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Nikki learned that Victor had hired Marco to masquerade as Jack, and she offered to help Adam rip Newman Enterprises away from Victor. Luca and Summer discovered that Billy and Natalie were working together. Adam confessed to Chelsea that he had fathered Christian.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 22, 2016 on Y&R
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Noah Confesses to the Police Noah Confesses to the Police

Monday, February 22, 2016

In Victor's office at Newman Towers, Adam accused Victor of proving how ruthless he could be by sacrificing Noah. Victor defended himself and noted that he'd hindered Luca Santori's efforts to blackmail Adam by "exposing Noah's bad behavior." Victor said he had plans to eliminate Luca and the Santoris' interests in Newman Enterprises. Victor refused to disclose the details and asked Adam to step back in his dealings with Luca. Adam appeared worried, but he was interrupted from discussing the matter.

Nikki, frantic, entered and cried that Noah had been arrested and was being treated at the hospital. Adam pointed at Victor and replied, "He knows. Victor's the one who put him there." Nikki was shocked. Victor avoided eye contact by gazing up at the ceiling. After Adam left, Nikki demanded an explanation. Victor claimed he'd called the police on Noah after Noah had left the country with Marisa.

Nikki glared at Victor. Victor said that running away with Marisa wasn't the kind of future he'd envisioned for his grandson. Nikki replied, "Oh, but prison is? I may not know the facts about this, but I know you, and I know your ego, and you have gone too far this time. I can't take it anymore." Nikki, furious, left without listening to Victor's explanation.

At Summer's apartment, Natalie complained that Summer's noisy online game was distracting her from repairing the bugs in her software. Kevin arrived. He told Summer that police had arrested Noah at a remote island and had flown him back to Genoa City. Summer gasped when Kevin said that Noah was being treated at the hospital. Summer didn't believe Kevin when he told her that Noah had struck Billy. Summer became distressed.

After Summer headed to the hospital, Kevin asked Natalie if she'd been avoiding him. Kevin said that Victoria had asked him to consult on the PassKey project on Newman's behalf. Kevin asked if Natalie had devised a way to reestablish his and Mariah's roles in the project. Natalie said she hadn't because Victor was involved, so she had no room to maneuver. Luca arrived and asked to see Summer. Natalie said she'd tell Summer Luca had stopped by.

Natalie tried to shut the door in Luca's face. Luca said, "Why don't you update me on your progress and how you and PassKey are going to make me even richer." Luca looked over Natalie's shoulder as she pointed to her laptop screen and explained the intricate technical difficulties she'd encountered. She insisted that Luca's questions were delaying her progress. After Luca left, Kevin noted that Natalie's explanation to Luca had been inaccurate. Kevin said, "You're double-playing him, too." Natalie insisted she was stuck and couldn't figure out the problem.

Kevin challenged Natalie to prove she couldn't fix her bugs. Natalie typed some code and explained why it wasn't working. Kevin attempted to correct the malfunction. Kevin looked Natalie in the eye and accused her of sabotaging her own project. Natalie defended herself, but Kevin didn't believe her because she'd looked him in the eye. Kevin noted that Natalie had never looked him in the eye before.

In Noah's room at the hospital, Nick and Sharon were by their son's bedside when Victoria confronted Noah. She said Noah should own up to what he'd done to Billy. Sharon angrily noted that Noah had just undergone surgery. Noah admitted he'd accidentally hit Billy. Noah explained that he'd been unaware of the incident at the time it had occurred, and he offered to apologize.

Victoria encouraged Noah to admit what he'd done to police. Sharon said, "Absolutely not! There's really no reason to come forward." Nick disagreed and said that Noah should turn himself in because he was brave, strong, and honest. Noah explained, "I wanted to come forward as soon as I'd found out what I'd done." Sharon guessed that Victor had convinced Noah not to.

Nick said, "Dad said Marisa was behind the cover-up, and Adam was the one who sent you on the run." Sharon asked Noah why he'd left the country without telling them. Noah explained that after the situation at work had become complicated, Adam had given him a plane ticket. Noah recalled the day he'd tried to tell his family what had happened, but Victor had intercepted him and explained that the truth would've hurt his family, especially Victoria. Victoria agreed that she'd expected Billy to die and wouldn't have been able to handle the news.

Sharon told Victoria to take her head out of the sand and stop defending Victor. Sharon told Noah that Victor was the reason he was in the hospital. Noah asked what she meant. Nick said, "It means your grandpa told you to cover up your mistake, and then he sold you out to the police as soon as you did exactly what he told you to do." Noah sighed.

In the hallway outside Noah's room, Dylan informed Marisa that security footage showed her discarding a set of tires the day after Billy's accident. Dylan said Marisa's actions disputed her claims that Noah was innocent. Marisa reiterated that Noah was innocent because she'd been driving the car and had struck Billy. Nick and Sharon had just stepped out of Noah's room when Dylan was placing Marisa under arrest. Dylan explained that Marisa had confessed to Billy's hit-and-run. Nick suggested that Dylan speak to Noah before escorting Marisa to the police station. Marisa yelled, "No, no, no!"

Marisa waited while Dylan, Sharon, and Nick questioned Noah. Nikki, Victoria, and Summer waited with Marisa. When Dylan and Sharon emerged, he told Marisa that Noah had made a full confession. Dylan told Marisa she would be charged as an accessory. Nikki asked Dylan to help Noah. Summer went to visit Noah. Nick stepped out. Marisa begged to visit Noah. Nikki and Sharon agreed that Marisa should be allowed a visit. Victor arrived and said he didn't want Marisa near his grandson.

Nick protested when Victor asked to visit Noah. Dylan asked Victor to leave. Sharon threatened to call security. Nick told Victor that he'd lied to them. When Summer stepped out, she said Noah wanted to see Victor. Before Victor stepped into Noah's room, he told Nick that Noah was a grown man and would have to take his punishment like a grown man.

Summer suggested that Victor had turned Noah in to the police because there were details about Noah's involvement they didn't yet know. Victoria defended Victor and said Sharon and Nick should consider that their son wasn't perfect. Sharon asked Dylan to assist Noah because Billy didn't intend to press charges.

In Noah's room, Victor mentioned that he'd learned that Noah and Luca had been conspiring against him. Noah recalled Victor's devious actions that had hurt Sharon and ended the lives of Summer's husband, and Noah's fiancée, Courtney. Noah added that Victor didn't truly care about his family. Victor said he was glad Noah had learned his lesson about not turning against a member of his family, but it had happened too late. Noah asked if his lesson involved prison.

Victor told Noah that there were consequences to pay for conspiring against him. Victor said he knew that Noah's jealousy over Marisa's involvement with Luca had angered him. Victor added that Noah's jealously had angered him so much that he'd run over Billy when he'd attempted to leave Newman Tower on New Year's Eve. Noah vowed to spend his life with Marisa. Victor said that though Noah's situation made his heart bleed, Noah still had to learn a lesson about conspiring against his grandfather and the family company over a woman.

After Victor stepped out of Noah's room, Nikki refused to leave with him. Sharon berated Victor for what he'd done, but Nick said Sharon shouldn't bother confronting Victor. After Victor walked away, Sharon told Dylan that Noah was a victim and not a criminal. Sharon begged Dylan not to let Victor win. Dylan said Noah had made some poor choices. Nick said even Billy didn't plan to press charges, so Dylan should let it go. Dylan said he was doing his job. Sharon cried, "Your new job is more important to you than our family."

Dylan allowed Marisa to visit with Noah. While Marisa was in Noah's room, Nikki said she had no intention of watching her grandson sit in jail. Nikki vowed to take matters into her own hands like Victor often did. Dylan told Nikki to let the authorities handle it and hire an attorney. After Dylan walked way, Nikki phoned someone and demanded to see them.

In Noah's hospital room, Marisa cuddled beside Noah in his bed. Noah apologized for having dragged Marisa into his situation. Marisa admitted that she was the one who'd convinced Noah to keep quiet about Billy. Noah blamed Luca and Victor. Noah told Marisa that she shouldn't have returned to Genoa City. Marisa said she'd returned because she loved Noah. Noah said they'd get through their tough times together.

After Summer returned to her apartment, she told Natalie and Kevin that Noah was headed to jail. Kevin said, "Noah doesn't deserve that." Summer explained that though Noah had done something wrong and had tried to cover it up, her whole family had ganged up on Victor. Natalie couldn't believe that anyone could feel sorry for Victor Newman. Summer insisted that Victor could be a sensitive man. Summer recalled how sad Victor had looked when he'd left his family gathered at the hospital.

