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Monday, March 6, 2000

Frank, Courtney and Neil are all in Neil's hospital room. Neil, obviously feeling better, teases his Mom that one day he'll be taller than her. Frank chimes in about when he outgrew his mother, and how she was still in charge. He and Neil seem to be getting along much better. Frank asks for help with a crossword puzzle and Neil says to leave it and maybe he'll get Kevin to help him with it when Kevin comes to visit.

Eve watches Lucy's visit with Kevin from outside his room. Inside the room, the music is playing and Lucy places a crystal in Kevin's hand. Eve knocks on the window and points to her watch, indicating that Lucy has been in there too long. Lucy comes out of the room and Eve asks her if she cured Kevin by working her magic.

Scott and Rachel meet out in the lobby. She asks if there is anything that she can do. Scott says she's done enough and that there is enough evidence to send Julie up the river. When she asks if he is working for the police, he says he is making sure that justice is served.

Courtney and Frank are talking outside of Neil's room. Courtney told Frank that Neil was opening up to him. Frank asks how they're going to tell Neil that Kevin was stabbed, and Courtney says they aren't going to tell him. Frank says that the truth might be a refreshing change (I Love Frank!) They get into a small argument about it. Frank says he thought they were a team now, and Courtney didn't have to make all the decisions alone. Joe shows up and says he wants to see Neil. Frank told him that just because he saw Neil one time doesn't mean he has free reign to see him anytime he wants. Neil sees Joe from the window and beckons him inside. Frank relents and Joe goes in. Courtney and Frank watch from outside while Neil and Joe have fun. Lucy and Eve argue in the hallway outside of Kevin's door. Eve says that Lucy was in the way of the nurses and doctors needing to get to Kevin. Lucy says it was pretty quiet in the room and asks if anything has happened. She asks why Kevin hasn't woken up yet, and Eve says she doesn't know. Lucy starts going on about a positive energy technique she learned in meditation. Eve interrupts her, asking her if that garbage will help Kevin. Lucy says she thought the music would be soothing and the crystals wouldn't do any harm. The fight escalates, Eve saying that Lucy isn't helping and Lucy saying that she'll try anything to help Kevin feel better. Eve says that Lucy thinks she is the only person who cares about Kevin. Lucy says Eve will not be able to keep her away from Kevin. Chris comes in as Lucy walks away from the fight. His pager went off, he looks troubled as he looks down, and then he turns it off. Eve asks if he is going to answer that. He says it isn't important. The only important thing is her.

Julie, from Jail, is on the phone saying to page him again 9-1-1 because she has to talk to her husband.

Scott and Lucy in the lobby. Scott told Lucy that they found Julie's coat in a dumpster with Kevin's blood all over it. Scott says he was just going to tell Eve, and Lucy told him about the fight. Lucy says she wants to go home and see the girls. As she is leaving, the nurse says she has a phone call. She answers it and it is Julie. Julie asks her to come see her.

Julie says she is innocent and reminds her about how she saved Christina. She asks if the same person could do something like hurt Kevin. Lucy hangs up the phone after a tense goodbye.

Karen and Frank and Courtney in the hallway outside of Neil's room. Karen tells them that Neil is in remission and that the BMT has, so far, been successful. Karen watches from the window as Joe and Neil play inside the room and she says that it looks like Joe's gamble is going to work. Rachel and Lucy waiting at the elevator. Lucy says she doesn't have anything to say Rachel or to Julie so she wants Julie to stop calling her. Lucy asks her if she would be horrified if Kevin died. Rachel says that just because they don't see eye to eye professionally, that doesn't mean she wants to see anything bad happen to him. Lucy says she holds Rachel just as responsible for Kevin's situation as Julie and that she wants to see them both sharing a padded cell. Rachel told her to add Scott to that list because Scott is the one who got Julie acquitted. Lucy says she is going to take the stairs. Rachel stops her and apologizes. Lucy told Rachel try to psychoanalyze her. Rachel says Lucy should trust her instincts where Julie is concerned. She told Lucy to take the elevators and she'll take the stairs instead.

Chris and Eve are outside Kevin's room talking about Kevin's progress. Eve starts in on Chris about Julie, asking why he didn't listen to her when she warned him about Julie. Chris says he didn't listen because he loved her. Eve asks why she did it, and Chris says he isn't there to defend Julie. He says he is there to try and help. Eve asks how he can help. He says he knows how she feels, because they both face the possibility of losing someone they love. Eve says that Julie isn't the victim, Kevin is. She asks why he keeps defending her, and he says that she's his wife, he has to stick by her. Chris asks her what she would do if Kevin were accused of a crime, even if she wasn't sure of his guilt. Eve picks up on his phrasing, and realizes that Chris doesn't believe Julie is innocent. Scott joins them in the hallway. Chris tries to escape but Scott told him to stick around.

