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Monday, October 5, 1998

Today's episode is a sort-of-remake of The Wizard of Oz. The opening scene finds Lucy dressed up in a Dorothy costume carrying her version of Toto, her pet duck Sigmund. Lucy's house has just landed on the wicked hussy of the East. The little people played by Serena and fellow children are excited that Lucy killed the wicked hussy. The Good witch, played by Audrey appears. She is to reward Lucy with a pair of sparkling red stiletto pumps. At first Lucy did not want to accept the gift. The thought of wearing hand-me down shoes worn by a corpse did not appeal to her. However, when Audrey the good witch explained that these shoes would help her to snag the man of her dreams, Lucy jumped at the offer.

Through a haze of smoke appears the wicked hussy of the West, played by no other than the infamous Eve. Eve the hussy of the West appeared to confirm the death of her sister. She was very upset to learn that Lucy was responsible and that she was even wearing her dead sister's shoes. She immediately requested that Lucy give the shoes back or she would change her into a baboon. Lucy, in return threatened to drop a house on her if she did not sca-daddle away. Eve the hussy vanished into the thin air, but not before leaving the threat that she will be back!

Lucy really wants to return to Port Charles. Audrey the good witch has informed her, that only the Voodoo Doctor at Emerald Hospital can help her to get home. On Lucy's journey, she encounters three new friends. The first new friend is the Tin man played by Kevin. The Tin man is looking to mend his broken heart. The second new friend is the Scarecrow played by Scotty. He is looking for Stimulation for his superior brain. Victor plays the cowardly lion trying to get a date with a tigress of a nurse, played by Mary Scanlon. The happy foursome decides to travel together. As they linked arms and started their journey, the wicked hussy Eve appeared. Eve tries to intimidate Lucy into giving the slippers to her. Lucy responds by calling Eve a foul, gas breath harlot. Hussy Eve realizes that she has met her match, so she then tries to scare the lion. Lucy does not want her friend hurt, so she agrees to give Eve the pumps. As Eve bends over to get the shoes, the rhinestones in the shoes cut her. They all realize that the only death would remove the slippers.

The happy foursome continues their journey to Emerald Hospital. Along the way, they encounter a little old lady selling sleek, little, hussy dresses. Lucy wanted one to match her new shoes. Luckily, Lucy was the 100th customer, (or so the little old lady said), so her dress was free. When Lucy entered the dressing room, the little old lady turned into the hussy of the West. The dress was intended to suffocate Lucy. Kevin tries to break down the door with his ax to save Lucy. However it takes the arrival of good witch Audrey to rescue Lucy. Audrey then leads the happy foursome to Emerald Hospital.

At Emerald Hospital, Victor the lion has to sweet talk Mary the tigress in order to get the foursome in to see the Voodoo Doctor. Alan plays the Voodoo Doctor. Alan agrees to send Lucy back to Port Charles only after she has stolen the wicked hussy Eve's stethoscope. The foursome departs in search of hussy Eve's hide away. Out of no where, two monkey creatures played by Chris and Frank steal Sigmund.

Hussy Eve is waiting at her hide away with her two monkey friends for the foursome to find her. When the foursome arrives, Eve is drawn to Scotty the scarecrow. Those two are on the couch mingling with one another when Lucy trying to save her friend, pours a pitcher of water over Eve's head. Eve starts to melt, but not before she screamed, "Now you have the man of your dreams, the Scarecrow!" After hussy Eve vanished, the foursome headed back to Emerald Hospital with Sigmund and the stethoscope. Lucy realizes that Scotty the scarecrow is really her true love. Now is the time for Lucy to say goodbye to all of her new friends. When she says her farewells to Kevin, she hopes that they will always be friends. As she tries to say goodbye to the scarecrow, he grabs her in a passionate embrace. She clicks her heels three times during the kiss.

