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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 22, 2012 on Y&R
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Monday, October 22, 2012

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis told Nick that it was foolish for them to end their marriage, because Summer needed both of her parents' support. Nick informed Phyllis that Chelsea had lost her baby after Summer's erratic driving forced Adam and Chelsea's car off the road.

Phyllis demanded to see her daughter, but Nick explained that Summer was exhausted and should be left alone. While Nick was occupied settling his tab at the bar, Phyllis quickly slipped out of sight.

Phyllis went to the tack house to visit Summer and was shocked to discover that a fire had destroyed the Newman family's main house. Summer told her mom that she'd not been on the property when the fire started. Phyllis was taken aback after she learned from her daughter that Nick knew about the fire.

Summer became agitated when Phyllis brought up the car accident and the loss of Chelsea's baby. Summer blamed the accident on her mother. Phyllis crossly noted that she'd gone to the tack house to comfort her distraught daughter.

Phyllis demanded that Summer explain how her mother could be blamed for Chelsea's miscarriage. Summer cried that her anger at Phyllis had caused her to lose control of her emotions and drive erratically. Phyllis angrily noted that she'd owned up to her mistakes, so Summer should do the same.

Nick arrived just as Summer became hysterical and told her mom that she'd never forgive her for implying that her daughter was responsible for Chelsea's unborn baby's death. Nick attempted to defuse the situation, but he further angered Summer when he suggested that Phyllis hadn't meant what she'd said. Summer yelled, "I can't wait until I'm out of here, and I won't have to deal with either of you again!"

After Summer ran upstairs, Nick glared at Phyllis and said, "I thought I told you to stay away." Phyllis told Nick that she hadn't meant to push Summer so hard. Nick asked Phyllis to leave and explained that it would be best for Summer if Phyllis stayed away for a while.

Phyllis attempted to soften Nick's mood and told him that she was sorry about the fire. She ardently maintained that houses and relationships could be rebuilt. Nick replied, "This is over. I want a divorce."

Summer joined her father downstairs after Phyllis left. Nick advised his daughter to let things settle down before she did anything rash. Nick added, "Give me a chance. Can you do that?" Summer noted that she couldn't make any promises.

Nick promised a worried Summer that her grandpa would be all right. Nick cradled his daughter and added that everything lost in the fire could be replaced. Summer sadly mumbled, "Except people."

Summer asked her dad about the family company. Nick explained that he wasn't sure he could get the company back, and he added, "Sometimes when a door closes, another one opens."

At Crimson Lights, Cane and Lily discussed the mysterious woman someone had hired to taunt Cane with memories of Samantha. Lily pointed out that she, Cane, and the twins were Genevieve's only family, so it was quite possible that someone had set up Geneveive.

Cane dismissed Lily's defense of his mother and insisted that he'd rather focus on furthering his career by helping Jack. Cane announced that he hoped to take over the reins at Jabot. Lily insisted that Cane approach Jack immediately.

Genevieve intercepted the mysterious woman at the Genoa City Athletic Club and offered to pay her $100,000 in cash if the woman told Genevieve who'd sent her to taunt Ethan -- who people in Genoa City called Cane. The woman blinked her eyes when Genevieve asked if Colin Atkinson had been involved. Though Genevieve took the gesture as a positive response, the woman insisted that she didn't know anyone by that name.

Katherine visited Jack at the Abbott mansion and urged him to return what had belonged to Victor back to the Newman family. After Jack begged Katherine to become his business consultant, she refused to lend even one ounce of her support unless he shifted his focus to John's legacy for the Abbott family.

Jack defended his actions and maintained that Nikki had chosen her own path. Katherine reminded Jack that he'd helped raise Victoria and Nick and had been more of a father to Nick than Victor had ever been. Jack explained that Victoria, an established businesswoman, wouldn't take the matter personally. Jack added that Nick, freed from Victor's shadow, could become the man he had always been meant to be.

Before Katherine left, she glared at Jack and sharply warned, "Icarus flew too close to the sun and fell. I'd hate to see that happen to you." Jack quipped that he'd pack a parachute, just in case.

At the hospital, Victor told Nikki that he'd decided to hand over the battle for his empire to Nick, Victoria, and Abby because he wanted to see how much they'd learned from him. Nikki said that Victor was testing his children by not just allowing them to make their own choices. Victor noted that he'd built the three most powerful companies in the world for his family.

Later, a nurse checked on Victor and commented that Nikki, dozing in a chair next to Victor's bed, seemed to have recovered after earlier receiving an upsetting phone call. Victor quietly slipped Nikki's phone out of her purse and discovered news accounts of the fire that had destroyed the main house at the ranch.

After Nikki awoke, she was shocked to discover that Victor's bed was empty. She enlisted the help of a nurse to search the hallways. When Nikki found that Victor's closet was empty, she rushed to get her phone. Nikki realized that Victor had gone to the ranch when she found that news reports of the fire were still displayed on her phone.

Outside the charred, blackened remains of the main house at the ranch, Victor illuminated with the beam of a flashlight what had been his family's sitting room. Victor stepped up on his front portico and cried softly.

Nikki arrived and sobbed pitifully as she surveyed the destruction of the home she and Victor had shared. Nikki told Victor that he shouldn't have left the hospital. Victor cried, "This is our house." Nikki explained that she hadn't wanted to burden Victor while he was too ill to do anything.

Victor embraced Nikki, and the couple cried together. Victor told Nikki that the memories they'd made in their home would forever remain in their hearts. Nikki found her beloved music box amid the rubble. When she opened the lid, strains of a soothing melody played. Nikki sighed.

In a series of flashbacks, Nikki recalled memories of her and Victor's past together. She remembered engagements, holidays, and numerous intimate moments shared with the love of her life. Victor held Nikki in his arms and said, "The love you and I share will survive anything." Victor kissed away the tears that steadily streamed down Nikki's cheeks.

