One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on OLTL

Rex stopped talking to Roxy. Renee raged at Jared. Adriana left for Paris. Tina Lord returned to Llanview and retrieved something from Ramsey. Shane asked Brody to a Father's Day event. Rex told Gigi that Adriana had arranged for Brody to be at their wedding. Marcie helped Starr to calm down a fussy Sam. Ramsey was shot and killed. Todd found Marty in the penthouse.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, June 9, 2008


When Rex returned to the loft, Adriana was anxious to leave for their honeymoon destination. She was caught completely by surprise when Rex informed her that the honeymoon was off. Rex said that the marriage had been a mistake and he wanted to end it. Adriana was amazed that Rex would consider leaving her over one mistake, but Rex assured her that he had other reasons. Adriana claimed that the only reason she brought Brody to Llanview was because she wanted to guarantee that her marriage to Rex would take place and blamed Gigi for confusing Rex. Rex disagreed with Adriana's logic, and believed her actions were a result of her lack of trust in him. Near tears, Rex stated that he didn't feel that he could be happy with her. As Adriana wept, Rex said that he wished that he had stopped her when she began making wedding plans so quickly. Rex explained that perhaps he didn't want to face the truth-that he was afraid of marriage. Rex stated that the marriage started out wrong and he didn't see another way, but Adriana had a suggestion.

Langston knocked on Dorian's bedroom door and found her foster mother in low spirits. A saddened Dorian told Langston that she didn't believe Adriana would ever forgive her. After much urging from Langston, Dorian admitted to making every attempt to prevent Adriana from marrying Rex. Langston was understanding of Dorian's plight and the two had a heart-to-heart talk. Langston suggested that Dorian allow her loved ones to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Dorian expressed her need to take care of her "girls," but listened intently as Langston politely explained that perhaps Dorian's "girls" viewed her caring as extreme interference. After Langston enlightened Dorian about her experiences with her own mother, Langston thanked Dorian for all she had done for her and assured her that Adriana would eventually forgive her. Langston's words of wisdom left Dorian in a better mood.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Todd broke into the house while his bodyguard, "Keys," strong-armed Shaun. As Blair called the police, Todd pleaded with Starr to speak with him. Blair demanded that Todd leave, but Starr informed Blair that she had a few words for him. With a sly smile, Todd attempted to make Starr feel guilty about his situation. He blamed Blair and Cole for brainwashing Starr and turning her against him. Fed up with her father, Starr lashed out at him. Starr told Todd that he had caused his own problems and ordered him out of the house. An agitated Todd and his bodyguard left La Boulaie.

Later, Starr expressed to Blair the anger she had towards her father. Blair complimented Starr about the bravery she displayed by standing up to Todd. Distraught, Starr told her mother that she didn't feel brave. Starr revealed that she felt trapped and didn't know if she were ready to be a mother.

In her Angel Square apartment, Marcie stared intently at a picture of Tommy. When Michael entered the room, Marcie quickly hid the photograph. As Michael prepared to leave for the hospital, Marcie passionately kissed him and suggested he consider arriving a few hours late for work. After making love, Michael wondered what had put Marcie in the mood for romance. Marcie said that she had realized what was important-Nash's sudden death had opened her eyes. Marcie told Michael that she wouldn't know what to do if she ever lost him, and Mike assured her that she never would. Some time later, Michael was surprised to find Todd and Keys outside of his apartment door. Todd informed Michael and Marcie that Blair had placed a restraining order against him; he felt they were to blame for Sam being taken away from him. When Todd threatened to have Keys physically harm Michael, Mike responded by threatening to kill both Keys and Todd with a strategic maneuver. Todd promised Mike and Marcie that if he didn't receive custody of Sam at the permanent placement hearing, they would die. Mike slammed the door in Todd's face.

Jared visited Charlie in his hospital room. Jared asked Charlie what he planned to say to Viki and Rex. Charlie was adamant that he would tell them both the truth, and hoped they would eventually forgive him just as Jared had. Jared began to blame himself for Charlie's troubles, but Charlie refused to allow Jared to accept any of the blame. Jared told Charlie that he needed to apologize to the Buchanan family. Before Jared left to face the music, Charlie suggested that his son take responsibility but not to allow anyone to walk over him. As Jared headed off, Charlie wished him well.

