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Stitch agreed to move in with Victoria. Victor arranged for an environmental agency to confiscate Jabot's new formula. A drunken Nikki almost dropped Katie. Victor offered to sell Chancellor to Jill if she paid in full. Paul arrested Phyllis for attempted murder.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 26, 2015 on Y&R
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Sharon prepares to fight dirty with Nick

Sharon prepares to fight dirty with Nick

Monday, January 26, 2015

At Sharon's house, Sharon comforted Faith after the child cried out from her bed. Sharon asked Faith about her nightmare. Faith cried, "Dad was mad. He didn't want me to come over anymore because I was mean to that lady without pants." Sharon assured Faith that both her parents loved her and were working with lawyers and a judge to determine the best situation for her. Faith said she hoped her family could be together again.

After Faith fell asleep, Noah stopped by. Sharon, agitated, told Noah that she was angry because Nick had invited a woman named Sage to the tack house and had upset Faith. Noah said that Faith had a history of disliking Nick's female friends. Sharon noted that Faith had heard her father ask Sage to remove her clothes. Noah assured his mom that there was more to the story, and he pleaded with his mom to discuss the matter with Nick. Sharon refused and said she planned to use Nick's indiscretion against him in court. Noah left.

In a flashback, Sharon remembered Nick having assured her that he'd win custody of Faith. Nick had said that the court would take his side after he explained how Sharon had switched the DNA test results. The phone rang just as Mariah and Kevin arrived. The phone call was from Sharon's attorney, David, hoping to arrange a meeting. Mariah agreed to stay with Faith.

After Sharon left, Faith bounded down the stairs and said she was thirsty. When Mariah explained that their mother had left for a while, Faith said she feared she might be in trouble. Faith admitted that she hadn't told her mother why the woman was wearing Nick's robe. Kevin stepped out to fetch a glass of water. Faith admitted to Mariah and Kevin that she'd purposely not told her mother the whole story.

After Faith returned to bed, Kevin told Mariah that she should relay the rest of Faith's story to Sharon. Mariah's nonverbal response troubled Kevin. He said he sensed that Mariah didn't plan to share the information with her mother. Mariah explained that Nick had been ugly to Sharon, and the tension had adversely impacted Faith. Mariah added that she wished Nick and Sharon could work things out. Kevin remained uneasy about the situation.

In the gym at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Adam, still masquerading as Gabriel, was unleashing his frustration on a punching bag when Sage arrived. Adam sadly noted that though he'd visited with Chelsea and Connor, Chelsea seemed to be shutting him out. Nick arrived and greeted Sage, and she immediately apologized for the misunderstanding with Sharon. Nick replied, "Sharon overreacted. She's pretty quick to jump all over me since I filed for full custody of our daughter." Gabriel said, "Well, don't blame her."

Nick was taken aback by Gabriel's response. Nick said that Gabriel had expressed a strong opinion even though he knew nothing about the situation or the people involved. Sage quickly noted that Gabriel had spoken out of turn. Gabriel agreed and said he knew from experience that whenever spouses and children were involved, emotions were heightened. Sage apologized again, but Nick said, "No need to apologize. This had nothing to do with you."

Noah arrived, and Nick introduced his son to Sage. Noah asked to speak to his father alone, and Nick followed his son a few steps away from Sage and Gabriel. Noah warned that Sharon planned to escalate the custody case by claiming that Nick had asked a woman to take off her clothes. Adam and Sage overheard, and Sage whispered to Adam that the situation Noah described wasn't what it sounded like. Nick explained to Noah that Sage had spilled water from a vase on her clothes, so he'd placed them in the clothes dryer. Noah begged his dad to stop by Sharon's to explain the situation.

When Nick and Noah arrived at Sharon's house, Mariah and Kevin were still discussing Faith's predicament. Kevin left. Nick said he wanted to clear up an issue and asked where Sharon had gone. Mariah said that Sharon was at a meeting with her lawyer. Faith ran to her father, crying, "I'm so sorry, Daddy." Nick sat down with Faith and explained that telling just part of the story about Sage had led to confusion. He asked Faith not to tell the story to anyone else.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Chelsea told Billy that Gabriel Bingham had stopped by her studio. Chelsea noted that though Gabriel seemed familiar to her, being around him made her apprehensive. Chelsea explained that she'd instructed Gabriel to instead interact with her at her Jabot office. Billy demanded to know what Gabriel had said. Chelsea replied, "He said I'd come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the lobby of the Hotel Athenee in Paris and pretend to be a guest." Chelsea noted that the statement was true and that Gabriel claimed he'd remembered the remark from an interview.

Billy offered to mention Chelsea's misgivings to Jack, but Chelsea declined. Billy suggested that Gabriel might be interested in more than Chelsea's business pursuits. Chelsea assured Billy that she could handle Gabriel. When Adam entered the dining room with Sage, he kissed her on the lips when he saw Chelsea and Billy. Adam told Sage that he intended to make Chelsea feel more comfortable around him by claiming that he had a girlfriend.

Adam led Sage by the hand, approached Chelsea and Billy's table, and introduced Sage. Billy noted that he and Chelsea had already met Sage at Delia's memorial site, shortly before Christmas. Sage quickly explained that she'd had a flat tire and had asked for directions. Chelsea admitted that she'd been unpleasant to Sage because she'd mistakenly believed that the stranger had been following her. Billy invited the couple to join them for a drink.

Chelsea and Billy learned that Gabriel and Sage had known each other for a very long time. Billy asked why Gabriel had chosen to work for Jabot. Gabriel said that he preferred family-owned companies, like the software company his father had owned before Newman Enterprises had taken it over. Billy said both he and Gabriel evidently shared a hatred for Victor Newman. After the couples went their separate ways, Sage told Adam that he shouldn't have identified her as a girlfriend because Nick thought they were platonic friends. As Billy walked Chelsea to the door, he said he planned to find out as much as he could about Gabriel Bingham.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told David what Faith had said about Nick's woman friend. Sharon said she couldn't allow the disturbing situation to happen again. David said he was glad Sharon had finally decided to proceed aggressively. David added, "No court would grant Nick custody when he's parading half-naked women around in front of your child." Sharon replied, "I'm ready and willing to testify."

David explained to Sharon that Faith would need to take the stand in court. Sharon seemed stunned by David's plan. Sharon explained that she didn't want to testify that Nick was unfit. David explained that Faith would make a great witness and that the judge wouldn't press the child too hard. Sharon noted that Avery, who wasn't one of Faith's favorite people, would be the one to cross-examine. David said, "Avery can't rip into a little girl on cross, so it's a slam dunk."

When Sharon returned home, Nick had just instructed Faith to tell her mom the whole story about Sage. Faith rushed to meet her mother at the door. Sharon asked Mariah and Noah to escort Faith to her bedroom and put her to bed. Faith blamed herself because her mommy and daddy were fighting. Noah and Mariah assured Faith that it wasn't her fault. Faith asked if her parents might get back together. Noah said, "Whatever happens, we're always going to be a family."

Nick confronted Sharon. He said, "You shouldn't have gone running to your lawyer until you knew the whole truth. Sharon said, "Did you ever stop to think how it might affect Faith to see that woman in your robe? Where are your priorities?" Nick replied, "Did your lawyer tell you to say that to build up your case?" Sharon admitted that she'd made a horrible mistake, but she pleaded with Nick to find a way to get past it for Faith's sake. Nick replied, "I can't, and I won't. We're going to trial."

Sharon told Nick that Faith would have to appear in court. Nick glared at Sharon. Sharon added that Faith would have to tell the judge exactly how she felt about Nick and Sage. Sharon added, "I doubt you'll end up with full custody then." Sharon even threatened to petition for a court order to prevent Nick from coaching Faith before the trial. Sharon added, "I just need the judge to ask Faith who she'd rather be with, and I think we both know damn well what she's going to say."

In Joe Clark's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Avery panicked when a furious Dylan confronted Joe. Dylan, his face still bruised and bandaged, accused Joe of having sent the two men to Crimson Lights to threaten and beat him. Joe denied the charge. Dylan cried, "You did it, so you could get Avery back. You're doing everything to drive a wedge between me and Avery, and I'm not going to let it happen." Joe, riled, replied, "You can't control what she does!" Avery, frantic, yelled, "Don't antagonize him. He has a gun."

Avery pleaded with Dylan to leave. Dylan referenced his past military training and said he was capable of taking another man's life. Avery stood by helplessly when Joe taunted Dylan. Joe said that Avery still cared about him because she'd rushed to his room to warn him. Dylan yelled, "Avery's here because she cares about me. She doesn't give a damn about you."

Dylan warned that he'd return if he received another threatening phone call, a visit from hired men, or if he caught Joe approaching Avery again. Dylan added, "If I come back, you won't be taking one more breath." After Dylan and Avery left, Joe placed a phone call. Leaving a message, Joe said, "I need you to call me back. I don't know how much farther I can push this deal through. Dylan's lost it." Joe added that if backing out disrupted the caller's plans for Victor Newman, then they'd have to back out.