Victor promised Nikki that everything could be repaired. Nikki decreed that she and Victor could make new memories. Victor evoked Katherine's words and noted that in the blink of an eye, he'd lost his house and his company. The losses, Victor added, were tragic and also liberating.

Victor refused Nikki's request to return to the hospital. Victor told Nikki that perhaps it was necessary for him to lose everything in order to realize what was truly important. Victor gazed into Nikki's face and added, "That's you." Nikki, movingly touched by Victor's words, placed her hand against her heart.

Victor fervently proclaimed to Nikki that always finding their way back to each other was very profound. Nikki was speechless when Victor proposed and asked her to marry him "for the last time."

Katherine later joined Lily at the coffeehouse. Lily told Katherine that Cane had gone to meet with Jack about becoming CEO at Jabot. Katherine reminded Lily that success often relied on timing. Lily asked Katherine if she thought Jack might not consider Cane a suitable candidate.

Katherine explained to an anxious Lily that no one could accurately predict what might be swirling in Jack's head. Katherine added, "Animosity is what's fueling this whole mess, and it's a war that no one ever wins. I'm hopeful that Cane won't be caught in the crossfire." Lily looked concerned when Katherine warned that there would indeed be crossfire.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Cane expressed to Jack his desire to become CEO of Jabot. Cane touted his qualifications and maintained that he'd be loyal to Jack and to the company. Jack explained that he already had someone else in mind. Jack added that though Cane had held the position previously, a lot had happened since then.

Cane asked if Jack's attitude toward Genevieve might have tainted his feelings. Jack insisted that he didn't blame Cane for Genevieve's bad behavior. Cane seemed crushed. Jack refused to discuss who he'd chosen to head Jabot.

Genevieve later caught Lily at the coffeehouse and noted that she'd questioned the mysterious woman. Genevieve insisted that the woman's reaction to Colin's name meant that he'd hired the woman to taunt Cane. Lily seemed stunned.

Cane was dejected when he returned to the coffeehouse and told Lily that Jack had someone else in mind for the position of CEO at Jabot. Lily consoled Cane. He noted that at least he was still head of marketing. Cane blamed his mother for ruining his chance to become head of Jabot after she stole Beauty of Nature out from under Jack.

Genevieve approached Cane and excitedly announced that she'd discovered who'd hired the woman to impersonate Samantha. Cane shot back, "I don't care. This is the last time you ruin my life." Cane told his mom that she was responsible for Jack passing him over for a promotion. Genevieve looked hurt.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack joined Phyllis at the bar and noted that she should be drinking champagne instead of wine. Phyllis affirmed that she had nothing to celebrate, and she berated Jack for stealing Newman Enterprises. Jack noted that none of the Newman gang, not even Nick, had stood by her during the worst crisis of her life.

Phyllis insisted that her separation from Nick was only temporary. Jack replied, "So offering you a job would just be a waste of time?" Jack told Phyllis that he wanted her to work with him, side by side. Phyllis explained that Nick would never forgive her if she accepted. Jack replied, "What makes you think Nick would forgive you anyway? Be part of my team at Newman; we'd be great together." Phyllis seemed too stunned to utter a reply.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Victoria spoke with Billy about the upheaval at Newman Enterprises. Victoria believed that her father had made it very clear that he was leaving it to her, Nick, and Abby to fight to get Newman Enterprises back. Victoria was sure she could succeed if she had someone working for her from inside, like her husband. Billy had second thoughts about spying on Jack for Victoria, but Victoria declared that the company would be a legacy for her children. Billy wanted to know what Victoria needed to know. Victoria gave him the name of two major vendors who were feeling unsettled because of Jack's takeover.

In the hospital, the doctor told Victor that he needed rest and should not leave the hospital. Victor demanded that he knew better, and Nikki told the doctor not to fight Victor. The doctor was determined to run some tests. Victor was sure he'd pass all the tests and insisted he had things to do outside the hospital.

In the Newman Towers executive office, Jack removed Victor's portrait from the wall with disdain. Neil walked into the office and noted Jack was taking over in earnest. Jack said he'd heard all about Victor's travails, including Victor's hospitalization and the fire at the Newman ranch. Neil recognized that Jack had no sympathy for Victor.

Jack was glad to see Neil because he had a business proposition for him. Neil declared that he was not interested in leaving Chancellor Industries to go to work at Newman Enterprises. Neil said that he and Katherine had a wonderful working relationship. Jack acknowledged that, but he had big ideas for Neil.

Jack offered to shower Neil with more money than Chancellor was paying him. Neil had already been a right hand man and didn't want to be Jack's second in command. Neil felt that he'd already gone through that when he worked for Victor. Jack informed Neil that he didn't want Neil to work for Newman Enterprises. Jack asked Neil to be CEO of Jabot.

Neil was surprised to be offered the top position at Jabot because a member of the Abbott family usually held that spot. Jack insisted that he wanted Neil because he was the best choice for the job. Jack pointed out that, compared to his work at Chancellor, Jabot would given Neil the chance to create and produce real things.

Neil was curious about the position, but he was not about to say yes. Jack understood, and Neil said that he'd be in touch with Jack. As Neil left, Billy arrived, and they exchanged a handshake. Billy was ready to start working with Jack, but Jack wanted to know the real reason Billy had agreed to work at Newman. Jack suspected that Billy was going to be a spy for Victoria.

At the tack house, Noah left a message for someone. Summer overheard her brother and was curious if he'd been leaving a message for a woman. Noah ignored Summer's questions, but Summer asked why Noah had really left New York. Before Noah could respond, Nick arrived home.

Nick was glad that his children were there because he had news to share with them. Nick explained that he'd filed for divorce from Phyllis. Summer was pleased and proud that her father was dumping her mother, but Nick chastised Summer for disrespecting Phyllis. Summer left in a huff, and Noah advised Nick to give Summer some space.

Later, Nick noticed that Noah was looking at job listings online. Nick suggested that Noah could work with Devon, but Noah was more interested in a low-key job. Noah explained that while he was happy to be back in Genoa City, he was reluctant to talk about his New York experience.

