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Schuyler claimed to be the father of Stacy's baby. Brody saved Jessica as Mitch prepared to rape her. Dorian raced to stop Charlie from killing Mitch; his shot accidentally hit Jessica. Gigi delivered Stacy's baby. Gigi tried to take the baby, Sierra Rose, to the hospital. Rex, Schuyler, and Oliver found Gigi standing on the frozen lake, with the ice beginning to crack.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 8, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fire and Ice and Brimstone

The lives of several Llanview residents lay in the balance on Llantano Mountain.

On Llantano Mountain, Stacy grabbed her stomach after experiencing a sharp pain. Once the pain had subsided, Stacy told her unborn child that Rex would rescue them. Stacy assured herself that everything would be fine if Schuyler didn't tell Rex that Rex hadn't fathered her child. Nearly frozen, a helpless Stacy attempted to make her way down the mountain, but fell into the snow.

Not far away, Rex discovered Stacy's will inside Schuyler's car and was shocked to learn that Stacy had name Schuyler the legal guardian of her child. Noticing Oliver's strange reaction, Rex questioned whether Oliver had any knowledge of the revelation. Rex tried to make sense of the discovery, but he couldn't. Suddenly, Oliver spotted an object in the ravine, and he and Rex rushed off to locate any possible survivors.

After completing their search, Oliver and Rex discovered that the charred vehicle didn't contain any victims. Concerned about the passengers who had been inside the vehicle, Rex wondered who the car belonged to. Relating that he had recovered a tracking device inside the vehicle, Oliver stated that it was the same device that he had planted inside John and Brody's vehicle. Rex was shocked when Oliver announced that John, Brody, and their unknown getaway driver had been the occupants. Unaware that Natalie had been the driver, Rex was desperate to locate Stacy.

Acknowledging that Stacy's rescue was of extreme importance, Oliver stated that he was also obligated to make every attempt to locate John, Brody, the getaway driver, Dorian, and Schuyler. While Oliver canvassed the area for signs of life, Rex continued the search for Stacy.

Meanwhile, snow had completely covered Stacy's body. As Stacy lay unconscious in the snow, Rex walked by and called out her name. For a moment, Stacy regained consciousness and thought that she had heard Rex's voice. Convinced that she was hallucinating, Stacy closed her eyes. Meanwhile, Rex walked further up the mountain.

A badly injured Schuyler struggled to reach Gigi, but had a difficult time trekking up Llantano Mountain. After several failed attempts up the mountain, a near delirious Schuyler called out, "I'm the father!" Afterward, he lost consciousness and fell in the snow.

Inside Viki's cabin, as Dorian sat patiently and awaited the news that Charlie had managed to locate and murder Mitch Laurence, an apparition of Mel appeared before her. Mel chastised Dorian for convincing Charlie to murder Mitch. Explaining that Mitch had threatened to kill her girls, Dorian defended her decision to persuade Charlie to do her dirty work.

Mel asked Dorian to consider what would happen to Charlie if he actually killed Mitch, but Dorian was adamant that it was necessary for Charlie to avenge Jared's death. Insisting that Charlie wasn't a murderer, Mel expressed his concern for both Charlie and Dorian's souls. Mel feared that Charlie would rot in prison, while Dorian went on with her life. When Dorian promised to protect Charlie, Mel stated that the only way to protect Charlie was to prevent him from pulling the trigger.

With Dorian's gun in his pocket, Charlie wandered around Llantano Mountain and searched for any clues leading to Mitch. Suddenly, an apparition of Jared appeared before him. Insisting that Charlie was a good man, Jared criticized Charlie for contemplating murder, and suggested that Charlie reconsider his decision. Charlie argued that Mitch had destroyed Charlie's opportunity to enjoy a happy life with Jared.

Questioning what Charlie had to gain by committing murder, Jared related that Mitch's murder wouldn't bring Jared back. Unwilling to put an end to his vendetta against Mitch, Charlie asked if Jared wanted to rest in peace. Charlie hoped to receive a response from Jared, but Jared had disappeared. Grasping the gun in his hand, Charlie declared, "I know what I have to do!"

Back inside Viki's cabin, Mel managed to convince Dorian to talk Charlie out of killing Mitch. As she headed out the door, Dorian exclaimed, "I hope I'm not too late!"

Inside the observatory, Mitch told Jessica that they would create a child together. Mitch announced that the prophet child would unite them as a family. Although she appeared dazed and confused, Jessica mumbled, "I don't think this is what I want!" Mitch tried to convince Jessica that they loved each other, but Jessica was certain that she loved someone else. In a stern voice, Mitch informed her that he was the most important person in her life. Disgusted by his perverted suggestion, Jessica stated, "You're my father! This doesn't seem right!"

As Mitch guided her to the bedroom, Jessica pulled away and ran to the door. Banging on the door, Jessica called for help, but Mitch grabbed her and injected Jessica with a needle. Instantly, Jessica lost consciousness.

Later, as Jessica slept, Mitch stroked her face and attempted to kiss her. At that moment, Brody burst into the room. Pointing a gun at Mitch, Brody yelled, "Get the hell away from her!"

John had managed to pull Natalie from the burning vehicle and relocated her to a safe dwelling on Llantano Mountain. John tried desperately to revive an unconscious Natalie. Once she regained consciousness, Natalie believed that John was her dead husband, Jared. John was shocked when she referred to him as Jared and stated that she loved him.

Fearing that Natalie had suffered a slight head injury, John tried to explain that she was hallucinating, but Natalie insisted that he proclaim his love for her. Staring down at the frightened woman, a conflicted John told Natalie that he loved her. John wrapped a shivering Natalie in a blanket and held her tightly to keep her warm. Afterward, Natalie pleaded, "Jared, kiss me!" John responded by giving Natalie a passionate kiss.

At Llanfair, Todd and Clint sat with Viki and awaited word on Jessica. Marty, Starr, and Cole arrived and offered their support. Alone with Clint, Viki mentioned that Charlie was searching for Jessica. Surprised that Charlie was attempting to locate Jessica alone, Clint wondered if Charlie was keeping something from Viki.

