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Brad told Ashley that he would give her full custody of Abby if she stayed at home full-time. Kevin used Lauren's cell phone to obtain Scotty's phone number. Michael prepared to introduce himself to Scotty. Vinny spotted Nikki hiding at the club.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 18, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, July 18, 2005

A badly beaten J.T. points his gun at Bobby. When Paul comes in and finds them fighting, Bobby grabs the gun out of J.T.'s hands. Paul notices Vinny reaching for his gun. Paul takes J.T. away.

Brittany is looking at pictures of her and Bobby when J.T. and Paul enter the loft. She is shocked to see J.T. all beat up. J.T. explains that it was a plan, and it worked. Brittany is thankful to have such a good friend like J.T.

Vinny is impressed with Bobby's behavior toward J.T. He says that although he still doubts him, he's getting closer to getting back into his good graces.

Phyllis visits Daniel before they take him away to a juvenile center. Daniel tells Phyllis that he is sure now that he wasn't driving. She asks Daniel why a 14-year-old girl would want to drive Daniel home. Daniel explains that Cassie how told Lily that she would help Daniel out. She didn't realize at the time that she meant she would drive Daniel home. Daniel hopes that when the police look at the car they notice that the seat was pulled up close to the steering wheel. When Weber takes Daniel away, Phyllis tries to give Daniel a hopeful look.

Drucilla and Devon are overjoyed to see Lily. Neil says that they are only there for Lily to shower and change. She then has to go to the police department for booking. Lily thinks she won't be there long once they prove that Daniel wasn't driving. Drucilla wonders if the story could possibly be true. When Drucilla and Neil take Lily to the police and Lily is taken away, Dru is devastated. She sees Phyllis and they begin arguing about their children.

Brad goes to Victor and thanks him for the position. Victor wonders if Brad would sell his interest in Jabot. Brad asks Nick when he thinks he will be returning to Newman.

Nikki is surprised to hear that Victor had decided, along with Sharon and Victoria, to hire Brad. She doesn't think hiring Brad is something Victor would do after everything they went through in the past. Nikki also tells Victor that she wants to do anything they can to help get Sharon and Nick back on solid ground.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jack and Phyllis are at the police station, waiting for them to bring Daniel out, where Phyllis informs him Jack that Victoria fired her from Newman Enterprises. While they are waiting, Phyllis tells Jack she's sure the tests will prove that Daniel wasn't driving; Jack tells her it's not going to be that easy to prove, but Phyllis informs him that Christine has hired one of the best forensic specialists to go over the car. Phyllis feels sure proof will be found that Daniel wasn't driving the car. An officer then brings Daniel out in handcuffs and shackles.....he and Phyllis embrace. Daniel is sad to see his mother so upset, but Jack assures him that he will always take care of Phyllis. They talk for a brief time, and the officer then comes to take Daniel back to his cell.

Chris and Paul are at the office going over the accident report and the eye witness reports, etc. Chris looks at the pictures of the car and is shocked that the car is in such horrible condition. Paul takes a look and is immediately concerned about being able to get evidence from the mangled car. Chris notes that there's no forensic reports, but Paul says it wasn't necessary because at the time of the accident, it was not a crime scene. Paul then leaves to go see the forensics specialist.

Brad and Abby come into the restaurant at the Genoa City Athletic Club where Ashley is there waiting for them. Brad informs Ashley that he has accepted Victoria's offer to work at Newman Enterprises; which upsets Ashley.

Sharon, Nick and Noah then enter the restaurant. Noah immediately spots Abby and her parents. Abby sees Noah too.....she comes over to the table and greets Sharon and Nick. Sharon invites Abby to come to the ranch again some time. She returns to her parents' table.

Brad and Ashley's conversation continues. As Ashley gazes over at Sharon, she asks Brad if Sharon had anything to do with him getting the job at Newman. Ashley tells Brad she wants to have Abby full-time. Brad says it's fine....but over the summer only.

Sharon tells Nick about his mother's idea about them moving away from the ranch and buying another house and starting fresh. Nick says he definitely doesn't want to leave their house and leave all the memories of Cassie behind. They then begin talking about going to the lake and agree to take Noah there today, but then Nick's cell phone rings. It's Victor requesting that Nick meet him at the ranch. Nick immediately cancels plans for the lake and assures Noah they will go another time. Nick leaves, and Sharon becomes pensive and gazes into space.....little Noah tenderly takes her hand. Sharon and Noah go over and say goodbye to Ashley, Brad and Abby. Sharon tells them that she and Noah are going to the lake by themselves, without Nick. Immediately after they leave, Brad and Abby also leave.

