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Monday, December 13, 1999

Nighttime - Scott asks Lucy why she wasn't in bed. She says she couldn't sleep and went down to finish wrapping. She fell asleep and dreamed. He asks if it was about Felicia (Lucy's friend - missing on General Hospital), she says no and told him about the Julie as Godmother dream. He doubts it meant anything, but she thinks it does and will figure it out. They recap the Cooper/Julie saga, and Lucy tries to compare her/DV to Julie/Cooper. The phone rings (see below) and Scott gets ready to leave. Lucy says she'll go with, but unsoaplike, Scott says someone has to stay with the kids. Scott leaves.

At the hospital, Frank waits for Joe to finish a phone call and flashes back to his argument with Courtney. Joe hangs up and Frank told him again that he has something to tell him. They are interrupted by another phone call.

Off the road, Karen tries to help the person in the car she saw go off the road. She opens the car door and realizes that it's Courtney. Her cell phone works and she calls for help, giving Courtney's apparent condition. Courtney comes to and worries about the baby - she hurts all over. Karen told her not to worry, she's going to call Joe. She told Joe the situation and he told Frank. Oddly, Joe told him Karen is all right - Frank has to ask about Courtney. Joe calls Scott to tell him about Karen. Karen and Courtney arrive, Courtney is taken off in pain. Karen told Joe about the accident, Frank went with Courtney. She asks about Neil (who's home with Lark) and if Frank told Joe. Frank assures her he hasn't and told her not to worry about him telling. Courtney is taken for a sonogram. Later, Frank accuses Karen of being happy about the possibility of Courtney losing the baby. She denies it and Scott (who has arrived at the hospital) sends him away.

At the firehouse, Charlene comes down and Lucy told her about the accident. Charlene says she knows "crash" is a hard word for Lucy. Lucy talks about her ex-stepdaughter BJ dying in a school bus accident. Charlene says she misses her too. They discuss Lucy's love of kids and Lucy worries about something happening to her children. Charlene reassures her and told her something positive came from BJ's death - Maxie (Felicia's daughter and BJ's cousin) got her heart in a much-needed transplant. Lucy feels empathy for Courtney and Neil if the baby dies. She worries if Christina gets sick and needs a transplant or something from a birth relative, she wouldn't know who that is. Lucy told Charlene that DV said he knows who the birth mother is - and Lucy needs to know.

At Courtney's bedside, Joe tries to reassure her. He went in the hall with her doctor, who told him the placenta has separated slightly from the uterine wall. Hopefully, a clot will form - otherwise, Courtney might lose the baby. Joe stops by to tell Karen and Scott. Karen feels guilty about taking her eyes off the road to dial her phone. Scott told her it was an accident and not her fault.

Frank stops by Courtney's bed and told her again that he didn't tell Joe. Joe comes in and gives the news about the baby. Courtney is worried and suddenly spasms in pain. It's not her abdomen, it's in back, near her shoulder. Frank worriedly questions Joe, Joe went off to see what tests can be run to see what's wrong and if there is internal bleeding. Frank told Courtney he won't let her die, she told him she and the baby have to make it for Neil's sake.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

In DV's hospital room, Rachel is talking to him, telling him he will be around to gloat when they take Christina from Scott and Lucy. He says there's more to it than she knows; Scott is his son. She laughs and says the bullet did more brain damage than they thought. He assures her it's the truth and she asks what that means? All is forgiven? DV says he will always hate him.

At the front desk, Karen and Scott are talking about Courtney. Karen says she could still lose the baby. Taggart approaches and asks to get Karen's statement.

In Courtney's room, Mary, Joe and Frank are trying to comfort her but she's scared and in pain. Joe went to check on some tests and Frank tries to comfort Courtney. She asks what Frank told Neil and he tells her he told him that Joe was taking really good care of her. She says that the baby has to be okay for Neil's sake.

Eve and Joe go over Courtney's test results and Eve told Joe that Courtney is bleeding internally and that she must have surgery to save her life. The surgery will risk the baby's life but without, they will both die.

