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Todd was arrested based on Jack's lie. Irene wanted the stolen microchip from Todd in order to help him clear his name. Brody proposed to Natalie. Cutter tracked his sister to Kentucky and agreed to keep the identity of the patient in the hospital a secret. It was her friend Stacy. Kim wanted to blackmail Rex in order to get the money for Stacy's hospital bills.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 19, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Todd was taken by surprise when a couple of cops showed up at the church's graveyard to arrest him. Jack admitted that he had been an eyewitness to Victor's murder, and he'd reported to John that he'd seen Todd there too. "You didn't see me, because I wasn't there," Todd stated calmly to his son. Jack insisted that he had told John the truth, but Todd disagreed. He chuckled and asked exactly what Jack had said.

Jack recited the details of Sean's voicemail message that he'd overheard. "Seriously?" Todd asked. "Oh come on, know it," Jack retorted. "Do I?" Todd inquired. Jack and Todd began to argue about the night of Victor's murder, and whether Todd had actually been present. Jack advised the cops that he was telling the truth as they began to cuff Todd and take him away. "My son is lying," Todd contended. He asked to have a few words with his son, and the cops relented.

Todd declared that he had no idea when his son had turned into a liar, but he cared about his son. Jack insisted that Todd had stolen Dorian's gun and had killed Victor with it. Todd had knocked Jack out and had stepped over him, Jack added. The men continued to argue about Todd's innocence or guilt until the cops grabbed onto Todd to take him to the station. "You're going down, Scarface," Jack shouted.

Todd proclaimed that he was getting arrested because Jack had lied. He was aware that Jack was upset, but Jack would regret it. Jack wondered if the cops had heard Todd's threat, but Todd clarified that he meant that one day Jack would really regret what he had done. He again accused Jack of making up the story.

Todd was aware that Jack didn't know much about him, but Todd knew Jack. Todd had thought about Jack for eight years, and he didn't want to return to another jail. While it was okay for Jack to hate Todd, it would never lead to Victor's return, Todd declared. "You'll just lose the only father you have left," Todd called out.

Jack was quiet as Todd continued to talk. Todd thought that John would understand if Jack wanted to take back what he'd said. Jack insisted that he knew what he'd seen. "And I saw you," he said pointedly. "I didn't do it," Todd replied. He advised Jack that Victor was watching.

Inside the church, Téa couldn't believe her ears when Dani revealed that Jack had claimed to have heard Victor's murder. She had thought that Jack had lost his memory. "All of a sudden his memory's come back," Dani explained. Jack had informed Dani that he'd recalled the events of the night in question, and Dani recited all that Jack had told her.

Apparently, Jack's memory had returned the day before, and he'd gone to the police station, Dani told her mother. Téa was taken aback that Jack had gone to the police before telling his own family members what he had witnessed. Dani related that Jack had claimed that he hadn't wanted to upset the family and disrupt Victor's funeral.

Dani noticed that her mother was quiet, and she wondered what Téa was thinking. Téa asked Dani what she was thinking instead. Dani pointed out that they were aware that Jack hated Todd, and they were aware that Jack told lies. She wondered if he would actually lie about this though.

Téa replied that Jack still thought of Victor as his father, and she knew that Jack was confused. Dani added that Jack believed everyone to be traitorous if they didn't go along with Jack's way of thinking. "What about you?" Téa asked her daughter. Dani admitted that she didn't know Todd, but she hadn't really known Victor for long either. She had also always thought that Ross had been her dad.

Both Victor and Ross were great, and they had both loved Dani very much, Téa asserted. Dani felt that compared to all that was going on with the brainwashing and change in fathers, things had been rather tame in the past. "Do you think he did it?" she asked her mother. Téa thought that she'd known Todd quite well, but he'd been locked up for eight years. Anyone might be capable of murder under the circumstances, Téa thought.

Dani wondered if Todd had always had a temper. Téa admitted that he had, but he would never have killed anyone in cold blood. They wondered again if Jack could be lying. Téa stated that she'd also known Jack once, until the accident with Gigi. Dani pointed out that Jack had lied then. "What if he's lying again?" Dani asked.

Dani noted that Jack wasn't the "poster child" for telling the truth. The women debated whether Jack might have actually been a witness to Victor's murder.

Cutter returned to his room at the Minute Man Motel and told Morris all about his horrid day at work. "Wait a second, you look different," he said to the stuffed porcupine. Suddenly, Cutter recalled that Morris had been facing a different direction, though he was certain that Aubrey couldn't have moved him. Cutter knew that Morris "creeped" Aubrey out. He began to tell the animal how he needed the hidden gun for his future, but Aubrey walked into the room.

"Why are you messing with that porcupine?" Aubrey inquired. She really hoped that Cutter had turned the gun in as he had promised he'd done. Cutter claimed that he had been "straightening up" for Aubrey's return. As the couple got romantic, Aubrey suggested that Cutter "wash off work." She announced that she'd already picked up their dinner at the diner.

Once Cutter headed for the shower, Aubrey turned to Morris. "So, Needles, level with me." She inquired whether Cutter was lying to her. She began to remove their dinner from the bag, and she called out to Cutter. Not getting a response, she rushed over to Morris. Just as she unenthusiastically began to pick Morris up, Cutter walked out of the bathroom.

Aubrey maintained that she had been trying to make friends with the porcupine, because she thought he was really creepy. Cutter thought it was more like she was trying to find out if Cutter had been lying to her. She insisted that she had to look for the gun, but Cutter implored her to trust him. When she knocked the animal over, she was relieved to see that Morris' hiding spot was empty.

Aubrey apologized. She should have trusted Cutter, but it was difficult. They'd been conning and lying for a long time. Cutter reminded her that they'd never lied to each other until Aubrey had fallen in love with Joey.

Cutter decided they should celebrate his first honest paycheck, and he showed it to Aubrey. He had been disappointed in the amount, and she agreed it was a "whopper." She called the government criminal and offered to buy the wine herself. She advised him that he could keep his paycheck, and she promised to learn to trust him again.

Once Aubrey had gone, Cutter looked at Morris. "Damn it, Kim, I know it was you." He was unsuccessful in trying to reach his sister on the phone.

Back at the hospital in Kentucky, Kim told her comatose friend how Rex would be the one to solve all of their problems. She explained how Rex had changed and murdered someone, and Kim had been able to retrieve the murder weapon from Roxy's stuffed porcupine. Kim filled her friend in on all of the details surrounding the gun and who was involved. She also noted that she couldn't understand how Clint had once slept with Echo. She assumed the woman had been more attractive in the past.

Kim rambled on, making sure not to miss any details as she related events in Llanview. She explained that she needed the money to support her friend in the hospital, so she'd taken Rex's gun out of the porcupine. She'd made a deal with Echo, and if Echo managed to get all of Clint's money back to Clint, Kim would turn the gun over to Echo for Rex's protection.

