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Kelly rejected Jack's attempts to make up for trying to bribe her. Sharon consented to electroconvulsive therapy, but she passed out before she could alert anyone that Cassie's look-alike was in her hospital room. Dylan declined Willa Ward's offer to provide information about Ian in exchange for money.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 17, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, March 17, 2014

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Michael made a toast to celebrate Kevin and Chloe's impromptu remarriage. Lauren and Esther happily joined in. Chelsea entered carrying Connor. Initially, Chloe was touched because she believed that Chelsea had gone to celebrate with her dear friends. Chelsea, however, explained that she'd arrived for a business meeting. Kevin quickly announced that he would serve as Chloe's legal guardian. Kevin said, "Chloe's not going to Fairview. She will undergo counseling as an outpatient." Chelsea, shocked, hastily replied, "This marriage is a way to scam the system."

Chloe rushed toward Connor, but Chelsea explained that Chloe wasn't allowed to see or to speak to Connor. Michael and Kevin noted that they'd not been notified about a restraining order. Lauren urged Kevin to drive Chloe home. Lauren and Michael left with Esther. Chloe tearfully requested that Chelsea petition the judge to lift the restraining order. Chelsea explained that she couldn't because she was the one who'd requested it.

Chloe asked if Victor had threatened to take Connor away if Chelsea had refused to file the restraining order. Chelsea said that Victor had sworn to her that he wouldn't use Connor as a pawn. Chloe warned that Victor couldn't be trusted, and she demanded to know what Victor might be holding over Chelsea. Kevin intervened when Chloe became emotional and gently told Chloe that her harsh words weren't helping matters. Chelsea said, "I went on my own, and I filed for the restraining order to protect my son from you, Chloe."

Chloe asked Chelsea to hand Connor to Kevin, so she and Chelsea could discuss the matter. Chloe explained that the day she'd taken Connor and boarded the plane, she hadn't been in her right mind and would never forgive herself. Sobbing softly, Chloe added that with Kevin's support, she was receiving professional help. Chelsea said that she could no longer trust her friend despite Chloe's promises. Chloe claimed that Chelsea was betraying her business partner. Chelsea replied, "Well, I can't believe that my best friend and business partner would abduct my son." Both friends shed tears as they acknowledged that a deep rift had altered their once close friendship.

Later, Kevin offered to take Chloe home and just hold her until she fell asleep in bed. Chloe said, "I'm sorry. I'm just not ready." Kevin opened Chloe's coat for her and replied, "Okay. That's all right. We'll just take it one day at a time." Chloe slowly slid her arms into the sleeves of her coat and walked toward the exit with Kevin. Chloe paused near the steps, turned, and watched Chelsea cuddling Connor.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill phoned a government agency, seeking information about Rachel Berenson and Walter Shepherd. Jill explained that the pair had worked for U.S. Intelligence in London prior to World War II. Colin arrived just as Jill told the person over the phone that her name was Jill Abbott Fenmore. After the call ended, Colin reminded Jill that she was Mrs. Colin Atkinson. Colin added that he hoped information dug up about Berenson's connection to the music box might lead to the recovery of a small fortune.

Jill assured Colin that she would share information she uncovered from her research. The couple raced to Jill's laptop when a tone announced the arrival of a new email. Jill read through the email. She said, "Rachel had been a translator for Katherine's father in U.S. Intelligence before the war." Colin suggested that they might be conducting research on the wrong Rachel. Jill accused Colin of trying to throw her off the path so he could swoop in and claim the treasure for himself. Colin assured Jill that he had no such plans.

Colin said he could imagine that Rachel and Walter might have been secret lovers who stole moments alone at some of London's most famous landmarks. Colin was about to kiss Jill when Michael, Lauren, and Esther arrived. Jill was surprised when she learned that the trio had just returned from Chloe and Kevin's wedding reception. Michael explained that a plea deal for Chloe had been arranged through Christine that included probation and mandatory therapy on an outpatient basis. Michael added that Kevin had stepped up to become a family member to Chloe and oversee her treatment.

