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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on PC
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Monday, February 22, 1999

Kevin and Eve
At the hospital, Eve does not remember anything after the avalanche. However, Kevin remembers telling Eve that he is falling in love with her. Kevin takes Eve to the apartment that she shares with Chris. Unfortunately for him, he could not persuade Eve to go back to the Lighthouse so Kevin takes his leave.

Chris questions Eve on her near dying experience. Eve can not remember anything at first, then she remembers a bizarre dream that included Scotty and Lucy. She closes her eyes to think about Kevin and she remembers Kevin telling her that he was falling in love with her.

Eve starts to question why Kevin did not mention this to her today. She wonders if maybe Kevin has changed her mind. Chris told her not to be so analytical. Kevin is probally wondering if she really did not remember or if she is pretending not to remember because the feeling is not reciprocated. Eve realizes that she needs to see Kevin immediately to clear this situation up.

Eve arrives at the Lighthouse only to find out that Kevin was not there. He went to see Lucy. She leaves very hurt.

Ellen and Lucy
Ellen arrives at the Firehouse furious with Lucy. She spent the snow storm with Sebastian DuPree - her Mardi Gras duc. Lucy explains that it was fate. Ellen argue that people determine their own destiny not fate. Lucy started one of her long irrational discussions on fate and finally had Ellen admit that fate is a possibility.

Ellen and Matt
When Ellen arrives at the hospital, Matt told her that an African American man stopped by earlier for her. Ellen responded that the mystery man was Sebastian DuPree- her mardi gras man. Matt wanted an explanation but was paged before she could give him one.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dupree arrives. He told Ellen that he knows that she is his mystery later. He told her that he has never stopped thinking about her. He then invites her to lunch. Ellen told him that she is involved. As on a cue, Matt appears. Ellen introduces the two. Sebastian asks to take the both of them out to lunch one evening.

Lucy and Kevin
Lucy is on the phone telling Scotty how much she missed him. They make plans for dinner. The door bell rings, Lucy hangs up. She opens the door to find Kevin standing there.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Frank's Bedroom
Courtney joins Frank as he listens to the bug at Chris's. Joe and Karen are at work, but Chris has just gotten home. Courtney gleefully informs Frank that she had no problem planting the bug with all the time she and Chris had alone during the blizzard. Unfortunately for Frank, the blizzard also damaged the walls of the house. She encourages him by telling him that they can just use some of the money they take from Chris to make the repairs. They both turn as they hear a knock at Chris's door through the listening device.

Chris's Apartment
Chris lets in the private investigator, who has a copy of Courtney's tax return. After hearing that she has less than five thousand dollars to her name, Chris instructs the PI to keep digging until Chris is sure about the money. Back in Frank's bedroom, he and Courtney snap at each other as they realize that their plan isn't working as well as they had thought.

The Firehouse
Lucy invites Kevin in and he explains what happened during the blizzard. He fills her in on the avalanche and Eve's close call, then resignedly says that things have changed for him and she needs to know about it. She asks if there's a problem, but he told her that it's just the opposite. When Eve was hurt he realized that he was falling in love with her and then he told Eve. Devastated, Lucy questions why he came over to tell her that. He didn't want her to hear it from someone else, he feels he owes her that much. When he asks if she's okay, Lucy fights back tears and responds that at first she thought he might have come to tell her that he and Eve were over. She knows they've been broken up for a long time, but she still feels like she just got kicked in the stomach. Kevin rationalizes that it wouldn't hurt if they hadn't loved each other so deeply. He says that they'll always care about each other and that he just wants her to be happy. Lucy admits that she wants him to be happy too and they hug tightly. As if on cue, Scott comes through the door and sees their tender moment. Kevin says goodbye and leaves Scott staring at an upset and crying Lucy.

Frank's Bedroom
Courtney and Frank nag at each other as they try to figure out what they can do to save their plan. Rumplestiltskin, Frank announces, Courtney will spin assets out of chocolate chip cookies!!

The Firehouse
Putting up a brave front, Lucy fills Scott in on Kevin's deepening relationship with Eve and how the were just hugging goodbye when he walked in. Scott isn't buying her everything is fine act and wonders why she can't move on when he, Kevin and Eve already have. She needs to make a decision and stop riding the fence. Lucy denies that she's doing that, she loves Scott! He pulls out a gift for her in a small box. She gets the gift when she is completely honest with herself and with him about how she really feels, he told her, and leaves the room. Later, wearing her romantic dress, Lucy informs Scott that he's the one, she's done riding the fence. She continues that when he kissed her in Florida she fell in love with him for the millionth time and she's ready for them to move on with their lives. Scott, deeply moved, kisses her passionately.