Natalie paid Charlie a visit, and was nervous to learn that Jared had gone to the Buchanan Mansion to apologize. Natalie said that Jared should have allowed her to come with him, but Charlie felt that Jared needed to stand on his own-just as Charlie would need to do concerning Viki and Rex. Nat told Charlie that it would be awhile before Viki wanted to speak with him. Charlie understood; he said that his biggest problem would be explaining his drunken stupor to Viki. When Natalie asked him what he remembered, Charlie stated that something concerning that night just wasn't right. Charlie told Nat that in the past, he always remembered the events that led up to his first drink. Charlie was adamant that he had been sober. Charlie assured Nat that he hadn't had a blackout and the very last thing he remembered was being desperate to find Viki. Nat was certain that it would take a long time before Viki would allow either Natalie or Charlie back into her good graces. She was positive that Viki would never accept Natlie's relationship with Jared. Natalie prayed that Jared would be safe at the Buchanan Mansion.

When Jared arrived at the Buchanan Mansion, Nigel was skeptical about his decision to face the family. Jared promised Nigel that he wouldn't reveal the truth about David, but Nigel felt that it might be time to tell the family that David was a Buchanan. Jared told Nigel to let him handle things, and made Nigel promise to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, inside the living room, Clint, Bo, and Nora discussed Dorian's takeover of Buchanan Enterprises. Clint asked Nora if there were any possible way to nullify Dorian's purchasing of the BE shares. Nora promised to find a loophole somehow. Anger crossed the faces of everyone, as Jared entered the room. Clint threatened to physically harm Jared if he didn't leave, but Jared was determined to express his apologies to everyone. When Jared stated how happy he was to have been a part of the family, Nora angrily reminded him that he was never a Buchanan and had scammed his way into the family. Jared continued to apologize, but Clint told him that his actions had cost the family nearly everything. Realizing that his apology wasn't welcomed, Jared turned to leave but was greeted by Renee with a slap across the face.

At Llanfair, Viki held a weeping Jessica. Viki told her daughter that she was mad as hell at the lies that Natalie, Jared, and Charlie had told. Viki and Jess both agreed that Nat was at the top of their "anger" list. Viki blamed herself for believing Charlie's lies. Jessica revealed to her mother that she felt bad that she was angry with Nash. Jessica broke down as she told Viki about how she planned to surprise Nash with news of her pregnancy. Jess hated that Bree would never know her father, and feared that the child would always associate her birthday with the day her father died. Viki reminded Jess that Kevin and Joey knew much about their biological father, Joe. Viki said she often thought about Joe, every time she looked at her sons. Viki assured Jess that her own children would help her keep Nash alive. The encouragement from her mother calmed Jess down.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keyed Up

At La Boulaie, Starr and Blair continued their conversation in the kitchen. Starr admitted to her mom that she'd had no time to think about her pregnancy due to the whirlwind of events around her, and responded evasively when Blair asked her if she still wanted to go through with her pregnancy. Blair reminded Starr that she was only sixteen and an abortion was still possible, but that a decision had to be made soon. Starr confessed that when they'd been on the run, the romantic fantasy of "us against the world" had appealed to her and Cole, but said that in the light of day she knew it wasn't real. Starr realized she still had to finish high school and college and said she had no idea how to raise a child. Looking at her baby's sonogram photo, she said the picture had made her pregnancy real for her. Blair asked Starr what she wanted to do, if she didn't want to raise the baby or abort it, but Starr didn't know anything for sure. She explained that she and Cole hadn't been thinking when they'd had sex without protection, and that she regretted making the mistake. But before she could verbalize what she really wanted to do, Cole arrived, and marveled over the sonogram photo as a proud papa while the deflated Starr simply stared.

