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Madame Delphina made several predictions. Adoption of Starr's baby was discussed again, though Michael was against it. Nora managed to stop Bo and Lindsay's wedding; she had proof of lies that Lindsay had told. Cole went to Todd for help to stop Starr from giving away their baby. Carlo Hesser was revealed to be Talia's father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Fine

At the church, Tess opened Nash's coffin and stated that she was back. Tess dropped her coat and revealed that she was wearing a flashy, tight-fitted dress (one that Jessica would never be seen in). As she stared at Nash's dead body, Tess said that she fought hard to get back to him, but it was too late. Tess blamed Natalie and Jared for killing Nash and vowed to make them pay.

Natalie and Jared returned to their apartment at the Angel Square Hotel with David Vickers, the dog. A picture of Natalie and Jessica during happier times caught Natalie's eye. Natalie wondered what Jess would do now that Nash was gone forever. She told Jared that Jess hated her and wondered if she was crazy to hope that Jess would forgive them in the future. Jared assured Natalie that she hadn't lost her sister forever. Natalie thought about how jealous she once was of Jess, but said she couldn't imagine life without her.

Viki arrived outside of Nash and Jessica's cottage and was disturbed when she spotted the latest edition of the Sun on the doorstep. The headlines read, "Funeral Mayhem. Widow accuses sister and boyfriend of murdering husband." Inside, Tess was dressed in her sexy dress and danced to loud rock music. She laughed as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Viki banged on the door and begged Jessica to let her in. Realizing Viki was at the door, Tess quickly covered herself with a robe and opened the door. Viki stared at her daughter. She felt something was off, but didn't know what. Citing that she was blowing of steam as her reason for the loud music, Tess attempted to convince Viki that she was fine. Viki said that she had come to take her daughter to the cemetery, but became alarmed when she noticed the shattered mirror on the wall. Tess made up an excuse and assured her mother that it was an accident. Wanting to believe that her daughter was fine, Viki urged her to get dressed and offered to clean up the mess. Viki promised her that there would be no press or unwanted guests at the reception. Tess told Viki that she wasn't worried about Natalie showing up. As Viki walked away, Tess remarked, "You ain't seen nothing yet, mother!" After getting dressed, Tess asked for a moment alone. When Viki left the cottage, Tess picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed a picture of Natalie.

At LaBoulaie, Langston and Starr watched as Addie happily fed David strawberries. While Langston purposely ignored David, Starr worried because she hadn't heard from Cole. Both David and Addie were suspicious when Dorian entered the room and was pleasant to David. When David asked what Dorian was up to, she smiled and stated that she was too busy to worry about their relationship. Dorian smiled as the doorbell chimed. She announced that Addie and David's wedding present had just arrived. Dorian introduced everyone to Madame Delphina, a world-renowned psychic. Dorian asked Madame to give David and Addie a reading regarding their future. David was certain that Dorian had paid her to give them a negative report. Although the psychic was able to describe David's underwear, he remained unconvinced. The psychic told the couple that their life would result in death and destruction, but then began to laugh hysterically. She confessed that Dorian had paid her off. Infuriated, Dorian demanded that Madame leave. She told Dorian that her pathway was blocked by someone who was at the door. Believing Madame was a fraud, David jokingly asked her who was at the door. Madame replied that David Vickers was on the other side of the door. Moments later, the doorbell chimed. Natalie and Jared entered the mansion carrying David Vickers, the dog.

Assuming the dog belonged to David, Natalie and Jared suggested that he take the untrained dog off their hands. Surprised that the dog had a tag bearing his name, David wondered who would name their dog after him. Madame Delphina stated that the spirits told her that the dog belonged to a princess. Expressions of doubt crossed everyone's face and David began to ridicule the psychic. Upset by the fiasco, Dorian asked Madame Delphina, Natalie, and Jared to leave her home. An angered Natalie lashed out at Dorian and blamed her for causing the chain of events that resulted in Nash's death. When Dorian stated that it wasn't her idea to pass Jared off as Asa's long lost son, Madame Delphina began receiving a vision and took a seat. Everyone, particularly Natalie and Jared, was stunned when the psychic announced that Asa's long lost son was present in the room. In a fit of anger, Dorian demanded that Madame leave at once. Instantly, a spirit took over Madame Delphina's body. The spirit stated that he was Mel Hayes and asked how Dorian could live with herself considering all that she had done. A curious David questioned the spirit about Dorian's wrongdoings. The spirit of Mel demanded that Dorian confess if she wanted his forgiveness. A terrified Dorian grabbed Madame and screamed, "Stop it, Mel!" Madame Delphina came out of the trance and asked who Mel was. As Natalie and Jared left LaBoulaie, Jared was concerned about Madame's statement about Asa's heir, but Natalie was certain she was a fake.

