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Monday, April 15, 2002

Ian gazes at the stars from the open window of his loft, then picks up Daniel and says; "I think I know what we HAVE to do.'

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Lucy is surprised when Kevin told her that he has invited Ian to stay with them until he gets back on his feet. Then Lucy begins to tell Kevin how Ian's COMFORT candle came from Alison's ancestor Rebecca and, that, when Victor and Mary delivered some charity donations from Amanda Barrington's attic - an old portrait, some clothes, an antique camera and Rebecca's candles - Victor and Mary became so enthralled by one of the candles that they turned into almost-bunny rabbits - right there on the couch! Lucy theorizes that Rebecca's candles are working their magic all over Port Charles at this very moment.

However, at the Scanlon House, Frank is on the floor, gasping for air, while Ricky's DESIRE candle burns on the table. Karen and Ricky move Frank out to the porch so he can get some fresh air and then Karen sends Ricky into the living room for her medical bag. Frank finds out that, away from the candle, he CAN breathe and told Karen he has NO idea what is going on. Karen reminds Frank how she has trusted Frank with details from her past as a stripper and is hurt and shocked that Frank would be able to say the things to her that he did.

In the Barn, as Alison looks at the pink rose Rafe gave to her, she says: "Rafe - you WERE here - You HAD to be!' Just then, Rebecca steps out of her portrait:
REBECCA: 'Pleasant dreams, Sweet Alison?'
ALISON: "It wasn't a dream - was it?'
REBECCA: "You tell me.'

Alison describes for Rebecca how she recognized Rafe and felt him touch her and how they laughed and danced and made love.

ALISON: "It was because of you - because of your candles - that brought him from heaven to me.'
REBECCA: "Don't be silly! Your love is so strong - your belief so intense - my candle was simply the doorway that helped you experience your love for Rafe - in your heart and in your mind. But I don't believe that he was actually here.'
ALISON: "Then explain where this rose came from!' Rebecca appears to be genuinely baffled at the sight of the pink rose.

At the Light House, Kevin is merely amused as Lucy explains how Rebecca and Paige look so much alike in their portraits. Then Lucy told Kevin that she believes the candles are something good and explains the experiences that Ian Victor, Mary - and even CHRIS RAMSEY had with the candles. Lucy explains how CHRIS ended up doing some dirty dancing with a female cop when they didn't even know each other. Then Lucy shows Kevin the WARMTH candle and told about her experience with the candle. Then Lucy informs Kevin that she and Alison plan to go into the candle-making business together.

Meanwhile, Back At the Barn, Rebecca told Alison she doesn't know HOW the rose got there and Alison reminds Rebecca that, since SHE stepped out of a painting, she should realize that ANYTHING can happen. Rebecca explains that she and Alison have a gift and are kindred spirits.

ALISON: 'Does this mean I could bring Rafe back?'
REBECCA: "Well, anything is possible when it comes to love. Maybe Rafe WAS here!'
ALISON: 'I can't believe anyone could ever think you were evil - that's absolutely ridiculous. You represent nothing but beauty and magic...You made it possible for me to see my Rafe again!'
REBECCA: "Oh, Alison! You have to start giving yourself some credit. You believed in the power of your love.'
ALISON: "It was the candle that made this miracle happen.'
REBECCA: "You never did listen to me.'
ALISON: "Why didn't I think about this sooner! Why stand here and talk about Rafe when I can have him here with me?'

But, as Alison lights the LOVE candle to bring Rafe back to her, Rebecca blows the candle out, saying: "I can't let you do that!'

Meanwhile, back at the Light House, as Lucy fills Kevin in on her great plans for the Alison and Lucy Candle Shop, Kevin suggests that the candles SHOULD be analyzed - because there were a LOT of harmful drugs that were legal one hundred years ago that are now known to be dangerous. Lucy insists she believes the candles would NOT have any drugs in them, but is interrupted when Ian and Danny arrive and announce that they are leaving for Ireland.

Meanwhile, Back at the Scanlons', Ricky helps Karen revive Frank. But when Frank went back to the kitchen for a drink of water, Ricky told Karen that he wants to get her out of there and away from Frank. However, Karen defends Frank and told Ricky to leave. In the kitchen, Frank gets another whiff of the candle and is experiencing another episode when Karen returns and is afraid of what she is seeing in front of her.

