One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on OLTL

Britney reported the deaths of Langston's parents to social services; Dorian tried to retain custody of the teen. Antonio saw Shaun flirting with another woman. Marcie's brother helped her to escape Todd and the police. Natalie tried to pay off Jared. Viki emailed from Paris, Texas, and she began work as a waitress.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, October 15, 2007

A panicked Marcie hides with Tommy when Todd and his henchmen arrive to ransack the place. Todd finds no trace of either Marcie or Tommy, but warns Ron that he'll be keeping an eye on him. Once they are alone, Ron pleas for Marcie to think of the life she'd be giving up if she stays on the run. There is no convincing Marcie, however, who resolves to never return home. Back in Llanview, Rex and Adriana offer their support to a pained Michael. Rex later comes up with an idea on how to lure Marcie back.

Dorian is determined to protect Langston, but she and Blair realize the situation is complicated. Britney overhears Starr saying that Langston's parents have been dead for over a year, and schemes to use the info to her advantage before heading off to boarding school.

Jared maintains he owns the majority interest in the vineyard property and makes himself at home in the cottage, driving Nash and Jessica crazy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rex suggests that Michael go on the run with Marcie and Tommy so the three of them can flee the country, but Michael knows it would never work. Michael then acts on another of Rex's ideas and makes a heartfelt televised appeal for Marcie to come home. An affected Marcie wavers but ultimately decides to stay the course, asking Ron to help to make her and Tommy disappear.

Clint is upset that Dorian didn't tell him about the situation with Langston and excluded him from her life for several days. Their relationship is further put to the test when she doesn't share his point of view. Meanwhile, Langston tells Markko the truth about her parents and fears he'll stop loving her. Markko is shocked, but ends up loving Langston even more than he did before. Britney plots to have the last laugh on her enemies and contacts Social Services. As Starr and Langston deal with Britney, a woman from Social Services arrives to take Langston away.

Miles tries to come to Roxy's defense when she's badgered by some reporters, but only ends up getting himself in hot water. Roxy suggests she and Miles do their community service together.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Antonio, Cristian, Vincent, and Shawn are all at the gym. Antonio asks Cristian about Sarah. Vincent and Shawn talk about his being "George" the pretend boyfriend. A woman walks by and flirts with Shawn. Cristian denies that anything is going on between him and Sarah. Cristian asks how long Talia's been seeing Shawn. Antonio says he doesn't understand the attraction there. Antonio and Cris catch Shawn flirting back at the flirty woman. Antonio corners Shawn and chases off the flirty woman, telling her "George" has a girlfriend. Shawn says that he and Talia have an understanding. Vincent pulls Shawn off to the side, telling him to knock it off. Cris asks why Antonio got in Shawn's face. Antonio says it's because when someone cheats on you, it stinks. Cristian asks if it's really Talia he's talking about. Shawn tries to pick back up on the flirty lady, and asks Vincent to back him up. He gets caught by Antonio again. Vincent tells Antonio the truth, that Shawn is a fake boyfriend, just as Talia, Layla, and Sarah arrive.

Layla asks if Sarah and Cristian are an item. Sarah denies any involvement, plus Cristian is still hung up on Evangeline. Layla says Evangeline and Cristian were broken up before the coma. Sarah says she and Cris drive each other crazy. Talia arrives at the door to talk about the George situation. Sarah tells them she's figured out the "George" thing, and that it's obvious Talia's really into Antonio. Sarah says she's ready to dish out advice. Talia's tired of lying. The girls tease her how bad she's got it for Antonio. Sarah enumerates Talia's mistakes in doing the fake boyfriend thing, and tells her how to get Antonio's attention.

Bo and Nora arrive at St. Anne's to visit Lindsay. Nora asks the doctor if Lindsay is faking her catatonia. Dr. Bonner says Lindsay's condition is fragile and she is in no condition to understand the charges brought against her. Bo asks Nora to ease up. Lindsay arrives and she and Nora lock horns; Bo asks Nora for a word and asks her again to back off. Nora says he cares about Lindsay too much, and they both wonder if Lindsay's faking it. Nora tells Lindsay that Will has gone back to Los Angeles and Lindsay should be proud of him. Lindsay tells Bo she killed Spencer in an attempt to make life better for Marcie. Bo says he went crazy when he lost Drew. He asks Lindsay to fight her current situation, if not for herself, for Will. Bo cares about what happens to Lindsay. Lindsay says she would kill Spencer all over again. Bo tells her that she shouldn't say things like that to anyone but her doctor.