While Madame was still present, Starr and Langston returned to the living room. Langston approached the psychic and said that she had a question for her. Madame asked if her question was in regards to her parents. Both, Langston and Starr were surprised. The psychic told Langston that her parents were always with her and referred to her as "Langzy." Langston revealed that her father called her by that name and that no one else was aware of that fact. Madame Delphina continued to tell Langston not to ever forget what her parents had said. When Langston tried to pry her for more information, Madame was vague and turned her attention to Starr. The psychic placed her hand on Starr's stomach and said that something was terribly wrong. A frightened Starr asked if there was something wrong with her baby.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Nora, Clint, and Matthew prepared to leave to attend Nash's burial. They were all surprised when Bo and Lindsay arrived and announced that they were getting married. While Matthew was elated, Nora nearly fell out of her chair after hearing the news. Nora inquired when the ceremony would take place, and Bo informed them that he wanted to get married immediately. When Nora and Lindsay exchanged a few cutting words, Bo exclaimed that there were no secrets between him and Lindsay-"now or never." Lindsay nervously looked over at the file containing R.J.'s letter that was placed on a nearby table. Matthew was supportive of his father's choice and had many questions for him. Bo promised his son that they would have a ceremony with family and friends, and not elope. Nora was shocked when Matthew suggested that Bo and Lindsay get married at the mansion. Matthew reminded his mother that Asa's last words were that the family stick together. Sensing Nora's displeasure, Bo said that he didn't want to impose upon Nora. Cornered, Nora agreed to hold the ceremony at the mansion, and Bo and Lindsay happily accepted. Nora was beside herself when Bo announced that he wanted to have the ceremony immediately following Nash's burial. As everyone prepared to leave the room, Lindsay appeared nauseous. She stated that she was overwhelmed at the idea of getting married so soon. Lindsay asked if she could remain at the mansion while everyone attended the burial. She needed time to compose herself. Bo agreed and everyone left for the cemetery. Alone in the room, Lindsay retrieved R.J.'s letter and set it on fire. As the letter burned, Lindsay exclaimed, "I feel so much better now!"

At the loft, Antonio and Cris discussed how Jonas tricked Talia into helping him lure Sarah to the apartment. After hearing their discussion, Tina appeared and told the Vega brothers that she knew how to get the women back safely. She showed them the jewels and assured them that was all Jonas wanted. Jonas showed up at the loft, and Antonio greeted him by pointing a gun at him. Jonas laughed and said that his "people" were instructed to hurt the women if he didn't contact them within the next fifteen minutes. He also reminded them that he had full diplomatic immunity. Antonio withdrew his weapon and demanded to know where Talia and Sarah were. Tina told Jonas that she had the jewels and begged Jonas not to harm Sarah. Antonio said that he wouldn't pay any ransom until he saw Talia and Sarah. Jonas said that their request would be granted but they had to be patient. When Antonio demanded to be taken to the women immediately, Jonas asked if their passports were updated. Jonas informed Antonio and Cris that they would escort the princess on a chartered flight back to Mendorra. Once there, they would be taken into security and to the princess' palace and await further instruction. Jonas assured them that they would be reunited with the women and he would receive the jewels. With a devilish look, Jonas left the loft. Antonio told Cris and Tina that the situation concerned more than just the jewels. Tina was certain that all Jonas wanted was the jewels. Antonio questioned why the exchange needed to take place in Mendorra.

At the cemetery, Tess looked distraught as everyone said a prayer for Nash. After the service was over, Tess asked for a few moments alone with Nash. Alone, Tess climbed on top of Nash's casket. She said that he shouldn't be the one placed into the ground, Natalie and Jared should. Tess swore that Natalie and Jared would regret taking Nash from her.

