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Victor collapsed after he'd had hallucinations of Sabrina. Victor sneaked out of the hospital. Jack and Adam found a notebook Victor had written in. Chloe paid an ultrasound technician to alter her baby's due date. Lowell was arrested by the FBI after Jeffrey turned him in.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 22, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, September 22, 2008

FBI agents arrested River at a diner near the Genoa City bus depot. After River was whisked away, a teenage girl with long, brown hair entered and asked about the man who had been sitting where River had been a few moments before. A waitress told the girl that the man had been hauled away in handcuffs. The girl looked stunned.

At the Baldwin's condo, Michael told Lauren, sarcastically, that his impromptu visit with River at the diner had given him much closure. Lauren said she was relieved that she, Fen, and Michael had seen River before the FBI arrived. Michael admitted that he felt right about helping his father because his conscience was clear, although River would most likely live the rest of his life in hiding. Michael added that Lowell "River" Baldwin could be left in the past, and that his father had answered some of Michael's nagging questions.

Lauren fished around in her purse for memory cards filled with videos she shot of Fen playing with Lauren's mom. Michael said that it was too bad they hadn't shot video of River holding Fen because it might have been the last time River would ever hold his grandson. Gloria and Jeffrey stopped by, so Jeffrey could ensure that "the River flowed right out of Genoa City." Michael steeled himself with sips of whiskey as he assured Jeffrey that River was gone and would not return. Jeffrey expressed his relief that River was gone. Jeffrey provoked Michael's ire when he said it was too bad the FBI had not shot River during their manhunt. Michael yelled when he asked Jeffrey rhetorically, "Who the hell are you to express moral outrage at anybody?"

Jeffrey continued his attacks on River's character and labeled him as a weirdo after a pair of girl's ballet slippers were found in River's backpack. Gloria presumed that the slippers belonged to a dance student at the ashram. Michael defended River and proclaimed, "River might not be a paragon of fatherhood, but underneath, it is my sense that he is a decent human being." Lauren soothed Michael's raging annoyance at Jeffrey and declared that Michael's statement was the nicest thing he had ever said about his father. Gloria defended River, too. Jeffrey maintained that River was a nutty guru, and then Jeffrey left. Gloria pressed Michael to admit that his feelings for River had changed. Michael said that when River held Fen, he seemed to express a sense of regret for not having raised his own son. Michael fondly recalled that three generations of Baldwins were in the same room for a fleeting moment.

When Lauren turned on the television to play a video of Fen, a breaking news story reported that Lowell Baldwin, described as a 1960s activist who had been accused of placing a bomb that resulted in a man's death, had been arrested without incident. River appeared in an orange jumpsuit as he was escorted to a jail cell. Gloria stared at the screen wide-eyed. Michael was stunned. Gloria seemed lost in thought as Lauren and Michael discussed how the FBI had successfully tracked River down. Michael was certain that someone had tipped off the authorities. Gloria excused herself and left. Lauren comforted Michael. Michael heard someone pounding loudly at his front door. When he opened the door, the young girl who'd inquired about River at the diner appeared before him. Through a scowl, she said, "Thanks a lot. You've ruined everything. River Baldwin is in jail, and it's your fault." The girl identified herself as Michael's sister.

Gloria found Jeffrey at the coffeehouse, and she accused him of alerting the FBI about River's whereabouts. Jeffrey smiled and suggested that Gloria should treat him well because she knew that he would surely turn anyone who annoyed him over to the police. At the jail, two investigators approached River's cell and advised him to contact his lawyer. River claimed that he did not have a lawyer. One man, named Wallace, taunted River. Wallace asserted that River would soon be extradited to Michigan and would never get out of prison.

At Daniel's art show in New York City, Amber was taken aback when Colleen addressed Amber's estranged boyfriend as Uncle Billy. Billy hugged Colleen, whom he lovingly called "CeeCee." Daniel explained to Amber that Billy was John and Jill Abbott's kid, so he was also part of Colleen's family. Billy caught up with his old friends and asked Daniel how he and Lily were. Before Daniel could answer, Lily, who stood nearby, responded that she and Daniel had divorced. Billy looked Lily up and down when he halfheartedly expressed his regret for Daniel and Lily's break-up. Billy told Amber that he used numerous variations of his name to suit his mood when she asked how he derived "Liam" from Billy.