Dylan, still reeling from the intense encounter with Joe, arrived at Crimson Lights before Avery rushed in. Avery cried that Dylan's behavior had reminded her of the incident that had taken place at the cabin. Dylan replied, "It was nothing like the cabin. I was completely in control. I'm done with Joe Clark trying to break us up!" Avery, speaking in hushed tones, said she'd feared that Dylan was about to pull out his gun and use it. Dylan retrieved a locked gun safe from that had been stowed beneath the counter and proved that his gun had been locked away.

Dylan asked Avery why she'd gone to Joe's room. Avery didn't answer. Dylan said, "Did you run from here right to Joe to protect him?" Avery said she'd gone to Joe's in order to protect Dylan. Dylan explained that he'd already tried to be polite and had failed in his attempt to handle the situation legally. Dylan warned that he'd kill Joe if Joe pushed him again.

After Dylan stepped away, Avery phoned Joe and pleaded with him to back off. Joe said, "You stopping by and this call means I am right that you still care about me." Avery swore that she'd never choose Joe over Dylan. Joe said that the only reason Avery had left him was because he hadn't given her the attention she'd deserved. Avery sighed and replied, "Don't start that now, Joe. I want this to end." Joe promised to end it if Avery would give him one night without interference from Dylan. Joe added, "Meet me in my suite Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. I'm sure you'll think of something to tell Dylan."

Neil presses Hilary to tell the truth

Neil presses Hilary to tell the truth

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At the Abbott mansion, Jack discovered Phyllis staring out a window, and he asked if she'd slept. She replied that she'd done more thinking than sleeping, and she mused that she'd thought she'd been okay, but she wondered what it meant for them if she'd been wrong. Jack swore that he knew everything about Phyllis, and none of the recent events had been her fault, since the drugs might have done something to her brain chemistry. He thought it would be a relief to know why things had happened, and he revealed that he'd enlisted someone to help them out.

Jack understood that Phyllis didn't trust Dr. Cutler, so he'd set up an appointment with a highly recommended psychiatrist in Genoa City. He explained that the shrink would know how the brain should work, and Phyllis asked if he thought she was mentally ill. Jack acknowledged that things weren't right, but they needed help to fix them, and he'd keep seeking alternatives until Phyllis got better. He promised that he'd be there with her every step of the way, just like she'd helped him through withdrawal. Phyllis conceded that she was angry because she couldn't remember if she'd done the terrible things, but she felt like Kelly was winning.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly smiled as she sniffed a rose, and Stitch asked what she was doing there, since he had planned on giving her a ride home from the hospital. He implored her to take a break after she'd ingested toxic chemicals, and she replied that she'd survived, but he countered that it didn't mean she was okay. Kelly insisted that the doctor wouldn't have released her if she hadn't been perfectly fine, but Stitch clarified that hadn't been what he'd meant. Kelly claimed that she'd accepted Jack was with Phyllis, but Stitch was skeptical that Kelly was really over it. She contended that Jack was a good, decent man who had made a choice not to abandon a woman who'd just woken up from a coma.

Stitch wondered if Kelly thought Jack's decision had been all about obligation, and he pointed out that Jack might really love Phyllis. Kelly couldn't fathom that Jack could love someone who'd attempted murder, and Stitch asked if Kelly thought she still had a future with Jack. Paul entered and asked for a moment with Kelly in private, and Stitch left. Paul relayed that he'd received the mandatory report from the hospital about Kelly's poisoning, and he mentioned that all the pots and cups at the club had been washed and sterilized, so he hadn't found any evidence. Kelly surmised that there was nothing left to pursue, but Paul refused to let it go.

Paul suggested that he take a look at the club's security footage, but Kelly groaned that she didn't want any more drama in her life, and she imagined it would end up being her word against Phyllis' once again. Kelly explained that Phyllis had orchestrated situations to make it look like Kelly had attacked her, but Jack hadn't been convinced Kelly had been to blame, and she theorized that Phyllis had escalated her efforts to remove Kelly from the equation. Paul questioned whether Kelly was afraid for her life, and Kelly replied that she'd heard a lot about how tough Phyllis was, but she thought it was irrational and pathetic that Phyllis felt threatened. Kelly said she was afraid for Jack, since he'd wanted his fiancée back, but he'd gotten whoever Phyllis had become.

At the psychiatrist's office, Jack informed the doctor that both he and Phyllis were concerned about the side effects from her medication, and they wanted to find an explanation for recent events. The doctor said she and Phyllis could work on it together, and she asked Jack to wait outside. After Jack stepped out, Phyllis commented that Jack usually wasn't that nervous, but she'd gone from "hell on wheels" to off the rails. The psychiatrist asked if Phyllis thought there was a problem, and Phyllis questioned whether the doctor preferred that she blow smoke so they could both get out of there or if the shrink wanted the actual truth.

Phyllis admitted that she hated Kelly, and she'd wanted Kelly gone ever since she'd heard about Kelly and Jack's relationship. The doctor asked if Phyllis had actively tried to remove Kelly from her life, but Phyllis replied that she didn't know. The psychiatrist said they could focus on the questions in the hope that they'd find the answers, but she contemplated whether the medication had caused the confusion. Phyllis said she knew how to lie, but she truly didn't know what was going on, and she was there to find out. The doctor pointed out the possibility that the medication hadn't caused the issues, and Phyllis recognized that she could have acted with malice to give the "bitch" what she had deserved.

Phyllis explained that she'd lost a year of her life, and she talked about what she'd missed and how she'd felt when she'd returned. Phyllis said she'd expected to get her life back, but she'd found Kelly in her home and her bed, and Jack had fallen in love with someone else. The psychiatrist pointed out that Phyllis had gotten everything back, but Phyllis complained that Jack looked at her with pity. The doctor said she'd only seen love in Jack's eyes, and she believed that Phyllis' insecurity was more of a threat than any outsider. The psychiatrist recommended that Phyllis make amends with the people she thought she'd hurt.

Kelly passed by Jack in the corridor, and Jack asked if she still wasn't feeling well. Kelly brusquely mentioned that she was there for a follow-up exam, and she excused herself, but Jack stopped her from leaving. She worried that Phyllis would find out they'd talked, and she swore she was just passing through and not stalking. Jack said he was truly sorry.

Kelly begged Jack not to say anything, since Paul was investigating the poisoning incident, even though she hadn't instigated it. Jack said he believed the side effects from Phyllis' treatment were to blame, and he and Phyllis were there to get to the bottom of it. Jack declared that Victor was responsible for what had happened to all of them, and he felt Phyllis shouldn't go to prison. Kelly informed him that she wasn't filing a complaint, and a thankful Jack hugged her. Phyllis exited the room and saw them.

Jack grappled for an explanation, but Phyllis noted that Kelly looked better, and she said she was sorry for what had happened. A surprised Kelly thanked her, and she remarked that time healed everything. Kelly walked off, and Jack asked if Phyllis was okay, but she said she didn't know. He said he'd never been prouder of her, and they embraced.

Jack and Phyllis returned home, and he said she was on the right track, since it had taken guts to apologize. Phyllis explained that the doctor had suggested that making amends might help, and she admitted that her insecurity could have made her destructive. Jack told Phyllis never to question his feelings, since he loved her more than she'd ever know. They kissed.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jill bemoaned that Chancellor still belonged to Victor, and Colin reminded her that he'd given her stacks of cash to buy the company. She asked where Colin had gotten the money, and Cane and Lily approached and also pushed for an answer. Devon pointedly remarked that they were all family, and Colin vaguely replied that it was a delicate situation that required discretion. Jill demanded to know if he'd taken out a loan with interest or collateral, but Colin assured her there had been no strings attached. Lily grumbled that there wouldn't have been an issue if Devon had provided the funds for them to buy Chancellor, and she questioned where all his money had gone.

Devon pointed out that Chancellor cost a lot of money, and he explained that he'd committed his liquid assets to another venture. Devon argued that Katherine had left her money to him and the company to Victor, and he believed she would have handled things differently if she'd wanted them to be another way. Colin praised Devon for honoring his conscience, and Jill prepared to meet with Victor. Cane cornered Devon privately and asked if Devon had given his money to Colin because Colin had found out about Devon and Hilary's affair. Devon claimed that there was nothing to know, since it was over, but Cane didn't seem convinced.

Colin warned Jill that Victor would try to get inside her head by using flattery or insults, but Jill scoffed at the idea that she couldn't handle a powerful man. Jill sauntered off to reclaim what should have been hers, and Cane approached Colin and asked what his father had done to get the money. Cane worried about how much it could cost them, but Colin maintained that it was legitimate business. Colin regretted that he'd cost Cane the job at Chancellor once before, and he called it his way of paying Cane back. Cane pointed out that he hadn't asked for it, but Colin believed that Katherine had wanted Cane at Chancellor, and he declared his son would have it.

Paul asked Lily for the security footage, but she reported there had been glitches when they'd upgraded the system. She invited him to talk to the staff, and she approached Kelly at the bar. Lily noticed that Kelly looked flushed, and Kelly explained that she was in shock after Phyllis had apologized to her. Lily encouraged her to tell Paul if Phyllis had admitted wrongdoing, but Kelly insisted that they leave it alone, since she'd just promised Jack that she wouldn't file a complaint.