Back in Courtney's room, Joe is explaining the situation to Courtney. She asks if they can get the bone marrow for Neil now. Joe told her it's too soon; the baby needs to be nearly term for them to do that. She refuses to have the surgery, insisting the bleeding will stop and she and the baby will be fine. Joe tries to make her see the situation but she flatly refuses.

In the lobby, Karen is recounting the accident to Taggart. She was making a call and there were whiteout conditions but she believes she was in her own lane. Taggart says the weather was probably the main cause of the accident. He has yet to talk to Courtney. Taggart has one more question - where was Karen going in such bad weather? To see Courtney to return "something" of Courtney's she'd found. Karen went to check on Courtney as Taggart leaves.

In the on call room, Eve and Chris are chatting. Chris comments on the money Julie's attorney makes and Eve asks what it costs to buy off a witness these days. Chris says that's not true and Eve asks why Courtney changed her testimony then. Chris says she just remembered what really happened. In any case, Eve says, it's a good thing she testified when she did. Why? Eve told him about the car accident. Eve says altho they've never been friends, she can feel for her about the baby.

Back in DV's room, Rachel and DV are discussing Scott and DV. DV says he wants her to back off trying to take the baby away; from now on, it's between he and Scott. Rachel, infuriated, says she made a promise to Julie that she'd help her and that's what she's going to do; first get her acquitted and then reunite her with her daughter. Rachel has already arranged for Julie's mother to come back to PC. The agree that she's a conniving bitch (me too). She told him that she can operate covertly if she has to and she always gets what she wants. DV warns her not to cross him but Rachel told him to save his breath - he might need it. She leaves and runs smack into Scott who speculates as to why she'd be visiting him. She says she was assigned to offer him counselling. Scott says she should counsel him to drop dead. She's surprised he'd say that since DV is his father. Scott says he's on his way to see his father, Lee Baldwin. Scott suggests they drop the whole subject. Rachel tells him she wants to apologise for the way she acted when cott and Lucy were separated.If she'd known they were going to get back together she wouldn't have kissed him; she won't tell Lucy. Scott says no problem and she says she's also glad the charges against him were dropped. She asks if he's like to go for coffee and she'll tell him about Julie's trial. He agrees.

Chris, at the desk, turns to see Julie's mother. Nicole says she supposes congratulations are in order. She hope his marrying Julie wasn't an attempt to make her jealous. He told her their marriage had nothing to do with her. He told her to stay away from Julie. Nicole stops a nurse and says she's there to see Dr. Locke. Chris is stunned.

Joe and Frank discuss Courtney's condition; it's not good. She and the baby will die without surgery. Joe asks Frank to talk to her. Karen and Eve approach and Eve says Courtney's got to go the the OR soon. Frank reluctantly went to try. He does his best but is interrupted by the fetal monitor's alarm. The docs rush in and Courtney is in terrible pain. They prepare to rush her out for tests.

Over coffee, Scott and Rachel rehash the entire scenario; Cooper, Pitbull, Kevin - everything (again). She admits she met with Cooper and Scott says he'll be there when Cooper testifies. Scott excuses himself and Chris comes over to ask Rachel about Nicole's arrival. Rachel feigns surprise but Chris doesn't buy it. He told her it will be very bad if Julie sees her mom and Rachel agrees.

In Courtney's room, Courtney has lost the baby. Her voice is flat and dead, defeated. She signs the release for the surgery and they wheel her out.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

At the hospital, Nicole Devlin and Eve have a talk. Nicole asks if Eve is supplementing her income by servicing the elderly patients, like she did for her husband. Eve reminds her that her husband lied to both of them! Rachel comes over after Eve is paged. Eve calls Kevin and told him that Nicole and Rachel are talking.

In the on call room, Karen told Matt that Courtney lost the baby, and she is now in surgery. She told him that she was responsible. Matt wants her to ease up on herself, she did not set out to hurt Courtney. Karen is worried that Courtney won't believe that when she finds out Karen was the other driver, and even worse, what is Courtney never finds out - what if she dies.