The real Lucy awakens from her dream. The first person she sees is Scotty begging her not to leave him like that again. They embrace... To read more, tune in tomorrow! Today's recap was provided by Meredeth Haley

Tuesday, October 6

Kevin and Victor board a plane for somewhere in Florida. Victor admits to being afraid of flying. Kevin tries to analyze his fears, asking Victor when he first remembered being afraid in the air. Victor told him it was the day he took Kevin away from his mother. Kevin accuses Victor of purposely leaving Ryan behind, but Victor reminds him that he was a single father who had just stolen one child away, and that it would've been impossible to go back for Ryan. Kevin and Victor both apologize for things said and done in the past and both realize that life is too short to hold grudges. Kevin admits to Victor that he still loves Lucy and will do anything to get her back.

Lucy wakes up from her dream in a daze. Scott tries to understand her muttering, but she's not making any sense. He finds some old period clothes for them to change into. Lucy is a bit modest about changing in front of Scott, but he reminds her that they've seen each other naked before. He agrees not to look, but they both manage to "accidentally" see each other in various states of undress.

Lucy tries to explain about her dream while in the "Wizard of Odd," but Scott downplays her reaction. She told him how he was the scarecrow and she was only allowed "home" after he kissed her. He starts to brush her off, but she keeps telling him how vivid and significant the dream felt. "Kinda crazy, huh?" Lucy asks. "I'm feeling kinda crazy now," Scott replies. They fall into a passionate embrace.

Wednesday, October 7, 1998

As the trial is about to resume, Julie and Eve meet up in the witness room and trade insults and threats. The bailiff escorts Julie to the courtroom, and Chris arrives to offer Eve some moral support. Eager to take the stand and tell her version of events, Eve told Ramsey she can't wait to tell the jury she had nothing to do with the murders. Chris points out that Lee's cross-examination could prove tricky if Lee is really out to cast suspicion on Eve.

In the courtroom, the D.A. announces that he has decided not to call Eve as a witness. When Miriam Yang, Eve's attorney attempts to have Eve released from custody, Lee objects, explaining that he plans to call Eve as a hostile witness. The judge agrees to keep Eve in custody until she testifies.

At General Hospital, Dr. London told Karen that Serena is in danger of losing her eyesight permanently if she doesn't undergo a second corneal transplant as soon as possible. Karen explains that their father is missing, and asks if they can't delay the surgery. London assures her it is absolutely imperative that Serena have the surgery the moment corneas become available. Later, at the firehouse, Karen told Serena that she is ready to have another surgery. At first, Serena refuses to have the surgery until Scott returns. Karen told Courtney that she is afraid Serena won't agree to have the surgery, and Courtney offers her some guidance, telling her to be completely honest with Serena. Karen explains the urgency of the situation and Serena agrees to have the surgery. A process server arrives with papers for Courtney notifying her that her ex-husband is suing for custody of Neil.

When Lark arrives in the witness room, Eve greets her amiably enough an tries to assure her that she has nothing to be afraid of. As Eve realizes that Lark is actually afraid of her, Miriam comes in and breaks the news to Eve that she will be held in custody until Lee calls her as a hostile witness. Faced with the prospect of spending more time in jail, Eve loses control and is escorted from the back to jail. Back in jail, Eve hears the news from Garcia that fibers found on her gloves match fibers from the rope used to kill Jake.

In court, Lark testifies that she falsely accused Julie of killing Devlin because she was jealous of her. Under cross-examination, she also testifies that she saw Eve backstage at the Nurses' Ball working on the stage riggings. She says that Eve told her she learned to handle ropes when she worked for a circus.

Thursday, October 8, 1998

Courtney told Karen that her ex-husband, John, is seeking custody of Neil to get revenge. Karen offers to help Courtney, but Courtney swears she'll take Neil underground before she'll let her ex-husband get near him. Karen inadvertently told Courtney that she called John when Neil was close to death, and Courtney comes unhinged. She explains that she and Neil have been running away from John and she blames Karen for tipping him off about their whereabouts.

At GH, Karen told Joe about the situation with Courtney, and Joe finds it odd that John has waited so long to seek custody. Courtney comes to the hospital to say goodbye to Joe before she takes Neil on the run again. Joe offers to help her fight for custody and talks her into staying. Karen arrives just in time to see Joe embracing Courtney.