Kelly pledged to be the bigger person, and she pitied Phyllis for feeling threatened by her, but Lily suspected that Kelly was thrilled, since that could mean Jack still wanted to be with Kelly. Kelly maintained that she didn't expect to get back together with Jack, but she thought Jack was finally realizing that Phyllis was no longer the woman he'd once loved.

Hilary kept busy tending to things around the apartment, but Neil asked her to sit down and talk for a few minutes. He said it had been hurtful to find out she'd been crying to herself instead of telling him what was going on, and he confessed that he'd felt her tears on the pillow. He begged her to tell him what he didn't know, and he reiterated that there was no pressure about having a baby. She said it wasn't about that, and he reasoned that he couldn't help her if she wouldn't share.

Hilary stated that she shouldn't have gone to the spa, since a loyal wife wouldn't have, but Neil supported her looking out for herself. Neil told her not to martyr herself for a blind man, and he admitted he'd made a mistake by demanding that they start a family together, but he'd only suggested it because he loved her deeply. He added that the last thing he wanted her to do was to coddle him, and he urged her to trust him enough to tell him the truth. She confessed that there was something.

Hilary mentioned that the eye doctor had called to confirm an appointment she'd known nothing about, and Neil divulged that he was taking part in an experimental program for vision restoration. She excitedly wondered if he'd be able to see again, but he explained that it was a long shot, so he hadn't wanted to risk letting her down again. She replied that he never had, but she wished he hadn't shut her out, and she gently scolded him for being the one doing the coddling. He revealed that he'd seen a flicker, and it might not happen again, but she squealed that it could. She declared that they had a reason for hope, and she hugged him and said she wanted to be there with him at the appointment, but he insisted on going alone.

Later, Devon arrived at Neil and Hilary's apartment, and Hilary informed him that the doctors thought Neil had a chance to recover his vision. Devon wondered why Neil hadn't told him, and Hilary relayed that Neil hadn't wanted to get anyone's hopes up, so she'd respected her husband's decision to get the information on his own. Devon marveled that Neil could get his entire life back, and Hilary recognized that she was being selfish, but the first thing she'd thought had been that they could tell Neil the truth. She declared that they could all get their lives back, and Devon added that they'd never have to hide again.

Hilary understood it would be hard to tell Neil, but Devon thought it was even harder to keep quiet. Hilary mentioned that Neil had caught her crying, and Devon assured her that they could soon stop living a lie. Hilary imagined that it would hurt Neil to think she'd spent time with him out of pity, and Devon promised they'd face the consequences together. Devon said he loved her and that he couldn't wait to let the world know it. They held one another close, but they jumped apart when Neil returned home.

Hilary announced they had company, and Neil said he could feel Devon there. Neil said he needed to talk to Devon about something, and Hilary stepped away to make a call. Devon informed Neil that Hilary had told him about the experimental program, and Neil regretted that there had been too many secrets. Neil recognized that the program might not work, but he was confident that Hilary loved him, and no matter what happened, they'd have a "hell of a life together." Devon half-heartedly agreed.

At Newman-Chancellor, Victor overheard Victoria order more flowers for Katie's christening, and she surmised that he was still appalled that she'd asked Jack to be the baby's godfather. She realized Victor was distracted by something else, and she assured him that the bad publicity about the warehouse sale would die down. Victoria pointed out that he had other alternatives if he needed cash, but Victor declared that the sale of Chancellor wasn't an option. Victoria argued that the division was hurting him both professionally and personally, and she vowed not to stop until he did something about it.

Victoria called Chancellor a financial drain, and she predicted that selling it would help the company distance itself from a tainted entity. Victor refused to hand over Chancellor to Cane, since Cane had been the one who'd saddled them with the Bonaventure deal, but Victoria suggested that they sell it to someone else. Victor huffed that he would sell it when it suited him, but she pointed out that he wouldn't need the warehouse deal if he offloaded Chancellor. She argued that the entire town hated the redevelopment proposal, and she advised him to sell Chancellor or risk his marriage and business for the sake of his pride. Victor said he loved her, but he made his own decisions, and she walked away in exasperation.

In the park, Stitch ran into Victoria, who was pushing Katie in a stroller. Victoria asked about Kelly, and Stitch reported that his sister seemed okay physically, but he suspected that Kelly thought she and Jack would still get back together. Victoria was certain that Jack had moved on, and Stitch said he'd tried to talk to Kelly, but she hadn't heard him. Victoria compared it to talking to her dad, and she said she'd needed a power walk to deal with it. Katie began to cry, and Stitch cooed that the tot was like her mom, always needing to be on the move. Victoria insisted that Stitch be at the christening.

Stitch said he and Billy had their own version of a truce, but he thought the christening was a time for him to back off and to not add stress to Victoria's life. Victoria rattled off a list of all the conflicts between the people attending the event, and she imagined Phyllis bursting into another church, dressed in white. Stitch said he'd hate to miss out on the fun, and Victoria claimed that Katie had told her that the baby needed him there. Stitch said he couldn't say no to that, since he might not be Katie's dad, but he would always be the girl's friend, and he would always love her.

Jill presented Victor with a briefcase full of cash, and he chuckled and observed that her payment was short. She explained that it was a down payment as an act of friendship, but Victor proclaimed that they had nothing to talk about until he had the full amount in his corporate account. She offered to provide the rest of the funds as soon as they had a deal, and he remarked that she'd been out of the business world too long. She said she only wanted his commitment to sell, and he asked what she didn't understand about no.

Jill taunted Victor for driving Katherine's empire into the ground, but Victor recalled that Katherine had summoned him to town to run her company, and he'd made Chancellor into something. He thought Jill should be embarrassed for dropping off cash like a drug dealer, but Jill contended that Katherine would have been proud, since Katherine had known Jill would fight for Chancellor, and it had probably been what Katherine had wanted. Jill pledged to "fight like hell," and Victor bellowed that she'd go down in grand fashion -- just like Katherine would have wanted.

Jill returned to the club, and she relayed that Victor hadn't been impressed with the cash. She added that he wanted the full price up front, and she worried that he'd sell to someone else if he became desperate enough. Colin assured her that he'd get more money, and she'd be running Chancellor before she knew it.

Victor flashed back to Katherine visiting him in the hospital, and she'd told him that it had been a wake-up call to end his days of waging battles against greedy corporate raiders. Victor had reminded her that they'd been cut from the same cloth, and he fought harder when he was down and out. Katherine had questioned whether he'd been willing to risk his health and the well-being of his loved ones to fight Jack Abbott, and Victor had imagined that was what she would have done in his position. Katherine had told Victor that she would have opted to spend time with her family and to make the most of what she had rather than risk everything for what she hadn't had. "I miss you so much," Victor said to himself.

Ashley faces a major setback at Jabot

Ashley faces a major setback at Jabot

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chelsea and Nick bumped into each other in the foyer at the Athletic Club. Chelsea saw through Nick's feigned interest in her clothing line -- he clearly wanted information about Sharon. Chelsea told Nick that Sharon was doing great as a dress model, proving that Sharon could successfully balance a career with motherhood.

Chelsea said that she didn't want to get in the middle of Nick's feud with Sharon and hoped that he and Sharon would do what was best for Faith. Sage, on her way downstairs, overheard Nick tell Chelsea that Sharon was forcing Faith to testify at the custody hearing. Chelsea defended Sharon's extreme tactics. Nick told her that Sharon was perpetuating the lie that Nick had been entertaining a half-naked Sage. Sage, still eavesdropping from the stairwell, grew more interested in the conversation when she heard her name mentioned.

Sage finally joined Nick and Chelsea. Nick said that he and Chelsea had been discussing the custody hearing. Sage apologized for causing Nick problems. Nick said that Sharon was causing the problems. Chelsea was surprised to learn that Nick and Sage knew each other. Sage informed Chelsea that she and Nick were just friends.

Nick and Sage began laughing and acting a bit flirty with each other. Watching them, Chelsea said she understood how Faith could misconstrue the nature of Nick and Sage's relationship. When Sage repeated that she and Nick were nothing more than friends, Chelsea said, "Well, I'm sure your boyfriend will be happy to hear that. Tell Gabriel I said hello." After Chelsea left, Nick asked Sage about her relationship with "Gabriel." Sage, chuckling nervously, told him that "Gabriel" was her husband.

Sage explained to Nick that her marriage to "Gabriel" was one of convenience -- that Constance had willed her estate to her grandson with the provision that he marry in order to receive his inheritance. Initially nonplussed hearing about Sage's marriage, Nick saw the logic in Constance's thinking -- the old woman knew that Gabriel was reckless and felt that marriage would settle Gabriel down. What Nick found illogical was that Sage kept her marriage a secret. Sage explained that was so she and "Gabriel" could date people they cared about.

Moving from the foyer to the bar, Nick told Sage he was impressed by what she had done for "Gabe." Sage laughed and said that Nick was making her sound like a saint. Nick listed Sage's "saintly" accomplishments -- she had nursed Constance, helped "Gabe" get his inheritance, and helped "this really cool guy" out of a bear trap. Nick wondered if Sage ever did anything for herself. When Sage said that she had gotten a foot massage the previous week, Nick said that she deserved more than that and promised her a full day at a posh spa.