In the hospital chapel, Frank is worried. He kneels and prays, "God, if you can hear me, please please don't take her. I'm begging you. Let Courtney live." In the surgery room, Boardman told Joe good call on the liver. The BP is dropping. The alarm went off. Joe told her not to quit on him now.

Joe wants the crash cart. They use a lot of technical terms, and they shock her heart. She's back. They want to get her to recovery. Joe told her not to scare them like that - too many people need her.

Mary joins Frank. He asks how she is. She's still in surgery. Frank asks Mary to talk to God, he listens to her. Faith doesn't have to be strong to work. Mary tells her that when she found out the two of them were together, she thought Courtney would be good for him, but now he has to be there for her. Courtney has lost a child. Frank says he will be the "go to" guy for her. Mary told him to understand that Courtney is not the only one who has lost a child. His brother lost a child, too. Frank bites his lip and says he understands more than she'll ever know. Joe comes in and told them Courtney made it through surgery. Mary and Frank hug. Frank wants to see her. Joe says it's immediate family only. Frank stays calm. Joe says he'll get him in. Frank thanks him.

Nicole and Rachel talk about Julie and Rachel told her that Chris is a big part of Julie's recovery. Nicole thinks Rachel fell for Chris's act. Rachel says she can see through, and he thinks Chris is crazy - for Julie. Maybe too much. She told Nicole about Chris's tactics to make Julie happy. Meanwhile, Kevin comes in and talks to Eve, then (after they talk about not telling Nicole about their being together, and Eve says, especially about them making love night and day, especially not with Nicole's least favorite brunette in Port Charles). Kevin went over and interrupts Rachel and Nicole. Nicole stands up and told Kevin she is back in town because Julie's trial has started. Of course, Kevin says. It's good to see you again. Nicole is surprised that Kevin gave up Julie's case to Rachel. Kevin says it wasn't his choice. Kevin invites her off for coffee. Nicole blows Rachel off, who doesn't look happy. Rachel sighs deeply at the nurse's station. Eve warns her that the claws will come out soon enough. Rachel says Nicole wasn't invited, she came on her own. Rachel says that Eve and Julie were once roommates, so Eve would know the dynamics about Nicole and Julie. Rachel invited Eve for coffee at the coffee shop.

Back in her room, Courtney comes to and Frank is right there. She wishes that God would have taken her instead. Who would drive him crazy if she checked out, huh? Frank says to cheer her up. He says he needs her. Neil needs her. Neil needed the baby, Courtney cries. He needs you; you're everything to this kid. Courtney realizes that everyone thinks Joe lost a child, but only she knows that he did. Frank says a lot happened before she went into surgery, he's not sure what she remembers. She remembers, but say it again. i love you, Courtney, he says, and they kiss.

In the on call room, Joe told Karen that Courtney made it through, even with complications. They hug. Joe wonders what he'll tell Neil. They talk about how Courtney can't get pregnant for a while. How long do they have to wait? How long can Neil wait? Karen says that they'll look into alternative methods - some are experimental. Joe thanks her for treating Courtney at the scene. Karen tries to tell him that she may have been responsible. She says she couldn't see the line, she may have drifted over to Courtney's side. It was an accident. What if it wasn't. Joe's beeper went off. Courtney's awake. He has to go.

At the coffee shop, Kevin and Nicole talk about whether Julie should be released. Nicole wants to know why he gave up on Julie's case. He says he went to Europe, and when he came back, Chris and Leopold had taken him off the case and put Rachel on. Rachel and Eve come in. Rachel says Eve was just telling her about the flood at the lighthouse. Nicole looks at Kevin and asks if he and Eve live together. Yes, Kevin says. Eve looks down and Nicole looks up at her. Nicole says she is not comfortable discussing her daughter with him. Eve says that should have nothing to do with Kevin's ability to deal with Julie. Kevin understands Nicole's feelings. She leaves. Rachel stops her and tries to get her to warm up to her. Nicole says she is Julie's mother and she knows what is best for Julie. Nicole leaves the coffee shop. Rachel calls Ferncliff and told the doctor that she does not want Julie's mother to see Julie until she can talk to Julie.

