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Avery returned Nick's engagement ring. Someone ransacked Neil's apartment. Leslie read the letters Rose had written to Gus. Katherine's tumor was benign. Billy struggled with his gambling addiction. Michael suspected that Lauren was having an affair.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 29, 2013 on Y&R
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Monday, April 29, 2013

At his penthouse, Adam informed Sharon that their relationship would remain strictly physical. Sharon told Adam that she would not allow him to treat her like a call girl. Adam poured himself a double shot of scotch and took a sip. He replied, "I'm sorry if you thought I was abrupt with you." Sharon said, "Oh, but you're not sorry that you were abrupt. Congratulations, Victor Newman, you've mastered the art of the non-apology."

Sharon asked Adam if he intended to go through life numb. Adam swallowed another sip of scotch and replied, "It's a hell of a lot easier that way." Sharon noted that Adam, a passionate man, cared deeply for his family and work. Adam gulped the remainder of booze in his glass and said he feared what might happen to Sharon if they became wrapped up in each other again. Adam recalled that even Sharon's doctor had warned that they should be nothing more than friends. Sharon insisted that she could take care of herself.

Adam remained stoic. He reiterated the restrictions of his relationship with Sharon and cried, "I can't give you more. I just got a divorce, and I'm empty and drained." Before she left, Sharon assured Adam that she could handle their relationship if he could. Adam served himself another glass of scotch. In a series of flashbacks, Adam recalled the day Sharon had told him that Dylan had to have been shocked to hear he was the father of Chelsea's baby. Adam recalled having told Sharon that Chelsea had accused him of moving on with Sharon even though Chelsea had made love to Dylan.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan was seated at the bar, drinking coffee. Summer and her friend, Courtney, arrived. The two friends chatted about a covert rendezvous at the Underground. Dylan overheard Summer when she assured Courtney that Nick wouldn't be present at the Underground because Avery had planned a special evening alone with him at the tack house. Dylan seemed lost in thought about Avery after hearing Summer mention her father and Avery's plans.

Courtney gave Summer a fake identification card. Summer closely examined the card. She marveled over its authentic-looking match for a real ID. Courtney said she hoped the fake IDs would allow them to enjoy an evening of fun at the Underground. Summer noted that because her father had plans and her brother had the night off, it might be the only night they could enter the bar without being caught.

At the tack house, Avery asked Nick if he'd proposed to her because he feared he might lose her to Dylan. Nick shook his head and said he didn't know what Avery meant by her question. Avery asked if Nick had rushed too quickly into a decision to marry, regretted his haste, and was citing her feelings for Dylan as a way to back out. Nick insisted that his feelings hadn't changed since the day he'd chosen her engagement ring. Avery assured Nick that her feelings for him hadn't changed.

Avery cried that Nick was wrong to believe she wasn't over Dylan. Nick said he could sense that Avery was still confused about her feelings. Avery became frustrated and told Nick that he should consider her actions. Avery added that she'd chosen to enjoy a romantic evening with Nick and was gazing into his eyes and holding his hand, not Dylan's. Nick's phone rang. After the call ended, Nick explained that he was needed at the Underground. Avery, troubled, left after Nick promised to call her the next day.

As Nick headed out the door, Sharon stopped by to pick up a permission slip for Faith's field trip. Sharon told Nick that Avery had spoken to her about the misgivings Nick had regarding their plans. Sharon explained that even with every impediment and complication removed; relationships didn't always pan out as hoped. Nick replied, "Hmm, something tells me that we are now talking about you and Adam." Sharon laughed and asked Nick what had made him leap to such a conclusion. Nick replied, "Hey, when I hear 'impediments and complications,' my mind instantly goes to Adam."

Sharon said she hoped that Nick and Avery could make their relationship work because he seemed very happy with her. Nick replied, "You're not the first person to say that." Nick admitted that he didn't know how his relationship with Avery would play out. Before she left, Sharon assured Nick that she and Adam weren't seriously involved. Nick said, "Good! Keep it that way." Sharon, smiling, admitted that she often heeded Nick's advice. Nick replied that he often heeded her advice, as well.

Tyler met up with Quinn, a model, in her motel room. After the couple made love, Quinn told Tyler that she'd had fun. Wearing nothing but a sheet draped below his torso, Tyler claimed he'd had fun, too. Stephanie noted that Tyler seemed distracted. Tyler admitted that the time spent with her had been a respite from his thoughts. Quinn claimed that she wasn't a "serious kind of girl." Tyler said he was crazy about girls that weren't serious, and he began kissing her.

At the Underground, Noah made out with Donna, one of the models who'd interviewed for a position at Jabot. After Donna nibbled on Noah's ear and kissed him, she suggested they seek privacy at his place. Noah admitted that he lived with his father and two sisters at a place located just out of town. Donna told Noah to enjoy the rest of his evening before she made a hasty exit. Noah was disappointed that his plans hadn't panned out like he'd hoped.

Noah entered the bartender's area and greeted Mason. Mason told Noah he'd hoped to see Nick about a job. Noah suggested that Mason return another day to discuss the matter with his dad. Mason accepted Noah's offer to enjoy a free drink. Tyler returned and learned that Noah had struck out with Donna when she discovered that Noah still lived with his family. Tyler noted that he needed to move out of the motel room he'd been living in. Noah went to the office to retrieve a printout of available apartments he'd contacted during his own search.

After Noah stepped away, Summer and Courtney entered after slipping past a distracted bouncer. Summer was a bit taken aback when Courtney rushed to the bar to order a pińa colada. Mason moved from the bar to a table, and Courtney told Summer that she'd spotted a cute, unattached male that might buy drinks for them. The young ladies sat on either side of Mason. Summer noted that Mason was no longer alone. Mason inquired about the girls' ages. Tyler spotted Summer, and she sprang up and stood next to Tyler.

Tyler asked Summer how she'd gained admittance, but Summer quickly introduced her friend. Courtney, in turn, introduced Mason to Tyler. Summer claimed that she and Courtney were merely checking out the place. Tyler explained that Summer would have to "act the part if she hoped to represent Jabot." Courtney told Mason that Summer had been selected to represent Jabot's new fashion division. Tyler added that no professional models would be used for the campaign.

Mason asked Tyler if he was in charge of marketing. Tyler nodded and said he was. Mason explained that he was also "in the business, on the finance side." Tyler instructed Summer to take Courtney's place beside Mason. Tyler said that Mason and Summer looked great together. Mason seemed unsure about the venture, but Tyler gave Mason a business card and told him to show up at Tyler's office the next day.

Noah approached, and Summer pulled him to the side. Summer cried that she and Courtney were bored and wanted to have some fun. Noah warned that their dad could lose his liquor license because she was underage. Summer begged Noah to keep quiet, but Nick showed up and caught Summer. Nick confiscated Summer's fake ID and told her that it was a felony to possess it.

Nick asked Summer if she thought he might never find out that she'd spent a school night at the bar, drinking. He wondered aloud if she intended to attend school, suffering from a hangover. Summer claimed she hadn't planned to drink. Nick said they'd continue the discussion later at home. Summer announced that she'd be in her room, packing. Nick asked Summer where she planned to go. Summer announced that she intended to live at Jack's with her mother.