Dorian explains to Clint why she didn't bother calling him. She tells him about Langston's parents. Clint says he wants to be there for Dorian. They argue about what it means that Clint told her he loves her. He hints around wanting Dorian to say it back, and she doesn't say it out loud. She kisses him instead. Clint asks if she wants to have the chase, like she did with David Vickers. The phone rings: it's Starr telling Dorian what's happened to Langston. Dorian says she's on her way, and Clint is annoyed at her for leaving. Nora arrives as he's on his way out, and Clint fills her in on Langston. Nora fills Clint in on Lindsay's recovery. Clint says Dorian doesn't need him.

Langston says she won't leave with the woman from Social Services. The woman says she received a call from a concerned friend; Starr figures out right away that it was Britney who called. Britney denies making the call. Starr screams at Britney and runs at her in an awesome flying tackle. Cole pulls Starr off of Britney. Britney confesses to making the call, but it doesn't change anything: Langston has to go to protective services. The protective services woman gets a phone call and Britney and Starr almost get into it again. Dorian arrives and says she'll handle it. Starr tells Britney she'll sic Todd on her if Britney doesn't back off. Dorian introduces herself to Evelyn the protective services lady. Dorian volunteers to take Langston home, but Evelyn tells her that's not the way it works and threatens to have Dorian arrested if she tries to take Langston. Langston apologizes for getting everyone involved in this. Dorian says she won't let Langston get lost in the system. She gives everyone hugs and goes off with Evelyn. Everyone is tearful watching her leave.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blair tries to contact Todd while sitting in Capricorn but is unsuccessful. Marty approaches her, asking to talk to her about Tommy. Blair is in her usual mode but hears Marty out when she expresses her concern for the baby. She is hoping that the McBains will be forgiven, given all of the circumstances. She doesn't want Todd to seek revenge on them and is pretty certain that Tommy will remember all and hold it against Todd later in life. Blair honestly doesn't think Todd will buy it and she can't tell him how to act, she responds.

As Jared gets too comfortable and in the way at the vineyard, Nat arrives with a proposition for him. She wants to offer him his job back but wants a new contract signed. It states that he cannot press charges against any family member. Jared declines, insisting that Natalie is just too difficult to work with. She's furious and starts to head out. Jared wants her to admit why he was really fired; because she liked his kiss. He's backstabbing, obnoxious and gross to boot, Natalie retorts. Jared leaves instead. Nash feels he's getting paid back for what happened to Antonio, but he and Jess would rather plan a way to beat Jared at his own game. They were anything but quiet during the contract deliberations and are dead set against Jared working at B.E. again, even if Nat does mention that he was good at his job. They wonder what Asa would do, as Jared studies his book on the Buchanans, underlining key passages, after he stops for a drink at Capricorn.

An awkward situation arises when the ladies and the men meet at the gym. Vincent tries to explain Sean's habits to Antonio as Sarah and Cris decide they'd rather not linger. It seems as though Talia is going to break and tell Antonio the truth about "George" but Sean is on a roll and the lies continue. When Talia finds out that he has been flirting with another girl at the gym, they agree to "break up." The looks on the faces of Vincent and Layla are priceless as they witness the entire act. Vincent suggests they take Sean out for a drink. Layla is nothing but complimentary towards Sean as she praises him for helping Talia save face. He has a lot to offer a woman, she tells him. He learned about himself as well, Sean replies. Antonio expresses his sorrow for the break-up but thinks that Talia deserves someone better. Sarah and Cris linger at the photos of Cris while he was boxing. She asks lots of questions about boxing and Evangeline. He offers to teach her some boxing skills and suggests that her boss won't mind if she's a little late to work.

