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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 29, 1999 on PC
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Monday, March 29, 1999

Courtney and Frank
Courtney withdraws $1,000 from Marsha Cooper's account at Port Charles National Bank. The teller admires Courtney's ring. Courtney explains that it is a family heirloom given to her by her fiancÚ.
     Courtney leaves the bank and returns to the Scanlon's house. There, Frank is very upset to see that Courtney wore the ring out of the house. He wanted Courtney to give the ring to him. Courtney refused saying the ring belongs to her. However she does agree to take the ring off. She places the ring in the top drawer of her dresser. Courtney receives a call from Chris asking her to meet him at the hospital.

Karen and Joe
Karen is upset thinking that Joe is having an affair with a red head. Joe arrives home. He starts to describe his day at the hospital and bends to kiss Karen on the lips. Karen turns her head. Karen does not give him a chance to ask what is wrong. She confronts Joe and asks him if he is having an affair.
     Joe thought that all of the doubt was taken care of this morning. Karen explains the phone calls and the investigation that did that afternoon. Joe adamantly denies having an affair. Karen told Joe that she wants to believe him but she is having problems doing that. It seems that all of her life she has been betrayed and hurt by those people that she loved and trusted the most. Karen wanted to explain what she has been going though. This afternoon, all of the wounds that she thought were healed all opened again. Starting with the alcoholic mother to Jagger's infidelity, the wound just got deeper. The culmination of her wound occurred when she entered the strip bar where the calls were coming from. It made her remember how she felt when she was stripping. All of the revulsion that she felt for herself overwhelmed her. She started to think that maybe Joe first became interested in her when she stripped for Cooper. Joe quickly took Karen in his arms and explained that he fell in love with Karen because of her strength, compassion and understanding. Karen grabs hold of Joe and they share a tender moment in each other's arms. Joe pulls away and looks into Karen's eyes. He told her that this is not over. Apparently somebody is deliberately trying to make him look bad.
     Karen and Joe discuss the possibilities of who could be trying to drive a wedge between the two of them. Karen suggests Courtney. She remembers the last time that she had her ring was when she was doing dishes at the Scanlon house. She had taken the ring off and placed it on the sink. Courtney had been in the kitchen several times to offer assistance. She could have easily pocketed the ring. At first, Joe did not think that Courtney would go that far because he knew that he would never become involved with her. Then Joe remembered when Courtney had told him of her undying love for him while they were trapped on the Island. Joe told Karen that they needed to have a talk with Courtney.

     Karen and Joe arrived at the Scanlon house to find it completely empty. They proceeded to Courtney's room. Frank did not feel right about searching her room. Karen interjected that they needed proof if they wanted to get the truth out of Courtney. They realized that otherwise, Courtney would just deny any wrong doings. Karen started to search the dresser while Joe was looking in the closet. Karen found her ring. Joe came over when he heard Karen call him. They both stared at the ring realizing that they now had the proof that they needed that Courtney was responsible for the magazines, sex calls, underwear, and the red headed woman.

Chris and Julie
Chris went to the sanitarium to visit Julie. The nurse explained to him that Julie was pretending to be pregnant. When Julie enters, Chris pretends to be concerned about Julie and happy about her pregnancy. He gives this whole concerned speech about how friends should always be there for one another. Of course Julie was not buying any of this but played along with Chris. Chris asked her if there was any thing that he could do to make it easier on her. He realized that she could get any thing money could buy but he just wanted to her to know that he was there for her. Julie asked him what he meant by that comment. He explained that he knew that financially she was independent because of the trust funds and the inheritance. Julie quickly denied having any money. All of her money was spent trying to help Cooper.
     Chris asked Julie if it was possible that while she was with Cooper that he might have transferred all of her funds to the name of Marsha Cooper. Julie vehemently denies the possibility. Chris leaves. Julie starts to talk to her unborn child. She told the baby that the man that was just there was Chris Ramsey and he was not to be trusted.

     Julie enters the hall and went to the pay phone. She calls her bank to acquire on her balance. She finds out that her account is now inactive that all of her funds have been transferred to Port Charles National Bank.

     Julie is visibly upset by this news. She envisions herself and her child living on the streets searching through trashcans for their next meal. She told her baby that they have to get out of here.

Courtney and Chris
Chris meets Courtney at the hospital. In his mind, he realizes how Courtney has gained her wealth by pretending to be Marsha Cooper. Chris greets Courtney and asks her to lunch at this really exclusive French Restaurant. She is delighted. He mentions that he has to stop by the bank on the way. She questions the closeness of his bank to the restaurant. As the elevator doors are beginning to close, Chris informs Courtney that he has changed his bank to Port Charles National Bank and proceeds to inform her of the quality customer service to be found there. As the doors close, you can see Courtney's visibly shaken face as she is trying to think her way out of this situation.

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Stressed out due to a three car accident and a chicken pox outbreak, Ellen pays Matt little attention when he attempts to make lunch plans with her. Matt gets frustrated and takes off while Ellen, not noticing he's left, continues to talk to him.

Scanlon House
Karen and Joe are waiting angrily in the living room for Courtney to return home but Frank arrives first. He feigns relief that they found the ring, then disbelief that Courtney had taken it. Joe suggests that she's probably also responsible for all the other stunts, to which Frank innocently asks what stunts.