Kim added that Cutter had no idea that Morris was empty or that Kim had the gun. Kim thought it was a winning situation for everyone. Her friend would get better, Clint would get his money, and Rex wouldn't get caught as Victor's murderer. Kim also explained that Clint had wanted to move the patient to Llanview, but Kim had held firm. No one could ever see her friend.

Echo sat with Rex at the Buenos Dias Café and urged him to give all of Clint's belongings back to Clint. Rex was confused. It was obvious that Clint no longer needed any of his money or the corporate jet, and he didn't understand why Echo felt as she did. Echo recalled Kim's blackmail threat. "I'm doing this to help you because of Gigi," she said aloud to Rex.

Echo had realized that Rex's conscience was bothering him, because he really knew deep down that Gigi wouldn't have approved of Rex's activities regarding Clint. Rex considered Echo's words for a moment, but he believed that Clint had deserved everything he'd gotten. Echo admonished Rex, and she advised him that along with taking all of Clint's money, Rex had also taken Clint's pride and dignity.

"It made me feel good," Rex replied. Echo thought that things had grown worse between father and son, and she was certain that Gigi would have wanted peace between Rex and Clint. Gigi deserved to have her heart rest in peace, just as Rex and Shane deserved it, Echo said. Rex was skeptical. He insisted that Gigi had been aware of the bad feelings between Rex and Clint.

Echo contended that she was only trying to protect Rex and save his soul. Rex thought that Echo was being overly dramatic. He informed her that he'd figured it out, and thanks to Delphina, he'd learned that Clint had held a piece of the puzzle. Rex had spoken to Clint after he'd heard Clint on the phone.

Clint had given Rex information regarding Kim's friend in the hospital in Kentucky, and Rex believed that Gigi had wanted Rex to find out about that person. Rex was planning on going to Kentucky on the private jet. Echo wondered if the sick friend really existed, but Rex was certain it was true. Clint cared about Kim, so Rex had believed Clint when he'd said he wanted to take care of the friend's hospital bills.

Rex revealed that he had actually had a decent conversation with his father. Echo asked him again to consider giving everything back to Clint, especially if Kentucky turned out to be a dead end. She thought it would give Gigi peace. It would give Rex peace too. Rex insisted he was fine, especially with Victor Lord "out of the picture."

Brody was astonished to hear Natalie reveal that Todd was being arrested due to an eyewitness who placed Todd at the murder scene. Natalie wondered why Brody was surprised. Brody replied that he'd only assumed that an eyewitness would have spoken up sooner. Natalie revealed that the witness was Jack, and his memory had just returned. She thought it peculiar, since her own memory of the fight with Marty hadn't returned yet.

Natalie admitted that she had believed Todd when he'd said he hadn't killed Victor, but if John had obtained a warrant for Todd's arrest, then there had obviously been just cause. Natalie apologized for thinking that Brody had been involved in Victor's murder, and she had been ridiculous to suspect Brody of anything.

Brody understood that Natalie had been "on edge," because Victor had been family. Natalie added that Victor's secretary had been quite upset after she'd heard Victor and Brody arguing, but Natalie had realized that they were only words the secretary had heard. It had been a heated but meaningless argument.

Brody was curious about John's reaction after Natalie had mentioned the secretary's information. Natalie confessed that she'd never told John anything. Brody didn't want Natalie covering up for him, but Natalie insisted that she hadn't. Since Jack had revealed that he'd overheard the murder, none of it mattered anyway, she stated.

Jack remained by Victor's grave after Todd and the cops were gone. "The hell with Scarface," Jack announced. He thought that Todd deserved to go to prison. "So what if I didn't see him." He was certain that Todd had killed Victor, and he asked Victor for some kind of sign.

Nothing happened, and Jack continued. He might have lied, but he'd "nailed" Scarface. Justice had been served. Jack was unaware that someone was watching and listening from the bushes.

Natalie and Brody unwound at their new residence. Happily, Natalie compared Liam to Brody, and she swore that she could see Brody in their son. Brody couldn't believe that his little family was finally settled in their own place. "We've come so far," he said. Later, as Natalie looked at photos, Brody stared at her. She wondered what he was doing. "Marry me," he said.

Echo received a call from Kim after Rex left for Kentucky. She told Kim to go to hell, but she asked what Kim wanted. Kim advised Echo that Echo knew. Echo asked for more time, and Kim ordered her to hurry.

Shortly after, Echo's phone rang again. "Listen, you gold-digging whore," she answered. It was Roxy, though, and Echo admitted that she hadn't retrieved the gun yet. She informed Roxy that they had a major problem.

Kim also received a phone call, but she ignored it when she saw that it was Cutter. It appeared that Cutter had figured out what had happened to the gun, Kim told the unconscious patient. Kim announced that she would return after she fetched fresh water for the flowers. She opened the door of the room and saw Rex stopping at the nurse's desk.

Todd arrived at the police station and demanded that he be allowed his one phone call. "What the hell do you want?" Téa demanded after she heard from Todd. "I've been arrested for the murder of Victor Lord," Todd announced. He wanted Téa's help. Téa refused, and she hung up on him. Todd demanded that he be allowed another call, but the cops dragged him away from the telephone.

Dani could see that her mother was upset. Téa informed her that Todd had been arrested for the murder.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As someone watched Jack from behind a bush, Jack told Victor that he'd gotten justice for Victor. Jack heard a twig snap, and he demanded to know who was there. Shane showed himself, and Jack angrily wanted to know why he was there. Shane said that he was there to visit Gigi. He asked how Victor's funeral had been. Jack replied that it had been terrible, and Shane knew exactly what Jack meant.

Shane continued that the burial had been the worst, because he'd just kept thinking that it was his mother in the ground, and that she didn't belong there. They glared at each other. Shane thought it was interesting that Victor was right next to Gigi in the cemetery. Shane wondered if anyone had been arrested for Victor's murder. Jack answered that Todd had been arrested, because there'd been an eyewitness. "Me," he clarified.

Shane was stunned that Jack had seen Todd murder Victor. Jack summarized what he'd told the cops. Jack had to leave, so he walked away, glaring at Shane. Shane sat down next to Gigi's grave, and told her that he intended to get justice for what had happened to her. Shane related that Jack had thought telling the cops that Todd had killed Victor had been justice. "There's one problem," Shane admitted, adding, "Jack's lying."

At Capricorn, Starr put pictures of Victor into a box. James thought the stories people had told about Victor had been amazing, and that Starr had to tell him some more. She agreed to do so the next day, because she just wanted the day to be over. Baz and Rick entered, and Starr demanded to know why Baz was with "that sleaze." Rick insisted that he was there in peace. She wanted Rick gone, but Baz told her that she should reconsider.

Starr realized that Baz had missed supporting his family at Victor's funeral because he'd been in a meeting with Rick. Baz urged her to have an open mind, because Rick wasn't a bad guy. James wondered if Baz was "crazy or stupid." Starr and James reminded Baz of what Rick had done to Nate, and how it had hurt Dani, "your cousin." Rick mentioned how James had stolen cars "before you were a self-righteous jackass." Starr wondered where Rick got off talking to James like that, but James shot back that if he hadn't stolen cars, his father would have beaten him.