Back at the Barn, Rebecca told Alison that she is THRILLED the LOVE candle helped Alison connect with Rafe. 'But,' Rebecca cautions Alison, 'when you have a gift like this, it has to be used carefully. When you take something this powerful and use it for personal gain, it's a terrible abuse of a great privilege.'
ALISON: "But isn't that what the candles are for? To make our lives better?'
REBECCA: "Not just YOUR life. There are other people who can benefit - whose lives can be richer and fuller by it. That's why I created the candles. That was always my wish.'

ALISON: "But look what happened to you! People turned against you because of the candles. Maybe we should just make it our little secret.'
REBECCA: 'You know better than that! You said so yourself - this is the time for the candles. This is a brand new century and people are more open-minded - more willing to believe outside of what they normally do.'
ALISON: "But what about my Rafe?'
REBECCA: "All in due time, My Sweet Alison! Our gift carries a great responsibility - it needs to be shared with others. And the truth is that this is the time that I need your help.'
ALISON: "My help?'
REBECCA: "You can help to right a great wrong. You can help fix what was destroyed nearly a century ago. I'm counting on you.'
ALISON: "Tell me how I can help you.'
REBECCA: "You will continue my life's work. Finish what I started. And this time, the people will believe. They'll understand that this CAN be used for good. And maybe, finally, I will be able to rest in peace.'
ALISON: "I could use OUR gift to help people and ALSO help you! Together - we'll change that!'

And Alison begins to make plans with Rebecca to open the candle shop that Lucy talked about, but suddenly remembers that the only thing she actually knows about candles is how to light them!
REBECCA: "It's alright, my sweet. I can teach you everything you need to know.'

Meanwhile, at the Light House, as Lucy tries to convince Ian to stay in Port Charles, Ian replies that he wants Danny to know where his roots are - in Ireland. Realizing she will not be able to change Ian's mind, Lucy gives Ian her WARMTH candle. Outside, as Danny and Ian leave, Ian says to Danny: "We'll be alright, won't we? As long as we have each other. I'm not sure how - but I know we'll be OK.' And Danny looks up, as if he suddenly saw something in the sky.

At the Scanlon House, Frank told Karen that the smell is making his head hurt and it feels like his head is going to explode. Frank suddenly blows out the candle, but Karen insists that she is STILL going to call the hospital, since Frank needs to get checked out. Then Karen jumps all over Frank for the things he said when he threw that blanket at her. Frank apologizes and Karen says: "Don't ever say those things to me again,' as Ricky watches from the Porch.

Back in the barn, Rebecca is teaching Alison how to make the candles and went through her chest of herbs: 'Tears of a Lover, Babies' Breath, Wood Moss, Rose Hips, Sage and Cinnamon and Lavender - All of the purest love.'

Alison begins to pour the candle wax into the mold.

REBECCA: "Careful not to spill any, because if you do, it can alter its affect if it is not done properly.'

Rebecca then told Alison that she always wanted a daughter of her own to share in her work. Then, when Alison has the wax poured into the mold, Rebecca says:
REBECCA: "Now is when the magic comes in. It is not enough to just recite the words - you have to
BELIEVE it with your whole heart and soul.'
ALISON: "I believe.'
REBECCA and ALISON repeat together: 'Breaking free, moving high. Aiming up towards the sky. Floating, soaring - ever on. Days of want are now long gone.' As they repeat the rhyme five times, Rebecca quietly slips back inside her portrait.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Ricky arrives at the Hospital to make sure that Karen is OK following Frank's violent outburst the evening before. Karen assures Ricky that everything is fine, but Ricky does not quite believe her.

Meanwhile, Frank arrives at Kevin's office and admits that he desperately needs Kevin's help.

At Jack's place, Jack calls Alison at the Barn and told her that he needs to talk. In the barn, surrounded by her candles, Alison told Jack that SHE will come to see HIM. Jack then told Livvie that Alison is headed over, but Livvie told Jack that she thinks that maybe Alison would be more interested in talking to Jack if the two of them met alone. As Livvie leaves the house, she says: "You'll thank me for this Alison - someday!'