Marty appeared stunned when Viki announced that Natalie was helping John search for Jessica. Noticing his mother's reaction, Cole pulled Marty to the side and questioned her about her feelings concerning Natalie and John. When Marty denied her concern about Natalie accompanying John on the search, Cole reminded his mother that John loved her. Marty informed her son that John had never declared his love for her, but Cole insisted that John loved Marty.

Later, Marty received a call from Oliver, who related that John had been in an accident. After hanging up with Oliver, Marty informed everyone that John and Brody had been involved in an accident and were missing. To everyone's surprise, Todd chimed, "Everyone who was in that car is dead!" Clint and Viki stared at each other in disbelief.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shiver Deep, Mountain High

As he wandered on Llantano Mountain and called out for Stacy, Rex spotted a body. It was mostly snow-covered and he excitedly rushed over to it. He was surprised to find Schuyler and not Stacy lying there. He awakened Schuyler, who jumped up and tried to hobble away from Rex. He was desperate to get to Gigi, but Rex told him it was imperative that they locate Stacy instead. She was in danger. Schuyler was angry when he learned of Stacy's kidnapping and reminded his rescuer that Rex should have protected Stacy. He agreed that locating Stacy was the first priority and that Gigi would have to wait. Suddenly they heard a noise.

Gigi was astonished when she found her sister in the snow and did her best to get Stacy up and moving. Stacy told her that she had been kidnapped, first by Dorian and her attempt at kidnapping, then by Mitch and the crazy nurse. As Gigi tried to lift Stacy up, she thought that her pregnant sister was hallucinating. Stacy wanted to sleep, but Gigi wanted her to move. Stacy mentioned that she saw a car, and Gigi thought it might have been Schuyler. He was on the way to tell her something. They stopped talking when they heard a strange sound.

Oliver wandered around the mountain and discovered he was in trouble. He was unable to find anyone, and no one responded to his calls.

John kissed the unsuspecting Natalie as they lay in the empty dwelling on the mountain. He pulled away abruptly. "I can't," he proclaimed. Natalie, still thinking it was Jared, told him how much she had missed him. John bent and began to kiss her again. Suddenly, he heard a sound. He thought it was a truck but realized he must have been mistaken.

After the sounds that were heard, there was no additional warning. There was an avalanche and it appeared that Oliver was down. His hat was laying in the snow.

After the avalanche, Schuyler thought that he and Rex should head for the road. Rex unsuccessfully tried to get a signal on his phone and yelled for Oliver. He wanted to head to the observatory, though it wasn't on the map. Schuyler was sure that there was no way up the mountain after the avalanche. The men found themselves back at Schuyler's car, and they climbed in. Rex noticed that Schuyler was bleeding, and he refused to leave Schuyler alone. He wanted to know why Schuyler was interested in Stacy and recalled her will that named Schuyler as guardian of her baby.

The men had words over the "piece of paper." Schuyler insisted that he was named guardian because he and Stacy went "way back." Rex refused to buy it and advised Schuyler that he would never allow Schuyler to take care of his kid. He accused Schuyler of being obsessed with Rex's family, and he suggested that Schuyler get one of his own. He wanted to know why Schuyler was pursuing Stacy and the baby so avidly. Schuyler insisted that he couldn't tell Rex but had to talk to Gigi first.

Gigi finally managed to get Stacy to Viki's cabin, and the women dried off. Stacy declared that Jessica was a "lost cause" and was no more than a zombie. She explained how Dorian and Charlie had tried to kidnap Stacy first, and Rex was lucky that Mitch hadn't kidnapped him too. Gigi was surprised to hear of Dorian's behavior. She scoffed when Stacy noted that she had been in labor at the hospital. Gigi reported that Schuyler had already filled her in about Stacy's false labor. The women argued, and Stacy claimed that it was a "simple mistake."

Gigi acknowledged that she had been waiting for Schuyler to arrive in the blizzard because he had something important to tell her about the baby. She demanded to know what Stacy was hiding. Stacy ordered Gigi to get off her back after her trying time. She had been kidnapped twice. She wanted to know why she was considered the bad person. "You ARE a bad person," Gigi emphasized. Gigi let her have it and yelled about what Stacy had done to Shane. Stacy confessed that since she was pregnant, she knew what it was like to want to protect a baby. She almost told Mitch and Nurse Charles, she started, but stopped short. Gigi wanted to know what she had almost told them.

Natalie advised John that they needed a plan to save Jessica. He comforted her but noted that there was nothing they could do for Jessica. He did his best to keep Natalie awake as she desperately tried to go to sleep. He wanted her to keep talking, and she spoke about the first time they met. She recalled her meeting with Jared, since she thought it was still Jared with her, as John flashed back to his own first meeting with Natalie and his lesson on shooting pool. She knew he was "bad news," but she fell in love with him then, she recounted.

As Natalie continued on about the good times and bad times with Jared, John thought back to all of his own times with her. She noted that her good times were full of special moments. "Mine too," John agreed.

At Mitch's hideout, Brody burst through the door as Mitch lay beside a sleeping Jessica. Cornered, Mitch grabbed a syringe from the bedside table and threatened to kill Jessica. He noted that the afterlife was more desirous for his daughter than her life with Brody.

Brody doubted that Mitch would harm his daughter, but the older man retorted that Brody had no idea what he would do. "You're right," Brody admitted as he shot his gun at Mitch.

As a wounded Mitch ranted about the messenger being shot, Brody secured him to a chair. Suddenly, Nurse Charles appeared from behind and began to strangle Brody with a cord. As the pair struggled, Mitch yelled encouragement to his follower. "Die already," he called out to Brody. Jessica slowly began to awaken, and Brody encouraged her to grab the gun that he had laid down beside her while he tied Mitch to the chair.

Out of nowhere, a shot rang out. Oliver rushed through the door and his bullet found the nurse. She was dead. Brody rushed to Jessica's side as Oliver placed Mitch under arrest. Mitch smirked when he heard Oliver declare that there was no trace of John or Natalie near their car. Mitch was sure they were dead. Oliver replied by slugging Mitch. Brody realized that there was no sign of Stacy and wanted to know where she was. "Ask God. She's in his hands now," Mitch replied.

He left her to "her own devices," Mitch continued. He threw her out after she lied about the baby's father. As Oliver threatened him, Mitch wondered why Oliver would care so much. Were Oliver and Stacy "birds of a feather" or did they "share a deeper bond?"