Natalie and Jared returned to their apartment and discussed the circumstances that led up to Nash's death. Jared felt he was to blame because he wanted revenge on Tess. As Jared continued to accept blame, there was a knock at the door. Natalie and Jared were startled to find Jessica standing there, or so they thought.

Back at the mansion, Lindsay was in good spirits when everyone returned form the cemetery. Lindsay declared that she had to begin planning her wedding and ushered Bo out of the room. Clint asked Nora how she felt about throwing Lindsay's wedding at the mansion. Nora stated that she had to be okay for Matthew's sake. When Nora questioned how Clint was feeling, he said that he would have to fight Dorian all on his own because Bo would be on his honeymoon. Nora suggested that he take the paperwork and handed him the files on the table. Clint asked if Nora still needed the paperwork for her own purposes. She informed him that she had made duplicate copies of every piece of paperwork.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

As Fate Would Have It

At Todd's house, Marty struggled to rise from her bed and stand, only to be caught by Todd, who urged her to rest and heal. Marty was impatient, however, and ignored Todd's warnings about her injuries and her lupus. "Thanks," she said, "but I think I know my body better than you do." Todd winced at her unintentional phrasing. Marty pleaded to be let outside into the fresh air, but Todd said she'd go when she was physically ready and not before. Marty said that if Todd wasn't going to let her out then he had to help her find a way to occupy her time, and asked him to tell her a story, or tell her the truth, about their past together. Todd was hesitant and uncommunicative, unnerved by Marty's friendly and caring manner. He admitted that they'd attended Llanview University together, and said he'd been the quarterback for the football team. Marty asked which school archetype she'd fit into: The nerd? The activist? The party girl? Remembering his taunting of "Party Marty," Todd grew more and more uncomfortable, and wouldn't tell her any more. Then, Marty asked him to take her outside.

At La Boulaie, Madame Delphina reiterated her warning to Starr and Langston that Starr's unborn baby was in great danger. Before she could elaborate, though, Blair walked in and demanded to know what Delphina, whom she considered a fraud, was doing there. The women traded barbs back and forth but Starr managed to interject, urging Delphina to give her details about the danger to her child. Delphina clarified, saying that the baby was in great spiritual danger, and that a war was going to be fought over the child, "and no one's gonna win." She rejected Starr and Blair's conclusions that the danger to the baby was Todd, and said that it wouldn't be him, "not yet." Starr and Langston said goodbye to Blair and Madame Delphina, but not before Delphina used a cryptic riddle to suggest they call Markko, and told Langston to remember what she'd said, "Your family's watching you." Then, the girls stepped into the foyer to confer in private about the situation with the baby and Cole. Starr warned Langston that she wouldn't change her mind about adoption and stunned her foster sister by revealing her plans for Marcie to adopt the child. Langston said Cole, Todd, and Blair would never allow that, but Starr proclaimed that it wasn't up to any of them. Frustrated, Langston called Markko.

At the diner, Cole met with Markko, who urged him to call Starr and work things out. Cole said they had nothing left to talk about and that no one was taking is kid." Markko was horrified to learn that Cole planned to sue for custody, and said that Cole didn't realize the full depth of what he was getting into as a single parent. Markko said that he'd watched his own parents struggle to raise a family together, and that in raising the baby alone, Cole would be giving up his future and his youth just to rear a child the mother didn't want. Cole ignored Markko's advice, saying that Markko didn't understand all that Cole had lost, and said that the baby would be his life's adventure. He said he had rights and that Starr couldn't stop him from suing and taking custody. Markko warned him that he'd lose Starr in the process; Cole countered that he'd tried to care for her through the pregnancy as a loving partner, but Starr had given up on them. Markko pleaded with Cole to reach out to Starr. Just then, Langston called and told Markko she was coming to the diner with Starr. Markko asked her not to, telling her that Cole was there, but Langston said that Starr and Cole had to face each other sooner or later. She told him they were on their way, and Markko hung up and told Cole. He asked his friend to stay and try once more to make Starr understand how he felt.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Marcie met with her custody lawyer, Judy Schulman-Brown. She thanked Judy for all her help and support in the past, then broached the subject of adoption. Marcie said that she understood that conventional adoption was closed to her and Michael, but inquired about the possibility of private adoption. Judy sensed that Marcie's question was more than hypothetical, and probed her for the truth. Marcie confessed that "a girl" had come forward, sympathetic to Marcie's loss and wanting to give away an unborn child; she didn't name Starr. Marcie told Judy she felt pathetic to be so eager but asked if she could afford to pass up what could be her last chance at a family for her and Michael. Judy said they could discuss it more over dinner, and ushered Marcie out of the hotel lobby.