As Alison gets ready to leave the barn to go see Jack, Rebecca asks her if she thinks that is wise, and Rebecca told Alison: "Be careful whom you trust, Alison. If I've learned anything in this world or the next - it is that not everyone wishes you well. Especially, sometimes, those closest to you.' As Alison told Rebecca that she will be gone just a little while to see a friend and leaves, Rebecca says: "Of course, dear. But what KIND of friend?"

At the Hospital, as Karen defends Frank, Ricky warns her to be careful, telling her about other guys he has seen flip out over nothing. But Karen told Ricky: "The Frank I saw last night was NOT the Frank I know.'
RICKY: "Then WHO was he?'

As they talk, Ricky lets slip that he stuck around after Karen believed he had gone and watched from outside, and Karen is flattered that Ricky watched outside until he knew Karen was safe.

When Alison arrives at Jack's, Jack told Alison about his experience with Rebecca's disappearing image when he developed the picture he took of Alison with the old camera. And that it happened again a second time. But when Alison wants to see the pictures, Jack told her that they disappeared. Then Jack told Alison about Livvie's dream - how Livvie saw Alison trapped by a ring of burning candles, crying out for help. But Alison surprises Jack by telling him that she believes it is LIVVIE who is the one who is flipping out and Alison thinks it is because Livvie went through so much rotten stuff with Caleb. Then Alison told Jack that 'Nana Becca's' candles are GOOD - not evil - that they are WONDERFUL! So Jack suggests that he wants to take a look for himself at all of Rebecca's things.

But Alison quickly turns down his offer, telling that she will NOT let him or anyone else 'persecute Rebecca all over again!'

Meanwhile, Livvie arrives at the barn and, after knocking to make sure that Alison is NOT there, she went in and sees Alison's ring of candles and realizes that they look just like the candles she saw in her dream about Alison being trapped. Then Livvie notices Rebecca's portrait and sees how closely Rebecca DOES resemble Paige. Livvie told the portrait that she can see that Alison has turned the barn into a shrine to Rebecca.

LIVVIE: "Alison has turned this place into a witches' den.'

At the Hospital, as Ricky tries to warn Karen about being alone with Frank, Ricky decides that Karen thinks that Ricky is hanging around to hit on her - but Ricky assures Karen that who he wants is CASEY and Karen - nice as she is - is NOT Casey! But, Ricky continues to warn Karen that, just because Frank has NOT blown a fuse on her yet - it does NOT mean that he would NOT do that at some point in the future. When Karen continues to blow off Ricky's warnings, Ricky gives her his phone number and told her that if she needs him, all she has to do is call him. Karen reassures Ricky that she is positive the same thing will NOT happen again.

Meanwhile, in Kevin's office, Frank told Kevin about coming home and finding Karen about to kiss Ricky. Frank then relates how Karen explained it was nothing and that Ricky left. Then Frank and Karen talked things out and seemed to have it all settled and they started to dance - and then Karen lit the candle. Right after that, Frank started feeling like he was burning up and screamed at Karen and pushed her. Frank admits to Kevin that he called Karen a whore! Kevin asks Frank if there was no clue as to WHAT triggered Frank's reaction and Franks told him he can't think of anything. But Frank wonders WHAT could have made him do that, just as Kevin doodles a picture of the candle that Frank just mentioned.

At Jack's place, Jack points out to Alison: "Rebecca is a portrait! How can anyone persecute a portrait?"

But Alison went on to inform Jack that Rebecca was hounded and persecuted and finally executed for something she simply did NOT do! But when Jack asks how Alison can KNOW that Rebecca did NOT kill that guy, Alison replies: "Because I believe.' Alison went on to admit to Jack that she KNOWS Livvie thinks all of Nana Becca's things are like Caleb, but, Alison insists - there is NOTHING evil about any of Nana Becca's candles or the camera or anything else.

However, Jack continues to press his point with Alison, telling her he believes something is going on here and, whether Alison thinks it's evil or not - after everything they went through with Caleb, Jack feels it's important to look into this. Then Jack reminds Alison that Rebecca put a curse on Port Charles. But Alison asks Jack if he honestly believes that Rebecca was responsible for ALL the bad things that have happened in Port Charles, including Caleb.