Baz confessed that he'd already signed contracts with Rick, because he believed it was the best thing for them. Starr and Baz argued over signing the contracts, until Baz finally snapped. He spat that the music might just be a hobby for "a snobby rich girl," but it was his dream. He told her to sign over her rights to the song if she didn't want to work with Rick.

Offended, Starr let loose on Baz. "How dare you accuse me of not taking this seriously?" she yelled. She admitted that music had been her dream, but things had gotten in the way, "like having a child." She continued that both Todd and Victor had told her not to give up on her dreams, and she promised that she was still fighting. James pulled a livid Starr away, and told her that she was too good to work with the "lowlifes."

Starr finally told Baz that she refused to sign her rights to the song away. She told him that, if he believed that Rick could do something with the song, then she was onboard. She wasn't happy about it, but reasoned that the worst that could happen would be Rick ruining the song so no one would hear it. She warned Baz that it would be the last time he made any decisions that affected her behind her back. She warned Rick that there was to be "no sleazy business, because I'm onto you."

Rick assured Starr that she wouldn't regret the decision. "I better not," she replied. Baz related that she'd have time to get used to the idea, because he had to go to Paris for a gig. He told her not to worry about anything, and left with Rick. Starr confided that she feared that she'd made the wrong decision. James urged her to fight for what she wanted, and left.

Jack entered, and Starr demanded to know where he'd been. He replied that he'd been at Victor's grave. Starr wanted to go home, but Jack wanted to stay at Capricorn to celebrate. He explained to a confused Starr that, because of him, "Scarface is behind bars."

"Marry me," Brody said to Natalie. Stunned, she wondered where he'd gotten the thought. He admitted that he hadn't planned it, but it had to do with Victor's murder. He claimed that, when Victor had died, he'd been reminded of how short and fragile life was. He thought that he, Natalie, and Liam were a family anyway, so they should just make it official. He got down on one knee in front of Natalie, and asked her again to marry him.

"This is the part where you say yes. I feel like an ass," he said, and laughed, at Natalie's silence. She thought it was sudden, and answered no. She cited Jessica as a reason, and said that she'd never again have a relationship with her sister if she married Brody. He thought that Jessica would find a way to understand. Brody reasoned that she'd actually said no because of John.

Natalie denied the accusation, because she realized that she and John were over. She explained that she and Brody loved spending time together, but hadn't even talked about their feelings for one another. "I love you," Brody blurted out, shocking Natalie. He told her that he meant it, and wondered what they were doing if she didn't feel the same. He asked her to honestly tell him if she loved him.

"Maybe," Natalie answered. She admitted that she loved spending time with Brody, but she didn't know if she loved him. "I'll take it. For now," he answered. He told her to think about his proposition, and she promised to.

Rex arrived at the hospital in Kentucky, and asked the nurse at the desk for information about a patient. Kim hid behind a bouquet of flowers, and went back into the room. The nurse asked for the patient's name, but Rex admitted that he didn't know it. He knew it was strange, but the nurse thought it sounded suspicious. He told the nurse that he knew that Kim was taking care of the patient's bills, and there was no law against telling him about Kim.

Inside the hospital room, Kim told her friend that Rex was there. She wished her friend would wake up and help Kim figure out what to do, because Rex couldn't see them. Thinking quickly, Kim pushed the help button.

The nurse excused herself from Rex's company, and walked away. Rex told Gigi that he was trying to fulfill her wishes not to give up. Just then, he spotted a patient list on the front desk. He started to read the list, and took out his phone in order to make notes.

The nurse rushed into the hospital room. She checked the patient's vitals. Finding them normal, she wondered why Kim had pressed the help button. Kim told the nurse that the man at the desk was her friend's abusive ex, who'd put her friend in the hospital. She begged the nurse to get rid of him. The nurse didn't want to get involved in a domestic dispute. She wondered why she should believe Kim, because Kim could be a criminal. Kim pleaded with the woman again, and she left. Kim prayed that the nurse would get Rex to go away.

The nurse returned to the front desk, and wondered what Rex was doing looking at the confidential patient list. He apologized as she took the list out of his hand, and stressed the importance of finding the patient he was looking for. The nurse told him that the patient he'd inquired about had been discharged that morning. He begged for more information, but the nurse told him to leave before she called security, so he walked away.

Kim emerged from the room, and thanked the nurse. Just then, Rex returned because he'd forgotten his phone on the desk. He was surprised to see Kim standing there. He asked about her sick friend, but Kim told him that it was none of his business. Rex updated Kim on all that he'd seen and heard between Gigi and Delphina, and thought that it was important to find out who Kim's sick friend was. He begged Kim to tell him.

Kim lied that her friend was a fellow dancer name Annie Edwards. Annie's abusive ex had put her in the hospital, and she'd been discharged earlier. Rex related that it was miraculous that Annie was going home, because Clint had told Rex that Annie had been too sick to be moved. Kim admitted to lying to Clint, and claimed that Annie couldn't leave because she'd been in trouble with the cops.

Kim continued that Annie's family had taken care of the bills, and that Kim was only there to collect Annie's things from her room. She hoped Rex found what he was looking for. He related that he wouldn't give up, and walked away. Kim returned to the room, and said, "He's gone, thank God! That was a close one, Stacy!" Kim vowed not to let Rex see her friend.

John was in his office when Bo entered. John asked about the break Bo had had in the Victor Lord murder case. He revealed that he'd arrested Todd for the crime, because the mayor had given him no choice. He continued that Todd was "kicking and screaming" that he was innocent. Bo knew that John thought Todd was innocent, and John knew that they had no case against Todd without the gun. Bo explained that the mayor had found Jack's statement persuasive, but sensed that John thought Jack was lying. "He's in custody for the one thing he didn't do," John said of Todd.

Bo wondered who else John thought could have murdered Victor. John suggested Rex, but Bo didn't think that Rex was capable of murder. John related that Rex had changed after Gigi died, and had done a lot to go after Victor. He continued that Rex had been crazy with grief, which made people do strange things. John also suggested that Irene could have been involved.

Todd was led to a holding cell, uncuffed, and locked up. He claimed that he hadn't murdered Victor, even though he'd wanted to. He threw a chair in frustration. "Careful son, you could hurt yourself," he heard Irene say from the next cell. She urged him to call her mom, but he related that it would be "a cold day in hell" before he did. She felt guilty for the mistakes she'd made as a mother, but Todd told her that she made "Joan Crawford look like Donna Reed."

Irene was glad that Todd had been successful in his "mission" to kill Victor. Todd insisted that he was innocent, and that he was only there because someone had falsely placed him at the scene. Irene knew it had been Jack. Todd was stunned that she knew, but she only said, "I have my ways." Todd admitted to taking the gun, but insisted he had never fired it. He related that the cops would know that if the person who had the gun hadn't "gone AWOL."