Scott told Eve and Chris about finding Julie's coat. Chris there has to be a mistake. He reasons that if Julie had stabbed Kevin she wouldn't have left the evidence behind for the police to find. Eve went on and on about psychological profiles of criminals who leave evidence because they want to be found. Chris says (and I agree) that she is seriously reaching. Chris makes his escape after Scott says Julie is going to Sing-Sing. Frank and Courtney and Karen and Joe are in Neil's room. Karen gives Neil the results of his latest test results and told him he can get out of the tent. They remove the plastic and Courtney gets on the bed with him, giving him lots of kisses and hugging him. Joe and Karen share the test results. Neil says that Joe saved his life, just like he said he would. Karen asks him what he wants to do and Neil says get out of the room. Frank suggests getting a wheelchair and driving him around, doing wheelies down the hall. Courtney takes Karen out in the hall to ask more questions about Neil's condition. Frank returned with the wheelchair. They help Neil into the chair, and Neil asks Joe, instead of Frank, to drive him around.

Chris walks into the apartment and went to the hall closet where the coats are kept. He looks for Julie's white coat and doesn't find it.

Julie paces in her cell, finally standing against the bars and looking out.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Chris comes down the stairs and into the waiting area where he greets a patient and her husband, Camille and Zach Owens. He's filling in for Dr. Kasasbian, the surgeon, on this pre-op consultation. Camille seems concerned that the surgeon isn't there. Chris is paged and asks them to go down the hall to the examining room and he'll be right there. They agree and Chris went to take the call .. from Julie. She asks where he's been. He told her at the hospital and busy. Well, she says, she's been in jail for 24 hours and trying to reach him. He says he wasn't sure she'd want to speak to him after their last conversation. She says she needs him. He told her he'll be there as soon as he can.

At the Recovery Room, Mary is chatting with the two nurses on the negotiating committee. The threat of a nurses' strike at GH is very real and they are about to meet with Administration. Joe arrives and says he hopes he's not interrupting war plans? No, says Mary, she hopes not. Joe wishes them luck and they depart. He sits down with Mary. She asks if he's seen Victor and is Kevin any better. He has and Kevin is the same but Neil is doing great. Mary says it sounds like the BMT is working. He must be relieved. Joe says Neil got what he needed and he's hoping that'll carry some weight with the review board. Mary told him not to count on it. She says he violated the hospital's Code of Conduct. They *have* to punish him if only just to set an example. They're liable not to reinstate him and he better think about what he's going to do next. Joe looks puzzled.

Courtney and Frank arrive at his apartment. (Note: This place has possibilities! I'd love to see it fixed up.) They've been away so long they almost forgot what it looked like. Courtney enjoys the silence. They chat and make out and wind up in bed.

In the examining room, Chris is meeting with the Owens. Chris told them a bit and says it's routine surgery. Zach responds that it's not routine to them! Chris, obviously in a hurry to be done, answers their questions curtly until Zach calls him on it. He told Chris to start by looking up and not looking at his watch. Chris, chagrined, apologizes and sits down to answer their questions. The Owen's are concerned about Camille's breast implants and she is having them removed. She seems to know they're leaking. Zach says the doctor that did this to her should be shot. Chris reassures them and they hug. Zach says he'll be happy when it's over and she's home.

Mary told Joe he could lose his job but Joe says he's still a doctor. He'll work somewhere else. He knows how difficult it is to transfer mid-residency and with *this* on his record... Joe is expecting a slap on the wrist and he's not apologizing for doing the procedure on Neil. Mary says that's obvious; is he willing to throw his career away? She sees misplaced pride and when she thinks about how they struggled to put him through med school! She told him he should admit his mistake and apologize. He saved Neil's live! He won't grovel to get his job back. Mary asks if won't even listen to reason? He'll make his own decisions. Mary, disgusted, says he should look at the way he treated Karen and Frank! He may as well be invisible! Joe says Franks has it exactly the way he wants it.

Back at Frank's, he does have what he wants. Courtney is in a tee shirt but there's nothing edible. She's so happy; Neil is really going to be okay. They talk about when Neil comes home and their future together. They make love again.