At Crimson Lights, Billy confronted Chelsea about hiding her knowledge of Noah's involvement in the hit-and-run. Chelsea reminded Billy that she'd attempted to tell him about Noah's involvement the day she'd visited him at his house. Chelsea recalled that Billy had expressed his gratitude to the person who'd struck him because it had gotten him closer to Victoria. Chelsea reminded Billy that he'd been grateful for the chance to reunite with his family because of Noah. Billy said he felt no gratitude toward a Newman that had almost killed him.

Chelsea suggested that because Billy had been unable to exact revenge against Victor, he was seeking revenge against Noah. Billy said he had no intention of going after Noah. Billy agreed that Noah was a good kid. Chelsea's reaction let Billy know that Victor had betrayed Noah to the police. Chelsea explained that Luca had blackmailed Victor after discovering that Noah had been involved in the hit-and-run.

At Chelsea and Adam's penthouse, Chelsea told Adam that Billy had managed to recover and forgive after Delia's accident. Chelsea pointed out that Billy had learned from his experience, but Adam had not because he'd tried to cover up Noah's crime. Adam blamed Victor. Adam said he'd tried to help the situation after Victor had left town by sending Noah out of harm's way. Chelsea asked Adam if he'd considered how badly things could've gone had Victor attempted to pin the crime on him. Adam insisted that everything he'd done had been for his family. Chelsea agreed and backed down.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria was sitting at the bar when Billy joined her and said he could guess where she'd been. Victoria said she'd spoken to Noah and had learned that he wanted to make amends to Billy. Victoria feared she might have made things worse because Nick and Sharon were defending Noah. Billy noted that even though Noah was a good guy, anyone close to Victor could find himself in trouble. Victoria defended Victor and said Noah had broken the law. Billy asked if Victor had mentioned the blackmail tied to his near-death incident. Victoria said that Luca had used the blackmail to his advantage. Billy said that protecting Newman Enterprises was Victor's priority.

In Victor's office at Newman Towers, Luca was leaning against the desk, sipping coffee, when Victor returned. Luca offered a report on Natalie's project. Victor slapped the cup out of Luca's hand, grabbed him by the collar, and said, "Because of you, I had my grandson arrested. Because of you, I had to turn against my family." Victor accused Luca of using Noah to gain access to PassKey. Luca explained that Natalie was playing Victor.

Victor refused to listen and said Luca's false information about Natalie couldn't save him. Luca said, "Where's the gratitude?" Victor retrieved a handgun from his desk drawer, aimed it at Luca, and said, "There's where my gratitude is." Victor cocked the gun and told Luca that he could either leave by walking out on his two feet or inside a box. When Victor asked Luca what he planned to do, Luca didn't respond.

At Sharon's house, Sharon told Nick that Dylan wasn't the same compassionate man she'd known who would've never put Noah in jail. Nick said they'd get it straightened out. Nick added that even Billy didn't want to press charges. Sharon sobbed. Nick noted that Noah felt awful about the mistake he'd made. Sharon cried, "Noah can't go to jail. He can't." Nick embraced Sharon and comforted her.

Nikki Surprises Adam With a Proposition

Nikki Surprises Adam With a Proposition

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

At Top of the Tower, Ashley was surprised when Abby handed her a gift box, and she found a baby outfit inside. An irritated Ashley reiterated that she wasn't pregnant, and Abby exclaimed, "But I am!" Stitch confirmed that it was true, and Abby chirped that Ashley would have a million new photos on her phone in about eight months. Ashley choked back tears as Simon congratulated the couple, and Abby wondered why Ashley was silent.

Ashley said she was happy for both Abby and Stitch, and Simon covered by saying that Ashley had been shocked by the news. Ashley claimed that she hadn't expected Abby to make her a grandmother that soon, but she swore that she was thrilled. Stitch and Abby left to pick up Max from school, and Simon guessed that Ashley was still struggling with her feelings for Stitch. Ashley called her relationship with Stitch ancient history, and she forlornly murmured that she was glad Abby had family to lean on. Simon said he hadn't given up on Ashley, and he encouraged her not to give up on herself.

At Crimson Lights, Max asked for some hot chocolate, and Abby started to retrieve money from her purse. Max became excited when he spotted a present inside her handbag, but he looked disappointed when Stitch mentioned that the gift was for the new baby. Abby showed Max the outfit, and Max remarked that it was really tiny. Stitch recalled that Max had been that tiny once, and Max grumbled that Stitch wouldn't know because he hadn't been there.

Stitch crowed that the day Max had been born had been the happiest day of his life, and he conceded that he'd been deployed, but he'd gotten home as fast as he could have. Stitch promised to make up for it, but Max snapped that he was over it, and he pulled out his homework. Stitch found a letter among Max's belongings, and he learned that Max had been in a fight that day. Max claimed that the other student had started it, and he took off to get some hot chocolate. Stitch realized that he'd been wrong to be optimistic about Max making a good transition, and Abby pledged to make Max feel loved and accepted as part of their family.

At the Jabot lab, Hilary reviewed the hundreds of favorable online comments about the press conference, and she asked if Devon was even listening. He claimed to be distracted by her beauty, and they kissed. She pulled back and said she'd been thinking about how to capitalize on the publicity, and Devon suggested that she run her ideas by Ashley. Hilary said she'd been reluctant to approach Ashley because of Ashley's health issues, and she volunteered to help take some of the pressure off Ashley.

Hilary argued that she was the perfect person to step up because she was living proof that Simon's treatments worked, but Devon didn't want Ashley to think that he was pushing her out right after he'd been forced to fire Neil. Hilary swore that Devon had made the right choice, and she wondered if her mom would still be alive if Hilary had enabled her less. Hilary insisted that Devon had done Neil a huge favor, and Devon hoped that she was right. Hilary gushed that Devon was saving both his dad and the amazing research, and Devon realized that she was truly excited about the project.

Hilary contended that the research could save millions of lives if it was promoted properly, but Devon wanted to talk to Ashley first. Hilary imagined that they'd look back on that moment forever as the time that they'd become more than just a husband and a wife. She proclaimed that they could both make things happen, and they'd be unstoppable. Devon figured that Ashley would appreciate the extra help, and Hilary cooed that she loved working with him. Devon said they all wanted the same thing, and he and Hilary hugged.

Later, Hilary ended a phone call and excitedly informed Devon that she'd set up meetings with a representative from the FDA and the press. Ashley overheard as she entered with Simon, and she demanded to know why. Hilary said she was glad Ashley felt better, and she announced that she'd been picking up some of the slack. Ashley testily noted that she hadn't signed off on the meetings, and she questioned who had given Hilary the authority to set them up. Ashley accused Devon of edging her out.

Ashley protested that it was too soon to involve the media, but Hilary countered that they couldn't lose momentum. Ashley reiterated that Hilary hadn't had the right to make that kind of decision, and she lectured that Devon should have called Ashley instead of handing her job over to someone else. Devon said he'd thought Ashley would appreciate having some help, but Ashley retorted that it felt like an ambush. Simon insisted that they were all on the same side, and Devon asked to speak to Hilary alone. Devon thought that Hilary had overstepped, but she insisted that she'd done what was best for the project, and she inquired about their future.

Later, Ashley asked if Hilary was clear about what her job was, and Devon mentioned that Hilary had some ideas that Ashley should consider. Hilary defiantly questioned why she should have to wait to ask for permission, and she argued that she'd saved the press conference by taking action. Hilary and Ashley bickered, and Devon intervened and said they were both smart, talented women with a lot to offer. He ordered them to work it out, and he and Simon left. Hilary and Ashley glared at one another.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki greeted Elise and politely inquired about Senator Moxley's reelection campaign. Elise coldly replied that Nikki had made it clear that the conversation hadn't been requested but mandated, and she demanded that Nikki cut to the chase about why they were there. Nikki haughtily stated that Elise could be of use to her, since Noah had been arrested, and she wanted Elise to be the judge assigned to the case. Nikki expected that Elise would be satisfied with assigning Noah to community service instead of sending him to prison, but Elise sensed that there was an "or else."

Nikki threatened to let the world know about Elise's affair with Victor, and Elise sourly commented that she suddenly understood what Victor and Nikki saw in one another. Elise protested that she had children who would be affected if the information became public, and Nikki clucked that she'd hate to see them suffer. Elise begrudgingly agreed to make sure that Noah served no jail time, and she snarled that there was no level to which the Newmans wouldn't stoop. Nikki warned that Elise wouldn't want her or any other member of her family as an enemy, and Elise stalked out.