Jack told Alison that he is NOT saying Rebecca was a witch, but Alison will need to produce ONE good reason WHY Jack should think Rebecca was NOT a witch! JACK: "If Rebecca has nothing to hide, then it'll become clear when I take a look at all her stuff and that will be the end of it. Let's get to the bottom of this TOGETHER!'

However, in the Barn, Livvie is busy gathering up all of Alison's candles and the rest of Rebecca's things, including her recipe book for the candles , her herbs and blanket and even the LOVE candle. Livvie told the portrait: "I'm getting rid of you - Rebecca. For good!'

At the Hospital, Ricky leaves, reminding Karen to call him if Frank becomes a problem. Frank arrives then and told Karen that he has had a chance to speak to Kevin and, as Frank and Karen kiss, Frank promises that he is going to do whatever it takes to make it all up to Karen. But, Ricky, overhearing Frank's promise, says: "We'll see about that!'

Back in Kevin's office, Kevin remembers Frank's candle story, and then begins to put it together with Ian's testimony about the COMFORT candle at Eve's Memorial. Then Lucy's story about a candle that turned Victor and Mary into bunny rabbits and produced a strange reaction in Chris. 'One by one, everyone felt empowered by a feeling, something that they could NOT stop - after being around a - CANDLE!' Kevin immediately dials Lucy and asks her over because they need to talk about the Candle Shop she is planning to open with Alison.

Meanwhile, back at the barn, Livvie says: "Almost everything. Enough Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble to start a bonfire. And that will be the end of you!' Outside, in a burning trash barrel, Livvie puts in the LOVE candle, Rebecca's Book of Recipes and her blanket, just as Alison and Jack arrive!
ALISON: "Hey! Stop!'
LIVVIE: "Alison?!'
JACK: "What are you...?'
LIVVIE: "I'm saving you, Alison.'
JACK: "No. Livvie!' vLIVVIE: "NO! I won't let Rebecca win!'
ALISON: "NO! Livvie! No!'

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Before Chris can step into the elevator, he is pulled in by his arresting officer, the policewoman he met at the Recovery Room. He thought she had forgotten all about their encounter, but apparently she had been thinking of nothing else. She leads him into an unoccupied room where she already has the purple candle burning.

Rafe is summoned to Ed's office where Ed chastises him for leaving the rose for Alison. Ed emphasizes that Rafe's time on earth is finished. He will never be with Alison again and it's time to move on and get back to angel work. Rafe begs for just 15 minutes more to spend with Alison. Just enough time to say a proper good-bye. Rafe says he will do anything, anything it takes to get that opportunity.

Alison is distraught as she watches Rebecca's candle, recipes, and potions burn in Livvie's bonfire. She pleads with Livvie to understand that the candles are an innocent pastime, not evil at all. Livvie is determined to wipe out any remnants of witchcraft. As Livvie went to throw the rose onto the fire, Alison cries no, the flower was from Rafe. Livvie tries to explain to Alison that she is mixing magic with reality. Livvie doesn't want Alison to suffer the same way that she did when Caleb was in town. As they wrestle for the rose, a wooden beam falls on Livvie. She is unhurt, but sees it as a sign. Livvie can't understand why no one is listening to her warnings.

After Livvie and Jack leave, Alison is left alone at the barn. As Alison holds the rose, she remembers her last moments with Rafe. Rebecca appears and told Alison not to worry. She knows all the recipes and incantations by heart. Rebecca vows that they will still have their candle shop because it is their destiny.

Kevin asks Lucy not to open the candle shop with Alison. He senses that there is something not quite right about them. Kevin told her that one of his patients had an adverse reaction after lighting one of the candles. After all the vampires, angels, and witchcraft, Kevin fears Port Charles is turning into the "Bermuda Triangle." Livvie and Jack come in to the office. Livvie told her dad about everything that is going on with Alison and how she is afraid of what will happen if Alison continues her fascination with Rebecca.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

At the Scanlon House, Karen is surprised when she comes home from work and finds that Frank has prepared a romantic, candlelit dinner for her, which Frank says is a 'Make Up Dinner' because he acted like a louse before. Frank promises that tonight will be a whole new start for them.

Meanwhile, at Jack's place, Jamal and Jack are using a computer to research Rebecca. JACK: "Livvie's fighting evil. Alison is in some barn, inhaling candles. And I have a camera that takes pictures of people who disappear.'
JAMAL: "Yeah. And a witch --- Maybe!