Esther, upbeat, said she was hopeful for Kevin and Chloe's marriage. Esther glared at Colin, frowned, and added, "Unlike another marriage I can think of." Esther said she was tired and went upstairs to bed. Michael and Colin went to pour themselves a drink. Alone together, Lauren demanded to know the real reason Jill had married Colin again. Jill replied, "Blackmail."

Jill added that Colin had promised to share with her a clue he'd found inside the music box she'd inherited from Katherine. Lauren asked why Jill hadn't either filed for a divorce or an annulment after Colin disclosed the clue. Jill said, "Katherine left me a treasure wrapped up in a mystery. I need Colin to help me unravel that mystery." Lauren warned that Colin could steal the money and take off into parts unknown. Jill replied, "I know who and what Colin is. Trust me -- I am not sharing my inheritance with him."

Jill said she intended to divorce Colin immediately after her inheritance was located. Jill added that she'd find a way to send Colin back to Australia to prevent him from stealing the inheritance. Lauren shook her head and said, "You have deeper feelings for Colin than even you are willing to admit." Jill said that she loathed Colin. Lauren insisted that Jill was falling in love with him again. Jill admitted that she'd once found Colin very attractive but that he'd killed her feelings for him a long time before. Jill added, "My temporary husband is no more than a means to an end."

In the foyer, Michael and Colin sipped cognac. Michael noted that he'd traced the music box to Switzerland. Michael added, "I know that when Katherine left that music box to Jill, she had no intentions to involve you. Provided you do locate Jill's inheritance, do you plan on sharing it with the lady or double-crossing her and keeping it all to yourself?" Colin said that he would never swindle from Jill. Michael warned that Jill was important to him because she was Lauren sister. He reminded Colin that he had connections with law enforcement officials. Colin said, "I'm looking for a lifetime of wedded bliss."

The men returned to the parlor with the women. Michael asked Lauren about her conversation with Jill. Lauren said, "It was revealing." Michael noted that the same could be said about his conversation with Colin. After Lauren and Michael left, Colin told Jill that his ears had been burning. Jill replied, "My sister's afraid that on a sick level, you and I care for one another." Colin replied, "What's sick about that?" Colin kissed Jill on the lips, but the couple was interrupted when Esther barged in searching for her nail clippers. Jill rolled her eyes.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler shook his head in disgust and complained about all the attention being paid to him and Abby by the gossip bloggers. Abby noted that someone had evidently tipped off the bloggers, who seemed to know every detail about their lives. Abby assured Tyler that she'd become a recluse after leaving her "naked heiress days" behind and "didn't plant" any news items about their search for a house. Leslie arrived and asked about the couple's plans to marry. Tyler mentioned Leslie's aversion to marriage.

Leslie explained that just because marriage wasn't for her, she wasn't against the idea of others marrying. Tyler and Abby agreed that they wouldn't marry until both were certain the time was right. Tyler added that he'd made the mistake of becoming engaged to the wrong person in the past. Tyler recalled that his relationship with Mariah was too complicated to explain. Leslie excused herself, but she offered to be present at Tyler and Abby's ceremony, if and when the couple wed. Leslie reminded Abby not to throw the bridal bouquet in her direction.

After Leslie left, Abby asked Tyler to share details about Mariah. Tyler said he only remembered giving Mariah a simple ring. He added, "I did stuff with Mariah that I really shouldn't have, and I just want to forget that part of my life." Abby couldn't hide her excitement when Tyler told her that she'd be the first to know when he was ready to propose. Before the couple left, Abby demanded to know what type of ring Tyler had given to Mariah. Tyler mumbled that Mariah had likely pawned the ring.

In an unknown location, the woman bearing a tattoo of a sun on her inner wrist read a blogger's post that speculated about Tyler and Abby's intentions. The tattooed woman angrily closed the cover on her tablet and anxiously tapped her fingers on a desk. The woman later picked up a fabric-covered trinket box. She opened the lid and fished out a diamond ring. The woman slipped the ring on her left hand and admired it as the sizable, round diamond caught the light.

At Billy and Victoria's, Billy was disappointed to learn that Victoria planned to spend some time out of town, away from scrutiny. Billy claimed that Victoria feared being too close to him because she still loved him. Victoria recalled that her original travel plans to visit Reed in Washington, DC. had been canceled the same night Billy had made love to Kelly. Victoria added that she was going away because Avery had urged her to take time to think before filing for divorce. Billy assured Victoria that he'd prove he could be trusted, and he admitted that he'd seen Kelly with Stitch at the coffeehouse.