Billy gushed over Lily and made her smile when he described the oversized photo of her that graced a wall inside Jabot's office building in Hong Kong. Billy added that Hong Kong was his home base, but that he enjoyed traveling around the world. Daniel was called away for an interview, and Colleen ushered Billy into a room to talk. Billy explained that he refrained from giving out his real name to gals he picked up in bars. Colleen was puzzled when Billy continually steered the subject of their conversation to Lily. Colleen said that Lily had been seeing Cane, who was Billy's half-brother. Colleen added that Lily was still very much in love with Cane even though the couple was no longer together. Billy asked about Cane, and he was stunned to learn that his mother had appointed Cane CEO of Jabot.

Billy was also surprised when he heard that his mother had stepped down, that Nikki had resigned, and that Brad had been arrested for allegedly covering for David Chow. Colleen admitted that she thought Cane lacked business experience, but cited that he was a nice, funny, and amazing guy. Billy heartily agreed to distract Amber when Colleen admitted that she was into Daniel and yearned for a chance to woo him without interference. Colleen was glad to hear that Billy had successfully recovered from his gambling addiction. Lily joined Amber. Lily warned Amber that Billy was a player, so she should not expect monogamy. Amber became miffed and suggested that Billy might have found the right girl.

Kevin and Jana arrived and congratulated Daniel on a great exhibition. Kevin and Jana were surprised when Daniel informed them that Liam had shown up and was actually Billy Abbott. Kevin exclaimed that he truly hated Billy because he had treated him and Gloria so badly. Daniel admitted that he was bothered by the fact that Amber's lover was a real person, after all. Daniel later apologized to Amber for having called her a liar. When Daniel asked Amber how serious she was about Billy, Amber answered that they were just as serious about each other as Daniel and Colleen were. Amber rolled her eyes when Kevin abruptly butted in and warned her to stay away from Billy Abbott. Amber claimed that she wasn't about to wait around while Daniel and Colleen became the next "Brangelina." Kevin maintained that Billy was a self-absorbed loser.

Kevin and Billy butted heads when they ran into each other. Kevin reaped great enjoyment when he told Billy that Gloria and her new husband lived at the Abbott estate. Jana glared at Billy when Kevin informed Billy that she and Kevin were married. Colleen noticed a sulking Lily standing alone. Lily claimed she would feel bummed wherever she was because she missed Cane since they had agreed not to see each other. Billy approached Lily and asked if she had been the model for Daniel's sketches. Daniel overheard and answered that Amber was his subject. Lily walked away, and Billy told Daniel he wanted to buy some sketches. Billy pointed to numerous sketches of Amber, including a partially nude pose, and then Billy finalized the sale with Daniel's art dealer. Kevin later told Daniel that Billy was showing off that he had money. Daniel added that Billy was also showing off that he was sleeping with Amber.

Kevin advised Daniel to forget about Billy and Amber. Kevin maintained that he was ready to fight Billy until he was sure the moron was gone for good. Kevin and Jana's visit to New York was cut short when Gloria called them home after River was arrested. After Kevin and Jana left, Daniel approached Lily and asked if she was leaving, too. Lily said she would when Colleen did. Daniel told Lily he was sorry to hear that she and Cane had ended their relationship. Lily said she appreciated Daniel's concern. Lily admitted that her dreams with Cane had ended. Daniel smiled and suggested that it was time for new dreams. After all the guests left the gallery, Daniel stood before his favorite sketch of Amber, posed partially nude. The sketch bore a small red dot, which denoted that it belonged to Billy. Daniel peeled the dot away and dismissively flicked it over his shoulder.