In a hotel suite, Neil objected to Jack staying to babysit him, but Jack refused to let Neil go through detox alone. Neil suspected that Jack didn't trust him to stay sober, and he didn't understand why he kept doing something that made him physically ill. Jack pointed out that Neil had taken the steps to get help, and he recalled that he hadn't been able to do it alone when he'd been in Neil's shoes. Neil ranted that their situations weren't the same, since Jack had a good wife and a good life to help him stay sober, but Devon had taken the good woman who'd once been in Neil's life.

Neil headed for the door, but Jack warned that an empty house would just be one more reason to keep drinking. Neil spat that Jack wouldn't know, but Jack asserted that Neil had no idea what "hell" he and Phyllis had been through over the past year, and it had nearly driven him back to taking pills. Neil implored Jack to tell him what had happened, but Jack said he couldn't get into it. Neil scolded Jack for serving coffee and platitudes, and he begged Jack to let him be a friend. Neil said he'd failed at marriage and forgiveness because he hadn't been able to stop drinking, and he just wanted to be someone Jack could count on.

Neil pushed to know what had gone wrong, and Jack mentioned Marco. Neil couldn't imagine Phyllis cheating, and Jack explained that Phyllis hadn't known that she had because of Victor. Nikki eavesdropped from outside the open door, and Jack confided that Victor had found a drug dealer in prison to take over Jack's life. Jack added that Marco had taken Jack's place on his honeymoon and had returned to town with Phyllis while Jack had been held hostage on an island. Neil wondered how Marco had been able to pull it off, and Jack revealed that Victor had coached Marco. Nikki looked horrified.

Neil was appalled that Victor had known that Phyllis had been sleeping and living with a criminal, and Nikki burst in and declared that it was a lie. Jack confirmed that Victor's actions had nearly cost Jack his life and had done severe damage to Jack and Phyllis' marriage. Nikki thought Jack would have gone to the police if Victor had done something that heinous. Jack claimed that he'd kept his mouth shut because Phyllis had gone "through hell" trying to reconcile the inconsistencies in his behavior and character. Nikki realized that Phyllis hadn't known that she'd been sleeping with a stranger, and Jack vowed not to let anyone judge Phyllis for it.

Nikki said she had to find Victor, but Jack ordered Neil and Nikki not to say anything to anyone for Phyllis' sake. Nikki assured Jack that he could trust her not to break his confidence, and she said she was deeply sorry for what Victor had done. Nikki exited, and Jack admitted to Neil that he'd wanted to turn to drugs and to take everything that was dear to Victor. Neil questioned what had stopped Jack, and Jack replied that Phyllis had needed him, so he'd put all of his energy into rebuilding his damaged marriage. Neil suspected that Jack still wanted to go after Victor, but Jack said his love for his wife was bigger than his hatred for Victor. Neil wondered if Jack was trying to push him to find something bigger than his resentment toward Hilary and Devon.

Neil said giving back fulfilled him, and he'd guided people back to a sense of normality before, just like Jack was doing then. Neil noted that Genoa City didn't have a resource center for alcoholics to go to get help, and he considered himself qualified to give that help, but he knew he had to get sober first. Neil pictured something more hands-on than standard Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to help alcoholics by providing tools and support to stay clean. Jack called it an inspired idea, and he said he'd be proud to be Neil's partner if Neil wanted one. The men shook hands.

At home, Summer asked if Natalie liked shopping online, and she remarked that Natalie looked like the walking dead. Natalie curtly replied that Summer looked like a "walking cupcake," and she groaned that she still wasn't close to figuring out what was wrong with her security program. Summer suggested that Natalie take a break by buying herself something new, but Natalie pointed out that shopping wouldn't debug her program. Summer headed off to take a shower to give Natalie a chance to think about it, and Natalie listened for the water to start running. Natalie hurried back to her computer and tapped into the surveillance feed from Victor's office.

Victor told Adam that things had gotten out of hand during a meeting with Luca, since he'd put a gun to Luca's face and told him to leave town or die. Adam guessed that Victor was too smart to kill Luca, but Victor questioned, "Am I?" Natalie was startled when Summer raced in and revealed that she'd faked getting in the shower. The young women watched on the video feed as Victor told Adam that Luca was under house arrest and ready for Adam to escort him out of town. Victor instructed Adam to ensure that Luca didn't become a problem again, and a stricken Summer concluded that Victor wanted Adam to kill Luca.

Victor barked that the "peacock" had become too much of a liability, and Adam had to be the one to do it. A frantic Summer said she couldn't let Victor murder Luca, and she rushed out with Natalie close behind her. Meanwhile, Victor clarified that he didn't mean for Adam to kill Luca, but he wanted to make sure Luca never returned to cause trouble. Adam cautioned that there was a limit to what he was willing to do, and Victor ominously contemplated Chelsea's reaction to finding out about Christian's true paternity. Adam winced and walked out.

Nikki approached Adam at the Athletic Club bar, and he was glad when she mentioned that Victor wasn't joining her. He wondered if she was thinking about breaking the rules, and she confirmed that she was, but she ordered a club soda. Adam commended her, and he called Victor a real piece of work. She said she was learning that more every day, and she was no longer really sure why she put up with Victor. Nikki thought it was obvious that the only reason Adam had gone back to work for his father was because Victor was blackmailing him, and Adam said he was a bigger fool than Nikki was, since he'd actually thought he could have a relationship with Victor.

Adam admitted that he wanted Victor's approval and acceptance, but Nikki declared that Adam didn't need any of that. Nikki added that Adam needed to be running things, and she offered to help him take control. Adam was shocked that Nikki would suggest working together to rip Victor's company away from him, and she revealed that it was a last-ditch effort to save her marriage and to save Victor from himself. Adam said Nikki should leave Victor, and she recounted that she had more than once, but she'd kept going back because she loved Victor too much to walk away forever.

Nikki continued that she also loved Victor too much to allow him to continue the life he was leading, but Adam questioned her desire to give Victor's company to his hated son. Adam surmised that she was upset because Victor had turned Noah over to the police, and he mentioned that Victor had intended to teach Noah a lesson for his own good. Nikki countered that it would be for Victor's own good to be free of the company and to focus solely on his family, which was supposedly the most important thing in the world to him. Nikki inquired whether Adam was in.

Luca packed his bags and opened his hotel room door to leave, but a guard said Luca was supposed to wait there. Luca held out a wad of cash to entice the guard to look the other way, but the guard ordered Luca to wait for instructions and not to try to bribe him again. Summer arrived and confidently introduced herself to the guard as Victor's granddaughter, and she asked for some time with Luca. The guard balked, but she suggested that her grandfather wouldn't like the guard giving her a hard time. The guard allowed five minutes, and after he stepped out, Luca guessed that Summer had heard he was being shipped off.

Summer relayed that Victor intended to have Adam kill Luca, and Luca begged her to help him. She suggested that he ditch Newman and leave town, and he conceded that it was his best and only option. Summer exited the room and mentioned to the guard that a creepy guy had followed her up the stairs earlier, and the guard reluctantly agreed to walk her to her car. Luca anxiously listened from inside the room, and he grabbed his bag and opened the door to leave. Adam stood in the doorway and asked Luca if he was ready to go.

Adam said a car was waiting to take Luca to the airport, but Luca blurted out that he knew that Adam had no intention of putting him on a plane. Luca believed that Victor wanted him dead, and Adam was there to finish it.

Natalie left a message for Phyllis to relay that things were getting out of control. Natalie saw Victor hovering in the doorway, and she stammered that she hadn't been expecting him. Victor said he was tying up some loose ends that day, and Natalie tried to downplay the call as nothing. Victor huffed that he'd had high hopes for her and her program, but they both had been a disappointment. Natalie wondered if he was there to fire her, and Victor warned that if she was playing him, things for her would get far worse than being fired.

Natalie grappled for a response, and Victor pointed out that she'd presented herself as someone with skills who'd promised to create a genius security program. He demanded to know where it was, and she replied that it wasn't like she was living it up. He barked not to waste his time, and she grabbed her computer and offered to show him.

Natalie announced that PassKey worked, and she was close to working out all the bugs. Victor inquired about when it would be finished, and she estimated another week. He gave her 48 hours, and he stalked out. She left another message for Phyllis, saying that their problem had just gotten bigger.