Later, Noah donned his work shirt and took his place behind the bar. He offered Tyler a drink, but Tyler turned it down. Tyler mentioned that his hospitalized father had suffered a setback after something upset him. In a sympathetic tone, Noah recalled that Tyler had shown up in time to witness Summer's drama. Tyler said he remembered wishing away his childhood because he had believed he'd be better off as a grown-up.

Tyler received a text message from Leslie explaining that their father would soon be released. Tyler shared his news with Noah. Growing gloomily contemplative, Tyler asked Noah to serve him a double. Tyler sighed before lifting the glass of whiskey to his lips.

Dylan returned to his motel and penciled a circle around a classified ad for an all-wood baby crib. He opened his journal and sketched a crib. Answering a knock at his door, Dylan found Avery standing before him. Avery said she knew why Dylan was staying, but she expressed regret that he'd decided not to leave Genoa City. Dylan, agitated, reminded Avery that he'd just lost his dad. Dylan added that the baby Chelsea was carrying would be his only close family, and he wouldn't walk away because Nick couldn't deal with Dylan and Avery's past.

Avery said she knew how much Dylan wanted to be a father. She apologized for selfishly hoping that he'd leave town. Dylan asked if Nick was concerned because Avery hadn't fully let go of her past. Avery said she'd once been confident about what she wanted, and she admitted that was no longer as certain. Growing defiant, Avery maintained that Dylan was her past and that Nick was her future.

Dylan reminded Avery that she'd always run to him in the past whenever a situation had become sticky between her and her husband. Dylan added that he'd no longer settle for a love affair. Avery yelled that she would never do anything to hurt others as she had in the past. Before she left, Avery insisted that Nick was her future. She said she couldn't understand why she was unable to convince others to believe her. Dylan replied, "Maybe they'll believe it when you do."

Avery entered the patio at Crimson Lights and took a seat at Adam's table. Avery explained that she and Dylan had once been close, so he'd told her about the baby. Adam replied, "Is that why he's here now?" Avery said, "Yes, but now he has a real reason to be here." Adam said he understood when Avery admitted that Dylan's presence had created tension between her and Nick. Avery told Adam that she'd endured much pain in her past and had initially fought her feelings for Nick. She smiled broadly and added, "Some people have a knack for getting under your skin."

Sharon stopped by the coffeehouse. She poised her finger between Adam's and Nick's names on her phone's list of contacts, but she didn't place a call. Adam returned to his penthouse, poured another drink, and gazed out the window. Avery showed up at the tack house. She lingered for a time outside the door before she turned and walked away. Back in his motel room, Dylan opened his notebook, gazed at his photo of Avery, then worked on his sketch of the crib. At the Underground, Nick sat in the booth he'd permanently reserved for Avery. He seemed lost in thought.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

At the Abbott home, Phyllis questioned whether Jack was sick of her yet, since they were together all the time. He claimed that he was always pleasantly surprised to see her, but she pointed out that he hadn't expected a kid as part of the deal. Jack corrected that Summer was an adult, and he insisted that he had always been crazy about Summer. Phyllis expected Nick's head to explode when Summer informed him that she was moving out.

Phyllis noted that custody wasn't a concern because Summer was 18, and she gloated that Summer had chosen to live with her instead of Nick. Jack questioned whether Summer's motivation had truly been the close proximity to Phyllis, and Phyllis realized that Jack was concerned about Summer's crush on Kyle. Jack pointed out that Kyle had made it clear that he wasn't interested in Summer, and Phyllis was confident that Summer had moved on. Jack wondered what would happen if Summer's interest was renewed, and Phyllis joked that another Newman-Abbott pairing would cause Victor to have a meltdown.

Kyle entered, and Jack observed that he was wearing the same clothes as the day before. Phyllis claimed that she wasn't offended that Kyle had taken off on her first night living there, and Kyle claimed that he had been hanging out with friends. Kyle confirmed that there would be no pairing between him and Summer, and he declared that he didn't care if Summer lived there. Summer entered and asked if they were her welcoming party.

Jack said that he was thrilled that Summer was moving in, and they joked about how much stuff Phyllis and Summer had. Summer disclosed that she had told Nick the news about her move, but she had to get to the office. Phyllis gushed that Summer could be the new face of Jabot's fashion line, but Summer warned her mother not to jinx it. Jack suggested that they all celebrate over lunch. Jack and Phyllis left to deal with work matters.

Summer asked Kyle if he was nervous about her living there, and she insisted that she was mortified by her past behavior and that it wouldn't happen again. She asked him to help her convince Phyllis and Jack to host a graduation party for her, but Kyle said that he didn't want to appear to be a bad influence. Summer teased that he wasn't a good one, and she noticed that he looked like he had done a "walk of shame" that morning. She said that it would be fun living together, and she added that she was happy that they could be friends.

Avery stopped by the tack house and apologized for not calling first, but Nick contended that she should be living there already. She asked how she could convince him that things were over with Dylan and that she wanted only Nick. Avery said that she hadn't been able to sleep, because she had been thinking about Nick and how far they'd progressed. She insisted that they had something special and that she loved Nick.

Avery continued that Dylan was still in town, but he was out of her heart. Nick questioned whether she truly believed that or if she just wished it, and she complained that he wasn't hearing her words. Nick wanted to feel like he and Avery were in the same place, but his gut told him that she wasn't ready and that she still had feelings for Dylan. Avery realized that she couldn't say anything to convince Nick otherwise, and she asked what she was supposed to do. She sadly removed her engagement ring.

Avery reiterated that she wanted a life with Nick, but if he couldn't believe in her and their relationship, then he should take the ring. She cried as she handed it to him, and he said that he hadn't wanted things to turn out the way they had. She professed her love, and he did the same. She conceded that it wasn't enough, and she hurried out.

Nick gazed at the ring, and he put it away in a drawer. Summer called, and he wanted to talk about her moving out. He warned that the stunt she'd pulled at the Underground wouldn't go away, and he demanded that she put her job on hold to discuss it, but she hung up. He grabbed his coat and left.

Jack had some paperwork for Chelsea, and he asked Kyle to stop by Chelsea's studio to drop it off. Kyle departed, and Jack mused to Phyllis that their first day as a blended family was going very well. Phyllis amorously noted that the house was empty, and she asked how much time he had before his conference call. They began to head upstairs, but Nick arrived and blasted Phyllis for moving Summer in without talking to him first. Phyllis argued that as an adult, Summer had made the choice to live there.

Nick questioned whether Jack was okay with Summer living with Kyle, and Jack swore that nothing was going on. Nick thought it was just a matter of time, but Phyllis said that she could control Summer. Nick called Kyle a player, and Jack defended that Kyle was hardly a Rottweiler in heat. Nick wanted to speak with Phyllis alone, and Jack departed.

Nick told Phyllis that he'd busted Summer with a fake identification card at his club. Phyllis thought that Summer could use a more stable environment, since Nick had decided to inflict a new stepmother on his kids. He contended that the situation had nothing to do with Avery, but Phyllis reported that Summer was tired of Avery always being around. Nick stated that it wasn't an issue anymore, and Phyllis sarcastically said that she was sorry that there was "trouble in cupcake paradise."