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Livvie gets up after spending the night with her Dad - and Kevin told her that she has been asleep for fourteen hours. As Livvie talks with her father, she confides that she thinks that what Jack is beginning to think is that Livvie is crazy - like her mother. But Livvie told her father, Livvie believes that SHE is the only one who can see the danger coming - and no one will listen to her warnings! But, when Livvie asks Kevin if HE thinks a person who went around torching her best friend's things is disturbed, Kevin surprises her by telling her that he does NOT think she is crazy!

Meanwhile, in the Barn/Candle Shop, Rebecca is helping Alison put the finishing touches on some candles when Lucy arrives - and Rebecca disappears back into her picture. Lucy is surprised to find that Livvie has already turned the barn into a candle shop - complete with newly made candles - and that she apparently did it overnight. When Lucy mentions that Livvie said the barn was in a shambles, Alison gently suggests that Livvie was exaggerating. Alison told Lucy that she had some help from a friend, then quickly changes the subject.

At the Light House, as Livvie and Kevin talk about Alison, Lucy and the candles, Livvie is surprised that Lucy was planning to go into business with Alison at the Candle Shop. Livvie decides she should go apologize to Alison and Kevin decides he needs to go with her.

At the Scanlon House, Frank and Karen prepare for dinner and Frank apologizes to Karen for his strange behavior and as Frank is telling Karen how much she means to him, he decides to set the mood by lighting a few candles, INCLUDING Ricky's DESIRE candle - which Frank puts in the middle of the table. As Frank asks Karen to become his wife - at the word WIFE - the candle flares up momentarily and then Frank begins to seem to be having a problem breathing.

Meanwhile, in the Barn/Candle Shop, Lucy asks about Alison's friend, but Alison distracts Lucy when she shows Lucy that she already has a newly made sign for the shop and will be calling the shop 'The Pink Rose.' In explaining to Lucy how she decided to call the Candle Shop The Pink Rose, Alison remembers her brief moments with Rafe in her dream. However, when Lucy unexpectedly asks WHY Rafe left so suddenly, Alison quickly changes the subject. Lucy went on to inform Alison that Kevin thinks the candles should be tested and Alison told Lucy that she does NOT want to make any waves between Lucy and Kevin. But, Alison assures Lucy, there is NOHING in the candles that could hurt anyone.

Outside, as Alison hangs her sign, Lucy grabs a nearby Polaroid camera and snaps a picture of Alison hanging the sign - but does NOT look at the picture. When Lucy wonders what kind of advertising campaign they will need to make it possible for people to find The Candle Shop In the Barn, Alison told Lucy that she thought the candles would probably speak for themselves. Just as Alison says that, people suddenly show up, asking for the LOVE candles and wanting advice on the appropriate candles for gifts.

As Lucy and Alison begin to take care of the sudden influx of customers, Kevin and Livvie arrive and are shocked to see Alison and Lucy apparently doing a thriving business.

Meanwhile, back at the Scanlon House, as Frank proposes to Karen, when Karen says yes, Frank brought out the ring - which is a perfect fit. However, when Karen suggests they forget about making dinner and just make love instead, Frank suddenly backs away, seeing Karen in a skimpy red nightie and Frank told her: "Whatever made you think I would marry a slut like you?"

Back at Jack's place, as Jamal and Jack talk about Jack's camera, Jamal suggests that the disappearing images are like taking a picture of a ghost. They both think the key to the puzzle is something so simple that they have overlooked it, and Jack observes: "This is Port Charles. It has GOT to be something that does NOT make sense!'

One of the newspaper articles the boys look at says that a photographer named Peter John Walker was supposed to take the picture of Rebecca after she was hung, but he couldn't do it because his camera wouldn't work. Jack finds the name Peter John Walker etched in the bottom of the camera HE has. 'But how did a camera that took pictures AFTER Rebecca died, end up in her possession - unless Rebecca took it AFTER she was dead!'

When Livvie realizes the Candle Shop is back and filled with even more of Rebecca's candles after Livvie trashed the place, Livvie loudly accuses Alison of having used magic to recover so much - so quickly! Livvie then begins taking candles away from the customers. Livvie insists that she will be able to prove that the candles ARE dangerous if she can only light one.

