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Monday, November 17, 1997

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Scott and his attorney discuss the situation with Rex. He realizes that Rex may have been planning the frame up for months or years.

Nicole, upset and drunk, lashes out at Bennett in the bar. Bennett tries to control her and Nicole screams and leaves in a drunken, upset state. Julie is devastated that her mother found out about the affair. Bennett runs after her, but is unable to catch her. He returns and tries to explain her behavior, and Julie informs him that it isn't her mother's fault that the evening was a bust, but his.

Joe and Karen continue their heavy kissing in front of her door. She invites him in and her accepts with a smile. They end up in front of a fire "making-out". Joe stops and told her they "can't do this." Karen tries to talk him into it and he can't. She wonders if it is her and he reassures her its not, he told her he doesn't want to be a rebound relationship. Karen tries to tell him he isn't. Joe leaves.

Lucy and Kevin return home from the Cayman Islands. They celebrate their homecoming by spending a romantic afternoon in bed. They discuss getting pregnant again. Scott calls with bad news and interrupts them. He told that he and Justus were unable to dig up any dirt.

Julie is frantic because she can't find her mother, who turns up at her place, they spend the night and morning talking. Nicole apologizes that she ruined her party, and Julie told her it wasn't her fault. Nicole finds out Julie knew and feels betrayed by her daughter. Julie tries to explain. Bennett calls and wonders where Nicole ended up and Nicole told her not to say anything of her whereabouts. Bennett guesses and heads over and Nicole leaves. Julie and Bennett discuss his affair and Nicole. Julie reminds him that he cheated on her mother. Nicole ends up at Mike's bar and Chris enters. He and Nicole have a drink together.

Eve and Chris discuss the party. Eve is not sure she should have gone. Chris is ecstatic that she went, it made the evening worthwhile. Matt and Grace talk about their dance, they enjoy their conversation. Ellen watches on and interrupts rudely dragging Grace away from Matt. Chris enters and Matt talk, Eve enters and Matt teases them about the kiss they shared on the dance floor. Grace returns and Matt invites her to dinner with him, she accepts.

Frank enters with a classmate and asks Karen to look at her arm. Joe enters smiling at Karen (which she returns). After she sends the classmate, Lark to x-ray, Joe and Karen talk briefly about their date.

Lucy, Kevin, Scott and Lee meets regarding Scott's legal troubles. Lucy and Kevin return home and Lucy has a brainstorm to get her pregnant...they have to break up!

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Tuesday, November 18, 1997

by Soap Central

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Bennett tries to talk Eve into speaking with his wife about their affair. He hopes that she can persuade Nicole to believe that he really didn't love Eve, and that it was her who was the initiator not him. Eve explodes at him telling him that she understands how Nicole feels and she wants no part in his plan. Later Eve sees Nicole at the hospital and tries to explain about the affair with Bennett. She tries to convince Nicole to believe that Bennett really loved her and that was why the affair ended, Nicole doesn't buy it.

Lucy tries to convince Kevin that if they broke up, she can get closer to Rex to expose him for Scott. Kevin refuses and won't hear of it. Later Scott joins the conversation and doesn't buy it at first, and then thinks that it may work. Lucy told him that if Scott makes it seem like he won't let her see Serena anymore, it turns her against Scott and Rex will want her as an supporter. Kevin refuses to hear it.

Serena and Gail run into Danielle at the hospital. Serena asks if she knows her and Danielle says they met at the park. Serena explodes at her telling her that she hates and says she knows that she wants to take her from her daddy. Danielle is devastated and meets with Rex later and told him about her encounter with Serena. Rex is less than supportive and recalls his experiences in a mental hospital and says that he wants the money Serena will inherit.

Julie and Chris talk about the party and asks why he brought Eve. He tells her that she helped try to find her and thought it would be okay for her to come. Julie says that it wasn't and Chris leaves satisfied that he accomplished what he wanted. Eve enters and Julie tells her to leave Chris alone, he's too good for her.

Matt and Grace are having a quiet dinner together and Grace is surprised that he wasn't with Ellen, and he told her that she didn't want to pursue a relationship.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

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Wednesday, November 19, 1997

by Soap Central

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Lucy visits Scott with more insight to her plan of "pretending" to break up with Kevin to get near Rex. She wants Scott to wire her so Kevin will know its a good idea. Scott told her it would never work because they don't make wire small enough to hide under her outfits. She tries to convince him and Scott sends her off with Jimmy (a bodyguard) to look at ideas.

Danielle, alone in her room, begins to remember back when she kidnapped Serena and flashbacks of reading to her and the confrontation they had at the hospital. She returns to reality and begins to pack her suitcase. Rex knocks and she hides the bag under the bed and hides what she was doing. After he leaves she finishes packing.