Nick wondered if something bad had happened to Noah in New York. Noah said that the city had not been for him. Nick surmised that there had been a woman who'd hurt him, and Noah couldn't deny that. Nick sympathized with his son and offered to listen.

Noah said he had to get to a job interview. As Noah left, he told Nick that there was a package for him on the front step. Nick picked up the big, wrapped box and carried it into the house. When he opened it, Nick found a chessboard with a note from Avery urging him to practice.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis learned about Nick filing for divorce while speaking on the phone with Leslie. After ending the call, Phyllis bumped into Ronan, and he wondered why Phyllis had been ducking his calls. Phyllis said that her focus was on winning back Summer's love. Ronan thought he and Phyllis had a very good thing going, but Phyllis was more concerned about her daughter.

Ronan pressed Phyllis to talk with him. Ronan wanted her to commit to their relationship, but Phyllis couldn't think of anything but getting Summer back. Phyllis asked Ronan to not make it hard on her. Ronan said that he'd do whatever Phyllis wanted. Summer spied her mother embracing Ronan on the patio. Phyllis left, and Summer watched Ronan go to a table in the other room, where he sat with a teenager.

Ronan approached Summer and he confessed that he'd acted like a jerk. Ronan blamed himself for the relationship with Phyllis and exonerated Phyllis of any wrongdoing. Summer didn't believe that Phyllis was innocent. Summer wondered if Phyllis was aware that Ronan was a father. Ronan explained that the kid he'd been meeting with was a juvenile delinquent.

Later, Summer introduced herself to Jamie, the kid who'd been meeting with Ronan. Summer pretended that she recognized Jamie in order to get something from him. When Jamie's knapsack fell to the ground, Summer helped him with the contents. When Jamie rushed off to get away from her, Summer had taken his wallet.

Noah was at the Athletic Club bar, applying for a job, when he ran into Victor, Victoria, Nikki, and Abby. Victor was glad to see his family because he had something to say. Abby was relieved that he was out of the hospital. Victor said that he was fine and declared that they were going to rebuild the ranch.

Nikki added that until the house was rebuilt, she and Victor were going to stay in the penthouse, and all the usual family events would continue without interruption. Victoria assumed that Thanksgiving was the next event, but Nikki corrected her to say the first family event would be her and Victor's wedding reception.

Billy was insulted that Jack suspected that he was working at Newman in order to spy for Victoria. Billy explained that he was there to build a legacy for his children. Jack was satisfied with Billy's answer. Suddenly, Abby walked in with an offer for Uncle Jack.

Jack listened as Abby offered to give her uncle every cent of her fortune, all $500 million. All Jack had to do was return control of Newman Enterprises to Victor and the Newmans. Billy was floored by Abby's idea. Jack showed Abby the current financial page and said that the value of the Newman stock had increased. Abby had to offer him more than half a billion.

Abby was disgusted by Jack's greed, and she was unable to match the number he was asking. Abby also blasted Billy for working with Jack. Abby walked out angrily, ticked off with both Jack and Billy.

Later, Abby met with Carmine at the coffeehouse and told him what she'd offered Jack. Carmine was grateful that Jack had turned her down. Carmine declared that Abby should be a job creator. Carmine explained that he had ideas, and she had capital. Abby liked Carmine's creativity. Abby admitted that Victor would always laugh at her ideas. Carmine reminded her that Victor loved her. Abby was determined to get Newman Enterprises back for her father.

Phyllis entered Jack's office, and Jack asked Billy to leave because he wanted to talk with Phyllis alone. Jack offered Phyllis a job as VP of research and development for Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis was stunned and countered by saying she couldn't take the job because Nick would never forgive her. Phyllis mentioned that Nick wanted a divorce, but Phyllis did not. Jack advised Phyllis that as much as she might want Nick to love her, it might not end the way she wanted. Phyllis wasn't ready to give up on Nick.

Outside Avery's apartment, she was caught in a robe and with wet hair because she'd used a friend's apartment shower. Nick appeared, and Avery explained that her apartment had no hot water. Avery was locked out, but Nick managed to jimmy her door open with a penknife.

Avery wondered why Nick was there, and he showed her the gift box with the chessboard. Later, over a game of chess, Nick told Avery that Victor's decision to not fight for Newman Enterprises was a test to see if his children would fight to get it back for themselves. Avery revealed that she was still Newman counsel, so he might not want to confide in her. Nick admitted that he didn't want to fight for Newman anymore.

Nick asked for Avery's advice. Avery pointed out that she had a dysfunctional family, and she wouldn't be a good sounding board for Nick. Avery revealed that she had always done things for other people, like going to law school for her father and moving to Genoa City for Phyllis. Avery wanted to start doing things for herself. Nick understood exactly what Avery meant.

Over a game of chess, Nick was more aggressive and won. Avery complimented him, and Nick suspected that she'd let him win. Phyllis walked in and saw them playing together. Phyllis was surprised to see Nick there and mentioned that she'd tried to call Avery. Avery explained that she'd gotten locked out of the apartment.

Phyllis accused Avery of setting it up so Phyllis would see Nick with Avery. Phyllis was jealous and called Avery a liar. Phyllis left in anger. Nick pointed out that Phyllis wasn't a good listener. Nick wondered about their relationship, but Avery wasn't ready to define it yet. Nick appreciated playing chess with Avery. Nick walked away, and the door closed in Avery's face, locking her out again.

Kay met with Neil at the Athletic Club, and she guessed that Jack had made him a job offer. Neil said the offer had not been for Newman. Neil explained that Jack had asked Neil to be CEO of Jabot. Kay assumed she was supposed to match the offer or say goodbye. Neil explained that he adored Kay, but it was a business decision for him.

Kay assumed Jack trusted Neil a great deal to put him in charge of John Abbott's company. Kay said she could not match the offer, but Neil suspected that Kay wanted to resume the role of CEO of Chancellor Industries. Kay said Chancellor was no longer Neil's problem.