At the Buchanan mansion, Renee raged at Jared, tearing into him for being a fraud and a conman who had ruthlessly exploited her grief. Jared apologized profusely, insisting to Renee that he truly cared for her and the family, calling her one of the best women he knew. He gave her back Asa's cuff links, and told her he'd been proud to wear them, and to be part of the family. "Proud?" Renee exclaimed. "Have you no shame?" Jared said he'd had only the best intentions, and that he knew nothing could make up for what his con had cost the family: Buchanan Enterprises as well as Nash. He insisted Nash's death was an accident, but Clint and Nora went on the offensive. Bo demanded to know how Jared falsified the DNA test, which led to Nigel attempting to confess his role in the scam. But Jared headed Nigel off before he could tell all, insisting to the family that he had acted alone, faking the tests and stealing and rewriting Asa's letter to Nigel. Jared said he'd done it all. "I'd call that a confession," Nora said, and several LPD officers entered the drawing room to handcuff Jared and arrest him.

At Llanview Hospital, Natalie visited with Charlie. They worried over Jared facing the music at the mansion, and Charlie lamented his role in the scheme, saying he should have made Jared give the con up at the start. He explained that he'd been too desperate to reconnect with his son, and not fail or betray him as he had in the past. Charlie feared Jared would lose everything. "I'm still in," Natalie said wryly, promising to stand by the Banks boys. Charlie said he and Natalie were alike: Despite the situation, neither of them had been able to give Viki or Jared up. He said he saw a lot of Viki in Natalie. Suddenly, Roxy snuck into Charlie's room, desperate to figure out how to deal with Rex, with the truth about Charlie out. When Roxy saw Natalie, she froze. Natalie confronted her foster mother, demanding to know why she'd dragged Charlie into her lie to Rex about his father. Roxy defiantly said that she had her reasons, and that she only did it because she loved Rex, just as Natalie did what she'd done because she loved Jared. Natalie asked Roxy to just come clean to Rex about his biological father, but Roxy stayed clammed up. Exasperated, Natalie bid Charlie goodbye, heading over to the Buchanan mansion to check on Jared. Once she was gone, Charlie told Roxy he would help her keep her son in her life, just as he'd been able to win his own back.

At Capricorn, Cristian met up with Sarah, who was still distraught about Nash's death. They opened a bottle of Nash's last wine ("Esprit Libre") and drank it together. Sarah told Cristian about how difficult it had been seeing Nash in the hospital, and then picking up Bree to see her father for the last time. Cristian told Sarah he was sorry she'd lost a good friend. Sarah showed Cristian the wine tasting method that Nash had taught her (and Tess): How to stir the wine in the glass and smell its scents to detect all the flavors. Sarah tearfully said that she used to tease Nash about his passion for wine, but had come to realize that Nash's vision for the vineyard was to him what music was to her and art was to Cristian. Cris said he'd admired Nash's passion but that he was still most passionate about Sarah. Together, the lovers drank the wine and remembered Nash.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair headed off to take care of Sam when she heard the baby's cries, and Cole cuddled up to Starr, who complained about being "fat and moody." Cole said she was always beautiful to him, and took a picture of Starr with his camera-phone. "Appreciate that belly now," Starr groused. Cole was enthusiastic about their future "family" together, but a hesitant Starr asked Cole if he thought they were truly ready. The oblivious Cole said no one was ready for parenthood no matter what the age, and assured Starr that they still had six months left to prepare. Starr called him a "natural" parent. Blair overheard the tail end of the teens' conversation before returning to the kitchen with Sam and Addie. Addie offered to take Sam to see the "Bodies" art exhibit, but Blair blanched at the thought and sent Sam to the park with Cole and Starr instead.