Chelsea vows to figure out Adam's secret

Chelsea vows to figure out Adam's secret

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

by Mike

At Sharon and Dylan's house, Faith shrank into a corner of a chair in the living room, hugging her knees protectively. Sage promised that the storm that was raging outside would soon end, but Faith clarified that she was actually more worried about Noah, who was facing jail time. Sage wondered how Faith had found out about that. Faith explained that she had overheard Sharon and Dylan arguing about the matter the previous night. "Noah's not a bad person. He's good. Why would he have to go to jail?" Faith asked.

Inviting Faith to join her on the couch, Sage explained that Noah had accidentally hit someone with his vehicle. "Like what happened to Delia," Faith realized. Nodding, Sage assured Faith that the good news was that the man Noah had injured was going to be fine -- and Noah was going to be fine, too. "But Dylan said --" Faith started to protest, but Sage interrupted and explained that, as a police officer, Dylan's job was to consider all the possibilities. Sage added that Sharon and Nick's job, on the other hand, was to make sure that Noah would be okay -- and, at that very moment, they were at the hospital with him, doing just that.

At the hospital, Sharon informed Noah that he would be released from the hospital shortly, and Nick added that a judge had agreed to grant Noah bail. Noah was pleased to hear that, thanks to Nick, Marisa had also been released from police custody. Sharon asked Dylan if Noah's trial date had been set yet. "Well, with any luck, [the case] might not even go to trial," Nikki said as she joined the group in Noah's room.

When Noah asked Nikki to elaborate, she explained that she simply had faith that everything would work out in the end. "Things always seem to work out when your last name is Newman," Dylan agreed in a tone that led Sharon to suspect that he actually wanted Noah to spend time in prison. Nick defensively argued that fear had caused Noah to make a mistake. "You've never made a mistake before?" Nick asked Dylan, who confirmed that he had but added that they weren't talking about his mistakes. "Well, maybe we should," Nick testily countered.

As Nikki tried to intervene, Marisa arrived and thanked Nick for posting her bail. "My son loves you, Marisa. Don't make him regret it, and we'll call it even," Nick replied. Nikki suggested giving Noah and Marisa some privacy, and Dylan followed her into the hallway and asked her to tell him what kind of strings she had pulled to ensure that Noah wouldn't spend any time in prison.

Nikki claimed that she didn't know what Dylan was talking about, prompting him to observe that she had apparently learned a few things from Victor. Nikki acknowledged that Victor was a very complicated man but added that his devotion to their family was one of the things she would never want to change about him. "Does devotion mean breaking the law?" Dylan asked. Nikki replied that, while she was glad that Dylan had found his passion in police work, he needed to stop looking for crime where it didn't exist.

Adam entered his penthouse and found Summer sitting next to Chelsea in the living room. Adam guessed that Summer was taking refuge from the storm. "Not exactly," Summer began, but Adam interrupted and said she could tell him all about the real reason for her visit after he poured a drink for himself. Adam's hands trembled as he went to work at the bar, and when Summer nervously made note of the oddity, Chelsea jumped in and explained to Adam that Summer had somehow gotten the insane idea that Victor had ordered him to kill someone. "Tell me that isn't true," Chelsea urged Adam when he failed to laugh off the matter right away.

"My father -- your grandfather -- is a lot of things, [but] a mafia don isn't one of them," Adam assured Summer, who explained that, while she had wanted to believe that herself, it had been hard to deny what she had seen. Chelsea elaborated that Summer had apparently seen Victor pointing a gun at Luca, and had later heard Victor tell Adam to "get rid of" Luca. "You were in the office?" Adam assumed, and Summer didn't bother to correct him, pointing out that she did work there. Adam conceded that Victor might have been a bit overdramatic, but he maintained that Victor had simply wanted Luca out of Newman Enterprises -- and Genoa City.

Chelsea thought Adam's explanation made sense. "Yeah, well, not to me," Summer muttered before rushing off, ignoring Adam and Chelsea's attempts to stop her. "Good listener," Adam sarcastically mused before wondering if Chelsea really believed that cold-blooded murder was something he would be willing to do for his father -- or that Victor would ever ask him to do such a thing in the first place. Chelsea replied that, while she had found "the murder thing" hard to believe, it hadn't escaped her notice that Adam had seemed eager to comply with Victor's every demand lately.

"In your eyes, in your body language -- there's just...there's been this heaviness [lately]," Chelsea mused, prompting Adam to jokingly wonder if she was trying to say that he needed to lose some weight. Unamused, Chelsea urged Adam to tell her what Victor was holding over his head. "There's no reason for you to be doing Victor's bidding [anymore], yet it seems like he still has this power over you. [And] don't say it's because you just want to prove yourself, or you want to gain Victor's love. It's something different; it's something...something darker," Chelsea added.

Before Adam could respond, he received a phone call from Nikki, which he answered, despite Chelsea's objections, because he wanted to make sure that everything was all right. Nikki started to ask Adam to brave the storm and meet her at the Athletic Club, but the call dropped before she could finish the request. Chelsea tried to protest, but Adam insisted on rushing off to check on Nikki. Adam promised, however, that he would be back soon.

Summer tracked Dylan and Marisa down at the hospital and wondered if they had seen Luca recently. "Thankfully, no," Marisa replied. Summer fretted that something bad might have happened to Luca, but Marisa dismissively assured Summer that, just like a cockroach, Luca would always show up right when people began to think they had finally managed to get rid of him for good. Marisa excused herself so she could check with a nurse to see if Noah needed to sign any forms before leaving the hospital. As Marisa walked away, Dylan asked Summer to explain why she was worried about Luca.

Summer hesitantly explained that Victor had threatened to get rid of Luca. Chuckling, Dylan reminded Summer that Victor threatened to fire people all the time. "I don't think you understand. He wants to get rid of [Luca] -- as in, get rid of him permanently," Summer clarified. Suddenly more concerned, Dylan wondered if Summer was saying that she thought that Victor had killed Luca. "No, I think that he had Adam do it for him," Summer answered. Summer added that, while Adam had denied the suspicion, she wasn't convinced that he had told her the truth.

Dylan reasoned that Victor, despite his faults, wasn't a killer -- and that Adam didn't seem like the kind of person who would go along with such a plan, anyway. "Look, no one wants to believe you more than I do, but the only way to prove that is [to] find Luca," Summer argued. Dylan found Summer's concern for Luca surprising, but she clarified that she was only concerned about Victor. "I don't want him to do anything that he can't come back from," Summer explained as Noah emerged from his room.

Marisa rejoined the group while Noah was advising Summer to stop letting herself get sucked into Victor's world. Summer countered that, while she was pleased to see that Noah was doing better, he was in no position to be giving her advice at that time. After Summer left, Marisa happily informed Noah that he would be free to leave after signing some papers at the nurses' station. Dylan warned Noah not to leave town. "The only place I'm going is home, to be with the woman that I love. If you're smart, you'll do the same thing," Noah replied before walking away with Marisa.

After leaving the hospital, Dylan ran into Chelsea at Crimson Lights. Dylan could tell that something was bothering Chelsea, so he assured her that she could safely talk to him about the situation with Adam because Summer had already told him everything. "She went to the police?" Chelsea asked incredulously. Dylan clarified that he was talking to Chelsea as a friend, not as a cop. Chelsea explained Adam's side of the story and insisted that she believed him. Dylan agreed that Summer had likely jumped to the wrong conclusion, but he observed that Chelsea was obviously still worried about something.

"I'm just so over it, you know? Watching Victor push Adam's buttons. And I really thought my husband was over it, too. Adam -- he used to fight. Victor would push, [and] Adam would push back. [But] lately, it's just... It's like he's forgotten how to say no," Chelsea mused. Dylan suggested that Adam might not have a choice in the matter at that time, and Chelsea admitted that she was starting to suspect the same thing. "I mean, we all know that Victor Newman is a pro at emotional blackmail," Chelsea added, but Dylan clarified that he wasn't talking about emotional blackmail.

"Does Adam have a skeleton that Victor found out about?" Dylan wondered. Shrugging, Chelsea admitted that if Adam did have such a secret, she had no idea what it could be. Dylan warned Chelsea not to underestimate Victor, who wouldn't hesitate to use incriminating evidence against Adam if any such evidence existed. "Yeah. And that's why, for the sake of my family, I have to figure out what it is," Chelsea reasoned.

Adam met with Nikki at the Athletic Club and breathed a sigh of relief when she assured him that she hadn't summoned him there to warn him that Victor had figured out what they were planning to do. Adam stressed that it was getting more and more important for him and Nikki to oust Victor from Newman Enterprises right away. "He's about ready to cross a line," Adam warned. "Like he did with Marco Annicelli?" Nikki asked, surprising Adam.