Victoria confided to Nikki and Victor that Billy had gone to work at Newman in order to spy on Jack for her. Victoria was completely secure in Billy's loyalty, but Victor felt that Billy was an Abbott and would side with his brother. Victoria believed in Billy implicitly, comparing her love for him to Nikki's for Victor. Later, Nick saw his family at the Athletic Club. Nick announced that he would not be in on the fight for Newman Enterprises. Nick was ready to let the company go.

Jack informed Billy that he'd offered Neil the CEO position at Jabot. Jack told Billy about the need to assure some vendors of the new regime, mentioning the names that Victoria had asked Billy to investigate earlier in the day. Billy offered to handle the problem for Jack.

Neil called Jack and accepted the Jabot job. Jack was thrilled, but Billy was ticked off that Jack had given Neil the position that Billy had wanted from the start. Billy said that an Abbott should be the CEO of Jabot. Jack wanted to have it out with Billy if they were going to have a problem. Billy pretended to go along with Jack's decision and then listened to his brother's big plans to create a new empire.

Kay admitted to Neil that she'd have a hard time replacing him as CEO of Chancellor. Neil suggested that perhaps Jill would step in, but Kay thought Jill was too consumed with Phillip. Kay also said that Tucker was not an option. Neil offered to turn down Jack's offer out of friendship to Kay, but she wouldn't allow that. Kay felt the only answer was to return from retirement and replace Neil.

Summer looked at Jamie's driver's license and wrote down all the information about him. Ronan walked into the coffeehouse, and Summer said that Jamie had dropped the wallet. Summer gave it back to Ronan.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adam called Sharon to check up on her after the fire at the Newman ranch, but Sharon chose not to take the phone call. Adam left a message that he'd be there to see her soon. Chelsea overheard the tail end of Adam's call and asked whom he was calling. Adam lied and said that Jack had asked to see him, probably about the Newman takeover. When Adam asked how Chelsea was doing, she confessed that she'd heard a baby cry when she was dreaming, and it was bothering her. Adam comforted Chelsea with a hug and said he wanted her to feel better. Chelsea asked if he could stay with her, but Adam explained that it wasn't possible.

Adam offered to meet Chelsea for lunch. Chelsea wanted to remain at home rather than go out, and Adam understood that Chelsea didn't want to spend time with people. Chelsea agreed to meet Adam at the Athletic Club for lunch, then he left. Later, Anita and Jeffrey arrived at the house with presents for Chelsea and the new baby. Chelsea broke the news about having lost the baby. Jeffrey advised Chelsea to get Adam to open up with her about his feelings, but Chelsea said that Adam was coping in his own way.

Anita was concerned about Chelsea and Adam's relationship. Chelsea declared that she was sure that Adam wouldn't leave her because she'd lost the baby. Anita and Jeffrey agreed with Chelsea. Jeffrey apologized for upsetting Chelsea with the gifts and took them out of the living room. Privately, Anita asked Chelsea about Adam, wondering where Adam had gone.

Adam let himself into Sharon's house and discovered that she wasn't there. Adam called Sharon's phone, but when it rang, it was on the couch. Sharon walked into the remains of the Newman ranch and saw the destruction from the fire. Sharon was overwhelmed and started to cry. Adam found Sharon there, and she said that she had no memory of what had happened. Sharon only remembered that she'd been drinking. Adam took Sharon out of the house.

Back at Sharon's, Adam told Sharon she should not have gone to the ranch because someone might have seen her there. Sharon was surprised when Adam said that she needed an alibi for the night of the fire. Sharon explained she'd passed out from drinking and fallen asleep on the couch. Adam worried that nobody could verify that she had been there all night long. While they were talking, a car drove up, and there was a knock on the door.

Adam and Sharon decided not to answer the door, just in case it was someone who'd ask about the fire. After a few minutes passed, the car drove off. Adam peered out the window and saw that the car had been from the fire department, probably an investigator. Sharon feared that if she were accused of starting the fire, she might lose custody of Faith to Nick or wind up locked away in Fairview again.

Adam advised Sharon to remain in the house and not speak to anyone until he returned. Sharon wondered why Adam was helping her when he had vowed to never help her again. Adam pointed out that Sharon had nobody else to turn to. Sharon hugged Adam with appreciation.

Adam went home and saw that Anita and Jeffrey were there with Chelsea. Jeffrey and Anita were full of sympathy for both Adam and Chelsea over the baby. Chelsea was anxious to go to lunch with Adam, but he explained that he had to cancel because of a last-minute appointment. Chelsea said she had been looking forward to being with him. Jeffrey and Anita volunteered to take her to lunch, and Adam said he'd join them in a little while.

After they walked out, Adam found a key in his desk and left the house. Later, at the Athletic Club, Chelsea was tempted to call Adam to see if he was on his way. Meanwhile, Adam went to a guesthouse on his property that had been closed up. Adam looked around and thought it wasn't too bad. Back at Sharon's, Noah knocked on the door and called to Sharon. Inside the house, Sharon wondered whether to let her son know that she was there.

Nick went to Avery's apartment before she left for work. Nick informed Avery that he'd told his father he would not be part of the effort to get Newman Enterprises back in the family. Nick said it had felt good when he'd made the decision, but Nick was feeling guilty. Avery understood that Nick had an emotional attachment to the company because he felt that he'd let his family down. Avery sympathized with Nick.

Nick said that Victor had acted like he'd accepted Nick's decision in front of Nikki, but Nick expected to get a guilt trip from his father in private. Nick was committed to being there for his children, especially Summer, more than worrying about Victor's business.

Avery suggested that Nick not confuse the company with the Newman family. Nick appreciated Avery's insight and said that he usually learned something when he spoke with her. Nick admitted that working for Newman Enterprises no longer excited him. The chemistry between Avery and Nick was palpable, and she wondered what was happening between them.