Victoria said that the kiss she'd shared with Stitch had merely been retaliation for Billy's affair with Kelly. Victoria cried that she understood Billy's grief over losing Delia. Victoria added that she couldn't understand why Billy had rejected her love and her efforts to comfort him. Victoria admitted that she wasn't sure she could recover from Billy's decision to seek comfort in another's woman's arms. Billy assured Victoria that he would never again hide his true feelings.

Billy kissed Victoria on the lips. Victoria pushed Billy away and said that it was too late because he'd been dishonest with her. Billy pleaded with Victoria to give him another chance. Johnny cried out, and Victoria went upstairs to check on the child. After a while, Victoria returned and told Billy that Johnny wanted to see his daddy. Billy later returned and said that Johnny had settled.

Victoria, still troubled, recalled that she and Billy had weathered many crises during their marriage. Billy noted that Victoria wouldn't have felt so betrayed if she didn't love him. Billy added that Victoria wouldn't have kissed him so passionately if she didn't have the capacity to forgive. Victoria cried, "Forgiveness is one thing, but trust is something else, Billy."

Billy pleaded with Victoria not to walk out on him. Victoria set her luggage by the front door and promised not to keep Johnny from his father for a long time. Billy collected the luggage and walked outside.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Cane looked at an online headline about Bonaventure Industries, and Lily gave him some coffee and kissed him hello. She remarked that he could use the caffeine, since he'd gone to bed late and woken up early, and he replied that he'd wanted to get a head start to turn red into black at the club. She noticed the article he'd been reading, and she suspected that Victor's job offer was what was really on Cane's mind. Cane insisted that he was just doing a favor for Victor, and he reminded her that he'd urged Victor not to cut the company loose, but she asserted that the situation with the drugs hadn't been Cane's fault.

Cane pledged to find and punish the person who had been responsible for damaging Katherine's name, and then he'd devote his full attention to the club. Lily offered to pick up the slack in the meantime, and she inquired whether he was sorry that they'd taken jobs there. Cane claimed that he was happy working at the club and that it was the perfect fit, but she could tell that he missed the corporate rat race. He recalled that he had worked every weekend and had missed Lily and the kids when he'd held a corporate position, but Lily pointed out that he'd loved the job. Cane reiterated that he loved her and their kids, and no job could be better than working with her at the club.

In the foyer, Stitch confronted Kelly about calling him a murderer, and she asked if he was worried about what his friends would think if they knew what he was capable of. Stitch barked that Kelly had already ruined his life once, but she snapped that she wasn't to blame for Jenna leaving him because he'd killed someone. He argued that he could lose his job and his friends if the truth got out, and Kelly assumed that he meant Victoria. Stitch begged Kelly to promise that she wouldn't say anything to anyone, and she half-heartedly agreed, but she warned him that it didn't mean that the truth wouldn't surface.

At the bar, Lily hoped that there was vodka in Kelly's drink, and Kelly remarked that it was only orange juice. Lily recommended that Kelly order something stronger because she had bad news, and she revealed that Dr. Klein had gotten engaged over the weekend. Kelly said that it had been that kind of day, and she was through with unavailable men. Lily said that the women of Genoa City would be happy to hear it, and Kelly ordered stronger drinks for both of them.

Lily tried to do some paperwork and groaned that she wasn't a numbers person, and Kelly said that she would help, but she was useless after she'd had two drinks. Lily asked if her friend from the school board had contacted Kelly, and Kelly said that the woman had confirmed that the district wouldn't be hiring until the fall. Lily declared that she could use help at the club, and Kelly wondered if working there would stop Lily from trying to fix her up with men. Lily remained determined to find someone for Kelly.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Noah observed that Faith hadn't touched her doughnut, and she complained that she wasn't hungry. He asked if she wanted something else, and she replied that she just wanted her mommy. She asked when Sharon would be home.