Oliver was determined to search for Stacy while Brody chose to stay behind with Jessica. He reassured her as she was more fully awake. He told her he was there. "Brody? Do I know you?" she asked him. "Yes, Lord," Mitch yelled.

At Llanview Hospital, a discouraged Roxy sat with Kyle. She was thinking about all of the good that babies created along with their dirty diapers. She had been looking forward to Rex's new child but was happy that he wouldn't have to deal with Stacy any longer. "Good riddance to bad relish," she proclaimed. She felt sorry for the real dad, whoever that was.

Kyle felt sad for Roxy and admitted that he trusted her because she was his best friend. He knew that Roxy wouldn't reveal the fact that he was the one who had told her about Rex not being the baby's father. Roxy was proud, pointing out that she had never had a best friend. Kyle thought it was about time. He hated to see her suffering. Roxy felt the urge to take her grief out on someone since Stacy wasn't around.

As Todd walked Starr and Cole down the hallway to their apartment, he fired another private investigator over the phone. He admitted that he had lost count of the total of his employees who had been fired for their inability to locate Jessica. He confessed that he was hoping to catch a glimpse of Dani, along with making sure that Starr and Cole arrived home safely.

While Cole went to check on Hope, Todd divulged that he didn't know where he stood with Téa. Starr was surprised since she thought that her father and Téa were back together. Todd teased her about making assumptions. As he began to tell her about the great sex he and Téa had shared the night before, Starr cringed and ordered him to stop. He was worried that it wouldn't work out if Dani hated him forever. Starr advised Todd not to give up on either Dani or Téa.

At the Buchanan mansion Clint yelled at someone over the phone regarding the search for Jessica, and Marty assured Viki that her girls would be safe. Marty pointed out that John was with Natalie, and Brody was searching for Jessica. Kim tried to reassure an enraged Clint but panicked when she learned that Oliver had found an empty and exploded car without locating John, Natalie, or Brody.

Clint informed Viki and Marty that they would not be receiving any help from either the National Guard or the governor's office. They would be on their own in their attempts to find Jessica and Natalie. Kim stepped outside to phone Stacy and left her girlfriend a message. She stated that she knew that Stacy would be all right and she hoped that Schuyler had changed his mind about telling Gigi the truth about the baby and Rex.

Before she was able to finish her sentence about Rex, Kim was interrupted when Roxy approached her. Roxy finished the sentence for her and confirmed that she knew the truth about Rex's non-paternity. Kim denied it, but Roxy insisted that she knew the truth. She advised Kim that it was over for both Kim and Stacy.

Clint hurriedly got dressed so that he could find someone to help in the search for Jessica and Natalie. Kim threatened both Kyle and Roxy. "I could totally take you out. I have been known to cut a bitch," Kim snapped.

Roxy left a message for Rex as Kyle left one for Oliver. "I had to do it," Kyle explained. He had to tell Roxy the truth. He added that the only unhappy people in the entire mess would be himself, Oliver, and Schuyler. Roxy knew that Rex hated to hear her sound "mushy," but she was worried about him. She had to do it, she added.

Cole finished checking on Hope and Dani and noted that they had the world's best babysitter. He added that he had heard from Marty and there was no word on John.

Gigi continued to demand that Stacy tell her the truth. Stacy stumbled on her words and explained that her water had broken. Gigi pointed out that a woman's water didn't break during false labor. She'd be the first in history, and she should have been fully dilated and demanding drugs, Gigi added. She wanted to know what else Stacy was faking and reminded her that she owed her life to Gigi. She wondered why Schuyler would be rushing up to see her in a blizzard.

"I just saved your life, you miserable bitch," Gigi exclaimed as she started to put everything together. She realized that Stacy wasn't having Rex's child.

Schuyler rushed from the car, but Rex followed and grabbed him. Rex accused him and Gigi of planning to take Rex's baby from him. "I saved your life, you bastard," Rex reminded him. He again demanded to know why Schuyler was interested in his child and why he needed to talk to Gigi. Finally, Schuyler gave in. "It's not your child. It's mine," he gasped. "It's mine."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shocked! Shocked!

After a long day's blizzard, Todd and Téa reunited back at Todd's house. Todd told her there was no news on Jessica, and that Viki was worried sick. Téa sympathized, remembering what she'd gone through with Ross and Danielle, but the topic of their daughter remained a sore subject for the couple. Todd told Téa he'd gone to Starr's to see Danielle, but she'd refused to go near him.

Téa told Todd that despite his separation anxiety, they couldn't force Danielle to move in with them; the girl would only resent him more. Todd wasn't sure that was possible, and scoffed at Téa's insistence on "baby steps." Furthermore, Téa told him it wasn't right that she was living with him while Danielle was elsewhere; she felt it would appear to Danielle that Téa was choosing Todd over her. She said that if she were there to help the girl, Danielle would slowly accept Todd, but they needed to share a home again as mother and daughter, and it couldn't be Todd's home. "So you're leaving me again," Todd concluded.

Todd asked her if he was expected to "hurry up and wait" for Téa and Danielle to walk back into his life. Téa said they'd still be in town, but that Todd had to stop forcing contact. "And what about us?" Todd asked. Téa hedged, and said that he made her lose perspective; she lost herself in their love, and couldn't reason properly. As she grabbed her bags, Téa said she needed to keep her wits about her, and separate what Danielle needed from what Téa and Todd merely wanted.

Todd followed Téa to the door, and warned her that if she left, there was no guarantee of their future. Téa said she understood, but as she kept talking a mile a minute about their future prospects, Todd silenced her with a kiss.

At Starr and Cole's apartment, Cole was anxious for word on John and the others and began scouring the Internet, while Danielle emerged from her bedroom to ask Starr if Todd was gone. Starr told her that Todd had left, though he'd really wanted to see Danielle. As Cole turned on the TV to check for further news, Danielle asked Starr to stop pushing her to get to know Todd.

The news reports caught the teens' collective eye, and Danielle was startled when Cole mentioned his and Starr's run-in with Mitch at Hallowed Grounds. When Starr began to talk about Jessica's ordeal with Mitch, and how Jessica had managed to live with having such a terrible father, Danielle grew anxious and beat a hasty retreat for the Buenos Dias, over Starr and Cole's objections. Starr was upset that she'd driven her sister away with talk of their father, but Cole reassured her that what Danielle needed was time.