Irene thought it was too bad that Louie had gone missing. Todd realized that Irene had made Louie disappear. He told her that he had thought of something that she could do to assuage her guilt. However, she wanted him to do something for her first. She alluded to something of hers that Todd had had for a "long, long time," that she wanted back. He didn't know what she wanted, and assured her that he didn't have whatever it was.

Irene advised him not to tell anyone his "crazy theory" about her making Louie disappear. If he did, she assured him that the gun that could exonerate him would never be found. A cop entered, and told Irene that John had questions for her. As the cop cuffed Irene, she told Todd to think about her offer. "A boy's best friend is his mother," she said as the cop led her away.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rex returned home from his trip to Kentucky and let himself into the darkened house. He gasped when he saw a figure sitting in the dark, and his first thought was that it was Gigi. It was Natalie, and he filled her in on his unsuccessful trip. He wondered why she had been sitting in the dark. He sensed that something was wrong. "Brody proposed to me tonight," Natalie informed him.

Rex was surprised. "Great?" he asked as he looked at Natalie's face. "Maybe, maybe not," she replied. She added that it had been out of nowhere, and she'd had no idea of what to say. She'd told Brody she would have to think about it, but she had assured him that it had nothing to do with John. Rex wondered if that were really true.

Natalie admitted that John still couldn't forgive her for lying, so she'd had to give up and move on. Rex inquired whether Natalie loved Brody. She replied that she did, but Rex asked if she were in love with Brody. "Are you still in love with John?" Rex asked. Natalie agreed that part of her would always love John, and John didn't love her anymore. She thought that a life with Brody was possible.

Brody had lots of great qualities, Natalie pointed out. He was also a great father, and a good boyfriend. "Brody's perfect," she decided. She thought that maybe she didn't have to love Brody in the same way as she loved John. Rex wondered if she were trying to convince Rex or herself.

Rex confessed that Gigi had been the love of his life, though he'd been with Adriana when Gigi had shown up. He had known he'd made a mistake to marry Adriana, and it had taken a long time to fix his mistake. He would have done anything for Gigi. Natalie agreed that Brody would do anything for her, and he "touches my heart," Natalie insisted. He was her son's father, and they always had a good time together.

Natalie wondered if that were enough to have a relationship, and she asked Rex what she should do. Rex advised her that she would be the only one who could answer that. She reminded Rex that he'd said he would have done anything for Gigi, so she wondered if he were going to give up on Gigi. Rex asked what he should do. With a little bit of attitude, Natalie informed him that he was the only one who could answer that.

In the Kentucky hospital room, Kim assured Stacy that she'd taken care of Rex, and she would have to do the same with Cutter and the gun. Kim promised to return, but she needed to refresh herself with a walk around the hospital. She stepped out of the room. "Hello sis," Cutter exclaimed. Kim was shocked, but she advised him that she had no time to talk to him. Angrily, Cutter declared that he'd trusted Kim, but she'd stolen the gun from him to blackmail Rex.

"The deed is already done," Kim replied. Cutter found it difficult to believe that Kim was already blackmailing Rex. Kim insisted that it wasn't about Clint, and she only wanted money for her friend's hospital bills. "I need that gun," Kim said firmly. She added that she'd done Cutter a favor when she'd removed the gun from Morris. Aubrey had believed that Cutter had turned it in to the police.

Cutter ran into Stacy's room. "Whoa," he said as he looked around. Kim was sure she'd told Cutter about her friend, but Cutter insisted she'd left a "big chunk" out of her story. Kim emphasized that she couldn't lose Stacy, and she needed the gun to ensure that. Cutter felt bad. He'd really intended to do the right thing until Kim had stolen the gun from him. He wondered what would happen if Aubrey learned the truth.

Kim was confident that Cutter could make something up, because he had always been a good liar. Cutter thought the situation "takes the prize." He wondered what Kim would do if Echo didn't follow Kim's orders. Kim assumed that Echo would do whatever she had to do to save Rex.

Cutter agreed to allow Kim to keep the gun, and she had one more favor to ask. She begged him not to tell anyone about Stacy. Cutter promised that he would remain silent. He figured that no one would believe him anyway.

Roxy met with Echo at Rodi's to hear about Echo's visit with Cutter. Echo confessed that she'd been unable to obtain the gun, and that Kim had taken ownership of it. Echo explained that Kim had threatened to go to the police about Rex killing Victor, if Echo didn't give Kim what she wanted. Roxy insisted that Echo follow Kim's orders, but Echo advised her that Kim had demanded that Rex return all of Clint's belongings back to Clint.

Echo revealed that she'd already attempted to convince Rex to do that, and she'd told him that Gigi wouldn't have appreciated all that Rex had done. Rex hadn't bought it. Roxy thought that it was time to tell Rex the truth. She and Echo believed that Rex had killed Victor. Echo thought there might be another way, and she showed Roxy a document that she'd had drawn up.

The document stated that Rex had agreed to return everything to Clint. Echo thought she might be able to find a way of not letting Rex be aware that she and Roxy believed he might be guilty of murder.

Roxy walked over to the bar for a drink, and the bartender informed her that someone had been arrested for Victor's murder. "Oh, my God, was it Rex Balsom?" she asked. "No, Todd Manning," the bartender replied. Roxy was ecstatic, and she proclaimed that John always got the right guy.

Echo pointed out that the police still didn't have the gun, and Rex might not be home free. She thought that they needed to "play ball" with Kim. Roxy prodded Echo for plans, but Echo was ready to return home. She announced that she would do what she had to in order to keep Rex out of jail.

Irene was ushered into John's office, and she demanded that she be allowed to make some phone calls. John reminded her that she'd already had her one call, and he noted how touching Irene's grief was over the death of her son. She explained that she was grieving on the inside, but John assured her that it was really guilt for killing Victor.

Irene was angry over John's accusation, and she advised him not to insinuate anything. He promised her that he wasn't insinuating anything, and he believed that she'd killed Victor. Irene noted that Todd had been arrested, but John informed her that it had been the mayor's call. Irene assumed that the mayor must have had sufficient evidence.

John growled that he didn't care about the mayor. He was determined to find the real murderer. "Don't look at me," Irene stated. "I'm looking right at you," John replied. Irene pointed out that brother hated brother, and a similar story could be found in the Bible. Sarcastically, John snapped that he'd been to Sunday School, and there had also been an old story about a mother killing her son.

Irene insisted that she had loved Victor, because he had been the son that she'd kept. Todd had been the one she'd given away. John reminded her that he'd been present when Victor had attempted to strangle Irene, and had to be pulled away from her. Irene called it a misunderstanding. John proclaimed how coincidental it had been that Victor had ended up dead after that, but Irene maintained that lots of people had wanted Victor dead.