Nick acknowledged that he and Avery had moved too fast, and Phyllis theorized that Nick was really upset with Avery but taking out his frustration on Phyllis. Phyllis swore that they'd deal with the fake ID, but she refused to let Nick order Summer around just so he could control something. Jack asked if it was okay to return to his living room, and Nick stated that he and Phyllis were done. Nick asked Phyllis to keep an eye on their daughter, and he told Jack to keep Kyle away from Summer. Nick left, and Phyllis felt victorious.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler flirted with the barista, and Chloe reprimanded him for harassing her employees when he should be at the test shoot to check out the new male model. Tyler bragged that he had been right about Summer, but Chloe huffed that Summer didn't have the job yet. Chloe volunteered to give a woman's perspective about the male model, because she didn't trust a straight man's opinion. Tyler charmingly replied that he was a straight man, and he thought that Chloe was "smokin' hot." She called his comment sweet but obvious, and she asked what Lily thought of the male model. Tyler disclosed that he hadn't told Lily.

At the hospital, Lily expressed her relief to Cane that Katherine's tumor was benign, but he thought that there was more to worry about. Murphy begged Katherine to wake up, and Jill longed for the days when Katherine had been strong enough to pick a fight. Devon talked to an unconscious Katherine, and he said that her family had been around her to tell her that they loved her and wanted her to wake up. Devon hoped that Katherine had just been waiting for him, and he asked her not to leave him hanging.

Lily told Cane that Katherine was the strongest woman she knew, and she was confident that Katherine would get through it. Cane worried that it was too much for Katherine to handle, and Lily offered to skip the photo shoot. Cane urged Lily to go to work, and he promised that he would call her with any news. Lily assured him that it would only be good news, and they hugged and pledged their love.

Chelsea crumpled up a design at her studio, and Dylan entered and remarked that it couldn't be that bad. She jokingly asked if he was there to look for a modeling job, and he revealed that he was going to his family's cottage to take care of some things regarding his father's business. Dylan rambled on about how she could call him, and he promised that he'd be there for doctor's visits and that he would get an apartment when he returned. Chelsea snapped at him to stop acting like he was her husband.

Dylan said that he hadn't meant to overstep, but he wanted to look out for Chelsea and "the spice monster." She blamed her reaction on her hormones, and she explained that she hadn't liked who her husband had turned out to be. Dylan didn't want to be in the middle of a marriage again, but Chelsea said that her divorce was final, and she was just adjusting to the unexpected things in her life. Dylan understood, and he vowed to be a good father, but he didn't want to barge into her life. He asked if he could give her a friendly hug, and they embraced as Tyler and Chloe walked in. Dylan told Chelsea that he expected his trip would be quick, and he departed.

Mason arrived and remarked that the day before, he had tried to get a job pouring drinks, but he would rather stand near beautiful women. Chelsea recognized him from Newman Enterprises, and Mason said that he hadn't gotten along with Adam. Chelsea commented that she liked him already. Chloe said that Tyler had a knack for picking models, and Lily cracked that Tyler knew how to pick one model before he moved on to the next. Lily wondered why Tyler hadn't told her about Mason, but Chloe was anxious to see whether Summer and Mason had chemistry.

Chloe fawned over Mason's looks, and Chelsea stated that Mason was sure to appreciate Chloe objectifying him. Chloe accused Chelsea of doing the same with Dylan, and she implored Chelsea to give Dylan something to remember her by. Chloe gushed that everything was going well for them, and she pressed Chelsea not to be a downer. Summer rushed in, and Tyler informed her that they were conducting a test shoot. Summer chirped that the last one had been fun, and Mason and Summer hugged hello. As Mason and Summer talked, Tyler admired how they looked together.

Tyler put on some music, and Lily tried to get Mason and Summer to relax. Tyler urged them to have fun, and Kyle arrived during the shoot and noticed Summer. Later, Chelsea, Chloe, Lily, and Tyler marveled over how great the photos of Summer and Mason looked. Tyler was pleased with the group's reaction to the pictures, and Tyler and Lily complimented each other's efforts. Lily left to meet Cane, while Tyler returned to Crimson Lights to hit on the barista again.

Chelsea felt a wave of inspiration after the photo shoot, and Chloe expected Chelsea to daydream about Dylan. Chelsea said that Dylan had served his purpose, since Adam was convinced that the baby was Dylan's. Chloe argued that Dylan was sweet and gorgeous, and she thought Chelsea could have the perfect fairy-tale ending. Chelsea lamented that everything was based on a big lie, and she wasn't as good at lying as she once had been. Chloe advised her not to backslide into honesty, but Chelsea didn't know how long she could keep up the charade.

Murphy suspected that something was wrong because Katherine hadn't woken up. Cane went to get a doctor, and he told Jill that Katherine was still unresponsive. Jill was perplexed about a call that she'd received from a business associate, regarding a postponed meeting, and Cane revealed that Katherine had asked him to take over Chancellor Industries. Jill blamed the tumor for Katherine's decision, but Cane insisted that it was what Katherine had wanted. Jill barked that she wasn't surprised that Katherine would screw her over, and she berated Cane for doing Katherine's dirty work.

Devon announced that Katherine was waking up, and Katherine's loved ones rushed into her room. Devon murmured that Katherine had a lot of fans who wanted assurance that she was all right. "Chancellor," Katherine called out. Jill complained about Katherine's priorities, and Katherine asked if Jill really wanted a piece of her. Katherine's family and friends laughed.

Phyllis told Summer that Nick had stopped by and had informed her about the fake ID. Phyllis warned that they'd have a conversation about it, but first she wanted to enjoy the lunch that Jack had set up in the dining room. Jack said that Kyle had relayed that Summer had looked like a professional model at the shoot, but Summer hadn't realized that Kyle had been there. Summer showed them the shots, and Kyle couldn't help but be impressed.

On the coffeehouse patio, Avery caressed her bare ring finger. Dylan noticed Avery looking forlorn, and he informed her that he was finally leaving town to tie up loose ends for his dad's company. He assured her that she wouldn't have to worry about running into him for a little while, and she accidentally knocked over her coffee cup. As he helped her to clean up the mess, he noticed that she wasn't wearing her engagement ring. He asked who had broken off the engagement.

Avery explained that she'd returned Nick's ring, but not because of Dylan, and she didn't appreciate Dylan telling her what she felt. She swore that she loved Nick, but Dylan continued to insist that it was his and Avery's chance, because there was no one between them anymore. She maintained that she and Dylan were over, and Dylan asked why she was afraid. Avery argued that he was about to become a father, but Dylan pleaded with her not to look for reasons not to be together. He invited her to go out of town with him.

Dylan reminded Avery that she had kept him alive in Afghanistan, and he had waited for the moment that he could tell her in person how much he'd missed her, but they hadn't had a second without outside pressure. She refused to go away with him, but he suggested that they shut out the world and go someplace where they wouldn't have to hide from anything. Dylan swore that they would be free, but Avery replied that she wasn't. He declared that he was going to the cottage and that she knew the way there. Dylan requested that she meet him there, and he departed.

