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Monday, May 29, 2000

In their own way, Joe and Ian both managed to get through to Claire and convinced her to make the most of the time she had left. While on their honeymoon, Eve and Kevin had a frank discussion about his past association with Grace. Meanwhile, Rachel assured Estelle that their vendetta against Kevin was just beginning. Frank and Courtney had a huge confrontation about Christina. Scott comforted Serena after she had a nightmare and his bond with Serena gave him some pause about Frank's relationship to Christina.

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

Rachel approaches the Desk asking for her messages. Alison comments that she heard Rachel's mother really made a scene at Kevin's wedding. Rachel starts to explain and then says she doesn't have to explain it to Alison. Alison says, whatever. She just wishes she'd been there to see it. She's called away and Gayle approaches Rachel. She starts to ask Rachel something but Rachel interrupts, saying she doesn't know what Kevin has told her and launching into a long-winded defense until Gayle stops her. Gayle told her she was just going to say that, if she can help with Rachel's mother, she's only a phone call away. Chagrined, Rachel thanks her and says her mother is coming along nicely. Rachel seems touched and thanks Gayle again, who exits.

At their apartment, Frank brought Courtney flowers (peonies). She asks if he understands that she's also thinking of Christina not just them. He says he does and that he won't let anything get in the way of them. He says the best part is that she's being honest with him (LOL!).

At the Recovery Room, Lucy and Scott are talking. He told her he moved appointment back because Serena's having nightmares and he needs to show her he won't go anywhere. Lucy wonders if the contact with Claire is maybe reminding Serena of her mom and scaring her. Scott says when they don't pick her up at school, that matters. Lucy says *she* didn't pick Serena up and she's sorry. It won't happen again. Scott, standing up, says he doesn't want to argue and he will pick Serena up today. Lucy says okay but doesn't look it.

At the Desk, Jamal asks Alison for Rene's room number and she gives it to him. He heads off. Rachel, walking by the desk when Dr. Boardman stops her, barely tolerates him. He comments on her being the life of the party and she says, if he means her mother, she deserves respect. He says he's sure her mother does, Rachel, on the other hand, "blew the roof off the joint." At least that's what he heard from - everybody. She tells him not to believe everything he hears. They bicker about who came on to who and he says it's too bad she didn't find their relationship more "satisfying." He says he bets she could really use a friend right now; stranger things have happened.

Outside Claire's room, Scott talks to Claire's father about letting her die with dignity. Her father insists he will make the decision but Scott keeps talking.

Lucy, still at the Recovery Room, sees Frank and Alexis come in. Frank tells Alexis he only wants to find out his rights; Christina seems happy where she is. Alexis exits and Lucy immediately comes over to find out what they were talking about. Frank told her he can't discuss it now and leaves.

Julie and Chris talk as they walk through the hospital halls. Julie is saying that there's a good chance the petition to reverse the adoption will be approved. Rachel approaches and comments that it sounds like things are going well. Yes, says Julie icily, quite well. They ask Rachel what she's been so busy with - her _dead_ mother? Rachel told them that her mother is so damaged, so different, from the woman she remembers, she practically is dead. That wasn't so hard, says Julie, why did she have to lie about it? Rachel says at that point in Julie's recovery... Chris interrupts saying Rachel wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in the nose. Chris is beeped and exits and Julie turns to leave too but Rachel says she's always been on Julie's side. Really? asks Julie, was Rachel on her side when she was working for DV? Rachel says she's glad Chris finally told her. Did he also tell her he accepted money from DV? Yes, says Julie, that's how she got visitation. Chris actually did her a favor. Rachel says she's glad. She always had Julie's best interest at heart. Julie says she took Julie on as a patient to get back at Kevin. Rachel wanted her out of Ferncliff so she'd kill Kevin. Rachel says that's outrageous and Julie agrees. Rachel tries to redeem herself and offer to continue to help but Julie told her she has _no_ credibility now. Rachel is a joke - and not a very good one.

Jamal is visiting Renee and reassuring her that he'll take care of her and baby. Chris enters and announces that he doesn't like his patients disturbed during their recovery. Renee says he's not disturbing her. Jamal told Chris to spend more time on medicine and less on looking for trouble. He suggests Chris have a drink and think about it. Jamal exits. Scott and Claire's father are still talking outside her room. Scott makes some good points telling him about Dominique. Dad finally admits that Scott is good; he doesn't like him, but he's good. They go into Claire's room and she says "daddy" and they hug and cry. Scott exits.

Lucy shows up at Courtney's angry. She told her off about the money, etc. She is furious at seeing Frank with Alexis and won't listen to Courtney's weak explanations. Lucy told her that she better make sure that Frank does the right thing and now!

Frank and Courtney are at the Recovery Room talking when Jamal enters. Courtney leaves to pick up Neil. Jamal greets Frank and thanks him again for his help with Renee/Valerie. Chris comes up and Jamal told Frank he saw Chris put drops in Courtney's drink at a hospital party - but Rachel got it instead.

Lucy is waiting for Scott outside Claire's room when he approaches. He tells her Claire's father has agreed to let her go. Lucy told him he did a good thing. Lucy apologizes again for forgetting to pick up Serena. Scott apologizes simultaneously for giving her such a hard time. He knows she loves both the girls. They talk some more and seem to reach a loving place.