In Victor's office, Nikki thanked Victor for their anniversary breakfast and for the beautiful necklace he'd given her. He suggested that they have dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Chicago, and he said that he'd tell the pilot to be ready. Nikki gushed that he was spoiling her, and he revealed that it was his intent, especially since he didn't expect to hear from their children. Nikki reported that Victoria had called that morning to wish her a happy anniversary, but Billy was still staying at Jack's.

Victor was pleased that Victoria had followed his advice, and Nikki begged him to let Victoria decide whether she wanted Billy in her life. Nikki answered a call from Noah, who asked if she could watch Faith. Noah disclosed that Nick had taken Sharon to the hospital, and Nikki promised that she would be right there. Nikki informed Victor that Sharon had suffered a meltdown the evening before and that Nick had spent the night with Sharon at the hospital.

Victor vowed to protect Faith from Sharon's incompetence as a parent, but Nikki pleaded with him to stop interfering in their children's lives. Nikki understood that he was trying to shelter their kids because no one had ever done it for him, but she worried that his need for control would backfire on him. Nikki implored Victor to think before he did something that would make his children and grandchildren want to run away from him forever. Nikki left, and Victor made a call and asked someone to meet him in the park to talk about what had happened with Sharon.

Noah informed Faith that she'd get to hang out with her grandma that day, but Faith whined that she wanted to be with her mommy. Noah explained that Sharon needed time to rest, and he suggested that Faith draw a picture to cheer Sharon up. Nikki arrived, and Noah pulled her aside and said that he'd been trying not to freak Faith out, since Nick didn't want the girl to know that Sharon was in the hospital. Noah left, and Faith explained to Nikki that she was drawing a picture so that Sharon wouldn't be sad about Cassie anymore.

Faith said that the picture was of Cassie in heaven. Nikki remarked that Cassie had on a pretty shirt, and Faith replied that it was the one from Sharon's favorite picture in the photo album. Nikki mentioned that the same photo was on Victor's desk, and Faith recalled that Victor had photos of all of his children and grandchildren. Faith decided to draw Victor a picture of the whole family, but she needed more paper, since there were a lot of people. Nikki commented that they were lucky to have that many people to love.

Across the coffeehouse, Paul asked if Dylan had a minute, and he said that he wanted to talk about Dylan's father. Dylan hoped that the charges against Ian hadn't been dropped, and Paul reported that Ian was still awaiting trial in Madison. Dylan wished that the court would lock Ian up and throw away the key, and Paul said that he couldn't stop thinking about what Ian had said about doing Paul a favor. Paul repeated Ian's words that Dylan would never find out about a secret, and Dylan chalked it up to Ian playing a head game.

Paul asked if Ian had said anything else while Dylan and Ian had talked in Paul's office, and Dylan divulged that Ian had said that if Dylan looked hard enough, Dylan would find the good in his father. Paul asked what that meant, and Dylan replied that he didn't care because he just wanted to get back to his life. Dylan conceded that after he'd found out that everything he'd known about himself had been a big lie, he thought that there might be more out there that he didn't know about.

Dylan declared that he didn't want to try to find the good in Ian, and Paul noted that Dylan was dealing with everything well, especially since Dylan had made the effort to get to know Nikki and her family. Paul thought that it showed what kind of man Dylan was, and Dylan credited the McAvoys for teaching him about honor and integrity, things that Ian knew nothing about. Paul said that he hadn't mentioned Ian's vague statements to Nikki, and he thought it was best that she didn't know. Nikki overheard and wanted to decide for herself.

Nikki asserted that she didn't need protection from Ian, and she wanted to know what Ian had said. Faith ran in for the extra paper, and Dylan took her to the back office to get some. Paul relayed to Nikki that Ian was up to his usual tricks, playing mind games by rambling about how he'd done Paul a favor. Paul recounted Ian's words to Dylan, and he surmised that Ian had just been messing with their heads, but Nikki was worried that Ian was still up to something. Paul said that there was no reason to get worked up, but she thought that Ian had said those things for a reason.

Dylan guessed who the people in Faith's drawing were, and he was stumped about the identity of one of the figures. Faith proclaimed that it was him, and she reasoned that he was her daddy's brother, so Dylan was part of the family. Faith showed Dylan her picture of Whiskers, a cat who lived behind the stables, and Dylan pretended to sneeze because he was allergic to cats. Faith laughed and said that he couldn't be allergic to a picture, and Nikki was glad to see the girl happy.