At the obstetrician's office, Chloe waited for Cane as a nurse prepped her for an ultrasound exam. Chloe became anxious after the nurse explained that the exam could pinpoint the baby's conception almost to the day. After Cane arrived, Chloe suggested he not stay for the exam, but Dr. Okamura arrived and prepared for the procedure. Chloe suggested that Cane leave, but the doctor joked that Cane could not leave because the baby was about to pose for his close-up. As an image of Chloe's unborn baby appeared on the monitor, Dr. Okamura pointed out the baby' s head and heart and noted that the baby was developing normally. Cane recalled the day he and Lily learned that Lily's fetus had failed to develop. Cane became upset and excused himself. After Cane left the exam room, Dr. Okamura told Chloe that her baby had been conceived on June 28. Chloe whispered that her husband must never know about that date and pleaded with the doctor to keep that information from Cane.

Cane returned and apologized for stepping out to take a phone call. Dr. Okamura assured Cane that his wife's pregnancy was progressing normally. After the doctor left, Chloe questioned Cane about his feelings for the baby after he saw it on the ultrasound screen. Cane, still disturbed by the memory of losing the baby he and Lily had planned for, evaded Chloe's question, but she noted that Cane was afraid to fall in love with the baby because if he did, the last strand that kept him and Lily together would snap. Cane left while Chloe dressed. Cane returned and the nurse told him that Chloe was in the restroom. The nurse gave Cane a photo taken from the ultrasound image. Cane glanced at the photo, and left. When Chloe emerged from the restroom, she peeled several bills from a stack of cash and thanked the nurse for changing the baby's gestational age on the ultrasound records. Chloe peeled off more bills and requested that the nurse continue altering the dates until the baby was born. The nurse quickly agreed. Later at the coffeehouse, Cane stared at the photo of Chloe's baby. Cane envisioned a scenario where he and Lily hugged and kissed after they heard the doctor report that their unborn baby looked perfect during an ultrasound exam.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daniel looked at his drawings of Amber and thought about Billy wanting to purchase them. He took off the red purchase sticker and put it in his pocket. Colleen approached Daniel and congratulated him with a kiss. Daniel told Colleen that he wasn't happy that Liam lied to Amber. Colleen said that he was just a regular guy. Daniel said that Liam was a player. Colleen asked Daniel if he still had feelings for Amber. Daniel said that he was still a friend of Amber's, but that was all. Colleen hoped that Daniel saw her as something more. Daniel kissed her.

Billy found Amber at the bar and offered a toast. He said that as beautiful as Daniel's drawings of her were, they couldn't compare to the original. Lily showed up at the bar looking for Colleen. When Amber went to the bathroom, Billy asked about Amber's past. When he found out that Amber used to be married to his brother, he was curious to meet Cane. When Amber returned, she thought about Daniel making love with Colleen in the gallery. Billy asked if something was on her mind. Amber shrugged it off. When Daniel and Colleen arrived, they apologized for being late. Lily told Colleen that she should fix the buttons on her top. Amber was appalled. She turned the tables and started kissing Billy. Billy said they should go back to his place. After Billy and Amber made love, Billy said that Cane and Daniel were idiots for letting her go. Billy asked Amber to tell her about his brother. Amber said that Cane was one of the most decent guys she'd ever met.

Lily talked to Daniel about Colleen. She said that she hoped he was with Colleen for the right reasons. She said that she knew because there was nothing worse than being without the person you truly love. Daniel returned to his gallery show and put the sticker back on Amber's picture.

Cane showed Katherine the ultrasound picture of his baby. Katherine said that he and Lily's baby was beautiful. Cane told Katherine that it was Chloe's baby. Katherine tried to laugh off her slip as if it was nothing. Later, when Esther mentioned Cane showing them the ultrasound picture, Katherine didn't remember seeing it. Katherine acted as if she remembered it. Esther said that it was serious that Katherine didn't remember. She told Katherine she should see a doctor. Katherine told Esther not to mention anything about it to Jill.

