertible was seen at the docks when Mitch was killed and knows that Antonio has been covering for Jessica.

Blair and Kevin are out at Rodi's because Blair lost the bet and Blair is not enjoying herself. Kevin grabs her and plants a big kiss on her and Walker sees that from a secluded part of the room. Kevin is told he has an oil leak, so he leaves to check. In comes Walker and he and Blair start to dance, but Kevin comes back in and knows that Walker was the one that staged the oil leak. Walker had paid the bartender to lie. Walker and Kevin have words and Blair thinks they are both acting childish. Blair gets a call from Briggs and leaves.

River goes to Dorian (his grandmother) and tells her he doesn't want to go back with his dad. So Dorian makes a call and tells River he can stay with her, but he can't call her grandma, he can only refer to her as 'Dorian'.

Al and Marcie return from the club and while standing outside Marcie's door, Marcie invites Al to spend the night with her. Al says yes, when they open Marcie's door they find her dorm room has been ransacked and the peace banner is torn badly as well.

Claire informs Troy that she saw him pick Lindsay up and put her in his car. A distraught Troy invites Claire to go with him to dinner.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Jessica wants to confess to murdering Mitch, but Antonio persuades her to wait a few days until he can gather more facts in order to protect her. Jessica continues to deny knowing who else was on the docks the night Mitch was killed. Bo questions Antonio as to why he omitted mentioning the eyewitness who saw Jessica's car at the crime scene in his police report. Antonio, wanting to protect Jessica, claims he was driving Jessica's car that night but Bo is highly suspicious of his story. Jessica tells Walker that she is planning on confessing to killing Mitch and warns him that she will have to mention that he was on the docks that night. Walker tries to convince Jessica not to destroy her life, insisting Mitch deserved to die. Walker asks Jessica to keep quiet for another twenty-four hours and promises her that no innocent person will ever be charged with Mitch's murder. Walker later breaks into the evidence room at the police station and begins to steal the evidence in the murder case.

Troy arrives at Ultra Violet and tells R.J. that he had been there the entire evening. Jen confronts Troy and demands to know where Lindsay is. Troy denies any knowledge of Lindsay's whereabouts but becomes alarmed when Jen hints that she has another copy of the tape she made of him interacting with various women.

Joey tells Viki how miserable he is without Jen and fears they will never get back together. Jen arrives to see Joey, upset over the fact that Lindsay in missing. Joey comforts Jen and they are soon making love, unaware that a hidden Troy is watching them.

Marcie is devastated, and Al is angry, over the ransacking of her dorm room. Al and Marcie report the incident to the Dean of Students, but realize he is going to sweep the matter under the rug. Viki is horrified when she hears Al, as the Voice of the Night, talk about the trashing of Marcie's dorm room on the radio. Viki goes to see Marcie and promises to punish those responsible for ransacking her room.

Dorian accuses Walker of withholding the valuable assets from Mitch's estate. Starr spies on River and Adriana when they go swimming at Dorian's. River kisses Adriana and tells her he will drive her home in Dorian's sports car. Before leaving, River quickly drinks a cocktail. River loses control of the car, which ends up going off the road. River and Adriana are horrified when they realize that they hit and killed Claire.

R.J. is thrilled when Evangeline arrives at Ultra Violet, although he wishes she had arrived earlier to share more of his successful evening. R.J. and Evangeline leave the club and end up making love.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

River and Adriana agonize over what they saw on the side of the road and what to do. Did they hit the woman and kill her? They decide to go back and check out the scene.

As a cop looks over the dead woman and calls in a report to the police station, he learns that the car left behind is registered to Dorian Laurence. Once the medical examiner arrives, it's determined that the woman was strangled. When Bo and Nora show up, they are able to identify the victim as Claire Baxter from the hospital. Nora remembers that she was dating Troy and thinking aloud, surmises that perhaps like Colin, things started to go bad. She informs Bo of the video that Jen shot of the doctor with various women he seduced, then dropped. Bo wants to see what Jen has downloaded on her computer and becomes suspicious when Nora hesitates in answering his questions.