At the Balsoms' loft, Adriana begged Rex to wait to decide on a divorce. "I need time to find the woman I used to be," Adriana said, "before all the craziness and insecurity about Gigi and Shane." Rex said he needed space and she needed time, and asked what the answer was. Adriana explained that she'd had an offer to head up a line of designer jeans for Exposed in Paris, and that she'd be gone for several more months. "Separated, not divorced," she said, and pleaded with Rex to let them use the time to try to work things out and work through the betrayal. Adriana asked Rex not to throw away what they'd had over the previous few months of madness. Emotionally overcome, Rex hugged Adriana and told her that he did still love her despite everything. "We deserve a chance," Adriana said. Rex agreed to a separation, but warned Adriana, "no promises." Adriana struggled to control her tears and said that she should've gone to Paris for the time to clear her head months ago, Gigi or no Gigi in Llanview. Rex told her that he still saw the old Adriana he fell in love with inside her when she spoke like that. "Too little, too late, huh?" Adriana sobbed, and the Balsoms embraced again. Later, with her bags packed, Adriana prepared to leave the loft, and Llanview. She examined her shattered wedding picture, and Rex tenderly pulled the photo from the frame and gave it to her. The Balsoms shared a final kiss. "Don't forget about me, Rex," Adriana said. As Adriana left, Rex went to the window, broken and in tears.

At La Boulaie, Blair and Addie chatted with the kids gone. Addie gushed over a baby catalog full of clothes she wanted to order for Starr's unborn child, but Blair was distant and pensive. Blair lamented Starr being too young for a baby, and Addie agreed that Starr was younger than she'd been when she'd had Blair. Blair was jolted to realize Addie had lucid memories of her pregnancy and giving birth to her. Her curiosity piqued, Blair shyly asked Addie to tell her about her father. Addie pursed her lips, saying that she would save that story for another day. Blair relented, and said she was glad to have her mother in her life. Addie called Blair a sweet daughter and assured her she wasn't going anywhere. Blair fretted over the pregnancy and Todd, saying that she loved him and had thought he could change, but that he never seemed to care enough. She wondered aloud what that meant for the next generation, asking Addie what parents passed down to their children. Addie said that the past didn't determine one's future self, using the example of the Lord bloodline, and how differently Viki had turned out from both Todd and Tina. Blair vowed that she would never let Todd influence their children again.

At the McBains' apartment, Marcie looked at a picture of herself with "Tommy" and Michael in happier times, then hid the picture in her dresser. When she went to answer her door, she found Adriana there.

At the Buchanan mansion, Natalie arrived only to see Jared being hauled away by the police. Jared mouthed, "I love you," as he was hustled out, leaving Natalie confused and fearful in front of her family.

At the hospital, Charlie and Roxy sat together as friends, only to be startled when an angry Rex turned up in the doorway.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Parent Trap

John joined Antonio and Talia in the surveillance van, staked outside of Ramsey's penthouse. They were hoping that the listening device, planted inside Ramsey's home, would provide them with crucial information to help identify the woman whom Ramsey was keeping hidden away. As they speculated about the medical records that they had found in Ramsey's office days earlier, they heard Ramsey enter the woman's room and begin speaking to her. When they heard the woman utter, "Help me," Antonio, Talia, and John had a moment of indecision. They debated rushing to the penthouse to rescue the woman or waiting to see if they could glean more information about the situation they would walk in on. In the penthouse, Ramsey continued to speak to his mystery guest as he picked a picture up from the floor. The woman had dropped it earlier but couldn't retrieve it herself. Inside the van, the three detectives realized that the woman wasn't in imminent danger. They continued listening as Ramsey talked to the woman but he didn't reveal anything that could help them. Eventually, Antonio and Talia decided to call it quits for the night, leaving John alone in the van.

Roxy was visiting Charlie when Rex walked into Charlie's room and greeted them with barely concealed hostility. He informed them about his separation from Adriana and then began demanding answers. Neither was able to give Rex the answers he needed but Charlie tried to help Rex come to terms with their betrayal. He told Rex that he had been proud to be Rex's father. He had felt honored that Rex had wanted Charlie to be a part of his life. Charlie went on to apologize for the hurt that he had caused Rex but Rex scoffed at the heartfelt words. Rex then turned his anger on Roxy. He realized that the reason that Roxy had lied about Charlie was because Rex had gotten uncomfortably close to finding his true father. Roxy remained silent as Rex continued to express his anger and disappointment over the lengths that Roxy had gone to in order to keep him from learning his true father's identity. When it became apparent that Roxy had no intention of telling Rex anything about his father, Rex made his wishes clear. He disowned Roxy and told her that he never wanted to set eyes on her again. Roxy was devastated by her son's complete rejection. After Rex stormed out, Charlie asked Roxy why she didn't tell Rex the truth-that she didn't know who Rex's father was. Roxy's silence spoke volumes. Charlie realized that Roxy knew who the man was. Charlie was baffled why Roxy would continue to remain silent on the matter. Roxy explained that the truth would hurt Rex more than his not knowing.