Nikki informed Paul about Sharon's breakdown, and Paul extended his sympathy. Nikki wished that Victor had exhibited the same reaction, but she griped that Victor had used the situation to try to get Sharon out of Nick's life. Paul remarked that Victor was always trying to control his kids, and Nikki hoped that Victor had listened to her warning to stop, or he'd lose everyone for good.

Stitch arrived at the coffeehouse, and he groused about the long hours and low pay at the hospital. Nikki offered to have Victor address it with the hospital board, but Stitch joked that it was no worse than serving under Dylan. Nikki left with Faith, and Stitch thought that Nikki wouldn't have offered her help if she had known that Stitch and Victoria had kissed. Stitch growled that Billy had blown Victoria's world apart by cheating, and Dylan thought that it was better that Victoria knew the truth rather than live with a lie. Stitch mumbled that there were some things that people were better off not knowing.

Victor met Cassie's look-alike in the park, and "Cassie" reported that Sharon had broken down after an encounter with her dead daughter. Victor asked if Sharon had confided in "Cassie" before Nick had arrived, but "Cassie" replied that Sharon had been too afraid. "Cassie" said that she felt bad that Sharon was a mess, and Victor huffed that the money he'd paid should ease her conscience, but "Cassie" countered that there was a high price for guilt. She added that the task hadn't been what she'd signed up for, and she thought that she deserved more money. Victor snarled that he never renegotiated, and he ordered her to take the money and finish the job, or she could pack up and leave town.

"Cassie" swore that she wouldn't bail, but she thought that she was at risk because Sharon was certifiable. "Cassie" displayed a bruise on her arm and declared that she deserved a bump in pay. Victor told her to take the money and leave town, and he started to walk away, but she chased after him and reminded him that the deal was that she'd get her big payday once she uncovered Sharon's secret. Victor barked that they had no deal and that he'd find another way to get to the secret. "Cassie" mentioned his pledge to protect his family, and Victor said that he would continue to do so, but there was a right and a wrong way to do it.

Later, Cane stopped by Victor's office, and he recounted the circumstances under which he'd acquired Bonaventure. Cane said that Bonaventure had seemed like a perfect fit, and Victor found it questionable that an unknown company had suddenly been available for acquisition right when Cane had been ready. Cane mentioned that a venture capital firm had introduced him to Bonaventure, and Victor doubted that it had happened by accident. Victor speculated that the same person who had set Victor up for selling illegal drugs online had planted the idea for Bonaventure's acquisition in Cane's head.

Cane mentioned that Bonaventure had been featured as a company to watch, but the blog about it had since been taken down. Victor suspected that the person behind it hadn't wanted to leave a trail, and he pushed Cane to discover who had used Cane to tarnish the good Chancellor name. Cane said that he was only there to tell Victor about what he'd already found out, but Victor asked if Cane had forgotten about the CEO offer. Victor instructed Cane to find out who had manipulated the acquisition of Bonaventure, and the job would be Cane's.

Sharon awakened in the hospital, and Dr. Meade explained that Nick had dropped Sharon off and had stayed there with her all night. The doctor added that she had finally convinced him to leave, but she was sure that he'd be back soon. Dr. Meade continued that she'd given Sharon a sedative to calm her down, and she asked if Sharon remembered what had happened. Sharon recalled grabbing Cassie, and the doctor corrected that Sharon only thought that she'd seen Cassie, but Sharon adamantly maintained that Cassie had been real.

Sharon swore that she'd touched Cassie and that Cassie had cried out in pain when Sharon had grabbed her. Sharon recalled that she and Cassie had argued because Cassie had said that Sharon wasn't good enough for Nick, and Sharon admitted to Dr. Meade that she believed the same thing. The doctor concluded that Cassie's actions and words had really been Sharon's way of telling herself that keeping a secret was hurting her. Sharon realized that it was impossible that she'd seen or touched Cassie, and she sobbed that Cassie couldn't really be alive. Sharon wailed that the pain never stopped, but Dr. Meade asserted that Sharon could make the visions stop if she wanted to.