Nick returned home and opened a beer. He gazed despondently at Avery's photo and then the engagement ring.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kevin presented Chloe with flowers at the design studio. She assumed that he'd done something that she wouldn't like, but he insisted that he was just being spontaneous. He called it a prologue to their date, and he suggested that they have lunch together. Chloe whined that she couldn't skip out on work, but Kevin was willing to ditch taking inventory. He promised that there would be no felonies involved, and he wanted to see where the day took them. She agreed to go anywhere but a jail cell.

Chloe complained that she and Kevin couldn't afford a nice restaurant, but Kevin proposed that they could just enjoy the atmosphere. She suggested that they get takeout and have a picnic in the office. She pretended that they were on a beach in Thailand, and she told him to close his eyes. Chloe tried to set the scene with sound effects of waves and breezes, but Kevin said that the waves told him to take her clothes off in the water. She pulled a sexy dress off the rack and went to go put it on.

During their faux beach adventure, Chloe asked a somber Kevin what he was thinking about, and he said the inventory. She griped that he had been the one who'd wanted to change the routine, but he worried that the coffeehouse wouldn't have cups for a week. They agreed that their attempt to make their own paradise wasn't working. Kevin had an idea about how to get out of their marital rut, and he told her to change clothes.

Chloe and Kevin returned to the studio, carrying a paper bag. She gushed that she couldn't believe that something they'd done had made her feel alive again. Kevin said that he had been glad to remind her, and he thought their problem had been too much thinking. They began to make love on the desk.

Michael stopped by the police station to find Christine, but Paul informed him that she was in a meeting with the mayor. Michael tried to make a quick exit, but Paul asked how Michael's family was doing, and Michael revealed that he'd moved out. Michael explained that he and Lauren would have ended up hating one another if he'd stayed, and he couldn't let that happen. Michael answered a call, and he learned that Fen hadn't shown up for school the past two days. Michael wondered if Lauren was aware of Fen's behavior, and he worried that Fen was going to his "dark place."

Michael arrived home to loud music and a mess, and Fen was asleep on the couch. Michael shook Fen awake and checked for a fever, but Fen snapped that he wasn't in the mood for school. Michael sternly said that Fen didn't have a choice, and Fen asked if Michael intended to lock him up again. Michael reprimanded Fen for skipping school and turning their house into a pigsty, and Fen retorted that Michael didn't live there anymore. Michael inquired where Lauren was.

Fen told Michael to figure it out himself, since Michael had bailed on their family. Michael maintained that he and Lauren had needed a break, but Fen was convinced that Michael blamed Fen. Michael denied it, but Fen pointed out that everything had been fine until Fen had gotten into trouble. Michael emphasized that the issue was between Michael and Lauren, but Fen believed that neither of his parents could stand being home, and Fen was the only common denominator. Michael insisted that he loved his son, but Fen stormed out.

Lauren awakened in a hotel room, and Carmine entered with a tray of food. Carmine noted that they had missed breakfast and lunch, but he'd charmed his way into the hotel kitchen to get a snack. He amorously told her to eat up, because she'd need energy for what he had planned. Carmine and Lauren sipped champagne and fed one another chocolate-covered strawberries. He suggested that they do some tasting at a winery they'd spotted, but she kissed him and said that he tasted pretty good. He offered to just stay in their room all day.

Lauren answered a call from Fen's phone, and she was surprised when Michael inquired where she was. She said that she was out of town to take a few days off, and Michael wondered why she hadn't told him, so he could have moved home with Fen. Lauren said that Fen was staying with a friend to prepare for a school project, and Michael informed her that Fen had skipped school to wallow at home. Carmine asked if Lauren wanted more champagne, and she gestured for him to be quiet.

Michael asked again where Lauren was, and she lied that she was at a café and that the voice had been a waiter. She told Michael that she would call him back, and she quickly hung up. Carmine apologized, and Lauren relayed that Michael wanted her to return home. Meanwhile, Michael answered his door to Paul, and Michael reported that Fen had run out when Michael had stopped by. Michael added that Lauren had gone away for few days, and he suspected that she wasn't alone.

Michael mentioned that he had heard a man's voice and that Lauren had claimed that it had been a waiter, but he noted that she had been quick to end the phone call. Michael began to piece together how the distance between him and Lauren had grown over time, but Paul advised him to relax and to focus on Fen. Paul offered to try to talk to Fen, but Michael thought that Lauren was the only one who could get through to their son.

Later, Michael cleaned up Fen's mess, and he found some mail. He started to put the envelopes in a drawer, but he found the deck of playing cards that Carmine had given Lauren. Michael untied the bow and saw the handwritten note that said, "Remember how it all began."

Carmine tried to dissuade Lauren from going back to an empty marriage and a husband who had walked out on her, but Lauren wanted to return for Fen. Carmine encouraged her to call Fen instead of leaving, but she insisted that she needed to get home right away. Carmine urged her to relax, because it wouldn't help for Fen to see her tense. Carmine swore that she needed the time away, and they kissed passionately.

After they made love, Carmine asked Lauren if she was feeling better, and she claimed that she was starving. She asked if he could scrounge up something more substantial from the kitchen, and he said that he'd do anything for her. Carmine left, and Lauren hurriedly scribbled a note saying that she was sorry. She grabbed her things and rushed out.

After she spoke with the hospital, Leslie told Neil that Gus could return home that day. Neil knew that Leslie was uncomfortable with Gus living at her apartment, but he thought the fact that Gus had survived was a message from God that Leslie and Gus had another shot at a relationship. Leslie contended that it would have to be built on trust, and Neil urged her to be patient. Leslie and Neil kissed goodbye, and he left to visit Katherine. Leslie stared at Gus's box, and she ultimately opened one of the letters addressed to her father.

At the hospital, Tyler peeked in on Gus, and Lily asked how Gus was doing. Tyler reported that Gus was about to be released, and he asked if the coffee she was carrying was for him. Lily explained that Cane had been keeping a diligent watch over a friend who'd just had surgery. Tyler mentioned that he and Cane had discussed what had been going on between Tyler and Lily.

A defensive Lily insisted that she loved her husband, but Tyler clarified that he hadn't said anything about their kiss. Tyler explained that he and Cane had talked about the fashion campaign, and Cane had acknowledged that Lily and Tyler worked well together. Tyler expected that they would be wildly busy once the campaign took off, but Lily wanted to make sure that they maintained a work-life balance and had time for the people who mattered. Lily warned Tyler that he'd be hurt if Gus died before father and son made amends. Tyler hid his disappointment as she walked away. Neil watched the exchange.

Neil asked Lily about what going on with her and Tyler, and she snapped that there was nothing between them. Neil said that he'd seen them talking, and she informed him that she'd asked about Gus. Neil contended that Lily could have asked Neil, but she argued that Tyler had needed a friend. Neil cautioned that Tyler was looking for lifeline, and he worried that Tyler would drag down anyone who tried to help him. Neil advised Lily to remember his words of advice the next time she attempted to reach out to Tyler.