Some time later, Starr awoke from a nap on the couch, but Cole told her there was no news on Jessica. He suggested she go to bed, but Starr wanted to wait up for Danielle. She sighed that Todd was pushing Danielle too hard, but Cole reminded her that pushing was what Todd did. Starr said it wasn't just Danielle he feared losing, but Téa as well.

Cole surprised himself by saying that he could understand how Todd felt. He recalled how he'd gotten everything he'd wanted when Marty had returned from the dead, only to learn she had amnesia and couldn't remember him. He hadn't gotten everything he'd wanted in the way that he'd wanted it, so he'd lashed out, just as Todd was doing. Starr was touched by Cole's empathy, and concluded that they had to be a strong couple, after all, to understand each other's lives so well. Remarking on how lucky they were, Starr and Cole shared a kiss.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Rachel was sharing a booth with Matthew and Destiny when Greg arrived, on break from his long shift in the emergency room. Rachel explained that she'd escorted the kids out to eat together since the power had failed at both her place and the Evanses'. As Greg took Rachel aside, Destiny couldn't stop reminiscing aloud about Danielle. A nervous Matthew was forced to tell her that Danielle was not gone, and had returned to Llanview for good.

Destiny asked Matthew why he hadn't told her earlier, and quickly deduced that he'd been afraid of her reaction. She told him that she was well over thinking of him in a romantic sense, and that she'd thought friends could trust each other; she wasn't going to become a "basket case" just because Danielle was back. Matthew was relieved to hear Destiny's take, and apologized for not telling her before. As Destiny began to ask what his news meant for Matthew and Danielle's relationship, Danielle herself hurried into the restaurant and plopped down into the booth beside Matthew. "Thank God you guys are here!" she cried.

As Danielle began to vent her stress over fearing for Jessica, a cousin she admittedly didn't even know, Destiny attempted to leave. Danielle asked why she had to go, and Destiny inquired as to whether Danielle and Matthew were a couple and wanted to be alone. Matthew and Danielle jointly fumbled for an answer, but were saved by the ringtone when Bo and Nora called Matthew from Texas.

After Matthew left the booth to take his parents' call, the girls decided to mend fences. Danielle apologized again to Destiny for lashing out at her after Ross's apparent death, and hoped Destiny didn't hold her connection with Matthew against her. Destiny was perturbed to realize Matthew had told Danielle about her embarrassing New Year's confession, but said she was willing to let bygones be bygones; after all, it had happened before Matthew and Danielle had ever kissed. Danielle was mortified to hear that Matthew had dished about their kiss, and both girls turned a single angered eye towards the hapless boy.

Destiny couldn't believe that Matthew had been such a blabbermouth, and said it was typical that girls always got the blame for gossip. Danielle admitted she wouldn't know, as she hadn't had many friends among the prissy students of the Warwick School. Destiny said she was an outcast at Llanview High as well, but Danielle couldn't understand why; Destiny had been a wonderful friend to Matthew and had helped him get his legs back.

Destiny reminded Danielle that she'd also been a part of the equation, and shared a congratulatory fist-pound with her. The girls concluded that they both needed friends at school, and couldn't think of a reason why they shouldn't be "BFFs." They sealed their alliance with a hug, while Matthew looked on in vague horror.

Matthew sat back down across from Destiny and Danielle, and was disturbed to find them thick as thieves. As Danielle prattled on about how they could become "the three musketeers" and do everything together, Matthew mumbled his feeble assent: "Yeah...everything."

At the lunch counter nearby, Greg told Rachel he only had a brief respite from the overtime at the hospital, and asked her how well she knew Schuyler. Rachel reiterated that Schuyler was her closest friend, and Greg told her that her friend might have made a grave mistake; the hospital review board suspected Schuyler of stealing drugs from medical storage. Rachel was sure it had to be a mistake, but Greg said they had proof; the drug nurse on duty had identified Schuyler. Rachel asked what the drug was, and Greg said that was the most peculiar part of the case - Schuyler hadn't stolen a narcotic, but a hormone: oxytocin.

As Greg explained that oxytocin was designed to induce labor, Rachel grew anxious, and flashed back to her conversation with Schuyler about Stacy's due date. Greg asked her if she knew something about the drug, but Rachel covered and said she simply hoped he was innocent. She refused to take the nurse's word for Schuyler's guilt, and said that even if Schuyler had made a mistake, he would make a good doctor. Greg said that Schuyler's theft was not a mistake, but a crime. Rachel shot back that her friend was still innocent until proven guilty.

Greg didn't want to fight, and told Rachel he wished he wasn't in the position of passing judgment on Schuyler. As he prepared to head back to the Emergency Room, Rachel asked him what would happen to Schuyler if the review board found him guilty. "As far as his career goes, he's dead," Greg replied.

Up on Llantano Mountain, Schuyler told Rex the not-so-awful "truth": Stacy's baby was his, not Rex's. Stunned speechless, Rex struggled to grasp what he was hearing, and could only register disbelief. "Why would I lie?" Schuyler challenged him. Rex dismissed Schuyler as an addict, but Schuyler said it was true, no matter how much they both wished it wasn't; he'd had sex with Stacy after she'd miscarried Rex's child, and they'd made a baby.

Rex called Schuyler twisted, and accused him of being high, but Schuyler said he was stone-cold sober, and explained that the baby was not yet nine months old. Rex laughed him off at first, but Schuyler explained that Stacy had faked her labor, as well as her water breaking back the loft. Rex protested, and said Stacy would've told him. Schuyler reminded him that her pregnancy was the only thing that had made Rex pay attention to Stacy. She wanted him, and was prepared to do anything and everything because she was desperate to keep him.

Rex asked about Schuyler's affair with Stacy, but Schuyler said it wasn't an affair; she'd drugged him and forced him to have sex with her, while lying to Rex about her due date and keeping him out of her doctor's appointments. As Rex remembered Stacy's flurry of excuses over the past several months, Schuyler said that Rex knew it was true. Rex asked how long Schuyler had known, and was furious to learn that Schuyler had found out the truth in November. He asked why Schuyler hadn't said anything, but quickly surmised his rationale. "You let everyone live this lie so you could get Gigi," Rex muttered.