District Attorney Glenn Richards has come to the Newman ranch at Victor's request, where Victor inquires when Daniel's trial is to take place. Victor is basically requesting that he speed up Daniel's trial. He wants the trial moved up sooner, so the family can bring closure to this tragedy and begin the healing process. Mr. Richards assures Victor that they are on the same side but says Christine needs time to prepare her defense. Victor is successful in convincing the District Attorney that since this is a case of drunk driving that it should be expedited. Glenn Richards agrees and will make the request.

The Winters family, including Devon, are still at home having breakfast, where Dru informs Neil that Brad will be working at Newman Enterprises. Both Lily and Devon say they are not hungry. Lily's parents suggest she call some of her friends and get out, but she's too worried about Daniel. Neil wants to know why Devon is upset too. Neil is told that Devon went to see his birth mother. After Devon and Lily leave the room, Neil tells Dru that he's actually worried about Lily's emotional state if Daniel ends up being convicted. Dru tells him more about Devon going to find his birth mother, including the fact that she caught him in her purse trying to take money to give to his mother. Dru admitted that she herself went to the park to talk to her, and actually found her, but she was, of course, high.

Devon goes into Lily's room and tells her he is glad she's finally home. He tells her he's going out somewhere but refuses to tell her where. She reminds him that they don't keep secrets from each other, but Devon cites that she kept a huge secret from him when she decided to run off with Daniel.

Neil stops Devon on his way out, wanting to talk to him more about going to see his mother. Neil discourages him from stirring up the past and confronts him over the money. Devon defends his mother. He discusses the problem of addiction with Devon, who is still determined to be there for his mother and offer her help. Neil explains that the person has to first want to be helped and cannot be forced. Devon reminds Neil that his own family didn't abandon him during his fight with alcoholism, and he refuses to abandon his mother.

While this is going on, Dru goes to talk to Lily in her room. Lily begs her mother to call Phyllis and see how Daniel is doing.....Dru refuses. Lily again insists Daniel is telling the truth. Lily admits to Dru that she's in love with Daniel.

Glenn Richards pays a visit to Chris and informs her that the case will be moved up. She protests, telling him that she needs time in which to prepare the case and for the forensics tests to be completed. Mr. Richards sternly informs her to be aware that the case will now be on the fast track.

Nick arrives at the ranch to meet his father. Victor informs him about his meeting with Glenn Richards and that he will make every effort to speed up Daniel's trial. Victor expresses to Nick that he's very worried about him and Sharon. Nick admits he feels very guilty about letting Cassie go out that night, as she was grounded. Victor stresses that Nick should definitely not blame himself, that it was a decision that Cassie made. Nick opens up and informs him of Cassie's last words.....which were that she wanted him to forgive Daniel. Victor said perhaps Nick ought to think about doing what she asked, to consider that Daniel was just a teenager who made a mistake......and that this may lead to Nick finally being able to forgive himself.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Victor dismisses Christine about needing adequate time to prepare Daniel's defense so he can have a fair trial. Christine tells Daniel that if there is any proof he wasn't driving in the car, her forensics team will find it. However, Christine needs him to try to remember more details about the night of the accident. Then Christine tells him she's arranged a phone call from his dad. Brad tells Sharon about the new ‘Seasons' project at Newman and says he needs her to start to immerse herself in this project so that when she is ready to fully come back, she knows what is going on and can fly with it. Neil worries about his position at Newman and meets with Brad to discuss implementing the new product line by the holidays. Michael tells Kevin that he made Tom an offer to get him to leave town, and thinks Tom will take him up on it since Ashley dumped him. Kevin asks how things are with Lauren; Michael says there is one problem and it has to do with her son. Kevin is blown away; he didn't know she had a son. Michael reveals that Lauren wouldn't tell him anything about her son, Scott. Kevin works on locating Scott's phone number. Lily tells Devon she will be back after she runs some errands but Devon calls her out, saying he knows that she is going to the jail to see Daniel. Devon says that isn't a good idea, but he won't tell anyone if he can come with. At the police station, Weber informs Lily that under the terms of her bail she's not allowed to see Daniel. She is discouraged and turns to go home, when Devon spots Yolanda being brought in. She is high and completely in her own world. Lily sees Devon staring at her and he announces that's his mother. They see the cop trying to find out Yolanda's name but she's too out of it to even respond. Devon marches over, telling the cop to leave his mother alone. Lily and the cop are surprised, as Yolanda is jolted back into reality by seeing Devon. Devon gets up in the cop's face and Weber comes over, telling everyone to calm down. The cop takes Yolanda away for questioning and Neil enters, wondering what his kids are up to.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Neil finds Lily and Daniel and sends them home. He promises Devon that he will talk to his mother. When Neil sees Yolanda, he tells her that he doesn't want her around Devon if she is not serious about getting and staying clean.

