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Monday, January 4, 1999

In the opening scene, Joe and Courtney worry that they will not be rescued since no one knew that they were on the boat. Joe comes up with a plan to escape the Island. He wants to build a raft so that they can float away. At first, Courtney does not like the idea since neither Joe nor she knows anything about navigation. She is afraid of the sharks and the possibility of running out of fresh water before they would be rescued. When Joe brought up the possibility of never seeing Neal again if they do not at least try to get off the island, Courtney has a change of heart. Joe assigns her to rope making 101. Joe climbs a tree to get some branches. While he was up there he noticed that he could see the whole island from his present location. He realized that the island was shaped like a horseshoe. Later he came back with some upsetting news for Courtney. The barrels that Joe was planning to use for floatation were not seaworthy. Now they were back to the drawing board.

Mary and Victor are at the café in Greece. Mary refuses to believe that her son is dead. Victor tries to reassure her of the good possibility that Joe and Courtney are indeed alive and stranded on a small island. Victor regrets the fact that he has to make a choice between helping Mary and rescuing Kevin. He knows that the safety of his own son must come first, yet he still feels like he is abandoning Mary. Mary understood Victor's dilemma and decided that he must go to Kevin. Before Victor had to leave, he plotted the location of the island chain that Joe and Courtney might be. He suggested that she try the horseshoe island first. Mary decides that she is going to walk Victor to his waiting cab. They first share a passionate embrace. As they were walking out the door, Victor hurriedly pushed Mary back inside. Apparently, Victor has seen an age-old enemy who had left him for dead twenty years ago. Victor fears not that he has seen him and Mary together, Mary would not be safe in Greece alone. He decides to stay.

Lucy is outside of the Stanton house with Garcia, Scotty, Chris, and Frank. Cooper is on the phone trying to connect with Lucy on her cellular. He wants Lucy to exchange herself for Eve. Lucy is willing only if he sends Eve out first. Of course Cooper refuses, however he told Lucy that if she did not come in he would send Kevin out piece by piece. Scotty does not want Lucy to go. He adamantly refuses to allow her to enter. Garcia agrees with Scotty. He does not want to exchange one hostage for another. He sends for a Lucy look alike. He has plans to create tactical maneuver and shoot Cooper during the exchange of the look alike Lucy and Eve. Lucy has her own agenda. While the men are planning their next move, she sneaks away grabbing one of the officer's gun. She slides down the coal chute.

Inside the Stanton house, Cooper is still busy sealing Eve inside the wall. Kevin starts to regain consciousness and reaches for a poker near the fireplace. Unfortunately Julie prevents him from using it. Cooper has Julie change places with him. Julie starts to seal up the wall. Eve makes one last attempt to convince Julie that what she is doing is wrong. Her attempt was in vain. Julie laughs and says, "I do not even like you. I shot Frank and he was the only one in this town that I did like!" The conversation is cut short when Lucy enters the library trying to play heroine. Cooper takes the gun from her and informs her that he has had her on surveillance since she entered the house threw the coal chute. He did thank her for showing him a weakness in his defense. Lucy tries to be nonchalant and say that she came on his request, now he can let Eve go. He laughed at her naivete, since he had no plans of releasing Eve. Cooper wants Kevin to admit how brilliant he is. After all he did get both of Kevin's women in the same room and now he is going to seal both of them together in the room. Kevin refuses to admit anything to Cooper. Cooper snidely asks Kevin, "Which of your lady friends are you going to miss the most?"

Scotty and Garcia just realize that Lucy slipped away and is inside the house.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

In Greece, Gunther arrives with good news for Victor and Mary; he's arranged a diversion for Schatzie and has a truck waiting to take them away. In the back of the truck, Mary and Victor comfort each other and offer each other encouragement about the safety of their sons. When the truck comes to an unexpected stop, Victor tries to investigate and discovers they are locked in.

At the Stanton house, while Eve employs some skills she picked up from her time with the circus to wriggle out of her straight jacket, Chris suggests to Scott that they swap out some heavy object for his weight on the booby-trap. Scott finds a bag of mortar and they make the switch safely. Eve struggles out of her jacket and then frees Lucy, but their air supply is growing thin. Scott and Chris arrive just moments before the women lose consciousness.

Outside, realizing that Cooper must have escaped using an alternate route, Frank remembers stories he has heard about tunnels from the Underground Railroad on the property. He and Garcia take off to look for the tunnels, where Cooper and Julie are making their escape with Kevin in tow. In the tunnel, Kevin struggles with Greg, and the gun went off. Kevin falls to the ground, wounded. Just after Kevin comes to, Frank and Garcia arrive and learn which direction Cooper and Julie have gone. Kevin heads back upstairs to help Lucy and Eve.

After a futile attempt at breaking through the bricks, Scott decides to break through the paneling instead. Kevin arrives just as Scott breaks through and finds Eve and Lucy unconscious behind the wall.

After shooting Kevin, Cooper begins to lose it and turns his anger on Julie. He berates her and calls her an incompetent. When Frank and Garcia catch up to them, Cooper grabs Julie and holds the gun on her, threatening to kill her if Garcia doesn't drop his weapon. When Garcia refuses, Julie panics and begs Cooper to surrender. In anger, Cooper declares how happy he is not to be really related to Julie. He pushes her aside and tries to fire his gun, but it is out of ammunition. Frank tackles Cooper and holds him down until Garcia gets him into handcuffs. When Frank turns to Julie, she is obviously destroyed by the revelation that Cooper has lied to her about everything.