Rex railed at Schuyler for risking the baby's life and putting it in Mitch's line of fire just to have a chance with Gigi. He accused Schuyler of not caring for the child's well-being at all. Schuyler insisted he did care, and that was why he'd refused to go along with Stacy and Kim's scheme to induce labor by using oxytocin. He'd been heading up the mountain to tell Gigi first, but he'd been ready to tell Rex as well.

Schuyler told Rex he was sorry, but sorry wasn't good enough. "I lost the woman I love, my family, because of you!" Rex cried. Grabbing Schuyler, he punched him, then flung him against the nearby car, and was ready to kill him.

At Viki's cabin, Gigi demanded to know who the real father of Stacy's baby was. Stacy attempted to deflect her questions, but Gigi dug in and asked her why she'd lied about her due date and labor pains. Before Stacy could answer, however, real labor pains beset her. Gigi was sure she was faking again, but after a series of grueling contractions, she was convinced, and decided the baby had to be Rex's after all.

Gigi checked outside for a cellular signal but found no joy; the landline was also dead. She wanted to check the roads for passing motorists, but Stacy begged her not to leave. Gigi said Stacy would be fine, but they had to get her to a hospital. As Gigi headed off into the night, Stacy thanked her baby for arriving early. "Now, Rex never has to know the truth."

Gigi returned from the storm, unable to find any help. Stacy was frightened and struggled to her feet. She was unwilling to give birth in the wilderness. Gigi said she had no choice, as the roads were still blocked. Stacy asked who could possibly deliver the baby. "I guess I am," Gigi said with a shrug.

Elsewhere in the blizzard, Dorian hurried through the snowdrifts, desperate to reach Charlie. Addressing the hereafter, she promised Mel that she would stop Charlie from killing Mitch, and do the right thing. Stumbling through the storm, she almost faltered, but regained her bearings and continued onward. After more aimless wandering, Dorian told Mel she couldn't stop Charlie; she couldn't save his soul, or her own. But when she spotted Charlie's glove in the snow, Dorian picked it up and headed in the direction of the observatory.

Not far away, Charlie was still a man on a mission. When he spotted the observatory in the distance, he accurately deduced that it was Mitch's hideout, and made a beeline towards the building. He entered through the front door.

Inside the Fort Osborn Observatory, Mitch cackled with demonic laughter as Jessica asked Brody who he was. Brody attempted to get through to her, but Jessica was unresponsive. "I've never seen you before in my life," she said. Mitch told Brody it was pointless; Mitch had helped clear Jessica's mind of "any extraneous detail." He said she did not remember Brody, and never would.

Brody demanded to know what Mitch was talking about, but stopped short when he noticed the ECT machine nearby. Horrified, he realized Mitch had given Jessica electroshock treatment. "My lovely daughter is lost to you forever," Mitch intoned. He claimed he'd acted out of love to protect Jessica from the outside world.

Bewildered, Jessica called out to Mitch: "Father, this man is confusing me." Mitch told her not to listen to Brody, who rushed to her side, and was desperate to make her remember her life. Brody reminded her of Viki, Clint, and Bree, and Jessica repeated Bree's name, mystified. Brody told her he'd loved her, too, and asked her if she remembered their love, then kissed her softly.

Mitch scoffed at Brody's "cheap theatrics," but the dazed Jessica was struck by Brody's passion. She said she should be afraid of the "stranger," but wasn't. Brody said that was because some part of her remembered him. Pulling her to her feet, he told her they needed to get her to a hospital for treatment. Mitch pleaded with Jessica to break away, but Brody told her that Mitch was not her father, not in any way that counted; he was a monster who'd done terrible things.

Entering the observatory, Charlie agreed. Raising his gun, he declared that Mitch had killed his son and was going to pay for it. "Care for a drink?" Mitch asked him. Brody told Charlie to put the gun down, and said Jessica was ill and they needed to get her medical attention. Charlie was relieved to find Jessica alive, and said that his business with Mitch would not take long.

Charlie told Mitch that he was going to die there, but not before confessing to framing Jared for murder. "Oh, this again?" Mitch said as he sighed. "I want my son's name cleared!" Charlie snarled, but Mitch stonewalled him, and said he didn't see the benefit in confessing his crimes only for Charlie to shoot him. Charlie concluded that he'd have to live without that satisfaction, and raised his gun once more. Jessica rushed to Mitch's side. "No, don't!" she shouted.

"Good girl," Mitch soothed, "defend your father." Charlie told Jessica to step away; he was going to kill Mitch so that Mitch could never hurt her or anyone else ever again. Brody told Charlie that murder wasn't the answer, and urged him to think of Viki, and Jared; they wouldn't want him to kill a man. Charlie said that Jared couldn't offer his opinion, thanks to Mitch, and it was time for the "holy man" to meet his maker. "This is for my son," Charlie hissed, taking aim at Mitch.

Just then, Dorian rushed into the observatory, and screamed for Charlie to stop. As she leaped onto Charlie, the gun went off.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sierra Rose

Téa prepared to leave Todd's house and declared that she hoped one day they'd be in the right place at the same time. He leaned over to kiss her but she pulled away. She was sure that wouldn't solve anything. Todd promised that he wasn't giving up without a fight. "We have tried," Téa began, but Todd pleaded that it was "not hard enough." He thought that things would be better after Téa returned from Tahiti and they had gotten their lives more on track. He knew they had the same feelings for each other, and he wanted to know how she could deny their love.

Téa firmly stated that she was not denying anything, and it was difficult for her. Todd begged her not to go and told her it wasn't too late. Téa attempted to explain that it wasn't that simple, and Todd was angry. She needed to go for Dani's sake, and she and Dani would be staying at the Palace Hotel temporarily.

Todd continued to badger Téa and asked her to spend the night. Though she wanted to, she declined. It would be too difficult to leave in the morning. He couldn't believe that Téa was leaving him with Blair in the house. Téa gave him a feeble smile and told him she'd send for her things. He cut her off quickly, and told her goodbye.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint received a phone call from Oliver and learned that Jessica had been found. He shared the news with Viki and Marty, as well as with Kim who entered the room shortly after. He introduced the women to each other. Marty wondered what could have happened to Natalie and John, though Viki assured her they were safe and had walked away from their car's explosion. Kim wanted to know if there was any news on Stacy.

