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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on PC
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Monday, August 24, 1998

Lucy tearfully tries to get Scott to let her see Serena, but he is unmoved. Lucy leaves in tears. Inside Serena comes out with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. She spilled a little milk, but is clearly proud she was able to do it. Just then she trips and angrily told Scott she knew she couldn't do it. Scott told her everybody trips sometimes. She's mad - everyone treats her different. The man at the store TALKED REAL LOUD LIKE SHE COULDN'T HEAR, they wanted her to talk in group and she didn't want to, her friends (except Neil) don't call. Scott talks about reading to her when she was little and he has one he wants to read: "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day". They finish the book and Serena is in better spirits. She says she's tired and wants to take a nap. She says "Daddy, would you" and Scott puts his hands out to lift her, "hand me my cane?" Scott hands it to her and she counts her way up the stairs while Scott says himself that tomorrow will be a very good day.

Lucy complains to Ellen about being the town pariah, except Luke who's leaving, and Ellen who has to be on her side because her life was saved. Lucy says some things that probably would have made Kevin happy - she realizes since Kevin and Scott are good people and are mad - she must be a rotten person. She's done rotten things to people a lot, especially before Dominique. Ellen told her she must have good in her - she's done good things too. She explains that no one is their best OR worst days. Ellen lost her first patient due to an allergic reaction, and she felt guilty about it - even though everyone said it wasn't her fault. Lucy leaves to visit Dominique's grave. She talks to her about what she did and how sorry she is for hurting Serena and not living up to the person Dom knew she could be. She admits that she was jealous and afraid that Serena wouldn't love her as much if Eve was in the picture. She admits it was wrong and it cost her everything. She realizes she needs to live her life so she can be proud of herself.

Kevin comes upon Eve eating alone. She told him that Chris stood her up for an angry appendix and invites him to join her. She realizes that she is not his favorite person after she ruined his wedding and she'd like to make amends. He sits down but is obviously distracted. They talk about Lark's mom and Cooper at the sanitarium. He asks if she can keep a secret - his father's life might depend on it. She agrees and he told her about Victor checking in to the hospital. They discuss that it sounds like a Lucy idea and Kevin admits that Lucy and Victor are more alike than he cares to admit. Eve offers to pose as an orderly at the hospital, Kevin nixes the idea. She asks if Kevin forgives her - he didn't like the way she did what she did, and they'll have to agree that friends don't always see eye-to-eye. She asks if he'd like to take a walk instead of going back to the lighthouse. He admits that it's quiet without Lucy and Victor there, and the silence makes him ask questions he doesn't have the answers for.

Tuesday, August 25

Victor calls Kevin from the mental ward to update him on his progress. While they are on the phone, Cooper gets wheeled in. Victor hangs up and tries to establish contact with Cooper by acting like a nut. Later, Kevin visits Victor and brought listening devices for both Cooper's and Suzanne's rooms. As they are hiding the bug in Suzanne's room, she walks in on them and immediately recognizes Kevin. Victor and Kevin make excuses for being in her room and take off.

Frank finds Lark at the courthouse for the beginning of Julie's trial. He told her that she can't be there because Lee plans to name Lark as the real killer. Julie comes in and she and Lark argue. Lark takes off, but Frank stops her and convinces her to go with him to see Suzanne. The trial begins with opening statements from both the prosecution and defense.

At the mental ward, Frank and Lark find Suzanne, who says she remembers that someone tall approached her to buy the voice activator--and it certainly wasn't Lark. She can remember the shadow of the person, but can't see their face. Frank calls Garcia about Suzanne's recollection. After Frank leaves, Suzanne asks Lark if she did okay. You did just fine, Lark says.

Later, Frank runs into the room after hearing Lark scream. Garcia, Kevin and Victor are right behind him. They find Lark standing over her mother, who is lying on the floor--dead.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning.

Garcia questions Lark about her mother's death. Kevin must then answer questions about his father's presence at the hospital. Kevin and Victor check the recording device they left in Lark's mother's room. When listening to the tape they hear Suzanne saying Lark is not the person who had her buy the voice activator. Later, someone wearing black leather gloves replaces Victor's medication with pills that look the same.

