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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 19, 2000 on PC
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Monday, June 19, 2000

A heartbroken Lucy watched the videotape of Christina's birthday party and then went to Victor with a farfetched clue to Christina's whereabouts. Later, Rachel subtly suggested to Lucy that Lucy herself was partly responsible for Christina's kidnapping. Kevin suggested that Lucy drop out of the Nurses Ball, but she staunchly refused. Lucy was overjoyed when she received a phone call from Scott and he admitted he might have a lead on Christina's location. Joe and Ian broke up a fight between Chris and Frank. Alison spotted Cedric and quickly told Frank, who helped Jamal get Valerie and her baby to safely out of the Recovery Room. Rachel was disturbed when Ian answered her phone and had a brief conversation with Livvie. Jill approached Joe with something important to tell him, but was put off when she noticed his closeness with Gabriela. Later, Joe invited Gabriela to the Nurses Ball.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Lucy wakes up and realizes Christina is still gone. Kevin drops bye and offers himself as the person to lean on. Alison finds Jamal and told him that he is going to escort her to the Nurses' Ball for her help with Valerie and the baby. Joe saves his date with Gabrielle by pulling some strings to get her off work when she gets called in at the last minute. Eve and Victor practice their number for the nurses ball, but Eve feels like she has two left feet instead of one when she can't get it right. Kevin shows up to give her a boost of encouragement to help her along. Dr. Thornhart told Joe that he thinks the Nurses' Ball is a big fraud; That if people really want to help they need to do more than write big checks once a year. Later an anxious Jill shows up at the Scanlon house looking for Joe. Lucy arrives at the ball to find a letter and a beautiful aids ribbon pin waiting for her from Scott

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

The 7th Annual Nurses' Ball is underway in Port Charles! To open, Lucy offered a soul-stirring request for support for AIDS research. Draped in a beautiful gown, she stole the hearts of the entire audience with her moving speech.

After putting her best face on for the crowd, Lucy exhaled and headed backstage to change for the next segment. That's when the claws came out. She attacked Amy on everything, but Amy showed tremendous patience for Lucy; she sympathized with Lucy over Christina's disappearance.

Lucy went on to attack Eve, who she caught expressing anxiety about performing. Lucy rudely told Eve that the ball was not about her (Eve) and then stormed off. Kevin followed Lucy to check on her. Lucy apologized to Kevin about what she said to Eve; she explained that she was in no position to host the ball, given that she was highly stressed about Christina. Kevin advised Lucy to go home and let someone else run the show- he even volunteered to take over - but she refused.

Moments later, in yet another breathtaking gown, Lucy stepped on stage to dazzle the crowd. She spoke about the advancements in AIDS research - including a new drug that can help to reduce the transmission of the virus from pregnant mothers to their unborn children. She paid homage to the men and women of GH who face pain and loss each day - she expressed how they inspire her. She announced the next act - Kevin and Victor (the "Chick Magnet") and their "hot chicks" - Eve and Mary.

After the performance, Rachel took the opportunity to attack Kevin and Eve. She also implied that she enjoyed watching Lucy come apart at the seams. Rachel said that she was just waiting in the wings for Lucy to fall apart. She said that she would be ready when called upon to take the helm as MC for the ball. Eve proposed an alternative method for Rachel to raise money for AIDS research - she suggested that Rachel open a pie-throwing booth and use herself as the target!

Joe's world was turned upside down at this year's ball. Joe and Gabriela seemed to be getting close - holding hands and stealing kisses. Bothered, Jill looked on. She finally caught Joe alone and told him that they needed to talk. She said that she is not upset about Joe's budding relationship Gabriela and Joe was relieved that they could move on as friends. Not so fast - things had become much more complicated. Jill broke the terrible news to Joe that she tested HIV positive! Joe was dumbfounded! He returned to his table, completely aloof.

Amanda Barrington was taken aback when her granddaughter, Amanda, introduced her escort, Jamal. The couple made their way about the crowd, chatting with various guests. At one point in the evening, Alison tried to score an alcoholic beverage, but Jamal refused to allow it. In an effort to persuade him, Alison gave Jamal a short kiss. Jamal responded by grabbing Alison and giving her a long, passionate kiss. He then warned, "Don't go on- on-one with me, girl. I'll score one on you every time."

As the evening proceeded, Lucy became increasingly agitated. Then Scott called. The connection was awful, so Lucy could only pick up bits and pieces of whatever Scott was saying. However, she did hear him say that he was headed home. Assuming that Scott was bringing Christina back, Lucy was on top of the world.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

After hearing from Scott, Lucy anxiously anticipated her daughter's return. Aunt Charlene tried to convince Lucy not to get her hopes up, but Lucy was determined to believe that Scott would not return home without their daughter. Shortly after, Scott arrived. Empty-handed. Lucy fell apart and lashed out at Scott for coming home without their little girl. She told him that had she gone with Scott, she would have been able to find Christina. Scott tried to explain that Julie had laid a phony trap to lead Scott to Brazil, but Lucy could not listen to him. Moments later Serena arrived. She, too, was disappointed to learn that Christina had not been found.

Meanwhile, the curtains rose at the Nurses Ball but Lucy was not standing behind them! Pleased, Rachel grinned at the thought that something was amiss. Kevin went backstage to check on Lucy. He commended Lucy for the outstanding job she had already done, and encouraged her to go home and rest. Lucy refused. She headed right back on stage, dressed in a Nurses Ball t-shirt, a pair of jeans and sandals (without her usual lavish adornments). Lucy delivered a heartfelt speech about what the Nurses Ball really means. She encouraged the audience to keep their eyes open to all the people who need their support in the fight against AIDS. She admonished the crowd to fight for those who are less fortunate, who cannot fight for themselves. All of the emotion and pain she was suffering over Christina's disappearance erupted as she spoke of finding a cure for HIV. Her message moved everyone. The audience felt her deep spirit they gave her a standing ovation.

The curtains fell and Lucy left the stage. Scott was waiting backstage. He expressed his pride in Lucy. He apologized for being unable to find Christina, but Lucy just looked him in the face, then turned and walked away. She returned to her suite and broke down in tears. Later, Scott and Lucy settled in at their home. Scott wanted to talk about things, but Lucy was cold and distant. Staring at Scott, Lucy asked him if Christina was truly gone. She wanted to know if she would ever see her little girl again.

Everyone was disappointed that Christina did not return with Scott. Kevin, Eve, Frank, Neil, Victor and Mary also displayed their grief. Eve confronted Chris about his sudden generosity. (He made a hefty donation to AIDS research.) Chris snickered, and warned Eve that Julie is too resourceful to ever be found.

Joe was struck by the news that Jill, his former partner, is HIV positive. Knowing that he had a lot to deal with, Joe asked Gabriela's brother to take her home. When Gabriela demanded an explanation, Joe lied he claimed that his work was stealing him away.

Alison shared her plans to attend an after-party with Jamal. He was less than enthused about spending any more time in Port Charles' high society. Amanda observed from a distance, visibly displeased.

Friday, June 23, 2000

by ABC

Lucy remained devastated about Christina. Scott admitted that he couldn't find Julie's trail. Lucy lashed out at Scott about never seeing Serena when she was smaller and refused to let him touch her. Serena overheard and came in hysterical and told Lucy she was not her mother. Joe told Gabriela he just wasn't ready for a relationship. Scott showed Lucy a letter from Frank proving Frank had allowed Lucy to gain custody. Kevin told Eve a romantic story about the stars. Joe tested himself for HIV. A very emotional Lucy remembered all the times with both of her daughters and then left her home.

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