Clint disclosed that Stacy had not been found and that Brody had shot Nurse Charles as she attempted to strangle him. Clint thought that Mitch had sent Stacy away. As Kim took a deep breath, the others talked of their confusion over Mitch's move. Clint announced that he had called the FBI, but he was sure that everyone would be found. Viki explained to Kim that she had a cabin on the mountain. Marty stressed that everyone was searching for the missing people.

Kim stressed that Stacy had not been dressed for the snow, because she had been in false labor at the hospital when she was taken. Stacy also had no sense of direction. Clint pointed out that there were rescue teams and they all needed to pray. Viki hid her grin as Kim claimed that God wasn't a fan of her and Stacy. She was sure that law enforcement officers would never help girls like the two of them. Viki explained that rescue teams wouldn't discriminate against anyone, but Kim wanted to head up the mountain herself to search for her girlfriend.

Everyone thought the idea was insane and they advised her that there were already many people out and looking for the missing. It would be foolish for her to get lost herself since it would mean taking the rescue teams away from their previous mission. Kim finally agreed as Clint told her Stacy would be fine and would need Kim when she returned. Kim gave in and decided to go upstairs for some much-needed sleep. Marty looked skeptical and followed Kim out to the foyer. "Going somewhere?" she asked as she spotted Kim pulling on her coat.

Kim informed Marty that she was going to Llantano Mountain, and she didn't want to worry Clint, who had enough on his mind. Marty revealed that while the FBI was searching for Mitch, Lowell and his men would be looking for John and Brody. She feared that those men would have orders to shoot John and Brody on sight. Both John and Stacy needed all the help they could get. She announced that she was going to the mountain with Kim.

At Mitch's observatory hideout, Charlie trained his gun on Mitch. As Dorian arrived and shouted for Charlie to stop, she hit his arm and the gun went off. The bullet hit Jessica. Mitch yelled at Charlie, "What did you do?" He accused Dorian of planning the entire thing. Jessica called out for her father. Dorian announced that she was a doctor, and she wanted Brody to apply pressure to the wound. She ordered Charlie to move quickly and seek some supplies that she needed in order to help Jessica. Charlie uttered that it was an accident, but Mitch advised Dorian that if Jessica died, it was on Dorian's head.

Dorian continued to bark orders as she examined Jessica briefly. She did not see an exit wound from the bullet and thought that things were looking grim. "Dorian, save her," Mitch ordered. Dorian relayed that the best thing was to get Jessica off the mountain and to a hospital quickly.

John continued to do his best to keep Natalie awake in their mountain shelter. He advised her that she probably had a concussion, and he proceeded to test her knowledge on simple questions like her name and their location. Natalie passed his test with flying colors, especially when she knew that she was with John and not Jared. John assured her that they would be found in no time. She was worried that everyone would think they were dead after the explosion and would give up looking for them, but John was convinced that wouldn't be the case. He intended to keep their fire going in the hopes that the smoke would be seen.

Natalie admitted that she had felt strange earlier and thought that she was passed out but not. She kind of felt like she was having a dream and Jared was lying there next to her. John suggested that perhaps she had a fever and was hallucinating. Natalie thought it had been quite real, and she was able to reach out and touch Jared. Suddenly she looked at John. "You," she said. She was mortified that she had said everything to John. She had gone on about the two of them together.

"Tell me what happened," she implored him. John clarified that she thought he was Jared. She thought he should have stopped her. He said he loved her and it was him, she gasped. Then he kissed her. "That was you," she gulped. She was appalled to think that she had kissed John and not Jared.

"You weren't yourself," John tried to reassure her. Natalie insisted that John was himself and therefore should have stopped her. He responded that he had wanted her to make it through the night and didn't know how severely injured she might be. He just wanted to go along with her. Natalie reminded him that she was tough and he smirked that he had heard that.

John told an apologetic Natalie that she didn't need to be sorry. She felt like an idiot, and John assured her it was nothing. She couldn't forget that Jared had kissed her back, but it was John. "Yeah he did. I did," John agreed. Natalie wanted to know why. Under pressure, John admitted that he thought there was still something between them. He knew it wasn't right to kiss her after all she'd been through. "I feel something for you. I always have, maybe I always will," he told her.

In the throes of her labor pains, Stacy emphasized that she wanted a doctor, hospital, and drugs. Gigi would have preferred to be out and about looking for Schuyler but they were going to have to deliver Stacy's baby in Viki's cabin, she advised her sister. The contractions were occurring more frequently and Gigi wanted to get things prepared for the delivery. She urged Stacy to try to remain calm and talk to the baby. She told her not to push. Stacy was relieved that the baby would arrive early. She thought that Rex could really be the father, and she wouldn't have to tell anyone anything different.

Gigi returned from collecting supplies and aided Stacy through her contractions. Stacy was sure she'd be a lousy mother, but Gigi assured her she would get on-the-job training and would be fine. She assured her sister that all would be okay after Stacy held the baby in her arms. Stacy asked why Gigi was being nice to her, and Gigi assured her that it was because Stacy was in labor. "That's punishment enough," Stacy added.

"Oh God," Gigi exclaimed suddenly as she saw the top of the baby's head. She insisted that it was finally time for Stacy to push. The sisters grabbed each other's hands. Stacy was convinced she was going to die, especially since she had been a horrible person and hurt so many people. Gigi encouraged her to think about different aspects of her life, and as Stacy screamed in pain, Gigi delivered Stacy's baby girl.

As Stacy reclined with her new daughter in her arms, she praised her sister for delivering the baby. Gigi was proud of herself and feeling shaky. Stacy recalled that they didn't always fight when they were younger, and she remembered a game they used to play. It was her best memory. Gigi was sorry that they couldn't have stayed friends like that. They recalled the names of their dolls in their favorite game, and that was the name that Stacy chose for her daughter. She thought that Sierra Rose was perfect.

