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Monday, June 14, 1999

Kevin and Victor
Kevin refuses to believe Victor's lies regarding his secret identity. Finally Victor admits that he uses an alias for his work with secret intelligence. He told Kevin that he has been working for the government since before Kevin was born. However, he can tell Kevin nothing more since it is confidential and if he told him he would have to kill him. (ha-ha)
Their conversation is cut short when Kevin receives a phone call from Julie's doctor. Apparently, Julie wants to see him immediately.

Kevin and Julie
Kevin visits Julie. Julie confides to Kevin that she has never been crazy. She admits that she let the police find her because she knew that she would never be free as long as she was on the run. Kevin agrees to help her as long as she is completely honest with him. Julie agrees to the terms, however she forewarned Kevin that the truth does not sound believable. Kevin asked to be the judge of that. Julie told Kevin that she does not believe that she committed the murders. Chris and Janelle
Janelle agrees to take care of the baby for one more week. Chris had to give her extra cash for that arrangement. Eve watches in the sideline and sees money changing hands.

Chris and Eve
Eve accuses Chris of black marketing babies. Chris told Eve that she is being ridiculous. He was just helping an insecure new mother who is facing hard times. Eve is not so convinced.

Frank, Karen, and Janelle
Karen is at the hospital. She is getting ready to end her shift. She calls Frank to make arrangements to retrieve her beeper that she left in his truck. The two carry on a sweet conversation outlining the fun that they had at the carnival.
After Frank hangs up the phone, he starts to straighten the house in expectation of Karen's arrival. The doorbell rings. When Frank opens the door, Janelle is standing there holding Frank's child, unbeknown to him. Janelle wants more money. Frank agrees to give her some money for helping him out of a jam. When Frank opens the door, Karen is standing there.
Karen sees red. She demands to know why Joe's prostitute was there and who's baby she was carrying. Janelle makes a hasty exit and Frank brought Karen inside of the house. Frank told Karen the she will not like the answer. Karen wants to hear everything. Frank told her that Janelle came to the house to get money from Joe to help take care of her sister's baby. Frank, being the kind of guy that he is, gave her some money for the sake of the child. Karen was afraid that the baby was Joe and Janelle's love child. Karen explains that seeing Janelle opened all of the wounds in her heart again. Of course this was a perfect opportunity for Frank to offer comfort and support. Frank and Karen both agree that they need to get on with their life. From outside, the two could hear Joe, Courtney and Neal singing "Row, Row, Row your boat" just like a happy family. They enter the house to see Karen and Frank sitting on the couch.

Frank explains that Janelle just came for a visit requesting more money from Joe. Joe again denies the allegations. Karen refuses to get in this argument again and leaves. Joe runs after her. Frank and Courtney hope that Janelle keeps her mouth shut. Joe returns empty handed. He gets into an argument with Frank. He states that he will find out who is setting him up and when he does they will be sorry.

Scotty, Lucy and DV
Scotty again asks DV what was between him and his mother. After a long antagonistic conversation, DV admits that Scotty's father, Lloyd Bennett was responsible for having DV sent to prison as a spy then stealing the woman that he loves. Since Lloyd Bennett is dead then Scotty must suffer the consequences of his father's actions.
Later, when Lucy and Scotty arrive at the firehouse, they notice a vase filled with lilac roses. In the vase was a note. It read, "History always repeats itself" Love DV. Scotty is furious however Lee knocking on the door interrupts him. Lee has a number for Lucy and Scotty to call about adopting a baby. Lucy is paged. She must leave to go to the hospital for a meeting for the Nurse's Ball.

At the hospital
Lucy runs into Kathy Bell. The two exchange their normal vicious pleasantries. Kathy went to leave but gets side tracked when she sees Eve angrily confronting Lucy. She eavesdrops in the hallway. Eve is furious that Lucy changed her dance partner from Chris to Mike without consulting her. Lucy adds a comment about Eve's secret pregnancy and Eve sees red. She told Lucy that she needs to keep her nose out of things that are none of her business. Lucy finally relents and agrees to put Eve and Chris back together again.
As Eve is walking down the hall, Kathy Bell confronts her. Kathy introduces herself and says that they have a mutual friend in Lucy Coe. Eve exclaims her hatred of the woman, and Kathy explains that they have something in common. The two continue down the hall, arms locked in one another in silent affirmation of the contempt that both of them feel for Ms. Coe. What mischief wills they be up to, well we will all have to wait for the Nurse's Ball to find out!