As Frank envisions Karen in a skimpy red shortie-nightgown, Karen asks Frank to listen to her. But he calls her a tramp who takes her clothes off and uses her body. When Karen told Frank that he needs help, Frank says he does NOT need help from trash like Karen and, as Karen moves toward the door to leave, Frank suddenly blocks her way and asks her if she is going out to meet one of her customers.

As Jack and Jamal continue to comb through old newspaper articles, Jack suddenly notices that Rebecca's Candle Shop was on the very spot where the Barn is built now. Right where Alison is suddenly spending ALL of her time. Jamal decides that they MUST get Alison OUT of the Barn!

Meanwhile, back at the Candle Shop, when Livvie asks to prove her point by lighting one of Alison's candles, Alison volunteers the TRUST candle - since it appears to be something Livvie is having a bit of a problem with just then. But Livvie presses her point, asking where Alison is hiding the candles with names like trouble, anger or hate! As Livvie complains that she destroyed the candles but now there are more candles than ever before, she walks outside the Barn, and observes that she is afraid that no one will listen to her until it is too late.

As Livvie leaves, Lucy suggests to Kevin that maybe it is LIVVIE - instead of Alison - who is having the meltdown.

After Kevin and Lucy leave, Rebecca suddenly appears beside Alison and told her great-great-great-granddaughter that she believes it is just like it was before - people keep bringing their doubts and darkest fears into the Shop. Rebecca warns Alison that they need to keep Livvie and Kevin out of the shop or she will be 'very sorry - maybe we both will!'

Friday, April 19, 2002

At the Scanlon House, Frank is still under the spell of Ricky's DESIRE candle and calls Karen a whore. As Frank demands to have his ring back, Frank keeps seeing Karen in a skimpy red nightgown and told her that he won't let her go out the door dressed like that: "You look like a piece -- You think I don't know what I'm feeling? You think I don't know what I'm looking at? ' As Frank grabs Karen's hand to get his ring back, Karen begs him to call Kevin. Karen rips the ring off her hand and hands it back to Frank, but he knocks it out of her hand and across the room, saying: 'You tramp! Marrying you would have been the worst mistake I ever made.'

Meanwhile, back in heaven, Rafe is hard at work at the Conscience Angel desk, when Ed shows up for a visit.

Jamal and Jack arrive at Alison's Candle Shop to tell Alison that they plan to take her away from there because they think she is losing herself there. Alison asks: "You and what army?'

Back in heaven, Rafe makes another plea to Ed to let him go back and keep Alison from making a major mistake as she tries to reach out to Rafe. Ed told Rafe that Rafe should have NEVER gotten involved with Alison. But Rafe told Ed that he believes that loving someone else with your whole heart can NOT be wrong!

At the Candle Shop, Alison refuses to listen to Jack and Jamal and Jamal can't resist reminding Alison that Rafe made her fall in love with him and then just split, leaving her all alone. When Alison orders them both to leave her Shop, Jamal grabs her and hustles her out the door. When they are gone, Jack brought out the antique camera to take pictures of the Candle Shop/Barn. `

Back at the Scanlon House, Karen told Frank that his behavior has GOT to stop. But Frank replies: "I know there's only one way you will ever face up to just how evil and sick and obscene...'
KAREN: "Leave me alone. I don't want to hear any of this!'
FRANK: "I don't care what you want. After the way you used your body, twisting my mind - corrupting me - and every other man you have ever known.'
KAREN: "Frank - what are you talking about?'
FRANK: "And there have been a LOT of other men - haven't there, Karen?'
KAREN: "Frank - look at me.'
FRANK: "Even the sight of you.'
KAREN: 'You're having some kind of attack or breakdown, Frank!'
FRANK: "Attack? You want to see what an attack looks like...' (As Frank advances toward her in a menacing way, Karen throws the DESIRE candle at him - and the candle went out.)
KAREN: "Get Away. I swear to God, I'll......'
FRANK: "You'll what, you little whore? You want to throw things? I'll show you. I'll teach you how....'

Frank suddenly begins to find himself back in the present and he can see that Karen is crying, and cowering in a corner. Frank starts to come out of the spell but a frightened Karen screams at him to stay away from her. Frank rushes out and Karen rushes to lock the kitchen door behind him. When Frank has gone, Karen calls her Dad - Scott. And then Kevin. But she has no luck. She begins to call Eve - but remembers that Eve is dead. Then Karen remembers that Ricky gave her his telephone number and immediately calls Ricky, begging him to come get her.