Chris is in the lobby when Frank flies of the elevator and grabs him by the throat. Frank demands to know why he tried to drug Courtney.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Enraged by the discovery that Chris tried to drug Courtney, Frank confronted Chris. Frank demanded to know why Chris would go to such extremes. Chris told Frank that he was talking to the wrong person, and suggested that Frank take up the issue with his girlfriend. Chris leads Frank to suspect that Courtney may have provoked someone else to anger. Says Chris, "This is Courtney. She's always running a con."

Growing increasingly suspicious of Courtney, Frank seeks out the advice of his younger brother Joe. Joe insists that people like Courtney will never change, not even for all the love in the world. Joe cautions Frank against trying to change Courtney, as this can only lead to further disappointment.

Upon discovering that Dr. Thornhart has set up residence in the on-call room, Joe offers his colleague an apartment in the basement of the Scanlon house. Joe and Thornhart discuss Karen, General Hospital's Chief Resident missing in action, since neither has been able to reach her.

Gail paid a visit to her granddaughter, and was disappointed to find a pill on the floor in Karen's apartment. Karen rationalized taking the pill by siting the overwhelming stress of being GH's chief resident. A sympathetic Gail told Karen that she alone can kick her addiction, but assured Karen that she will always have the love and support of her family. Gail further suggested that Karen seek out the professional help and/or group support that she needs.

Frustrated by Karen's absence from the hospital, Thornhart dropped in on the recovering addict. Thornhart hounded Karen about "sitting on her rear" and feeling sorry for herself while her patients suffered. Karen grew furious! She ordered Thornhart to mind his own business, and he stormed off.

Serena and Neil were happy to be working together on a scrapbook for their sister, Christina. Upon learning this, Lucy attempted to discourage Christina from allowing Neil to contribute to the book. "I was kinda hoping that this could be a family scrapbook," she says. Serena responded, "Oh, it is. Neil is Christina's brother - he is family!" Threatened by Neil, Lucy tries to manipulate the situation. Shamefully, she finds herself intercepting a telephone call from Neil, as well as lying to both children to keep them from getting together to work on the scrapbook. Lucy told Neal that the book is full with Baldwin family memories, leaving no room for his pictures. She then lied to Serena, claiming that Neil was too tired to bring over any pictures.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

The cat is out of the bag for Courtney! Frank fooled Courtney into spilling the beans about her dealings with both Chris and Lucy. Frank approached Courtney, pretending to know all about her schemes. Courtney assumed that Frank had uncovered the truth about her dealings with Lucy, so she proceeded to tell him everything about how she and Lucy conspired to keep Frank away from his daughter. Frank was enraged! Yelling and throwing things, he conveyed his disgust as a horrified Courtney looked on. Frank told Courtney that he had been unaware of her plot until she revealed herself. He then insisted that she tell him about her dealings with Chris. Frank shared that Jamal witnessed Chris' attempt to spike Courtney's drink at Amanda Barrington's party. Courtney finally admitted that she had long been aware that Christina was Frank's daughter, and that she used this information to blackmail Chris. This revelation only served to further inflame Frank. He stormed off after saying to Courtney, "Your mistake was trusting him; mine was trusting you."

After leaving Courtney, Frank headed straight to the Baldwin house to have a talk with Lucy, but met up with Scott instead. Frank disclosed that Lucy paid Courtney to keep him away from Christina. Scott was hardly shocked - Lucy had been behaving erratically ever since Julie came on the scene as Christina's birthmother. Scott apologized to Frank and promised to do something about Lucy.

Poor Rachel! The alienated doctor reached out to Alan, but he rebuffed her cry for help. Later, Chris and Julie were livid when Rachel told them that she submitted a recommendation on their behalf to Judge Friedman (the judge handling Christina's custody case). "What will it take for you to back off?" Chris asks Rachel. Julie then commanded Rachel to stay out of her life. Desperate for companionship, Rachel was relieved when Courtney approached her. Courtney was in no mood for idle chitchat, however. She bluntly asked Rachel to aid her in destroying Chris. In an effort to convince Rachel that Chris is a mutual enemy, Courtney revealed that Chris is the one who cost Rachel the hospital board seat when he spiked her drink at Amanda's party.

The bond between Claire, Scott and Serena continues to grow tighter. Claire was sitting on her front porch when Scott and Serena arrived for a visit. Claire was elated at the sight of the Baldwin duo, as she credits them for her release from the hospital and her peaceful state of mind. When Serena left Scott and Claire chatting on the porch, Claire shared mixed feelings about her ensuing death. Claire expressed her gratitude to Scott. She also told Scott that she learned a great deal about the parent-child relationship by watching him with Serena.

Alan dropped in to visit Karen and offered his wholehearted support throughout her recovery. Karen made excuses for not seeking out help, but Alan wasn't falling for them. He suggested that Karen seek out professional help and recommended that she enter a recovery facility that caters to physician-addicts.

Friday, June 2, 2000

by Rika

Courtney told Lucy that Frank had informed Scott of the deal they had made regarding Christina. A furious Lucy blasted Courtney and feared she had ruined everything. Lucy and Scott grew even further apart as Scott questioned Lucy's actions. Later, Scott was saddened by the news of Claire's death. Julie remained optimistic that she would get Christina back in time for her first birthday as she and Chris prepared for the hearing.

Meanwhile, Courtney tried to make amends to an unreceptive Frank. Kevin and Eve returned from their honeymoon to a romantic surprise arranged by Kevin. Kevin and Eve made the most of their last night of vacation before having to return to the working world again.

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