At Jabot, Jack asked Billy to tend to company business for a few days -- Jack needed to focus his attention on Phyllis. Adam stopped by Jack's office to drop off a report. Adam thanked Billy for "last night" -- Billy told Jack that "Gabe" and his girlfriend had joined Billy and Chelsea for dinner at the Athletic Club the previous evening. Jack stared at Adam and said, "I didn't realize you had a girlfriend, Gabe."

Jack, staring at Adam, wondered how "Gabe" had any time for a girlfriend with all the work he was doing marketing Chelsea's fashion line.

In the Jabot lab, Abby excitedly told Ashley that a focus group had settled upon "Hex" as the best name for Jabot's new fragrance. Ashley loved the name. She and Abby were going over some marketing ideas when two men, wearing badges that read "Environmental Security Bureau," showed up.

The men introduced themselves as Agents Reddick and Brink. As Reddick handed Ashley a legal document, he informed Ashley that they had a court order to shut down the lab. Ashley began reading the document aloud, "Unlawful use of an endangered tree root to manufacture a fragrance. Procurement a threat to the Central American rainforest."

Ashley told Reddick that there had to be a misunderstanding -- she wasn't using tree root from the rainforest in any Jabot product. Unmoved, Reddick told Ashley that he and Brink were seizing all Jabot samples and lab notes. Ashley told Abby that she knew who was behind the intrusion, and "he's not getting away with it."

Jack received a phone call from Ashley, informing him of the visit from the Environmental Security Bureau. She told Jack that the agents had confiscated all the samples of, as well as files pertaining to, her new fragrance. Jack tried to calm Ashley down, but she reminded him that she had worked for more than a year on the fragrance -- it was her best shot at regaining her co-CEO title at Jabot. Ashley repeated, "He's not getting away with this," grabbed her coat and left.

After Jack hung up, he asked Billy to go to the lab and talk to Ashley. Jack was going to make some phone calls to try to find out what was going on. As Billy walked out, Jack asked Adam to stay.

Jack semi-jokingly said that he needed a scorecard to keep track of Adam's lies. Jack wondered why Adam was pursuing Chelsea, since Adam already had a girlfriend. Adam explained Sage's role in his recovery -- she had nursed him back to health and convinced Constance that Adam was Constance's grandson. He informed Jack that his so-called relationship with Sage was a ruse to convince Chelsea that "Gabriel" wasn't a stalker.

Adam said he and Billy had bonded over dinner when they'd discovered that they both hated Victor. Jack felt Adam was playing a dangerous game. Adam said he was winning the game -- he had put Chelsea at ease -- all that remained was to get her to fall in love with him. Jack reminded Adam that Chelsea had fallen in love with Billy, but Adam said Billy would eventually reunite with Victoria, and Chelsea would decide that "Gabriel" was the man for her.

Adam said all he wanted was a life with the woman he loved. Jack pointedly said, "Adam Newman forfeited that right." Jack ordered Adam to go to the lab and help Billy with the developing crisis there. Jack grabbed his coat and left. After Jack was gone, Chelsea stopped by his office. Adam smiled at her and said, "You're really going to have to stop stalking me."

Chelsea laughed. She and "Gabriel" had a pleasant, upbeat conversation. Chelsea said that Billy was beginning to like "Gabriel" -- learning that "Gabriel" was dating Sage had helped convince Billy that "Gabriel" wasn't stalking Chelsea. "Gabriel" talked about how much the right woman could influence a man's life -- it didn't happen often, but when it did happen, it was amazing.

Chelsea seemed enchanted by Gabriel's words. Her eyes misted up, and "Gabriel" asked her if he had said anything wrong. Chelsea said that he hadn't -- but he had reminded her of someone she'd once known. Chelsea said goodbye and left the office as Adam stared after her.

At Newman Towers, Agent Reddick handed Victor a vial containing a sample of Ashley's new fragrance and said, "We are even, Mr. Newman." Victor asked Reddick if he was sure the vial contained the fragrance Ashley had been working on. Reddick said he would stake his reputation on it -- Victor replied, "Your reputation ain't gonna be worth much after this, but thank you for your sentiment. You may go now." Reddick left.

Ashley confronted Victor in his office and accused him of being behind the raid at Jabot -- which, according to Ashley, meant that Victor had at least one Environmental Security Bureau agent in his pocket. Victor feigned ignorance when Ashley demanded that he return the sample. She could not believe Victor had engaged in corporate espionage, but Victor said her allegation was absurd.

Ashley said Victor knew that she had been working on her new fragrance for over a year. Victor replied that Newman-Chancellor was also developing an organic compound -- without using an endangered tree root from the Amazon rainforest -- and his company had been successful. He opened a desk drawer and showed Ashley the vial Reddick had handed him -- the vial had a Newman-Chancellor label on it.

Victor said the fragrance in the vial he was holding was environmentally safe and would be granted government approval very quickly. Victor smirked as Ashley said he knew she wasn't using any tree root in her product. He smugly accused Ashley of lying to him and insisted her lies had obviously spread to the Environmental Security Bureau. Ashley lunged at Victor and hissed, "Give me back my sample." Victoria walked into the office. Victor turned to his daughter and said, "This fragrance was developed by Newman-Chancellor. Tell her, Victoria."

Before Victoria could utter a word, Ashley told Victoria that they both had strong, controlling men in their lives -- Jack controlled Ashley, and Victor controlled Victoria. Ashley said she and Victoria could be independent from Jack and Victor if Ashley and Victoria respected each other. Ashley implored Victoria to tell the truth.

Sounding as if she were reading a news release, Victoria said, "We have been developing a new fragrance here at Newman-Chancellor. We plan to release it with the relaunch of 'Brash & Sassy'" Totally defeated, Ashley told Victor and Victoria that they deserved each other. Leaving the office, she told Victor, "This isn't over." When Victor told Ashley to have a nice day, Ashley, pure hatred in her eyes, said, "Screw you," and walked out.

Billy arrived at the lab and asked Abby if she knew who had turned them in to the Environmental Security Bureau. Abby replied that she had no idea. Stitch showed up and, seeing the lab in disarray, asked what had happened. When Billy told him, Stitch wondered why the bureau would think Jabot was using tree root from the rainforest in the new product.

Billy and Abby stared at Stitch. Stitch realized they thought he might be the culprit. Billy noticed that Stitch was holding a baby's rattle. Stitch explained that he had been with Victoria and Katie Rose earlier and had inadvertently held on to the baby's toy. Abby received a text message -- it was from Ashley, informing Abby that Victor claimed Newman-Chancellor had been working on an organic fragrance for months.

Billy implied that Victoria was somehow involved, but Stitch said Victoria didn't have anything to do "with this." Abby continued reading Ashley's text and told Billy and Stitch that Victoria had backed up Victor's claim. Stitch was stunned. Billy asked Stitch if Victoria had ever mentioned working on an organic fragrance at Newman-Chancellor. As he stormed out, Stitch said, "No. But I'm damn well going to get some answers."

Ashley returned to the lab and wanted to talk with Stitch. Abby said that Stitch swore he didn't know anything about a new fragrance Victoria was working on. Abby believed Stitch had been telling the truth. Billy disagreed -- he felt Stitch was capable of lying to protect Victoria. Abby wondered who Stitch would be protecting Victoria from. Billy replied, "Only Victor."

In Victor's office, Victoria picked up the vial from Victor's desk and asked him if he had stolen it from Jabot. Evading her question, Victor reminded his daughter that she had begged him to save the Chancellor division of Newman-Chancellor -- and the fragrance in the vial might be just the thing to save Katherine's company. Victoria looked at her father and said, "At what cost, dad?"

Looking confused, Victoria left Victor's office and ran into Stitch in the hallway. Stitch, quite angry, told Victoria he was on his way to see Victor. He loudly stated that the raid on the Jabot lab had been a setup so Newman-Chancellor could steal Ashley's formula. Victoria, parroting Victor, said, "This is business. It wasn't personal." Stitch said that working at Jabot wasn't merely a job -- it was a chance for him to start a new life with Victoria, and Victor was stealing that chance away from him. Victoria said she and Stitch could still have that new life. Stitch claimed that perhaps Victoria had wanted to start a new life with him, but she had been forced to choose between Stitch and Victor -- and she'd chosen Victor.

Victoria admitted that her father liked "to bend the rules" a little when Newman-Chancellor business was involved. Stitch said he realized that about Victor -- but he didn't expect Victoria to lie for her father. Stitch told Victoria how disappointed he was and, as he headed towards the elevators, told her, "You're better than this." Victoria ran after Stitch, but he allowed the elevator door to close without making eye contact with her.

Victoria marched into Victor's office, slamming the door behind her. She told Victor that she had just lied to the man she loved -- about a vial of perfume. She shouted, "Dad, it's not our product!" Victor said that Victoria needed to separate "business from personal." Victoria said she was sick of hearing that. Angrily, Victor told her that espionage was part of the corporate world, whether or not Victoria liked it. He wondered if she thought he had built his "empire" without stepping on a few toes. Victoria calmly replied, "If this is how we do business, then count me out. I don't want any part of it."