Nick didn't want to spoil their friendship with romance, but Nick confessed that Avery was a trusted confidante to him. Nick told her that if all Avery wanted were a non-romantic relationship, he'd accept that. Avery wasn't sure, and Nick agreed to her suggestion to take baby steps. Later, Avery was on the phone, doing business, when she accidentally dropped the word "kiss" into the conversation.

Later, Nick went to the Athletic Club and saw that Noah had been hired as a bartender. Nick was impressed with his son's initiative. Nick ordered an unusual drink, then settled on a beer. Noah noticed that Nick seemed to be in a better mood. Noah asked Nick if Sharon was all right because he feared that he'd been too rough on his mother. Nick informed Noah that he would not be part of the effort to win Newman Enterprises back. Nick wanted to do something that didn't require a suit and tie. Noah said three generations of Newman men were starting anew.

At the coffeehouse, Paul, Heather, and Christine met to go over the clues in Eden's dream before Chris flew to California. Paul believed that Eden's subconscious was leading them to something of value in Ricky's case. Phyllis approached and wanted to know if Christine was serious about the lawsuit. Phyllis ripped the legal papers to shreds, completely disrespecting Chris. Paul tried to intervene, but Phyllis was determined to make a scene with Christine.

Phyllis believed that Christine's suit wasn't about payback or money; it was all about attention for Chris. Paul told Phyllis to stop, but Phyllis was on a tirade. Heather told Phyllis to stop because she was hurting her case, but Phyllis wasn't listening. Phyllis got right in Christine's face and said Christine had no life and wanted what Phyllis had. Chris laughed at the thought.

Phyllis mocked Christine's life and Chris countered with barbs about Phyllis' crumbling family. Phyllis blamed Christine for ruining her home. Paul got in the middle of the two women. Phyllis said that the suit would never make it to court. Paul threatened to carry Phyllis out of the coffeehouse, so Phyllis left on her own. Paul told Christine that Phyllis enjoyed pushing her buttons. Chris promised to maintain her professional composure with Phyllis.

Phyllis walked in and said hello to Nick and Noah. Phyllis said she had not followed Nick there; she was meeting Leslie about Christine's lawsuit. Nick wondered why she wanted to speak with him. Phyllis asked if Nick planned to get involved with Avery. Phyllis felt that would be Nick's way to punish Phyllis for having a fling with Ronan.

Nick listened as Phyllis claimed that they would always be tied together, even if they got divorced. Nick gave Noah a tip and then told Phyllis that it was the end for them. Later, Nick returned home and found an envelope on his desk. It was a legal separation agreement.

Later, Avery was about to leave the apartment when she opened the door and Nick was there. Nick said that he'd returned because he really didn't want to take things slowly. He pulled off her clothes and she pulled off his as they began to get passionate. Suddenly, the fantasy ended, and Avery realized it was just her imagination. Avery walked out the door and stepped into the elevator.

Avery returned to the apartment a few minutes later, having forgotten her papers. Avery had another fantasy of making love with Nick on the floor. The image of Nick half-naked appeared in the kitchen, asking Avery if she wanted to go out with him to an orchard for caramel apples. In the fantasy, Phyllis entered and saw Avery and Nick together. Phyllis looked grief-stricken.

Paul suggested that perhaps someone other than Chris should investigate Eden's clues in California. Chris wanted to go so she could help Paul, but he pointed out that Phyllis and the lawsuit were a distraction. Paul was concerned and reiterated that he could not support Chris in the lawsuit.

Christine felt that she was defending her core principles with the legal action, trying to get justice, since Phyllis had not been convicted in criminal court. Paul believed that Chris was losing perspective. Paul saw no good resulting from the legal battle. Paul said it would create more pain. Christine was in tears as Paul told her his true feelings.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

At Newman Enterprises, Jack was deep into work and didn't look up from his desk as he barked out a series of questions about sales figures. As the questions were answered, Jack was stunned to recognize that the voice he heard was Victor's. Jack was surprised to see Victor in the office. Jack sarcastically complimented Victor on his skill as an assistant but said the job had already been filled.

Jack flaunted his new role as CEO of Newman Enterprises and showed his business card to Victor. Jack then added that he'd shipped Victor's portrait and belongings to his house...even though Victor's ranch had burned to the ground. Victor sneered as he said that Jack would not be remaining in the office for long.

Jack assumed by that statement that Victor planned to go after him to take back the business. Victor claimed that he had no desire to pursue Newman Enterprises anymore, but Jack didn't believe him. Jack rubbed it in to Victor, pointing out that Victor had lost Newman Enterprises, Beauty of Nature, and his ranch. Victor responded that he still he had far more than Jack did. Jack laughed and listed all of his business assets, plus a house. Victor declared that Jack's ambition would destroy him in the end.

Victor stepped up to the desk and told Jack that all the people in his life whom he cared for had turned on him. Victor picked up framed photos of Ashley and Abby, saying that they were fed up with Jack. When he reached for Traci's picture, Victor reminded Jack that she hadn't returned home to Genoa City to celebrate Jack's success.

Victor reached for Kyle's picture, and Jack pointed out that his son was living in the Abbott house. Victor said that he expected Kyle to regard Victor as a role model in good time. Victor concluded that Jack was too small for Victor's desk. Jack told Victor to go away. Victor took a final shot at Jack before walking out of the office.

Billy was at work in Newman Enterprises when he received a call from Victoria. Billy told Victoria that people would get suspicious if she called too often. Billy agreed to meet Victoria for lunch at the Athletic Club. Nikki overheard Victoria's conversation and worried that Victoria might damage her marriage to Billy by asking him to spy for her at Newman Enterprises. Victoria wished that Nick would be with her on getting back the company for the family. Nikki advised Victoria to be careful about Billy, but Victoria was sure that she was not risking her marriage by going after Newman.