Back at La Boulaie, with the girls gone, Delphina turned on Blair, saying she knew Blair's real anger was about her divorce from Todd Manning. Blair dismissed Delphina's "rantings" as another con, and Delphina admitted she'd seen the divorce papers on the nearby desk. But she warned Blair that she wasn't done with Todd, even though Todd had his hands full with "the other woman." Blair didn't believe there was anyone else, but Delphina said that Todd and the "other woman" shared "a dark bond." Blair's mind immediately went to Téa Delgado, but Delphina said it wasn't her. As she left, she told Blair to call if she needed her.

In Jared and Natalie's room at the Angel Square Hotel, they were shocked to see "Jessica," actually Tess, on their doorstep. "You can't hide from me, Natalie," Tess intoned, and asked if she could come in. Tess quickly took control of the situation with the startled lovers, and said that it had to be tough living in isolation together, but they would both survive, "you're good at that." She said the burial was over and Nash was gone, and so she had to deal with them. "Are you scared, Natalie?" Tess asked, toying with her prey. "Because if I was you, I'd be terrified." She then reached into her handbag and produced...roses from the gravesite to give to Natalie and Jared. The distant "Jessica" suggested they both go to Nash's grave and lay the flowers there so they might also have a chance to pay their respects, and said she understood that that was what they were trying to do at the funeral. "Jessica" said she hadn't come to fight, but to move forward; she said Natalie was her sister and she loved her, and knew Nash's death was an accident, that she had been looking for someone to blame.

Natalie said they were sorry they had come to the funeral, but the aloof Tess said she was the one to apologize for her cruel remarks and explained that she knew Natalie had meant no harm. Natalie tearfully embraced "Jess" and thanked her for her understanding. Nat begged her to understand that Jared was "innocent" as well. Tess bristled at this and said she didn't know if she could ever forgive him. Jared said he understood and solemnly swore that he could never forgive himself, that he knew he did bear responsibility for what his actions led to. Natalie refused to allow him to accept the burden, however, and, as Tess seethed, blamed Jared's anger upon coming to Llanview on Tess's past misdeeds. "But I am Tess," Tess revealed-then explained that she meant Tess was a part of Jessica through integration. She said the Tess aspect of herself was the rage in her over Nash's death, but the rest of her understood the importance of forgiveness and moving on. The sisters hugged again, and Tess bid the lovers goodbye. "I'm so relieved," Natalie remarked to Jared, feeling confident that they could get through their recent hardships. Jared didn't seem so sure, however, as he pondered "Jessica's" strange behavior.

At the diner, Starr and Langston arrived to meet with Cole and Markko. Langston and Markko left Cole and Starr alone to talk. The two estranged lovebirds were awkward and quiet, until Cole held out his hand and took Starr in his arms. They admitted that they had missed each other, and seemed about to make progress right when Marcie and Judy Schulman-Brown walked in.

Back at the hotel, Tess stalked out of the lobby in a fury, snarling at Madame Delphina to move as she entered going in the other direction. Tuned in to Tess's presence, Delphina exclaimed, "Who are you and what have you done with Jessica?" But Tess was already out the door, murmuring, "Jessica has left the building."

At Todd's new house, Todd was extremely awkward and uncomfortable when Marty asked him to carry her downstairs and outside. He struggled to lift her and seemed very ill-at-ease holding her in his arms, while Marty didn't have a care in the world as they descended the stairs. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Blair called repeatedly for Todd. Still in Todd's arms, Marty asked if he was going to answer the door.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Miracles Whipped

Bo invited Rex to his apartment and announced that he intended to marry Lindsay that very day. Rex was happy for the couple. Bo then presented Lindsay with an engagement ring before she dashed off to attend to a few wedding details. Rex felt bad that Bo wasn't able to give Gabrielle's ring to Lindsay. Bo waved away Rex's concerns and told Rex that he credited Rex for his decision to marry Lindsay. Rex was surprised by the revelation. Bo explained that Rex's words to him, at Nash's funeral inspired Bo to let go of the past and embrace the future. Rex seemed genuinely touched by Bo's words. When Bo asked Rex to be his best man, Rex graciously accepted. As they talked about the wedding, the conversation drifted to Gigi. Bo asked Rex if he would had gone through with his wedding to Adriana if Gigi had confessed her feelings for Rex sooner.