Victor told Victoria that working in the corporate world involved making difficult decisions and that Stitch would understand. Victoria said that she would never understand. Victor said that Victoria would change her mind once the profits from the new fragrance began rolling in.

Victoria said she could neither work nor live "like this" -- and she wasn't going to allow her children to "live like this" either. Victoria stared her father down and told him that if "this is the way things are gonna be," she would raise Katie as an Abbott -- and Katie was going to be christened Katherine Rose Abbott. Victoria said the whole family would be at the christening -- everyone but Victor.

Through clenched teeth, Victoria told Victor that unless he gave the sample back to Ashley and called off the Environmental Security Bureau, the little vial on Victor's desk would be the only legacy he had.

Stitch returned to the Jabot lab and told Ashley that he would never betray her -- not after she had given him a chance to start his life over. Ashley said, "I know you wouldn't." Abby said that someone had to have told Victor that the information Ashley had fed him about using endangered plants was untrue. Ashley said that from the way Victor had been talking, it had sounded as if he had been standing in the lab when Ashley had told Abby that the tree root story was a lie.

A light bulb turned on over Ashley, Abby, and Stitch's heads, and they began silently searching the lab. Stitch found the hidden microphone that Victor had used to listen in. He handed it to Ashley, who dropped it in a beaker of water. Ashley whispered, "Bastard."

An angry Phyllis barged into Victor's office. She informed him that she had poisoned Kelly because of Dr. Cutler's experimental anti-coma treatment. Phyllis blamed Victor for forcing Cutler to rush his treatment protocol. Victor told Phyllis to speak with Jack, who had been playing around with Kelly while Phyllis was comatose. Victor claimed to have gotten Phyllis out of her coma so she could see what had been going on.

Phyllis said that Victor had not gotten her into Dr. Cutler's program out of concern for her -- rather he'd wanted Phyllis to wake up so she could tell Victor about Sharon's "secret." Victor admitted that perhaps it had been a bad idea to rush her treatment. He suggested that she return to Dr. Cutler so he could put her back in a coma. Victor stood up and jammed a hypodermic needle into Phyllis' bandaged hand as she let out a blood-curdling scream.

Phyllis awoke from her nightmare -- she had been sleeping on the living room sofa in the Abbott mansion.

Christine stopped by Paul's office to drop off some files and asked him why there wasn't a file on Phyllis. Paul told his wife that there wasn't enough evidence to arrest Phyllis. Christine, still upset that Phyllis had nearly killed Paul and Christine years earlier, wondered if Phyllis was going to "walk again." Paul told her that there was no direct evidence linking Phyllis to the poisoning, and Kelly was refusing to press charges.

Growing angry, Christine said that she would get a confession out of Phyllis. Paul stopped Christine as she walked out of his office and told her that getting upset wasn't good for the baby that Christine was carrying. Christine snapped that she could handle both her pregnancy and her job. Paul acquiesced, telling her that she would be the D.A. -- he would handle the police work. Paul grabbed his jacket, and as he walked out, Christine said, "Paul, nail her -- or I will."

Paul startled Phyllis when he showed up in the Abbott living room to question her. Phyllis wondered whether Paul's visit was personal or professional. He said that would depend on how she answered his questions.

Paul asked Phyllis how she had cut her hand. Phyllis told him the truth -- she'd lost her temper and broken a very expensive vase. Paul wondered what had made Phyllis so angry. Phyllis explained that she had been unable to get people to believe that she hadn't been harassing Kelly. Paul asked her if she'd wanted to harm Kelly and put antifreeze in Kelly's tea. Phyllis wondered if Paul thought it was going to be that easy to get a confession out of her.

Paul said that he was just trying to figure out what had happened so he could explain things to the district attorney. Phyllis said that wouldn't make any difference because Christine, the district attorney and Paul's wife, hated Phyllis. When Paul said that Christine was just doing her job, Phyllis countered that Christine wanted Phyllis locked up. Paul told Phyllis he wanted to help her, but she needed to be honest. Phyllis scoffed and told Paul that she didn't know who she could trust. Paul said that Phyllis could trust him -- but she needed to tell him everything.

Phyllis told Paul that she'd wanted to let Kelly know that Kelly wouldn't get away with making Phyllis look like a jealous psychopath. Kelly had suggested that she and Phyllis sit down and discuss things civilly over tea. Phyllis had reluctantly agreed. Phyllis told Paul that Kelly had left the table for a moment -- Paul asked her if that was when Phyllis had poisoned her tea.

Jack walked in and warned Phyllis not to say another word. Paul told Jack that he and Phyllis were just talking. Jack said that it looked like the chief of police was trying to get a confession from Phyllis without asking her if she wanted an attorney present. Jack told Paul that without Kelly's testimony or any further evidence against Phyllis, Paul couldn't press charges. Quietly, Paul said, "We'll see." Paul left.

Phyllis turned to Jack and said that Sharon, Kelly, and Christine were trying to keep her away from Jack. Jack hugged Phyllis and promised that he wouldn't allow that to happen. Phyllis told Jack that Paul thought she'd tried to kill Kelly -- and that Christine would never let it go. She asked Jack if he thought she'd tried to poison Kelly. He assured her that whatever had happened wasn't Phyllis' fault. Jack blamed everything on the experimental treatment Victor had arranged. Jack promised Phyllis that Victor would pay.

Billy returned to his office and was happy to see Chelsea waiting for him. She told him that she had run into "Gabe," who had been talking about Sage and how much she meant to him. Chelsea wasn't sure Sage felt the same way about "Gabe" -- she told Billy that she had seen Sage with Nick -- and Sage had seemed quite chummy with him.

Adam arrived the club and kissed Sage as Nick looked on. "Gabriel" said he was happy that Nick was keeping "Gabriel's" girlfriend company. Nick said Sage had filled him about the true nature of "Gabriel" and Sage's relationship. Before Nick left, he said there had always been a beautiful woman to bail "Gabriel" out. Adam was not happy when Sage said she'd told Nick that she was married to "Gabriel."

Adam wondered why Sage had felt the need to tell Nick the "truth." She said that her "honesty" would make Nick feel close to her. Adam wondered what would happen when Nick told Chelsea about the "marriage of convenience." Sneering, Sage said, "Maybe Chelsea will think that you're a manipulative, deceitful jerk."

Adam became angry with Sage, leaned in close to her, and began pointing his finger in her face. Unbeknownst to them, Nick was watching the scene from across the room.

Nikki's drinking gets out of control

Nikki's drinking gets out of control

Thursday, January 29, 2015

At Crimson Lights, Avery helped Dylan fix his tie, and he commented that he wasn't the suit-wearing type. She admired how he looked, and she wished she could join him at the christening, but she claimed she had a meeting for an important case. Dylan said he'd be thinking of her, and he headed out. Avery grabbed her phone and called Joe, who was pleased to hear from her. She informed him that she'd considered his proposal, and she was on her way to his hotel suite. He clarified that he'd requested a night with her, but she replied that she couldn't give him that, so he'd have to take her offer or leave it. Joe said he'd see her soon.

At home, Victoria gushed to Billy that Johnny looked handsome in his suit, and Katie was a beautiful princess in her christening gown. Billy observed that Victoria looked gorgeous herself, and he remarked that it was too bad a cold was keeping Jill from being there. He added that Traci had been caught in the same storm out east that had prevented Reed from attending, but everyone else who mattered would be there. Victoria replied that not quite everyone would be present.

Billy asked if Katie was ready for the big day, and Victoria carried in a suit-clad Johnny, who gave Billy a high-five. Billy became quiet, and Victoria realized that Delia had often made the same gesture. Victoria imagined that Delia would be cheering for them in church that day, and she assured Billy that he'd eventually share secret handshakes and inside jokes with Katie. Victoria declared that they would always be equal partners in parenting, and Billy remarked that even Victor could see that Billy was a good dad. Victoria huffed that Victor didn't get a vote, since she'd cut him out of Katie's life.

At Newman-Chancellor, Nikki scolded Victor for not going to the christening, and he explained that he was just following Victoria's wishes. Nikki lectured that Victoria wanted him to apologize for putting her in an awkward position, but Victor thought Victoria should have left business matters at the office. Nikki chided him for asking Victoria to lie to the man she loved, but Victor argued that Stitch worked for the competition. Nikki demanded that Victor return the stolen formula, but Victor defended that he hadn't stolen anything. They bickered about Victor's history of hiring people to do his dirty work, and Nikki remarked that it was no wonder he'd driven her to such extremes. Victor asked what she was talking about.

Nikki reminded Victor that she'd been sleeping in the guest room, since he'd driven her away, just like he'd done with Nick and stood to do with Victoria. Nikki admonished Victor for claiming to put his family first, and Victor reiterated that he'd done what had needed to be done. Nikki groused that it was his excuse for everything, and he blasted her for trying to pick a fight and ordered her to show herself out. He walked into the corridor and made a call, and he asked someone if they knew what to do.

