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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on PC
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Monday, August 10, 1998

Garcia finds a voice disguising device at the Scanlon's and confronts Julie with it. She is the only one home, but she proclaims her innocence. Garcia arrests her and bring her to the PCPD station. Garcia calls Kevin and Victor and told them of the arrest. Kevin doesn't believe Julie is guilty and talks to her. She went into her usual tirade against Lark and claims Lark is the killer and is trying to frame her. Kevin then tries to talk to Lark who is very hostile towards him and ends the conversation by expressing her dislike and distrust of psychiatrists - Kevin looks thoughtful.

Lucy explains to Ellen that she was expecting Eve and wonders why Ellen is having a tryst with Kevin. Ellen angrily explains that she was there to meet Matt and the note was accidentally put in Eve's box. Ellen calls Matt and he explains about the flash floods making the roads dangerous. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to leave, but her car won't start. Ellen, who has cleaned herself up, lends Lucy her flannel nightshirt (which Lucy picks on) to sleep in and they prepare to share the bed. But since Lucy had used the nightshirt to wipe her hands with - it smells like fish guts and Ellen makes her sleep on the floor. The next morning, they find out that the bridge has been washed out by the rain and that they won't be able to leave.

Frank brought pictures of Lark, Victor, Chris, and Julie to the copy shop and asked the clerk if he recognized any of them. (In a nice bit of realism, the pictures are all different types instead of looking like they were all taken at the same time). The clerk looks through them and told Frank that all four had been customers at the shop.

Tuesday, August 11

Kevin dreams that he is attacked by Lark with a kitchen knife. He wakes up in a cold sweat and leaves for the hospital. At GH, Kevin and Gail talk about Julie's arrest and how she doesn't fit the profile of a serial killer. They discuss Lark and her unstable home environment. Kevin mentions how defensive Lark got when he went to visit her at the Scanlon house. Lark stumbles upon them and Gail asks why she hasn't taken her up on her offer of free counseling. Lark flips out, yelling that she doesn't need counseling and that everyone should leave her alone.

Later, after Frank has repeatedly tried to get Garcia to release Julie for lack of evidence, he calls police headquarters. I found something that will clear Julie, he says. I searched through Lark's hospital locker and found something you need to see. It's a receipt with Lark's name on it--for a voice activator.

At the cabin, Lucy and Ellen argue about many things, including the fact that they have no food except for Ellen's trail mix, or "deer food" as Lucy called it. Lucy remembers that she packed food in her car and went out to get it. She runs back in screaming, clutching a bag of marshmallows. Ellen asks her what the heck is going on and Lucy told her that a bear is outside. The bear attempts to come inside so Lucy and Ellen run and hide in the closet. Ellen can't figure out why the bear tries to get into the closet until she sees that Lucy has brought the marshmallows in with her. Eventually the bear leaves and they venture out of the closet, only to find the cabin completely torn to shreds--including Lucy's cell phone and Ellen's nightshirt that smells like fish guts. Ellen freaks out and says that she's had enough. She packs a bag and sets out to get help. While Lucy is roasting marshmallow at the fire, Ellen wearily sits down on a wooden deck. All of a sudden the deck collapses and Ellen falls into a well. She screams for someone to help her, but no one is around. She realizes that the well is slowly filling with water.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning.

Lucy finally hears Ellen's cries for help. Reluctantly Lucy went into the woods to find the source of the cries and discovers Ellen trapped in a well. The water is rising and Ellen's feet are going numb. Lucy went back to the cabin where she finds a rope and flashlight. By the time she gets back to the well the water is up to Ellen's waist. Lucy tries to pull Ellen out of the well but the rope breaks. Ellen told Lucy that hypothermia has set in and it's only going to get worse. Lucy tries to keep Ellen awake with riddles, to keep her mind sharp. Ellen is drifting to sleep but Lucy told her she won't let anything happen to her. Ellen told her something has already happened. The water is to her shoulders; she says she will drown. Ellen then falls asleep.