Mary says that if the new waitress doesn't show up soon, she'll be late for work. Joe says he'll cover for her. She told him she loves him but she's worried. They hug affectionately and Mary leaves. Tony passes her coming in and she asks about the contract negotiations. He says he doesn't now anything but that the buzz is that it's bad. Tony sits down and Joe starts pleading the nurses' case. Tony told him he's preaching to the choir and asks him to sit down. Joe approaches him about working at the clinic. When Hell freezes over, says Tony.

Courtney is on the phone finding out from Karen that Neil is being moved to regular Peds! She's ecstatic. They get ready to go see him but Franks wants to stop on the way and get Neil baseball cards or something. Courtney told him he can't buy Neil's love. Kids can tell when someone tries to buy their affection. Franks says Joe is a tough act to follow. Courtney says it's hard living under the same roof with Joe. She leads into telling him she wants them and Neil to live together. She's moving in!

Julie, in her cell, greets Chris. She is subdued and they are both awkward. They talk and she asks about Kevin. He told her that her coat was found with Kevin's blood on it. She swears she has no idea how that happened. Everything is wrong.

Joe asks Tony why he won't hire him at the clinic. Tony says he's a hard sell but Joe says they gave Toy a chance. Tony says they had to - it was court ordered community service. He'll ask but if Joe loses his license, its all over. Joe's not concerned about that. Tony says he'd better be because the entire medical team and the parents are being interviewed.

Joe and Courtney are talking about her move. His place is small; it'll be cozy. They can just get a bigger place. Franks feels that they're pushing Neil but Courtney says if they live together, he'll see Neil all the time and Neil will accept him more quickly. Frank thinks not. But it's what he's wanted. They leave.

Chris returns to Julie after a call; he has to leave. She asks him to think about what she said. Why would she do anything to jeopardize her freedom? She says he doesn't believe her and reminds him of Christina's birth. He told her it would be okay and she looked in his eyes and knew it was true. She asks the same of him now. She did not hurt Kevin. He looks in her eyes and knows it's the truth. He says they are in for one hell of a fight.

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Hoping to help Julie prove her innocence, Chris broke into Rachel's apartment to look for evidence that she stabbed Kevin. Rachel caught him snooping around but decided not to press charges. Dara tried to get Julie to confess, but Julie stood her ground. Kevin finally awoke from his coma and disclosed that Greg Cooper stabbed him, not Julie. Then Kevin revealed that Cooper confessed to being the General Homicide killer. After Karen and Joe discussed his review hearing, Karen worried Joe may be in for a big disappointment.

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Frank meets Courtney in Neil's room. Neil is down at storytime and Frank mentions that they should appreciate the nurses while they can - the strike looks like it'll happen. Frank told her that he's been checking out some places for the three of them. They are interrupted by the return of Neil. He gets back into bed and told them he can't wait to be back in his own room in his own house. He starts going through some stuff Courtney brought. The stash includes a video game Frank bought him. Frank asks if he wants to play it - but Neil wants to find the baseball cards Joe bought him. Franks asks if he'd like food from the recovery room - Neil ignores him until Courtney prompts him for an unenthusiastic agreement. Frank leaves to get the food, and Courtney follows him to the hall. She talks about giving Neil time. Frank thinks they should tell Neil about the three of them moving in together when he gets back - to give Neil time to accept it.

In the hospital, Eve is sleeping cuddled up to Kevin when Lucy runs in, excited that Kevin is okay. Kevin comes in and the talking wakes up Eve. Kevin says he's fine. Lucy told him he's lucky, and Scott chimes in that Julie is too - now she'll just be charged with attempted murder and not murder. Kevin enlightens them on the "let's get this story wrapped up and over with so we can move on" plot point of Cooper escaping multiple times to commit murders. (And when did he do this full confession? He hit Kevin, pulled him into a room, waited for him to come to, admitted everything, then stab Kevin and leave, before Kevin could get away or be noticed missing?) Eve talks about all Cooper put them through - Lucy points out that Julie went through a lot, being accused of a murder she didn't do. Scott makes a call on his cell phone and finds out Cooper is in solitary and Julie has been released. Eve, who's getting more irritating every day, supposes that Julie will be coming over to gloat her curly head off. Lucy defends Julie's right to gloat. Eve still doesn't like her, and Kevin wants to change the subject. So they fill him in on Neil's recovery. Scott says they have to leave, Lucy tell Doc how scared they were, and Scott and Lucy leave.