Gigi instructed Stacy in her first minutes of motherhood. Stacy poignantly stated that she could use a sister and that her baby needed an aunt. Gigi suggested that they would figure it out eventually, but Stacy persisted. She asked if things could be like they were when they were kids. She promised to do whatever it took to get Gigi to agree. Gigi asked Stacy to stop hurting people and to be decent and honest. Excitedly, Stacy asked if they could be sisters if she stopped lying. Gigi said yes, and Stacy responded that she had something to tell her.

Before Stacy could disclose her secret, the baby began to make tiny choking sounds and Gigi determined that something was wrong with her.

Oliver arrived as Rex was taking out his frustrations on Schuyler. He tackled the guys and pulled Rex off of Schuyler. He advised them that he had found Mitch, Jessica, and Brody at the observatory. Schuyler expressed his concern over Stacy's whereabouts, and Oliver explained that it appeared that Stacy had been thrown out of Mitch's hideout. It had appeared to be some kind of punishment because Stacy had been lying about something.

Rex knew what the lie was and told Oliver that the baby was Schuyler's and not Rex's. Oliver realized that was the reason the men had been fighting. Rex stated that Schuyler had known the truth for months, but Rex was elated. Stacy was no longer his problem. "You jackass," Schuyler yelled at him. He reminded Rex that Stacy was a pregnant woman alone in a snowstorm. Sarcastically, Rex added that at least they knew she wasn't in labor.

As it began to grow dark, Rex refused to aid Schuyler and Oliver in the search for Stacy. He preferred to look for Gigi. Suddenly, they heard an approaching rescue chopper. Oliver began to wave his flashlight in the air in an attempt to get the attention of the pilot. Rex stood by his decision to not help in the search for Stacy and observed that the helicopter would be able to cover more ground. Oliver wasn't sure that he would even get the pilot's attention, and he and Schuyler were determined to look for Stacy.

Rex insisted he wasn't ditching anyone as Schuyler pointed a finger at him. Rex simply felt that Stacy was no longer his responsibility. He, in turn, made accusations at Schuyler, and stated that Schuyler and Stacy were sick and selfish people who only wanted to break up Rex and Gigi. His own priority was to save Gigi. He was pretty sure that after Gigi heard what Schuyler had done, she would no longer want to be with Schuyler. She would forgive Rex and he would win her back.

The helicopter landed, and FBI agents burst into the observatory. Mitch informed one of the agents that Mayor Lowell was a close associate of his, but the agent was not impressed. He advised Mitch that they were not working for Lowell. Mitch was sure the agent had no grounds for holding him, but the agent disagreed. He had orders to take Mitch into custody.

Dorian informed the agent that she was the mayor and the bleeding girl on the floor was the daughter of two high-profile citizens. Jessica needed to get to the hospital right away. Charlie admitted to shooting Jessica and interrupted Dorian when she began to explain that it was an accident. Charlie wanted to take full responsibility for the incident, and said he would answer for it.

Jessica was wheeled out to the waiting copter while Dorian advised one of the agents that Charlie was not responsible for Jessica's wounds. She wanted him to take her word. She was unable to catch a ride on the copter as the agent declared that there was no room for her. He escorted Charlie out instead. "What have you done, Dorian?" Mitch inquired, then added "There will be hell to pay."

Dorian asked the remaining agent if he had heard Mitch's threat. The agent advised her not to worry, since Mitch would be locked up for life. Dorian didn't think that was good enough, and she grabbed the forgotten gun.

Sitting in the study, Viki and Clint continued to discuss their family dilemma. They both felt compelled to join the search but thought it best to remain at home. They wanted to be available for their granddaughter. Clint suggested that Viki get some sleep because she "looked like hell." Disgruntled, she noted that the trouble never seemed to end for their family. She knew that things would have been different if she had not resigned as mayor.

Clint offered to have his security team from Buchanan Enterprises enter the search if need be. Suddenly the phone rang, and Clint jumped to answer it. Ending the call, he turned to Viki. Jessica was on her way to the hospital after being shot, he told her. They needed to get there right away.

Friday, February 12, 2010

On Thin Ice

Todd arrived at Starr's apartment and asked to speak with her. Unwilling to upset Danielle, Starr agreed to speak with her father in the hall. A troubled Todd told Starr that Téa had dumped him and that he had nowhere else to turn. Starr tried to convince her father that Téa was still in love with him, but Todd believed that he had lost Téa forever. Starr consoled her father. As Todd rambled on about his encounter with Téa, Starr fell asleep. Realizing that Starr had heard enough, Todd said goodbye to his daughter.

Inside the deserted cabin on Llantano Mountain, John admitted that he still had feelings for Natalie. Afterward, John acknowledged that Natalie had recently lost her husband and apologized for his confession. Stunned by John's revelation, Natalie revealed that she still had feelings for him. John insisted that past feelings had been conjured up due to the extraordinary circumstances, but Natalie related that she had been aware of her feelings for John for quite some time.

A short distance away, as Oliver looked on, Rex and Schuyler argued relentlessly. Schuyler pleaded with Rex to help in the search for Stacy, but Rex was determined to locate Gigi and tell her that Schuyler, not Rex, was the father of Stacy's child. Warning Rex that his relationship with Gigi was over, Schuyler begged for the opportunity to tell Gigi the truth himself. Certain that Gigi would forgive him, Rex stated that he would fight to win Gigi back. Schuyler watched helplessly as Rex rushed off to find Gigi and expose Schuyler and Stacy's lies.

Schuyler feared that Gigi would hate him, once she learned the truth from Rex. When Oliver expressed his desire to locate Stacy, Schuyler questioned why Oliver was concerned about Stacy and the baby. Oliver made up an excuse to hide his true intentions, but Schuyler believed that Oliver had a personal interest in Stacy and the child. Before Oliver could respond, Marty and Kim appeared and demanded answers. Marty wanted to locate John and Natalie, while Kim was desperate to find Stacy.

Pulling Schuyler to the side, Kim asked if he had told Gigi that Rex hadn't fathered Stacy's child. Kim was horrified to learn that Schuyler hadn't told Gigi, but had related the evil scheme to Rex. Convinced that Rex would kill Stacy if he found her, Kim stated that she had to locate Stacy before Rex did.

After explaining that John and Natalie had managed to escape the burning vehicle, Oliver stated that, due to Stacy's condition, Stacy's search took priority over the search for John and Natalie. Outraged that Oliver didn't intend to locate John immediately, Marty announced that she would search for John. Skeptical of Oliver's ability to find Stacy, Kim stated that she would trek up the mountain and locate her friend. Advising the women that they were in the way, Oliver instructed Marty and Kim to leave Llantano Mountain at once.