At the park, Gigi and Brody were spending time with Shane. While Shane practiced basketball, Gigi and Brody talked. Gigi remained certain that Adriana intended to tell Rex that Shane was his son. Brody began to wonder if maybe Gigi secretly hoped that Adriana would tell Rex the truth about Shane. Before Brody could probe along those lines further, Shane approached them and asked if he could start using his father's last name. Gigi was clearly uncomfortable with the idea and Brody wisely supported her decision that Shane continue using Morasco as a surname. A short while later, Gigi reluctantly agreed to allow Shane and Brody to spend some time together alone in the park. After Gigi left, Shane asked Brody if he would be interested in spending Father's Day with him at the community center. Shane was eager to sign them up for father/son events that were scheduled at the center to celebrate the special day. Brody hesitated to agree, but Shane kept pushing until Brody relented.

Adriana stopped off at Marcie's apartment on her way to the airport. Marcie was surprised to learn that Adriana and Rex had separated and that Adriana had decided to go to Paris alone for a few months. She was stunned when Adriana began apologizing for the way that she had treated Marcie in recent months. Adriana admitted that when she had learned that Marcie and Gigi were friends, Adriana no longer considered Marcie a friend. The two women opened up about their feelings and mended fences. Adriana confessed that she was worried that Rex would fall in love with Gigi while Adriana was in Paris. They were interrupted when Gigi stopped by to visit with Marcie. Adriana finished saying goodbye to Marcie, but before she walked out of the door, Gigi stopped her. Gigi asked Adriana if she had told Rex about Shane. Adriana said that she had only confessed to her own lies, not Gigi's. Later, at the airport, Adriana looked at a picture of her and Rex on their wedding day. She vowed that she would find a way to make her marriage to Rex work.

After Adriana left Marcie's apartment, Gigi and Marcie sat down for a visit. Gigi seemed concerned when Marcie announced that she intended to go to the hospital and sign up as volunteer, working with children. Gigi wondered if Marcie was ready to take such a big step after everything that she had gone through with Tommy.

Starr and Cole stopped off at the diner before they continued on to the park. While they were there, a female patron overheard Starr and Cole ordering food for Sam. She was shocked when the teens had ordered what she considered an unhealthy meal for the toddler. When the woman spoke up, Starr and Cole defended their actions. Unfortunately, the woman had more to say on the matter of children. She lectured the teens on parenthood and the pitfalls of becoming a young parent. Starr took what the woman said to heart. After the opinionated stranger left, Starr shared some of her doubts with Cole. Cole insisted that they would learn what they needed to know in order to take care of their child. He also vowed that he would be with Starr every step of the way during and after her pregnancy. Starr dropped the subject and reminded Cole of their plans to take Sam to the park. At the park, while Starr stepped away for some ice cream, a couple of Cole's friends approached him. They invited him to a game of basketball but Cole declined. Starr overheard the exchange and urged Cole to join his friends while he could. Cole was adamant; he wasn't interested in shooting hoops.

Marcie was walking through the park when she passed Starr and Cole. They had their hands full with Sam, who was fussy and crying. Marcie tried to walk past them but couldn't seem to get very far. As Sam continued to cry, Starr grew increasingly frustrated. She finally turned to Marcie and asked her to help calm Sam down.

While the camera panned to the mystery woman's picture, John listened to the tape he had recorded of the woman asking for help. The picture shown was of John and Marty Saybrooke, smiling. The camera then slowly panned to the woman in the bed; it was Marty!