Courtney gives Karen advise on the wedding and they then discuss Mary, Joe's mother. Karen told her Mary didn't know Joe had given her his grandmother's ring. Courtney warns Karen to watch her back. She also says Mary is usually up to something.

Frank and Garcia argue over Lark. Garcia believes Lark had motive to kill her mother because she was going to testify for Julie. Frank told him Lark's mother remembered it wasn't Lark who asked her to purchase the voice activator.

Courtney asks Mary for crackers to give to Neil to settle his stomach. While Mary is away from the nurse's station, Karen puts a chart with a note to the nurse in charge, Mary, on the desk. Courtney removes the note from the chart.

Lark and Frank talk about her mom. Lark is very upset. Frank tries to ease her pain. They believe someone tried to frame her for her mother's death. They check to see if someone signed in using her name during the visit with Cooper.

Kevin gives the tape to Garcia. He told Garcia what is on the tape and also told him Victor is only undercover at the hospital. Kevin decides to bring Victor home.

Karen finds the chart still on the nurse's desk. She asks Mary, "who is the nurse on duty?" Mary says she is and asks if there is a problem. Karen says she left instructions for the patient to be prepped for surgery and he's still in his room. Mary says there wasn't a note and if it was so important she should speak with the nurse in charge instead of leaving a note. Joe pulls Mary aside after she told Karen, "this isn't a grade school. Passing notes doesn't cut it." He told Mary she owes Karen an apology. Mary says she isn't intimidated by any doctor in the hospital, including her hot shot resident son.

Frank and Lark discover someone did sign her name to the visitor's book. They agree it isn't her handwriting but don't know who's it is.

Kevin finds Victor and told him they are going home. Victor is incoherent because his medication was switched. Kevin becomes very worried.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Kevin was frantic to get Victor out of Concord Mental Hospital once he realized that Victor had truly relapsed back into his deluded state. The doctor, however, refused to release Victor and even began to question Kevin's sanity. Kevin's fears were slightly calmed when he learned that Susanne had suffered a heart attack and had died of natural causes. When Kevin insisted on staying with Victor, the doctor had Kevin physically removed from the hospital. Lucy told Ellen that she was going to turn over a new leaf and apologize to Eve for accusing her of being the killer. Lucy then paged Eve, who was basking in the glow of compliments from patients and colleagues. Lucy then watched as a nurse gave Eve a message from Scott saying that her play date with Serena had been set. Lucy made an excuse about why she had paged Eve and left without apologizing. Later, Lucy went to Chris and Eve's apartment with the intention of finally apologizing but ended up overhearing Chris and Eve say that their alibi for Bennett's murder was phony. Frank and Lark spoke to an orderly at the mental hospital and he said that he remembered a woman named Lark Madison coming to the hospital to visit Greg Cooper. The orderly didn't recognize Lark as being the woman and described someone who sounded an awful lot like Eve. Meanwhile, Garcia told Lee and Julie about Susanne's death and that Susanne had cleared Lark of buying the voice activator before she died. Later, Frank visited Julie and told her that he suspected Eve of being the person who was visiting Cooper. Frank and Julie then went over the facts and Julie wanted to base her defense on fingering Eve as the killer.

Friday, August 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning

Lucy told Scott that she overheard Eve and Chris discussing their phony alibi, but Scott didn't want to listen to anything Lucy had to say and slammed the door in her face. Lucy met with Garcia and told him about the phony alibi but Garcia thought that Lucy was just trying to get back at Eve for ruining her wedding. Lucy then went to see Lee and told him, Frank and Julie about Chris and Eve's phony alibi. Meanwhile, Eve went to the firehouse to visit Serena and brought her a new leotard. After some encouragement from Scott and Eve, Serena put on the leotard and began to dance around the living room. Scott called Serena's ballet teacher and Serena was thrilled to learn that she could go back to class. Scott and Eve shared a warm moment and were growing closer when Lee arrived. After Eve left, Lee told Scott that he knew he had lied to protect Eve. Lee told Scott that he was going to base Julie's defense on fingering Eve as the killer and demanded that Scott testify and tell the truth about Eve. Frank went to Chris's apartment and confronted him about his phony alibi. Chris and Frank threatened each other and ended up getting into a fist fight. Frank bashed Chris over the head with a lamp and Chris fell to the floor unconscious. A panicked Frank then trashed the room and took off.

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