Nikki poured herself a drink, and she stared at a framed photo of Katherine and asked what her old friend was looking at, since Katherine should know how difficult it was. Nikki recalled that she'd stopped drinking, but everything had gone wrong again, and she sipped from the glass. She savored the liquor going down her throat, and she wailed that she could hear Katherine. Nikki reasoned that she wasn't hurting anyone, and she just needed the alcohol to get her through the day, but she'd stop again the next day. She swigged from the glass again.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley informed Jack that she'd instructed security to review the surveillance footage to determine who had placed the bug in the lab, and Jack worried that Victor would get the product to market before they did. Ashley wanted to speed up production, but Jack said they had to get to the church, and she planned on making calls from the car to ensure Victor didn't win. After Ashley departed, Phyllis descended the stairs in casual clothes and told Jack that she'd decided not to go to the christening. Jack understood she was upset, but he pointed out that there was no evidence to prove she'd poisoned Kelly, and Phyllis questioned whether that meant she hadn't done it or if she had been smart enough to cover her tracks.

Jack vowed to get to the bottom of it, and he declared that he wanted the woman he loved by his side. Phyllis wondered if that woman no longer existed, and she asked if he loved what she'd become. Jack swore that Phyllis was still the woman he'd always loved, and she'd fought her way back against all odds, so he wasn't going to lose her again. Jack asked if Phyllis was ready to get dressed, and she assured him that she was ready to face the future, but she still wanted to sit the christening out. He agreed to let her stay home and rest, and he reiterated that everything would be okay. After he left, she sent a text message, asking to see someone right away.

At the police station, Michael thanked Kevin for pushing him to go the last mile, and Kevin said it was part of his plan to keep Michael healthy. Avery entered and mentioned that she was working on a case that she expected to have settled by the end of the day, and Michael departed. Avery asked Kevin if Paul was in, and she was relieved to hear the police chief was out, since she didn't want Paul to know anything about a request she had for Kevin. They went into an interrogation room, and Avery asked Kevin to set her up with a body wire. He grinned and surmised that she was going rogue, and she explained that she'd do anything to get her ex-husband's confession on tape.

After Kevin outfitted Avery with the wire, she asked if he could see it on her, and he instructed her to keep her blouse buttons closed. She tested the sound to make sure he could hear her, and she thanked him for his help. Kevin offered to listen in case anything went wrong, but she said she would be fine, and she'd return for the audio recording after she got evidence that Joe had been responsible for the attacks on Dylan. Kevin worried about what Joe would do if he discovered that she was attempting to entrap him, but Avery flatly stated that Joe wouldn't, and she knew how to get a confession out of her ex. Meanwhile, Joe ordered Champagne from room service, and he tipped the bellhop to ensure he and his guest weren't disturbed.

Later, Joe offered Avery some Champagne, but she stressed that she was there because she loved Dylan and wanted to keep him safe. She referred to what Joe had done, and he admitted that he hadn't been the best husband, but she clarified that she'd meant what he'd done to Dylan. She recalled that Joe had said he could make it stop, and he wondered if she thought he'd invited her there to have sex with him. She asked if that wasn't in his head, and he confessed that the idea of making love to her was very much on his mind.

Joe said he hadn't forgotten what he and Avery had been like in the beginning, and he recalled their vow to make love on all seven continents. He pointed out that they had four to go, but she snapped that what he'd been doing to Dylan had to stop. She reminded Joe that he'd told her he could make the hurt go away, but Joe explained that he'd meant her pain, not Dylan's. Meanwhile, Kevin eyed his earphones and began to listen.

Joe asked Avery to let him prove he was still the man she'd once loved, and he presented her with a necklace she'd admired on their honeymoon. He mentioned that he hadn't been able to afford it back then, but as soon as he had been able, he'd gone back and bought it. Avery refused to accept it, but Joe asked her to indulge him by at least letting him see how it looked on her. She reluctantly pulled her hair up and allowed him to fasten the clasp. He said he wanted to see it against her neck, and he suggested that she open a button or two.

Avery jerked away and said she wouldn't enjoy Joe's necklace or Champagne, and she accused him of getting her there under false pretenses. Joe swore that she'd misunderstood his intentions, since all he'd hoped for was to be the people they'd been when they'd first met. He questioned when she'd last laughed, and he said he'd love the chance to see it. Avery nervously said it was a mistake for her to be there, and she stalked out. Joe looked down at the necklace in his hand and told himself she was wrong.

At the church, Summer hugged Nick hello, and he asked if Austin was parking the car, but she revealed that her husband was shooting a commercial that day. Nick commended Austin for being responsible, and he grumbled that too many people did whatever they wanted, despite the consequences. Summer imagined it was hard for him to be back in that church, but he credited Phyllis for making sure he'd never finished his wedding to Sharon. Nick said he didn't want to talk about his problems, since they were there to celebrate the birth of a daughter, and he knew how amazing it could be.

Stitch walked in, followed by Chelsea, and she commented that she was sure Billy and Victoria had their hands full. Stitch asked if she was okay with Billy and Victoria arriving as a family, and Chelsea noted that Katie was their daughter, so it was only right they do it together. Chelsea added that she knew how Billy felt about her, and Stitch replied that he was confident about Victoria's feelings for him, but he and Chelsea had to take a back seat to what Billy and Victoria shared that day.

Jack arrived at the church and told Summer that Phyllis had decided to stay home, and Nikki overheard as he mentioned that Phyllis hadn't been untouched by the aftereffects from the treatment Victor had forced on her. As Nikki made her way around the church, she listened as Ashley and Abby discussed finding evidence to prove that Victor had stolen their formula, and she heard Nick tell Noah and Summer that Sharon planned to force Faith to testify against him. Nikki eavesdropped as Stitch asked Dylan about the robbery at the coffeehouse, and Dylan replied that it had been a message to stop the fight against the redevelopment deal. Nikki stepped outside and took a chug of vodka from a water bottle, and Victoria and Billy approached with Katie and Johnny. Victoria suggested they get the party started.

The priest welcomed Billy and Victoria, and Billy cooed to Katie that everyone was there just for her. Billy pointed Chelsea out to Katie, and Victoria warmly acknowledged Stitch's presence. Victor entered, and Victoria demanded to know what he was doing there. Victor declared that he was there for his granddaughter's christening, and he asked if there were any objections. Chelsea said she had a feeling of déj? vu, and Jack remembered when Victor had shown up uninvited at Connor's christening.

Jack received a phone call, and Victoria hissed to her father that he wasn't supposed to be there. Nikki asked Victor not to cause trouble, and Ashley referred to the trouble he'd made for Jabot. Ashley accused Victor of being behind the raid to ensure Jabot's future was compromised, but Jack announced that he'd just talked to the Environmental Security Bureau, and they were returning everything they'd seized. Victor commented that all the animosity had been for nothing, and the priest called for everyone to take their seats. The priest thanked everyone for being there to welcome the newest member of the church.

The priest proclaimed that it was a collaborative endeavor to raise a child, and he looked to Jack and Abby as godparents to provide Katie with guidance and wisdom. Jack accepted the responsibility and offered a red rose of commitment, and Abby presented a white rose to represent purity and innocence. The priest declared that Billy and Victoria had created the miracle of life, and Katie was a bud waiting to open. Victoria told Katie that she had a world of possibilities in front of her, and she promised to work together with Billy to make sure Katie realized all her dreams. Billy pledged to honor and to protect his daughter, whether she wanted them to or not. The guests chuckled, and the priest welcomed Katherine Rose Abbott-Newman to their church and their community. Friends and family burst into applause.

Billy asked if Chelsea was shedding tears, and she said it had been a beautiful service. He told her that she was a big part of the collaboration, and Stitch called Katie a lucky lady with an awesome mom. Victoria noted that Katie had Stitch, too, and she asked him for a moment to talk to her dad. Victor congratulated Victoria, and she thanked him for putting family before business. Victor replied that he always had, even though people didn't seem to believe him. Nikki approached Nick and asked if Summer had left, and Noah mentioned that Summer had needed to run an important errand.

Nikki hoped Summer was all right, and Nick hoped both his daughters would be, since it had really hit home that he had a lot to lose. Victor commented to Jack that it had been a good service, and Ashley assumed that the thought of Victor losing his daughter and granddaughter had been worse than losing to Jabot. Victor proclaimed that he didn't lose to anyone, and Abby complained that he always had to have the last word, but Ashley vowed that he wouldn't that time. Dylan asked to speak to Ashley, and he asked how well she knew Joe. She said they'd dated but that it hadn't been serious, and Dylan advised her to keep it that way, since he believed Joe was dangerous.

Phyllis thanked Michael for rushing over, and he asked what had happened, but she wanted to hear about him first. She inquired whether he'd been feeling the side effects from his treatment, and he joked that he hadn't been glowing in the dark. She wished she could find a sense of humor about her own situation, and he encouraged her to open up, since friendship went both ways. She revealed that she'd asked him there as a lawyer and not as a friend.