Tyler visited Gus and said that it was easier to talk while Gus was sleeping, because Tyler didn't have to see the look of disappointment in Gus's eyes. Tyler admitted that he'd longed for a dad who'd cared, and he recognized that it wasn't healthy for him to continue carrying around his anger. Tyler wanted to forgive Gus, but he didn't know how. Gus opened his eyes and conceded that the bad memories were painful, but he wanted to try to make better ones. Tyler agreed that he was willing to try. Leslie entered, and Tyler assumed that she was there to pick up Gus. "He's not coming home with me. Not today, not ever," Leslie spat.

Tyler pulled Leslie aside and assured her that she didn't have to feel guilty about Gus's heart attack. She declared that Gus had plenty to feel guilty about, and she asked how long his affair with Rose had lasted. Gus was livid that Leslie had violated his privacy by going through his things. She barked that she was tired of secrets, and she demanded to know whether he had been with Rose on the night of Belinda's murder. Gus confessed that he had been with Rose, but it wasn't what Leslie thought.

Leslie concluded that Gus's affair had pushed Belinda to have an affair of her own, and she assumed that Rose had been the reason that Gus had never been home. Gus yelled that he'd never been unfaithful to Belinda, but Rose had needed him. Leslie pointed out that Gus could have saved Belinda had he been home. Gus said that he had tried to save his wife, but Leslie snapped that he had been too late then, and he was "sure as hell too late now."

Leslie and Tyler stepped outside Gus's room, and Tyler pointed out that Gus had denied having an affair. Leslie wondered why Tyler was defending Gus, and Tyler revealed that a friend had advised him to let go of his anger. Tyler contended that they would have saved themselves a lot of pain if they'd believed Gus twelve years earlier. Leslie wondered if Belinda might not have died if Gus had been home, but Tyler stated that Marcus had been solely responsible for their mother's death.

Tyler acknowledged that both he and Leslie had handled Gus's homecoming badly, but he believed that they should get to know their father. Leslie contemplated the worst that could happen, and Tyler questioned whether she could live with herself if something happened to Gus. They reentered Gus's room, and Gus was dressed and ready to get out of their lives. Tyler reiterated that he was willing to see how everything played out.

Katherine ordered Jill and Cane to drop their worried looks, because she had passed all of her tests. Jill insisted that Katherine was in no shape to go back to work after having major surgery, and Katherine agreed. Jill declared that she would oversee Chancellor Industries and that Cane could return to Jabot, but Cane asserted that he could still help at Chancellor. Katherine announced that she planned to step down and name Cane as her successor.

Jill couldn't believe that Katherine would hand Cane the reins without consulting Jill, and Neil and Lily questioned whether Cane had been considering leaving Jabot. Cane asserted that he had the experience to run Chancellor, and Jill credited herself for providing him with it. Jill bellowed that she had stopped her life to help Katherine, and Katherine said that it was clear that Jill wanted control. Jill contended that she deserved it, and Katherine chided Jill for being self-centered instead of thinking about what was best for the company. Katherine proclaimed that Jill's attitude was proof that Jill wasn't ready to take over.

Jill left in a huff, and Katherine maintained that Cane was the right person for the job. Cane asked if Neil disapproved, but Neil thought that Cane should seize the opportunity. Cane turned to Lily, and she confided that she'd miss working with him. Cane promised that their marriage would always be his first priority, and he wouldn't take the job unless she was completely on board. She thought he'd be crazy not to take it. Cane officially accepted, and Katherine said that the change might even strengthen the Ashbys' marriage, since business would no longer bleed into their personal lives.

Jill reentered and bragged that she'd rescheduled the meeting that Cane had canceled, and she'd returned from it with a signed contract. Katherine thanked Cane, Neil, and Lily for their visit, and they left Katherine alone to face off with Jill. Jill crowed that she was more capable and experienced than Cane, but Katherine remarked that it wasn't a competition. Katherine revealed that she'd considered Cane to be a contender for a while, and she urged Jill not to waste time on battles that didn't matter. Jill retorted that it mattered to her, and she vowed not to give up without a fight.

Neil wished Cane luck with "Hurricane Jill," and Lily playfully reminded Cane that there were perks to his old job if Cane changed his mind. Cane and Lily kissed, and Cane swore that he and Lily would find time to be together. Lily suggested that they celebrate over dinner, and Neil offered to meet them at On the Boulevard with Leslie. Neil left, and Cane apologized for springing the job offer on Lily, but he was amazed by her love and support. Cane said that he didn't know what he would do without her, and she replied that he wouldn't have to find out.

Later, Neil called Cane and Lily to tell them that he'd decided against going to dinner, but he hoped that they had a good time. As Neil arrived home, he noticed that his front door was ajar. He quietly entered and flipped on a light, and he discovered that the living room had been trashed.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Detective Gordon informed Neil that she would let him know once forensics had the results of the fingerprints the police had obtained from Neil's apartment. She asked him to put together a list of things that were missing after the break-in. Leslie inquired whether other units had been broken into, and Detective Gordon replied that Neil's had been the only one.

Leslie invited Neil to stay with her, but he said that she had her hands full with Gus. She suggested that he spend the night with Cane and Lily, but he didn't want to mess with their celebratory evening. Leslie worried that the intruder could return, but Neil said that the culprit had already rifled through everything. Suddenly, a panicked look crossed Neil's face, and he frantically searched a drawer. She asked if something valuable had been there, and he said that it had been priceless.

Leslie inquired why Neil was freaked out about a flash drive, and he revealed that it had contained confidential Jabot information. She assured him that the files would be backed up at the office, but he explained that it could be damaging if Jabot's rivals got the data. She advised him to tell Jack, but Neil blamed himself for not locking up sensitive information. Leslie thought that he was overreacting, but Neil said that she had no idea how big of a deal it was.

Kevin and Chloe returned to Crimson Lights, and he marveled that such a lame day could end up the way it had. She flirtatiously remarked that it wasn't over, and he asked whether she'd put on the catsuit. Kevin claimed that he and Chloe had to take inventory in the back room, and he instructed the barista not to bother them.

Kevin was annoyed when the barista interrupted his romp with Chloe to announce Detective Gordon's arrival. The detective mentioned that Alex had suggested that she talk to Kevin and Chloe, and she asked where the couple had been that day. Kevin and Chloe confirmed that they had been at Chloe's workplace. Kevin asked for the reason behind the questions, and the detective revealed that someone had broken into Neil's apartment. Detective Gordon pressed them to recount exactly what they'd done that day.

Detective Gordon asked if Chloe's coworkers had seen Chloe and Kevin at the office, but Chloe said that it had been a private affair. Detective Gordon continued to push for details about their afternoon, and Chloe spelled out that they had been trying to spice up their marriage by having crazy sex on the drafting table. Kevin offered to let the police check for DNA evidence, but Detective Gordon opted to check the video surveillance footage instead. The detective departed, and Chloe noted that she'd gotten the cop off their backs, but she hadn't mentioned the time they'd spent apart when Kevin had gone to get whipped cream.