Once Oliver and Schuyler walked away, Marty and Kim decided to conduct their own search. While Kim headed in the direction of Viki's cabin, Marty noticed smoke a short distance away. Hopeful that she had discovered a lead, Marty followed the trail of smoke.

Inside the deserted cabin, John and Natalie continued to discuss their feelings for each other. Acknowledging that she loved Jared, Natalie admitted that her feelings for John had intensified over the past several weeks. John suggested that they dismiss their feelings for each other because they had both moved on with their lives. Caressing her face, John told Natalie that he would always feel something special for her. Staring intently at one another, they both agreed to forget that the conversation had taken place, and decided that they could never rekindle what they shared in the past. After stating that they wouldn't consider a possible romance, John and Natalie shared a passionate kiss. At that moment, Marty rushed into the cabin.

Inside Viki's cabin, as Stacy marveled at her beautiful baby girl, Gigi noticed that the child's breathing was labored. Convinced that something was wrong with the baby, Gigi removed the child from Stacy's arms and stated that baby was in urgent need of medical attention. After wrapping Sierra in a blanket, Gigi announced that she would walk to the main road and find help for the baby. Gigi promised to send help for Stacy and headed down Llantano Mountain with baby Sierra. Left behind, Stacy prayed that Gigi would take care of Sierra.

Later, Rex barged into the cabin and discovered Stacy. After demanding to know where Gigi had gone, Rex informed Stacy that he was aware that Schuyler had fathered her baby. Refusing to admit the truth, Stacy told Rex that she had given birth, and that Gigi had left the cabin with the sick child. Terrified to learn that Gigi was wandering around in the blizzard, Rex rushed off to find her. Alone in the cabin, Stacy asked God to protect her baby. Moments later, Kim arrived at the cabin. Stacy told her friend that she had given birth and that the baby was sick. As Stacy cried in Kim's arms, Kim consoled her.

While trekking down Llantano Mountain with baby Sierra, Gigi fell in the snow. Noticing that the ground was icy, Gigi soon realized that she was standing on the lake. Assuming that the ice was frozen solid, Gigi was certain that she could make it across the lake. As Sierra began to cry, the ice cracked below. Moments later, as Gigi stood on the cracking ice, Rex, Schuyler, and Oliver approached her from different directions. Warning them that the ice was cracking, Gigi told the men not to take another step.

At Llanview hospital, Clint and Viki waited for the helicopter to arrive with their injured daughter. When Viki wondered if Mitch had shot Jessica, Clint answered, "Of course, who else?" Once the chopper arrived with Jessica and Brody, Greg took charge and examined Jessica.

As they awaited word on Jessica's condition, Clint and Viki asked Brody for details. Realizing that he was attempting to protect them, Viki reminded Brody that it was necessary that they know the truth in order to help Jessica through the ordeal. Viki and Clint were horrified to learn that Mitch had nearly raped Jessica.

Brody contemplated telling Clint and Viki that Mitch had erased Jessica's memory of the people that she loved. However, Brody managed to relate to them that Mitch didn't shoot Jessica. Before Brody could reveal the shooter's identity, Greg interrupted with an update on Jessica. Greg told the family that Jessica had suffered internal bleeding and needed surgery.

As Jessica was wheeled to the operating room, Viki observed Charlie enter the hospital. Viki didn't realize that Charlie was in the presence of FBI agents, and informed him that Jessica had been shot. Viki was stunned when Charlie responded, "I know. I shot her!"

At the observatory on Llantano Mountain, as Dorian pointed a gun at Mitch Laurence, an FBI agent warned her to withdraw her weapon. Trembling, Dorian refused to drop her weapon and announced, "I have to do this for my girls!" The agent told Dorian that Mitch was in custody and couldn't hurt anyone, but Dorian was convinced that Mitch's followers would do his bidding. With an evil grin, Mitch warned Dorian that her girls were fighting for their lives. Dorian was adamant that her girls were perfectly safe, but Mitch asked, "Are you sure?"

In a Paris café, Adriana was elated when she observed Kelly enter the establishment. Kelly stated that while Kevin and Zane were on a trip, she had decided to shop in Paris. The conversation quickly turned to Dorian's decision to fire Bo and hire Stanley Lowell as police commissioner. The girls wondered how Dorian could support Lowell's release of Mitch Laurence from jail. Recalling how Mitch had nearly raped Cassie, the girls were convinced that Mitch had somehow blackmailed Dorian. Expressing her fear that Mitch was a free man, Adriana stated that he could be anywhere.

At that moment, a handsome gentleman sat down at a nearby table and observed the two women. Kelly asked if Adriana was dating anyone. When Adriana hesitated, Kelly questioned if Adriana was still in love with Rex. Adriana admitted that it would take time for her to get over Rex. The girls expressed concern for Jessica. They hoped that she hadn't encountered Mitch in Llanview. As Kelly and Adriana discussed Mitch's return to Llanview, the mysterious gentleman continued to watch them closely.

Back at the observatory, Dorian continued to hold a shackled Mitch at gunpoint. Threatening to shoot Dorian if she didn't drop her weapon, the FBI agent warned her that she couldn't help her family if she was in jail. Cornered, Dorian placed the gun on the floor. Laughing hysterically, Mitch told Dorian that she should've shot him when she had the chance.

Stating that the wheels were already in motion, Mitch insisted that one of Dorian's girls was already doomed. The FBI agent tried to assure Dorian that Mitch couldn't hurt her family from prison, but Mitch smirked at Dorian and remarked, "You know that isn't true!" Mitch advised Dorian that her only hope was if Jessica survived. Stating that she prayed for Jessica to recover, Dorian demanded to know which Cramer girl was in danger. Refusing to answer, Mitch simply smiled.

Inside the Paris café, as Kelly and Adriana reunited, a waiter announced that the mysterious stranger had sent them a bottle of champagne. When Kelly instructed the waiter to thank the kind gentleman, a cautious Adriana warned her not to encourage the man. Giving the stranger a smile, Kelly remarked, "Why not? What could happen?"

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