At the Llanview airport, the US Ambassador to Mendorra welcomed the Crown Princess of Mendorra: Tina Lord!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Rex and Gigi ran into each other at the hospital and each claimed to be there on business. Looking at Rex, Gigi decided that he needed a friend badly and wouldn't let him go until he opened up to her. He acknowledged that both his marriage and dad were gone and while he had asked Adriana for a divorce, they'd agreed to just keep some space between them. Gigi looked anxious when Rex mentioned the potential divorce but kept the tone light and joked that she knew neither he nor Adriana would ever give up. She mentioned seeing Adriana as she said her good-byes to Marcie. Rex admitted feeling bad about Shane and Gigi being involved due to Adriana bringing Brody to Llanview, something that Gigi knew nothing about.

Todd's bodyguard, Keys, offered advice about life when they saw Starr trying to calm down a crying Sam in the park. As Todd watched from his car and yelled out the window, Marcie declined but then couldn't help but offer aid when she happened to come across Starr, Cole, and Sam on her way to the hospital. As Todd attempted to jump out of the car to intervene, Keys stopped him, telling his boss that he'd call the cops himself if Todd disobeyed the restraining order. Marcie managed to calm Sam down, while attempting to help Starr feel better about herself. Deeply discouraged that she wasn't able to help her little brother herself, Starr felt bad and pointed out what a terrible mother she'd be. Marcie tried to explain that Starr was still young and that all moms felt inept at first. She downplayed Starr's disgust over her lack of patience and agreed that she didn't have any either at Starr's age. She suggested that Starr should just have fun. She pointed out how sweet Sam was with all that he'd been through. Starr apologized again for using Marcie in her fight against her dad. Keys continued to lecture Todd, who pointed out that he had hired Keys for his muscle, not his conscience.

John couldn't help but doze off as he listened to events in Lee's penthouse from his post in the van. With the tray of food being removed from Marty's room, the bug, placed on the tray, was picking up voices on the television. Thinking quickly, he called the penthouse and identified himself as being from the cable company, advising the housekeeper of problems in the area. He suggested that she turn the television off. Upstairs, Lee told Marty that he had good news and that they would have what they needed that very day. He told her that there would be no more threats and that she was important to him. He further advised her that when she was healthy and strong, she would be able to go back to all of the people who loved her. He thought that maybe he would even be reinstated with the FBI. Back downstairs, Lee told the housekeeper to take off because he had a meeting, and that their patient was medicated and he would be able to take care of her if she awoke. With the television off, John was able to hear their conversation.

The Ambassador to Mendorra climbed back into the car, returning Tina's dog, David Vickers, after walking him. He apologized on behalf of the government for the missing jewels, addressing her as Your Highness. Tina quickly corrected him, asking that she be called just Tina or Princess Tina. She told him that she was on her way to see the one man who would be able to restore her country's heritage and the jewels, and she said that he wasn't a good guy. As she pointed out sites, the Ambassador was surprised at Tina's familiarity with the town. She cited her long journey but said that she was now home.

Todd was jolted when he looked at the car pulling up next to his and thought he saw his sister, Tina. Figuring it wasn't her at all, he nonetheless ordered his driver to follow her car. Tina's car pulled up to the penthouse and the ambassador tried to stop Tina from getting out of the car. "It's for the crown," she said. She explained that she needed to defend the honor of Mendorra. Todd pulled up behind her and thought that while she may have thought she was visiting him since he used to live there, maybe she was actually stopping to see the "police commissioner/blackmailer/kid killer." Lee welcomed the princess and her dog into his penthouse. She asked to see the jewels and Lee handed them over. "Show me the money," he replied. As Tina handed him a briefcase full of money, she told him that her country thanked him. In the van, John quickly jotted notes.