Billy went into Jack's office and reported about the work he'd done that day. Jack had a new assignment for Billy: to reassure shaky vendors who were concerned about the takeover. Later, Billy arrived at the Athletic Club to meet Victoria for lunch. Victoria was with Nikki and Victor. Billy and Victor exchanged barbs about Newman Enterprises before Victoria pulled Billy to sit at their table.

Privately, Victoria accused Billy of antagonizing her father. Billy said it was difficult for him to keep from tangling with Victor. Victoria questioned Billy about Newman Enterprises, and Billy confirmed her suspicion that two major department stores were unhappy with the takeover. Billy said that Jack had asked Billy to calm the nerves with the department store executives.

Victoria excitedly said that she would get to the disgruntled executives before Billy and ruin Jack's chances to hold on to Newman Enterprises. Billy felt disloyal to Jack, but Victoria asserted that she was out to protect Johnny's legacy. Billy mentioned that he'd learned that Chelsea had lost Adam's baby.

Victoria was stunned and quickly extrapolated that Chelsea might not be able to have another baby. She wondered if that were the case, whether Chelsea would want Johnny back. Billy told Victoria to stop spinning out of control and reminded her that the adoption was complete and legal. Billy had to return to work and kissed Victoria goodbye.

At the Athletic Club over lunch, Nikki told Victor about the decorator's ideas for the new ranch house. Victor was distracted, and Nikki realized that Victor had his mind on Victoria and Billy, who were at a table across the way. Victor was upset that Nick didn't want to fight Jack for Newman Enterprises. Nikki questioned if Victor had really changed and was a new man or if he was just going through the motions of having changed his ways.

In her house, Sharon heard Noah call to her from outside the front door. Instead of letting her son in, Sharon decided to hide out of sight. Noah unlocked the door, walked into the house, and called for Sharon, but she remained hidden. A moment later, Adam walked into the house, and Noah wondered what he was doing there.

Adam explained that Sharon had sent flowers and a condolence card to Chelsea over the loss of their baby. Adam wanted to thank Sharon for her kindness. Noah said that Sharon wasn't there, and he was unfriendly. Adam wondered why Noah had returned to Genoa City, in light of all the Newman family intrigue. Noah asked why Adam hated his family, the Newmans, so much. Adam felt his father and siblings had mistreated him.

Noah pointed out that Adam was responsible for many problems with the Newmans because of the things Adam had done in the past. Adam thought that Noah sounded like his father. Noah said that he agreed with Nick that Adam was a selfish man who only cared about his self-interest.

Adam explained to Noah that Nick was jealous of Adam because no matter how hard Nick tried, he could not be like Victor, while Adam was very much like his father. Adam said that nobody but him could live up to Victor's legacy as a ruthless man. Noah was shocked by Adam's words. Adam advised Noah to avoid getting caught up in the Newman family vortex. Adam left the house, and a short time later, Noah did, too.

Sharon emerged from her hiding place, and a few minutes later, Adam returned. Sharon was worried that Noah had seen him, but Adam made sure that Noah had driven away. Sharon asked why Adam had said such horrible things about the Newman family. Adam explained to Sharon that the Newmans were destructive, reminding her that Nick's family had ostracized her.

Sharon was frightened and didn't know what to do. Adam explained that he'd found a cottage on his property where Sharon could stay for a while. Adam's idea was for Sharon to disappear for a while so that when there was an investigation into the fire, she would be out of the spotlight.

At Crimson Lights, Heather, Paul, and Christine were meeting because Eden wanted to speak with them about Ricky. Eden appeared and told them that she'd had another dream in which Ricky was chasing her. They listened to her fractured images and tried to figure out what they meant.

Eden admitted that everything in her head was mixed up -- memories and dreams -- but she hoped it would help Paul. Heather didn't think Eden's testimony would be helpful in court. Eden was determined to do something because she believed that Paul had saved her life. Michael overheard them talking, prompting Heather to go to speak with him.

In the other room, Michael told Heather that he objected to her consulting with Paul on his case. Heather said she would not stop trying to help her father. Michael rejoined Paul and Christine to tell them that there was a continuance in Paul's case. That meant Paul had more time to work on his defense.

Christine received a call from Danny and walked away to speak with him. When Paul was alone, Michael went to see him and said that they should not be speaking. Paul asked why Michael had delivered the news about the continuance in person, and Michael admitted that he disliked his job.

Paul realized that Michael had a difficult task as D.A., and Paul respected him. Christine reappeared and criticized Michael for vigorously prosecuting Paul. Michael shot back that Chris would be more helpful to Paul's defense if she weren't going after Phyllis in a civil case.

After Michael left, Chris mentioned her phone conversation with Danny. Paul assumed that Danny would had preferred it if Chris was on her way to see him instead of investigating clues for Paul's case. Chris said that she wanted to help Paul, to repay Paul for all the times he'd saved her life. Chris took Paul's hand, and he sensed that there was something more to the touch than just friendship.

Later, Victor remained preoccupied over lunch. Nikki was peeved and warned that Victor had better not be plotting a new business deal. Victor said he had one transaction that he had to close immediately, and Nikki assumed that it was Newman business. Victor pulled out an engagement ring and said Nikki was more important to him than any business deal.

Chelsea approached a waiter at the Athletic Club to make sure that when Adam appeared, he'd be seated with her for lunch. Later, Chelsea went home and was disappointed that Adam wasn't there. There was a knock on the door, and Chelsea was surprised to see Victoria.

Victoria explained that she had heard about Chelsea losing the baby, and she sympathized. Victoria said she'd suffered a miscarriage once and remembered how devastating it was. Chelsea admitted that her hormones were out of control. Chelsea answered Victoria's questions and explained that there had been no cause for the miscarriage.

Victoria revealed that they had said the same words to her, but Victoria had never been able to conceive again. Chelsea answered that the doctor had said she could have another child in the future. Chelsea surmised that Victoria feared that Chelsea would want to take Johnny back. Chelsea assured Victoria that she'd never do that to Victoria and Billy.