Brody was fixing Shane's bike in the living room and talking to Gigi when Dorian stopped by for a visit. Dorian demanded that Brody return the money that she had given him in exchange for his promise to leave Llanview. Brody informed Dorian that the money was gone. Brody had opened up an account in Shane's name. Brody wanted Shane to use the money for college. Gigi was stunned by the news. Dorian, on the other hand, was livid. She reminded Gigi and Brody that she knew the truth about both of them: Brody was not Shane's father and Gigi was in love with Rex. Dorian then insisted that her money be returned. Before she stormed out, Dorian warned Brody that she would not rest until her money was returned. Alone again, Gigi admitted to Brody that as much as Dorian frustrated her, Dorian was correct about one thing; Gigi still loved Rex. Gigi went on to say that she would probably always love Rex. Brody appeared annoyed by the confession but wisely didn't challenge it. Instead, Brody handed Gigi the savings book to Shane's account that was started with Dorian's money. Gigi was touched by the gesture and threw her arms around Brody in gratitude. At the same time, Rex appeared on Gigi's doorstep and prepared to knock. When he saw Gigi hug Brody, Rex walked away.

Viki met Nora at the country club for lunch. Nora quickly brought Viki up to date on Bo's decision to marry Lindsay. Viki was shocked to hear that the wedding was scheduled for later that day. Nora's obvious displeasure about the upcoming nuptials made Viki curious. She asked Nora if she was still in love with Bo. Nora quickly denied it, explaining that she was very happy with Clint. As she talked, Nora realized that Viki might be uncomfortable hearing about Nora's relationship with Clint. Viki assured Nora she didn't have a problem with Nora dating Clint. When Viki brought up Charlie, Nora realized that Viki spoke of their relationship in the past tense. Viki admitted that she and Charlie had split up and explained why. While they were talking about Charlie, Dorian strolled up to their table. Dorian took a few minutes to gloat about her recent takeover of Buchanan Enterprises before she turned to Viki. She offered Viki condolences about Nash's sudden passing then began taunting Viki about Natalie's recent defection from the family, and Charlie's relapse. Viki's response was to tell Dorian, "You are an evil witch. Go fly away!"

At the diner, Marcie bumped into Starr and Cole. Marcie said very little as she led Judy to a nearby booth. As soon as they were seated, John paused to say hello to Marcie. Judy covered for Marcie so that John didn't realize that they were there to discuss the possibility of Marcie and Michael adopting a baby. After a few minutes, John left the ladies to enjoy their lunch. Judy didn't pull any punches. She asked Marcie if the young pregnant girl who used to babysit for Marcie was Starr. Marcie hedged giving her an answer. Instead Marcie asked what if the girl who wanted them to adopt her child was Starr. Judy was truthful and told Marcie that as long as the father of the baby agreed to the adoption, there wouldn't be a problem with Starr's decision to allow the McBains to adopt her baby. The real concern, Judy felt, was Todd and his reaction to the idea of Marcie adopting his grandchild. Before Judy could pursue it further, Lindsay breezed into the diner and made a beeline for Marcie's table. Marcie was happy for Lindsay when she announced her engagement to Bo and then asked Marcie to be her matron of honor for the wedding.

Seated in a nearby booth at the diner, Cole tried to convince Starr to change her mind about giving their baby up for adoption. Starr tried equally hard to convince Cole that her decision was best for the baby. Cole admitted that he loved Starr but he didn't think that their relationship would work if she gave the baby away. Starr began to cry as she asked Cole if he was telling her that the only way they could have a future together was if she kept the baby. Cole admitted that he didn't know and then walked out of the dinner. Starr, teary-eyed, ran after Cole.

John sat down next to a judge at the diner and asked him to sign off on a warrant to search Todd's house. The judge listened as John shared his suspicions but had to deny John the search warrant. The judge explained that John didn't have any hard evidence linking Todd to the mystery woman.

