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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 4, 2002 on PC
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Monday, March 4, 2002

Rafe and Casey go to the Outdoor Pizza Place as Casey asks Rafe's advice on how to deal with her relationship with Ricky. She says she wants Ricky to like her, but is freaked out by the possibility that, if Ricky gets too close to her, he would end up in the Fifth Chair. Rafe says: 'Be yourself. On second thought, scratch that - try being NICE!' But Casey is still plagued by the specter of the Fifth Chair and asks Rafe if he was ever afraid that Alison might die, since Rafe has gotten so close to her. Then Casey asks if maybe Rafe WANTS Alison to be the one who will sit in the Fifth Chair so they can be together forever.

Meanwhile, at Lucy's Place, Alison has been overcome by the gas escaping from the fireplace.

At the Hospital, Karen is examining Christina when Lucy arrives and Christina told Lucy that she can NOT hear her. Lucy immediately demands that Karen get Alan or Ian to look at Christina.

At the Outdoor Pizza Place, Rafe insists to Casey that ALL he wants for Alison is to have a long and happy life, and then Rafe leaves.

Ricky and Jamal soon arrive, counting the money they made when they cleaned out their gambling buddies with Ricky's loaded dice. Casey tries being nice to both Ricky and Jamal, but just then their gambling buddies show up and demand a re-match.

Rafe returns to Lucy's place and immediately smells the gas and begins to open windows. While Rafe frantically works to revive Alison, Alison is remembering her sweet times with Rafe. Rafe calls for the Emergency Rescue Squad.

At the Pizza Place, a shocked Ricky watches as Jamal agrees to a re-match with the thugs they gambled with the night before. Ricky thinks Jamal is being dumb, but went along.

At Lucy's place, Frank arrives and gets oxygen to Alison as Rafe blames himself for Alison's accident. 'This can't be happening,' Rafe insists and continues to urge Alison to wake up.

At the hospital, as Christina becomes fretful about not being able to hear, Kevin draws some pictures for her to keep her occupied while they wait for one of the doctors they called to arrive. Christina asks: 'Am I going to go to heaven and be an angel like my other Mommy?' But Lucy assures her that that will NOT be happening.

At the Pizza Place, while Casey is trying to be nice to Ricky and get him to notice her, she absentmindedly rolls the dice and points out to Ricky that he SHOULD want her hanging out with him because she is 'good at this game,' and points out that she has rolled sevens EVERY time she has cast the dice. The Gambling Tough Guys pick up the dice for a closer look and announce to Ricky and Jamal: 'You two must have a death wish!'

At the Hospital, Kevin decides he should go find Karen to find out what the tests are telling her, but when Kevin gets ready to leave, Christina clutches his hand and says 'Don't go!' Kevin is so touched, that he decides to stay.

At Lucy's place, Frank told Rafe that everything's normal now with Alison, that she SHOULD be coming out of it, but Rafe can't understand why Alison would STILL be unconscious.

Then Rafe remembers Alison saying: 'If I never wake up from this dream, then we won't have to say good-bye and we can be together forever.'

Frank told Rafe that it appears Alison's body is fighting coming back to consciousness and told Rafe that they need to take her to the hospital for some tests. Frank observes that Alison appears to be in an altered sleep state and that it is like she does NOT want to wake up. 'Can you think of ANY reason she might do that?' Frank asks.

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Ricky and Jamal were in a confrontation over the loaded dice. Frank didn't know why Alison was still unconscious and Rafe begged her to come back. Paige recalled saying goodbye to Christina. Amy asked her if she'd caused Christina's illness and she denied it. Amy told Paige she was scared of her. Rafe kissed Alison and she woke up. Ian told Lucy and Kevin that Christina had a disease from her travels with Julie and that it was strange she hadn't shown symptoms before. Lucy blamed Paige. Jack knew the other guys and broke up the fight with Jamal and Ricky. Alison told Rafe her dream and he admitted he would love to be with her forever. Ed worried that one of the women was back on earth bent for murder. Kevin tried to calm Lucy and got her to take a break as Ian tried to get Christina well. Amy offered Ian support. Paige visited Christina and Kevin caught her encouraging Christina to let go.