Dorian gives Hedy hell for letting River drink and take her car. As she continues on, Carlotta appears looking for Adriana and blames Dorian for the kids' antics. They begin to argue when Bo appears and tells them that Dorian's car has been located at an accident scene. Quickly united, the women want some answers.

Reaching the accident scene, the teens overhear the cops mention that the body was dumped and then hit by a car. Joyful that they weren't responsible for the woman's death, they turn to sneak away but the cops hear them and order them to stop.

Troy isn't looking well as he lurks outside of the carriage house, spying on Jen and Joey who are making love. They profess their love for each other and decide it can't be wrong. When Joey receives a phone call that he's needed at the hospital for a patient and Andrew can't be located (from Troy, disguising his voice), he takes off. No sooner is he out the door, then Troy is in. Grabbing Jen, he demands the extra tape from her. He's quite desperate as she only stares at him. He prattles on about trying to save his life, turning around to tell Colin to shut up. She attempts to get away to no avail. He continues on about how he's made mistakes and things are out of control. He admits that he has Lindsay and will exchange her for the tape. Jen wants to see her mom first.

Lindsay continues to yell and bang on the locked door at the mental institution but no one is around to hear. By the time she's asleep, Troy manages to get there with Jen in tow. She admits that there is no extra tape, only the download on her computer which is at her place on her desk. Troy tosses her over to her mother and goes out, locking the door.

Nora suggests that Gabrielle show up at the police station where she tells her about Claire and the videos and Bo's request to see them. Nora tells the rattled woman to confess all. Nora tries to reach Jen. She also learns that all of the evidence in the Mitch Laurence case is gone. When Bo returns, Gabby tells him she must go out of town. Later, Bo reads the list of charges as River and Adriana listen. When Carlotta and Dorian arrive, he has to order them to be quiet so that he can settle everything. He admits that they wouldn't have even found the body if their car hadn't gone off the road. River takes full blame and Bo lets them off the hook, assuming they will be punished at home. Nora notifies Bo of the missing evidence and he wonders if Antonio could have been responsible. Calling the young cop to his office, he begins by saying that Antonio must think he doesn't know what's going on, that he might even be losing it, but he's aware of it all. He knows Jess' car was at the dock on the night of the murder and he knows that Antonio didn't drive it as he claimed to. Antonio refuses to answer when his boss inquires if he was the killer.

Joey leaves a message for Jen; there was some mistake and he was not needed at the hospital after all. Nearby, Gabby grabs the girl's laptop computer and heads for home.

Going through a box full of evidence at the abandoned theater, Walker gleefully dumps it out and sets it all on fire, setting aside only the diamond. When Jess shows up, he advises her that there will be no more worry, the investigation is dead, it's over. She becomes hysterical, telling him that now there's another crime to deal with. Walker finds this amusing as he figures Antonio won't do anything knowing that Jess is involved, leaving them both free and clear. She refuses to go along with this but he becomes angry, relating to her that he's trying to save her. He's noticing that she's always in his way but it's all good now. She's become scared of him, Jess reveals. He believes she'll think differently one day; he's not the person she believes him to be, he continues as she turns and goes.

Troy gets to Jen's place only to find the computer missing. Infuriated, he does pick up an earring and recalls the last time he picked it up; when it fell off of Gabrielle's ear.

Bo refuses to discuss Antonio with Nora but he will talk about the latest Llanview murder. Nora has a bad feeling about Troy. Bo informs a startled Nora that Gabby has to leave town and he feels guilty for working so much. She sends him home to spend some quality time with his love. Before leaving, he mentions that he's pulling Antonio from the Laurence case. Not far from Bo's office, Antonio is unsuccessful in getting Jess on the phone. Nora attempts to give him some advice which is not to shut Bo out. Antonio claims not to be hiding anything.