Michael left a message for Fen, and Lauren returned home and asked where Fen was. Michael reported that Fen wasn't answering his calls, and Lauren insisted that she had believed that Fen had been staying with Garrett. Michael griped that Lauren should have told Michael that she was leaving town, and he asked where she'd been. She vaguely replied that she'd already explained that she'd needed time to think. Michael pulled out the deck of cards and asked her to explain them.

Michael asked who'd written the note, and he wondered if it had been the same person who Lauren had been with at the café. Lauren barked that he was treating her like a criminal, but Michael demanded to know where she'd gone and with whom. He yelled that he'd tried to fix things, but she had pushed him away and wouldn't touch him or talk to him, and he wouldn't do it anymore. Michael started to leave, but Lauren admitted that he was right. She said that she was sorry, and he begged her to tell him what she was sorry for. His phone rang, and Paul asked Michael to meet him at the police station. Michael informed Lauren that Fen had been arrested.

At the police station, Paul divulged that Fen had tried to sneak into the Underground, and Fen had thrown a few punches at the bouncer. Michael asked to speak with Fen alone, and Paul offered to try to keep the altercation off the books. Lauren examined Fen's bruises and remarked that he could have been killed. Michael worried that Fen could be in big trouble for assault, but Fen spat that at least he'd finally gotten their attention. Lauren understood that Fen was upset, but she scolded him for skipping school, lying, and fighting. Michael said that Fen couldn't run away when things got out of hand, but Fen argued that both Michael and Lauren had done exactly that.

Lauren promised that she'd stay at home, and Fen asked if Michael also planned to move back in. Paul returned and announced that the bouncer had agreed to drop the charges if Fen didn't show up at the club again until he turned 21. Fen thanked Paul, and he and Lauren stepped out to have an officer remove Fen's handcuffs. Paul warned that he couldn't bail Fen out again. Michael lamented that he didn't know what else to do, and Paul suggested that Michael move back home.

The Baldwins returned home, and Michael questioned whether Fen had gotten away with similar stunts before, but Fen retorted that Michael would know if Michael had been there. Lauren reprimanded Fen for blaming Michael, but Fen contended that was what Lauren had done. Fen said that Michael had dumped their family, and then Lauren had taken off, but he could take care of himself. Lauren insisted that she'd only left because she'd thought that Fen had been with a friend. Michael vented that Fen was no longer a child and that Fen needed to learn that families changed, but they'd get through it together. Fen snickered disdainfully at the possibility of their family reuniting.

Once alone with Lauren, Michael said that pretending everything was okay wouldn't help Fen. Michael suggested that they start with the truth, and he pointed out that she'd never answered his question about the cards. She claimed that she didn't know how they'd gotten there, and Michael wondered why she had said that she was sorry earlier. She stated that she was simply sorry for everything, and he replied that he was, too. Michael said that he'd call Fen later, and he left.

Sharon concluded a job interview at On the Boulevard. Victor scoffed at the idea that anyone reputable would hire her, but she argued that she had experience and references. He retorted that she had nothing from Newman Enterprises, because not a single Newman had wanted her there. Victor snarled that Adam had gotten his priorities straight, and she wasn't one of them.

Sharon recalled that she and Victor had once been close, and he had been the one person on her side, but he'd turned on her. He remembered things differently, and he thought that what she had done to him and his family had been unconscionable. Sharon questioned whether it was forgivable, but Victor was glad that she'd left Newman Enterprises, especially for Adam's sake. Sharon noted that Victor had once thought Adam had been bad for her, but Victor declared that his loyalty was to blood, and he trusted that Adam felt the same way. Victor stalked off, and Sharon sent Adam a text message inquiring whether he wanted to heat up the cold night.

Adam found Victoria placing family photos in Victor's office, and he snidely asked if she'd redecorate his office next. She said that she was there to drop off a proposal to take over Tanaka International, and she added that Victor's grandchildren were the future of Newman. Victoria mentioned Chelsea's pregnancy, and Adam snapped that unlike Victoria, he wasn't enamored with the idea of raising a baby that his spouse had conceived with someone else. Victoria questioned how Adam would feel if Chelsea's baby were his.

Victoria encouraged Adam to think hypothetically, but he wanted to drop the topic. She empathized that it had been difficult for him and Chelsea to lose their son, but he barked that he didn't have babies on the brain the way she did, and he wanted to focus on work. She insisted that she could do both, but Adam revealed that he and Victor had already concurred that Tanaka wasn't a good fit, and they'd decided to acquire another company instead. She accused Adam of knowing that before she'd spent hours on the Tanaka report.

Victoria suspected that Adam was afraid that she would steal Victor's attention from Adam, but Adam stated that he and Victor were simply interested in the company's success. Victoria huffed that Adam would never have Victor's love. Adam handed her a stack of project files, and he instructed her to figure out which ones were financially sound. She called it busy work, and she warned that she could either be on his side or against him. Adam stated that he didn't need her support, but she cautioned that she could be important to his future.

Victoria received a text message from J.T. about sending Reed to stay with her. She said that she had to go, and Adam frowned upon her lack of devotion to the company, but she contended that Victor would understand her desire to put family first. Victoria left, and Adam looked at the photos of Victor with Victoria and Reed. Adam poured himself a drink, and he received Sharon's text message. He wrote back, "The hotter, the better."

Sharon started to leave the restaurant, but she turned to Victor at the bar and said that he was wrong about Adam. He replied that they'd see, but she responded that she already had, and she left. Carmine poured Victor another drink, but he spilled liquor on Victor's sleeve and apologized. Victor grumbled that Billy had hired someone as incompetent as Billy himself, and he advised Carmine to focus on his job and not his personal problems.

Victor left a voicemail for Adam, asking Adam to meet him at On the Boulevard to discuss something important. Sharon arrived at Newman Enterprises, and she asked Adam if meeting there was a good idea. He assured her that everyone had gone home. She suggested that they get down to business, and she removed her coat and revealed that she was naked underneath. Adam forcefully pulled her into a kiss, and they sank to the couch and began to have sex.

At home, Billy played with Johnny and pulled out a belated birthday gift. Billy opened a box with oversized foam dice, and he offered to teach Johnny how to count. Billy assisted Johnny with rolling the dice, and he declared that Johnny was a natural, just like his daddy, but he whispered not to tell Victoria.

Victoria returned home and called for Billy. Billy reported that he'd put Johnny to bed, but he had to get to a manager meeting. She showed him the text message from J.T., and she fretted that her calls to J.T. had gone straight to voicemail. Billy surmised that it wasn't a problem, since she wanted to spend more time with Reed, but she wished that J.T. had talked to her. Victoria freaked out that she didn't need any surprises when things were so hectic, and Billy concluded that her first day at work hadn't gone well. She said that it would be tricky, and he advised her to quit.

Victoria refused to give Adam the satisfaction of her leaving Newman Enterprises. Billy pointed out that Adam loved making her life miserable, but she swore that she could handle it. Billy worried that she had a lot on her plate, but she repeated that she wasn't quitting, and she snapped that she hadn't asked him to quit his job. Billy insisted that he supported her, but she ranted that she could handle everything except him getting on her case, and she stormed upstairs.

