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Drucilla Barber met Neil Winters for the first time. Clint suffered a bullet wound while trying to save Brock from a gunman. Esther was concerned about Katherine's unusual behavior. Cassandra agreed to divorce Brad on his terms.
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Drucilla Barber met Neil Winters for the first time
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Wednesday, February 13, 1991

From his office at Newman Enterprises, Victor phoned Jill Abbott and asked her to stop by his office. Jill said she would. After Jill hung up, she was elated and said aloud to herself, "This is it. Oh, God, this is it. I can feel it. He's going to give me Brad's job. He must have decided against Jack, and he's offering the position to me. What else could it be?" Jill checked her makeup in her compact mirror and said to herself, "You did it. You made it. Who would've ever thought that Jill Foster would one day be working for the great Victor Newman?"

Jill looked regal in a fitted red ensemble when she entered Victor's office. Before Victor could speak, Jill said, "May I just say how proud I am to be a part of Newman Enterprises?" Jill added that she was aware that Jack had also wanted the position, so she was thrilled to be selected over him. Victor interrupted and explained that Brad Carlton wasn't leaving Newman Enterprises, so the position was no longer open. Jill was devastated. Victor said Brad had decided not to join his wife at Ra-Tech after all. Victor acknowledged that he'd seriously considered Jill for the job, and he encouraged her to hold out hope for the future. Jill seemed encouraged by Victor's praise.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine wandered nervously around her living room. Esther took notice and approached Katherine. Esther startled Katherine when she asked if Katherine was all right. Katherine explained that she was distracted. Esther replied, "You seem awfully nervous." Katherine insisted she was just distracted and apologized after snapping at Esther. Before Katherine stepped away, she made Esther promise to stop asking questions.

Esther spotted Katherine's husband, Rex Sterling, ascending the staircase and called out to him. Whispering, Esther shared her concerns about Katherine. Rex offered to check on Katherine. Rex entered the living room and asked Katherine if she was still upset over the fight with his daughter, Gina. Katherine and Rex had also argued after Katherine and Gina had exchanged harsh words. Now thinking more clearly, Rex agreed that Clint Radison was the worst human being on earth, though Gina would never heed his warning about the man.

At Gina Roma's loft apartment, located above her eponymously named restaurant, Brock Reynolds, Katherine's son, questioned Clint Radison. Gina stood in front of Clint and begged Brock to believe that Clint had changed. Brock said Gina was allowing her love for Clint to interfere with her better judgment because she was harboring a convicted felon and fugitive from the law. Brock addressed Clint and said that if he really loved Gina, he wouldn't put her in such a position. Brock warned Gina that Clint was using her just like he'd done before. Clint replied, "No, man, you are wrong. I am in love with Gina. God knows that I am."

Brock warned Gina that Clint would hide his true colors until it was time for him to take off again and leave her behind. Clint disagreed. Brock asked Clint if he intended to take Gina along when he moved from town to town for the rest of their lives to hide from the police. Brock warned Clint that he'd eventually drag Gina down with him after his luck ran out. Clint said he understood why Brock hated him so much. Brock took a few steps toward Clint and said, "You kidnapped my mother. You held her captive for months. You put her life in jeopardy. You put an impostor in her house, and because of that, her marriage was destroyed." Clint begged Brock to give him a chance to prove that he was a changed man. Brock explained that he'd have to contact the police to ensure his mother's and Gina's safety.

After Brock left, Gina embraced Clint and cried, "Oh, my God." Clint said he understood why Brock didn't believe he'd changed and feared there was nothing he could do to prove it, especially while he was on the run from the police. Gina made Clint promise he'd take her along and cried, "We're in this together. I'm your wife." Clint vowed to stay in town and face what he had done. While Gina was begging Clint not to turn himself in, he gazed out the window and saw a man with a gun following Brock. Clint rushed downstairs to the alley.

Before Clint could intervene, a robber pointed a gun and Brock and demanded his money, his watch, and anything else he had. The man roughed up Brock and became increasingly violent when he learned that Brock only had thirty dollars. Brock assured the man he had nothing else. The man aimed his gun at Brock and said, "You know what happens to stinking liars?" The man pulled the trigger just before Clint exited the fire escape. Brock was struck by a bullet. Clint grabbed the weapon before the man could fire a second bullet at Brock. The gun went off a second time. Both Clint and the robber fell to the ground. The robber didn't move.

Clint suffered a bullet wound though the palm of his hand. Brock lay unconscious on one side of the alley. The robber lay motionless nearby on the other side. Clint panicked and ran down the alleyway. Gina stepped out and called out to Clint. Noticing Brock on the ground, Gina yelled to onlookers to summon help. Gina hovered over Brock and examined his wound.

After Brock was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, Gina, her hands covered in blood, clutched Brock's hat. A police officer placed her jacket around Gina's shoulders and said, "Are you Gina Roma?" Another officer asked Gina if she'd seen what had happened. Gina mumbled that the attack had been over by the time she'd entered the alley and found Brock injured. Gina explained that Brock Reynolds was Katherine Chancellor's son. Gina gave no other details. One woman said she had seen the whole attack, had heard two gunshots, and had seen another man knock over the gunman. A police officer noted that Brock had been struck by one bullet. The woman said the man who'd attempted to stop the robbery had run away.

