One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on OLTL

Blair's plans to drug Spencer to learn the truth went awry. Todd printed a scandalous photo in his newspaper. Marcie continued to suffer over the loss of Tommy. Kelly confessed that she was pregnant with Duke's child. John and Natalie continued to investigate the death of John's father. Nash lied for Claudia.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tess emerges when Jessica is brought out of hypnosis by Dr. Jamison. She tries to leave Antonio's in search of Nash but her escape plans are thwarted when Antonio returns. Antonio is able to bring Jessica back and tells her that maybe it's time to back off the hypnosis for a little while. Jessica informs him and Dr. Jamison that she is starting to remember Leeds and the room he took her to but as soon as she began to feel afraid, Tess came out. Dr. Jamison tells her that it is progress especially since she was able to regain control. Jessica confesses to Dr. Jamison and Antonio that she is starting to feel and experience Tess' memories especially where Nash is concerned. Dr. Jamison tells her that as she moves toward a successful integration she will begin to experience more of Tess' memories. After Dr. Jamison leaves, Jessica also confesses to Antonio that she is having thoughts sexual thoughts about Nash and how she is afraid of what will happen after her integration. Although he is also concerned, Antonio tries to reassure Jessica that there years of love is stronger than the few stolen moments between Tess and Nash.

Meanwhile back in Napa, Claudia becomes hysterical as she mourns the death of her father by her hands. She screams at Nash telling him that he got what he wanted now that her father is dead and that she now has nothing since Nash never cared about her. Nash tries to convince Claudia that her father's death was not her fault, it was an accident. Claudia tries to find a bottle of booze to help calm her nerves but the only bottle she finds, Nash takes away from her and destroys. A guilt-ridden Nash tells her that she is not alone because he is her friend and he will help her through her father's death.

David changes his plea to guilty in front of Michael, John, Natalie, and Marcie. When the judge decides to release David on bail, Natalie voices her opinion. She tells the judge that if David is released then he will change his mind about his guilty plea and flee the country. The judge warns Natalie about her outburst and then fines her when she continues on. David tells the judge that he doesn't want to be released and as he is taken back to jail, Marcie thanks him for changing his plea.

John is still not convinced that he has the full story. Natalie accuses him of not wanting to let it go and John storms off on his own telling Natalie that they are not partners on his father's case. He ends up in Atlantic City trying to piece together the details of his father's shooting. Natalie locates him through GPS and goes off after him.

Michael tries to convince Marcie that there is still time to return Tommy to Child Protective Services so that he can be introduced to his prospective adoptive parents but Marcie keeps trying to stall. When the worker finally catches up to them Marcie asks for more time but she is told that her time is up and that she needs to turn Tommy over immediately.

Todd stops by Dorian's after Starr invites him over for dinner. When it's time to sit down for dinner, Todd states that he will take Spencer's seat since he will be leaving anyway. Spencer tells Todd that he isn't going anywhere but Todd tells him that he should go see David since he has just plead guilty to murder. After Spencer leaves, Blair and Todd get into another argument about her feelings for Spencer in front of Jack and Starr. Starr intervenes when their arguing upsets Jack. Blair and Todd apologize to Jack then Blair sends him into the house. Todd makes a deal with Blair that if she dumps Spencer he will leave her alone forever but if she doesn't break up with Spencer then they will be enemies forever.

Spencer visits David in jail and lets him have it for pleading guilty and not trusting in him. David tells Spencer that he had to confess for his sake as well. David tells Spencer that he is part of the reason he confessed since Spencer has been holding the shooting over him for so long that David always felt like he was running. Now with his confession Spencer has nothing to hold over him and David won't have to keep having nightmares about that night. Spencer warns him that he will never be able to forget that night and he knows from personal experience.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Clint pays Dorian a visit bearing flowers and a confession. He tells Dorian that he and Viki shared a kiss confirming what they already knew; that their relationship is still over. Clint tells Dorian that he feels the need to confess since he and Dorian have decided to start a relationship. Dorian shares with Clint her confession that David kissed her and she kissed him back. She tells him that David was telling her goodbye and she felt that he meant it. Dorian suggests that instead of kissing Viki and David, she and Clint should try kissing each other. They share a kiss which is interrupted by Adriana. While Adriana apologizes for interrupting, Clint decides to take his leave.