There's a zero tolerance policy now, Dorian makes it known to her grandson. He admits that the evening's events have scared him so much that he promises to be good from now on. He begs her not to tell Cassie or Andrew.

Gabby is working on Jen's computer when she hears keys in the door. Stowing the laptop away quickly, she embraces Bo eagerly. The phone rings and it's Troy, telling her she's made a mistake. Thrusting the phone at Bo, the police commissioner gets silence when he says hello. Troy hangs up, crushing the earring in his hand, cutting it and causing it to bleed.

A crying Jess shows up at the carriage house to speak to Joey.

Walker looks at a picture of Blair, Starr and Jack.

Later that night, thinking that Bo is sleeping, Gabby slinks over to the computer again. She receives a call from Nora, asking her to meet her in the morning. Unbeknownst to her, Bo looks on as she begins to delete the downloaded material. Startling her, he asks what she's doing.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

After Jen didn't come home, Rex goes to Joey's demanding to know where his wife is. Realizing that no one had seen Jen, Joey goes in search of her, finally ending up at the sanitarium after a priest comments that he saw her there. A thorough search proves to Jen and Lindsay that there is no escaping their padded cell. In an attempt to get rid of the pair, the doctor lets a male patient into their room.

With much insistence on Viki's part, the dean finally agrees to find and prosecute the person responsible for trashing Marcie's room. Later, Natalie admits concerns for her sister's well being to their mother.

Marcie is thrilled when Reilly informs her that a peace sign has been hung at the garage. In her dorm, Marcie and Al are stunned when a cannon is thrown through her window with "traitor" written on it.

Agreeing with Natalie that she does need to talk to someone, Jessica goes to the police station in search of Antonio. Watching through the window, she is shocked to see a suspended Antonio turning over his gun and badge to Bo.

After Gabrielle admits to Nora that she didn't come clean with Bo and she deleted the files from Jen's computer, she offers to help the police set up Troy. Wearing a wire, she calls him and asks him to meet her.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Walker shows up at Dorian's in search of Blair. When Dorian is unclear, Walker is certain he knows where Blair is, causing Dorian to question him. While Kevin continues to try to pressure Blair into selling the Sun, Walker places a call to Kelly informing her that she needs to get to Llanview if she values her marriage. When Dorian finds out that Blair is having dinner with Kevin she reminds him that he is married to her cousin. Later, Kelly calls and informs Dorian that she is in town.

Troy shows up at Rodi's, where Gabrielle tries to convince him that she deleted the video off of Jen's computer because she cares about him. When Troy tries to get Gabrielle to leave, Nora reminds her over the wire that the only way she can be protected is by staying in the bar. Despite Nora's warning, Gabrielle lets Troy take her to his house. Coming onto her, he spots the wire she has clipped to her bra. Realizing that Gabrielle is in trouble, the police bust into Troy's apartment, but Nora realizes it is too late when she finds the wire in the empty apartment.

While Viki and Natalie wonder what is bothering Jessica, Cristian calls to let Natalie know he is home. Meeting at Rodi's, he tries to cover the fact that he forgot to bring home the information for their impending wedding. Furious, Natalie wonders if the wedding means anything before storming out.

Viki is stunned when Walker barges into Llanfair accusing Kevin of trying to sleep with Blair. Viki questions his reasoning for being so concerned about Blair, then lashes out when he verbally attacks Todd. When Jessica gets home, Walker excuses himself and Viki confronts her daughter.

Jessica tries to stop Bo from suspending Antonio. After excusing Antonio, Bo informs Jessica that he knows she was at the docks the night Mitch was murdered.

Jen and Lindsay ward off Howell's attack and manage to get out of the room. After being caught, Dr. Robinson informs them that if Howell doesn't survive their attack on him, he is holding them both responsible. In Dr. Robinson's office, Joey looks for evidence that Jen is in the institution. When Joey calls, Bo leaves for Felicity Hills Asylum to find Jen and Lindsay.

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