Adam took Sharon to the secluded cottage on his property and told Sharon that he had stocked the refrigerator for her, and she could rest and be alone and safe. Only Adam knew she was staying there. Sharon asked Adam if she'd set the Newman ranch fire. Adam confirmed that Sharon had been drunk and hadn't been responsible for what she had done. Sharon worried that the authorities would learn the truth. Adam said he'd make sure that nobody ever suspected her.

Later, Adam finally received Chelsea's call and spoke with her. Adam apologized for missing lunch and said he still had to meet with Jack at Newman Enterprises. Adam promised to make things up to Chelsea and said that he loved her. Sharon was asleep on the couch, so Adam put a blanket over her and left. Sharon's eyes opened as she'd heard him on the phone with his wife.

Billy returned to work, and Jack questioned him about lunch. Billy joked about the pasta he'd eaten, worried that Jack suspected that he'd been meeting with Victoria. Jack asked about the papers he'd given Billy earlier. Billy said that they were on his desk, and he'd take them to Jack later.

Billy chafed as Jack reminded him about getting back to work. Billy apologized to his brother and mentioned that he was perturbed because Victoria was going out of town on a trip. Jack wondered where she was going, and Billy lied, saying that Victoria was flying to Italy to buy some art.

Jack was sympathetic to his brother. Later, alone in his office, Jack poured a glass of water and was seized by a sharp pain in his back. Jack fell to his knees in agony.

Victoria returned to the Athletic Club and was thrilled to learn that her parents had gotten engaged. Victoria asked Victor and Nikki to delay the wedding because she had to go out of town on business. Victor was pleased when Victoria said she had a way to get Newman Enterprises back.

Friday, October 26, 2012

At Newman Enterprises, Jack clutched his back, but he disguised his pain when he heard a knock at the door. Phyllis entered, and he hoped that she was there to discuss his job offer. She wasn't ready to accept the position yet, but he urged her to consider it a life vest. He suddenly winced in agony, and she expressed concern, but he remained focused on urging her to take the job.

Once he was alone, Jack grimaced again and swallowed some pills. John appeared and advised Jack that medication wouldn't fix the problem, but Jack argued that the pills helped with the pain in his spine. John warned that Jack had crossed the line and that Jack's body knew it, even if Jack couldn't admit it to himself. John chided Jack for trying to ignore him, but Jack retorted that John wasn't really there. John contended that Jack's hubris was eating him from the inside out, but Jack insisted that it was just the bullet in his spine. John urged him to go to the doctor, and he questioned what Jack was afraid of.

Jack proclaimed that he had the world in his pocket, and the pain was nothing compared to accomplishing the impossible by walking again and by acquiring Newman Enterprises. John reminded him that the bullet in Jack's back had to be removed, and the pain was a sign. Jack argued that the pain was simply a sign that he was alive. John asked again what he was afraid of, and Jack bellowed that he wasn't afraid of the pain or anything else. Jack glanced down for a moment, and when he looked up, John was gone.

A stir-crazy Sharon moved furniture around the cabin and tried in vain to recall the night of the fire. She became irritated when she couldn't find a phone.

Adam arrived home, and Chelsea sarcastically commented that he remembered where he lived. He assured her that his heart was there, and he promised to make up for being a "crappy husband." She reminded him that they were both cons, so he couldn't get away with lying to her. She revealed that she had called Newman Enterprises, and she knew that he hadn't shown up there. She demanded to know where he had really been.

Adam fibbed that he and Jack had met at Gloworm. Chelsea quizzed Adam about details of the meeting, and Adam said that he wouldn't be surprised if Jack asked him to return to Newman Enterprises. Chelsea inquired whether Adam would work for Jack, and Adam jokingly asked if she was trying to get rid of him. "How can I, when you're not even here?" she replied. Adam pointed out that he always returned home, but she sensed that he was hiding something. Chelsea asserted that things between them hadn't been the same since the accident, and she questioned whether Adam blamed her for losing their son.

Adam insisted that the miscarriage wasn't Chelsea's fault. She asked if there was someone else, and he adamantly denied it. He explained that he had been dealing with the loss, but he didn't like to talk about his feelings because he didn't want to reveal how much he was hurting. He theorized that her grief and hormones were causing her to see things that weren't there. She argued that she wasn't paranoid and that she didn't feel like Adam was truly with her.

Adam swore that he was there for Chelsea, but she angrily declared that he should trust her enough to tell her what was going on. Chelsea stormed out, and Sharon stepped out from the shadows. Sharon blasted Adam for lying to Chelsea. Sharon fretted that Chelsea would find out the truth, and she begged Adam to tell his wife everything, but he only wanted to do so when the time was right. Sharon decided to tell Victor the truth about the fire.

Adam tried to talk Sharon out of approaching Victor, but she felt as if she was sinking and pulling him down with her. He assured her that she was safe, and she promised not to implicate him, but he implored her to trust him. She empathized with Chelsea because she knew what it was like to reach out to connect with someone, only to find a wall instead. Sharon insisted that Adam and Chelsea needed one another, and she didn't want to make things worse for them.

Later, Chelsea returned home and told Adam that she had realized that all she wanted was to be there with him. She acknowledged that her feelings could have been the result of hormones and grief, and she wasn't accustomed to feeling hurt because she hadn't cared about anyone until she'd had him and the baby. Adam reassured her that they were in it together. He suggested that she take a bath while he fetched dinner. They exchanged proclamations of love, and he left.

Sharon arrived at Newman Enterprises and was surprised to find Jack in Victor's office. She asked to see Victor, but Jack crowed that she was too late. She didn't understand, and he asked if she'd been living in a cave. She demanded to know what was going on, and he pointed out that Victor's portrait was gone and that it had become Jack's office, thanks in part to Sharon for driving the company into the ground.