Later, Victoria left a message for J.T. to let him know that Reed staying with her was fine, but she wanted to know what was going on. She begged him to call her back.

Billy spotted Victor at On the Boulevard, and he wondered if every other restaurant in town was closed. Victor said that he'd wanted to see if Billy ran the place as badly as Billy had run the magazine, and Billy offered to have the chef prepare a special arsenic-laced dish for Victor. Billy asked if Victor harassed Nick the same way, and Victor said that at least Nick would be successful. Billy vowed to be a raging success, but Victor remarked that gamblers never got out ahead in the end.

Sharon was surprised to run into Victor on her way out of the office. Victor disapproved of Adam's choices regarding women, but Adam declared that his personal life was off-limits. Victor claimed that he was trying to do Adam a favor, but Adam suggested that Victor turn to Victoria if he felt the need to rescue one of his children. Adam criticized Victoria for thinking that the Tanaka acquisition was sound. Victor asserted that Victoria was every bit as business-savvy as Adam, but Victor was concerned about both Adam and Victoria's personal choices.

Paul ordered a beer from Carmine at the bar. Paul commented that working two jobs had to wear Carmine down, and he asked if Carmine ever took time off. Carmine mentioned that he'd just gotten back into town, and Paul fished for details about Carmine's trip. Carmine became uncomfortable with all the questions, and Paul asked point-blank what was going on between Carmine and Lauren.

Carmine compared Paul's insinuations about bartenders to doughnut jokes about cops. Paul pointedly stated that he liked doughnuts, but Carmine insisted that it was his job to listen. Carmine thought that Paul seemed very interested in a woman who wasn't Paul's wife, and Paul replied that he could say the same thing about Carmine. Paul implied that he would use his position to protect his friends, and Carmine promised that he'd keep his nose clean. Paul warned that it was easy to cross the line, and Carmine asked Paul to make his point, but Paul thought that he'd already made it.

Billy opened his briefcase and threw the foam dice on the bar. Carmine commended him for rolling a seven, and he remarked that Billy had natural luck. Carmine suggested that Billy try his luck in Las Vegas, but Billy said that he'd make his money in town, when Carmine decided to show up for work. Billy refused to tolerate lying, and Carmine assumed that Billy intended to fire him.

Paul returned to his office, and Detective Gordon arrived with an update about the break-in at Neil's place. She said that on the surface, it looked like a standard burglary, but she had noticed an expensive watch that had been left behind in plain sight. Paul wondered if the robbery had been staged, and Detective Gordon theorized that the thief had been looking for something very specific.

Friday, May 3, 2013

At the cottage, Dylan checked for messages on his phone, and he gazed at a photo of him and Avery in happier times. He called Avery, and she answered by blurting Nick's name. Dylan told her that he'd just gone for a run along the lake, and it was a gorgeous night. With hope in his voice, he offered to start dinner if she planned to be there. She remained silent, and he realized that she had hoped that Nick had been on the line. She informed Dylan that she wasn't going to join him at the cottage, and they hung up.

Dylan pulled out a stuffed lion, and he flashed back to giving it to Avery. He had explained that he'd chosen it because he had wanted his child to feel strong and confident, and she had started to cry. She had informed him that she'd lost the baby, and he had tried to comfort her. Dylan had promised that they would get through her miscarriage together and go ahead with their plans. Avery had stated that she'd decided not to leave her husband.

Dylan had protested that Joe had hurt and neglected Avery, but she had countered that she'd betrayed Joe. Dylan had contended that Avery had been happy with Dylan, but she had said that things had changed since Dylan had gotten back from his last tour, and they couldn't fix what had been broken between them. Dylan had realized that she hadn't wanted to try. Avery had sobbed that the baby was gone, and despite Dylan's pleas, she had rushed out. In the present, Dylan threw the lion in the trash.

Dylan left a message for Chelsea to inform her that he would be back in Genoa City the next day, and he wanted to see her. He mentioned that he had some ideas about how to work things out, and he couldn't stop thinking about being a father, because it meant a lot to him.

Avery pulled out some stationery and began to write a letter to Nick. She wrote that she had been wondering if things were really over between them, and it hurt to think that they might be. Avery recalled that Nick had asked her to tell him why she loved him, and she wished that she could describe the exact moment that she'd been hooked, but there had been so many. She added that she'd fallen more in love with him each day.

Avery penned that she and Nick had shared dreams and plans, and she had told him intimate things that she'd never told anyone else. She hoped that Nick would eventually call, or perhaps they would revive the art of the love letter. She was willing to do whatever she needed to prove that her heart was where she wanted it to be -- with him. She signed the letter and put it in an envelope, and she left her apartment.

Nick sat in Avery's booth at the Underground, and Noah remarked that Nick looked like he was afraid of his phone. Noah implored Nick to call Avery, but Nick thought it was best to just leave things alone. Noah advised that Nick forget Dylan and hear Avery out, but Nick said that Avery was still in love with Dylan, and he thought that Avery just wasn't being honest with herself. Noah suspected that Nick was using Dylan as an excuse not to get married, and Nick noted that Avery had accused him of the same thing. Nick maintained that he needed to take a step back.

Summer thanked Jack for letting Courtney spend the night, and Phyllis warned Summer that she was only allowed to have one friend over. Summer promised that there wouldn't be a big party, and she swore that she and Courtney only had plans for popcorn and a movie. Jack declared that Kyle would oversee the young women that evening, and Kyle was not thrilled with the unexpected task.

Kyle pulled Jack aside and complained about having to play chaperon, but Jack asked Kyle to do it as a favor, because Summer and Courtney often got into trouble together. Jack specified that Kyle didn't have to hang out with the girls, but just check in on them every once in a while. Kyle replied that Jack owed him. Meanwhile, Phyllis cautioned Summer that she didn't want to hear any stories about Summer running around in her underwear. Summer reiterated that her crush on Kyle had been temporary, and she promised that nothing would go wrong.

Courtney arrived and said that it was nice to see Kyle, and he stated that he would be working in the study. Summer invited him to join them for a movie, but Kyle opted to work. Kyle left, and Summer wondered how to make Kyle notice her. Courtney pointed out that it hadn't worked for Summer to show up naked in Kyle's bed. The doorbell rang, and Summer became alarmed when she saw Fen at the door.

Summer wondered how Fen had known to find her at the Abbott house, and Fen said that Courtney had posted the information on FacePlace. He complained that he was always the last to know, and Summer explained that Phyllis had ordered her not to have anyone else over. Fen questioned whether Summer's new boy toy was hiding, or if she'd made him up. Kyle entered and asked what was going on, and Fen declared that Summer might as well dig her claws into someone with money. Kyle ordered Fen to leave, and Fen asked if Kyle was going to make him. Kyle said that it was up to Fen.

After Fen left, Courtney scurried off to get some sodas, and Summer asked Kyle if he thought that she needed to worry about Fen stalking her. Kyle believed that Fen was infatuated with Summer but that Fen wasn't a threat to her. Summer wondered whether Kyle had ever been in love, and he replied that he didn't think so. Summer felt that she and Kyle had a connection, and she pointed out that Kyle hadn't denied dating Summer in front of Fen. Kyle started to leave, but Summer questioned whether Kyle really wanted to date her.