At the hospital, Grace invites Matt to her house for her vegetarian lasagna, he accepts happily. Ellen overhears and grows angry.

Julie is dreaming and dreams that she is with Cooper and her mother is on his operating table. She looks at her and he turns into her father and her mother turns into Eve. She awakes screaming and Frank runs to her side. Her mother calls and informs her that she is planning to stay in Port Charles for awhile. They plan to meet for lunch.

At Scott's, Danielle shows up. Scott can't believe it and allows her in. She confesses to him that she and Rex kidnapped Serena and that they planned to set him up. She told him that Rex told her that Scott was an unfit father and Serena needed to be rescued. She said she quickly found out that Rex was the sick one. She told him that she is fearful not just for her, but also for Jake. Rex threatened both of them and that was why she continued to help him. Scott promises to protect Jake and then calls the police and told them he has a confession.

At the hospital, Julie is on a phone call with Frank and Ellen enters and begins yelling at her and Julie yells back. Grace overhears and tries to calm the two, Ellen yells back that, "if I needed your assistance or a recipe for vegetarian lasagna, I will ask for it!" Grace walks away and Ellen turns to see Matt staring at her. Julie's parents both end up at the hospital and Bennett finds out that Nicole will be in town for awhile and says that he will make things better again.

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Thursday, November 20, 1997

by Soap Central

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Lucy arrives at Scott's to find out why Danielle has to say. Danielle fills them in on how Rex threatened both her and Jake to get them to continue to help him.

Rex visits Jake to see if Danielle is there and Jake told him that he is glad that Danielle finally got guts to leave him and do what's right.

While at Scott's, Danielle receives a phone call from who she thought was Jake, but it was Rex. He told her that Conklin, the FBI agent, is working for him and that she better not say anything. Freaked, she runs out the back door. Scott and Lucy notice that she has been gone for a long period of time and while Lucy lets Conklin in, Scott checks on Danielle, and he notices that she ran out the back door.

At the hospital, Julie is talking with Bennett about the relationship with her mother. Julie told him that the two of them are driving her crazy because she is in the middle. She also told him that its his fault that things are like this. He assures her that he will make things better between he and Nicole. Meanwhile, Karen discusses with Joe her concern that Lark, gave her wrong information when Frank brought her in for treatment.

At the restaurant, Kevin and Ellen meet for lunch and she fills him in on her lashing out at her colleagues because she let her personal life interfere with her private life. He told her that to keep the two separate is a mistake. At another table, Nicole and Bennett are having lunch and discussing their future. He begs her to let him try to make her happy again. She (as Julie enters and listens behind them) informs Bennett that she is filing for divorce. Frank notices that Lark works at the restaurant and they talk and he discovers that she has alcohol on her breath.

Back at the hospital, the ER prepares for an emergency car accident to arrive. As it arrives, Matt notices that its Danielle.

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Friday, November 21, 1997

by Soap Central

Today's summary was written by Marna M. Clowney

Eve and Chris are having lunch together and discussing their plans for life after residency. Eve has to leave for the hospital and Chris remains at Mike's bar.

Julie and her parents are discussing the divorce plans and Nicole is very certain that she wants a divorce. Bennett tries to reason with her and says that when their son died they both tried to cope as best they could, Nicole interrupts saying that she never coped by sleeping with someone else and leaves the restaurant.

At Mike's bar, Nicole enters and Chris asks her to join him for a drink and lunch. She does and they have a good time together. They leave because Nicole does not want to run into anyone from the hospital, Chris takes her to another restaurant for coffee. They end up at Nicole's hotel and she invites him in for coffee. Instead of coffee, Chris finds white wine in the refrigerator and pours two glasses. Bennett then calls and inquires if Nicole is calm enough to be reasonable, Nicole yells at her and hangs up. She cries on Chris's shoulder and the two end up kissing passionately.

At the hospital, the crew attempts to get Danielle stabilized. Jake is beating himself up for not protecting her and begins to remember when he gave her the ring and told Karen that its his fault that shes there and he doesn't want her to only remember that the last words he said to her was that he hated her. Karen calls Scott and informs him what happened and Scott and Conklin rush to the hospital. Scott arrives and tries to get in to see Danielle to get a confession from her, and Jake won't hear it. He told Scott that he doesn't care for Danielle, only a confession from her. He refuses to allow Scott to see her. Rex arrives later and asks to see Danielle. Jake yells at him saying that its his fault that she was hurt and will not allow him to see her. Karen runs in and told Jake that Danielle is asking for him. Jake runs to her side and told her that he loves her and will always be there for her. She told him that she loves him too. Ellen and the crew wheel her into surgery.

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