Courtney stalls outside the bank, claiming that she was in there the other day and that they were rude to her. Because of that she threw a fit and said she'd never come back to the bank again. Pride is one of her faults, she teases, and hustles Chris to the door. Outside, she breathes a sigh of relief.

Ellen is finally caught up with her work when Sebastian arrives with her coat on his arm to invite her to so to an ice sculpture exhibit with him. She agrees, then tries to back out, but he convinces her to go.

Scanlon House
Karen and Joe describe all the strange things that have been happening to Frank, who pretends to be outraged. He suggests that Courtney has a fatal attraction for Joe and reminds them that he warned them about her.

Chris exits the bank and tries to convince Courtney to go inside, claiming that one of the tellers recognized her but called her a different name. She angrily responds that it is just another example of how rude they are. He pushes, saying his banker wants to apologize to her and help her open an account, but Courtney refuses. Her cell phone rings and Frank warns her that Karen and Joe have found the ring. Hanging up, she lies to Chris that the lab messed up Neil's lab tests. He offers to drive her to GH and she accepts.

The Ice Sculpture Exhibit
Ellen and Sebastian are between exhibits when Ellen mentions how sad it is that the sculptures won't last. He responds that it is important to appreciate the moment. He went on to wax poetic about her smile, then her hands, then her eyes. He told her that she has surpassed his memory of her, which no one else has done, and asks if her presence means that she wants to get to know him better, too. Withdrawing from his touch, Ellen replies that you can never have too many friends, and suggests they get back to the sculptures. Chatting away, they hold hands and return to the exhibit room(s).

Matt searches unsuccessfully for Ellen all over the hospital.
Ellen and Sebastian return to GH and are confronted by Matt, who angrily reminds her about the lunch she didn't hear him ask her to.
Chris calls the lab and discovers Courtney was lying about Neil's tests. Smiling, he warns aloud that her nose is going to start growing.

Scanlon House
Karen, Joe and Frank continue to discuss Courtney's actions. Frank asks if she could have misinterpreted any of Joe's actions in Greece. Joe doubts it but admits that it's possible. They debate kicking her out of the house when she arrives with Mary and announces happily that she has news. She found Karen's ring! Karen turns and glares at Joe while Frank smiles approvingly at Courtney.

Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Mary told Courtney she will put the heirloom ring back into the safe-deposit box to keep it safe and is happy Courtney "found" the ring. Pretending to be deeply hurt because of Karen and Joe snooping in her room, Courtney is revealed that Karen and Joe didn't catch her stealing her mother's ring. However, Karen and Joe both say that they're sorry and Courtney pretends to cry more when they tell her they thought she was planting the undies and the phone calls too. Lucy bumps into Kevin and explains that she is getting a loan to create more infomercials to clear up the rumor that DV started. Chris is very disappointed to hear that Eve likes staying at the lighthouse and Eve admits that she might be staying there for a while now. Ellen tries to make it up to Matt for forgetting about their lunch and going with Sebastian to the ice show. However, Matt is still disappointed in her. Lucy told Kevin that she thinks Eve knows more about DV than she is telling them. Eve gets mad at Kevin when he asks her more questions about DV.

Thursday, April 1, 1999

Julie interrupts Frank and urgently told him to come down to the mental home because her bank account is totally empty. Julie asks Frank how he is prepared for fatherhood money wise. Then Julie admits that Chris came to visit her earlier that week. Julie admits that she put some money away in for her baby but that money fund has been stolen. Julie wants Frank to help her track down her missing money. When Frank leaves, Julie knows Frank is lying through his teeth of everything he said. Frank suggests that Chris was behind this missing money trick and wants Chris to pay for the crime. Chris casually mentions his visit to Julie and says that his former colleague has no money and watches Courtney carefully for her reaction. Courtney tries to wiggle out of an another situation after Chris catches her in another big lie. When Courtney went over to withdraw Money from "Marica's" account, she is shocked to see every penny has been withdrawn already. Matt and Ellen kiss and they make up for the mix-up with Sebastian. Ellen has a dream that she is in bed with Sebastian and they are drinking wine in a very romantic scene.

Friday, April 2, 1999

Lucy relies on Fortunes to tell her what to do. She realizes that Eve holds all the answers since she was with DV in the past. When Eve returns home, Kevin says that she missed her. She told Kevin she wants to move out since she doesn't like the way things are going with the DV thing. However, Kevin convinces her to stay. Lucy and Scott talk and Lucy talks Scott into visiting Eve because Lucy told him Eve is the only way to find out more about DV. Scott and Lucy visit Kevin and Eve and they start to ask Eve various questions. Lucy says that in her "crystal ball" she saw something hazy and realized it was DV. When Eve finishes telling about DV, Lucy knows that there is something that Eve is not telling them and that it could help them much more. Eve denies there is anything more. Courtney is very upset when she finds out the money has been withdrawn. Frank "pretends" to be upset too and they both agree that Chris was behind this and that he is going to pay. However, Frank pulls out the money and told Courtney it was all an April fool joke and he had the money all along.

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