Adriana inquires about the nature of Clint and Dorian's relationship to which Dorian replies that she likes Clint a lot. Adriana wishes that she and Dorian could share other things and asks her mother if she knows where she was last night. When Dorian tells her exactly where she was and who she was with, Adriana accuses her of having people spy on her. Dorian won't apologize for being concerned about Adriana and tells her that she can assume what she and Rex were up to since Adriana didn't come home until the morning. Adriana asks Dorian if she is mad at her and Dorian tells her that she is grown and can make her own decisions. Adriana is shocked and wonders if her new found attitude is due to Clint. Dorian confesses that after David dumping her the way he did, she didn't think that she could find happiness again but Clint has changed that. After Adriana leaves, Dorian's happy dance is interrupted by special report announcing David's guilty plea.

At the courthouse, Marcie still refuses to turn Tommy over to Child Protective Services. She and Michael are reminded of how they had their chance to be Tommy's permanent foster family but now they have found another home for him. Michael asks for a few minutes to convince Marcie to turn the baby over. Marcie tells Michael that she can't let Tommy go and although Michael understands, he reminds Marcie that they have to turn Tommy over because it's the law. Marcie is concerned that the foster parents may not know how to properly care for Tommy but Michael assures her that Tommy will be fine. He finally convinces her to turn over the baby and after a teary goodbye, Marcie complies.

Natalie finds John in the alley in Atlantic City where David shot his father. John tells Natalie that he always wondered what his father's last moments were like and what his last words were. He tells Natalie that hearing David's story of how Thomas wanted to get back to his two boys that night only reinforces the kind of man John knew his father was. Natalie tells him that he should feel comforted now but John still isn't convinced that he knows everything about that night. He begins to re-enact those final moments and wonders what happened to the gun that David used. They search for the gun but come up empty.

Blair meets up with Bo who once again tries to talk her out of her plan to trap Spencer but Blair's not hearing it. Blair senses that Bo really misses being commissioner and although he does, he is also worried about Blair's safety. When he realizes that he cannot talk her out of her plan, he decides to work with her but their planning is interrupted when Spencer pops up.

Todd and Spencer spot Blair having a drink with Bo. Todd wonders if Spencer is jealous but Spencer denies it. He walks up to the table prompting Bo to leave. When he asks Blair what they were talking about Blair tells him that Bo is having a hard time since losing his job. Spencer says that Bo is a Buchanan and he will bounce back in no time. He shares with Blair how Paige was scooped up by Atlantic City PD right after she was released from the hospital. Spencer is ready to head upstairs but Blair wants one more drink and has a bottle of champagne delivered to their table.

After having a few words with Spencer, Todd calls Rex and tells him that he needs to meet with him now. Rex shows up and Todd tells him that he needs to start doing what Todd is paying him to do which is proving that Spencer set him up. Rex is busy trying to clear Bo's name but Todd reminds him that it was Todd who was recently executed and since he is paying him his case should be Rex's number one priority.

Rex leaves to find Bo after figuring out where he went to after his meeting with Blair. Rex wants to know if he and Bo can find a way to become friends again. Bo makes Rex promise to never lie to him again and the two of them become friends again while hitting golf balls.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Jess makes a play for Antonio and is angry when he accuses her of being Tess. She doesn't like being compared to Tess and tries to start an argument. He confesses that he's only worried that Tess will appear but she takes offense to this. She is not a princess and has a backbone and needs just like Tess does, while he thinks she's compensating because she's been thinking about Nash. Taking more control, even with her painful memories, is really quite a feat for herself, Jess proposes. She has her own worries, that Antonio won't be able to accept the part of her that is Tess, after integration. Surprising her with his own confession, that he's more like Tess than she's aware, Antonio admits that she has made him a better person and will love her no matter what. They both agree that patience is the key.

Nash and Claudia see Reston's body off, when the police and ambulance finally arrive. She promises to make her father proud of her. The detective wonders about the gun that he found and both of their past histories that he's managed to verify. Claudia begins to recount the tragedy but is interrupted by Nash who puts his own spin on the story. He does convey exactly what happened with a slight difference. He paints the picture of himself hitting Reston over the head with the bottle as he tried to protect Claudia from a crazed and angry father. They are ordered to remain in town. Claudia feels they have a special bond now that will last forever, however Nash is quick to inform her that he will head for Llanview as soon as he's able to. She will head there as well and doesn't buy Nash's sympathy for a moment.