Sharon slowly sat down and murmured that no one had told her. Jack quipped that Nick and Victoria had probably been busy plotting to overthrow him, since he had fired them. Jack received a text message and brusquely dismissed Sharon. In a daze, Sharon left, and she ran into Adam outside the office. She wondered why Adam hadn't mentioned the hostile takeover, but he rushed her out.

At the cabin, Sharon blamed herself for the takeover, and she figured that Nick and Noah hated her. Adam assured her that no one hated her, but she rattled off the recent things she'd done to hurt the Newmans, and she felt that she had destroyed their legacy. She whined that she had ended up with nothing, but Adam said that she had him, and they hugged. "Adam, don't let go. Don't leave me alone," she pleaded. Meanwhile, Chelsea dressed up in sexy lingerie and lit candles in preparation for a romantic evening with Adam.

At the Athletic Club, Ronan tried to convince Avery to stop hating him, and he informed her that Phyllis had broken things off. Avery stated that it was none of her business, but Ronan said that he'd observed the chemistry between Avery and Nick. Avery tried to brush Ronan off, but he accused her of reaping the rewards of Nick and Phyllis' breakup, while he took the heat for it.

Avery defended that she and Nick were friends, and she ordered Ronan not to act like she and Ronan had a lot in common. Ronan swore that he never meant to cause problems for Phyllis, and Avery thought that he sounded like he was in love with Phyllis. Ronan replied that Phyllis' priority was her family and that Phyllis wanted Nick back, but he suspected that Avery didn't want that to happen any more than Ronan did. Ronan admitted that he wanted more than just an affair with Phyllis, and he wondered what Avery wanted from Nick.

Phyllis stopped by the tack house to see Nick, and he swore that his chess game with Avery had been innocent. She claimed that she just wanted to talk, and she told him about Jack's job offer. Nick curtly thanked her for letting him know, and she continued that she hadn't accepted the offer yet, but she was willing to work on the inside to help Nick get the company back. Nick contended that he didn't want it, and he suggested that she move on with her life.

Phyllis was shocked, but Nick maintained that he didn't care whether or not she took the job. She gasped that Newman Enterprises had been his life, but he reminded her that he had done other things, like Restless Style and Crimson Lights, and he had no interest in fighting for his father's company. Nick added that Phyllis hadn't needed his permission to do anything before. She admitted that she had been selfish and stubborn in her decisions, but she had thought that he would stand beside her and give her a second chance. Phyllis recognized that she had been wrong. "It's over, isn't it?" she asked.

At the bar, Avery contemplated calling Nick, but she sipped her drink instead. Meanwhile, Nick told Phyllis that they'd had many chances to make things right, but they had used them up and had to move on. She realized that he had already let go, and she couldn't force him to stay married to her, so she agreed to let go, too. He suggested that she take the job, and he hoped that once she gained back her confidence, things would turn around for her and Summer. Phyllis fought back tears and whimpered that she'd thought that they would find their way back as a family. She said that she was sorry for everything, and she left. Summer listened from the stairs.

Summer tried to sneak out, but Nick insisted upon having a father-daughter chat to discuss her life and the accident. He assured her that the accident hadn't been her fault, but he understood that it was a big burden to carry. She claimed that she was fine, but he saw through her tough exterior, and she lamented that she couldn't do anything to fix things for Adam and Chelsea. Nick said that Phyllis also wasn't responsible for the accident, and although his and Phyllis' marriage was over, they were still a family. Summer insisted that Phyllis had blown up their family, and she couldn't forgive Phyllis when she knew that Nick couldn't, either.

Phyllis and Ronan made awkward small talk in the Athletic Club foyer. She told him that she had received a job offer, but she didn't want to disclose any details. He assumed that she hadn't decided whether to take it, and he offered to be her sounding board over dinner. She wasn't ready to accept his invitation, but she added that she might change her mind.

Nick left a message for Summer, asking her to call him to let him know that she was okay, and he vowed to be there for her when she was ready to talk. From the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis also left a message for Summer, and she tearfully wished that she could fix things. Phyllis sent a text message to tell someone that she had given up and that he had won.

Jack responded to Phyllis' text message by meeting her at the bar. He repeated her words that he'd won, and he asked for his prize. He assumed that she would join him at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis announced that she was in, and Jack wanted to toast, but he couldn't mask his pain as he turned toward the bar. He tried to play it off, but she demanded to know what was wrong.

Summer arrived at Avery's apartment and confessed that she'd lied about going to a friend's house to get away from home. Avery pointed out that she was Summer's friend, and Summer gratefully threw her arms around Avery. Avery understood that Summer didn't want to be around her parents, and Summer requested that Avery help her sue for emancipation. Avery calmly stated that she couldn't represent Summer, but they could discuss family law while baking cupcakes. Summer incredulously remarked that they could just buy them, but Avery insisted that homemade ones would be better.

Avery and Summer bonded over making cupcakes. Avery understood Summer's desire for emancipation, but she cautioned that if Summer won, Summer would legally be an adult with no financial support from her parents. Summer argued that she would be free, but Avery remarked that Summer would be free to be homeless. Summer acknowledged that she was definitely not ready to be on her own. Avery compared Summer's situation to taking the cupcakes out of the oven too early and ending up with soggy cake. Avery counseled Summer not to make a decision that would hurt Summer even more, and Summer wished that Phyllis was more like Avery.

After Summer had left, Nick arrived at Avery's apartment, and she informed him that she and Summer had talked and baked. Nick was surprised that Summer had done either. Avery disclosed that she'd urged Summer to reconsider pursuing emancipation. Nick thanked Avery for trying, and he asked if he should leave, but the timer buzzed. Avery said that his timing was just right.

Avery explained to Nick that girls like Summer wanted to be adults but needed their parents, and she had channeled Summer's energy into pastry. He was surprised that Avery knew how to bake, and she noted that she had many facets. She handed him a cupcake, and he pretended to be nervous that she'd mixed up the ingredients. She ordered him to take a bite, and he obliged. He declared it to be the best cupcake he'd ever had.

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