John declared that the list had included Irene, who had tried to kill Victor another time. Irene was impressed with John's detective skills. She reminded him that she'd been locked up when Victor had been killed, so she'd had the perfect alibi. John responded that she could have arranged the murder, but Irene suggested that he search for a suspect if he didn't believe it had been Todd.

Continuing his sarcasm, John noted how shattered Irene's heart appeared to be. He ordered another cop to take Irene back to her cell. He had plenty of time to wait for the truth.

Dani visited Todd's cell. He apologized for staring, but he explained that he couldn't believe that she was really his daughter. "I'm not here to bond," Dani assured him. "Did you kill my father?" she asked.

A confused Dani began to explain that she knew that Victor hadn't been her father, but Todd stopped her. He understood that she'd thought of Victor as her dad, and he knew that she'd loved Victor. He would have never taken something that she loved, Todd assured her. He swore that he hadn't killed Victor.

Dani mentioned Jack's reciting of the murder details, and the fact that Jack had sworn it was true. She had known Jack longer than she'd known Todd, but Todd pointed out that Jack was lying because he hated Todd. "He did what he had to do," Todd added. Todd wanted Dani to believe him when he said he was innocent, and he presumed that Dani had some doubts if she was there to ask Todd about it.

Todd stressed that he understood Jack's actions, and he would never hold them against him, because Jack was his son. Everything could be blamed on Irene, Todd believed. "She seems totally postal," Dani agreed. She'd never heard anyone talk about Irene.

Todd went on to talk about Dani's relationship with Victor. Since she called Victor dad, Todd didn't expect Dani to accept Todd as a father. He was aware that it had taken her a long time to accept Victor, even though as it had turned out, Victor hadn't done the awful things that Dani had believed he'd done. It had been Todd who'd actually committed those.

Dani continued that she'd treated her father poorly. She began to talk about growing up thinking that Ross had been her father. He'd taught her how to do lots of things on the island, and she'd really wanted him to be her father. Todd noted how he hadn't gotten along with Ross and had left him and Téa on the island in order to go back to Blair. Todd was grateful to Ross for doing such a great job of raising Dani.

Todd hoped that one day Dani would begin to accept him. Dani informed him that it was a "long way off." Todd had a favor to ask Dani. He wanted her to help to prove his innocence. "Convince your mother to help me," he pleaded.

Téa was the best lawyer Todd knew, but Dani was certain that Téa would never agree to it. Todd insisted that he needed Téa to make sure that the right person paid for Victor's murder. Dani assured Todd that Téa already believed the right person had been arrested, though Téa was "torn up" over the situation. Todd insisted that someone was setting him up.

Recalling Irene's threat, Todd advised Dani that he couldn't tell her who that person was, because it was dangerous. Again, he begged her to talk to Téa. He swore he would be able to prove his innocence.

"Oh, is that my granddaughter?" Irene called out as she was led to her cell. She held out her hand to Dani. Todd shouted that Dani should leave right away. Irene continued sweetly. She couldn't wait to get to know Dani, but Todd promised that Irene would never get close to the girl. Irene was certain that she would, and so would Todd. If Todd would only give Irene what she wanted, he could be close to Dani and his entire family again.

Aggravated, Todd yelled that he had no idea what Irene wanted. "Your freedom is in your hands, my son," Irene stated. "Give me what I want, and I'll give you what you need to prove your innocence." She added that Todd could then be with his family.

Tomas carried a tray full of goodies up to Téa's room. He wanted to cheer her up, and he wanted her to eat something. Téa announced that Todd had been arrested for Victor's murder, but she was aware that Tomas had hated Victor. She grabbed a plateful of food and threw it at Tomas angrily.

Tomas explained that he'd wanted Victor out of Téa's life, but he hadn't killed him. Téa asked about his alibi the night of the murder, and Tomas confessed that he'd been to see an associate to find out how he could protect Téa and Dani from Victor. He reminded Téa that he'd saved Victor during the first murder attempt, and he would have never killed the man that Téa loved.

Téa was furious that Tomas had missed Victor's funeral. Tomas explained that he'd had to take care of business involving Irene, but Téa thought that it could have waited. Tomas insisted that he was trying to make things up to Téa. She apologized for being angry with him, and she began to cry. She informed him that she'd seen Todd everywhere, and it made things confusing.

Todd was at the police station, and Téa had "gone off" on him when he'd asked her to represent him, Téa revealed. "I'll bet you did," Tomas chuckled. Todd had shown up at St. James on the day of the funeral, and then he'd called her to defend him, Téa continued. Tomas wondered whether Téa believed that Todd had committed murder.

Téa admitted that she wasn't certain she believed Jack's story, especially since he'd changed it. She updated Tomas on the latest details. "We all know Jack is a good liar," Téa declared. Tomas advised his sister that she was thinking like a lawyer. Téa thought it was better than thinking like a widow, but she missed Victor.

Dani arrived home. She admitted to Téa that she'd been to visit Todd, because she'd wanted to hear his story. She advised Téa that Todd had begged for Téa to represent him, because Téa was the only person who could save him.

Echo saw Rex sitting at his desk when she returned home. She asked about his trip to Kentucky, and he told her it had been a "bust." He stood up. He wanted to check on Shane, and he refused to listen to Echo talk. He advised her that he would not return anything to Clint. Echo looked at her document and at all of the papers that Rex had left out on his desk. She recalled forging the donor document with Gigi's signature, and she sat down at the desk. She began to practice Rex's signature.

John walked into Rodi's and saw Roxy lying on the bar. She was trying to reach a bottle underneath. "We talked about this, Roxy. No planking on the bar," he ordered. Roxy revealed that she'd heard the good news about Todd's arrest, but John admitted that it was only according to the mayor. He didn't want to talk about it.

"How about we talk about you and Natalie instead?" Roxy suggested. Neither of them saw Natalie as she walked into the bar and listened.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"I miss Tess," Ford declared solemnly. "I miss Dani," Nate said soberly. "I miss Starr," James chimed in. "Seriously?" Nate asked. "What? It's been like a whole...hour," James proclaimed as his brothers stared at him. The brothers were lounging in the steam room at Serenity Springs. After James's proclamation, his brothers did their best to set things straight. They teased and wrestled with him mercilessly.

James announced that he was trying to relate to the others, but his brothers didn't want to hear it. "Have some respect. You have a relationship," Ford said. "We don't," Nate added. James understood, and he was aware that he was lucky. Ford made it clear that he didn't want to hear about James and Starr frolicking in an orchard gathering strawberries. James leaned over and uttered that they had gathered apples. Ford slugged him, and James agreed that he'd keep his relationship to himself.

James turned to Nate instead. He'd thought that Nate and Dani were doing well. Nate revealed that he'd spoken to Dani, but she was involved in losing her father, and she didn't need Nate. "Maybe she does," James suggested. Ford thought that was good advice. Nate recalled the recommendation he'd received from the "weirdo" at the diner, who had ordered him to visit with Dani.