Jill heard that the SEC held her in no way responsible for having any knowledge of David's gambling habits at Jabot. She rushed over to tell Cane the good news. When Chloe said that Cane would be home shortly, Jill decided to wait in the car. Chloe insisted that Jill come inside. When Chloe tried to talk to Jill about the baby, Jill was uninterested. When Cane came home, Jill was delighted when he showed her his baby's ultrasound picture. Jill asked when the baby was due. Chloe sarcastically said that the due date was right on the picture. Jill ignored Chloe and told Cane that the SEC was dropping their charges. She immediately wanted to get back to work. Cane suggested that they not rush into anything.

When Jill returned from Cane's, Esther talked to Jill about the baby photos. Katherine said it was also a blessing for Lily. This time, Esther tried to excuse Katherine's blunder, but Jill was concerned.

Chloe told Cane that her hands were stiff and sore. Cane told her to come over so he could rub her hands.

Michael and Lauren were shocked to find out that River had a daughter. She told Michael that her name was Hayden, but that was all she was willing to tell him. She said that it was Michael's fault that her father had been arrested. Michael decided to go to the prison to find out what was going on with River. When Hayden was alone with Lauren, she asked her if she could take a bath. She said that the hotel she and River were staying in didn't have a shower. Lauren offered to wash her clothes for her.

Michael went to visit River in prison. Michael asked River how much Hayden knew about his past. River said that she didn't know much. River humbly asked Michael if he would look after Hayden. Michael said that was a tall order, but decided that he would do so. A man interrupted them asking to be River's lawyer. Michael wondered if he was the court-appointed lawyer. The man said he was self-appointed; he had seen River on television and admired what he'd done. River said okay. Michael returned home and told Lauren he was worried about River's new lawyer. Lauren wondered what he was going to do. Hayden overheard them and was angry that Michael didn't know how he was going to help her father. She tried to leave. Michael told Hayden that he promised River that he would look after her. Hayden reluctantly decided to stay. Michael told her that if she stayed, he'd do whatever he could to help her father.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

At the Baldwins', Lauren told Michael that Eden was still asleep, and added that they needed to make decisions about Eden's future. When Michael said that they weren't responsible for Eden, Lauren reminded him that River had requested that the Baldwins take her in. Michael said that a request from River was not the same as a legal mandate.

Dick Dentner, River's court-appointed attorney, arrived. He had, per River's request, drawn up guardianship papers -- assuming that the Baldwins wanted to be Eden's legal guardians. Dentner said that if the Baldwins weren't interested, it was still "cool," that there would be people at the ashram who might be willing to take Eden in.

Michael and Lauren signed the papers. Dentner told Michael that River had waived extradition, and was going to be sent to Michigan to stand trial shortly. After Dentner left, Eden joined Michael and Lauren. Lauren excitedly told Eden that the Baldwins were Eden's legal guardians. When Lauren mentioned that they would need to enroll Eden in school, Eden screamed that she didn't "give a damn" about school, or having a "stinking family." She demanded to know why Michael, an attorney, couldn't get River out of jail.

Michael visited River in the jail, and told his father that Fenmore was going to love having Eden around. When River said that Eden could sometimes be a "handful," Michael said that his sister was scared and didn't have any clue about what her father was facing. Michael expressed concern that Dentner wasn't up to the task of defending River -- in fact, Michael thought that Dentner's 1960s' viewpoints might turn off a judge and jury. When Michael offered to hire a renowned criminal attorney to defend River, River refused the offer, saying that Michael had already done enough.

In the Abbott dining room, Kevin made some disparaging remarks about River, but Gloria defended him. She said that River might have made mistakes, but that he was good-hearted. Gloria said that River was a much better man than Jeff, and then wondered aloud, "What am I going to do about Jeff?"

Jeff arrived at the Abbott mansion after golfing, and made some snide comments to Gloria and Kevin, insinuating that he had called the FBI to notify them that River was in town. When Kevin left, Jeff warned Gloria that she had better think twice about telling anyone that he had informed the FBI of River's whereabouts. Gloria told Jeff that she loved him too much to do that.

Noah ran into Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Sharon was there, as well, talking on the phone with Jack. When she asked Jack why he had left town so suddenly, Jack said that he had to make an emergency trip to Los Angeles, so that he and Ashley could take care of a family business matter. Jack was actually in Mexico, with Adam, and was lying to Sharon. Sharon asked Jack if he was punishing her because of the letter she had written to Nick. Jack insisted he wasn't, then told Sharon that the connection was bad and hung up on her.