Nikki explained that Jack had told her about the lengths that Victor had gone to in an effort to preserve his legacy and protect his family. "And to think, Victor used that same twisted rationale to justify turning Noah in to the police," Nikki mused with a shake of her head. Nikki insisted that, while she loved Victor, she wasn't going to let him continue to go down the road he was traveling. "I have to save Victor from himself -- before it's too late," Nikki concluded.

Later, after Adam left, Nikki took a seat at the bar and eyed a bottle of vodka for a moment before ordering a cup of coffee. "Tired, huh?" the bartender guessed. Smiling, Nikki clarified that she was actually wide awake -- and needed to stay that way.

Nick took Sharon home, and she panicked when she realized that the place was empty. Sharon wondered what had compelled Sage to leave the house with the kids during a bad storm -- and why she hadn't contacted someone first to explain what was going on. "Because she couldn't," Nick answered after finding a note that Sage had left propped up on the mantel, explaining that she had taken the kids to her and Nick's place because of the power outage, and she hadn't been able to call him or Sharon because both the house phone and her cell phone had gone out of service.

"Okay. Well, that's..." Sharon began. "Smart? Responsible?" Nick concluded for Sharon, who assured him that, despite her earlier moment of panic, she really did trust Sage. Sharon wondered if Nick wanted to head over to his place so they could be with Sage and the kids. Reminding Sharon that the roads were treacherous because of the storm that was still raging, Nick reasoned that it would be best for them to just stay where they were.

The electricity was still out, so Nick built a fire and huddled next to Sharon in front of it, sharing a blanket with her. Sharon reminded Nick of the time they had found themselves trapped together in a cabin under similar circumstances. "Even with the fire and a stack of blankets, we still couldn't warm up until we..." Sharon added before letting her voice trail off. "And along came Faith Cassidy Newman," Nick recalled with a laugh.

Adam returned home and found the penthouse empty. A short time later, Adam received a visit from Sage, who had Faith and Sully in tow. Sage explained that the electricity had gone out at the Newman ranch earlier, and she had intended to stay with the kids at her place, but the heat wasn't working there. Adam was happy to let Sage and the kids crash with him for a while.

After making hot chocolate for Faith and hot tea for Sage, Adam wondered why they were babysitting Sully that night. "Mommy and Daddy are keeping Noah out of jail," Faith matter-of-factly explained. "Just your typical Wednesday, huh?" Adam joked. Sully started fussing, so Adam offered to try his hand at getting the child to go back to sleep. Sage and Faith were impressed when Adam managed to easily accomplish the feat.

Phyllis and Billy went to Summer's apartment to find out why Natalie had left Phyllis an urgent message earlier. Natalie stressed that she had done what she'd had to do because her life had been in danger. Confused, Phyllis told Natalie to calm down and start at the beginning. "I can do better than that -- I'll show you," Natalie replied before playing the archived surveillance footage she had recorded the previous day. Phyllis and Billy were shocked that Natalie had bugged Victor's office. "I had to live up to my reputation, didn't I? Although now I'm wishing I'd been a little less brazen and a little more smart," Natalie admitted.

The footage failed to impress Billy and Phyllis, who both assured Natalie that she had jumped to the wrong conclusions about what she had seen. Phyllis was certain that Victor would never hire his own son to kill someone, and Billy was certain that Adam would never agree to go along with such a plan. Natalie protested that it was easy for Billy and Phyllis to dismiss the matter because they hadn't received an unsettling visit from Victor earlier. "He said that if I didn't prove I was making progress, he'd do more than fire me. And after what I'd just witnessed, what was I supposed to think? I was scared for my life!" Natalie explained.

Billy was upset to learn that Natalie had shown Victor a working version of PassKey. Phyllis assured Billy, however, that Victor hadn't won yet. After saying goodbye to Natalie, Phyllis and Billy went to Top of the Tower and helped themselves to some wine. "What is it about this place that just invites disaster? The fire, New Year's Eve..." Billy began, prompting Phyllis to wonder if he was suggesting that things were going to end in disaster again that night. "Let's hope not," Billy replied.

Billy blamed Victor for the building's apparent curse, and Phyllis agreed with a sigh that Victor was a walking disaster. "Ask anybody, especially if their last name's Abbott," Phyllis muttered. "Or Newman. You've seen the ungodly hold he has on his kids," Billy added. Phyllis mused that, while love was the hold that Victor had on Victoria, the surveillance footage of his private conversation with Adam had suggested that Victor's hold on Adam might have more to do with fear. "Maybe we need to figure out what Adam's biggest fear is," Billy suggested.

Phyllis thought that if she were Adam, turning into Victor would probably be her biggest fear. "What if [that's] already happening?" Phyllis mused. Billy knew that would be Chelsea's worst nightmare. "You know, I find it ironic. Here we are, working so hard to bring Newman Enterprises down to its knees -- attack it from the outside. What if this thing is crumbling from within?" Phyllis suggested. Billy said he didn't really care either way; he simply wanted to get back what was rightfully his so he could help save Jabot. "Well, if Victor destroys himself before we get a chance, that will break my heart," Phyllis admitted.

Billy wondered if Phyllis thought that Victoria and Jack would hate them for what they were planning to do to Victor, if the truth were ever revealed. Phyllis didn't think that Jack would be able to understand, and Billy agreed that Victoria probably wouldn't be able to, either. "She's her father's daughter, that's for sure," Billy added. "God help her. God help you," Phyllis jokingly replied. Billy admitted that, while he loved Victoria deeply, he was starting to realize that she would probably never change -- and he was starting to suspect that he never would, either.

Phyllis dismissed Billy's concerns, assuring him that he already had. "You're in this for all the right reasons. Me, on the other hand? I'm not about the justice or the redemption; I'm in it for the vengeance, pure and simple. And I know that is probably gonna leave me pretty empty on the inside, but if I don't do anything -- if I just let Victor get away with everything -- that will leave an even bigger hole," Phyllis added. Phyllis wondered if Billy was surprised to learn that he had teamed up with such a soulless woman. Billy assured Phyllis that she didn't scare him because he wasn't nearly as noble as she thought he was.

Summer returned home and begged Natalie to scour the Internet for evidence of Luca's recent movements. Natalie found an image of Luca getting into Adam's car in the Athletic Club's parking garage, and a later image of Adam's car pulling into an alley. Before Natalie could find anything else, the electricity went out, rendering her unable to access the Internet. As Summer went to retrieve some flashlights, someone kicked in the apartment door and barged inside.

Nikki Confronts Victor About Marco

Nikki Confronts Victor About Marco

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Summer and Natalie cowered in fear in their apartment as someone rattled the doorknob, trying to get in during the blackout. Luca suddenly knocked down the door, and Summer was relieved that her family hadn't killed him. He explained that Adam had simply ordered him to get on a plane, and he hadn't known where else to go. Natalie questioned whether Luca thought it was smart to stick around a place where people had waved guns at him, and Luca resolved to find a way to fix things with Victor. Summer cautioned that Victor would never forgive and forget after someone had crossed him.

Luca refused to run away, since he'd be seen as a failure, and he mentioned that Adam had vaguely talked about how Victor had other things to deal with. Luca envisioned proving his value by finding a way to be an ally to Victor, but Summer thought it wasn't logical for Luca to want to help Victor after Victor had chased him out of town. Luca said he'd been raised by a man who was much like Victor, so he knew what loyalty meant to men like them. Luca thought his father would never look him in the eye again if he went home in shame, but if he stayed and found a way to make Victor trust him, he wouldn't need his father's approval because he'd have Victor's.

The lights turned on, and Natalie stepped aside when she received a text message. Luca and Summer agreed that neither of them had believed that Adam would kill Luca, but she was scared that staying wasn't safe for Luca. Luca conceded that he needed to stay out of sight and make Victor and Adam think he'd left town, but there had to be a way to survive while he made Victor trust him. Summer urged him to think his plan through, and she offered to let him stay there until he did. Natalie overheard.

Natalie pulled Summer aside, and she stressed that Victor wanted Luca gone. Summer defended that Luca wanted to redeem himself, and Natalie argued that Victor had turned Noah over to the cops for just thinking about being disloyal. Natalie shuddered at the thought of what Victor would do to Luca, but Summer asserted that it was Summer's decision because it was Summer's place. Natalie started to leave, and she ordered Luca to fix the broken door. After Natalie stalked out, Summer explained that she and Natalie weren't really roommates or friends, and he pointed out that he and Summer weren't, either. He wondered why Summer was helping him.