In Florida, Scott and Lucy share a dinner of canned ravioli and a few tender moments in front of the fire. After dinner, Scott plays his harmonica a bit. When he notices that Lucy is shivering, he pulls a velvet drape down from the window and wraps it around her. He puts his arms around her, and the embrace turns into a passionate kiss. They hesitate for a moment, both confessing they aren't sure of what they are about to do, but their passion overwhelms them and Scott and Lucy make love.

Afterward, they talk about how weird it was to be transported emotionally back to a time when they were still together. Just after Lucy told Scott that a part of her wishes they would never have to leave, the storm breaks and they hear a helicopter landing outside. The rescue team flies them to safety at a local hotel. Scott asks for a phone, but finds out the lines are still down. Lucy asks Scott if they are still friends and seeks his assurance that their moment of passion won't lead to their becoming lovers again. Scott agrees, but told Lucy their liaison was better than he ever remembered. Because the hotel is expecting more evacuees, Scott and Lucy are forced to stay in the same room.

On the highway, Kevin and Victor drive through the storm to find Scott and Lucy. Along the way, they encounter a local man who happens to be a big fan of General Homicide. He offers to help them find Scott and Lucy, but their search is stopped dead by fallen utility poles and lines. Worried that Lucy may be in danger or even dead, Kevin and Victor arrive at the same hotel where Scott and Lucy are staying.

Friday, October 9, 1998

Scott and Lucy look for their hotel room, but have trouble finding it because the hotel painters haven't replaced the room numbers yet. The painter directs them to room 115. Moments after they enter their room, Kevin and Victor arrive looking for room 116.

The first thing Lucy tries to do is take a bath, but she discovers there is no soap in the room. She went across the hall and knocks, but Kevin has left the room for a moment, and Victor is wearing his headphones. She gets soap from the maid and returns to her room to take her bath. After her bath, Lucy sits wrapped in a towel on the bed, making Scott very uncomfortable. The maid arrives and takes all of Lucy's clothes to be laundered. Scott seems unconvincingly distressed about the prospect of spending the night with Lucy dressed only in a towel.

Victor tries to cheer Kevin up by ordering food and champagne, but Kevin is too worried about Lucy to relax.

Scott and Lucy pass some time playing Gin, both of them struck by the familiar feeling they have about being together again. Scott told Lucy he understands that she siphoned the gas from Eve's car only because she was suspicious and trying to protect Serena. Grateful for his forgiveness, Lucy embraces Scott, but before things get too close, he opts to take a shower. Just as he leaves the room, room service arrives with champagne, delivered to their room by mistake since the painter has mixed up the room numbers. Recognizing the mistake, room service leaves the champagne with Scott and Lucy, who toast each other as "true pals." In the hallway, Victor learns his champagne has been delivered to the wrong room and attempts to get it back. Kevin stops him before he can knock on Scott and Lucy's door.

Lucy told Scott she's been confused about their relationship and all the old feelings that keep resurfacing between them. They agree that Serena is the best thing that ever came out of their wild and crazy times together. Scott told Lucy he has been confused, too, but they still resist the idea of making love again.

Kevin paces nervously and told Victor he believes his break-up with Lucy was as much his fault as it was hers. He confesses that he was angry and upset when Scott came back into Lucy's life and he saw the intensity of the connection between them. Kevin admits he unloaded a lot of that anger on Lucy and thinks he was looking for a way out of the relationship because he couldn't let himself believe that Lucy would prefer her life with him to the one she had with Scott. Kevin told Victor that he still loves Lucy and hopes he has a chance to tell her.

As they finish their bottle of champagne, Scott and Lucy succumb to their mutual desires and kiss again.

The following morning, housekeeping delivers Lucy's laundry to Kevin's room. Just as Victor hands the clothing back to the maid, Kevin recognizes Lucy's shoes. He grabs the keys from the maid's hand and opens the door to Scott and Lucy's room. He finds Scott and Lucy in bed together

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