Todd returned Marty to her bedroom when Blair pounded on this front door and demanded that he open the door. He asked Marty to stay in her room, then he returned to the foyer and threw open the front door. Blair immediately asked Todd what took him so long to answer the door. Todd lied and said that he had been moving furniture. Blair didn't believe him and tried to step into his home. Todd blocked her entrance, which made Blair quite suspicious. She asked him if he was trying to hide his new girlfriend. Todd thought Blair's curiosity was a sign of jealousy. He accused Blair of still being in love with him and then began taunting her that he could have her right then and there if he so desired. Blair was furious, especially after Todd said that even though he could have her, he didn't want her. She pulled out the divorce papers and angrily signed them before throwing them at Todd. Before Blair left, she warned Todd to stay away from her and the children.

At the diner, Blair sat down in a booth and gave in to her tears. John spotted her and walked up. He gently touched her shoulder and then sat down in the booth across from her.

Todd returned to Marty's bedroom. She had overheard part of the exchange between Todd and Blair. When Marty asked Todd about his broken marriage, Todd lied and said that Blair and John were dating and that was the reason the marriage had fallen apart.

Roxy and Charlie were at the Angel Square Hotel with Madame Delphina. Charlie was uncomfortable with the idea of a psychic reading him so he left while Roxy remained behind and asked if Rex would forgive her for lying about Charlie. Madame Delphina said that the answer hinged on whether or not Roxy told the truth. Later, as Madame Delphina prepared to leave, she told Charlie, "You did not drink alone." Charlie and Roxy were intrigued by the cryptic words and pondered their meaning.

Madame Delphina arrived at the country club and bumped into Viki. She told Viki, "Don't give up on Charlie. He's not lying." Next, Madame Delphina approached Nora's table and told her, "You're looking for something. You'll find it in a sea of blue." As Nora packed her things up, she saw Madame Delphina at another table and remembered her words. When Nora looked down, she noticed that she was holding a blue folder. Nora decided to look in it and found the letter that R.J. had written to Lindsay in which he said goodbye and detailed Lindsay's crime: faking her insanity in order to avoid a murder conviction. Meanwhile, Bo and Lindsay were happy as they prepared to leave for their wedding.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


In Mendorra, the arrival of Her Royal Highness was announced, causing the staff to line up and bow. Tina walked in with Cris and Antonio and replied, "Yeah, it was swell," in response to hopes that she had a pleasant trip to the States. She learned that her prince was off posing for his royal portrait and she acknowledged that she was without her pooch, David Vickers, who had run away and was probably off eating garbage. In a cell somewhere on the premises, Talia stewed alone until Sarah was tossed in alongside her. Jonas advised them that all would be revealed soon. Sarah was feeling sick and confused, having remembered nothing since she arrived at her Llanview apartment to await the insurance agent. Jonas assured the others that the women would be safe as long as they all cooperated.

In similar scenes in two different locations, Blair cried over her latest encounter with Todd, while Todd expressed surprise that Blair wanted a divorce. At the diner, John offered to listen to Blair get things off her chest, while Marty offered to do the same with Todd. Both of the Mannings verbalized their inabilities to trust the other, while they both admitted they still loved each other. Blair admitted that she ran over to Todd's because of Delphina's tip that there was another woman, but she didn't see anyone. Todd reinforced his case against John, citing that the man turned Blair against him and that now both he and Marty were John's victims. Todd portrayed John as someone who had used Todd's love to his own advantage and had turned his entire family against him. He thought that John was a danger to both himself and Marty.

Getting ready for his sudden wedding, Bo confided to Clint how happy he felt. Clint wondered if Bo was really sticking it to Asa by marrying Lindsay, feeling that Asa was still around wheeling and dealing. Bo felt quite confident that Asa was not involved at all and that he really loved Lindsay, feeling sure that their marriage would work out. Nearby, Nora reeled over the copy of R.J.'s letter that she found among her papers and when Clint walked in, advised him that Bo could not marry Lindsay. She insisted that it was because Lindsay was a two-timing, murdering liar, and not about herself and Bo as Clint suggested. "You don't want Bo to marry anyone, do you?" Clint asked her. He told her to let things go. Bo voiced his happiness to Rex and wondered if the young man had set things straight in his own life.