Nate admitted that he had followed up, and Dani hadn't even told him to leave. She'd even "sort of" hugged him. James thought that Nate should work towards gaining Dani's forgiveness after Nate's part in the porn film. James also mentioned that Rick was in his life, having turned into a record producer. The brothers were shocked to hear about Rick's change in career, and they weren't happy to hear about his part in Starr's life.

James clarified that it had been Baz's fault that Rick was around. Ford declared that he wouldn't risk losing a girlfriend to someone like that, and he thought that James should step in. Ford noted that his situation was totally different from the others, because Tess didn't even exist except in Jessica's body. Things were okay with Jessica as long as he didn't mention Tess.

Ford wondered if James were happy that Tess was gone. James made it clear that he hadn't wanted Ford to be hurt. Ford thought it was time that he work on his relationship with Jessica instead. "If she'll let me," Ford said.

At La Boulaie, Blair received a phone call from Viki and learned that Todd had been arrested for Victor's murder. She turned to Starr to break the news, but the young woman had already heard thanks to "my sweet little brother." Jack wandered into the kitchen, and Starr began to taunt him. She pondered why he was suddenly so quiet when he'd obviously had lots to say at the police station.

"Dad is back in jail thanks to you," she snapped. Jack noted that killers were supposed to be locked up, and his statement started an argument. "What about liars?" Starr inquired. If that were the case, then their mother would be visiting Jack in jail, too, Starr asserted. Jack called Starr a traitor, and the siblings continued to bicker. Jack claimed that his memory had returned, and he'd suddenly recalled the evening in question.

Starr thought it was strange that Jack's memory had returned like it did. Blair asked Jack to tell her what he had told the police, and Jack reported the details from Sean's voicemail as he'd overheard them. After the shooting, he'd lost consciousness, he added. Starr pointed out that he wasn't really an eyewitness if he'd passed out, but Jack announced that it had obviously been enough for the police.

Starr was certain that her brother was lying. Jack challenged her to go to the police to say something, but she remained quiet. "Your dad killed mine," Jack retorted. Starr asked Jack to think about being away from his family for eight years. Their father had missed a lot. "So?" Jack asked. Starr explained that they had given their father the strength to go on whenever he'd thought about them.

Starr begged Jack to change his story, and she asked Blair to make Jack admit that he was lying. Blair spoke up. "I don't think he is," Blair said. Starr was shocked. She wondered which person had the head injury, and she pointed out how many times Jack had lied in the past. Blair explained that there was a life at risk, and her son would never lie about that.

Starr reminded her that Jack had already taken someone's life when Gigi had died. She and Jack began to argue again, and Blair ordered Jack to go to bed. After Jack was gone, Starr started up with her mother. "What are you doing? Everything he says, you're going to believe it?" Starr asked. "Who says I believe it?" Blair retorted, clarifying, "I said what I had to say."

Blair began to talk about Jack. He'd changed since he was a young boy, and maybe she'd been a bad mother. She had always wanted to make certain that her children were good people, but she was afraid she'd lost Jack. She'd allowed Jack to associate with Victor, and Jack was struggling to figure out who he was. Blair had to gain his trust.

Blair thought that her little boy still lingered inside of Jack. He had seemed to want to open up previously, and she'd thought that something was bothering him. Starr worried that it would take some time. "So where does that leave dad?" Starr asked. Starr refused to see her father sacrificed.

Just then, Jack ushered James inside. James and Starr stepped outside. James wondered if she were doing okay. Starr advised him that she wasn't. Inside, Jack thanked his mother for believing him, and they shared a hug. He smirked behind his mother's back.

Dani tried to persuade Téa to represent Todd, but Téa wanted no part of it. Téa believed that Todd had been using Dani, because that was his usual method. Dani was concerned, and she wondered if that meant that Todd didn't really care about her. Téa started to say that Todd would summon someone to see him and work his magic, but Dani broke in quickly. She had gone to visit Todd on her own.

Téa declared that Todd had been aware that Dani would show up, and he was really only out for himself. Dani argued that she would never get to know Todd the way that Téa did, especially if he remained behind bars. Téa thought that her daughter was better off not knowing Todd, but Dani reminded her mother that she'd said the same thing about Victor.

They had still loved Victor, and he'd loved them, Dani told her mother. Téa said that things had been different with Todd, and he'd treated her horribly. Dani pointed out that Téa had married Victor under the premise that he'd been Todd. Téa was adamant. She wouldn't defend Todd if he had killed her husband. "But what if he didn't?" Dani asked.

Téa insisted that it was good enough for her if the police had believed that Todd was the right person to arrest. Dani pronounced that it had been because of Jack, the same person who had said he hadn't done anything to Shane. Jack believed that he was doing Victor a favor, Dani said.

Todd had revealed that he believed he'd been set up. He wouldn't tell Dani anything, but Dani was certain that he would probably confess all to Téa if she would defend him. Todd trusted Téa with his life, Dani added. She begged Téa to reconsider. Téa considered Todd to be a "master at self-justification." He would be guilty of something, but cry that it wasn't his fault due to his childhood. Téa was adamant that Todd not get a free pass.

Dani maintained that Todd had never said anything about his childhood during their conversation. Téa tried a different tack. Perhaps Todd had just believed that Dani was vulnerable. "I feel it," Dani emphasized. She couldn't explain it. She didn't think that Todd was the killer, and she was grieving. "Mom, he needs you," Dani pleaded.

The women were interrupted when Dani received a phone call. Téa agreed to think about Todd's request in order to appease Dani. Nate was on the phone, and he wondered how Dani was doing. He offered to talk with her if she needed someone. Dani advised him that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. "Maybe tomorrow," she added. She thanked him for calling. Nate was cheered up.

Later, Dani walked into her mother's bedroom as Téa lay in bed. Dani announced that she didn't want to be alone, and she climbed into bed with her mother.

Brody put Liam to bed, and he told his infant son how happy he was that the family was together. Brody was waiting to get Natalie's answer to his marriage proposal. He was surprised to find Jessica when he answered a knock on the door. She held out one of his war medals. She'd had it for a while, but she wanted to return it. He suggested she keep it.

Jessica assured him that the medal no longer held the same meaning for her that it once had. She turned to go. "Wait, Jessica. Please don't go," Brody called out. He exclaimed that he didn't like the way things were between them. Jessica agreed, but she admitted that she saw no way for things to change. Brody thought that they could try.

Jessica thought it was about time she focused on her children instead. Brody wondered if she was comfortable with the tension and anger that described the state of their relationship. Jessica replied that she couldn't help it, but every time she saw Brody, she envisioned him in bed with Natalie.

Jessica was aware that it was partially her fault, and Brody wondered if she could forgive them. Jessica felt that it didn't matter. Brody informed her that he'd proposed to Natalie and was waiting for her answer. Jessica was astonished. She assumed that Natalie was unsure if she hadn't given Brody an answer. Brody acknowledged that Natalie had a lot to consider, including Jessica's feelings.