Wednesday, March 6, 2002

Joe and Gaby enter the Recovery Room as their friends and family yell, "Surprise!" It is a surprise Bon Voyage party. Everyone congratulates the couple except for Chris who is unimpressed with the lovebirds. Chris turns to Eve and asks what's up between her and Ian. Eve told Chris that things would be better if she could get Amy out of their lives. Chris considers this as he studies Amy's picture. Eve leaves, but pauses outside of the bar as she remembers the Christmas she spent with Ian when they were kidnapped. It had been so easy then. She didn't even have to say the words I Love You for him to know it.

Gaby pulls Ricky aside and asks him not to forget his promise to get along with Jamal. He told Gaby he will do his best. Joe and Gaby say goodbye, but before they leave, Gaby reminds Jamal that good things can happen. They happened to her, so they will happen to him too. As Jamal orders another drink, Jack comes over. He warns Jamal that he's been hanging around dangerous people. Jamal doesn't care. He told Jack that he's going back to working cons and living on the fast track. The person he became with Alison was a joke.

Ian talks with Amy as he waits for Christina's blood work to come back. He told Amy about the man who kidnapped him and Eve. He is sure Amy must understand since she must have been involved with someone similar in order to wind up in the Witness Protection Program. He assures her that everything will be ok. The troubles she faced in the past made her the woman she is today. Amy begins to sob as Ian tries to comfort her.

Eve witnesses the tender moment between Ian and Amy. When Amy leaves, Eve approaches Ian who tries to assure her that it wasn't what it looked like. Eve doesn't want to hear an explanation. She is angry, but doesn't like the person she has become. In order to avoid any more pain, Eve feels that the marriage needs to end. She told Ian it is over between them.

Kevin is furious when he overhears Paige telling Christina it is alright to let go. Paige tries to explain that she was telling Christina to let go of her fear, not let go of life. Kevin is still suspicious. He informs Paige that Lucy has a gut feeling about her. Paige reminds him about her being in the Witness Protection Program. Kevin wonders if Paige is being protected, or if they need protection from her.

Kevin and Paige continue to argue. Kevin knows something is wrong about her, but he can't seem to put his finger on it. He challenges Paige to look him in the eye and tell the truth. Paige tearfully told Kevin that she wants to, but can't. With this answer, Kevin angrily told Paige to leave and stay out of their lives. He doesn't want her around if she can't be truthful. Paige leaves. In the corridor, she is startled by a flash of light. She checks her watch to see that she only has 3 weeks left.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Annoyed to see Alison and Rafe in a liplock, Livvie strides up and loudly informs her friend that Jamal is self-destructing. As Kevin and Lucy sit vigil beside Christina's hospital bed, the child finally awakens and asks her delighted mother for her doll. Eve tearfully told Ian that although she believes he didn't get physical with Amy it was just as hurtful to watch him turn to another woman for emotional support. Though Ian urges her to reconsider, Eve insists that she's filing for divorce. Livvie bitterly accuses Alison of playing house with her favorite angel while her former lover is in the process of falling apart. Meanwhile, sick of Jamal's angry outbursts, Casey advises him not to take his misery out on the rest of the world. Rafe admits to Alison that he's afraid she'll never come back to him if she went to see her old boyfriend. Ian takes Eve back to the place where they first fell in love in hopes that he'll have one last chance to win her back. Kevin comes to a startling realization about Paige.

Friday, March 8, 2002

At Harris' Compound, Eve and Ian remember learning to trust each other while they were in danger. Ian insists to his wife that 'Anything worth having is worth fighting for.'

Meanwhile, outside the Recovery Room, Alison finds Jamal, who insists on knowing what she wants. When Ali says that she wants to be sure he is OK, Jamal sarcastically told her that gets 10 charity points for her.