Cole and Starr continued their discussion in Angel Square, though they could not see eye to eye on a decision. Starr confessed that she felt the pregnancy was an accident while Cole saw things far differently. She thought that their having each other was enough but Cole felt that she just didn't understand his side. Starr didn't feel that Cole had thought things through, like supporting himself-let alone anyone else-while he was still in school. He advised her that he had contacted a lawyer because no strangers would adopt his baby. When Starr began to blurt out that they weren't strangers, he put recent happenings together and realized that the McBains were Starr's parents of choice. Cole felt that it was Starr's way of getting back at her father, but she defended her choice as the perfect solution. Cole angrily announced that Marcie wouldn't get his kid and that he would do what he had to.

At the diner, Gigi pursued Carlotta about a job since she could and would not work for Dorian. Langston couldn't understand why everyone was against her guardian. Gigi went off on a couple being able to love freely, causing Markko to speculate that she wasn't talking about him and Langston, or Dorian at all. Gigi agreed when Markko adamantly expressed his view that one's first love could be their only love.

The judge stopped to speak to John to learn if he had any more information to obtain his warrant for 437 Jackson Hill Rd. John responded that he was working on it, but Blair realized that it was Todd's address. Attempting to get anything at all on John's investigation, Blair pushed to be involved. She offered to get John into Todd's house and laid out several scenarios on how to be successful. John remained mute and though Blair was psyched on the idea of the two of them being a good team in the past, John advised her that he had to do things by the book. He did agree that she was better off without Todd. They decided to move on to a place with something a little stronger to drink. John mentioned that he saw Starr and Cole talking earlier, for which Blair was grateful.

Matthew wondered if Nora was upset because Lindsay was about to become his stepmother. Marcie arrived in time for a toast, made by the best man, Rex. Bo felt it of great importance that he and his bride have "lots of laughs" in their marriage.

Sarah was angry when she realized that Talia had led her into a trap but it dawned on her that they were in their predicament due to Tina. She felt that her mother probably slept her way into her job as princess. She figured it had something to do with the jewels, but couldn't understand why Talia was involved. When Jonas finally met with Tina and her guests, Antonio assured him that he would not get the jewels until they saw the girls. "Maybe I want more," Jonas quickly advised them. He told them further that he would get back to them, as he turned and walked out. The trio was confused but Antonio began to think that someone else was possibly involved.

Nora turned to Nigel for advice, asking if he would protect the family if someone were committing fraud (not realizing how close Nigel was to that same personal decision). He asked her if she considered her conscience or her loved one's feelings to be most important. She admitted that her own personal choice of conscience didn't work out too well the last time she chose that route, and that Bo hated her and didn't talk to her for a very long time. On the other hand, she didn't know if she would be able to live with herself if she remained quiet, she pondered. When the judge arrived to perform the ceremony, Nora regretfully tucked the letter in her blouse, telling herself to let it go. Clint was proud of her and suggested that Bo should have to deal with the consequences on his own. As the ceremony began, Nora plastered a phony smile on her face.

Marty was interested to learn that Todd had children but when she asked if she herself had any, Todd apologetically told her that she was alone. He sadly uttered that John had stolen his life, and grabbing his hand, Marty commiserated with him. Marty felt that they would have to help each other through tough times.

Sarah voiced her concern about Cris and Antonio, and Talia assured her that while they were guilty by association, they were safely at home in Llanview. Sarah let out a sigh of relief. Talia informed her that she had a long story to tell.

"I want the full value of joy," Bo expressed in his vows. He asked for a house full of love, laughter, and trust. Lindsay acknowledged that because of Bo, " life makes sense." She felt that she had become a better person and a more honest person. She accepted Bo willingly as her new husband, but before Bo could return the favor, Nora interrupted. She pulled the letter from her blouse and insisted that he needed to see something!

Antonio and Cris were shown to their chambers. Finally, the prince returned and Tina ran to him, shrieking that "...they took my daughter." As she ran into his arms, the prince, who looked just like Cain Rogan, comforted his wife.

As Sarah listened to Talia's story, a new visitor interrupted. It was Carlo Hesser, who knew Sarah but realized she wouldn't have remembered him from so long ago. "Hello, Daddy," Talia mumbled.

As Todd prepared to bring Marty back upstairs the doorbell rang. It was Cole.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, One Life to Live did not air an original episode today. This programming change will not result in any missed episodes and the action will pick back up on Monday, July 7th.

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