At the Palace, John admits he still doesn't buy David's story of the single shot. Todd broaches him on trying to find his baby in Thailand, though Nat accuses him of wanting to merely flaunt it in front of Blair. Blair claims to see a future with Spencer more clearly and gets him to run to the car for her wrap so that she has time to drug his drink. They toast and head upstairs. Clint finds Kelly sitting alone and scares her when he tells her he knows what's wrong. He's talking about the emptiness he sees in her eyes and suggests she talk to someone about the accident and Duke's death. Not finding that feasible, she gets up to leave, but faints instead. Upstairs, Blair readies a tape recorder and manages to get a weird feeling Spencer to do some talking. He admits he loves his brother and must protect him. He also restates how he fell in love with Blair and made things happen to get her. If she only knew what he's done, he mutters.

David receives a visitor; Dorian is proud of him for pleading guilty and hopes he has found peace. David gives an account of the night in question, explaining that John's father felt more like a father to him in the few seconds that he was with him than his own father ever did. The cop gave a warning shot but he didn't realize that's what it was and shot back, not even aiming. The fact that he hit him was quite surprising, but since he was born to run, that's what he did. Spencer covered for him and shipped him out of the country. He's happy for Dorian being with Clint and jealous as well. She promises to not turn her back on him. Todd pays a visit also, wanting David's help in finding the baby. David reminds him that the reason that he went to Thailand was to search for the baby but was sidetracked when he found Margaret, who didn't remember the baby. He believes one man there may be able to help, since he was paid a finder's fee for locating her apartment. Only Spencer has answers, he reminds him, and he's not talking.

Back at John's place, Nat tries to recreate the shooting from a forensics point of view, but John would prefer not talking about the subject at all. She does realize that David couldn't have been standing where he said he was for the bullet to go the way it did. John already knows that and is not sure if the memory is just hazy or if it's another reason. He's happy when Nat heads out and returns with pizza and beer.

Dorian finds Clint helping Kelly up and both women bicker over whether she should stay or go home with Dorian. She uses the excuse of not eating as the reason for fainting. Finally, Clint suggests that he accompany Dorian home. They decide that they don't care what others think regarding their relationship.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rex sneaks into Adriana's room, saying that he couldn't sleep without kissing her goodnight. Adriana tells her boyfriend that Dorian gave them her blessing. They start making out in her bed, and then Rex suggests the move to the shower. Adriana tells him to get the water hot for her. The second he leaves, the stalker appears, putting his hand over her mouth and a knife to her throat. Rex comes back and fights with the stalker, who slashes him across the chest, but not deeply. Adriana screams, the stalker rushes off and Dorian comes rushing in. Adriana tells her mother that the stalker was there, and Rex saved her life-again. Dorian is so grateful to him that she doesn't question what he's doing there.

Evangeline shuts the door in Vincent's face when he comes to pick up Layla for a date. Layla is irritated when Vincent tells her what happened. Evangeline calls him a criminal and says she doesn't want him dating her sister. Vincent remains calm, and tells Layla he doesn't want to take her out if her sister doesn't approve-but suggests that they have dinner in the apartment instead. Vincent and Layla suggest that Evangeline practice what she preaches: innocent until proven guilty. Evangeline goes into the kitchen, and Vincent and Layla kiss.

Dorian pulls a gun on Todd when he shows up at her house, looking for Blair and saying he's going to take the children. They argue about Blair, Starr and Jack, and Todd decides he won't wake up the kids in the middle of the night, and that Blair is probably not there anyway, since she hasn't been taking care of them at all.

In Spencer's room at the Palace, Blair tries to seduce the truth out of him while he's under sodium pentothal. Spencer starts to talk about Todd and Margaret, but doesn't say anything useful before he realizes that Blair drugged him. She tries to deny it, but he exclaims that he's a doctor and he knows how it feels. He then has a total meltdown. First, he almost cries and tells Blair that all he wanted was to love her. Soon however, that hurt turns into rage, and he trashes the room, before finally attacking Blair, throwing her on the bed and strangling her. Luckily for Blair, she is able to get out from under him, and he passes out. Immediately, there is a knock at the door, and Blair, hoping it's security, rushes to answer it. However, it's Todd, and he finds the room trashed and Spencer passed out on the bed, and takes pictures with his phone. He also finds the tape recorder that Blair had set up. He doesn't realize that Blair had a plan, and leaves, promptly calling the magazine and telling them to stop the presses.