Meanwhile, Rafe calls a meeting with Casey, Amy and Paige in the park. Rafe is sure that ONE of them already knows who will fill the Fifth Chair and they are keeping the information away from him.

At the Lighthouse, Kevin remembers how his suspicions grew about Paige. How everyone noticed how YOUNG she looked - how he discovered the strange watch she was hiding. Kevin knows for sure and begins to sketch Paige's face on a new canvass.

Meeting with Jamal, Alison told him that she cares about him and that things don't have to change. Jamal told her that, on the day she was moving out of their apartment to move in with Rafe, Jamal was there to apologize. Alison told him "I still love you, a part of me does.'

But Jamal wants to know if that means that Alison would be willing to give their relationship another try and Alison doesn't answer him right away.

At the Park, the other angels want to know WHY Rafe is suddenly so concerned and Rafe admits that he almost lost Alison and suspects that all three of them have thought about having some say in the matter of who will sit in the Fifth Chair. Then Rafe decides that maybe none of them are worried about WHO will sit in the Fifth Chair because they ALREADY know who will sit there.

Meanwhile, Kevin sketches furiously on a picture of Paige in the Tunnel of Light.

In the Park, Paige insists that RAFE has no right to accuse ANY of them - that they have merely become 'accepting' of things they KNOW they can NOT change. But Rafe points that, for a while, ALL of them were worried about who would sit in the Fifth Chair - but - Suddenly - they are no longer interested. Is it because they ALREADY know? Paige points out that getting involved in the lives of these people was a huge mistake, but Rafe suddenly decides he does NOT truth ANY of them.

At Harris' Compound, as Ian and Eve remember the danger and all of Harris' threats, Ian states that he KNOWS they can get their relationship back if they are BOTH willing to work at it.

At the recovery Room, Jamal says to Ali: 'If it's true, if you love me,'

But Alison stops him: "No, wait. I will always love you and always wish good things for you but I can't tell you what you want to hear - not right now.'

Jamal asks if that means 'We can't go back- basically.' As Alison is trying to tell Jamal that things will eventually be OK, Rafe appears. When Rafe asks how things are going, Jamal insists that 'everything is great,' and that he 'understands' what the situation is.

As Jamal watches Rafe and Alison leave together, he says "Good-bye - Spunky.' As soon as Rafe and Alison are out of view, J. D. and some of his street thugs show up. 'You owe, Woods,' JD told Jamal, 'and we're here to collect.' And they head off to someplace where they 'won't be interrupted.' They beat Jamal up as Casey watches.

At the Lighthouse, Paige arrives, answering Kevin's call. Kevin told her that he can NOT put this behind him, he has sketched her the way she was in the tunnel. Kevin lets Paige know that he has figured out that she was NOT in any Witness Protection Program and that her death was NOT faked - that she IS an angel!

At Harris' Compound, Eve and Ian discuss the painful memories of the time they spent there. Eve admits that she was afraid but that she could tell that Ian was frightened as well and that, as long as they were BOTH scared together, she knew that - somehow - they would be able to overcome whatever Harris threw at them. Ian admits that he is scared now - Scared that she won't be his wife, scared that Danny will grow up in a house without the two of them in it - together. Scared of growing old without Eve. 'In spite of my mistakes,' Ian contends, 'I NEVER stopped loving you!'

Eve admits that she WOULD consider one last try - but, she wonders, 'What if we just let each other down again?' Ian admits that they probably will - but THAT will be NO legitimate reason for ending the relationship.

Meanwhile, alone in the Park, Amy pulls out her necklace with the initials A.H. on it and remembers holding Harris as he died and that he told her that Ian Thornhart killed him. 'Make him pay, Avenge me,' were her father's last words.

'Don't worry, Papa,' Amy vows. 'I haven't forgotten - I NEVER will! Ian Thornhart will suffer. I'll make sure of that and he WILL die. He WILL be the one to sit in that Fifth Chair!

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