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Port Charles Recaps: The week of December 29, 1997 on PC
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Monday, December 29, 1997

Lucy poured on the sex appeal as she "allowed" Rex to convince her of the need to come down hard on Scott's drug use when she testified at his trial. Kevin was concerned that Lucy was using her sexuality as bait to trap Rex, but Lucy's dismissed Kevin's warnings. Later, however, Lucy became jealous when she saw a woman flirting with Kevin at the Port Charles Grill and Lucy "accidentally" dumped a tray of food on the woman. Lucy and Kevin argued about her behavior when they found themselves alone together in the elevator and their anger gave way to passion. Scott told Gail that he thought Dominique's dream appearance was meant to be a warning about either Serena or Lucy. Later, Scott received another visit from Dominique, who wanted to take Scott on a special journey. Eve found herself attracted to Chris, who changed his mind and wanted Eve to stay in the apartment. Eve, however, reluctantly told Chris that her moving out was for the best. Joe and Karen faced a series of mishaps as they arrived at the cabin in the woods. Joe and Karen seemed poised to consummate their relationship, but Karen fell asleep instead.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

Dominique took Scott on a dream journey of his life. Their trip examined Scott's past, present, and future, and his lingering problem with letting love into his life. Scott's soul-searching journey made him realize that the future looked bleak for everyone in his life, unless he made some changes. Frank and Julie's evening together was interrupted by a call from Mario, who wanted Frank to know that Lark had been sneaking back into the restaurant after closing business hours to sleep there. Later, Lark told Frank and Julie that her mother was out of town and that her mother had forgot to give Lark a key to their house. Frank and Julie didn't believe Lark's story, but they didn't press the issue for fear of scaring Lark off. Frank and Julie then took Lark back home with them and let her spend the night in Eve's old room.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, December 31, 1997

In light of his dream journey with Dominique, Scott became determined to open his life to people and decided to throw a New Year's Eve party. As midnight struck at Scott's party, Grace kissed Jake, and Matt kissed a surprised Ellen. Scott and Eve then shared an electric kiss as Dominique's spirit looked on approvingly. Meanwhile, Rex invited Lucy to Mario's to ring in the new year. While at Mario's, Lucy invited Rex back to her hotel room and was unaware that Kevin was hiding in her room waiting to surprise her. Later, outside her hotel room, Lucy allowed Rex to kiss her as Kevin waited for Lucy inside. At the cabin, Joe and Karen's clothes were soaked and they sat huddled around the fire wrapped in blankets. Lovemaking seemed imminent between Joe and Karen, until Joe realized that he hadn't brought along any protection. Lark was no where to be found after spending the night at the Scanlon home. Frank, however, finally met Lark's mother and she verified Lark's story. Later, Frank and Julie realized that they both wanted the same kind of relationship and they made love.

Thursday, January 1, 1998

Due to the New Year's holiday, Port Charles did not air today.

Friday, January 2, 1998

Kevin hid in the bathroom of Lucy's hotel room when Rex returned with Lucy after their New Year's Eve dinner. Before leaving Lucy's room, Rex secretly swiped a sample of Lucy's herbal fertility pills. After Rex left, Kevin told Lucy that he thought she was getting too close to Rex. Lucy defended her actions and a genuine fight between her and Kevin ensued. Eve and Scott kissed again before she left his house. Dominique said goodbye to Scott and Serena and promised that she would always be with them. Before going, however, Dominique told Scott again that he must let new love into his life. Both Frank and Julie were amazed and happy that they had made love. Eve saw Julie exiting Frank's room in the middle of the night and Eve realized that Frank and Julie had slept together.

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