Summer appreciated that Luca had taken her seriously when she'd wanted to work at Newman, and he'd been the one to hire her. He joked that there had been a slight chance that she would have been hired without him, and she said she'd witnessed people trying to get out from under Victor's shadow for her entire life. She understood that Luca wanted to be his own man, but she thought it would be a challenge to get Victor's approval. She recalled that she'd been stuck in between two families, but she knew who she was, and she knew what she needed to do -- protect her family and what was theirs.

In front of the burning fireplace at the cottage, Nick assured Sharon that Noah would be okay, and Sharon was conflicted because everything that she resented about the Newman family was what would help their son. She leaned her head on Nick's shoulder as Dylan returned home, and Dylan testily noted that he hadn't needed to worry if she was all right. Sharon mentioned that Sage had taken the kids to Sage and Nick's apartment when the power had gone out, and Nick added that the cottage had felt like an icebox, so they'd made a fire. Sharon asked if there had been any word about Noah's backroom deal, and Dylan sourly replied that there seemed to be one in the works.

Sage arrived with the kids, and Sharon thanked her for taking care of the baby. Faith chirped that they'd been at Adam's, and she mentioned that Adam had calmed Sully down. The lights flickered back on, and Nick declared that it was bedtime. Sharon sent Faith upstairs to brush her teeth, and Sage asked if Noah was free until his trial. Dylan grumbled that there might not be a trial, since Nikki was up to something. Sharon defended that Noah regretted the accident, and Nick doubted that Billy saw the benefit of Noah living in a cell.

Nick and Sage left, and Sharon appealed to Dylan to consider how he'd feel if Sully were in Noah's position. Dylan snapped that it wasn't what he was upset about, and Sharon realized that it was because she'd been there alone with Nick. Sharon asked why Dylan was jealous when she and Nick had just been keeping warm, but Dylan reasoned that he'd had a normal reaction to finding his wife curled up in front of a fire with her ex. Sharon pointed out that both she and Nick loved other people, and Nick was his brother. Dylan bitterly stated that Nick was a Newman.

Dylan recognized that the whole situation with Noah was awful, but he wanted Sharon to understand the position he was in. Dylan explained that the hit-and-run had been a highly publicized incident, and everyone was tired of seeing the Newmans get away with everything. Dylan added that there were consequences to people's actions, and they couldn't always avoid punishment. Sharon suggested that Dylan go out and arrest a real criminal, and Dylan told her to consider how it would look if he gave a free pass to a family member who'd covered up a serious crime. Sharon proposed that they talk about it calmly, and Dylan mumbled that he'd rather talk about that than her and Nick sitting by the fire.

Sharon said it wasn't like Dylan to be territorial or jealous, and Dylan wondered how she would have felt if she'd walked in on him with an ex. Sharon said she'd known Nick most of her life, and they were trying to raise their kids with kindness toward one another. Dylan pushed her to admit that there was still something between her and Nick, and Sharon conceded that there was, just like there would always be something between Dylan and Avery. Sharon explained that Nick was like family to her, and they'd always be part of one another's lives because of their kids, but Dylan was the man who'd never let her down. She begged him to tell her that he knew he was her life, and he took her into his arms.

Sage crawled into bed with Nick and groaned that the day needed to be over. Nick swore that the next day would be better, and they kissed.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria scolded Victor for pulling a gun on Luca. Victor replied that he'd made his point, and Adam had made sure that Luca had left town. Victoria lectured that she'd defended Victor to everyone, and Victor said he didn't need defending. Victoria pointed out that he'd made threats and inflicted terror, but Victor reiterated that the "pompous ass" had needed to understand, just like Natalie had needed to know what was at stake.

Victor relayed that Natalie had tried to pawn off a non-functioning program, but when he'd confronted her, she'd shown him one with promise. Victoria grumbled that Natalie was more trouble than she was worth, and Victor suspected that Natalie had been trying to stall things, hoping for another investor to up the ante. Victor vowed to find out who Natalie intended to sell the program to.

Jack approached Nikki at the Athletic Club bar as thunder crashed overhead. He asked if she was drinking tea, and she confirmed that there would be no vodka for her that day. Jack referred to the conversation she'd overheard earlier, and she acknowledged that her husband was a monster. Nikki thought that Victor had to pay in order to get some justice, but Jack maintained that Phyllis had suffered enough, and he stressed that no one else could know what had happened.

Nikki imagined that Jack wanted to see Victor punished, and Jack expected Victor to "rot in hell" one day, but all he cared about was his wife. Jack bemoaned that neither Phyllis nor their marriage could take any more, and he begged Nikki to let it go. Nikki swore that Phyllis wouldn't hear anything from her, but she couldn't imagine not talking to Victor about it, since she'd think about what he'd done every time she looked at him.

Jack urged Nikki to walk away from Victor once and for all, but she said she'd agreed to accept the worst with the best when she'd committed her heart and soul to her husband. Jack questioned whether she could accept what Victor had done, and Nikki said she was sorry for the pain Victor had caused Jack and Phyllis. Jack noted that she'd be condoning Victor's behavior if she stayed with him. She gave Jack her word that Victor would pay for it for the sake of their marriage and her own self-respect.

At Top of the Tower, Billy told Phyllis that he wasn't as noble as she thought he was, and she pointed out that they'd gotten to know one another well. Billy thought she knew him better than Victoria did, since he'd lied every time he'd promised Victoria that he was done going after Victor, but he loved Victoria and planned to marry her. Billy pledged not to let Victor take anything from him again, especially Victoria. Phyllis called that "damn noble," but Billy noted that there was something big between him and Victoria that he wasn't willing to let go of.

Billy asserted that there was more to stealing the deal from Victor than money or redemption, and Phyllis replied that it would be justice. Phyllis believed that Victor would never stop trying to destroy Victoria and Billy's relationship and that Billy was just trying to protect his family and future, but Billy doubted that Victoria would see it that way. Phyllis hated that Victor had his family's support even though he'd made it his mission to attack Billy and destroy the Abbotts, and she thought the security program was their chance to show that Victor couldn't always win. Billy marveled that he'd thought no one could hate Victor more than he did, and Phyllis spat that she hated Victor more.

Billy observed that Phyllis seemed angry enough to draw blood, and Phyllis snarled that she would if Victor had any, but he had arsenic pumping through his veins. Billy contemplated what could be more twisted than Victor keeping him from his leukemia-stricken daughter, and Phyllis got up to leave. Billy reminded her that they were partners and that he had her back no matter what, and Phyllis stifled a sob. Billy consoled Phyllis with a hug as Victoria walked in.

Phyllis spotted Victoria and fibbed that she was afraid of the dark, but Billy countered that Phyllis wasn't afraid of anything. Phyllis claimed that she'd been confiding in Billy about not being thrilled that Summer was working for Victor, and Victoria dryly questioned whether Phyllis had needed a hug, because her daughter was old enough to make her own decisions. Phyllis objected to her daughter being exposed to Victor's manipulations, and she refused to let Victor exploit Summer. Phyllis received a text message from Jack, and she left to meet him. Billy remarked that it was easier to look away than watch a loved one suffer, and Victoria swore that Victor would never hurt someone he loved.

Victoria didn't understand why Phyllis was concerned, since Summer was being treated like an adult and helping with something important. Victoria divulged that Natalie had been making it seem like the project hadn't been as far along as it had been, but Natalie had produced a working program when Victor had confronted her about holding out. Billy declared that billion-dollar ideas were great, but he had bigger things on his plate, like talking about wedding plans. He pulled Victoria over to sit on his lap, and they embraced.

Billy and Victoria sampled Champagne from Victor's cellar, and Billy remarked that it would be perfect for their wedding. Victoria pointed out that they didn't even know where or when it would be yet, and Billy suggested that they find a way to combine all three of their past ceremonies. Victoria pushed him to set a date first, and he promised to do it when things calmed down. Victoria toasted to their very romantic future, and Billy noticed Natalie peek in.

Billy implied that he and Victoria would be walking down the aisle sooner than she thought, and he suggested that they go home to the kids. He said he'd meet her there, and he walked her to the door. Billy returned to the restaurant and informed Natalie that Victor had been bragging about threatening her, and she wailed that there was no way out of the mess. Billy promised that he'd handle it, and he would enjoy it.