Katherine remained distressed and paced about the room, straightening décor on the mantel that didn't need straightening. Rex entered and served Katherine a cup of what he called stress-relieving tea. Katherine took a sip and said she was glad Rex was no longer angry at her. Rex admitted he'd been upset after hearing Katherine argue with Gina, especially because his daughter looked to Katherine for support. Katherine replied, "Well, I'm afraid I can't support her in certain areas, Rex." Rex agreed and was disappointed because Gina thought she was in love with Clint. Rex cried, "If I ever catch that pig, I'll kill him. Let's hope the police catch him soon. The sooner we all forget about Clint Radison, the better off we're all going to be."

After Rex left, the phone rang. Katherine set down her teacup and walked to the desk to answer the call. A nurse from Genoa City Memorial broke the news that Brock had been brought in for treatment of a gunshot wound. The nurse told Katherine she should get to the hospital as soon as possible. Katherine begged the nurse to do everything possible and not let anything happen to her son. After Katherine hung up, she cried, "Who? Who would want to shoot my son? Who would want to shoot Brock? Who would dare? Clint!" Distraught, Katherine threw an object across the room and angrily yelled out Clint's name.

At Jabot, Drucilla Barber sorted through dozens of pieces of mail and set down a few envelopes on John Abbott's desk. When John greeted Dru, she was so distracted, she didn't initially hear his greeting. Dru was upset and explained that no one could help her with her troubles. John promised he'd keep whatever Dru had to say confidential. Dru admitted that she "kind of liked Nathan." Dru said she'd hoped to push things along, so she'd asked Nathan Hastings to show her how to dance under the ruse of needing to learn to slow dance for a date with her man.

Striving to sound innocent, Dru explained to John that everything had been going well until Nathan had asked to meet her date by arranging a double date. John replied, "And there is no guy?" Dru fanned herself with an envelope and cried that she had to find a man before 8:00 p.m. John encouraged Dru to back out of the double date by claiming her partner couldn't make it. Dru explained that Nathan's date, Olivia, believed Dru was trying to move in on her man. Dru said she didn't want to confirm Olivia's suspicions.

At the hospital, Nathan Hastings entered Olivia's office and asked her if she was still upset with him. Olivia, frustrated, explained that Dru didn't have a boyfriend, and if she did, she would have asked him to teach her to dance. Olivia added that Dru knew how to manipulate men because she'd made up an entire story to get Nathan to put his arms around her. Nathan said he'd prove Olivia wrong if she'd be his date and join Dru and her boyfriend for dinner and dancing. Nathan said he was looking forward to seeing the guy. Olivia, sounding pensive, replied that she was, too.

As Dru was walking down a hallway, she bumped into Neil Winters. Dru yelled that Neil should have been watching where he was going. Neil explained that he was in a hurry to join a meeting. Dru demanded that Neil help her pick up and re-sort her bundle of mail. Exasperated by Dru's bold manner and commanding bossiness, Neil said, "Who are you?" Dru replied, "I'm Drucilla Barber. I work here."

Neil checked his watch and said he had only a second to help before heading to a meeting with John Abbott. Neil said he wanted to make a good impression and didn't want to be late. Dru explained that she was also under pressure to make an impression, and she asked Neil to be her date to a dance. Dru added, "It's important, man. My future could depend on this." After Neil learned it would be a double date, Dru explained that she and Neil would have to pretend to "be tight" and act as if they'd been dating for weeks, so Neil would have to make their relationship seem real.

Neil correctly guessed that Dru's intention was to make the other guy jealous. Neil agreed to accompany Dru. She demanded Neil first prove he could slow dance. Dru hummed while Neil took her in his arms and danced. Neil said he felt ridiculous. After a while, Dru said, "Okay, you'll do." Dru ordered Neil to meet her at Gina's at 8:00 p.m. Neil replied, "I don't know why, but I'll be there." As Neil walked away, Dru said, "Hey, what's your name?" Neil replied, "Neil. Neil Winters."

Brad phoned Cassandra Rollins and asked if he could stop by her place. Cassandra was eager to talk when Brad arrived. Brad interrupted and said he'd consulted an attorney about obtaining an annulment or a divorce and would choose whichever was quicker. Cassandra seemed crushed. Brad warned Cassandra that if she fought him, the newspapers would have a field day. Brad explained that he'd prefer to have what had happened between them left unsaid and unpublished. Cassandra looked crestfallen when Brad added that he'd like for them to part ways with a little dignity.

Cassandra asked Brad if he'd definitely made up his mind and suggested he think things over. Brad replied, "Oh, believe me. I have done a lot of thinking -- about tainted Champagne, a phony flight attendant, a farce of a wedding, lies, deception, conspiracy." Cassandra begged Brad to consider the passion they shared and the incredible life they could have together. Brad replied, "I want out of this marriage now." Cassandra told Brad that with her business and his vision, they could build an empire together. Brad replied, "What makes you believe I want to build an empire?" Cassandra said she knew Brad was as ambitious as he was attractive and had tired of jokes about being a gardener who trimmed hedges.

Brad said things might have been different had they progressed naturally. Brad reminded Cassandra that she'd tricked him into a marriage only she had wanted. Brad added, "Look, Cassandra, you're one hell of a woman, but you're not the woman for me." Cassandra agreed to divorce Brad on his terms. Before Brad left, he turned back and said, "Cassandra, I'm sorry." Cassandra said she was sorry, too. After Brad left, Cassandra slumped against the wall, and tears welled in her eyes.

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