Scott and Serena arrive home from their fishing trip in Canada. Karen greets them and asks Serena if she enjoyed the trip. Serena complains that she is the only one who didn't catch a fish. When she is out of the room Karen warns Scott that Serena is headed for a major depression. She suggests that Scott talk to a therapist. He told her that he has talked to many but he doesn't need anyone telling him how to raise his own child. After a heated discussion Scott told Karen to sit down and tell him how things are at the hospital. She told him the police have arrested Julie for the murders. Later Karen told Scott that Joe asked her to marry him and she has accepted. He asks her if she is happy and she told him that she is truly very happy. Serena comes to the top of the stairs and becomes very angry when Karen asks her to come down the stairs on her own. She throws her stuffed animal over the railing and yells at Karen for treating her like a baby. She becomes very angry and Scott went to her. She told him she isn't a baby and she wishes everyone would quit treating her like one just because she is blind. He hugs her and she told him she hates being blind.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Lucy tied all the sheets she could find at the cabin together and lowed the makeshift rope down to Ellen, but it was still too short. Lucy then tied her expensive wrap onto the sheets and managed to reach Ellen. Using the well's crank, Lucy was finally able to get Ellen out of the well. Lucy helped Ellen back to the cabin, but Ellen was suffering from hypothermia. Lucy realized she had to do something and she went off alone to get help. Meanwhile, Matt told Kevin about Lucy and Ellen ending up at the cabin together and said he was worried that he hadn't been able to reach Ellen. Kevin then became concerned when he tried to call Lucy and learned that her cell phone had been disconnected. After calling the state police, Kevin and Matt headed to Pleasure Point. Frank confronted Lark with the receipt he had found in her locker for the voice activator. Lark denied any knowledge of the receipt and was hurt that Frank was taking Julie's word over hers. Frank and Lark then went to talk to Garcia and Frank admitted that someone could have set up both Julie and Lark. Frank was reunited with Julie and told her he might have found evidence that could free her. Later, Frank and Garcia questioned the owner of the store where the voice activator had been purchased. Garcia showed the store owner a photo of Lark, but he didn't recognize her. The store owner then said that the voice activator had been purchased by a bag lady who was wearing a red shawl.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning

On her way down the mountain to get help for Ellen, Lucy's car gets stuck in the mud. With a tree also blocking the road, Lucy grabs her bag of marshmallows and sets off walking down the mountain.

Frank visits Julie at the police station. He told her Garcia tracked down the homeless woman who bought the voice activator. The woman claims she bought it for someone else but told Garcia she had never seen either Julie or Lark when he showed her their pictures. Frank told Julie of his plan to find the woman and try to get her to talk to him. He has a description of her: mid 40s ,brown hair, she always wears a grungy red shawl.

Meanwhile, the homeless woman shows up at the hospital demanding more money from Lark. Lark gives her $40 and told her if she keeps her end of the deal by buying some new clothes she will give her more money. We learn that this homeless woman is Lark's mother when Lark calls her "mom" during the conversation.

Lucy comes to a fork in the road and is uncertain which way to go. She talks to Kevin, even though he isn't there. She told him no matter how much distance is between them he could always sense when she needed him. She told him she needs him to help her now.

Matt and Kevin are in their car on the road to Pleasure Point. Kevin tells Matt he has a sick feeling about Lucy, that something is wrong and every time he has felt that way he's been right. Matt assures Kevin they will get there but first the ranger has to let them through the road block. The ranger returned and told them the bridge to Pleasure Point is washed out and the other road buried under 2 feet of mud. The ranger refuses to let Kevin walk up the hill. Kevin becomes very angry when the ranger told him he won't send someone up the hill to check on Ellen and Lucy.

Matt and Kevin, having convinced the ranger to bring them up the mountain in a helicopter, find Ellen in the cabin. Delirious, Ellen tells Kevin Lucy is gone...gone. Kevin went in search of Lucy. Having called every shelter in town Frank finds the one where the homeless woman is staying. He brought Lark's mother to the hospital and confronts Lark. He told her it didn't take him long to remember who she was. He then asks Lark why she didn't tell him her mother was out of the hospital.

Back at the cabin, Ellen finally recognizes Matt. He told her that her body temperature is 97 degrees and rising. She told him she fell in the well and Lucy saved her life. Kevin bursts back in and told him he couldn't find Lucy.

Lucy, having just escaped a bear, is lost even deeper in the woods. She vows to get Ellen help and not to let her die.

Julie pleads not guilty at the arraignment. After Lee gives a very compelling argument for bail the judge denies it anyway.

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