Michael scoffed at the idea that Phyllis had turned into someone else, but Phyllis said she might be a jealous woman who had tried to send her competition to the grave. Michael argued that Kelly was no longer competition, since Jack and Phyllis were solid and engaged to be married, so Phyllis hadn't had any reason to go after Kelly. Phyllis asked what her punishment would be if she was convicted, and Michael divulged that under Wisconsin law, intentional first-degree homicide could result in life in prison if the crime had been successfully completed.

Phyllis thought she should have stayed in a coma if the alternative was facing prison time, but Michael warned that she was getting ahead of herself. Phyllis relayed that Paul had already questioned her about the poisoning, and she was sure Christine would wipe the floor with her. Michael countered that there was no proof, but Phyllis suspected Christine wouldn't give up the chance to make her pay, and she wondered what she was supposed to do.

Michael urged Phyllis not to give up hope, since she had a brilliant attorney on her side, and Summer arrived. Summer explained that she'd slipped out of the christening to see how Phyllis was doing, and Michael departed. Summer gushed about how cute Katie had been and how proud Victoria had looked, and she mentioned that Victor had shown up unexpectedly. Phyllis sobbed that Summer had grown up while she'd been gone, and she wished she'd been around to see it, but she knew Summer would be just fine if Phyllis wasn't around for her. Summer asked what her mother was talking about.

Phyllis said the talk about the christening had made her think of Summer as a little girl, and Jack arrived home. Phyllis suggested that Summer go do something fun, and Summer said she had plans with Austin. After Summer left, Jack observed that Phyllis seemed to be doing better, and she said she had a clearer picture of the future after speaking to Michael. She asked Jack to promise that he'd always love her no matter what, and he replied that it was an easy promise to make. He went to ask Mrs. Martinez to prepare a late lunch, and Phyllis scribbled something on a notepad and hurried out.

At the Jabot lab, Abby went through the returned items and couldn't find anything missing. Ashley knew Victor wouldn't have been that obvious, and she theorized that he wasn't done yet. Meanwhile, over the phone, Victor confirmed with someone that the puncture mark in the Jabot sample had been undetectable, and he crowed that they had enough to analyze the contents and to obtain the formula in no time.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin handed over the audio files to Avery, and he admitted that he'd almost raced over to Joe's hotel room when it had sounded like a close call. He acknowledged that she'd told him not to listen, but he cautioned that she should have had a backup plan. She conceded that her plan had been a bad idea, and he advised her not to go it alone if she had another one. She flashed back to Joe asking about the last time she'd really laughed, and Dylan returned. Dylan surmised from her expression that her meeting hadn't gone well, and she disclosed that she'd have to interview the person again.

At Victoria's house, Nikki snoozed in a chair, and Victoria announced that Johnny was asleep. Billy remarked that Katie was a party animal, and Chelsea thanked Victoria for including her. Victoria replied that she wouldn't have had it any other way, and she pulled Stitch aside and hoped he hadn't minded that she'd let Victor stay. Stitch said he hadn't wanted her to fight with her dad, but he was blown away that she'd put Stitch ahead of her relationship with Victor. Victoria said if Stitch hadn't known how important he was to her, he should know by then.

Nick woke up Nikki and asked if she was okay, and she insisted she was fine. Victoria declared it was picture time, and Chelsea offered to take photos of Victoria and Billy with Katie. Victoria requested that the whole family join them, and Nick helped Nikki to her feet. Victoria asked Nikki to hold the baby, and as the group posed, Nikki nearly fell over. Billy caught Katie as Nikki stumbled away, and Victoria worriedly asked what had happened.

Victoria and Stitch take a big step in their relationship

Victoria and Stitch take a big step in their relationship

Friday, January 30, 2015

Nikki claimed that Katie had slipped out of her arms, and Victoria cuddled the baby and noted that the tot seemed fine. Nick pointed out that he'd asked if Nikki was okay, but she obviously wasn't, and he asked what was going on. Nikki blurted out that she had a problem, and she fibbed that her multiple sclerosis had been causing lots of symptoms, including vertigo and dizziness. Stitch asked about her medication, but Nikki assured him that Dr. Costner was taking care of her, and she just needed to be mindful of what she could and couldn't do. Nikki apologized and hoped she hadn't ruined everything, and Nick offered to drive Nikki home.

After Nick and Nikki left, Victoria asked Stitch how worried she should be, and Stitch said Nikki's symptoms were typical, but he suggested that a family member accompany her to doctor's appointments. Chelsea said she had to get back to Connor, and Billy thanked Victoria for handling the christening arrangements. Billy and Chelsea departed, and Victoria called it a successful day, despite Nikki's health scare. Stitch mused that standing on the outside of the ceremony had made him realize that he wanted to be a bigger part of Victoria's life, and Victoria said she'd like that. They kissed, and Stitch offered to take off, but she implored him to stay and hang out longer. She suddenly suggested that he move in with her.

Victoria thought Stitch would be more excited about the idea, and he explained that he was surprised, since they had just gotten back together. She said it seemed like the next logical step, and he loved the idea of waking up next to her every day, but he thought there was a lot to consider. Victoria swore that Johnny loved hanging out with Stitch, and she asked Stitch to give her one reason why they shouldn't go for it. Stitch noted that Billy and Chelsea had a cozy arrangement with Connor, and Victoria wondered if Stitch thought her invitation had been a reaction to her ex's living situation. Stitch asked if it was.

Victoria insisted that she hadn't asked Stitch to move in because Billy and Chelsea had settled down together, and she also hadn't asked because she was afraid of living on her own. She proudly stated that she'd made a home for her family and that she didn't need a man in her life to make her happy, and there was only one reason why she wanted to share her home with Stitch -- because she loved him. Stitch said he'd hoped for a long time that Victoria would say those words, and he said he loved her, too. She replied that she knew, and he proclaimed that she had a new roommate. He prepared to get all his stuff, and they happily kissed.

At the ranch, Jill told Victor that she'd wanted to talk to him at the christening, but she'd steered clear to avoid giving the baby her cold. Victor complained that she had no problem exposing him to her germs, but she quipped that he was immune to just about everything. She presented him with a contract she'd drawn up for the sale of Chancellor, and he asked if she had the money. Jill offered to provide a down payment with the balance due within 30 days, and if she failed to pay, he'd keep both the company and the down payment. She called it a "win-win," and Victor chuckled. They admitted that they didn't trust one another, and he remarked that a lot could happen in a month, so they had no deal.

Michael met Lauren at the Athletic Club bar and apologized for being late because of work. She worried that he was working too many hours while he was getting radiation treatment, but he reasoned that his energy might not last, so he wanted to do as much as possible while he still could. She asked if he had to fill up all his hours with work, and he replied that there were plenty of things he'd like to do, like jump out of a plane. He suggested that they book trip to a Paris so they could kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and he wanted to do something good for humanity, like build houses for the poor with Brock. Lauren sadly noted that she wanted to spend more time together, but Michael's ideas sounded more like a bucket list.

Michael said he no longer wanted to put things off, since no one knew what the future held. Lauren declared that it didn't matter what they did as long as they were together, and Jill approached and was happy to see the couple smiling. Jill asked about Michael's treatment, and he replied that he didn't want to make every conversation about his cancer, but he was doing okay. Jill relayed that Victor had refused to negotiate in good faith, and she proclaimed that if she couldn't buy Chancellor, she'd find a way to take it away from Victor.

Jill asked if Michael should be drinking, and he declared that there was nothing wrong with his liver, so he had his doctor's blessing. Lauren mentioned that Michael had taken up a crazy fitness routine, but Michael countered that Jill was crazy for thinking she could outsmart Victor. Jill imagined Katherine laughing at the mess she'd left Jill in, and Michael stepped aside to take a call. Jill asked Lauren to be straight with her, and Lauren said it was just the beginning of Michael's treatment, but it had been going well so far. Jill wished she could do something to help, and Lauren replied that Jill's support meant more than Lauren could say.

Nikki returned home with Nick and informed Victor that it had been a lovely party, and she went upstairs to change. Victor thanked Nick for giving Nikki a ride, and Nick confessed that he was worried about her and that he thought Victor should be, too. Nick recounted how Nikki had almost dropped the baby because of her MS symptoms, and he relayed that Nikki had scheduled a doctor's appointment for the next day while they'd been in the car. Victor worried that it might be too late, and he asked if Nick really thought the incident had happened because of her MS.

Nick questioned what else could have made Nikki feel dizzy and weak, and Victor asserted that she'd been under a lot of stress. Nick grumbled that his situation with Sharon wasn't helping, and Nikki returned downstairs and thanked Nick for taking her home. Nick asked her to let him know what the doctor said, and he departed. Nikki remarked that parents were supposed to look after their children and not the other way around, but Victor contended that Nick's worries had been warranted. Nikki didn't want to rehash the day's events, but Victor recognized that she'd been under a lot of stress, and he wondered how she'd been coping with it.

Victor fretted that Nikki hadn't been taking care of herself, since she hadn't been sleeping or eating well, and he took some responsibility for the stress she'd been under. She was surprised, and he acknowledged that she'd been concerned about him selling the warehouse property, so he'd decided to back out of the deal to ensure that Dylan kept his business. Nikki recalled that Victor had sounded adamant about following through, but Victor kissed her and said he knew she'd been suffering, and he wanted to spend "many tomorrows" with the woman he loved. She thanked him and hugged him.