Nikki stopped by Victor's office, and she mentioned that she'd run into Jack while she'd been waiting out the storm. She said they'd had a fascinating talk about Marco Anicelli, and she demanded to know what Victor had been thinking when he'd used a criminal to destroy Jack and terrorize his wife. Victor appeared to be preoccupied with paperwork, and he said he had no idea what Jack had told her. Nikki confronted Victor about arranging for Jack to be held captive by a dangerous woman while an inmate had been in Phyllis' bed, and Victor contended that Phyllis had never been in danger. Nikki raged that Phyllis had been violated and exploited, and Phyllis was still being forced to keep Victor's secret to protect herself. Victor firmly stated that he would always protect what was his.

Victor asserted that he'd made choices that no one else had been willing to make in order to protect his family, and Nikki countered that his choices were sometimes twisted and wrong. She questioned how injecting Marco into their community had helped their family, and Victor huffed that he'd had to put a stop to the Paragon threat. Nikki pointed out that Adam and Ian had created the virus, and she blasted Victor for making Jack and Phyllis suffer because Victor had been wrong. Victor revealed that Jack hadn't gone to the police because Jack had done something that would result in prison time, and Nikki spat that it was all over and done with for Victor, but it would never be over for Phyllis.

Nikki relayed that she'd promised to keep quiet for Phyllis' sake, but things had changed between Nikki and Victor. Nikki declared that it wasn't the life she wanted, and he wasn't the person she wanted to spend it with. He accused her of spending her nights with a bottle, and he bellowed that he wanted no part of it anymore. He yelled for her get out, and she quietly replied that she was already gone. As Nikki walked out, Victor rambled to himself that he was sick and tired of everyone complaining about him, and he dared them to try to hold the ship together without him.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis asked Jack how Neil was doing, and Jack reported that Neil was determined to stay sober. Phyllis guessed that it had been a reminder of how fragile sobriety was, but Jack replied that he'd been reminded of what she'd done for him. She wondered if that had been why he'd wanted to see her right away, but Jack reluctantly admitted that he'd told Nikki about Victor's plot with Marco. Phyllis bristled.

Jack explained that he'd been trying to help Neil from being sucked down into self-pity, and Phyllis angrily realized that Neil also knew. Jack said Nikki had overheard their voices from outside the room, and Phyllis ranted that even strangers in the hallway knew. Phyllis snapped that Nikki was devoted to Victor and that Neil had just lost his mind in front of reporters, but Jack assured her that they'd had nothing but sympathy. Phyllis hissed that Jack hadn't had any right, just like Victor and Marco hadn't, and she fought back tears as she ordered Jack to get away from her. She demanded that he respect her wishes for once, and he hesitantly left.

Jack entered Victor's office and guessed from Victor's large glass of tequila that Nikki had been there. Victor chided Jack for telling her about Marco, and he wondered if Jack wanted to be extradited. Jack conceded that he wasn't proud of everything he'd done to survive, and he questioned whether Victor was ever bothered by what he'd put Jack and Phyllis through. Victor remarked that it was useless to live in the past, and Jack clucked that Victor still couldn't admit he'd been wrong.

Victor told Jack to go away and save the company that Billy had helped destroy. Jack said he'd go away, but what Victor had done wouldn't, since Nikki was the closest thing Victor had to a conscience, and she knew what Victor had done. "God help you now," Jack said.

Nikki passed by Phyllis at the club bar, and Phyllis coolly told Nikki to save her pity. Nikki said Phyllis deserved better, and Phyllis responded that she wanted justice. Nikki indicated that it was exactly what Phyllis deserved, since what Victor had done had been appalling and unforgivable. Phyllis stated that she wasn't planning on forgiving him. "Victor's repercussions will come, and they will be epic," Phyllis proclaimed.

Adam Tells Chelsea About Christian's Paternity

Adam Tells Chelsea About Christian's Paternity

Friday, February 26, 2016

Jack arrived at Phyllis' hotel suite with flowers, and he told Phyllis that he'd missed her at home the night before. She admitted that it had been weird for her to be there alone, but she'd needed the time. He asked if she needed much more time, and she brokenly replied that he'd hurt her. Jack apologized for breaking her confidence, and Phyllis demanded to know what right he'd had to tell anyone anything about what Victor and Marco had done to her. Jack clarified that the men had done something to both of them, and he and Phyllis were in it together -- then and always. She snatched the flowers away from him and snapped that it wasn't enough, and she tossed the bouquet in the trash.

Phyllis recounted that she'd spent the whole night stewing and wondering why Jack had divulged the secret without considering her feelings, and he defended that he'd been trying to help a friend. Jack explained that Neil's life had been spinning out of control, and Neil had thought that Jack hadn't been able to understand his pain, so Jack had opened up about what he and Phyllis had gone through. Phyllis spat that it had been personal, but Jack said telling the story had reminded him that everyone could find the strength to get through difficult times. Phyllis thought Jack could have chosen any other inspirational tale from the challenges he'd been through, and she guessed that spilling the secret hadn't been as unintentional as he'd claimed. Jack conceded that perhaps he'd needed to get it off his chest, and he reminded her that she hadn't been Victor's only victim.

Jack contended that he was as angry as Phyllis was about what Victor had done, and he had to carry the guilt and shame for killing Kelly and the crew of the cargo ship. He said he had to keep those tormenting thoughts at bay before they dragged him down, but he couldn't seem to do it when he kept reliving it and thinking about what he should have done differently. Phyllis said Kelly had been out of her mind, and Jack had done everything he'd had to do to survive. Phyllis was infuriated that he wouldn't stop punishing himself for what Victor had forced him to do.

Jack thought Phyllis saw his point of view, but she told him that she wasn't ready to go home, since she was still angry at him. She said she couldn't promise that she wouldn't crack a vase over his head if she went home with him, and she still needed some time. He asked her to remember who loved her while she took that time, and she nodded. He noted that Victor hadn't been able to get between them before, and he urged her not to let Victor pull them apart then.

At Crimson Lights, Billy marveled at the bells and whistles that Natalie had added to PassKey, and he was sure Victor was counting the moments until the launch. She revealed that she hadn't shown Victor the latest version of the program, and Billy anticipated that Victor would pester her for it soon. Natalie handed Billy a flash drive with encrypted data, and she planned to make more improvements to hold Victor off. Billy noted that she was making a lot of people happy, but she reassured him that her deal was with him and Phyllis, and she wouldn't let it fall apart.

At Summer's apartment, Summer discovered Luca using Natalie's computer, and he swore that he wasn't messing with Natalie's work. He said he'd stumbled across a bunch of text messages that Natalie had sent to a certain number, and Summer said there was only one way to find out who had been on the other end. Luca called the number, and Billy answered. Luca claimed that he'd dialed the wrong number, and Natalie became alarmed. Summer recognized Billy's voice, and Luca wondered why Natalie had been in constant contact with Billy.

Luca guessed that Natalie was double-crossing Victor, since it seemed like she was dragging her feet on finishing the program. Summer relayed that Victor had thought Natalie had been stalling to try to sell PassKey for a higher price, and he'd put the fear of God into Natalie. Luca recalled that Billy had initially wanted to invest in the idea, and he theorized that Billy had never gotten over losing to Victor. Summer thought Billy had learned his lesson after he'd nearly died, and she couldn't imagine Billy going after the project behind Victoria's back. Summer pledged to get some facts from Natalie, and Luca suggested that he work on Billy.

Meanwhile, Natalie explained that she'd been rattled when she'd left to meet Billy, and she might have forgotten to shut down her computer. She added that everything important was encrypted, but Summer might have been able to see Natalie's text messages. Billy noted that it hadn't been Summer on the phone, and Natalie reluctantly divulged that Luca was secretly staying at Summer's place after Victor had tried to run him out of town. Billy questioned why Luca had chosen to live with Natalie and Summer, and Natalie revealed that Luca had been kissing up to Summer, who had eaten up Luca's speech about redeeming himself.

Billy wondered if Luca was trying to spy on Natalie, and she fretted that their whole plan could be exposed if Luca linked Natalie to Billy. Summer sent Natalie a text message, asking to meet for coffee, and Billy instructed Natalie to find out what Summer suspected while he found out what Luca was up to.

Later, Summer met Natalie at the coffeehouse, and she apologized for giving Natalie attitude about Luca moving in. Natalie said she and Luca were in the same boat, since Victor had been making threats against both of them, and Summer recognized that her grandfather could be mean. Summer imagined that Natalie regretted getting into business with Victor, and Natalie supposed that Summer had her all figured out. Summer pointed out that Natalie had a lot of secrets, and Natalie countered that Summer did, too. Summer advised Natalie against trying to find a better deal, since Victor didn't put up with people who were disloyal.