Jessica disagreed. Natalie had never considered Jessica's feelings, so her delay probably had to do with thoughts of John.

"Don't give me those snake eyes," Roxy ordered John as he looked at her silently. They were at Rodi's, and Roxy was trying to get John to admit his true feelings for Natalie. John insisted that there was nothing going on. Roxy demanded that he admit the truth to her or he would have to admit that he had no life. Natalie had just walked into the bar, and she remained hidden, in order to listen.

Roxy continued to demand that John answer her, as he tried to get the liquor away from her. He advised her that it didn't matter what he felt, but Roxy described how he and Natalie went together like many things, including peanut butter and jelly. She wanted to get the couple back together. John admitted that he was confused. He was aware that Roxy had already given her blessing to Brody and Natalie.

"There are blessings and then there are blessings," Roxy stated. She informed him that Natalie and Brody weren't really happy. John reminded her that Natalie had stated that she was happy, but Roxy indicated that her daughter was a good actress. Roxy thought that John was a good actor, as well, because he and Natalie were pretending that everything was okay.

John reminded her that the couple had moved in together. Roxy had an answer for that. She proclaimed that things had blown up between Jessica and Brody prior to the same thing happening between John and Natalie. Brody and Natalie had ended up together because of that and their child, but Natalie would be better off with John.

John assured her that he and Natalie had talked about it, and they were both "in a good place." Roxy began to yell at him. Natalie had only said that because she'd thought she had no chance with John. Roxy was warning John that he had to make his move before Natalie and Brody ended up married.

"There's Dolly Parton," John shouted. Roxy turned her head, and John finally managed to clean up Roxy's drink. He wanted to close up. He realized that Roxy's heart was in the right place. Roxy accused him of being afraid to reveal his feelings, but John wondered why he should. He pointed out that Gary Cooper had never revealed his feelings.

Roxy insisted that if John were to tell her the truth about his feelings for Natalie, she would leave. She would "honor the request of a dying man." She ordered him to look into her eyes and tell her that he didn't love Natalie any longer. After Roxy repeated it several times, John looked at her. "I do not love Natalie anymore," John said. Natalie turned and fled the bar.

Roxy called John's declaration "a giant load of crap." She asked for a calendar in order to mark down the date that John had given up. She accused him of being scared. She continued to provoke him, until John gave in. He lost his temper and shouted, "Fine. I admit it. I still love her."

Roxy apologized for her behavior, but she'd had to do it. John replied that it was a dead end, and he wanted to be left alone. He advised her that his confession didn't change anything. "It can. You tell her what you just told me before it's too late," Roxy ordered as she finally left Rodi's.

Ford found Jessica standing in the corridor by his apartment when he got home. She admitted that she wasn't okay, but then she changed her mind and turned to go. It had been a bad idea to visit Ford, Jessica confessed. He urged her to talk, and she admitted that she'd heard about Brody's marriage proposal to Natalie. She'd had time to get used to the couple, but it still bothered her.

Ford pointed out that Jessica and Brody had loved one another and had made promises to each other. He was sorry for her. Jessica was the one who was sorry. She'd broken the rules. She was aware that they were only supposed to see each other during visitation switches with Ryder. Ford advised her that she could talk to him until she found someone else to take over. "Just call me your last resort," Ford said. Jessica smiled.

Natalie arrived home and found Brody sitting quietly. He showed her the medal that Jessica had returned to him. He asked where Natalie had been and if she'd been alone. Natalie confessed that she'd gone out for a drink in order to consider Brody's proposal. "Did you come to any decisions?" he asked. Natalie revealed that she had. She would marry him. Her answer was yes.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Natalie ran into John, and John announced that he still loved her. John suddenly woke up and realized that he was sitting at the bar in Rodi's. Bo then found John, who took a sip from a pitcher of water. Bo requested John's presence at work but also asked that John wait until he was no longer drunk. John explained that he had just been through a rough night, and Bo reflected that the last time John had tied one on had been after John and Natalie's non-wedding.

John expressed surprise that Bo wanted John to share his feelings and stated that he had not seen Natalie. However, John acknowledged that he had talked to Roxy, who had gotten under his skin by insisting that John still loved Natalie. John claimed that he had only admitted that he loved Natalie to shut Roxy up. Bo realized that John still loved Natalie and insisted that John tell her. John refused because he felt that Natalie had a family with Brody and Liam.

Bo then announced that the police department would have to cut Irene Manning loose. John was not too surprised, since he knew that Irene had friends in Washington. When Bo indicated that the federal government was sending someone to ensure Irene's release, John joked that "the Feds" believed that Bo and John needed help unlocking the cell door.

At Natalie's apartment, Natalie got out of bed and shuffled through the mail on the desk. She found an envelope containing the paternity test results and opened it. Once Natalie read that John McBain was the DNA match for Liam, Natalie woke up and found she was in bed with Brody. The motion woke up Brody, who declared that he had a surprise for Natalie.

Brody showed Natalie a ring, and Natalie exclaimed that she loved it. Natalie squealed that it looked like he had spent a fortune on it. As she put it on her finger, Natalie frowned and stated that she could picture Jessica seeing it. Natalie insisted that she wanted to do what was right for Jessica and for them.

Brody returned to the bedroom and announced that Liam was still asleep. Brody claimed that he would play with Liam, after the child woke up. Natalie exclaimed that Brody was the best daddy ever. Brody then insisted that he wanted to call Clint to make their engagement official.

At Llanfair, Jessica lay on the sofa, and Brody woke her up and told her to get ready for their wedding. As Jessica and Brody kissed, Jessica woke up and found Clint standing over her. After Jessica worried over Clint, because he was on his feet, Clint expressed that he was just getting some exercise. When Clint commented that he had heard Jessica up several times during the night, Jessica said that Bree had suffered with a fever, but that she would be fine.

Clint begged Jessica not to wear herself out and thought that she had been having nightmares. However, Jessica explained that she had actually had a nice dream, and that reality was the nightmare. Jessica told Clint about her dream, where Brody had worried about seeing her in her wedding dress. Jessica joked that if the dream had continued, she would have discovered that Brody had proposed to Natalie. Jessica then sadly revealed that Brody had actually proposed to Natalie, but that Natalie had not yet given him an answer.

Clint believed that Natalie had hesitated on making a decision to Brody's proposal, because of her concern for Jessica's feelings. However, Jessica revealed that Natalie had not made a decision, because of her feelings for John McBain. Clint related to Jessica that he had made Natalie promise him on his deathbed that she would try to resolve things with John. Clint's phone rang.

Clint discovered that it was Brody on the phone and remarked that even though Brody had once been engaged to Jessica, he had proposed to her twin sister. Clint growled, "Is that supposed to make us feel warm inside?" When Brody asked for Clint's blessing, Clint wondered what would happen if he refused to give it. After Brody stated that he and Natalie would get married anyway, Clint yelled that they were done and hung up the phone.

