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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on PC
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Monday, May 10, 1999

Scotty and Victor

Under Victor's subtle suggestions, Scotty comes up with an idea to tap Bordecio's phone. He figures that Bordecio must make contact with his office.
Scotty and Victor set off the alarm at DV's business in order to get in to the office to bug the phone. Later, at the hotel, they eavesdropped as DV's secretary arranges for a courier to pick up a package for DV and take it up to the cabin in Lake Rains.
Scotty and Victor share a little heart to heart concerning Lucy. Victor admits that he now understands just how much Scotty loves Lucy. The two head off towards Lake Rains.

Frank, Joe, Courtney, and Karen

Frank arrives at Karen's apartment while she is still in the shower. Courtney calls. She is extremely upset because Joe found a pair of matches from the club that prank calls were coming from. The matches had fallen from her purse and Joe had retrieved them. He questioned her about it and she told Joe that they were Franks. Frank told Courtney to relax and he will take care of it. She wanted to meet to get stories straight, however he had other plans and they included consoling Karen.
At the Scanlon House, Joe questions Courtney about the matches. She innocently explained that she had never been in a strip club before. Joe thinks that maybe Frank is trying to set him up. He decides that he has to get things straightened out with Karen.
At Karen's apartment, Karen decides that she is going to go into work to try to get her mind off of everything. Frank refuses to let her go until he has fixed her breakfast. Frank told Karen that he will always be available to listen to her problems.
Karen and Frank have a heartfelt discussion regarding Joe's sexual addiction and her ability to ignore things that are starring her in the face. Joe knocks on the door. Karen opens the door and lets him in. He is a little shocked to see Frank there. He came straight out and asked Frank about the matches. Frank already had an excuse ready. He admitted to going to the club but only to snoop around. He wanted to try to find out what was going on. Joe reluctantly believes Frank. He again pleads his innocence to Karen. However, Karen was unable to forgive him because he could not admit that he had a problem.

Lake Rains

Lucy comes down the stairs and tries to lure DV back in bed. However, he has other ideas. He hands Lucy this sexy lilac colored dress and a motorcycle helmet and told her to get ready that he was taking her out.
The two arrived at a gaming club where it seems that everyone from the employees to the customers all new Evie White except for one. Jim Black was standing at one of the games. DV asked one of the employees who he was. Unfortunately, no one knew. He was introduced as Jim Black. Lucy thought that was interesting because her name was Evie White. She pointed out the coincidences to the man but he not very receptive to conversation.
Evie was on a winning streak. Mr. Black did not like losing so much money. He made a remark that insinuated that Lucy was cheating. DV immediately took offense. He made some serious fighting moves and knocked the man unconscious. DV and Lucy immediately left for the cabin.
At the cabin Lucy was excited. She claimed that she had never had such an exhilarating time. She convinced DV to get into the hot tub with her. DV told her he would be right there after he got the champagne. After Lucy walked away, DV says, "It is a terrible thing when someone steals the love of your life, isn't it Mr. Baldwin?".

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

Frank confronts Courtney about her latest betrayal. Joe and Karen break off their engagement but Joe insists he going to prove his innocence. Kevin calms a nervous Eve as they wait for her to be taken to surgery by giving her a stone with "together" carved into it to hold onto.

Frank threatens Courtney and demands that she continue with their plan to ruin Chris. Ellen guiltily accepts Sebastian's invitation to dinner, then is thrown when Matt asks her out for a movie that night. Chris takes Eve off to surgery and Karen talks about her and Joe's break-up with Kevin who advises her to keep and open mind about Joe's guilt.

Courtney attempts to prevent Joe from going to search for Janelle. Ellen breaks things off with Sebastian to be with Matt and he offers to move back to the hotel. Chris tenderly watches Eve, who is still unconscious, until Kevin arrives and thanks him for being there for her. After Chris leaves, Eve awakens and is happy to see Kevin at her bedside.

Courtney warns Frank about Joe's intentions and Frank takes off to beat his brother to Janelle. Sebastian collapses again before leaving GH and is checked out by Matt, Ellen, and Karen before being rushed to surgery.

Wednesday, May 12, 1999

DV planned another romantic adventure for himself and Lucy and took her ballooning. The afternoon almost turned deadly when Lucy leaned against the balloon door and it started to open. A quick-thinking DV saved Lucy's life and realized that he might be developing real feelings for her. Meanwhile, Scott began to suspect that Victor knew more about DV than he was letting on and confronted him. Victor was forced to reveal that DV may have been a double agent in Algeria. Scott and Victor arrived at DV's cabin and discovered Lucy's fake passport before they were forcibly removed by a guard. A tearful Ellen bid Sebastian farewell after he died on the operating table.

Thursday, May 13, 1999

Eve and Matt both attempted to comfort a heavyhearted Ellen about Sebastian's death. Joe confronted Janelle, the hooker, and believed he had convinced her to tell Karen that he never used her services. Meanwhile, Frank got to Janelle before she could spill the beans and paid her to keep up the charade. Karen was mortified when Janelle said that this was not the first time Joe had used her services. Victor and Scott barged into DV apartment and caught a glimpse of Lucy before DV whisked her out. DV decided that he and Lucy should leave the country after Lucy said that she thought she recognized Scott's voice.

Friday, May 14, 1999

Karen unleashed her anger at Joe and demanded that he stop lying and leave her alone. Karen turned to Gail for comfort and advice. Meanwhile, DV decided to whisk Lucy away to his private island after their close call with Scott and Victor. Scott and Victor showed up at DV's apartment minutes after Lucy and DV's departure. At the airport, Lucy started to remember some things from her past. When Lucy saw herself on TV, she suddenly remembered her true identity and was disgusted that she had actually slept with DV. Lucy blasted DV for lying to her and stormed off. Kevin joined Victor and Scott at the airport and the trio found DV, but they were unable to locate Lucy.

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