Karen told Matt that she told Joe it might have been her fault. In Courtney's room, Joe comes in and asks how she's doing. He apologizes for not being able to save the baby. The policeman comes in and wants to ask Courtney questions about the accident. Joe doesn't think it's a good time. Courtney says she wants to talk about it, while she can still remember the details. Courtney says that she was driving in the snow, and she realizes she shouldn't have been out. She looked up and say the lights of the other car, and then the other car swerved into her lane. Joe asks if she's sure, since the lines were covered. Yes, she's sure. The other car aimed right for her. Frank and Joe look worried. Courtney says ask Karen, she was there, she must have seen the other car. Frank says Karen was driving the other car.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Friday, December 17, 1999

Rachel stands over the prone DV and mutters "who has the power now", before walking out.

Outside, Lucy is telling Scott she needs to get back in and see DV again. Scott doesn't want her to go back in. He decides to go back in with her, since she can't be dissuaded. They go in and find DV on the floor - Scott calls for a doctor. In the hall, Rachel smiles as a code blue is announced in DV's room. Nicole comes up to complain about not being able to get in to see her daughter per Rachel's orders. Rachel claims that it's Ferncliff rules and that she needs to speak to Julie before allowing her in. Rachel asks her to wait until shift end and they can head for Ferncliff together. They get there - Rachel went in first to announce Nicole's arrival. Julie is impatient for the trial's end. Rachel calms her a little and breaks the news of the motherly visit. Julie is doubtful about her mother's intentions and doesn't want to see her. Rachel thinks it's important to Julie's image that she is close to her family. She manages to convince Julie to see Nicole. Nicole hugs Julie and acts happy to see her. Julie gets to the point and asks about the lack of earlier visits. Nicole claims being busy - Julie thinks she interfered with Nicole's ad agency business. Nicole brought up whether Chris is a good choice of husband and implies Chris is just money-hungry. She also questions the choice of the manipulative Dr. Locke. Julie defends both and told her mother to leave. Nicole calls Rachel an expert saleswoman and leaves.

Scott and Lucy are back in the hallway, Dr. Tony Jones (one of Lucy's ex-husbands) comes out saying that DV had a cerebral hemorrhage, but they stabilized him. He walks off and Scott talks about wanting and trying for revenge on Luke after Scott and Laura broke up. Like father, like son. Later, they watch an unconscious DV and Scott regrets calling for help. Lucy says it proves that Scott is a good man, unlike his biodad. Scott recaps some of his bad past, and Lucy points out that he stopped and brought up Dominique's part in all that. Scott told Lucy that she (Lucy) is also a big part of why he's a better person. They leave.

Kevin and Eve are looking through some papers and find the phone number of the clinic where Rachel used to work. He calls the number, a woman answers the phone and he looks shocked - "Ellen is that you?" The voice told him there is no Ellen there and that the personnel director is gone until Monday. Kevin hangs up and told Eve he could have sworn it was Ellen Burgess on the phone (I didn't think it sounded like the last actress or Debbi Morgan). Eve says sometimes people sound like other people, but Kevin points out that the woman hesitated before her denial of Ellenness. Eve is doubtful, and Kevin points out Ellen knowing Rachel from somewhere and how quickly Rachel moved into Ellen's apartment. Eve suggests Rachel got Ellen a job as a favor - Kevin thinks maybe Rachel wanted to get Ellen out of town. They decide to get a photo of Ellen to fax down to the clinic and see if she's working there. They head off to find Matt (a storyline). They get there and find the place a minor mess - Matt apologizes for his lack of cleaning. He claims not to care about Ellen's whereabouts. They tell him their suspicions and plan. Matt thinks he has a photo he hasn't thrown out. Matt (looking good unshaven) claims a heavy work load, Kevin diagnoses and unwillingness to face the emptiness of his life. Matt is unhappy with the psychoanalysis and bummed at looking at Ellen's picture. He admits he misses her. Later, the trio has faxed a picture of Ellen to the clinic. They fax back that the woman in the picture works there but is named Barbara Greene. Kevin can't go down to check things out because he has to testify at Julie's trail the next day. Eve says someone else can go - and Matt says he definitely wants to go there and find out what's going on.

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