Michael and Marcie return home to a litter of Tommy's toys, but without Tommy. Michael tries to help his wife deal with giving up Tommy. Marcie wonders how she got attached to the baby so fast, and Michael tells her that's just the kind of person she is-someone with a lot of love to give. He tells her that's why he married her, and suggests they start trying for a baby of their own. Marcie is happy but unsure, since it wasn't that long ago that she wanted a family and Michael wasn't sure. They finally decide to start trying, and get into bed. However, they find Tommy's toy keys in bed, and Marcie asks her husband if they can just cuddle for the night.

Hugh runs into Kelly at the Palace and confesses that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since she confided that she's pregnant with Duke's child. He feels for her situation. He asks her if she's still in love with Kevin, and when she can't answer right away, he tells her that if she has to think about it, the answer is probably no. Kelly says that a part of her will always love Kevin, but there's just been too much damage-and when he finds out that she's pregnant by Duke, he will definitely go over the edge. Hugh confesses a "secret" of his own, that his glasses have clear frames, and he just wears them to help his courtroom appearance. While it's not the deep, dark secret Kelly is burdened with, it makes her laugh and the two grow closer as friends.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Starr went off with a friend to hang out by the pool "and wish I was an orphan," she quipped. At the country club, Ricky awkwardly tried to tell her something. Matthew showed up lugging some golf clubs. Paige apologized for inviting herself along to the golfing range. Bo was delighted to have her with them. Paige told Bo that this was a new beginning for her. Bo and Paige sort of hugged. Starr's friend Langston alluded that Ricky liked her (Langston). Starr asked Ricky if that was the case. Ricky admitted that was true. Starr looked very upset.

Dorian refused to let Rex take Adriana away. Adriana asked that they stop fighting, but she refused to go on the run with Rex. Rex was surprised to learn that Darryl was Dorian's personal assistant. Darryl found a butterfly note on the front door. Rex thought that Darryl might be the stalker. Adriana changed her mind and decided to go with Rex. Dorian flipped when she read the note. Dorian wondered where Rex was taking Adriana. In the next scene we saw Rex and Adriana on a beach.

Blair was stunned to see the front page of the Sun Spencer was passed out on his bed in the photo. Spencer apologized to Blair for his behavior the previous evening, and then saw the Sun. "Manning," he muttered. Todd smirked because he was right outside Spencer's room. "How can he print this...did I hurt you?" Spencer asked Blair and then felt worse when he saw Blair's bruised neck. "I wasn't myself. I wasn't in my right mind," Spencer said. Later he barked, "Who took the picture?" Spencer was convinced that Todd was behind this whole fiasco. Spencer declared his love to Blair. Blair left and then Todd appeared in the hallway. Spencer got dressed and left. Todd followed him.

Bo and Matthew were at the police station cleaning out Bo's office. John was delighted to see them. Bo remained upbeat. Paige showed up looking well. Matthew gave her a big hug. Paige reported that the Atlantic City DA decided not to press charges against her. Blair showed John the front page of the Sun and asked for his help. Blair tried to explain what she was doing, pretending to still care for Spencer. John demanded that she stop trying to do police work. Spencer came by. Todd, of course, also arrived. Spencer came to report a crime. "I was drugged," he said. John left the threesome (Blair, Todd, Spencer). Todd began to apologize (cynically) to Spencer. "Wasn't it awful to be unjustly accused of something?" Todd said pointedly. Spencer wondered what Blair was doing there. Blair assured Spencer that she believed in him and that she, too, thought Todd was behind the drugging. A gleeful Todd returned with news that the hospital board was meeting to see what to do about the Spencer situation. Spencer rushed to the hospital. Todd and Blair bickered.

Natalie visited David and asked him to draw a sketch of the alley where David shot Thomas McBain. David showed Natalie where he had dropped the gun. Natalie looked startled. Natalie thanked David for his help. David asked her to bring him cannolis from Atlantic City. Natalie and John returned to the scene of the crime with schematics of the alley. John called a guy to come with a jackhammer and dig a hole. John found the gun under lots of muck and then he found something else. Was it a bullet? A slug? Either way, he seemed perplexed that it was there.

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