Gigi was shocked to learn that Brody hadn't found her himself as he had told her. Rex explained how Adriana sought Brody out and paid him. This angered her and she demanded to know how much Brody was paid in order for her to match it. She thought he had wanted to be a father and it hurt her that he was actually drawing a salary. Rex didn't believe that Brody would accept money from her because then he would know that she knew how he got there in the first place. Gigi mostly felt bad for Shane. She also thought that she and Rex were suckers, like two peas in a pod. When Rex told her he'd help her if she needed him, Gigi tried to let him off the hook, by telling him that everything was Adriana's fault. Rex cut her off, indicating that he would help her anyway, especially since Shane was such a great kid.

Starr and Marcie remained at the park to talk about parenting. Starr felt bad that Marcie would never be able to have another child and thought it was not fair since she was a great mother. She thought that Marcie understood children, unlike herself. She blamed Todd for screwing something else up. Marcie told Starr she'd change eventually and be able to take care of a child. Starr almost gave everything away when she blurted out that she didn't have time to change, but hastily added that she needed to be able to watch her brother. Marcie advised her not to burden herself and assured her that she had a long time to grow. Cole told Starr that they would be ready when their baby arrived.

Tina eyed the jewels and noted how dirty and dusty they were. She berated Lee for not keeping them clean. Lee counted the money. As Tina headed to the washroom to get her dog a drink, the doorbell rang. The doorman said he had a package but when Lee opened the door, there were two men with guns standing behind him. They burst in with guns blazing and shot the doorman. As Tina cowered in the bathroom, Lee was shot several times. Upstairs, Marty was awakened by the shots. Out in the car, Todd waited for Tina to reappear but after what seemed a very long time, he and Keys decided to head up to the penthouse. Inside, as the gunmen searched for the jewels, John raced in, having heard the disruption over his headphones. He shot both of the men and, hearing noises from above, began to head upstairs, where Marty had fallen from the bed in her struggles to get up.

Rex and Gigi decided that it was good for them to have a talk. He added that it was okay for her to visit Charlie, as he knew she wasn't really there for business. He thought it was fine for Gigi to be Charlie's friend, just as she could be his.

Tina saw Lee on the floor but managed to escape without being seen, carrying the case full of money. As John made his way upstairs, he heard Tina leave and turned around and started after her instead. He followed her outside and tried to get her to stop. The ambassador, waiting in the car for Tina, drew his own gun and shot John. Missing them by seconds, Keys and Todd arrived in the other elevator and discovered the men spread out all over the living room floor. They heard noises upstairs and Todd headed up to investigate. Making his way to the bedroom, he found Marty on the floor. "Help me," she said weakly.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tornado Afraid Oh!

Outside of Ramsey's penthouse building, Tina jumped into the limousine with John following close behind. Jonas questioned Tina about what had taken place upstairs, but she pleaded with him to have the driver take off immediately because someone was after her. John reached the fire escape landing and fired a warning shot in the air; he ordered the driver to turn off the engine. A terrified Tina watched as Jonas pulled out a gun and fired a shot-striking John in the chest. As the limo pulled off, an injured John observed the license plate. Badly injured, John struggled to stand up but couldn't. He attempted to call for help on his cell phone, but the phone was inoperable. John managed to stop the bleeding, but remained virtually helpless on the fire escape.

Back inside the limo, Tina questioned why Jonas would shoot a police officer but Jonas demanded answers from her. Jonas wanted to know what was in the case that Tina had retrieved from the penthouse. When Tina refused to cooperate, Jonas pointed the gun at her and ordered her to hand him the mysterious case. As Tina and Jonas struggled over the case, Tina hit Jonas. Tina jumped out of the limo and ran towards Angel Square Park-with the case filled with the jewels.

In Angel Square Park, Sarah and Cris discussed the song that she was preparing for Nash's funeral. Sarah was having a hard time accepting Nash's death because she never got the opportunity to tell him how much she valued their friendship. Cris told Sarah that perhaps Nash's death was a wake- up call and they should start expressing their true feelings to their loved ones. Cris's words gave Sarah an idea for her salute to Nash. In an instant, Sarah began to create her tribute to Nash. Cris smiled as Sarah sang to him.

Jonas took off after Tina. Cris left Sarah's side and headed off to grab a hotdog. As Sarah sat alone in the park, she heard her mother call her name. Upon his return, Cris found a frightened Sarah. When Cris stated that Sarah looked as if she had seen a ghost, Sarah informed him that she believed she had heard one.

