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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 24, 1999 on PC
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Monday, May 24, 1999

Lucy and Scott at the Firehouse
Lucy finds the ring. She holds the ring and stares unbelievably at Scott. Scott reaffirms his love for her. The two reminisce about the directions that their lives have taken since they first met. Scotty told her that he wants to grow old and cranky with her. Lucy asks him if he really means it because this means that they have come a full circle once again. She slowly holds out her hand to accept the ring. Serena and Karen cheer from the second floor landing. At Victor and Mary's Wedding

Eve is on the phone with Kevin. She is frantic because neither her nor Kevin no where Victor is. The only thing that they do know is that he is not at the church. Kevin asks Eve to stall for some time and not to let Mary know about Victor's absence.
    Lucy and Scotty arrive at the wedding. Lucy remarks that the church ruins was an excellent place to get married. Matt and Ellen arrive and join Lucy and Scott. Ellen notices the ring right away. Eve and Serena approach as Ellen is giving her congratulations. Eve, too, congratulates the happy couple. Lucy told everyone that she was not going to tell anyone till after the wedding. She does not want to take anything away from Mary and Victor's wedding.
    Mary is ready to walk down the aisle. Lark enters bearing wedding gifts. Mary told her that she is part of the family and she could not ask for a better granddaughter. Lark gives Mary a pair of antique looking blue gemmed earrings. Mary loves them.
    Eve enters the room. Mary asks Eve to check with Victor about their vows. Eve has to admit to Mary that Victor has not arrived yet. Mary is worried. She knows something must have happened to him. Victor would be unlikely to get pre-wedding jitters. In Jail
Victor has been arrested. He was accused of trying to steal a lady's purse at an antique show. Victor was trying to buy a very special pin. The pin was a replica of the one that Mary was given by her grandmother in which she had to sell many years ago. Victor tried to explain to the officer that this was all a mistake, but he refused to listen.
    Kevin decides to look for a clue to Victor's where about on Victor's computer. He finds the address of the antique show. Back at the wedding
Courtney is upset that this delay will hurt her chances of becoming a well known wedding coordinator. When she thought that things could get no worse, a cow wandered down the wedding aisle eating grass. At the jail
Kevin finds Victor. He cleared the mess up with the lady who had bought the pin. After he told the lady Victor's intent, the woman gladly sold the pin to Kevin. Victor was glad that his son was as much a romantic as he. The two hurried to the church.
    Back at the church, Victor arrived just in time. He explained to Mary that he was delayed trying to get something very special for her. He reached his arm through the door to avoid bad luck by seeing the bride on the wedding day. Mary took the pin. When she saw that it was exactly like the pin that she had to sell so long ago, she was in tears. Courtney comes along and rushes Victor to get into his tux. All is well again.

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

The wedding is finally under way!! Everyone makes it up the aisle without incident although Courtney makes a point of smirking directly at Karen as she walks by on Joe's arm. Mary and Victor read their vows, exchange rings, and kiss happily as the new Mr. and Mrs. Collins. At the reception Courtney asks Karen if she's having a good time, to which Karen responds that her bridesmaid's dress looks good on her. Courtney replies that she had to take it in but she's pleased with the way it looks. Scotty arrives to console Karen, telling her that she'll find what he's found with Lucy someday. Lucy gives Kevin the news about her engagement. He congratulates her, then Victor and Mary's first dance begins and they walk over to watch. Scott confronts Joe who blames the breakup on Karen for believing lies. As the discussion gets louder, Lucy intervenes and everyone watches as Kevin toasts the happy couple. Lucy catches Mary's bouquet after Courtney shoves Karen out of the way. Eve asks Karen if she's alright, having seen Courtney shove her, and Karen responds that she's had about enough of that woman. Approaching Courtney, Karen informs her that if the wedding coordinator thing doesn't work out she could have a career as a professional wrestler. She sweetly asks if Karen is having fun and Karen responds that she will be and shoves her into the fountain!!! (Go Karen!!!) Kevin and Eve walk around the now empty cemetery and discuss how many people must have been married, christened, and buried there. He looks at the sadness on Eve's face and announces that he now knows what he's going to write his next novel about!

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Chris reassured Eve that he would keep her secret regarding the baby she gave birth to long ago. Meanwhile, Frank encouraged Courtney to tell Lucy about Eve's secret in the hopes that it would be spread around Port Charles. A vicious Courtney took Frank's advice and "innocently" told Lucy that she got the information about Eve from Chris. Lucy told Scott about Eve's love child and said she believed that the child belonged to DV. Kevin visited Julie and warned her doctor that Julie might be plotting to escape from Ferncliff. Meanwhile, Chris enraged Julie when insisted on getting all the profits from the DL56 patent. Julie made Chris a counter offer, but he turned her down.

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Stenger.

After receiving the news that Eve had a baby, Lucy believes that the father is DV. Lucy wants to question Eve immediately, but Scott does not. He thinks that the baby issue has nothing to do with their problems with DV and should remain private. Scott tries to dissuade Lucy, but she is not convinced.

Meanwhile, Kevin is furiously working on his new novel at the lighthouse. He has decided to write a book about a mother's search for the little boy she gave away years ago. Eve enters, and she playfully tries to steal a glance over Kevin's shoulder as he writes. The two then discuss Kevin's motivations for the novel and its young male character. They also discuss Lucy and Scott's engagement, and each one expresses surprise that he/she felt nothing after hearing the news.

At the hospital, Chris receives papers declaring that Lance Pharmaceuticals is suing him over the DL-56 patent. They threaten to put a lean on his condo and garnish his wages. Chris seeks advice from Lee, the hospital's chief counsel, but he informs Chris that the hospital will support Lance any way it can. Chris then calls Julie, but she only offers him 10% of the patent profits. He initially refuses to accept this but ultimately realizes it's his best--and only--option for money. However, when he calls Julie to accept her terms, he is told that she's "unavailable." As it turns out, Julie has escaped from the mental institution and is hitchhiking her way back to Port Charles.

It takes a lot of doing, but Lucy convinces Scott that they must know the truth behind Eve and DV's relationship in order to expel him from their lives forever. The two go to the lighthouse, where Kevin and Eve are busy declaring their love and dressing for Scott's parents' anniversary party.

Lucy tries to get Eve to confess without asking her directly, but Eve refuses to divulge anything more. Finally, Lucy informs her (and Kevin) that she knows Eve has been pregnant and asks her point-blank if the child was DV's. She also wonders where the child is today. Aghast and sobbing, Eve admits that she once had a baby with DV, but she miscarried it. Eve then sinks into Kevin's arms.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Courtney made a date with Chris so she could temper his anger over Eve's secret becoming public knowledge. Eve blasted Lucy for drudging up the painful secret from her past about the loss of her child. Lucy and Scott tried to apologize, but Kevin asked them to leave. Eve then explained to Kevin the events that lead up to her pregnancy. Kevin did his best to comfort Eve. Gail and Lee were thrilled when Scott threw them a surprise party for their 20th wedding anniversary. DV put a damper on the celebration when he had Scott arrested for stealing his plane. Kevin paled at the news of Julie's escape from Ferncliff. Meanwhile, Chris brought Courtney back to his apartment and was shocked to find Julie waiting for him.

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