Phyllis asked Sharon some questions about Jack's trip out of town. Sharon snapped at Phyllis, telling her that Jack was in Los Angeles visiting Ashley. Sharon reminded Phyllis that she didn't care about the Abbotts. Phyllis told Sharon that she cared about Sharon writing the letter to Nick -- Phyllis said that it was a sign of insecurity.

Later, Sharon called Jack and asked if she could get on a plane and meet him in Los Angeles. From Mexico, Jack told her that he had a meeting to go to, and that he would be back no later than the next night.

Phyllis, trying to verify Jack's whereabouts, called Forrester Creations, and asked for Ashley. The receptionist told Phyllis that Ashley was out of the office for the week -- at Forrester International. A pensive Phyllis hung up the phone.

Lauren brought Eden to Crimson Lights. Eden told Lauren that she wasn't staying in Genoa City -- she was going to follow River wherever he went. Lauren wondered whether Eden comprehended exactly how much trouble River was in, and said that it would give River peace of mind knowing that Eden was with the Baldwins. Lauren suggested that Eden make it as easy as possible on River and stay with her and Michael.

Lauren introduced Noah and Eden, then left to take a phone call. Noah tried to make small talk about how both he and Eden were newcomers to Genoa City High School, and suggested that perhaps they could work together to "figure the place out." Eden said, "I'm not staying in this loser town, I'm not going to your loser school, and even if I did go to your loser school, I'd never hang out with a loser like you." Before leaving the table, Noah told Eden that the "psychobitch from hell" act suited her.

When Lauren returned to the table, Eden started yelling at her, saying that she didn't understand what was so complicated about Michael getting her father out of jail. Eden softened a bit when she told Lauren that she didn't want River to be in jail.

Back at the Baldwins', Michael told Lauren that River had turned down his offer to hire a criminal attorney. Lauren told Michael that Eden had no clue as to the seriousness of her father's situation, and that Eden's attitude was just an act. Kevin showed up and told Michael and Lauren that he was 99 percent sure that Jeff had informed the FBI about River's whereabouts. Overhearing from her room, Eden rushed in and asked Kevin who had "ratted out" her father.

In the Mexican bar, Jack showed a police investigator a picture of Victor. The police investigator told Jack and Adam that only one body had been recovered from the shipwreck, and showed Jack and Adam a post-mortem picture of Walter Palin. Although the police investigator couldn't allow Jack and Adam to take the photo of Palin with them, he did allow Adam to take a cell phone snapshot of the photo. After the investigator left, Adam said, "Who's the stiff?" Jack didn't recognize the man in the post-mortem picture.

Jack and Adam showed Victor's photo around the bar, asking the locals if they recognized him. None of them did, until the little girl who had helped Victor showed up and told them that she knew the man they were looking for.

The little girl brought Jack and Adam to the hut where Victor had stayed while he was in Mexico. After the girl left, Jack wondered why Victor would stay in a hut and allow the world to think that he was dead. Adam found a notebook with notes in Victor's handwriting. Adam said that most of the notes were "innocuous," but told Jack that the name "Tony Amato" was written in the notebook. Jack thought that perhaps Tony Amato was the guy whose body had been recovered. Jack said that he needed to find out more about Amato.

At the Restless Style office, Nick heard music coming from the downstairs art gallery. In the art gallery, a dazed-looking Victor stared at an apparition of Sabrina. The apparition asked Victor to dance with her. Victor said, "Finally, you've come back to me."

When Nick entered the gallery, he found Victor sitting on the floor. Nick helped his father up into a chair. Victor insisted that he was all right, and asked Nick not to call an ambulance. Nick told Victor that although Victor might not care about himself, there were many who loved Victor. Victor kept saying that all he wanted was to be left alone. He added, "I'm empty."