Natalie flatly stated that she was looking to screw over Victor and win, since that was what Summer wanted to hear. Summer warned that Natalie would be in big trouble if she was hiding something, and Natalie asked how long Summer intended to let Luca stay. Summer didn't know, and Natalie questioned whether Summer cared about him, but Summer denied it. Natalie pressed to know why Summer was hiding Luca from her grandpa, but Summer barked that Natalie didn't know her, and she ordered Natalie not to talk to her about loyalty.

Billy walked into Summer's apartment, citing the broken door, and Luca said he'd been about to call Billy. Billy said he knew Luca had called him earlier, and Luca declared that he wanted to get things out in the open. Luca said he believed Billy was conspiring with Natalie to swipe PassKey, and he wanted in. Billy refused to acknowledge that anything Luca said was true, but he hypothetically questioned why he'd cut Luca in.

Luca threatened that his next call would be to Victor, but Billy pointed out that Luca had clearly defied Victor's command to leave town, and he doubted Victor would trust anything Luca said. Billy huffed that he had no use for Luca and his pathetic threats, and Luca inquired why Billy had stopped by to see him in person. Billy replied that he'd wanted to make sure Luca was still in Genoa City, and he snapped a photo of Luca with his phone. Luca announced that he had something to offer Billy.

Luca pulled out a disc that contained information he'd put together to use as leverage against Victor. He offered to trade it for a chance to work on Billy's lucrative project, and Billy asked what was on the disc. Luca bragged that it was something that would take Victor down for good, and he implied that it would provide the reason why Jack and Phyllis hated Victor as much as they did. Luca asked if he and Billy had an understanding, and Billy told him to hand the information over.

Later, Luca was happy to find Natalie back at work at the apartment, and he requested a progress report. She refused to share anything with him, but he informed her that they were partners, since he and Billy had reached an agreement. He dared her to call Billy to confirm it, but Natalie barked that she didn't like or trust Luca. She worried about what would happen if Victor found out, but Luca grinned and crowed that Victor wouldn't be a concern much longer.

Summer arrived at Phyllis' hotel suite and asked why her mother was staying there. Summer spotted the flowers in the garbage, and Phyllis said she and Jack were having problems. Summer insisted on knowing what was going on, and Phyllis replied that she just needed space to work things through. Phyllis asked Summer to help get her mind off her own issues by talking about something else, and Summer indicated that she thought Natalie was going to betray Victor. Summer added that she believed Natalie was working with Billy against Victor.

Billy slid into Jack's booth at the Athletic Club and demanded to know why Jack hadn't told him that Victor had hired a double to replace Jack. Billy griped that he'd had to find out from Luca, and he questioned why Jack hadn't had Victor thrown in jail. Jack said it was more complicated than that, and he told Billy to keep his voice down. Billy hissed that if someone had violated the person he loved, he wouldn't be the coward Jack was being.

Billy declared that the one acceptable course of action was to make Victor hurt, and Jack sniped that he was sorry that his actions hadn't been up to Billy's specifications, but he refused to cause Phyllis more pain. Jack sarcastically thanked Billy for the lessons in how not to get back at Victor, since Billy always ended up doing something stupid that resulted in an arrest or a hospital stay. Billy incredulously asked if Jack planned to pretend the Marco debacle had never happened, and Jack retorted that he couldn't get it out of his head, since he was living a nightmare that he couldn't wake up from.

Sage dreamed about being in a straitjacket while Christian was crying. She called out for her baby, and she awakened with a start. Nick comforted her, and he remarked that she'd had the same dream a couple of times. She confided that it had been more than just a few times, and she confessed that she'd dreamed about Christian every night. She explained that some things about the dream changed, but Christian was missing in all of them. Nick offered to skip a meeting they'd scheduled for that day, but she asserted that it was the one thing that would help.

At Top of the Tower, Adam observed that Chelsea had hardly touched her breakfast and that she'd been quiet all morning. She wondered why she should bother talking when he wouldn't be honest with her. Adam said Chelsea could ask him anything, and she asked how Victor was getting him to do whatever Victor wanted. She suspected that Victor was blackmailing him, and Adam commented that she was making dangerous assumptions. Chelsea warned that it only made her angrier when Adam denied it, and it also made her more scared, since it had to be something truly bad if he wouldn't share it with his wife.

Chelsea got up to leave, but Adam grabbed her wrist to stop her. She refused to beg or to threaten him, and she said she didn't know how much longer she could live with the wall between them. She implored him to trust her with the truth, and he promised to tell her everything. Adam suggested that he and Chelsea go home to have a private conversation, and they ran into Sage and Nick on their way out.

Sage thanked Adam for helping with the kids during the storm, and she remarked that Connor was lucky to have such a wonderful dad. Adam replied that he was the lucky one, and he escorted Chelsea to the exit. Nick thought that Adam had seemed off, but Sage said she and Nick had something much more important to deal with.

Sage and Nick met with a counselor who informed them that adoption was a complicated process, and Nick asserted that they were committed to starting a family with a child who needed that family. The counselor said it could be a long process, but it might be shorter in their case, since a teenage birth mother had put Sage and Nick's profile at the top of her list to adopt her baby. The counselor cautioned that it was an emotional decision, and there was a possibility that the mother might change her mind. She added that having an adoption fall through could be devastating, but Sage thought it was worth taking a chance. The counselor suggested that they consider adopting an older child from foster care, but Sage insisted on adopting a newborn.

Nick said he and Sage would take some time to talk it over, and the counselor departed. Sage wondered if she and Nick weren't on the same page, and he expressed concern about rushing into something, since he'd thought they'd have time to adjust to the idea. She questioned whether he thought she was incapable because she was dealing with Christian's death, and Nick wanted to know that she was really ready. She contended that they had become stronger as a couple by going through a tragedy together, but Nick referred to her nightmares.

Sage said the pain wouldn't ever go away, but neither would her need to be a mom. Nick worried that it would be heartbreaking if the birth mother changed her mind, and he thought adopting an older child would allow Faith to have a sibling close to her age. Sage insisted that she wanted to experience the connection to her child from the beginning. Nick said he understood why it meant a lot to Sage to have a baby, and he offered to tell the counselor that they wanted to move forward. They kissed.

At the penthouse, Adam stammered that he didn't know where to begin, and Chelsea said it was better for her to know the truth than to go on letting Victor dictate their lives. She insisted that she could handle whatever it was, and Adam confessed that Christian had been his son. Chelsea mentioned the paternity test that had confirmed that Nick had been the baby's father, but Adam divulged that he'd bribed the technician to alter the results. Adam explained that Nick and Sage had gotten close, and Adam and Chelsea had been working things out, so he'd considered it to be the best decision at the time.

Adam said he'd figured that he would have lost Chelsea and Connor forever if she'd known the truth about Christian. Chelsea angrily told him not to make it about what she might have done, since it had been his choice to continue to lie to her and to deceive everyone. She called herself an idiot, but he said he'd been the fool for not telling her. She finally understood why Christian's death had upset Adam that deeply, and she surmised that had been why he'd avoided discussing having more kids.

Adam informed Chelsea that Victor had put it together after Christian's memorial, and Victor had exploited Adam's desire not to have his identity exposed. Chelsea pointed out that she and Adam had been back together for months at that point, but Adam had chosen to hand over the power to Victor instead of having faith in her. Adam wished he'd done things differently, but he couldn't take it back, and his only hope was that she could forgive him. Chelsea remained silent, and Adam proclaimed that she and Connor were all he had in the world. She headed for the stairs, and Adam blurted out that it was a relief to tell the truth because he could finally say that he'd lost two children.

Adam recalled that Chelsea's miscarriage had been "hell," and they'd had one another to lean on, but he hadn't been able to turn to anyone when Christian had died. He remembered delivering Christian and praying the infant would make it, and a part of Adam had died when Christian had passed away. Adam said he'd thought about going to Nick and Sage, but he'd seen how much they had been suffering, so he'd decided to suffer alone. Adam tearfully stated that at least he could say out loud that he'd had a beautiful son, and he began to cry. Chelsea wrapped her arms around Adam and consoled him.

Chelsea wished Adam had let her in, and he asked if they were okay. She said she'd need some time to process everything, but she still loved him, and she wasn't looking to punish him because he'd punished himself enough already. She noted that the bright side was that he was free, since Victor had nothing to hold over his head. She envisioned leaving Genoa City and starting over somewhere else, and she excitedly told him to just say the word. Adam remained silent, and Chelsea realized that even with nothing holding him back, he still wouldn't leave.

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