Sharon revealed that she hadn't been able to tell Nick her secret, since she had feared that she'd lose him if she told him the truth. The doctor advised that it might be the only way for Sharon to get her life back on track, but Sharon recalled that Dr. Meade had mentioned that electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) might stop Sharon's hallucinations. Sharon asked how soon she could do it, but the doctor urged Sharon to consider all other options before proceeding with something that drastic. Sharon rattled off all the things she'd tried that hadn't worked, and Dr. Meade warned that ECT could have painful side effects, but Sharon believed that nothing would be more painful than losing Nick.

Sharon read a brochure about ECT, and Noah entered and asked how she was doing. She understood that the vision of Cassie had been in her head, but she maintained that Cassie had seemed real and that it hadn't been the first time that she'd touched Cassie, and she'd thought for a moment that Cassie had never died. Noah thought that Sharon simply needed an adjustment to her medication, and he insisted that she would be fine once they got it fixed. She argued that the meds weren't working, and she was afraid that if something didn't work soon, she'd go out of her mind.

Noah asserted that Sharon's bipolar disorder was treatable, and he promised that he and Nick would do some research to find out what might work. Sharon said that she needed rest and that he didn't have to stay, and he promised that once they found the right treatment, things would go back to way they had been. Sharon protested that she didn't want them to, since she and Nick had been in a good place, and she didn't want to lose him. Noah assured her that there was nothing she could do that would make Nick stop caring, but she vowed to make sure that the visions of Cassie went away.

"Cassie" arrived at the hospital, and she overheard Noah call Nick to report that it had been difficult to see Sharon like that. Meanwhile, Sharon informed Dr. Meade that she'd read the literature, and she was ready to go ahead with the ECT. The doctor asked if Sharon had discussed it with her son, and she wondered if Sharon was in a rush to do it before Nick returned. Sharon declared that she'd made up her mind, and she felt that it was her only option. Sharon said that she'd signed the consent forms and insisted that she was prepared to proceed, and "Cassie" peered into the room as Dr. Meade administered an anesthetic to Sharon.

Dr. Meade said that the orderlies would be there shortly to take Sharon to the treatment room to begin the procedure, and Sharon began to get drowsy. "Cassie" ducked out of sight as the doctor exited, and she picked up a flower arrangement to hide her face as she entered Sharon's room. Sharon groggily opened her eyes, and "Cassie" said that she knew that she shouldn't be there, but she just wanted to say that she was sorry. Sharon ordered "Cassie" to go away.

Sharon begged "Cassie" to leave her alone, but "Cassie" swore that she hadn't meant for anything bad to happen and that she had just been doing her job. "Cassie" apologized again and ran out, and a dazed Sharon demanded to know what the job had been. Sharon pressed her call button and tried to take out her I.V., but she passed out as the orderlies arrived to take her for her treatment.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Billy went to Jack's office to tell Jack exactly what Billy thought of Jack's offer to Kelly. Jack apologized. He told Billy that he had acted out of overzealous brotherly concern. Jack said that he admired Kelly because she was tough and would not be pushed around for money. Billy related that he had seen Kelly unintentionally and had told Victoria, who had stormed out of town with Johnny to visit Reed in Washington, DC.

Jack asked Billy how he felt about Kelly. Billy said that he loved only Victoria and had told Kelly that they could not be friends. Jack supported Billy but wondered if there was something more.

Neil comforted Chelsea in the penthouse after she learned that bloggers were urging a boycott of her fashion line because Adam had killed Delia. Chelsea felt terrible and feared that Neil would cut her fashion show and fashion line from Jabot. Neil told Chelsea that she had Jabot's full support, not only because those urging the boycott were a small but vocal minority, but also because Chelsea was not Adam and was not responsible for Adam's crime.

Neil offered to postpone the fashion show if Chelsea needed more time to grieve, but Chelsea said that work was better. Neil left for a business meeting at the Athletic Club.

Lily hired Kelly as the events coordinator for the Athletic Club. Lily was showing Kelly the office when Hilary arrived for a meeting. Lily had harsh words for Hilary and refused to meet with Hilary to discuss the fashion show. Hilary left without engaging Lily. Lily explained her grievance against Hilary to Kelly. When Kelly said that she had done similar things, Lily said that Hilary and Kelly were nothing alike.