Victor told Nick that he needed time to "put things in order." Not quite understanding what Victor meant, Nick asked his father if he was going away. When Victor told Nick that something had happened in Mexico, Nick asked him what had happened, but received no response.

Movers showed up to haul away the crated-up artwork. Victor told Nick that the pieces were going to museums and auctions. Nick was confused as to why Victor wouldn't keep some of the artwork to remind him of Sabrina.

Nick went back to the Restless Style office to find Phyllis, hoping she could help with Victor. Seeing that Phyllis wasn't there, Nick dialed 9-1-1, but, when the operator answered, he hung up.

Downstairs at the art gallery, Victor remembered the time when he asked Sabrina to marry him. He began screaming, "Sabrina!" Nick heard his father yelling and started to run back down to the first floor. Victor saw another apparition of Sabrina, and he told "her" that he was ready to join her -- he said that he wasn't going back. "Sabrina" told Victor to go back -- that this wasn't what she wanted. As the apparition faded, Victor said that there was nothing left for him without Sabrina.

Nick rushed into the gallery space, and found Victor on the floor, unconscious.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Mexico, Jack asked the bartender if he had ever seen Victor. The bartender said he'd never seen the man in the picture. Jack and Adam continued drinking tequila shots. Adam told Jack that if it weren't for David, Skye would still be alive. Adam told Jack about Skye's gambling schemes. Jack told Adam that he'd known Adam's mother, Hope. Jack said that he didn't understand why Victor made them suffer financially. Adam said that Hope was too proud to take any of Victor's money. Jack began telling Adam horror stories about Victor. He told Adam that he'd be next. They discussed the details they knew about Victor in Mexico. Adam suggested they make up a story about Victor.

In the emergency room, the doctor's tried to revive Victor. Nick called Victoria and told her to call their mother and come to the hospital right away. When Nikki and Victoria arrived, Nick told Nikki he'd found Victor collapsed and mumbling about taking care of things. He confided in Nikki about Victor talking as if he was going to end everything. Nikki said Victor would never do that. When Victoria asked the doctor if they could see Victor, the doctor said that Victor didn't want any visitors. The doctor told them that Victor hadn't been eating, and if they hadn't found him in time, his kidneys probably would have failed.

Heather talked to Paul about Adam's trip to Mexico. Heather thought that Victor might be hiding something. Paul and Heather argued about Adam's actions at Newman when he thought Victor was dead. She almost fainted again, and Paul took her to the hospital. The doctor told Heather she had the Epstein-Barr virus. The doctor said that it was very common in people 35 and older. Nick bumped into them at the hospital and told them that Victor was in the hospital due to a collapse.

Victoria, Nick, and Nikki went into Victor's hospital room. Victor told them to get out. He said that Nikki was responsible for his wife and unborn child's death. Victoria said that wasn't Nikki's fault. Victor told Nikki to leave. Victoria talked to her mother and said that she felt that Victor should be committed. Nikki felt that would be a bad idea. Nick said that could be just as bad as leaving Victor to die. When Nikki saw Paul, she told him what Victor had said to her in the hospital room. Paul said that it wasn't her fault. Nikki talked to him about Victoria's idea to have Victor committed. Nikki said that she couldn't stand by and watch Victor deteriorate. Paul told her that Victor was like a drowning man. He said to be careful not to go down with him.

Heather went into Victor's hospital room and tried to tell him that Adam was heartbroken that their relationship had been destroyed. Victor wouldn't listen to her, and he told her to get out. Victor said that she had been wrong thinking he murdered Ji Min Kim, and she was wrong about Adam, too. Paul found her in the hospital room and took her out. Heather said that Victor was hiding something.

Michael and Lauren argued about Jeffrey turning River in. River's daughter told them to stop arguing and to do something to save her father. Michael said there was nothing he could do; River had turned down his offer for help finding another attorney. River's daughter was furious; she said there must be something Michael could do to help River. Michael told Lauren he was going to find out if Jeffrey was the person who had turned River in to the authorities.

