Y&R's Jeanne Cooper out of ICU

Posted Friday, April 19, 2013 1:07:36 PM
Y&R's Jeanne Cooper out of ICU

The Young and the Restless' Jeanne Cooper has been moved out of the ICU, according to her son, actor Corbin Bernsen. The Emmy-winning Cooper joined the Y&R cast in 1973.

The Young and the Restless' Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) has been moved from the intensive care unit of a Los Angeles hospital, and doctors are "cautiously optimistic" about the actress' recovery. Cooper was admitted to the hospital over the weekend due to an infection.

"Good news continues for my mom as I believe she is being moved out of ICU to a more 'comfortable' room. I was able to Face Time with her today and I can't tell you how amazing it was to speak to her and hear her voice! Her sense of humor was intact, the greatest sign of all," Cooper's son, Corbin Bernsen (ex-Todd, Y&R; ex-John Durant, General Hospital), posted in an update on Facebook.

Bersen also took time acknowledge the recent tragedies in Boston and in West, Texas, and to dispel the notion that he had exaggerated his mother's condition.

"I want to take a moment here to express something that -- as usual -- I'm at a bit of a loss for words for. So much of my reporting to you in the last week has been a sincere effort to convey her status and progress. And with your magnificent, steady prayers she has, day by day, improved. Yet still I feel a bit guilty," Bernsen added. "I mean, with all the other suffering going on, it's hard to celebrate this miraculous recovery. Also, about that, her extraordinary recovery... I've looked back over the posts because I wanted to make sure that I have been truthful and accurate. I know for a fact she was in extreme, life threatening danger that was even made more clear to me than perhaps I let on. But then, she did improve, steadily and somewhat defied the extent of the terrible news I was delivering. I want to make sure no one misinterprets this as my 'making more of it than it actually was.' I can guarantee you that wasn't the case. Her recover[y] has been nothing short of 'miraculous' and very quick considering everything. That will be, if all continues in this fantastic way, the legacy of this... the effect of prayer and the ability for miracles. As always I want to close with making sure I'm accurate once again and letting you know that which I've been told... remain cautiously optimistic."

Bersen ended his post by thanking Cedars Sinai hospital and noting that his updates on Cooper's status would be less regular now that his mother's condition has improved.

Jeanne Cooper joined the cast of The Young and the Restless in 1973 and quickly established herself as a force in daytime television. Cooper was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2004 Daytime Emmys. Four years later, Cooper won the Outstanding Lead Actress trophy and issued her memorable quip, "Oh, dear. High definition or not high definition. I tell ya, it's a bitch, isn't it?"

In addition to her Emmy win, Cooper has nine other Daytime Emmy nominations.

Cooper also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1993.

"Mom is doing remarkably well. In her own room now and I just spoke to her, with clear 'I love you's' going back and forth. I know she's not thrilled about any of this... if you know her, followed her over the years, or have read her book, you know she's ready to get back into the world and kick some ass," Bernsen posted on Sunday, April 21.

To read the original story on Cooper's hospitalization, please click here.

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