Nikki said she appreciated Victor choosing her over business, and he reminded her that he'd told her that every decision he made was for his family. He wanted to concentrate on getting her well, and she went upstairs. Victor called Jill, who wondered if he'd decided to accept her deal. He instructed her to deliver the full price that night if she wanted to buy Chancellor, or he would put it up for sale to the highest bidder the next day.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Sage introduced Mr. Tipton, Constance's estate manager, to "Gabriel." Sage mentioned that Mr. Tipton had learned that "Gabriel" had put Constance's house on the market without consulting him, and Adam replied that it was his house to do with as he pleased and that he'd just purchased a place in the city. Mr. Tipton warned that Constance had been very explicit about the terms of her will, and Sage informed him they were moving together as husband and wife. Mr. Tipton revealed that he'd been taken aback when he'd found out they'd gotten married, and he lectured that they'd lose everything if the union was fraudulent. Sage assured him it was real.

Sage proclaimed that she and "Gabriel" had married for love and that they couldn't wait to start a life together, and Mr. Tipton cautioned that he'd occasionally stop by unannounced. She said she looked forward to it, and after Mr. Tipton left, Sage scolded Adam for not telling her he'd bought a new place to live. She lectured him not to blindside her again, since they were in it together, and it was her home, too. Adam told her to do what she needed to do, but he had things to take care of.

Sage ran into Nick in the foyer, and she asked if he was on his way to the gym. He confirmed that he needed to work off some tension before the custody hearing the next day, and she apologized if she'd caused any problems. He assured her that the judge would see through Sharon's attempts to misrepresent the situation, and Sage hoped he was right. Nick mentioned that he'd seen Sage arguing with Gabriel earlier, and he wondered if she was uncomfortable with their marriage of convenience. Sage insisted she was fine, but she commended Nick for being a great friend.

Chelsea and Billy returned home and greeted "Gabriel" in the hallway. Billy refused to talk shop, but Adam informed them that he had moved in across the hall. Adam invited the couple to be his first guests, but Chelsea hesitated because her mom was babysitting. Adam said he had a nice bottle of Champagne to celebrate his move, and Chelsea agreed to have one drink. Adam let them inside the empty apartment and apologetically said he had no seats to offer, and Chelsea admired the space and remarked that "Gabriel" would eventually feel at home. Adam said she was the perfect person to help him with that.

Adam explained that he knew nothing about furniture placement or interior design, and he wondered if he should put a sofa by the window. Chelsea advised that the sun would fade the fabric, and she recommended that he let the couch face out to allow him to look at his view. He said that was why he was in marketing and she was a designer, and she asked if his style was contemporary or traditional. Adam said he had no what that meant, and Billy inquired whether Sage would want to have a say in things.

Adam expected Sage to have opinions, but he said Chelsea was an artist. "Honey, I'm home!" Sage called out as she entered the front door, and Adam declared that it was perfect timing for some Champagne. Chelsea mentioned that "Gabriel" had just told them he was moving in, and Sage clarified that they were moving there together. Chelsea and Billy congratulated them, and she offered to drop off some decorating magazines later. After Chelsea and Billy left, Sage warned Adam not to ruin her chance to get her inheritance, and she asked where their bedroom was.

Adam asked if Sage was serious about sharing a bed, and she insisted that they had to make their marriage look real. She stressed that she didn't expect to sleep with him, but they both had to keep toothbrushes in the master bathroom and have clothes in the closet to make things look authentic. Adam griped that they might as well just have sex if they had to go to all that trouble to make it look like they were sleeping together, and he told Sage to take care of her life while he took care of his. He announced that he was taking the master bedroom, and he ordered her to find a smaller bedroom to dwell in. She sent a text message to Nick, wishing him luck at the custody hearing the next day.

After Chelsea and Billy had sex, they lounged in bed, and she asked if he thought their neighbors were in love. Billy mentioned that she'd seen Sage acting chummy with Nick, and Chelsea commented that there had seemed to be tension between Gabriel and Sage. Billy guessed they'd had a fight, but she was more concerned about whether their new neighbors would be loud. Billy asked if she meant like how Chelsea squealed loudly when he kissed her neck, and he amorously demonstrated what he meant as she giggled.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack called out to Phyllis that the food was ready, but he was surprised when Paul and Christine walked in. They explained that Mrs. Martinez had let them in, and Paul handed Jack a warrant to search the premises. Paul mentioned that the judge had agreed there was probable cause, and he ordered his team to get started. Jack discovered Phyllis' note that said, "Forgive me." He left a voicemail for Phyllis, urging her to get home right away.

Paul said he wanted to talk to Phyllis, but Jack replied that neither she nor her attorney was there. Paul asked when she'd be back, but Jack didn't know, and Christine decided to wait. Jack dryly noted that the D.A. didn't usually accompany the police on searches, and he surmised that Christine still held a grudge because of the hit-and-run, but he pointed out that Phyllis had already stood trial for it. Paul announced that they'd found antifreeze on the property, and Christine revealed that had been the poison found in Kelly's system.

Paul explained that his officers had found the antifreeze in the garage, and Jack argued that was where most people kept it. Paul disclosed that the container had rust flakes inside which could have altered the properties of the antifreeze to make it less lethal, and Christine planned to have it analyzed to see if it matched what had been found in Kelly's system. Jack said he didn't know how the antifreeze had gotten there, and Christine asked if he didn't recognize the container, but Jack refused to answer more questions. Christine and Paul left, and she received a call on her way out. She informed Paul that they might have found some real evidence.

Phyllis sat in the park, and she thanked Kelly for meeting her. Kelly said she'd told herself that there had been no way she'd show up, but curiosity had gotten the better of her. Kelly warned Phyllis that her cell phone was set to dial 9-1-1 in case Phyllis tried anything else, but Phyllis swore she wouldn't hurt Kelly and that she just wanted to talk. Kelly declared that she had nothing to say, but Phyllis countered that she had something to say, and she was sorry. Kelly pointed out that Phyllis had already said that, and she inquired whether Phyllis was admitting to trying to poison her.

Phyllis admitted that she'd wanted to punish Kelly when she'd found out about Jack's relationship with Kelly, and she acknowledged that she'd rubbed Jack's proposal in Kelly's face. Kelly coldly stated that it had been cruel of Phyllis to ask her to organize their engagement party, and Phyllis recognized that she'd been petty and vindictive instead of focusing on the good things in her life. Phyllis said she was very sorry for that, but Kelly demanded to know if Phyllis intended to apologize for posing as Kelly and poisoning Kelly's tea. Phyllis repeated that she was sorry, and she remarked that she couldn't go back home again, so she wouldn't. Phyllis told Kelly to take care of Jack, and she walked away, wheeling a suitcase behind her. Kelly hurried off, and Phyllis stared after her.

Over the phone, Jack asked if Michael knew where Phyllis had gone, since she'd taken off, and he needed to get in touch with her. Michael thought he'd convinced her to wait and see what happened, but Jack mumbled that waiting wasn't her strong suit. Jack found Kelly at the door, and he said she shouldn't be there. Kelly imagined he was upset about what was going on with Phyllis, but she said it was for the best. Jack had no idea what she meant, and Kelly informed him that Phyllis had just confessed to her in the park. Kelly added that he wouldn't find Phyllis there, since it had looked like Phyllis had been going out of town for good.

Jack dashed to the park, and he was relieved when he found Phyllis, who remarked that Kelly hadn't wasted any time. He said he wouldn't have forgiven Phyllis if she'd slinked out of town, but Phyllis contended that everyone had been fine when she'd been gone before. Jack asked if she knew what it meant to have her back in their lives, and he vowed not to lose her again. Phyllis bemoaned that she could go to prison, but Jack promised he wouldn't let it happen, and she explained she'd been trying to spare her loved ones pain. He asked about her pain, and he pointed out that she'd be walking away from everyone she loved.

Phyllis couldn't face being locked up, and Jack assured her that he wouldn't let it happen, but she argued that he wasn't in a position to help her. He asserted that the case was circumstantial, and whatever she'd done had been because of the experimental treatment. He swore that he could get her medical help and protect her, but she had to trust him. She said she wanted to, and he begged her to let him take her back home.

At the police station, Christine asked Paul if the IT department had managed to restore the damaged footage, and Paul reported that someone had intentionally tampered with it. He showed her a video taken from the Athletic Club's security office when the feed had been lost in the dining room, and they watched a woman enter the club with her head down. Christine exclaimed that the red hair was unmistakable -- it was Phyllis.

Jack and Phyllis arrived home, and she was surprised to find Michael there. Michael explained that he'd been concerned after he'd received Jack's call, and the doorbell rang. Phyllis wanted to ignore it, but Jack let in Paul and Christine and asked if they'd forgotten something. Christine announced that they were there to arrest Phyllis, and Paul began to read Phyllis her rights. Phyllis snarled that Jack had betrayed her, and she vowed to never forgive him.

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