At Crimson Lights, Fen lamented to Kevin that he'd made a fool of himself in front of Summer, but he didn't want to talk about it. Fen asked if he could stay with Kevin and Chloe, but Kevin said that it wasn't a solution. Fen grumbled that he couldn't go home, and he felt that he couldn't even call it a home anymore. Fen bemoaned that he didn't know what to do, because everything kept exploding in his face, and he had no one he could talk to. Fen admitted that his anger scared him, and he wondered if things would ever change.

Jack and Phyllis entered the Underground, and Nick informed them that he reserved the right to refuse service. Phyllis explained that they'd stopped by for drinks before dinner as a peace offering, and Nick agreed to set them up. Jack was impressed with the place, but Nick indicated that he still disapproved of Summer living at Jack's. Nick argued that Jack hadn't had the best reputation with women when Jack had been Kyle's age, and he suspected that the apple hadn't fallen far from the tree where Kyle was concerned. Nick stated that he would never accept Summer hanging out with Kyle at any age.

Later, Summer answered the door to Nick, and she worried that he would embarrass her. He asked where Kyle was, and she reported that Kyle was in the study, while she and Courtney had been upstairs, watching a movie. She offered to let Nick check, but he joked that the movie would probably make him cringe. Summer urged Nick to let her live her life, because even though she would always make mistakes, he needed to learn to trust her and let her grow up. He didn't think that he could handle that much change, but she assured him that he would always be her dad and that she would always love him. They hugged.

Nick returned home and found Avery's letter. He began to read it.

Over dinner, Jack told Phyllis that he didn't mind if Nick insulted him, but he wouldn't tolerate Nick belittling Kyle. Phyllis thought that Nick was out of control and that Summer was acting out because of Nick. Jack understood that Nick was just being overprotective of a teenage daughter, but Phyllis wanted to change the topic. Jack said that he'd noticed Phyllis' conversation with Noah at the club, and he inquired why Phyllis was so concerned about how Nick and Avery were doing.

Phyllis insisted that she was only interested in Nick and Avery's relationship to the extent that it affected Summer. Phyllis condemned Nick and Avery for planning to marry so quickly, and she realized that Jack was worried that she hoped to get Nick back. Phyllis swore that she didn't want Nick and that she'd moved on. She added that she wanted Jack and was happy with him. Jack took her hand and said that he was happier than he had been in a long time, because of her.

Cane helped Katherine to settle in at home, and she insisted that she could walk just fine. Cane wanted her to obey her doctor's orders to take it easy, but she replied that her brains weren't about to fall out of her head. Cane proclaimed that the Katherine he knew was back in full force, and he told her to close her eyes to avoid straining them. She didn't recall that being part of her recovery regimen, but she agreed to humor Cane.

Murphy, Esther, Chloe, and Kevin quietly sneaked in, and Cane told Katherine to open her eyes. Everyone yelled, "Surprise!" Murphy wished Katherine a happy anniversary, and she was surprised that he'd remembered, but he remarked that she would have had his hide if he hadn't. Esther announced that she'd prepared a cake and healthy snacks. Jill entered, and she groused that she'd gone to the hospital to pick up Katherine, but apparently Cane had beaten her to it.

Jill said that Katherine's homecoming made a special day even more special, and she wished Katherine and Murphy a happy anniversary. Esther passed around sparkling cider and champagne for a toast. Katherine thanked everyone for their love and support, and they clinked glasses. Jill asked Katherine to admit that Katherine had been wrong. Everyone fell silent, and Katherine thoughtfully declared that Jill was right, because going through the ordeal had been a reminder that Katherine had a wonderful extended family.

Katherine added that she couldn't have gotten through it without Cane, but Jill countered that Katherine could have leaned on any of them. Chloe asked how Katherine was feeling, and Katherine replied that she was wobbly, but her mind was clear, and she was thankful that her memory was flooding back. Cane told Katherine to take it slowly to ensure that she recovered properly, and she expressed her gratitude to Cane for agreeing to step in at Chancellor Industries. Jill guzzled her drink.

Once alone, Katherine told Murphy that it was great to be home, and she was thrilled that she could remember where she'd put her glasses. She thanked him for the anniversary surprise, and he swore that he'd marry her all over again, but without all the drama. She thought that life was nothing without abject terror, and he said that was what he'd felt when she'd been wheeled off to surgery. He couldn't imagine how he would have felt if he'd lost her, but she assured him that she planned to be there for quite a while.

Jill showed Cane out, and he recognized that it bugged Jill that Katherine had appointed him as CEO. Jill insisted that she loved him, but she encouraged him to put himself in her place, and she was incredibly hurt that Katherine didn't believe that Jill was capable. Cane asserted that they had to respect Katherine's decision, but Jill huffed that it was easy for him to say. Cane said that he and Jill could do incredible things if they worked together and not against each other.

Jill returned to speak to Katherine, and Katherine commended Jill for holding her tongue. Jill thought that she and Katherine had had an agreement as co-CEOs, and she felt that Katherine had changed the rules without talking to her. Katherine explained that during her health scare, Jill had made unilateral decisions that Katherine wasn't comfortable with. Katherine understood that it was in Jill's nature to be fiercely independent, but she felt that Jill's confidence was a double-edged sword.

Jill claimed that she was confident because she was experienced, and Cane wasn't. Katherine revealed that what she wanted and needed was a CEO who thought like Katherine did, and her views were much more conservative than Jill's. Jill realized that she had no choice, and Katherine queried whether Jill would stay and work with Cane or if she would fight Katherine's wishes. Jill told Katherine to get some rest, and she helped Katherine to stand, but Katherine insisted on walking up the stairs herself.

Billy confronted Carmine about lying that he was sick to take time off of work. Carmine swore that he needed the job, and he suggested that they settle the matter over a hand of cards. Billy insisted that he wasn't a gambler, but Carmine pointed out that Billy had won On the Boulevard in a poker game, and he pushed Billy to engage in one hand of five-card draw. Carmine said that he'd play to keep his job, but if Billy won, Carmine would work for free for two weeks. Billy argued that Carmine would get the job back either way, but Carmine encouraged Billy to play for the fun and excitement. Billy reached for the cards and said that he would deal.

Carmine recalled that his family had played cards together until bedtime, and his Uncle Rocco had played like a pro, much like Billy. Carmine pushed for information about where Billy had learned to play, but Billy demanded that Carmine show his cards. Carmine mentioned that Rocco had lost a lot of money and a marriage, and Billy acknowledged that gambling could mess up people's lives. Carmine remarked that some gamblers were weaker than others, and he displayed his hand. Carmine was disappointed that he'd lost, but Billy offered to play one more hand for double or nothing.

Carmine lost another hand, and he forced himself to stop before he ended up working for free for a year. Carmine observed that Billy always seemed confident when he played cards, and he asked if Billy had once been a big card shark. Billy instructed Carmine to put the cards away, and he stated that he was glad they had worked something out. Later, Billy picked up the cards and shuffled them, clearly struggling with his addiction.

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