Michael and John wait on a stakeout of Ron's house, hoping to catch a glimpse of Marcie and the baby. Unfortunately, Todd shows up and wonders how John could even obtain a surveillance truck. He advises Michael that he'll be heading to jail for perjury. John and his old FBI buddy, Warren, break into the house and look for signs of Marcie's being there. They find a baby cup with fresh milk and realize she's been there recently but is gone. A promoted Lee Ramsey, a sarcastic and biting foe of John's from the bureau stalks in with additional agents. Warren will be disciplined, he growls, and John is to back off. He's not even an official agent. John asks that he go easy on Marcie if she's found, but Lee indicates that she's a criminal and will be treated as one. He learns of the cup of milk and orders roadblocks set up. In the truck, Todd and Michael make a stab at small talk, talking about their circumstances and the events of the past year. Todd is Todd at first but Michael makes an appeal. He asks him to be the father that the baby deserves. Finally, they get antsy and get to the house as Lee is issuing orders at everyone. John is caught on the computer and divulges that the last site Ron visited was Rocco's Auto Body. The agents head there immediately. At Rocco's, Marcie is given two passports and a new ID, along with a different car with Florida license plates. She's given a wig and new clothes to alter her appearance. Ron gives her some money and something that he wants her to open much later. They decide to make their good-bye one that will last a lifetime. By the time the feds show up, Marcie is gone. Ron is placed under arrest. John advises Todd and Michael that Ramsey has his own agenda and will not be updating them. Marcie will become desperate if she's cornered.

Marcie drives away, practicing her new name along with Tommy's. "I'm Penny Shaw," she says. "And this is my son, Aaron."

Friday, October 19, 2007

Before pleading her case to Bo, Dorian promises Starr, Cole and Markko that she will bring Langston home tonight. While the children wait outside Bo's office, Dorian tells Bo that she needs an immediate favor of him. Dorian begs Bo to call social services and demand that Langston is released into her custody. Bo tells Dorian that he has no connections with Social Services and it appears that they are following protocol; he does not believe his interference will help the situation. Dorian finally convinces Bo to make the call. While Bo speaks to a supervisor, Dorian is convinced that his influence will make a difference.

Starr calls Langston and informs her that Dorian is working on getting her home tonight. Langston is worried and has no idea what will happen to her.

Viki is sitting at a computer sending emails to the children. She writes that she misses them but is enjoying her stay in Paris; she says Paris is quite different than they might expect. Viki now sends an email to Natalie. Viki writes that she will always be there for Natalie, but for now Paris beckons. Viki states she must explore all the secrets and answers this wonderful place holds for her.

At Capricorn, Cris and Sarah converse while working at the bar. Sarah begins to ask Cris about his career as a boxer and how it compares to life now. Cris feels his life is no better now than it was then, just different. Sarah tells Cris about her plans to audition a new group for the club; she asks him to accompany her out on a date afterwards. Before Cris can respond, he receives a call from Layla concerning Evangeline. Cris abruptly walks away from Sarah and questions Layla about Evangeline's condition. Annoyed, Sarah looks on as Cris is elated by news of Evangeline's progress.

At Capricorn, Natalie meets up with Jared and demands that he listens to her offer. She promises him a deal he cannot refuse. Natalie promises Jared more money than he has ever seen in his life, but he must disappear to carry out his part in the deal. Natalie begins receiving several emails from her mother. Natalie becomes engrossed in Viki's statements and ignores Jared as she answers her mother's emails. Natalie questions Viki about the secrets she speaks of. Viki writes that she has made some new friends and begins describing Noelle, Gigi and Maurice. Jared begins to notice Sarah standing alone at the bar. After being ignored by Natalie, Jared approaches a sadden Sarah. He notices Sarah is not in a good mood and tells her that Natalie was in the middle of talking to him and out of nowhere completely blew him off. Jared is well aware of who Sarah is and begins telling her of his encounter with Tess and how he is no longer working at BE. Natalie looks up from her cell phone and appears bothered as she notices Jared talking with Sarah. Cris joins Natalie at her table; he is excited about news that Evangeline showed response for the very first time. Natalie tells Cris she is happy for him, but Cris notices that Natalie is obviously distracted. Jared is explaining how he met Natalie and how he was eventually fired. Jared begins complementing Sarah and the two appear to be enjoying each other's company. As Natalie tries to convince Cris that she is fine, Cris also notices the closeness between both Jared and Sarah. As Natalie and Cris look on, Jared kisses Sarah and she complies. Both, Natalie and Cris are irritated by the public display of affection.