Michael went to the Abbott estate to talk to Jeffrey about turning River in. Jeffrey denied everything. Gloria said that Jeffrey wouldn't do anything like that to their family. Michael asked Jeffrey to look him in the eye and tell him that he didn't turn River in. Jeffrey said that it was time to stop playing games; he was the one who turned River in. Michael told Jeffrey he'd destroyed a man's life. Gloria said that she thought Jeffrey did it because she spent the night with River.

Michael received a phone call from Victor asking him to visit him at the hospital right away. When Michael arrived, Victor said that he wanted to be released immediately. Michael said that he might not be able to be released until he talked to a shrink. Victor said he'd do nothing of the sort; he wanted to go home right away. He said that if Michael couldn't get him out of there, he would sue the hospital.

Lauren received a call from River's lawyer. They were moving him that night. Lauren decided to take Eden to see her father. River told her to embrace her new family. Lauren told River that Eden would turn on him when she found out what he'd done. River said he'd had no other choice at the time, and he was innocent.

Gloria went to see River to tell him that Jeffrey was the one who'd turned him in. River said he understood. When Lauren saw Gloria, she asked if she'd seen Michael. Lauren was worried because River was due to be sent away immediately. Gloria was shocked to see River's daughter there. She couldn't believe that River had deserted her and her son but had found the time to raise a daughter.

Friday, September 26, 2008

At the Mexican bar, Jack and a drunk Adam were about to leave for the airport and fly back to the United States. Adam was surprised when he learned that Jack had to fly to New York before he returned to Genoa City. They were somewhat disappointed that they hadn't learned more about Tony Amato, the person whose name Victor had written in his notebook.

When Jack yelled out, "Does anyone here know Tony Amato?" the bartender threatened Jack with the jagged edge of a broken tequila bottle, and told Jack and Adam they had to leave. When Jack asked why, the bartender told him that people snooping around was bad for business. After Adam and Jack left the bar, they decided that the bartender must know something about Victor's mysterious visit to Mexico.

Phyllis showed up at the Abbott mansion to tell Sharon that Victor was in the hospital. Sharon was shocked to learn that the Newmans were thinking of having Victor committed. Phyllis told Sharon that Nick wanted Sharon to inform Noah that Victor was in the hospital. Phyllis added that it would be best for Sharon and Noah to stay away from the hospital -- the Newmans didn't want a lot of people there.

Sharon told Phyllis that she was going to call Jack to tell him about Victor, and Phyllis snidely told Sharon that Jack wasn't where Sharon thought he was. Phyllis told Sharon that she had called Forrester Creations in Los Angeles and learned that Ashley, who Jack was supposed to have been visiting, was in Europe. Sharon insisted that Phyllis must have been mistaken. As soon as Phyllis left, Sharon called Jack and left a voice mail for him to call her immediately.

After dinner, Sharon told Noah that Victor was in the hospital. Noah was upset that his mother hadn't told him sooner. Sharon told him that Victor's condition wasn't life-threatening -- that he was suffering from dehydration. Noah called Nick, but the call went straight to voice mail. When Noah insisted that they go to the hospital, Sharon told him that Victor couldn't have visitors. Noah became angry at Sharon, accusing her of hiding something from him.

Sharon told Noah that Victor was in a depression that had been triggered by Sabrina's death. She apologized to Noah for not telling him about Victor sooner, and Noah apologized to Sharon for snapping at her. When Noah left the room, Sharon tried calling Jack again, and left another message for him to call her as soon as possible. Sharon then called Forrester Creations in Los Angeles, and verified the information that Phyllis had given her -- Ashley was in Europe.

Later, Jack called Sharon back, and told her that Ashley had returned from Europe -- he had actually met up with his sister in New York, not in Los Angeles. Sharon began screaming at Jack, accusing him of lying, but was placated when Jack handed the phone to Ashley, who was standing right next to him in a swanky Manhattan club.

At Genoa City Memorial, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick spoke to the staff psychiatrist, Dr. Liebrose. Victoria felt that Victor should be involuntarily committed, while Nikki said that forcing Victor to stay in a psych ward would be counterproductive. Nick still hadn't made up his mind.