Chris's Apartment
Courtney arrives with chocolate chip cookies for Chris. She send him to the kitchen to get a glass of milk to go with them.

The Lighthouse
Kevin returns home and finds the Laser Tag game that Eve left for him. Victor fills him in on Eve's visit and his telling her that Kevin was with Lucy. Kevin races back out the door to find Eve.

Chris's Apartment
Courtney asks for Chris's financial advice, again insinuating that she has a big inheritance coming. Frank's eavesdropping is interrupted by a phone call from Julie's doctor who shocks Frank by telling that Julie wants to see him.

At the Hospital
Kevin surprises an off-duty-but-working Eve by finding her at the nurses station. He asks if she remembers anything more about the avalanche and she nervously admits that she does. She starts rambling that she won't hold him to it, but he interjects that he meant it. Overjoyed, she told him that she feels the same way.

The Firehouse
Scott hands Lucy the gift and she opens it to find a silver miniature of the mansion in Florida! He explains how he found it in a thrift store he wandered into when his car broke down and knew it was fate. Delighted, she notices an amber stone in the doorway of the tiny mansion. Scott lovingly told her that it represents the fire they had going the whole time they were there. Their happy moment is ruined by a phone call telling them that the sprinklers at the manufacturing plant had gone off and all of Lucy's dresses were ruined!

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Julee Jaquays

Eve and Kevin talk. Victor gives himself and Mary accordions for an engagement present. They show up at the Lighthouse. They serenade Eve and Kevin. Julie requests that Frank come and see her at Ferncliff. Ferrar the manufacturer of the Serena line calls Lucy to inform her that the dresses have been ruined by the sprinkler system going off. Ferrar calls the insurance company. Julie told Frank she is pregnant. Julie wants Frank to care of the baby. Frank sees the pillow Julie is using to hide the baby. Victor and Mary are upstairs playing their accordions while Eve and Kevin are yelling at each other to be heard. Eve and Kevin decide to get out of the house. Eve and Kevin try to decide what to do to get back at Victor and Mary. "Buy Tubas?" Off to Port Charles Hotel they go only to find that the only available room is the Honeymoon Suite. "We'll take it." Lucy feels that someone is out to get her. The insurance company informs them that they won't pay the claim, as it wasn't an accident. Lucy uses her crystal ball to see who might be out to get her. She sees a face in it that she doesn't recognize.

Thursday, February 25, 1999

After they get squared away in their new hotel room, Kevin notices that Eve is still uncomfortable. When she admits to him that being in a hotel room conjure bad memories of her past as a call girl, Kevin suggests that the time has come for her to replace those bad memories with some happy new ones. Eve proposes a toast to their future that ends in a passionate kiss. After they make love, Eve decides to order room service, but drops the menu on the floor. When Kevin reaches down to retrieve it, he bangs his head against the nightstand. While Kevin calls room service, Eve steps out to get some ice for Kevin's head and runs into D.V., a former client. When he asks if she wants to get together with him, Eve told him she is no longer in the business, but he walks away unconvinced.

Joe learns that the insurance company is refusing to honor their claim for the storm damage to their house because Frank sent the premium paymeny in late when he was kicking DL-56. The brothers exchange bitter words and Joe offers to buy the materials if Frank will do the labor to repair the damage. Frank resentfully accepts Joe's offer, and his resentment spurs him to step up the plans to destroy Chris and break up Karen and Joe. When Frank mentions to Courtney what a shame it is that his rich girlfriend went crazy, Courtney comes up with an idea to get control of Julie's money to finance their plan for revenge.

Friday, February 26, 1999

Frank and Courtney suffer several setbacks in their plan to break up Joe and Karen. First, Neil nearly catches them listening in on a conversation. Then they listen in horror as Joe discovers the bug that Frank has planted in the apartment. Finally, Frank learns from Lee that all of Julie's money has mysteriously vanished from her accounts.

When Kevin gets out of bed to take a shower, Eve answers the phone and is horrified to hear D.V.'s voice on the other end of the line. Despite her protests, he is adamant about seeing her. Later, when Kevin is called away on a consultation for Gail, D.V. drops by Eve's hotel room. He pushes past her in the doorway and oreders champagne. Eve explaisn to him once again that she is no longer in the "escort" business and told him she has a boyfriend. Just as D.V. is preparing to leave, Kevin strolls down the hotel hallway toward the door.

Sebastian shows up at Ellen's with a can of French market coffee and asks if he can come in for a cup. He is none to thrilled when Matt rolls into sight and invites him into the apartment. Over coffee, Matt and Sebastian engage in a verbal contest, each trying to prove to the other that he is the better man. After Sebastian leaves the apartment, he stops in the hallway, clutches his chest, and reaches into his coat pocket for a prescription bottle.

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