At the Candle Shop, as he snaps pictures of the interior, Jack finds the Polaroid picture Lucy took of Alison under her new 'The Pink Rose' sign and decides to take it along with him. Jack decides to take one more picture, but notices a sudden chill in the room. Jack decides it is time to go home and heads for the door as he hears the eerie cry of an owl outside. But Jack just can NOT resist taking one more picture and, as Jack raises the camera, he sees a faint image of Rebecca, walking across the room in front of him. But she has disappeared by the time he lowers the camera.

In heaven, as Rafe and Ed argue, Rafe told Ed that Ed doesn't know much about love, but Rafe can TELL Alison is involved in something over her head and begs Ed to let Rafe go help her. But Rafe says he can NOT help Rafe: "If I could, I would. This is over my head. I can't help you this time.'

(As they talk, there is a door on the other side of the room that has 'Danger, Do Not Enter' printed in bold, red letters across it.)

Rafe suddenly shouts at Ed: 'You and your rules can just go to hell - got it?'
ED: "Got it. Just sorry to hear you say it!'

Meanwhile, Jamal has taken Alison to Jack's old room behind the Bike Shop. Alison accuses Jamal of being angry that she is still in love with Rafe. Jamal admits that he DOES find it painful to watch the way she has dealt with the way that Rafe dumped her and just took off - by closing herself off from her friends and hiding out in a barn with a bunch of old stuff.

Suddenly appearing calmer, Alison admits that she knows Jamal IS just trying to help and promises that she will listen to what he has to say. But, first, she needs to splash some water on her face and maybe take an aspirin.

When Alison returns to the room, her hands are behind her back and, as he talks, Jamal starts to yawn, blink his eyes and nod. As Jamal tries to talk, his words begin to trail off and he went to sleep.

Alison produces the DEEP-SLEEP candle she has been hiding behind her back and leaves the candle beside the sleeping Jamal, saying: 'Sweet dreams. Wow...It rally DOES work - just like you said it would, Rebecca!'

Meanwhile, at the Scanlon House, Karen paces the floor as she waits for Ricky to come, and when he gets there, Karen is happy to see him. As Karen prepares to leave the Scanlon House with Ricky, she says: "It can't ever be the same again. It can't!'

But, as Ricky and Karen leave by the kitchen door, Frank comes in from the dining room. (The other candles he lit are STILL burning!) Frank wonders: "What's happening to me?'

Meanwhile, in his Dark Room, Jack watches the pictures he took at the Candle Shop develop, and is not having much luck until one picture shows Rebecca, standing under a sign saying: 'The Pink Rose' - which looks EXACTLY the same as the sign that Alison had made up. Jack compares Rebecca's picture to the Polaroid photo Lucy took of Alison, and Jack concludes: 'Alison is living her great-great-great-grandmother's life all over again!'

Alison returns to the Candle Shop, told Rafe that she is back and she will NEVER leave again. 'No one will keep us apart,' Alison promises, concluding that they'll be together even if it is only in her dreams. Alison lights the LOVE candle and says: 'Rafe!! Please come to me. By the power of the love that Rebecca has poured into this candle; and by the power of the love that is in my heart and in my soul. With all of my might -- Rafe - I'm begging - I'm begging you -- Please come back to me. Just come to me. Please - Just come to me. '

As Alison finishes speaking, Rafe receives a call on his Conscience Phone, which surprises him, because he believes it to be a one-way-only phone for OUT-going calls only. But, when Rafe answers the phone, a voice on the other end urges Rafe to 'Open the Door!' Rafe looks up and notices that the sign saying "Danger - Do Not Enter' has disappeared. The voice went on to say that 'Even angels have free will.' Rafe thinks it's a test, but the voice on the other end says: 'Open the door, and you will have ALL your answers!' As Rafe opens the door, he finds himself in another room that is all white, but has one corner that is pitch black. As Rafe tries to see who the other person on the end of the phone line is, James, the Morley family's hatchet man, steps out of the shadows and invites Rafe to join him. James asks if Rafe would be interested and willing to make a deal.

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