Michael looks at Scotty's telephone number. Kevin tells him to call. When Michael gets the machine, he hangs up. Gloria tells Michael that Tom's death notice is in the paper today. Michael admits to Gloria the news about Lauren's son. Gloria says that maybe it's Scotty that doesn't want to see Lauren. Michael thinks he wants to go to Toronto to see Scotty and get more information.

Lauren sees Ashley and they sit down and chat. Ashley tells Lauren she is considering having Abby back with her full-time. When Ashley mentions Lauren's son, Lauren doesn't say much. Ashley also admits that she is not seeing Tom anymore. She says there was something a little off with him. When Ashley leaves, Lauren sees Tom. She thinks he was spying on them. When Lauren pulls out the paper and reads Tom's death notice, he overhears and pulls the paper away. Lauren realizes who Tom is.

Mac sees J.T. on crutches and asks what happened. J.T. says it's better if she doesn't know. Mac thinks Bobby must really hate him. J.T. says Mac probably feels the same. Mac says that she doesn't hate J.T., she is just disappointed that he doesn't feel the same way about her. They are interrupted by Kevin, who makes fun of J.T.'s condition. Mac suggests they sit somewhere else. J.T. watches them as they laugh and get close to each other.

Bobby goes to see Angelo. Angelo is glad Bobby is back in the family. Bobby stays behind at the club when Angelo leaves and opens a safe. He takes pictures over some of the information inside. Bobby hears something so he quickly shuts the safe. At first, it looks like a delivery boy, but when she pulls off her hat, it's Brittany.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Lauren slaps Tom, stating that she is going to see to it that Tom never terrorizes Kevin again. Tom picks up the paper, saying he is going to find out who is looking for him. Michael knocks on Scott's door and Scott wants to know who he is. Michael says that he's his mother's boyfriend and that he wanted to meet Scott. He asks to come in, and discovers that Lauren was right in telling him he was a grad student getting his Master's in Education. Scott asks why he is here, and Michael can tell that Lauren didn't tell him about the wedding. He asks when Scott has last been back to Genoa City and he says he hasn't been there since he was a child. He says that wherever he was, his mother kept an apartment nearby and would go visit him. He says he has tons of free flyer miles from all the trips he used to take. Michael asks why he doesn't come to Genoa City, and he says he doesn't know why, but his mother doesn't want him to. He tells Scott that Lauren doesn't know he came and says it was good to meet him. Michael leaves, clearly puzzled. Nikki hides outside Bobby's office and learns Brittany and Bobby's charade. She is about to go into the office when she hears someone coming, and hides just as Vinny walks by. He asks Bobby what he is doing there, and Bobby says he is doing work. Vinny goes back out to the bar and Nikki scurries away, but Vinny sees her. Kevin invites Mac to take a road trip with him and she agrees. He suggests they leave tonight. He gets call from Lauren, telling him to go to Michael's right away. He tells Mac they have to postpone the trip and leaves. Kevin forgets his resume and when she gets up to run after him she sees J.T. Dylan introduces open mic night at the coffeehouse, and J.T. volunteers, borrowing a guitar. Brittany enters just as he's about to play. J.T. sings ‘Mac's song', which causes Mac to become emotional. Brittany is smiling so Mac thinks he is singing it to her, which makes her even more upset. Lauren tells Kevin that Terrible Tom was the man that was dating Ashley, and that he hasn't left town. She says that he also knows about the legal notice, so Tom knows that someone is up to something. Kevin becomes scared and leaves, saying that he has to stop Tom from going to Gloria. John conveys his newfound trust in Gloria since she has told him all of her secrets. After John leaves for work, Gloria answers the door to discover Tom. She is in total shock and he states that he saw something in the papers making him believe that she is looking for him. He says she could've asked the boys where he was, since he's seen them a few times. He says he's been keeping an eye on her, and knows her marriage to John is finally stable again. He tells her that she will always be trash, just like him, and they have to stick together because they are still legally married, since he never signed any papers. Gloria says he is a horrible man, and she should've had him locked away for abuse.

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