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Lucy arrives at the Firehouse with Nurse's Ball T-Shirts for Serena and Scott. When Serena went upstairs to try hers on, she and Scott discuss telling Serena about their plan to adopt that night at dinner. Remembering Courtney and Frank's lies, Chris calls her and invites her over to dinner. Hanging up the phone, he says it's the end of the line for Courtney. In jail, Kevin questions Julie as to who she's told about thinking she didn't commit the murders. She responds that he's the only one she's told because she knows he's the only one who could understand. Lucy, Scott and Serena have dinner at Kelly's and nervously ask Serena what she would think of their adopting a sibling for her. Chris confronts Courtney and shoots down her claims of lying to Eve out of jealousy. He informs her that he knows about the bug she planted, about her and Frank trying to dupe him in the park, and where she really got her money from. Floored, she doesn't argue when he told her to take him to the money. At the police station, Kevin gets permission from Mac to review the General Homicide files. At Kelly's Serena excitedly announces to Alan Quartermaine that they are adopting while Lucy and Scott look on in relief and pleasure. Courtney takes Chris to the hideout and he comments on the telescope, noting the troubles Karen and Joe have been having recently. He takes most of the money, leaving Courtney some to help her deal with Frank. Kevin listens to the tapes of Julie's confession and discusses her changed story with Mac. Courtney told Frank that she and Chris had a fight and won't be seeing each other anymore, but Frank suspects something is wrong with her story. Back at Kelly's Alan sits down with the happy group, congratulates them, and encourages them to pursue their plan to adopt. Chris meets Janelle outside Kelly's and gives her more money while promising to find another caretaker for the baby soon. Serena points out Christina to Lucy when Janelle enters Kelly's, and they admire the cute baby on their way out. Mac and Kevin attempt to figure out what Julie's new plan is while, in her room, Julie hugs a baby blanket and promises Christina she'll come for her as soon as she can.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Lucy was convinced that she and Scott would not get a baby after a social worker paid them a surprise visit on a particularly chaotic morning. While hypnotized, Julie flashed back to the murders and became convinced that she did not commit them. Julie then asked Kevin if he would look into getting her case reopened and her phone privileges restored. Neil and Courtney surprised a downbeat Joe with a special breakfast. Joe ran tests after Neil experienced some health problems.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kim Stenger.

At the hospital, Neil and his family await the results of his tests. When Joe returns, he tries to gloss over the results for Neil's benefit. However, the child sees right through it and asks his father for the truth. At this point, Joe admits that the tests indicate Neil's leukemia may have returned. He will have to miss the last weeks of school so as to undergo further testing. Mary takes Neil to get the good-luck charm she bought him in Alaska, and, once alone, Courtney and Joe discuss the full extent of the situation. Terrified of losing her son, Courtney sobs into Joe's arms.

Meanwhile, Frank went to the secret apartment to get money from his and Courtney's stash. To his dismay, the money is nowhere to be found. He tears up the apartment in anger, then he heads off to confront Courtney.

After returning from visiting Julie at Ferncliff, Kevin has a lot on his mind. He is upset, but his mood brightens once Eve joins him for lunch. She is frustrated after spending the morning with Lucy rehearsing for the Nurses Ball. The two discuss both Lucy and Julie.

Kevin told Eve that Julie believes she did not commit the General Homicide murders, and he has agreed to help her and keep an open mind. Along with Kevin and Eve, Lucy and Ellen enter the cafeteria. Lucy is upset about the disastrous social worker visit and stressed out about the Nurses Ball, so Ellen tries to calm her down. Eventually, the conversation turns to Eve. Lucy explains that Eve has a secret, and she (Lucy) played a prominent role in the secret being revealed to several people. Lucy claims that she feels horrible and has apologized to Eve repeatedly, but to no avail.

Kevin and Eve overhear all of this, and seem just about ready to forgive Lucy, when Lucy accidentally told Ellen the secret. They then storm over to Lucy's table, outraged at her indiscretion. Lucy again apologizes profusely, and Ellen promises never to tell anyone.

But, Kevin and Eve ream Lucy out anyway, calling her selfish and careless. As Lucy told herself once she is alone, Eve's words do not bother her much, but Kevin's hurt her deeply. In fact, it is he who strikes the final and most painful blow by questioning whether or not Lucy still has a conscience.

Back at the Scanlon house, Courtney, Joe, and Neil eat lunch. Neil is upset at the idea of having to endure chemotherapy and losing his hair again, but Joe advises him not to worry until they have some definite answers. Frank comes home just then, visibly angry. He asks to speak with Courtney alone, but she quietly informs him of her son's condition and told him that he will have to wait. After Joe and Neil leave to work on their model airplanes, Frank corners her, told her about the missing money, and accuses her of stealing it. Courtney angrily denies his claim, placing the blame on Julie. However, Frank does not seem totally convinced. Another conversation about Julie is occurring at the hospital. This one is between Kevin and Lee Baldwin, Julie's lawyer. Julie has told Kevin she wants to reestablish contact with her old friends, so Kevin wants Lee to get her phone privileges reinstated. The two discuss whether or not to trust Julie, but, in the end, Lee agrees to see what he can do.

Lucy continues her bad day when she gets on the same elevator as Eve and Katherine (from GH). The two women infuriate Lucy by endlessly complimenting each other. The elevator fills up with more and more people, jamming Lucy directly between Katherine and Eve. A freaked-out Lucy flees the elevator at its next stop. Katherine and Eve giggle at the success of their torture tactics, and they anxiously anticipate the climax of their plan at the Nurses Ball tomorrow night.

Friday, June 18, 1999

As Port Charles readied for the Nurses Ball, Julie had a disturbing nightmare about Christina and considered telling Kevin about her baby. Meanwhile, Janell arrived at Chris' apartment and told him that she could no longer take care of Christina. Janell decided to take matters into her own hands after Chris was unsympathetic to her situation. Kevin paid a visit to Julie and told her that her phone privileges had been restored. Scott, Eve and Kevin had a tense confrontation with DV. Chris received a frantic phone call from Julie, who insisted that Christina was in danger. Lucy and Scott were overjoyed to learn that they were approved as adoptive parents.

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