Neil found Hilary waiting in the bar, when he arrived at the club. He asked about Hilary's meeting with Lily. Hilary said that they would conduct it by email. Hilary did not share what Lily had said or done, but Neil guessed what Lily's behavior had been. When Lily walked over to their table, Neil told her that her behavior was unacceptable in a business meeting, but Lily thought that it was Jack and Neil who had the problem.

Neil supported Hilary, but Lily was convinced that Hilary would sabotage the fashion show just to make Lily look bad. The reasoning she used was that Hilary was evil. Neil said that he and Jack had made the decision, and Lily should deal with it. Lily told Neil that instead of supporting Hilary, he ought to be supporting his own daughter then she stalked off.

Jack arrived for his meeting with Lily but found Kelly in the office instead. She assumed that Jack was there to get her fired, but Jack said he was there to see Lily. Jack tried to apologize to Kelly for his behavior as an overzealous brother, but Kelly was not the forgiving type. When Jack invited her to lunch to make up for trying to bribe her, Kelly threw it in his face. She told him that she wanted nothing to do with him ever again.

Lily entered the office and introduced Kelly as her new events coordinator. She told Jack that Kelly would be working with him on the fashion show. After Lily left the room, Kelly told Jack that she would work with him on the show but wanted nothing to do with him after their business concluded. Jack smiled.

At Crimson Lights, Avery told Dylan that she had not entered the recipe contest because she was not a professional chef. Despite Dylan's protests that her cooking was as good as any professional, Avery said that her recipe cards were indecipherable. When Avery went for refills, Dylan pocketed the cards.

Avery returned to the table as Willa Ward, Ian's ex-wife, arrived. She told Dylan and Avery that she had information that would change everything for Dylan. Dylan said that he was not interested. Willa said that Dylan would want to know what she knew, but she also wanted to know that she would get as a reward. Dylan accused Willa of trying to run a con game on him, and Avery threatened to call Paul and have Willa thrown in jail for blackmail.

Willa said that she had been left with nothing and was just asking for help. Dylan told her to leave and not to return. After Willa was gone, Dylan wondered if Ian had put Willa up to a scam. He was surprised because he had thought that Willa was a nice person.

Jill was cursing Katherine when Colin stumbled into the Chancellor mansion living room in his bathrobe. He was coughing and barely able to stand. Jill wanted to call a doctor, but Colin said that he would be okay -- right before collapsing on the sofa. Jill was so concerned that she told Colin that she could not lose him. Colin immediately perked back to life and told Jill that he had known all along that she cared for him.

Jill got angry and denied her feelings, but Colin was ecstatic and reminded Jill of earlier happier times that they had spent together. Colin vowed his undying love for Jill. Jill protested, but Colin's apparent sincerity began winning her over. Jill was almost convinced to trust Colin's love when the doorbell shook Jill out of her reverie, and she bolted to answer it. When Jill returned and announced that the boxes of WWII archives that they had been expecting had arrived, Colin tried to recreate the previous mood, but Jill said it was time to work on the music box mystery and opened the first box.

Billy bumped into Chelsea and Connor as Billy ran through the park. Chelsea was looking for her lost wallet. She asked Billy to watch Connor while she searched for the wallet. When Connor became fussy, Billy picked him up and cradled him tenderly. Chelsea returned with her wallet and sat down next to Billy on the bench. They discussed parenthood and their past history together. Billy shared his fears that not only had he lost Delia, but he might lose Victoria and Johnny also. Chelsea comforted him and said that Victoria loved Billy and would return to him.

Talk turned to Adam and to Chelsea's belief that Adam was alive. Billy tried to convince Chelsea otherwise, but Chelsea remained firm that Adam had survived the accident. Billy told Chelsea that she and everyone else was better off with Adam dead. Chelsea's phone rang. She answered it, but no one spoke on the other end. Chelsea called Adam's name into the phone. Billy's ears perked up.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air.

This preemption was planned for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumed on March 24, 2014, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 19 concluded.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air.

This preemption was planned for and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming resumed on March 24, 2014, and picked up where the Wednesday, March 19 concluded.

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