Paramedics arrive to give oxygen to Eve and Lucy. When Eve comes around, she asks first for Scott, then Kevin, but finds Chris at her side. He gets Kevin's attention and brought him to Eve's side. Kevin told Eve that Cooper and Julie have been apprehended.

Lucy also regains consciousness, asking for Kevin, but happy to find Scott at her side. When Scott takes Lucy in his arms, she sees that Kevin is embracing Eve.

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Fresh from his ordeal at the Stanton House, Frank stops at GH to talk with Karen. He returns the bottle of pain killers he stole from her medical bag and told her he didn't take any of them. She congratulates him on his will power, and he thanks her for helping him kick his addiction to DL-56. Frank told Karen he feels guilty about letting his addiction distract him from Julie's problems. He confesses that he has begun to realize that Julie is not blameless in the GH murders, but he still wants her to get all the help she needs. He also told Karen he believes Julie lied about being pregnant. Karen told Frank she is worried because she still hasn't heard from Joe. Fearing that Courtney is at the heart of Joe's troubles, Frank persuades Karen to call the Kanelos family in hopes of getting some news. Karen told Mrs. Kanelos that she is calling to check on Neil's medical status. She asks to talk to Neil, but Mrs. Kanelos won't allow it. Frustrated, Karen and Frank try to devise another way of finding out what has happened to Joe and Courtney.

Still trapped in the back of the medical supply truck, Victor told Mary he believes they've been hijacked by his enemy, Schatzie. His fears are realized when the truck begins to move again and Schatzie leers back at them through the panel that separates the cab from the back of the truck. Desperate to save themselves, Victor and Mary look around for a way to escape. When Mary jokingly suggests they release nitrous oxide, "laughing gas," into the cab so that Schatzie will laugh himself to death, Victor seizes on the idea and rigs the tank to send the gas into the cab. Shortly after the gas begins to take effect on the driver, the hose falls off the tank and begins filling the entire truck with nitrous oxide. Victor and Mary succumb to the gas and begin laughing uncontrollably. Schatzie stops the truck and comes to the back, holding a gun on Victor and Mary. When he challenges them to give him one good reason why he shouldn't shoot them, Mary brought up grandchildren and whips out a picture of Neil. Touched, Schatzie produces a picture of his own grandson, but he still isn't convinced that he shouldn't kill them. When Mary told him that Neil has been kidnapped by the Kanelos family, Schatzie confesses that Costas Kanelos is his greatest enemy and offers to help them get Neil back. He also told them that they cannot get the island where the Kanelos family lives because high sea warnings have shut down shipping in the area.

Unaware of the high sea warnings, Joe and Courtney continue their attempt to build a seaworthy raft. When Courtney finds a deflated plastic raft on the beach, Joe patches it and uses it to buoy up their makeshift craft. They gather up provisions and get ready to leave, but not before Courtney manages to stir up more memories of their romantic past. They come awfully close to an embrace, but Joe pulls away and suggests they get moving. Before they can set out, however, Courtney steps on a sea urchin and collapses in pain on the beach.

Friday, January 8, 1999

Eve confesses her true feelings for Kevin to Chris and resolves to share them with Kevin as well.

Serena cooks up a surprise belated Christmas celebration for Lucy and Scott, but Lucy has gone to the lighthouse to see Kevin. Scott tries to prepare Serena for the likelihood that Lucy will be moving out of the firehouse soon, but Serena insists that Lucy will stay with them. At the lighthouse, Kevin gets a message from Victor, who is staying in Greece to help Mary find Neil and Joe. Lucy arrives with flowers for Kevin, and they begin to talk about their relationship. Before they can get too far, however, a caterer arrives with a gourmet dinner for two. Assuming that Victor sent the meal, Kevin invites Lucy to stay for dinner, but Eve arrives a moment later, prepared to share a romantic evening with Kevin. Flustered at finding Lucy at the lighthouse, Eve makes excuses and beats a hasty retreat, so hasty that Kevin can't even catch her when he runs out a moment after her. Overwhelmed by the realization that they have both moved on, Lucy says a tearful goodbye to Kevin.

Lucy returns to the firehouse, delighted by Serena's surprise. She apologizes for being late and assures Serena--and Scott--that she wouldn't dream of being anywhere else in the world. When Serena told Lucy that Scott thinks she may want to move out, Lucy told Serena that no matter where she lives, the three of them will always be a family. At GH, Ellen informs Chris that the review board has set a date for his hearing and advises him to mount a good defense. Eve returned to the hospital and asks Chris to join her for an evening of "ice cream and sympathy." Before they can get to the elevator, however, Kevin arrives and asks Eve to come back to the lighthouse with him. Chris told Eve to go with Kevin.

After Serena went to bed, Scott told Lucy that she is free to go if she wants but he insists that he doesn't want her to leave. He confronts Lucy with her fevered confessions of love for Kevin. Lucy told Scott that she may have been thinking about Kevin when she was sick with the flu, but her last thoughts before she lost consciousness at the Stanton house were of how awful it would be never to see Scott and Serena again.

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