Julie and Chris are outside and cold. Julie doesn't care - she's FREE!! She tells him one thing could make the moment better - if he hadn't doubted her. Chris looks ashamed and points out all the evidence against her and that he did finally come around. She still is unhappy. He reminds her that she knew he was self-serving, distrustful, and always looking out for #1 when she married him. She accepts his faults, like he accepted all her "bad stuff." She told him he was the one thing she could always count on. When she saw the doubt in his eyes, she felt alone again. He told her he'd like to tell her he'll be the perfect husband, but he knows he can't be. All he can say is that he loves her more than he thought possible, and she must decide if that's enough. Later, Chris is sadly sitting on a park bench, Julie is on a swing. She asks him in a lighter tone if he isn't going to give her a push. He thought she wanted to push him into the lake. Julie points out the lake is frozen. She told him she's reminded of a story he told her of his childhood. His dad told him to jump off the monkey bars and his Dad said he'd catch him. Instead, he let Chris fall to the ground. Chris misses the connection. She told him he took a huge leap of faith and believed in her and did it in public. She knows what that took. He asks if maybe he's not so bad a guy after all. She told him he might be the best thing that ever happened to her.

Elsewhere in the park, Lucy and Scott are ordering from a hot dog vendor. Scott orders a bunch of disgusting stuff on a hot dog. The vendor asks what the lady will have - Scott told him that's for the lady, he wants just a plain hot dog with mustard. They turn around and see Julie and Chris in an embrace. Julie and Chris decide to head home and turn and see Lucy and Scott. The couples look at each other uncomfortably. Lucy starts to talk, but Chris interrupts. Lucy told them she's glad everything worked out for her. Scott admits he was wrong and that Julie got a bum deal. Lucy says they both feel terrible. But Julie realizes that Cooper was good at framing her and she doesn't hold it against them. They wish her good luck and leave. Chris remarks on her forgiving nature. Julie admits it's an act. She's only being nice to them because they are her access to Christina. Once she has what she wants, it'll be a different story.

Rachel is at the bar, buying a hamburger to go from Joe. She rubs in his suspension in her fake supporting way. Joe opines that she must be happy having won in the Julie situation. Rachel denies it being a game. He hands her change and she told him snarkily to keep it, in case the peer review doesn't go well. She leaves and Frank comes in. Frank jokes with Joe about the bar being Mary's home for wayward sons. Franks orders and Joe recognizes it as Neil's favorites. They kid a bit, and Joe suggests that he paint Neil's room as a coming home gift. Frank told him about Courtney and him getting a place of their own with Neil. Joe accuses Frank and Courtney of wanting to be together so badly that they'll give up Neil's happiness. Frank very, very nicely asks Joe to back off and give him a chance. Joe just acts like a jerk.

Rachel stops in to see Kevin. He asks what took her so long - he thought she'd sprint over to rub his nose in it. They snipe a bit at each other. Rachel says they all make mistakes. Kevin told her he didn't make one. He didn't say Julie was the killer - just that she needed help. He still thinks she does. Rachel is condescending towards him and he calls her on it. Rachel promises to send Julie over so he can apologize. She leaves and Kevin mutters "Give me strength."

Courtney and Neil play cards and he talks about shooting hoops with Joe when he gets home. Courtney told him they'll be moving out of Joe. The three of them will become a family, but he can see Joe a lot. Neil says he doesn't need a father and doesn't need to move. Frank overhears and brought in the food. He acts cheerful, Neil says he's not hungry. Courtney told him to eat as Franks pulls her into the hall. He's angry that she didn't wait for him to talk to Neil - she has to stop cutting him out.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Determined to reclaim her life now that she's been cleared of all charges, Julie told Chris she's going to ask Alan for her old job back at GH. Eve is delighted when Kevin is moved out of the ICU and into a private room to complete his convalescence. Mac arrives and shows Kevin the long, curly wig Greg Cooper wore when he made his way into the church. As negotiations with the nurses' union bog down again, the rest of the hospital staff begins to feel the pinch of doing double duty to cover patient care. Meanwhile, Alan told Julie he can't even consider her request for reinstatement until after he's settled the impending strike. Lucy brought Christina's godfather a special gift to help make his memories of her christening day a bit happier. With Joe's board hearing scheduled for Monday, Matt advises his friend to adjust his attitude quickly unless he wants to be flipping burgers for a living for the next ten years. Rachel prods Julie to thank Kevin for exonerating her. After Julie departs, Kevin and Rachel argue once more about her patient's real level of mental health. Fashion maven Donnatella Stewart checks into General Hospital just as the nurses walk out en masse.

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