In Victor's hospital room, Victor told Michael that he had merely been dehydrated, and since the medical staff had given him intravenous fluids and rehydrated him, he demanded to be released from the hospital. Victor reminded Michael of the grief that Michael had felt when he thought Lauren was dead, and told Michael that he would have refused psychiatric help to deal with his grief.

Later, Michael asked Victor how their "plan" was going to work. Victor told Michael to make sure the guards didn't allow anyone on the ranch without Victor's permission. Dr. Liebrose came in to speak with Victor, who was predictably ornery about the psychiatrist's visit. After Michael left, Victor refused to say anything to Dr. Liebrose.

The psychiatrist joined the Newmans outside Victor's room, and told them that Victor was refusing to cooperate. Dr. Liebrose said that Victor was suffering from major depression, and that he should be hospitalized under observation, and on medications. Nick told the doctor that they would contact him when the family reached a decision.

Phyllis stopped by the hospital, and told Nick that the next time he found Victor on the floor, he might be accompanying Victor to the morgue, instead of the hospital. Nick decided that Victoria was right -- Victor should be admitted to the psych ward. When Nick and Victoria went to speak to their father, Nikki harshly told Phyllis that she should not have persuaded Nick to have Victor committed.

In Victor's room, Victoria, Nick, and Dr. Liebrose continued to press Victor to voluntarily commit himself. Victoria and Nick asked him not to force them to have him committed involuntarily. Victor asked the threesome to leave the room. The doctor unsuccessfully tried to tell Victor that medication might help. Finally, when Victoria's eyes welled up with tears, and she told her father that she didn't want to lose him, Victor agreed to sign the papers. Victoria thanked Victor for cooperating. An orderly named Travis arrived with a wheelchair to take Victor to the psych ward.

In the hallway, the Newmans were not pleased to see a slightly tipsy Adam arrive. Adam said, "Did Victor finally blow a gasket? It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that Victor is nuts." When the Newmans asked him to leave, Adam reminded them that they were in a public place, that Victor was his father, and that he didn't intend to leave.

Nikki and Victoria went to Victor's room to gather up his belongings. Phyllis told Nick not to allow Adam's presence to upset him. When Nick asked Phyllis if she had gone to the Abbott mansion to apprise Sharon of Victor's situation, Phyllis said she had -- but that Sharon seemed preoccupied with Jack. When Nick asked if Jack and Sharon were having problems, Phyllis replied that she was happy that Jack and Sharon were no longer working at Restless Style.

Adam called Jack to tell him that Victor was being put in a "rubber room." Jack smiled, and said that the story was getting better and better.

While the Newmans were in Victor's room, another orderly showed up to take Victor to the psych ward. They learned that no one named "Travis" worked at the hospital. Nick said that Victor had "one-upped" them once again. They all wondered where "Travis" could have taken Victor.

In the visiting area at the jail, a guard informed Lauren that they needed to prepare River for transport, because he was leaving for Michigan that night. Eden became hysterical while saying goodbye to River, and Lauren called Michael, telling him that he needed to come to the jail immediately.

After River was taken from the visiting area, Eden told Lauren that she didn't understand why she couldn't see her father. Lauren told Eden that visiting hours were over. Michael arrived, and Eden screamed at him to "do something." Michael said that his hands were tied -- River had rejected Michael's offer to be River's legal representative. Lauren sent Eden off to get some food from a vending machine, which was a ruse for Lauren to spend some time alone with Michael. Lauren told Michael that Eden was in really bad shape -- she was about to lose the only parent she had ever known.

Lauren told Michael that she thought River was innocent. Michael remarked that all criminal defendants proclaimed their innocence. After Eden returned with some snacks, the guard brought River back into the visiting area -- the guard had decided to allow River a few more moments with his family. When River was brought in, Michael left the visiting area without saying a word.

The federal marshals arrived to take River to Michigan. Eden became hysterical, and tried to grab her father, but the feds pushed her away, warning her that there was to be no contact with the prisoner. As River was being led out, Michael returned. He announced that he was River's attorney, and that River wasn't going anywhere -- Michael had a court order rescinding River's waiver of extradition.

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