Nearby, Blair teases Marty about her relationship with John. Marty cannot believe Blair is taking her concern about Marcie, as an attempt to score points with John. Blair informs her that she realizes Marty is only concerned about Marcie because she is now involved with John. Unable to get an answer from Marty, Blair explains that John has been there for her in the past few years and she has also come to depend on him. Marty questions if it was similar to her (Blair's) relationship with Patrick. Marty informs Blair that it does not bother her if they discuss Patrick. Blair reminds Marty that she (Blair) almost had Patrick's child. Blair receives a text from Starr. Blair informs Marty that their children are at the police station; the two rush off to their children as Blair explains Langston's situation to Marty. Meanwhile, Markko is talking to Langston over the phone. Langston regrets not revealing her parents death earlier, maybe the situation would have turned out differently. As Blair and Marty arrive together at the police station, Dorian and Bo appear with solemn looks on their faces.

John explains to Michael and Todd that Ramsey is only concerned with the case, he has no personal interest in what happens to either Marcie or Tommy. Todd questions whether or not Marcie may hurt Tommy if she is cornered by Ramsey. Michael is convinced that Marcie would never harm Tommy. John tries to convince Todd that Ramsey is a problem and only cares about solving the case; Marcie and Tommy could get hurt in the process. Michael is concerned that Ramsey's actions may cause harm to his family.

While in disguise, Marcie is driving and explaining to Tommy that they now have new lives. Marcie continues to repeat that they are now Penny and Aaron Shaw. Marcie weeps as she thinks of her life with Michael. Marcie expresses her love to Tommy. She continues to cry as she apologizes to Tommy for what she is doing to him. As Marcie sings to an irritated Tommy, she becomes nervous as she hears police sirens nearby.

At Rocco's Auto Body Shop, Ramsey is interrogating Ron about Marcie's whereabouts. When Ron refuses to give him any information, Ramsey threatens Ron. He insinuates that Ron may have attempted to kill him with a wrench that he picks up off a counter. Ron informs Ramsey that if he is hurt while in police custody, that they will never get any information from him. Ramsey rethinks his allegation and orders his men to book Ron and take him in. Ron agrees to talk, but only to Michael. As Todd and Michael listen, John receives a call from Ramsey. Ramsey tells John that he has Ron and demands that John sends Mike over to Rocco's Auto Body Shop. Ramsey tells John for Mike to come alone. Todd insists on going along, but backs off after John's threats. As Mike prepares to leave, Todd demands that Mike tells him everything he learns. Todd threatens to go after Ron if he learns that Ron helped Marcie escape. John explains that if Todd interferes someone may be killed. John tries to convince Todd that they should work together to locate Marcie and Tommy. Todd believes that John would turn on him in order to help Marcie stay in hiding.

While Ramsey continues to interrogate Ron, Michael arrives. As Ramsey looks on, Michael asks Ron if he helped Marcie go on the run. Ramsey allows Michael five minutes alone with Ron, but informs Ron that he will be speaking with Rocco. Ron tells Ramsey that Rocco knows nothing; Ramsey is not convinced. Ron gives Mike no information regarding Marcie, only that he knows how much she really loves him. Mike tells Ron that he is to blame for everything that happened and only did it out of love for Marcie. Ron tells Mike that Marcie will never hand Tommy over to Todd. Michael tells Ron that he wants Marcie and Tommy back, but informs him that they must be kept away from Ramsey because he is dangerous. Before Ron can respond, Ramsey and his men interrupt. Ramsey questions Michael about whether or not he was able to obtain any information from Ron. Michael refuses to talk to Ramsey. Before ordering his men to take Ron away, Ramsey informs Ron that Rocco will be going in as well. Rocco has a chop shop operation and will go to jail regardless of whether or not he helps in the investigation, but if Ron gives Ramsey information on Marcie, maybe Rocco and Ron can be spared. As Ron is taken away, Ramsey tells Michael that he can be charged as an accessory for withholding evidence. Michael tells Ramsey he did not receive any information from Ron. Before Ramsey leaves, Mike questions him about what happens next. Ramsey tells him that his plans are to locate Marcie and stop her one way or another.

As Markko places Langston on hold, Bo informs everyone that the supervisor will look into the case first thing in the morning but Langston will have to spend the night in the group home. Dorian asks Markko if she can speak with Langston. She informs Langston that she will not be able to keep her promise about bringing her home tonight. A brave Langston tells Dorian that everything is okay, but breaks down when Dorian tells her she will soon be home. Langston states she has no home. Dorian swears to Langston that she will always have a home with her (Dorian).

As Viki closes her laptop, a man yells for her to get off the computer and get back to work. Viki appears in a waitress uniform (with a Texas Logo) and waits on a table, holding a menu that reads Bon-Jour Café.

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