While hiding out in the park with David Vickers, the dog, Tina remained quiet as she observed Jonas approach Sarah and Cris. Holding Sarah and Cris at gunpoint, Jonas demanded to know if they had seen a woman with a dog and gave them a description of Tina. When Jonas left, Sarah told Cris that she believed that she had heard her mother's voice. The sight of Sarah appeared to have an emotional effect on Tina.

Jonas told someone over the phone that he would get the jewels back.

Todd discovered Marty inside of one of the bedrooms in Lee Ramsey's penthouse. A disoriented Marty pleaded with Todd not to harm her. Todd assured Marty that he wouldn't hurt her, but Marty was afraid because she had heard the gunshots. Unable to stand, Marty warned Todd to stay away from her. Amazed to discover that Marty didn't recognize him, Todd questioned what had happened to her. Marty related that she had suffered a serious brain injury and didn't remember anything from her past-only Lee and Janet, her nurse. Meanwhile downstairs, Keys examined the crime scene. Seconds later, Janet appeared in the doorway and screamed when she saw the dead bodies of Lee and the doorman sprawled on the living room floor. Keys jumped out of his hiding place and tried to explain the situation to Janet. Fearing the real killer could be nearby, Keys placed his hands over Janet's mouth and tried to convince her to cooperate.

Upon hearing Janet's screams, Marty began to panic and demanded to know what was taking place downstairs. Todd said that he would check things out and asked Marty to stay put. Alone, Marty dragged her limp body across the floor and pulled herself back onto the bed. Grasping the picture of her and John, Marty had a flashback of Ramsey telling her that the photo always managed to calm her nerves.

Downstairs, Janet examined the dead bodies and stated that she was going to call the police. Todd appeared and told her that the police could not be involved. As Janet attempted to check on Marty, Todd blocked her way and made her an offer. She could either accept a large sum of money to work for him or he would have Keys cause her great bodily harm. Janet informed Todd that he would have to kill her because she had no intention of helping him. Janet related that she had a duty to care for Marty because she was a nurse. Janet pleaded with Todd to allow her to help Marty and advised him that she needed twenty-four hour medical care. Impressed with Janet's bravery, Todd asked if anyone else knew about Marty and stated that he wanted to take Marty somewhere else and care for her. Todd suggested that Janet consider being his employee and continue to provide Marty with medical care. Cornered, Janet agreed.

When the police arrived to assist John, he provided them with the license plate number of the fleeing limo. John managed to stumble up to the penthouse, but found only Todd on the premises. Todd hid Marty's picture from John. John didn't believe Todd's excuse and vowed to find out the truth.

Keys carried an unconscious Marty off into the night.

At LaBoulaie, Langston and Markko entered the kitchen. Langston was in a fit of hysterics as Markko sprayed her with his water gun. Starr and Cole warned the happy couple to lower their voices before they disturbed a sleeping Sam. Starr and Cole told Langston and Markko about the difficult time they had with Sam earlier and how Marcie calmed the child down. Langston was shocked that Starr would let Marcie anywhere near Sam. Everyone was surprised by Starr's defense of Marcie. Starr stated how good Marcie had been to Sam and expressed her regret that Marcie couldn't have children of her own or adopt. When Starr stated how she and Cole had no idea how to handle Sam's tantrum, Markko quickly reminded them that they would soon have a child of their own. As the conversation turned to Starr's pregnancy, Starr appeared bothered but Cole was delighted to discuss their child. Starr suggested that everyone go out and enjoy themselves, instead of worrying about her pregnancy. When her friends suggested that they all take a ride on the exciting new roller coaster that was at the local carnival, Starr informed them that she had an appointment with her OB-GYN and reminded them that she couldn't ride on a roller coaster in her pregnant state.

Later, alone with Langston, Starr confided to her friend that she didn't think she was ready to have a child and wanted to place the baby up for adoption. Langston was worried because Starr had not discussed her decision with Cole.

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