Jessica applauded and cried out that was awesome. Clint, however, revealed that Natalie had given her answer to Brody, and the answer was yes. As Clint hugged Jessica, she stated that she had really believed that Natalie would say no, because of John. Jessica then heard Ryder cry on the baby monitor, and Clint offered to make them blueberry pancakes. Clint, however, refused to reveal his secret blueberry pancakes recipe to Jessica.

Back at their apartment, Brody told Natalie that her father loved her, but that it would take some time for Clint to accept their engagement. Natalie was proud that Brody had stood up to Clint. Natalie acknowledged that she had been the bad guy in the past, and that she was pretty good at it, but Brody insisted that she could still back out of the engagement.

Natalie stressed that she would not let anyone tell her who she could be with. Natalie exclaimed that she wanted to be with Brody, as she put her ring back on. Natalie and Brody hugged and climbed back into bed. Later, Brody carried Liam into the room and handed him to his mother. When Natalie stated that she had to leave, Brody took Liam from her arms. After Natalie left, Brody informed the child that Liam would be his boy, and that no one could take that away from him. "All that trouble died with Victor Lord," Brody said.

Back at Rodi's, Natalie walked in and found John sweeping up a broken beer bottle. Natalie said to John, "I have something...uh, I have something I need to tell you," and John replied, "I have something to tell you too." Natalie remarked, "Okay, why don't you go first this time?"

Téa woke up in her bed, and as she reached for the man next to her, she cried out, "Todd...Victor." When the man turned over, she was stunned to see that it was Todd. Téa snapped awake in an empty bed. Blair knocked on Téa's bedroom door and realized that Téa had forgotten that Victor was dead. When Blair requested that Téa get up, Téa insisted that it would only get worse, because not only was Victor dead, but Todd wanted her to prove he had not killed Victor.

Téa informed Blair that Todd claimed that he was innocent, and that Téa was the only lawyer who could get Todd cleared of the charges. Blair explained that it was because Téa was a shark. Téa was unsure if Todd had killed Victor, because Jack had been known to lie. Blair agreed and added that she had her own reasons to suspect Jack's story. Blair feared that Jack would believe that it was okay to lie to the cops, and Téa acknowledged that he might if the ends justified the means.

Blair insisted that she would defend Jack and just hope that Jack could find his conscience on his own. Blair revealed that she had an idea of how to uncover Jack's conscience. Blair then placed a box from the Sun onto Téa's bed. Blair carried out a dress for Téa to wear and told Téa to call if she needed anything. Blair left the room.

Téa opened the box and discovered a family photo of herself, Victor, and Dani. As Téa picked up her billfold, she remembered when Todd had offered her five million dollars to represent him and then asked her to take his case for their daughter's sake. Téa lay back down in the bed. Later, all of the contents of the box were spread out on the messed-up covers of Téa's bed. On top of the pile was Liam's paternity test results that announced that John McBain was Liam's DNA match.

At the Llanview jail, Jack apologized to Todd about lying to the cops. Jack then called Todd "Dad." Todd suddenly woke up in his prison cell. When Irene asked if Todd had slept well, Todd growled back at her. Irene replied that it was a bad greeting to give the person who could set him free, and Todd asked if Oprah was there and laughed.

Todd requested that Irene return the gun that she had stashed, and that he had never fired. Todd added, "And I am sure that you will give it back, as soon as I dig up whatever it is that you think that I have, even though I don't have it, and I don't know where it is, and I have no idea how to find it." Irene believed that Todd was playing with her.

Todd reminded Irene that he had been tortured for eight years, and that he would have told her then if he had known. When Irene maintained that it was deep inside of Todd, he asked Irene to draw him a map or diagram, or maybe she could phone it in, or he could ask the audience. Todd pleaded with Irene to just tell him.

Irene remembered that she had been angry when she had discovered that Todd's father had left Todd 28 million dollars, which could have helped her and Victor. When Todd asked Irene again about the thing she was looking for, Irene cautioned, "Patience." Irene reflected back to when she had first sent her agents to recruit Todd, and Todd quipped that Irene had felt that Todd could use his media empire to serve his country. Irene said if only Todd had been sincere, and Todd responded if only he had known that her agents were evil.

Irene claimed that Todd had taken a little insurance with him -- a microchip that contained information that could wreak havoc on the agency. Irene revealed that was when she had known that Victor had needed to replace Todd, and that they had to utilize Todd's mind to program Victor. Irene explained that they had tried to persuade Todd to surrender the microchip.

Todd still denied knowing anything about the microchip, and Irene offered her techniques for Todd to recover his memory. When Todd turned her down, Irene held out Todd's freedom to him. Irene pointed out that Todd would spend the rest of his life behind bars if he did not work with her.

Bo and a federal agent entered the jail and released Irene. Todd was shocked, and Irene told Todd that it had been a pleasure. Bo threatened that if Irene did anything remotely illegal in Llanview, or did anything to make Viki's life harder, Irene would pay, and that she would have no more free passes. Irene pondered that Victoria had always been able to inspire such intense loyalty in her friends, and that she could get so much help, whenever she needed it. Irene voiced, "That must be a wonderful feeling."

As the federal agent walked Irene out, she told Todd that they would be in touch. Todd yelled to Bo, "So, that's it, huh? You just let Irene walk," and Bo replied, "I hate this as much as you do." When Todd stressed, "She's a danger to everyone in this town," Bo yelled, "I don't owe you any answers, Manning."

Todd smirked and declared, "This is just ducky. She gets government-issued, get-out-of-jail-free cards, and I can't get competent representation. I can't even post bail. Aren't these things my rights?" A police officer walked in and announced, "Commissioner...uh, Manning has a visitor." When Téa walked in, Todd grinned from ear to ear.

Jack tapped his pencil on his schoolwork, and when he looked up, he saw that his teacher was Gigi. His teacher remarked, "You know the answer, don't you? I heard you know all about carbon monoxide." When Jack woke up in class, Shane observed that it looked like Jack had seen a ghost.

Two of Jack's classmates asked if Jack's dad had really killed Victor, and Jack refused to acknowledge Todd as his dad. Jack replied that Todd had killed his dad, and that it had been the worst day of his life, as Shane glared at Jack. When Jack demanded to know what Shane was looking at, Shane denied that he was looking at Jack. Jack slammed his books shut and ran out of the classroom. Jack ran into Blair in the hall.

Blair told Jack that she had feared that it was too soon for Jack to have returned to school, and Jack asked, "After what Todd did to my dad?" When Blair stated that she understood, Jack replied, "You do? So, you believe me? You know it was Todd too?" Blair answered, "Well, Jack, of course I do, because you said you saw him. I believe you."

Shane listened at the door and remembered that he had hit Jack over the head with a gun, and that he had seen Jack lying still on the ground. Shane walked back to his desk and looked at a picture that he had drawn of himself standing with a gun in hand over Jack's body. Shane closed his notebook and put his head in his hand.

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